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Progress In Medielae.
Medical science crows apace with irfliza
lion and among the leading remedies, one
that combines all the results of scientific
study tip to the present time and is put up in
conrenient and economical form, easy to
take, easy to carry, is the famous Cascarets.
Five years ago marked the time of the sale
of the first box. Last year the sale reached
the enormous total of over six million boxes.
Id this hustling, every day, busy life of ours
people need just this kind of a medicine to
stimulate their bowels and keep them reg
ular. Cascarets act on the liver just enough
to help nature without causing that awful
sick, weakening feeling that usually follows
the taking of Calomel and violent purges.
Readers who have never tested the merits
of Cascarets should give them a good trial.
111b Moat rsefol Book.
First Passenger What book has helped
you most in life?
Second Passenger The city directory.
"The city directory?"
"Yes; I'm a bill collector." Syracuse Her
ald. The woman who is in the habit of telling
her troubles makes more calls than she re
ceives. Town Topics.
Lay In a- for Him.
One of the clerks employed at the Read
ing terminal, who is something of a prac
tical joker, had the tables turned on him
the other day by a shrewd newsboy. Know
ing that two afternoon newspapers had re
cently suspended publication, it has been
his custom upon leaving his office in the
evening to call a newsboy and say: "Here'
a nickel. Keep the change and give me
uaii, quiCK! lie tnougnt it great tun to see
the eager hands clutch ineffectually for the
nickel, and then to note the disappointed ex
pression 01 tne youngster s lace. Hut ht
ined it once too often, lie greeted a boy at
Twelfth and Market streets on Wednesdav
evening with bi3 usual witticism, and, much
to his astonishment, the little fellow shoved
a Call into his hands and grabbed the coin
before the astonished clerk knew what wai
up. Then there was nothing for the jokei
10 ao Dut take his medicine. I ve been a
layin' fer dat euy." remarked the bov. "H
wanted a Call, an' he got it. Dat paper wai
six mont s old. Jr"hiladeJph4a .Kecord.
Always Caoarht.
If a young man goes into a jewelry store
to iook at ladies rings, the worst gossip in
town is sure to step in and catch him at it.
Atchison uiobe.
And Rest for
In a Warm
Bath with
And a single anointing with CUTICURA,
purest of emollients and greatest of skin cures.
This is the purest, sweetest, most speedy, per
manent, and economical treatment for torturing,
disfiguring, itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
crusted, and pimply skin and scalp humors,
rashes, irritations, and chafings, with loss of
hair, of infants and children, and is sure to
succeed when all other remedies fail
Millions of Mothers Use Outicura Soap
Assisted by Cpticitra Oixtmext, the great 6tln cure, for --.-:r?v!ng, purifying, and beau
tifying the skin of infants and children, tor rashes, itchinr ' t lings, for cleansing the
ecalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stoppinjrof i.i. ... for softening, whiten,
lng, and healing red, rough, and sore hands, and for all the j- . .( the toilet, bath, and
nursery. Millions of Women use CCTICCRA. Soap in the form o ' nurannoying Irrita
tions, Inflammations, and excoriations, for too free or oConsve pcp;:a'on, In the form of
washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative antiseptic purpoi s v.-uich readily
suggest themselves to women, especially mothers. Xo amount of persuasion can induce
those who have once used these great skin purifiers and beautifiers to use any others, espe
cially for preserving and purifying the skin, ecalp, and hair of infants and children. Cdti
CVRA Soap combines delicate emollient properties derived from Ccticcka, the great skin
cure, with the purest of cleansing ingredients and the most refreshing of flower odors. No
other medicated soap is to be compared with it for preserving, purifying, and beautifying
the skin, scalp, hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestic toilet soap, however expen
sive, i s to be compared with it for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery.; Thus it
combines in One Soap at Ose Price, viz., Twentt-five cents, the best skin and com
plexion soap and the best toilet and baby soap in the world.
Complete External and Interna! Treatment for Every Humor,
Consisting of Cdttcura Soap (25c.), to cleanse the skin of crusts
and scales and soften the thickened cuticle, CUTICCRA OINTMENT
(GOc.), to instantly allay itching, inflammation, and irritation, and
soothe and heal, and Ccticura Resolvent f50c.1. to cool and
cleanse the blood. A Single Set. costing bnt 41.25. is often mffi.
clent to cure the most torturing, disfiguring, and humiliating skin, scalp, and blood
humors, with loss of hair, when ail else falls. Sold throughout the world.
THE SET, $1.25
lw Trains a Pay to Texas.
The Cotton Belt Route, via Memphis, offers you two daily
trains to Texas : One leaves at 9.20 a. m., the other at 8.30 p. m.
The trains from all principal points arrive in Memphis morning
and evening in plenty of time to make tnis connection.
The Cotton Belt offers yon the quickest and shortest route to Texan,
without chaneo of cars. Both day and nieht trains are equipped with
comfortable Coaches and Free Reclining Chair Cars; also Parlor Cafe
Cars by day and Pullman Sleepers at nieht.
Write and tell us where yon are coins and when yon will leave, and
we will tell you what your ticket will cost and what train to take to
make the best time and connections. We will also send you an inter
esting little booklet, "A Trip to Texas."
f . C PEEIEK, I.PJL. leashls. Test W. C ADAIS, T.PJL, Kubville. Teas. B. I. SBTTOT. T.PJL. CaitttMSfi, Teis.
f. R. rUTT. T. P. JL, Clsclsistl, Otis. I. ADAM!, T. P. L. Mrs. IIL
E. W. LaBEAUME, G. P. and T. A., St. Louis, Mo.
The Land ofBlf Red Apples is the title of
an attractive and highly interesting book recently
Issued. This book is handsomely illustrated with
views of South Missouri scenery, including the
famous Olden fruit farm of 3.000 acres in Howell
County. It pertains entirely to fruit raising In that
(Treat frnit belt of America, the southern slope of
the darks, and will prove of great value, riot only
to fruit growers, btit to every fanner and borne
seeker in other States looking for & farm and a
borne. This book will he mailed free. Address
J. E. LOCKWOOD, Kansas City, Mo.
irRilu THIS rifUmqsMraita,
C! TTT'TnC! The old r
&TdfTdAJ& liabls. New
varieties, fisw eaUlogn FREE.
. i, K, KSl 0OX, sterMeea ft
Dr.WUltams' Indian Pil
Ointment will cure Blind.
Bleeding' and ltcblns
Piles. It absorbs tbt
tumors, allay the Itch
ing at ence. acta as a
Fioultfee, gives instant re
ief. Prepared for Piles
andltcnlnrof the pri vats
par's. At drueeiMs or b
mail on receipt of price.. SO eenta and SI. OO.
WILLIAMS M&G.. CO.. Props- Clitilan "ohio
CUfltS WHtfifc Ail LLSL f AitS.
Best Cough Syrup. T sales Good. Use
in tlma Sold by druggisM.
The Animate Should Be Kept la Clean,
Dry Stables and Fed Well
and Re&rnlarly.
Whenerer a cow is kept for milk there
are a few things that should never be
lost sight of. To the man with a few
cows and little money they are more
important than to the rich, man with
many cows and more money. It should
always be the aim of the owner to se
cure the largest possible amount of
butter fat (because this is the only
true measure of the value of milk) with
the minimum amount of expense, in
cluding time, food and capital invested
The cows should be comfortable,
healthy and vigorous, able to consume
properly digest and assimilate food for
her support and a large surplus for
milk. The profit in dairying is always
measured by this surplus. Moderate
exercise, under favorable conditions,
will contribute to the desired result;
but every effort of the cow beyond that
will detract from the profit. All the
energy used in warming up ice-cold wa
ter, every moment she shivers in the
cold wind, lessens the surplus of the
milk pail. Cold, damp, dark or dirty
stables are not comfortable; therefore,
in such quarters a cow will not do her
In the exercise of my dutiesas a dairy
inspector I have visited every class of
stable, from the best to the worst, those
that were dry, clean, light and well ven
tilated, down to those that were dark,
damp and filthy beyond description
Hundreds of times I have been met with
the statement: "I would like to keep
my cows clean, dry and comfortable,
but I cannot afford it." In these in
spections we note the kind and amount
of feed used, the cost, etc., and also the
amount of milk produced. This gives us
a reliable basis from which to deter
mine the kind of care and feed and the
character of stables that bring to the
owner the largest returns foT the time,
labor and capital and brains invested
Right here it might not be amiss to
mention that it has often seemed to me
that a great deal of time, much hard.
disagreeable labor and the interest on
considerable capital were wasted.
Midland Farmer.
Wonderful Results Obtained by Ex
perts In the Ureedlnsr and Mod
ification of Plants.
Even the scientific botanist- may
well be surprised, says Science, by
what has been accomplished! in the
work of plant-breeding. That man
can bring about definite results by
the careful breeding of animals is
more or less well known, but that
plants may be bred with as definite
an object in view, and as successfully,
is not yet a matter of common knowl
edge. It was only during the latter
half of the last century that much
progress was made in plant-breeding
proper, the earlier efforts at the im
provement of plants having been
through the selection of seeds of the
most desirable plants- for further
Downing, Hovey, "Wilder and' some
other far-seeing horticulturists of
the earlier days continually urged the
breeding ("crossing") of the better
varieties of fruits in order to com
bine the qualities and characteristics
of the kinds so treated. This advice
eventually bore fruit, and to-day the
florist plans to bring about a definite
result by securing offspring from the
union of two plants, whose form,
color, odor or other qualities he may
wish to intensify or modify.
Among fruits the grape, Taspberry
and strawberry have been much mod
ified by careful breeding. The toma
to illustrates what may be done by
the skillful- breeder, as practically all
the improvement which it has under
gone is due to carefully planned hy
bridization, followed by as careful se
In like manner the cereals, maize
and wheat, have been improved in re
cent years by the crossing of select
ed varieties.
A Method Which la Calculated to Sab-
dne and Tame the Moat Ob
streperous Animal,
Next time you have a vicious heifeT to
break try this method. Put a strong
halter on her and tie her up to a poet
in the cow yard fence, bringing heT
head close up; then take a long rope
and tie it to the post a foot or so below
her nose; crowd heT up close alongside
the fence, bring the rope around her,
letting it pass along her shoulder, side
and hip, and tie to the next post behind
her. She will then be held firmly
against the fence. If she shows signs
of kicking, pass a strap around her hind
legs behind the udder and draw them
together and buckle them there. We
have never found the cow we could not
subdue in this way. Ohio Farmer.
Crop and Market Reports.
The farmer should know the prices
in market of everything he buys and
sells. It is just as important that he
keep himself well informed as it is
for the merchant to do so. The lat
ter endeavors to buy to advantage in
order to make a profit, and the farm
er is benefited equally as well when
he knows the condit ion of the mar
kets. The crop reports are also use
ful, as they give the area in certain
crops and from time to time inform
the farmer of the prospective yields.
Dairy breeds of cattle are, as a rule,
lank in. form and of a nervous, san
guine temperament, excitable, quick
motioned and disturbed by every
thing strange.
To be able to produce a large
amount- of milk, the cow must have
great storage capacity, with ability to
gather, eat 8PfJ digest ft larg arnount
of food,
In He year 1600 the manufacture of
silk began in England.
The notes of the Bank of England
cost exactly one-half penny each.
Grosver.or square probably contains
more millionaire than any. equal
area in London.
It is noted that more society wed
dings take place in London on Sat
urday than on any other day in the
While the English law provides for
the organization of labor bodies it de
prives them of the privileges of incor
poration. An English economist, making use
of the population statistics for the
last 50 years, figures out that by 1950
the population of England will have
become stationary.
We exported over $10,000,000 woTth
of copper to Germany last year.
American carriages, cars and the like
taken to Germany last year were worth
over $500,000.
Builders' hardware to the value of
$1,000,000 was sent to Germany from
the United States in 1900.
The sewing machines sent to Ger
many in 11 months last year represent
ed a value of nearly $1,000,000.
Agricultural implements to the value
of nearly $3,000,000 were shipped from
the United States in 11 months of last
Naval stores and turpentine shipped
from American ports to the German
empire last year amounted to over
$2,500,000 in value.
Glasgow has five public baths, the
cost of which varies from $S2,000 to
Chicago has four public bath houses
and gives an average of 50,000 free
baths a month.
Out of 304 towns in England and
Wales, one-third maintain one or more
public baths. They are crowded by
factory and shop hands.
Baths were early used in Asia and
Greece, and introduced by Agrippa
into Home, where many were con
structed by Augustus and his successors
Ilepe Spring's Eternal.
Alittle New Zealand cirl wrote to ask Mark
Twain if his real name was Clemens. She
knew better, she said, because Clemens was
the man who sold patent medicine. She
hoped not, for she liked the name ofMark.
Why, .Mark Antony was in the Uible!
Her letter delighted its recipient.
"As Mark Antonv has cot into the Bible."
Mr. Clemens characteristically remarked in
telling about it, "I'm not without hopes my
self." Youth's Companion.
Judire Now. rav bov. you are on your
oath. Do you understand what that means?
Witness Why er I don't jest er
reckon " .
"Do vou know what you are expected to
"Oh. yes; the lawyer that hired me wrote
it all down so that I could learn it by heart."
Philadelphia Press.
There is more Catarrh in this section ot
the country than all other diseases put to
gether, and until the last few years was
supposed to be incurable. For a great-many
years doctors pronounced it a local disease,
and prescribed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has proven
catarrh to-be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney Jt Co.. Toledo. Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure on the market. It it
taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and testi
monials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., To
ledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall s xamily lulls are the best.
Mr. Gallaeher "Rumors fly. don't they.
Missis Flannigan?" Mrs. Fannigan "In-
dade thev do: awnlv this week wan lelt me
widout payin' his rint." Ohiio State Journal.
Indigestion is a bad companion. Get rid
of it ly chewing a bar of Adams' Pepsin
lutti rrutti alter each meal.
Use every man after his desert, and who
should 'scape whipping? Shakespeare.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Ouinine Tablets. All
druggists refundmoney if it fails tocure. 25c.
When a fool opens hismouth you can see
right through him. Chicago Daily News.
Ti Grin rf Pneumonia mav be warded off
with Hale s Honey of Horehound and Tar.
Pikt's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
It eooils a favor if you are asked to return
it.- -Chicago Daily News.
Kansas City, Feb.
CATTLE Beef steers $4 25 5
Native stockers 3 75 fi) 4
Texas and Indian steers 3 25 4
HOGS 4 55 & 5
SHEEP 3 60 & 4
WHEAT No. 2 hard 6S
No. 2 red
CORN No. 2 mixed ZiCd
OATS No. 2 mixed IS1
RYE No. 2
FLOUR Hard wh't patents. 3 35 ?? 3
Soft wheat patents 3 60 3
HAY Timothy 6 00 (fill
Prairie 450 9
BRAN Sacked
BUTTER Choice to fancy... 15
CHEESE Full cream
POTATOES Home grown .. 35 Q
CATTLE Native steers
Texas and Indian steers
HOGS Packers
SHEEP Native muttons ...
FLOUR Patents
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
OATS No. 2
HOGS Mixed and butchers.
SHEEP Western
FLOUR Spring patents ....
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
OATS No. 2
RYE February
LARD February
PORK February
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
OATS No. 2
37 ii
12 &
7 124
7 S7i
25 "
8 25
45 6 00
15 &
80 &
60 a
4 95
5 60
3 00
0 5
& 5
& 4
Made the Indian Real Had.
Senator Stewart the other dsy related th
tory of an adventura with a big Indian
when he was prospecting for gold. The In
dian asked the future senator for a ride in
a high whgon, and he was told to climb in.
In less than a minute Stewart saw poor Lo
signaling to another Iodian behind a rock,
who was sighting a gun at Stewart.
"I guess they needed my wagon and my
mule and maybe my scalp in their business.
My only chance was to grab that Iadiap
around the waist and hold hira in front of
me. You bet I did that, and at the same
time yelled at my mule. That critter had
some sense, and in a few minutes we were
out of range. But it was a close shave."
As the senator stopped the curious man
in the party asked him what he did with the
"Why, I brofceNiis run, threw him out of
the wagon, and then Kicked him along on
his bands and knees until I think he got
real mad." Washington Correspondence
Pittsburgh Dispatch.
The Power of tbe Press
Is a common expression, but few realize its
actual power. Great as is the influence of
the press, it cannot begin to equal the pow
er of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters over dis
ease. The Bitters strengthens the stomach,
purifies the blood, and cures dyspepsia, in
digestion and constipation. It will tone up
the nerves, stimulate inactive kidneys, and
as an appetizer, it is unequalled. If you
want to get well and keep well, use Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters.
A Vermont Wonder.
A report is published from Vermont that
the electric light plant of a town in tbe
Green mountain state was frozen up tht
other night. When it comes to freezing up
electricity Vermont beats the record. Up
to date nothing equally startling has been
heard" of, unless the story told by Bob Bur
dette be excepted. Bob used to describe a
wonderful section out west where everything
was petrified even the law of gravitation.
And Vermont could not surpass that. Troy
Career and Character of Abraham
An address by Joseph Choate, Ambas
sador to Great Britain, on the career and
character of Abraham Lincoln his early
life his early struggles with the world
his character as developed in the later years
of his life and his administration, which
placed his name so high on the world's roll
of honpr and fame, has been published by
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
and may be had by sending six (6) cents in
postage to F. A. Miller, General Passenger
Agent, Chicago, 111.
A Distinction.
When a man is bilious he admits it, and
takes pills ; but a woman begins to talk about
life being a struggle and the wretchedness
of her environment. Atchison Globe.
The Best Prescription for Chills
and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in
a tasteless form. Nocure no pay. Price,50c.
"Poverty's no crime," said Job's comfort
er. "Maybe not," replied the poor man,
"but it seems to be punishable by hard la
bor for life." Philadelphia Record.
Piso's Cure is the best medicine we ever
used for all affections of the throat and
lungs. Wm. O. Endsley, Vanburen, Ind.,
Feb. 10, 1900
Some young men seem to be surprised
that everybody doesn't stop dancing when
they enter the ballroom. Somerville Jour
nal. All goods are alike to Putnam Fadeless
Dtes, as they color all fibers at one boiling.
Sold by all druggists.
It doesn't pay to be obstinate. Neither
is it wise to attempt to take all the advice
offered. Washington Post.
The perfection of art is to conceal art.
TT-T- C . ,,-oe 4lA Kanf r f .uArrt Ti T n rr
TT1a Worn iicaq Parl.r'H Tnlr TTfennWR
To Mothers of Largs FamlHss.
In this workaday world few women
are so placed that physical exertion
is not constantly demanded of them
in their daily life.
Mrs. Pinkham makes a special appeal
to mothers of large families whose
work is never done, and many of
whom suffer, and suffer for lack of
intelligent aid.
To women, yonngf or old, rich or
poor, Mrs. Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass.,
extends her invitation of free adviee.
Oh, women 1 do not let yonr lives bo
sacrificed when a word from Mrs.
Pinkham, at the first approach of
Mas. Cassis Beixxvixxjc
weakness, may fill your future years
with healthy joy.
"When I beg-an to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I was
not able to do my housework. I suf
fered terribly at time of menstruation.
Several doctors told me they could do
nothing for me. Thanks to Mrs. Pink
ham's advice and medicine I am 'now
well, and can do the work for eight in
the family.
" I would recommend Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to all
mothers with large families." Mrs.
Cabbie Belleville, Ludington, Mich.
To be a well-balanced man, with ability to
resist petty annoyances, is a greater accom
plishment than to be governor of your state.
Atchison Globe.
Evil fastens on us only because it finds
affinity in us. Kam's Horn.
Three Dally Trains.
Indian Territory
Two Dally Trains.
Pullman Sleepers and Free Reclining
Chair Cars all the wv without change to
TEXAS and the WEST- The very best
of connections. Cheap home-seekers tickets
on sale first and third Tuesdays each month
Memphis Ticket Office, 13 Monroe St.
F. D. BL1CKHA5, T. P. A.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
FBA.NK M. Griffith, T. P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn,
Gio. H. Lia, Gen. P. & T. A,
Little Rock, Ark.
Orsatcst Persiisssa
Grass ot tbs
Vethtnrlik U on Mrtl
to-dy tht knr (
and h acoarw
th world OTW to And
Itaoqnoi. Orowawharv
11 other kill and bars
up from xcaaoir boat
sad laek of offldao
nolitnra. Grows whor
all ethers winter kill
and freeze out. S to f
' tons of mairnifloeat hay
per acre and lota of
toraa-e oofMea.
91 .20 and op
Larseet potato
Ctable growers.
Choicest, rarest heavV
I rieldlns-stoci.
oca Tells.
For 10 Cents and this Notice
ear big eatalosa will be mailed yon free, to
rther with le sample packages of the SO fca.
arltB Weader, the 40e rlM Want, tbe
BllUea lelUr OrsH with lis li tons of hay par
acre, tlie Peaoat a startUno; food.
the Victoria Rape Marvel, Us
astonishing SM biithel per acre,
Oate, etc. in all. lO peeasffee
luiiy worm aivto gmt a
tart for lOo la stamps.
To produce the best results
in fruit, vegetable or grain, the
fertilizer used must contain
enough Potash. For partic
ulars see our pamphlets. Wo
send them free.
93 Nassau St., New York.
I'ntaird .alnral LesfTsbacce, direct from
f'rowrr. in S3, ud ana lo noun a Dose, t-new-oc
liOc pound. Smokins l&e uonnd. No jtoods
C. O. IX Corrosiiondenoe nollcltcxf. F. O. EWIJifl
(Glenraren Plantation). ULEMRAVFJi, Tio.
II" Refers bj permission to any National Bank
. at Nashville. Tennessee.
They pay on all crops
rich land as well as poor
land. Write fnr "Boole
on Use of Fertilizers."
free. Largest fertilizer company In the world.
Memphis, Tenn.
Meat smoked in a few hoars with
Made from hickory wood. GWes fine flavor.
Cleanest, cheapest : free from iasects. Send for
circular. . kUACSU Jit BSOq Mil tea. Pa.
lief and POSITIVE
For free snmp'o address
"AXAKF.8IS," Trib
une building. New York.
I IP . la
J tk B W 1 Wd habits cured in SO days. Sana
torium treatment. Book and particulars FKE.
IS. AL. 1YUULL1. M- 1.. Atlauila,
lsIXW'r9 I quick relief and cures worst
cases. Book of testimonials and lo days treatment
Free Or. U. II. CiKKKN'S SUNS. Box 1, Atlanta, Ua.
a so
A. N. K.T
please state Hint you saw the Advertise
meat la this paper.
' jj fj
THEAMMEXTAKT CAX1X. f-t-o?? 5d !
sssophagusl meat-pipe )which conveys V1 food from tbe throat
to tbe stomach; 8. Cardiac end of stomach: S. Pylorlo end of
stomach: 4, Duodenum; 6. Gall bladder; t, a, . Small intes
tines; 7. Csxram; 8. Vermiform appendix; . Ascending- colon:
10. Transverse colon: 11. Descending; colon; IS. Elg-meld flex
ure: IS. Rectum: 14. Anus. The duodenum Is continuous with
the small Intestines. The small Intestine empties Into the
large Intestine or colon at the ctecum. The arrows Indicate
tbe direction which the contents of the bowels must take In
passing- through the alimentary canal.
arc packed away in your xnsides and must he kept dean,
in order and doing1 business
Irs a long- way, with many turns and pitfalls to catch
the refuse and cW the channel if not most carefully
cleaned out every day.
When this long canal is blockaded, look out for
trouble furred tongue, bad breath, belching of gases,
yellow spots, pimples and boils, headaches, spitting up of
food after eating an all-around disgusting nuisance.
Violent calomel purges or griping salts are dan'
gerotxs to use for cleaning oat the bowels.
They force out the obstruction by causing
violent spasms of the bowels, but they leave
the intestines 1&eak and even less able to keep
up regular movements than before, and make a
larger dose necessary next time v
Then you have the pill habit, which kills more people
than the morphine and whiskey habits combined
The only, safe, gentle but certain bowel cleansers arc
sweet, fragrant CASCARETS, because they don't force
out the foecal matter with violence, but act as a tonic on
the whole 30 feet of bowel wall, strengthen the muscles
and restore healthy, natural action. Buy and try them I
(Look out for imitations and substitutes or you can't get
results. Cascarets are never sold in bulk. Look for the
trade-mark, the long-tailed 44 C on the box.) You will
find that in an entirely natural way your bowels will be
promptly and permanently
Made CLEAN and STRONG by
BrssaW M M Saaaw I eV ft i Y- t I H a 0 1 saSKT 1 Tft. atf i TV C Taes""
25c 50c.
-a. pa ass Kl bowel troubles, appendicitis, fcll
I 1 1 sal Ess lousness, bad breath, bad blood, wind
llllnr on the stomach, bloated bowels, foul
W Wis las month, headache, lndlzestlon, pimples,
pains after eatlnff, liver trouble, sallow complexion
and dizziness. V hen yonr bowels don't move rejjn
larlv you are gettinz sick Constipation killa more
people than all other diseases tosether. It Is a
starter Tor the chronic ailments and lone years of
sufferlnz that com afterward. No matter what
alls yon, start taking CASCARETS to-day, for you
will never get well and be well all the time until
you pnt your bowels right. Take our advice; start
with, CASCARETS to-day, under an absolute euar
antee to euro or money refunded.
TO l lIhEi Five years aro
the first box of I ASCA K-
l.lJt was
sold. Sow It Is
six million bout a
Tear, sreatcr thas sit
similar medicine In the world- This is absolute proof of
(rrst merit, and on r- best testimonial. TV'e have faith and
will sell OASCAJt ETS absolutely tnarsntccd to core or
money refunded, tiro bay today, two GOe boxes. clTethcma
fair, honest trial mm per almnle directions, and if you are
not satisfied, after diIsj one GOc box, return the annsed SOe
box and the empty box to ua by mall or the drnire'lst from
whom won purchased It, and set your money back for both
boxes. Take onr advice ao matter what alls yon start to
day. Health will quickly follow and you will bless tho day
Jou first started the naeof CASCAR ETS. Rook free by mall,
ddress: &E&EBI CO., AW XOBK. or CHICatiO.
"to luf fffl MM iiAWlli5

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