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the Bolivar Bulletin.
Miv Foster's Fence Bill,
In Memoriam'.
Trustee's Notice.
i 'n - Tfift H ' t rti t if '- -- '
Hugh Williams, Editou.
8. 1901
Mr. Foster has introduced
a bill in the House to abolish
the charter of Bolivar. A
majority of the while - people
and property owners of the
town desire the passage of
the bill in order to prohibit
the sale of whiskey. The
whisky lobby has succeeded
in defeating the Peeler bill,
for which, it gives us pleasure
to state, that both Messrs.
Foster and Houston voted.
The fate of the Bolivar bill
will be watched with interest.
"Those favoring the abol
ishing of the present charter
of Bolivar held an election
to-day. Only seventy-seven
votes were polled, seventy
four for repeal and three
against. Those against the
repeal did not vote in the
election because of rules dis
franchising a large number
of voters. A majority of the
white voters and practically
all of the colored voters are
against repeal."
The above telegram from
Bolivar appeared in the Com
mercial Appeal and Xash
ville American of Sunday.
The author, perhaps, is cor
rect so far as the negro is
concerned; but he must have
drawn upon his imagination
in regard to the white vote.
At a municipal election held
here on January 22, 1901, in.
which both white and colored
participated, the total num
ber of votes cast was 118,
hence it will be seen fioni
the result of the last election
that a majority of the white
voters are in favor ot abol
ishing our present charter.
As. previously stated in
the Bulletin, a huge number
of our most prominent ami
substantial citizens a e in fa
vor of abolishing our pres
ent charter and reincorpo
rating under the Acts of 1899
the object being to do away
with the sale of whiskey in
the town of Bolivar. A peti
tion to that effect, numerous
ly signed, was sent to our
Representative in the Legis
lature, Hon. Jas. A. Foster.
He consulted with Senator
Houston and Floater Smith
in regard to the matter, and
they decided to leave it to a
committee of three. Thev
appointed Messrs. R.N.Mitch
ell, T. D. Newborn and C. A.
Miller to hold an election, to
formulate rules and regula
tions to govern same, in or
der to find out the will of the
majority, agreeing to abide
by the result and to carry out
instructions. The commit
tee met. Two out of three,
Messrs. Mitchell and New
bern, decided that the elec
tion should be held on Sat
urday, February 2nd; that
only white qualified voters
should participate. Mr. Mil
ler, we understand, dissented,
because negroes were not in-
lit 1 a - .
eiuaeu, ana retusca to sign
the call for the election.
The election was held at the
appointed time and tickets
provided for bothvsides. The
result was, 7-L for abolishing
the present charter and rein
corporating, and 3 for retain
ing the present charter. The
matter is now up to the Leg
islature. The Road Law.
Editor Bulletin I desire to of
fer a suggestion to our law makers
at Nashville, in regard to amending
the present road law. Th'law pro
vides that Lands shall be warned
three days beforehand. In my
op'nion this should be changed, and
overseers should be authorized to
warn'hands at will. Why? Suppose,
for instance, it rains to-day, and the
overseer desires to work the road
to-morrow, while it is in proper
condition to be worked. He can
not do so for three days, because
hands invariably wait until the
time limit expires; then the soil
has dried out and is worked with
greater difficulty.
I believe an amendment to this
effect would result beneficially, and
all with whom I have talked con
cerning the matter are of the same
opinion. Respectfully,
Jas. T. Hundley.
Vildo, Tenn., Feb. 6, 1901.
Representative Foster has intro
duced a bill in the house designed
to collect into one act all the acts
relating to what shall be a lawful
fence. At the present time the laws
upon this matter are embraced in a
half-dozen or more bills mattered
through the acts of the Legislature,
and it is difficult to tell without ex
tended search just what constitutes
a lawful fence.
Representative Foster's bill is ,fto
define a lawful fence and to provide
for the protection of stock owners
in this State."
Section 1 provides that every far
mer, etc., shall make and keep a
substantial fence around his culti
vated land.
Provided, however, that this shall
not apply to incorporated towns of
5,000 inhabitants or over, according
to the federal census of 1900 or any
subsequent census.
Section 2 defines a lawful fence as
A stone wall must be 3 J feet high.
Post and ulank or post and rail
fence must be 4 feet high.
A worm fence 4.V feet high.
Where osage orange hedges are
used they must not be less than four
feet high and eighteen inches thick
The hedge must be so close that al
stock will be effectually turned ex
cept swine and goats.
Picket fences must be four feet
high and the pickets one inch thick
and they must be securely nailed.
liarbed wire fences must consist
of not less than four wires, the low
er one to be not more than thirteen
inches from the ground.
Section 3 prohibits swine, goats
or notoriously mischievous stock
from being allowed to run at large
or straying from the owner's prem
Section 4 gives the owner o
premises protected by fences as pro
vided for in the act, the right to im
pound any stock found trespasMnj.
on his grounds and it is provided in
the succeeding sections that such
impounded slock shall be sold on
the judgment of a justice of the
peace to pay any damages which
may be sustained by the forty uj
on whose premises the trespass oc
curs, and also the cost of rendering
judgment and making the sale.
Section 6 makes it unlawful to
maim or wound stock found Ires
passing, although the fence protect
inp; the premises upon which the
trespass is committed is a lawfu
one, and the maiming, etc., of such
trespassing stock is made a rnisde
meanor, and subjects the party
maiming the stock to pay damages
in addition to such penalty as may
be adjudged in the misdemeanor
Section 7 provides that the owner
of premises protected by any of the
different kinds of lawful fence shall
have a lien for damages on trespass
ing stock.
It" provides that the act take ef
feet April 1, 1001.
Hon. J. C. Houston.
Senator J. (J. Houston was born
and reared on a farm in McNairy
County. His ancestors were among
the first settlers in that section of
the State, and have always been
prominent in public affairs. He is
a son of lion. R. S. Houston, who
represented McNairy County in the
first Legislature after the adoption
of the present Constitution. Sena
tor Houston received a common
school education, which was im
proved by a course at college in
Henderson, Tenn. He studied law
at Cumberland University, Lebanon,
ana Degan practice at oeimer m
1893. With the exception of one
term as Mayor of Selmer, he has
never held office before. He was
nominated by the Democrats of his
district by acclamation and had
easy sailing in the general election
Senator Houston championed the
candidacy of Capt. John W. Morton
for Secretary of State and won
many friends and admirers by his
eloquent and interesting nominating
speech. He is 38 years of age and
unmarried. Nashville American.
Date of Farmers
Institute Changed.
Having decided that the 1st Sat
urday in April would be rather late
in the season to hold the next meet
ing of the Hardeman County Far
mers' Iustitute, it has been decided
to hold the meeting on the 3rd Sat
urday in March, 16th day.
W. A. Carutiieks, Pres.
G. A. Black, Sr., Sec'y.
Democratic Leadership.
New York, Feb. 3 Tbe.
announcement tbat Senator
Hill is not a candidate f .r tbe
presidential nomination of
bis parly in 1904 is made by
tho Albany correspondent of
Leslie's Weekly in tbe cur
rent issue. He says:
"I have the highest author
ity for tbe statement tbat
Senator Hill Is not a candi
date in any sense for tbe
presidential nomination, and
that he is not responsible for
tbe action of his friends and
will in no way encourage the
continuance of such action.
"Whatever Senator IIM's
ambiiion may have been in
tbe p:tst, he treasures no pres
idential ambition now. He
is engrossed in his law prac
tice. It has grown larger and
more lucrative each year, and
his absorption in profession
al duties gives him little
time and less inclination to
respond to the growing call
for him to -actively assume
tbe party's leadership
"This reluctance on tbe
part of tbe Senator to re enter
public life is not tbe result of
pique or disappointment. He
simply finds greater comfort
and enioyment in the prac
tice of bis profession and less
allurement in the field of pol
itics, which has never been
a source of profit, and often
has given him hardly a com
fortable support.
"Like every other man
who reaches middle life, Sen
ator Hill looks forward to
achieving substantial finan
cial independence by main
taining his established and
well-nettled professional prac
tice. He is devoting his best
energies to that end and
therefore be is not inclined
to respond to such calls as
have been made by tbe Tex
as Legislature and by prom
inent Democratic leaders and
organizations in tbe South
and West.-
"Those who have intimate
personal relations with Sena
tor Hill doubt whether he
will ever consent to lead his
party again in a presidential
campaign. While be is averse
to making public expression
of his feeling in the matter,
his determination is not a se
cret. Devoted as be has
been for so many years to
bis party's welfare, bis with
drawal from politics is regard
ed as impossible. lie will
continue to be an influential
factor, but this will not inter
fere with a conviction he has
recently expressed to many
friends tbat office-holding is
unsatisfactory and unprofita
ble." -
Roll of Honor.
The following persons have sub
scribed for and renewed their sub
scription to the Bullktin within
the past week:
A. S. Tate... Bolivar.
G. T. Ingram "
Jno. R. Black
W. J. Milstead
B. F. Clinton.
M. Gabriel..
Mrs. Mary Bills "
Wm. Harris (c).. . "
J. C. Mc Williams
Mrs. Thos. J. Clift
John H. Caddie
J. A. Overton Sr Toone.
G. A. Black, Sr "
C. A. Kuffin "
II. L. Nuckolls
R. M. Lax Hickory Valley.
."Mrs Ella A vent. . . " "
R. J. Harris " "
J. E. Cox Terrell, Texas.
G. J. Savage Opha.
J. S. Jackson Vildo.
Mrs. T. L. Amnions. .. Fulton, Ky.
Robert Galloway. ...... Saulsbury.
J. R. Doyle Middleton.
M. E. Mashburn Terrell.Tex.
Rev. J. A. Thomas. . . Wiville, Ark.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our warm
est thanka and deepest gratitude to
our friends for the christian kind
ness shown to us and our little
daughter, Pearl River, in her last
illness. Your kindness will never
be forgotten.
n r . nr x T- r.
Bolivar, Tenn., Feb. 4, 1901. j
Died of typhoid fever at his fa
ther's residence, four miles south
west of Bolivar, on 2Sth of Janua
ry, 1901, Ilodgie Clift, aged 23
years, 11 months and 2S days. He
is asleep in Jesus. He had been
sick for several weeks, and his suf
fering was borne without a mur
mur. He was a prosperous young
I man, kind and generous hearted,
always thoughtful of others, and
was loved by all who knew him.
It was my good portion to be with
hira during the last week of his
sickness, and I feel that I was great
ly benefited by his presence. He
had never made an open profession
until on Sunday morning, the day
before the Lord called hira home,
but had expressed himself as being
anxious about the welfare of his
soul, and had been for the past
three years and on that beautiful
Sabbath morning he gave .himself
up to the Lord and was glorioualy
happy in Christ Jesus, expressing
himself as not afraid to die, saying
that Jesus was coming to carry him
home. He is not dead, but sweetly
sleeps in Jesus. May we all meet
him in heaven.
. One who Loved IIir.
It having pleased God in his
boundleMs wisdom, on the 31st of
December last, to remove Mr. V.
D. Galloway, our highly esteemed
friend, trom our midst, we, your
committee, desire to express the es
teem in which he was held and our
sympathy with his bereaved family.
Hardeman has lont one of her no
blest citizens, the community one of
its leading and most active men in
every respect, in church, home and
school acting as director in the
latter for a number of years, always
i discharging his duties honestly and
His home is now deprived ol a
i gentle and loving husband, a kind
and affectionate father.
Strange that God would send his
angels and pluck the fairest flowers,
j the ones that we need most; but let
! us bow in humble submission to the
JFather who doeth all things well.
Sister Galloway and other loved
ones, you do not weep alone. To
know Brother William was to love
him. We feel our loss and miDgle
our tears with yours but would
comfort one another with these
words: "Yet a little while and He
that comelh shall come, and them
also which sleep in Jesus will God
bring with Him, and so shall we
ever be together with the Lord."
Together! Then we will no more
The anguish of the parting hour,
But with love increasing, never
We'll sing of Jesus' power.
Over cruel death He is the victor,
Above the grave His flag shall wave;
And the glorious anthem of the
Shall be His jjower to save.
Resolved, That we will ever
cherish a fond remembrance of him,
imitating his example in 'faith, pa
tience and love, praying that the
family may bear their grief with
patience and fortitude; that the
summons may find us ready also.
Resolved, That a copy of this
memorial be given the family of the
deceased and a copy furnished each
of the county papers with request
for publication. . Respectfully,
Miss Mattye White, 1
Miss Sallie Kearney, j-Com.
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All persons having claims against
Albert T. McNeal, secured by his
general assignment, executed to me
on tbe 10th day of January, 1900.
and of record in the Register's of
fice of Hardeman County, Tenn.,
Trust Deed Book 2S, page 195, are
hereby notified to present the same
to undersigned on or before the 1st
day of February, 1902, or before
an appropriation of said trust funds,
or they will be forever barred in
law and equity.
Trustee of A. T. McNeal.
January 22, 1901. - -
Non-Resident Notice.
In the County Court of Hardeman
County, Tennessee. W. F. Rey
nolds vs. heirs of Jeremiah Rey
nolds, dee'd, petition to sell land
for division. No. 1482 R. D.
In this cause it appearing from
the pelitioh, which is sworu to,
that the defendants, W. J. Taylor
and James Clark aud wife, Emeline
Claik are non-residents of the State
of Tennessee and are residents of
the State of Missouri, so that the
ordinary process of law canuot be
served upon them. It is therefore
ordered that publication be made in
The Bolivar Bulletin, a newspa
per published in the town of Boli
var, County of Hardeman and State
of Tennessee, for four consecutive
weeks, requiring the above defend
ants to enter their appearance in the
above stated cause pending in the
County Court of Hardeman County,
Tennessee, within the first three
days of the March term thereof.
1901, aud plead, answer or demur
to the same or the allegations of
the petition will be taken for" con
fessed as to them and set for hear
ing exparte.
C. & M.
Wood & McNeal, Solicitors.
This February 0th, 1901.
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