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J 1 J lIi
I have just finished taking- invoice of
liiT stock of Merchandise. I am very
well satisfied with the result of past year's
business for which I thank the people
one and all that have patronized me.
$10.00 OvTercoats for - -88.50
Overcoats for -S6.f50
Overcoats for -$5.50
Overcoats for -
The Bolivar Bulletin.
J. C. lit 11. TIME TABLE.
Effective Sunday, Jan. 20, 1901.
No. South.
25......... 6.2J) p.m.
23 .... ...7.-45 a.iii
95 local ....8.15 a.i.
No. North.
26 7.16 a.m.
24 ..9.0d p.m.
94 local 2.50 p.m.
W. A. HOUSE, Agent
.Mrs. Farrar and little sou are vis
iting in Chicago.
Mrs. Jas. Fentress and child
are in New Orleans.
Mr. J. A. Barrett was in Jack
son Tuesday on business.
O. D. Hall, of Holly Springs,
visited Bolivar this week.
Miss Bell, of Jackson, is the
guest of Miss Julia Bills.
Mr. John T. Moore, of Vildo,
paid our office a pleasant visit Mon
day. Miss Alice Curlin, of Jackson,
is visiting her cousin, Miss Eva
An obituary notice of Mrs.
Sarah J. Pirtle will be published
next week.
County Clerk Crawford desires
to inform the Tax Assessors that he
has received the Tax books.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Andrews
and Mr. Jas. Fentress, of Chicago,
visited at Shandy last week.
Brewer, Macon & Co. have
moved iuto the store house east of
and adjoining their old stand on the
Messrs. J. A. Hudson and Y.
L. Robinson left this week to take
a course of lectures at the Memphis
Medical College.
Mr. Harry W. Lipsky, one of
Whiteville's hustling, handsome
merchants, was in town Thursday
to renew his license.
We understand that Mr. C. R.
Reynolds will soon open a hardware
store in the building now occupied
by V. II. Reynolds & Co.
When you want a physic that is
mild and gentle, easy to take and
pleasant in effect use Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. Price
25 cents. Samples free. Every box
guaranteed. For sale by W. J.
Cox, Bolivar; J. W.Nuckolls,Toone.
Cotton Flannel (10 cent per yard quality) reduced to 8 1-3 cents.
reduced prices. feAll the Wooien Underwear I have left will
Money Saved is Money Made.
Cascade and Paducaii Club,
two of the leading brauds- manufac
tured. For sale by R.M.Redfkarx,
Coates Block, Bolivar, Tenn.
Esquires T. D. Prewitt, D. W.
McAnulty and D. J. Campbell, three
influential members of the County
Court, visited our office Tuesday.
Dr. W. J. Cox was in Nash
ville last week, attending a meeting
of the Advisory Board, Knights of
Honor, of which he is a member.
All of our Boys' and Chil
dren's Clothing go at reduc
ed prices for the next ten
days. Kailv Bros.
Miss Louella Y. Clinton, who
has been visiting relatives and
friends in Texas and Kentucky for
several weeks past, returned Friday
Prof. S. A. Myatt, recently
elected principal of the Bolivar Pub
lic School, arrived last week. lie
entered upon his duties Monday
Low rate of interest given
by the Bank to good borrow
ers. Bank of Bolivar.
500 Bushels Peas. High
est market price paid.
Savage & Emerson.
Dr. S. Dickson will visit Hick
ory Valley Monday and Tuesday,
February 11th and 12th. All in
need of dental work are invited to
meet him.
Mr. R. V. Ray, of the Saulsbu
ry neighborhood, purchased Monday
420 acres of land in the "th district,
known as the Warren land, from
W . A. Caruthers, agent.
The world-famed kennel of Dur
yea & Avent, Hickory Valley, cap
tured a majority of the prizes at the
United States field trials held at
Grand Junction last week.
Sweeton & Black have just
received another car load of
the celebrated Studebaker
Buggies and Wagons.
Wanted to Buy Rent
Notes, Land Notes.
Bank of Bolivar.
We regret to announce the
death of Mrs. F. P. Yarbrough,
which occurred at the residence of
her father, Mr. Bryant Caddie, near
Toone, Friday, February . 1st.
Do not fail to be one of the
many to aUend the entertainment
at the Public School on the evening
of the loth. Tableaux, charades,
pantomimes aud music. Home tal
ent. We are requested by Superin
tendent of Public Instruction J. A.
Hudson to state that lie will be in
his office at Bolivar, on the first
Saturday in March, to attend to all
official duties.
The infant of Mr. and Mrs.
William Seddens, of the 4th dis
trict, died Sunday. Its remains
were buried in UnionCemetery, Bol
ivar, Monday, Rev. W. M. Nor
ment officiating.
Another chance for -the
Ladies to get bargains.
We will offer for the next
ten days a full line of Mus
lin Underwear at greatly re
duced prices. Kahn Bros.
Among 6Tir appreciated callers
this week were Mr. R. J. Harris, of
Hickory Valley, and Esquire Rob
ert Galloway, of the Saulsbury
neighborhood, two of Hardeman's
enterprising and successful farmers.
For Rent or Sale The
Nuckolls Livery Stable Lot.
Bank of Bolivar.
Mr. John Green Hendon, a
popular citizen of Somerville, was
in the city Monday on biirdness.
Mr. Hendon s wife, who was a Miss
Warren, was at one time a resident
of Bolivar and a pupil of St. Kath-.
"I. W. Harper" Whiskey is a
perfect disti'lation. It strengthens
you and helps resist cold and dis
ease. Try it. It is better than the
doctor. The kind your grand-father
used! Sold by Seddens & Co.,
Bolivar, Tenn.
The greatest danger from colds
and lagrippe is their resulting in
pneumonia. If reasonable care is
used, however, and Chamberlain s
Cough Remedy taken, all danger
will be avoided. It will cure a cold
or an attack of lagrippe in less time
than any other treatment. It is
pleasant and safe to take. For sale
by W. J. Cox, Bolivar; J.W.Nuck
olls, Toone.
S10.00 Suits of Clothes for 88:50,
88.50 Suits of Clothes for 87.25.
87.00 Suits of Clothes for 86.00.
10 percent, off all Boys' Clothing-.
Do 3STot Miss
The up-to-date hunters of Hick
ory Valley have discovered a new
method of dislodging the sly coon.
Instead of the old way of bringing
bim down chopping the tree they
fire Roman candles at him, and he
comes tumbling.
As soon as- the necessary ar
rangements can be made, Postmas
ter Redd expects to move his office
to the rooms formerly occupied by
the Free Press, adjoining Light-
fort's jewelry store. His new quar
ters will be fitted up in first class
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Misses Julia Tate and Una Mc-
Neal gave a "Dutch" Supper and
dance last Thursday evening. The
following were present: Messrs.M.
Hardaway, A. Kahn, C. Elliott, M.
Ilardaway, S. Tate, A. McNeal;
Misses J. Tate, U. McNeal, E. Se
vier, L. Lowrey, L. Allen, B.Mask.
Mrs. Martha Wellons, 3rd wife
of the late Henry Wellons, died
Monday at her home in the 8th dis
trict. Her remains were buried at
Canaan graveyard. Her maiden
name was Boston aud she was orig
inally from Mississippi. She leaves
three children and many friends to
mourn her death.
Kahn Bros, are still sell
ing goods advertised in
last week's issue at a
great sacrifice. & a h x
A telegram in the Commercial
Appeal of Tuesday states that the
governor appointed G. T. Webb,
of Whiteville, to succeed Austin
Miller as trustee of the Western
Hospital for the Insane, and Dr. I.
11. Hornsby, of Crainesville, to suc
ceed the late Hon. J. A. Mauson as
Trustee of the same institution.
The I. C. Railroad will sell
tickets at reduced rates on account
of following occasions: General
Missionary Conference M.E. Church
South, New Orleans, April 24-30;
Mardi Gras, Memphis, February
19; Presidential Inauguration Cere
monies, Washington, March 4; Mar
di Gras, New Orleans, February
However, X find some goods on hand
that rather than carry over until next fall
I have decided to put the KMFE to the
price. Below you will find some of the
This Opportunity to Save Money.
The new Board of Aldermen
met Tuesday night in the office of
the County Court Clerk and the
members were sworn in by J. A.
Wilson, Jr. T. II. Irby was elect
ed Treasurer, G. M. Wilkinson Re
corder, G. A. Black, B. V. Hudson
and T. M. Moore Street Committee.
Salaries were fixed the same as last
year, except the Recorder is allow
ed 50 cents instead of 1.00 for is
suing license.
Mr. M. Gabriel has rented the
store house on the South side of
square, formerly occupied by Brew
er, Macon & Co., and expects to
open a stock of dry goods, clothing, j
shoes, hats, etc., within the next
few weeks. Mr. Gabriel is from j
Beyruth, Syria, Asia. He came to
the United Slates about three years
ago, and for the past nine months
has been a citizen of Bolivar, dur
ing which time he has had several
men at work peddling merchandise
throughout West Tennessee and
North Mississippi.
Miss Sadie Durrett entertained
the French Class last week in an in
teresting way. A story, "Javenal,
the Butler," containing hidden
names of authors was read by the
hostess. From T names, Miss K.
McNeal guessed G7, winn?pg a hand
somely decorated guest book. Misses
J. Maddison and F. Bills did not
fall far behind. After dainty re
freshments were served, a nilo con
test was engaged iu, in which Mrs.
Ed. Durrett and Miss Bessie Statler
were tied, Mrs. Durrett cutl'.ig suc
cessfully, bore off a beautiful cal
endar as a trophy.
Mr. Bernard Minter was drown
ed in the ''back-water" of Hatchie
river near Vildo Thursday. He
was duck hunting in a canoe, with
a negro man paddling. Discover
ing a flock of ducks, he attempted
to change his position, when the ca
noe, already waited to the water's
edge, dipped and capsized. He
was a good swimmer and made an
effort to save himself, but he was
too heavily clad in hunting clothing
containing a large number of load
ed shells. The body was recovered
a few hours after the unfortunate
accident. The negro saved himself
by swimming a 6hort distance aud
wading abont 300 yards. Mr. Min
ter was an industrrius young- man
and his sad eud is deplored. His
wife and child have the sympathy
of many friends.
18 cent Outings, 13 cents per yd.
12 1-2 cent Outings, 9 1-2 per yd.
10 cent Outings, 7 cents per yard.
7 1-2 cent Outings, 5 cents per yd.
mf5 Woolen Dress Patterns at
be sold at Great Sacrifice. 4
Ye people of Bolivar towne are
invited by ye colonial maides to at
tend ye cotillion at-ye Public Skule
on ye Sth evening of February on
ye 9th stroke of ye clock.
The rites of matrimony were
solemnized recently between the
following parties, all of whom are
residents of the 12th district: Mr.
John Howell and Miss Pipkin, Mr.
Will Scott and Miss In as Bass, Mr.
Wm. Howell and Miss Maltie Ma
jors, Mr. John Bass and Miss Anna
The following notice is taken
from the Eunis Daily News. Mr.
Morrison is a grandson of Mrs.
Amanda Coates, of Bolivar: 44 W il
ium Morrison has received informa
tion from the postal authorities that
he has been put on the list of ap
pointments to the United Slates
mail service and be will be assigned
to duty at once. We are glad of
the success of our Ennis boys.
Wiilura is a steady, studious, indus
trious young man and we all con
gratulate him on his appointment."
St. Katharine's News.
Little Virginia Farrar is the latest
addition to the St. Katharine family
which now numbers 60.
Miss Uua McNeal entertained the
Misses Lowery, Sevier and Allen to
a Dutch party Friday night.
Mrs. D. 11. Gudou left for her
home in Galveston, Tqx., Mondaj
afier a pleasant stay of several days
She came to enter her. daughter in
the school.
Kcv. Albert Martin, of Yazoo
City, Miss , was lure last week for
the purpose of visiting the school;
ami seeing tho new library after'
it was arranged. ..
iirs. o. ii. are xreaieti i nv
Juniors" to a rrty Friday night.
Several of the junior beauxof the
town were invited to add to the
pleasure of the occasion. What
they may have lacked in years they
certainly made np in gallantry for a
jolly good time is reported by aH.
The library of St. Katharine's
School now comprises 1,000 vol
umes. The fact that these books
were chosen by a student to supply
a student's needs, makes it the more
useful to the pupils. With the few
additions which will be raadeas
soon as possible this will make a
first class school library. Miss
Florence Capers is librarian.
The following programme will be rendered at
the l'ublic school BuilJins; FrblaT eveuin. Feb.
13. Proceeds for Publie School and James'Gulld.
Good patronage solicited. Admission 10 and 25
Violin Duet. Misses O. Doscu, J. Tate.
Recitation. "Old Billy." Miss P. Savage.
Tableau. "Rock of Aes." Miis"E. Campbell.
Vocal Duet. "Love's Golden Dream." Misses ('.
Bills, B. Tate.
The Fixies' Parlor. Queen, E. Ware; Pixies, L.
W are, It. Swinebroad, M. Coates, E. Lightfort,
M. Jfewlern, I Birdson, M. Emerson, A. Tate,
I Mask, IJ. Ingram.
Tableau. A Pyramid of Beauty.
Vocal Solo. Love the High-way Man." Miss U.
Charade. (Four acts) Characters. Mr. Clay,
Mashburn; Mr. Simmons, J. Coates; Bessie, Miss
P. Savage ; Pattie, Miss M. Houso; Martha, Mi
E. Campbell; Billy, Jno. Stuart.
Tableau. "Eclipse or the Sun." L. Swinebroad.
Vocal Duet. "My Little Georgia Bose." Misses
J. Tate, U. McXeal.
Tableau. "Great Expectations.'' J. Coates.
Blue Beard. Characters. Blue Beard, S. Tate;
- Fatiina, U. McXeal ; Sister Anne, J. Tate; Two
Brothers, J. Coates and X. Mashburn.
Character Dance. Jno. Stuart.
Tableau. Statuary. I, The Seed Sower, A. '
Coates; 2, The Burd Statue, J. Tate, V. McXeal,
E. Campbell, M. Coates; 3, A Dream in Marble,
L.Mask. ,
Vocal Duet and Tableau. "Goodnight." J. Tate.
V. McXeal, B. Ingram, L. Mask.
Unclaimed letters at the Bolivar
(Hardeman County) Post Office,
Feb. 1, 1901. Ak for advertised
letters and mention date of list.
Mrs. W. T. Armstrong, W. L. Brewer,
Caroliue Bowden, Mrs. IJ. II. Baird,
P. L. Craus, Miss Cathem Crise,
Ben Duncan, Mrs. Xaocy Dickens,
Mi-s Klen Green. Miss Annie Harris,
T'lniie M .i.r J. P. McFadden,
Dave M inis, 'Miss Kena Maxwell, (2)
M. M. Xewiu A Co.. Mis Itoie Price,
Miss Millie Patten, M.O.Perry,
W. A. Itusst-11, Es., G. Y. W. E. Reaves.
M iss Liz.i Springs, John A. Williams,
Anna Willis, Mrs. Viola Ward,
&5oo HEWAKD.
We wi' pay t!n above re'-ir 1 for anyease Liver
C)iiiplai:.t. Dyspepsia. Sick In-I'lache, Indigestion,
Constitution or ,'ostiveuess we canuot cure with
l.iverit.ii Up-to-dal- Liul Liver Pill, when
ihe ilirfctinris are strictly complied with. They
are i -u rely Vegetable and" never fail to give satis
faction. ic boxt s contain 100 Pills, luc boxes -jon-Uin
HO Piils, 5c boxes contain 15 Pilis. Kcwire of
siitotitutioijs and imitations. 8end bv mail; stamps
taken. N EKVI V. uEIK;L CO.," Cor. Clinton
and JeflVrson St -. . chicaifo. For sale by V. J.
ox. Druggist, Koiivar, Tenn. ' jutie22-ly
"" ----'":
Always Fresh.
Always the Best.
fere sold everywhere.
1901 Seed Annual free.
jjr are sold everywhere.
i ,
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