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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh Williams, Editok.
Pbogress Telephone No. 17.
If something good does
not result from the country
editors' meeting now in ses
sion at Nashville, none other
need attempt.
T " . . . ' 1
rjNGLAND s good queen
Victoria, died Monday even
his at Osborne House on the
Isle of Wight, aged nearly
82 years. Her reign extend
ed over a period of sixtv-fou
years. The prince of Wale
succeeds to the throne.
A bill lias been introduced
in the Legislature requiring
parents and guardians to send
their children between eigh
and fifteen years or age to
school. If people do not vol
untarilv educate their chil
dren they should be compell
ed to do so.
One of the first things the
Legislature did was to vote
each member five dollars for
postage stamps, whereupon
some -gentleman made the
unkind remark that the aver
age Legislator would no
spend that amount for pas
tage in five years.
The members of the Leg
islature deserve to be con
gratulated upon the nomina
tion of Capt. John W. Mor
ton as Secretary of State.
Capt. Morton has served Ten
nessee well in war and in
peace and has always taken
an active interest in the suc
cess of the Democratic party.
It is true the party owes no
man anything, but whenever
it has favors to bestow they
should fall upon deserving
shoulders such as is the case
in this instance.
President Rosamon
Not Alarmed.
Written to the editor of the Tennessee Farmer.
Do not be alarmed at the bark
ing of fice dogs or the croaking of
small-fry demagogues. It is only
the recurrence of the bi-ennial epi
sode, when a few small calibre men,
so full of venom that they, like the
rattlesnake in dog-days, become so
blinded with venom, that they strike
right and left, trying to kill or hurt
something or somebody, but whoev
er heard of a blind snake hurting
anything except itself, so also, with
the little bullet-head politician or
small-fry demagogue, who make
their bi-ennial debut, say their lit
tle piece and retire. Don't be
alarmed, fice-dogs in the rear never
hurt anybody. So our Farmers' In
stitute work will go right on and
accomplish great good in Tennessee.
It will in the future as in the past,
bring together an array of talent
that will overcome many 'obstacles
that have greatly hindered progress
in agricultural development in this
great State. We will come togeth
er, talk over our mutual interests,
give each the benefit of the observa
tion and experience of the other, in
spire in our farmers a ispirit of emu
. lation and State pride, a patriotic
zeal for the development and up
building of the great State of Ten
nessee, encouraging each other to
strive to make our farm homes com
fortable, and our families happy,
and in this way comply with the in
junction of the Inspired Writer who
said, "bear ye one another's burdens
and so fulfill the law of Christ."
Yes, Mr. Editor, the Farmers' In
stitute has "come to stay," and it
will accomplish good in Tennessee.
We have accepted the co-operation
of agencies, sincerely working to
advance the agricultural interests of
the State, and we will continue' to
do so regardless of what our ene
mies say.
We are not surprised at some op
position. We read in the Bible
that "when the sons of Job went up
to worship, the devil went up also."
J. W. Rosamon', Pres.,
Tenn. Farmers' Institute.
Governor's Inauguration.
KASiiviLLE,Jan.22. Gov.
McMillin was for a second
time inducted into the office
of the executive today. The
ceremonies took place n tne
House of Representatives,
which was elaborately deco
rated for the occasion. The
floor of the assembly hall
was occupied by members of
Republicans and the Demo
crats. This tendency of the times
13 a natural result of the sub
sidence of the silver issue,
upon which most of the third
party movements depended.
Inaugurations Too Co3tly.
The House recently passed the
Senate resolution appropriating ten
thousand dollars for the protection
of life and preservation of order du-
Morton Nominated.
ring the inaugural ceremonies, and
LegislatUie, Supreme' authorized arrangements now under
Court and oilier State oflic-!'
i i .I II - I While displaying no srreat antajr
filled with spectators. The
oath was administered by
Chief Justice Snodgrass, aft
er which the Governor deliv
ered his inaugural address.
The address was not of fa
tiguing length. The exccu
tive commended the Legis
lature for redemption o
pledges made in his first can
vass and dilated upon the
improvement in the State's
financial condition consequen
upon his administration. Gov
McMillin was rather caustic
in his arraignment of com
mercial combinations
In order to avoid all doubt
the two Houses of the Leg
islature took another ballot
today for United States Sen-
ator, and tomorrow they will
meet in joint session to de
clare the result. Carmack
was again elected. Commer
cial Appeal.
Coming into the
Democratic Camp
Special Dispatch to the St. Louis Republic
Washington, Jan. 18.
The announcement of Fred
T. Dubois, who has just been
elected to the Senate from
Idaho, that henceforth he de-
sires to be considered
straightout Democrat, is in
line with many similar an
nouncements from l'opulist
and Silver Republican sourc
Mr. Dubois, it will be re
called, wTas one of the Repub
licans who went out of the
St. Louis Convention behind
Mr. Teller. He was not re
timed to the Senate the fol
owing winter, although Mr.
Br3'an carried the State in
he election. This was main-
y because the Democrats
wanted the place for one of
heir own. 'Mr. Dubois has
now become one of them, and
so he is reelected to the Sen
ate. His colleague and for
mer competitor, Mr. Ileitfeld,
although elected as a Popu-
ist, says that so far a3 he is
concerned there need be no
m'ore Populist organizations
n Idaho, and that he shall
work as a straight Democrat
with Mr. Dubois.
Only r few days ago, Mr.
Towne, of Minnesota, who is
now filling temporarily the
place made vacant by Sena
tor Davis' death, announced
that the Silver .Republican
movement was at an end, and
that he desired to be called a
In Colorado, which was the
hotbed of the Populistic and
and Silver Republican agita
tion, the same tendency to
draw a straight line between
il. .. 1 A? ? 1. 1
uie two parties is ouaervaoie, j
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 21.
Captain John AV. Morton,
of DavidsonCounty, was nom
inated Secretary of State in
the Democratic caucus this
afternoon on the sixty-second
ballot. When the caucusers
assembled there were rumors
that something was going to
drop. When the roll was
nailed for the first ballot Sen
ator Davis arose and with
drew Odum, of WilsonCoun
ty, from the race. ThenSen
ator Davis cast his vote for
Mr. Brown. The other Odum
votes went to Brown, Morgan
and Morton, with the result
that the ballot stood Morton
II, Morgan 31, Goodloe 14
and Brown 14. The friends
of Moses who had quietly
dropped out, divided between
onism to the programme for inaugu
ral ceremonies, Representative
Bell, populist, of Colorado, who is
a member of the Appropriations
Committee, spoke strongly on the
tendencies toward elaborate display
upon such events.
The Colorado member said these Morgan and Morton, which
inaugural events had come to be was a d gain tor Morton.
great business enterprises to the Morton gained a vote on the
ueoule of the district. "I do not "ext ballot, - while Morgan
object to that," he added. "1 am lost. The sixty-first ballot
clad to see the people here makins? stood Morton 40, Morgan oO,
this a i?reat occasion. But it seems Goodloe 15 and Brown 16.
to me they ourht to pay the expen- n tne sixty-second ballot
ses connected with it. outside of the Senator Clayborne left Good
necessary expenses of urovidin the 100 am voted for Morton
place and the like." Mr. Bell then Gordan, of Dyer, also an-
spoke of the inaugurals of Govern-pounced himself lor Morton
TheGreat ModeiuNewspaper.
When all that portion of the
United States west of the Missouri
and Kaw rivers was a trackless wil
derness, nearly half a century ago,
the first issue of one of the world's
greatest newspapers appeared. St.
Louis, which was then a mere over
grown town on the western frontier
of civilization, has developed into a
great commercial metropolis, and
that great modern newsgatherer, the
St. Louis Globe-Democrat, has kept
pace with the progress of its cit'
and section. It has been, from its
first issue to the present time, the
children's tutor, the youth's coun
selor, the woman's companion, the
farmer's instructor and friend. Its
circulation extends to every state
and territory of the Union, to Can
ada and Mexico, and to every part
of the world where there are read
ers of the English language. It
ought to be in your home during
the coming year. See advertise
ment elsewhere in this issue.
ors in different 'states and of the
fact that recently some of them
were glorying in simple ceremonies.
A millionaire Governor of a west
ern state six years ago Governor
Adams of Colorado had been in
ducted into office at a cost of only
$5. The Governor of Sew llamn-
shire bad been inaugurated the other adjourned
day in the old fashioned simplicity.
Mr. Bell then told of the grand
ball at the Pension Office four years
and withdrew Goodloe. Most
of Goodloe's votes went to
Morton, giving him 51. Then
followed other changes, and
Morton's nomination came
with much excitement.
The nomination was made
unanimous and the caucus
It Girdles tle Globe.
-If troubled with a weak digestion,
belching, sour stomach, or if you
feel dull after eatiuer. try Chamber
lain's 6tomacL and liver tablets.
Price 25 cents. Samples free alV.
J. Cox's, Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls',
Many of the blotches, pimples
and other affections of the skin are
caused by the failure of the liver
and kidneys to cast off impurities,
which remain in the system, ller
bine will stimulate the liver and
kidneys, aud cleanse the system of
all impurities. Price, 50 cents.
Sold by W. J. Cox.
Cut this out and take it to V. J.
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Toone, and get a free sample of
Chamberlain's stomach and liver
tablets, the best physic. They also
cure disorders of the stomach, bil
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a , of the parade, people pay-1 . , , . . A.
: ' ii t X -r - I Salve, as the best in the world, ex
tends round the earth. It's the one
ing all the way from $2.50 to $5,
for Beats on the reviewing stand.
And, according to my remem
brance," he added, "when, the inau
guration ceremonies were over, the
committee of citizens of the District
had a large surplus arising from the
different means they had adopted to
meet the expenses. Mr. Bell spoke
of the profits hotels -aud business
perfect healer of cuts, corns, burns,
bruises, sores, scalds, boils, u'eers,
felons, aches, pains and all skin
eruptions. Only lntallible pile cure.
25c a box at V. J. Cox's.
Blown to Atoms.
The old idea that the body some
men got from the inaugural, and j times needs a powerful, drastic pur
declared that the inauguration of a I gative pill has been exploded; for
president cost the government from I Dr. King s New Life Pills, whic
$250,000 to $300,000; also that are perfectly harmless, gentlv stim
the government eubmitted Us in- ulate liver and bowels to expel pois
terest to the interest of the specula- onous matter, cleanse the system
tors around the city of Washing- and absolutely cure coustipalion and
ton" because ot so much elabora- sick headache. Only 25c at YY . J
Hon, which entailed the suspension Cox s drug store
of work in the Pension Office for
ten days, during wnicn time tuei a PrnminAnt nTiinawn Wr
.1:1 u nr i 1 1 .1 I -
uici tvo ii iu uu uin. xui . Lien an- I -
ded that he was in favor of giving man Speaks.
the Executive "a decent, a moder- Prof, lloxa Tyler, of Chicago
ate a becoming inauguration." but I Vice-President Illinois ' Woman's
he was not in favor of giving up! Alliance, in speaking of Chambei
the parks, giving up the -Pension Iain's Cough Kemedy, says
Office for nine or ten days, and I suffered with a severe cold this win
charging the people good prices for ter which threatened to run into
seats on the reviewing stands and pneumonia. 1 tried different reme
tor the inaugural ball, lie was on- dies but 1 seemed to grow worse
posed to the city making "untold aud the medicine upset my stomach
dollars out of the visitors here and A friend advised me to try Cham
the government paying expenses." Iberlams Cough Kemedy and
"How much did it cost to inau- found it was pleasant to take and it
gurate 1 nomas Jefferson? asked relieved me at once. 1 am now en
Mr. Gaines, of Tennessee. I tirely recovered, saved a doctors bill,
"It cost the price of a boy to time and suffering, and I will not be
hold his horse." reioined Mr. Bell, without this splendid medicine
following the popular version, which 1 again. ror sale by W. J. Cox.
las often been denied. Bolivar; J. YY . Nuckolls, loone
"lie hitched his horse to a tree,"
said Mr. Maddox. of Geoi-fna.
Subsequently Mr. Gaines inquir- 1 titL BtLb 1 FAtrtLti.
ed diligently about tickets to the
i .1.1 i
naugurai uail, and wanted lO Know Published in the United States for democrats and
if members did not have some priv- .
liege on the floor alter voting the
Mr. Gaines paused as though he
COUld UOt remember the name of j other semi-weeklies or weeklies. Issued Wedues
the X ension Ulhce. "the ground day and Saturday. 101 copies a year and you get
floor,' he said, finally. it for only
After considerable parleying the
floor?" inquired Mr.
Twice a WeekCourier Journal
The equal of many dailies and the superior of all
resolution was passed.
New Industries.
Frog farming is a new industry
n Massachusetts. Adjoining the
town of Ware a company has leased
ten acres, with a running stream.
A series of artificial pools will be
constructed where the eggs will be
hatched aud the young frogs cared
for during the two years necessary
to fit them for market. Ihe de
mand for frogs comes from colleges
aud medical schools, as well as from
restaurants. An annual production
all the opposition to the lie-1 of 30, 000 frogs is expected by the
publicans being1 called Demo- Ware concern as soon as the Ware
crats. Mr. Patterson, the concern is in mu operation.
b i i i a 4. ' n r I Sunflower culture is engaging the
r elected Senator in Mr. attenlion of the DeDartment of Aeri-
WalCOtt S place, was long culture, which believes that there
srU.OO si Year.
The Wednesday issue is devoted to News Matt .ts,
the Saturday issue to Home Matters. A liberal
commission to aeui. Sample copies cheerfully
sent free to all wlw will ask for tbera. Writ to
Louisville, Ky.
By special arrangement you can get the Bulle.
tin and the Twice-a-Week Courier-Journal both
oue year for only $1.25. This is for cah subscrip
tions ouly. All subscriptions under this combina
tion offor must be sent through
Tiie liulletitif
A .
llerbine should be used to enrich
and purify the blood; it cures all
forms of blood disorders, is espec
ially useful in fevers, skin erup
tions, boils, pimples, blackheads,
scrofula, salt rheum and every form
of blood impuriety; it is "a" safe and
effectually cure. Price,' 50 cents.
Sold by W. J. Cox. "
prominent as a Populist. He
now says that lie is a Demo
crat and comes to the Senate
as such. RepresentativeSha
froth takes a similar view.
is much money iu the industry, if
farmers in this country can be per
suaded to take it up. Abroad, more
especially in Russia, the plant is of
crreat economic importance, its seeds
being eaten in immense quantities,
raw or roasted, as peanuts are in
America, while the oil, obtained by
J . m ' pressing the seeds, is largely used
months nave made tne side jas an article of die
Trade Marks
.Designs .
Copyrights &c
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether ma
invention ts probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly conndentiul. Handbook on Patents
eent free. Oldest ueency for securing patents.
Patents taken throueh Munn & Co. receive
tpecial notice, without charge, in the
organization unnecessary, and stalks and oil cakes make excellent
, , , , 1 i ' fodder,, the leaves are employed as
that henceforth the battle a BUbstitute for tobacco, and the fi
will be directly between the ber of the stalks have a high value.
rlt8:,,!1"! Scientific American.
Thousands Sent Into xile.
Every year a large number of poor
smTerers whose lunirs are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go
to another climate. Uut this is
costly and not always sure. Don't
be an exile when D-. Kings New
Discovery for Consumption" will
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ties free at W. J. Cox's. Price 50c
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Tiie Mother's Favorite.
Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy is
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ant and safe for chiidren to take
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ger in giving it to children for
contains no opium or otner mju
nous urug and may be giveu as
confidently to a babe as to an adult
For sale byAV. J. Cox, Bolivar; J
W. Nuckolls, Toone.
A cgctabla IVeparaUonfor As
similating liicFcedandRegula
lin the Stomachs andEcwels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfur
ness and Rzst.Contains neither
Opiuni.Morphins norIiiieral.
BoAtll Srlu -yiaix
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firm. Std- -Clrjififi
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Aperfecl Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Slomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Tac Simile Signature of
jj 3
s,',.vt.-.- . -"'.y
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
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hji Use
U Tor Over
Thirty Years
Seat Out of an Increase of
Sis Pension
A Mexican war veteran and prom
inent editor writes: "Seeing the
advertisement of Chamberlain's Col
ic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
I-am reminded that as a soldier in
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Mexican diarrhepa and this remedy
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A Deep Mystery.
It is a my stery why women endure
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have proved that Electric Uittc-rs
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suffered for years w th kidney trou
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pation improves appetite, gives per
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Cox's drus: store.
Of Interest to Stockholders
Of the Illinois Central R. R. Free
transportation to attend the spe
cial meeting at Chicago.
TJ 2
2 3
2 JmD
rx i
fcwL..i "i n-TTrea
A New Discovery for the Certain Cure of INTERNAL and
JAMES F. EALLAHO, c!3 Proprietor, - - SIO North Main Street, ST. LOUIS, MJ.
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of Jha World.
Ths Great Republican .
Paper of America.
Twice Euery Week One Dollar a Year.
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forward from section to section, aud the complete news of the wrld, in full telegrams, is contitueu li
the two sections. -
As & Ssms Tcu.mal, it lias no eaual. Its departments devoted to "The Farm, Garden
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Its market reports are correct and complete in every detail. An interesting stoiy is continued from
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A handsomely tllnstrated weekly.
eolation of any pcientttlc Journal.
I nrvext clr
Ternis. $3 m
yenr: four months, fl. Sold by ail newsdealer.
MUNH &Do.36,Broadwa New York
Hnuaco Juce. tia tr ct wasniDcton, i. v-
Public notice is hereliv civen that a sitecial meet
ing of the stockholders of the Illinois Central Kail
road Company will lie held at the Company's otlW
in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, January I'tJ, lyul,
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
To permit iiersonal attendance at tins raeetinz.
there will be iss led to each stockholder of one or
more shares ot the Capital Stock of tUe Illinois Cen
tral Kailroad Company, as retri-tered on the books
of the Coiupauy, a ticket enabling liiiu or her to
ravel free over the Lonipauy s Linen irom tne sta
ion on the Illinois Central Kailroad nearest to his
or her registered address to Chicaffo and return,
such ticket to be cood for the journey to Chicago
only durine the four days immediately preceding.
and the day of the meeting;, and for the return
ourney from Chicago only on the day ot tn nieet-
nz. and the lour davs liumeuiateiy following.
when properly countrsiiincd and tamed during
business hours tnat is to say. oeiween v.ou a. m.
nd o.on p. m. in the omce of the Assistant becre-
tary, Mr. W. G. Bruen in Chicaso. uch ti.'ket
may le obtained by any registered holder of stock
on application, in writing, to the President of the
Company in CUicngo. Each application must
state the full name and address of the Mockholder
exactly as given in his or her Certificate of Stock,
together wan tne nuiuoer ana ante 01 sucn run-
cute. o more tnan one ierson win oe earriett iree
in respect to any one holding of a:ock as registered
on the books of the Company. j MK
For the purpose of this meeting the Stock Trans- j Kvi"
fer books will be closed at three o'clock p. m. on ' AN
Thursday, December 20, 1900, and remain closed iUN
until the morning of Monday, January 7, liJOl. TfjSi jS-Su-S A,
A. 11 A CKsTAFr, Secretary, 1 tZ(J '''''''
Diuectors G. T. Ingram, D. E. Durrctt, Jno. W. Nuckolls,
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage, W. C. Dorion, Jno. P. Douglas.
Kff"Transacts a General Banking Business. Deposits Solicited. Oi
fftollections Made and Prompt Returns. Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms. .
- r

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