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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh Williams, Editoi:.
Progress Tklkpuone No. 17.
The re-districting com
mittee of the Legislature is
in session at Xashville. The
congressional tlistricts will he
taken up fust. It is improb
able that there will he anv
radical changes. Hardeman
County will likely he taken
from the .Tenth and added
to the Eighth.
The soil and clim.ite of
Hardeman is well adapted to
the raising of sheep, and for
years many of our farmers
followed the industry with
profit. If some protection
could he afforded from the
half -starved, sheep-killing
cur, the industry would
again flourish.
The newspapers of East Tennes
see practically concede the next gov
ernorship to West Tennessee, and
to many it reads: "Col. Win II
Carroll." Commercial Appeal.
Col. Carroll would fill
the position with credit and
dignity and his friends over
here would he delighted to
support him.
About tno .ars air, Mr.
A. J. Uoates, one of the
Trustees of the Western Hos
pital, was turned out of oilier
before the expiration of his
term without cause, lie eon
tended for his rights, the
Chancery and Supreme courts
sustained him and he was re
instated. Last Tuesday, the
Trustees of the above men
tioned institution unanimous
ly elected him Chairman of
their Board. This is an hon
or well deserved. Mr. (Routes'
record as Trustee has been
clean and creditable; both to
himself and to the -late, and
we are satisiieu mat in tin
important position ot Chair
man he will continue to zeal
ously guard the state's inter
The Old Firm Name.
Col.- Josiah Patterson and lion.
M. R. Patterson have entered into
a co-partnership to practice law, un
der the 6rra name of Gantt & Pat
terson. Gen. Patterson, from his
entrance into the protession up to
the time he was elected attorney
general, was a member of the firm,
and Col. Patterson has been contin
nously a member since its organiza
tion on January 1, 1870. Three
members of the Gantt family were
members of this firm Harry Stod
dard Gantt, who died in 1S85; the
lamented Col. George Gantt, its se
nior member, who died in lSDV, and
George Gantt, whose untimely death
the bar of Memphis now mourns
The survivors retain the old firm
name in deference to the memory of
their former associates Commer
cial Appeal.
Hardeman County's Census.
The following is the official count
f the Twelfth Census taken June
I, lt00:
No. 1, including Grand Junc
tion town 2. 090
Grand Juuction town... 393
2 1.3S3
1, including Whiteville
town 2.010
Whitevdle town 408
- 1,010
0, including Bolivar
town... 2,995
Bolivar town 1,035
. 7 418
. o
No.- 1 1, including
Middleton town. .
No. 1'
O 1 mm mm
No. 14
No. 15, including Toone town.l, 397
Toone town.. .
1 0
, 611
, 643
No. 17
4 uu 1
644 !
- i
1 o "uu
Total 22,970jday, he learned. Now, the facU.
Reply to Mr. Miller.
Inasmuch as Mr. C. A. Miller
bas published bis version ot me
question of abolishing the present;
charter of Bolivar and reineorporat-j
ing unuer tne act or le'ja, we leei
that it is due to those who favor the
repeal to publish the following state
ment of facts:
More than 100 of the white male
citizens and about the same number
'of ladies in the town of Bolivar je
titioned our representatives asking
them to abolish the present charter
and reincorporate the town. This
petition was filed with our legal rep
resentatives, Hons. J. A. Foster, J.
C. Houston and G P. Smith. They
refused to take any action in the
matter unless an election was held,
giving both t-ides an opportunity to
express themselves on the question.
On January 29th, we received the
following letter, addressed to C. A.
Miller and ourselves:
Nashviix', Tbnv., Jan. 28, 1901.
Messrs. R. X. Mitchell. C. A. Jlill-r and T. D.
Newborn We l-lieve yon ore our friends nnd we
ask you to hold an electv n in th town ot B divar,
say react Saturday or Monday, giving the legal
voters i.f said town a chance to vote on the ques
tion of abolishing atid nt-hurterinit the corporation
of Bolivar. We leav if to you to formulate the
rules under which the election shall he held, also
who shall vote in said election. You either hold
it yourself or appoint the j irlges and clirfcs. Xow
we do this because we are culled on to ab-dish the
charter and reincorporate, and as we know that
thii will be the only way to Fettle this matter so it
will be final, we ask you to io this. Now we want
it understood that if the vore shows that a majority
fav.,r al-olisliiog, we will at once pass the bills,
otherwise we will take no action in thematter.
J. A. Fostkk.
J. C. IIousto
G. P. Smith.
After carefully considering this
letter, C A. Miller and. ourselves
decided to hold the election on Sat
unlay, the 2nd of February. The
only question then to determine was
the rules under which the electioi
should be held, and who should be
allowed to vote. A majority
thought that as our representatives
were uomiuated and elected by the
white voters, they would prefer
being instructed by the voters that
elected them; therefore we decided
to allow all legal white voters to
participate. Tickets were printed
and distributed over town both for
and against abolishing and rechart
ering. The election was held am
each side was given a fair chance to
vote. Seventy-four voted to abol
tsii anl recharter and three voted
against abolishing and rechartering
The result of this election was seal
ed and forwarded to our local rep
resentatives, and we believe they
will act on the instruction of the
Mr. Miller gives his reasous for
opposing the repeal of the present
charter: First, because we owe a
debt of $10,000, and we need the
revenue derived from taxing saloons;
that said debt was incurred to build
and equip a school house. Any one
who will examine the list who voted
to aoousti tne charter ami reincor
porate without saloons (published
in the Bullktin of last weelO will
readily see that a very large major
Uy ot those who will have to meet
this deficit and pay the increase of
taxes, prefer to do so rather than
have saloons. Secondly, he says pro
hibilion does not prohibit, and that
in towns of Bolivar's size we are
oidv trading saloons for "blind ti
gers" and that the great democratic
party has repeatedly denounced such
legislation as subversive of gooil
government, etc. Mr Miller has a
right to believe this, and also to be
lieve that "Wind tigers" will fl'Uir
ish in the town of Bolivar; but a
majority of the white citizens be
lieve that the person who under
takes to sell imoxicatiu liquors in
or near the new corporation ot Bol
ivar, will land in the county jail
and remain there until he is willing
to give up illegal whiskey selling
forever. Like Mr. Miller, we have
belonged o the democratic party
all our lives, and ever expect to be
long to it; hut we have never seen
in any platform, either state or na
tioual, a word or line denouncing
local option as subversive of good
government. The four mile law
was passed by a democratic legisla
ture and upheld as constitutional by
a democratic Supreme Court. The
act of 1899, extending the four mile
law to all towns of less than 2000
inhabitants, hereafter incorporated,
was passed by a democratic legisla
ture, sigued by a democratic gov
ernor and sustained by a democrat
ic Supreme Court therefore we
conclude that these are democratic
laws. Also the four mile law is
endorsed all over this county bv
good republicans, and by every
church in the land.
Mr. Miller in his article claims
...... .. ...
tnai. Llie ru ins? was nntair in rofrerl
iu me wumni" 01 iicsets ana avs
P . , ,
. 1 . . 1 . , , . .
HiaL It was cnailtrptl rtAOlt nn clcnlmn 1
are, we told Mr. Miller that we did
not care anything about the word
ing on ballots, and notified him that
,i . i -li-.. t u i i.r i.i:u
in-and rechartcrillgW and Against
. - . .
, , , .....
f ni-t liormnm wo nslmd Air. Allllpr it
ne wouiu comprom.se uy idling t.
t t i
colored properly owners in the cor-
poration vote. He answered 'no,"j
positively. Neither did we know
that Mr. Miller would not vote un
til the election was closed.
He also claims that we did notjCburch Sunday.
get a majority of all the legal white
voters in the town of Bolivar. We
think in this Mr. Miller is mistaken,
and we believe by a close count of
all legal white voters, including
non-residents, who are entitled to
vote on account of owning property
here, seventy would cover all who
did not vote and were entitled to
vote in the election of February
2nd. Out of this number we claim
some would not have voted at all,
and some would have voted on our
side. If Mr. Miller believes what
he says, why did he advise his folks
not to vote? Why did he not show
his f-trength. if he had any?
With a majority of our citizens,
we prefer a new corporation, good
schools, sober men and boys ant
happy homes in other words we
would prefer to be rid of saloons
and the temptation to drink, ant
have less murder, poverty, crime
and bankruptcy, and the many evil
that follow the use of strong drink
K. N. Mitchell.
T. D Nktvbern".
Bolivar, Tenn , Feb. 20, 1901.
Judge McFarland
On Whiskey.
The question of repeal of chaYter
and of re-chartering, now before the
people of Milan, is profoundly im
poitant and appeals to the judg
ment, uot to the passion or impulse
Is it right or is it wrong to let
the saloons go, which is best for
the people? No abuse should be
heaped on the dram-seller. The
law as it now is gives him the right
to sell. I hat is not the issue at all
Keep the real question is the open
saloon beneficial or injurious.
The traffic yields xome revenue to
the state, county and municipality.
but it undeniably loses much to al
these in actual cash, in the prosecu
tion of criminals, made so by drink,
and in the maintenance of the poor.
impoverished by drunkenness, ant
in caring for the imprisoned for
wrong acts done under the influ
ence of alcohol and beer, and iu re
ducing rueu of means to poverty.
and in converting money makers iu
to money squanderers and destitutt
citizens. No candid, thoughtful
man can deny that the traffic costs
the people more than they can get
out of it in dollars and cents. That
much is clear, and hence the tax ar
gumeut as made in its uehalt is
worthless. When we take into ac
count the blood, the crime, the tears,
the anguish, the misery, the pover
ty and the degradation that always
flows out of the traffic everywhere
we stand aghast at the idea of giv
in" all this in exchange for the pal
try taxes collected from it.
When we think about it we know
that strong drink does no good at
all no real gootl. It adds nothing
10 the wealth of a community, nor
to its dignity, nor to its character.
nor to its reputation, nor to its mor
als, nor to its happiness. Why then
keep it or help keep it at or. near
our homes?
And we know equally as well that
the traffic in strong drink is a fear
ful tremendous eil, that it imperils
i he health or the body, distorts and
enfeebles the mind and dwarfs the
immortal son! in time and damns it
in eternity; that it .brings untold
misery and anguish into the hearts
of rt ives sisters, hrotheis ami fath
e.s iti their homes. and lends
oft times to strifes and contentions
and misdemeanors and crimes; that
it is the devil's most potent agency
to thwart the purpose of Heaven to
make, "Peace on earth aud good
will to men" all prevailing. All
this is patent to every man who will
take a look around his own neish
horhood. Why then perpetuale
the traffic a moment longer than
necessary? The very men engaged
in it now will thank vou for stoo
ping it after a while and good peo
ple that prosper all around you will
flock iu to trade because the drink
larger is gone. Judge McFarland
in Milan Exchange.
I desire to express my very high
est appreciation for the many kind
expressions of approval of, and for
the noble, faithful, assistance given
to the petition circulated bv me re
cently in Bolivar. Had it not been
for the help of the Lord aud the
strong advocates of the measure, it
would have failed. I have no ill-
feelings toward any for not signing
it, but gratitude for those who did.
I began on my knees, and after six-
teen days tight, not forgetting
" ,,auc x l""S. f,'
T ... T ,
an ine uraise 01 wuaiever victory
1. . , u"
oaa oeen won 10 my iuasier, wuo
" " J ,
iron to mtr Maslpr
iias worgeu inrougn jou.
J. F. Rat.
1 .i 1
co it misp oxn i:nce.
The little daughter of John Bar-
ker has recovered from a spell of
Mr. and Mrs. Moody visited rela
. J
livPH in Hinlrnrv Vallv last wppIc
- - ,
r nrp . . Rao - . n ,r
Cottougim is able to be up.
c. E Robinson and family have
moved to Cloverport.
on account or ratn.
out tew at-
tended services at the
Indications are that farmers
soon be in the fields, whistling like
birds and working like bees.
Mr. R. W. Smith is to
cicut a
handsome country store iu the near
future. Good thing for district
No. 9 aud especially around his
home. We feel sure that Mr. Smith
will succeed as he has had some ex
perience in the mercantile business.
School closed last Friday, having
been in progress about six 'weeks
under the efficient management of
Miss Maltie White, who likes to
teach here so much that she'll return
next summer.
Miss Sallie Kearney, the popular
teacher at Alexander's, will close
her school Friday, Feb. 22.
Our newly elected Tax Assessor,
Mr. Buuyau Galloway, has accepted
a position as salesman with W. W.
R. Elliott, Jr., & Co., Saulsbury.
Miss Nancy Ray will close her
school at Turkey Springs Friday,
Feb. 22. There will be a musical
entertainment at the school house
on the night followiug. Come!
Rev. W. C. Sale has recently
returned home to visit friends
ami relatives. He has presented the
Rocky Springs Church with a doz
en copies of "Gospel Voices."
Mr. Lawson Elliott, of Saulsbury,
was seen in our community lately
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sparkman,
of Jackson, were down on a visit a
few days since.
There will be preaching at Vaugh
au's on the 2nd Sunday in March.
Misses Fannie ami Elizabeth
Sparkman and Master Phelan Gallo
way contested and won the prizes
that were awarded in the different
spelling classes for largest number
headmarks at Vaughan's this winter.
Dan Elliott's Promotion.
Dan. F. Elliott, one of the most
valuable officers of the Federal gov
ernment in this city, has been pro
moted and is now deputy clerk in
the offije of the clerk of the United
District and Circuit Court. On ap
plication of Cleik John B. Clough
of this court Judge Hammond ap
proved the appointment. Mr. El
liott gave the necessary bond and
straightway took the required oath
of office. This appointment will
not affect the present arrangement
of the office. Under a recent pro
vision the office here is allowed two
deputies, and the appointment of
Mr. Elliott does not in the least af
fect the standing of the other mem
bers of the clerk's force. H. B.
Weisiger, who has had charge of
the office practically during the ill
ness of Clerk Clough, will still as
wist Mr. Clough in the business of
the office.
The appointment of Mr. Elliott
is regarded as a wise aud judicious
selection. He has for a long time
been identified with the marshal's
office. His appointment was made
by his nude, the late Marshal J. A.
Manson. He has served the inter
est of the office well and faithfully;
has shown himself to be a man of
fearlessness and has devoted all of
his energies to the interests placed
in his custody. Mr. Clough is to
be congratulated in securing the ser
vices ot such a valuable assistant
The new deputy enters at once
his new duties. f
It is said that Robert Fanning
will succeed to the vacancy in the
marshal s ofiice created by Mr. El-
,. , , , . .
Ilott 8 change. Commercial Appeal.
. . . .
. '
Xiaa to Conquer Or Die. j
"t .l....b.., gone." wnu. '
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N on-Resident Notice.
In Chancery Court at Bolivar. S.
E. West vs. Knox West. No.
1035 R. D.
In this cause it appearing from
the petition, which is sworn to, that
the defendant, Knox West, is a nou
resitleut of the State of Tennessee
and is a resident of the State of
Mississippi, so that the ordinary
process of law can not be served on
,.i.i;,.-.t;.r. i. ..i f.,
ii i in r u ritro ft ri i oroii i n 'i r
HecutVe weeks in Tub Bolivar Bdl-
LETiN, a newspaper published in the
town of bolivar, Tennessee, requir
ing said defendant, Knox West, to
it appear before the undersigned
; -lerfc at m ln ,l5ol!v.ar' en
nessee, on or before the third Mon
(lay in March, 1901, and plead, an
,., ,t . . 1 II
unci u i mcijiui iu i Lie aiit?gaiiuu3 set
forth in the petition. Otherwise the
same will be taken for confessed as
to him and this cause set for hear
ing ex parte.
Witness ray hand at office in Bol
ivar, this February 8th, 1901.
J. A. WILSON, JR., C. & M.
Non-Resident Notice.
In the County Court of Hardeman
County, Tennessee. W. F. Rey
nolds vs. heirs of Jeremiah Rey
nolds, dee'd, petition to sell land
for division. No. 1482 R. D.
In this cause it appearing from
the petition, which is sworu to,
that the defendants, W. J. Taylor
and James Clark and wife, Emehne
Clark are non-residents of the State
of Tennessee and are residents of
the State of Missouri, so that the
ordinary process of law cannot be
served upon them It is therefore
ordered that publication be made in
The Bolivar Bulletin, a newspa
per published in the town of Boll
var, County of Hardemau and State
of Tennessee, for four consecutive
weeks, requiring the above defend
ants to enter their appearance iu the
above stated cause pending in the
County Court of Hardeman County,
Tennessee, within the first three
days of the March term thereof,
1901, and plead, answer or demur
to the same or the allegations of
the petition will be taken for con
fessed as to them and set for hear
ing exparle.
C. & M.
Wood & McNeal, Solicitors.
This February 6th, 1901.
A Fireman's Close Call.
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint ached and every nerve
was racked with pain," writes C.W.
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E. Durrctt, Jno. W. Nuckolls,
V. C. Doriou, Jno. P. Douglas.
Deposits Solicited.
Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms.
Produce Buyers,
Dressed Poultry, Game, Furs,
Eggs and Butter.
Wilis for Our xTEsent Vmu Prices.
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c
Anyone en1lrfj a sketch and description may
qnlclily ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is proiiaMy patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest airency for securing patents.
Putenta taken through ilunn Sc Co. receive
tptcial notice, without change, tn the
Scientific Jlmericari.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. 1 jtrveat cir
culation of anv solentide Journal. Terms, $3 a
year : four months, fL. Bold by all newsdealers.
HUBS 4 Co.88,Bn- New York
Branch Office. 625 F St Washiuifton. L. C.
J. N. MULFORD, Jeweler
1 smm
l. 6- .. .X

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