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Regard Peruna as Their Shield Against Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds, Grip and Catarrhal Diseases.
Mrs. Belva Lockwood, the eminent barrister, of Washington, D. C, is the only
woman who has ever been a candidate for tho President of the United States. She
is the best known woman in America. As t.!ii ninripr nf Iim- spv in tho lr.ii nriv.
fession she has gathered fame and fortune. In a fetter to The Peruna Medicine Com
pany, ene says:
I have used your Peruna both for myself and my mother, Mrs.
Hannah J. Bennett, now In her 88th year, and I find it an invaluable
remedy for cold, catarrh, hay fever and kindred diseases; also a good
tonic for feeble and old people, or those run down, and with nerves un
strung." Bel va A. Lockwood.
tarrh, madam.' They will generally
reply, 'Oh, no, I never had catarrh. My
nose is perfectly clear ana my breatn is.
not bad. I am not
Mrs. T. Pelton.
Mrs. T. Pelton, 502 St. Anthony avenue,
Bt. Paul, Minn., writes:
"Peruna has done wonders for me. It
has cured my headache and palpitation of
the heart: has built up my whole system.
I cheerfully recommend Peruna to all suf
ferers afilicted with catarrh. My mother is
never without Peruna. When one is tired
and generally out of sorts, if Peruna is taken
it immediately removes that tired feeling."
Peruna cures catarrh by removing the
cause, inflamed mucous membranes.
Dr. Ilartman, the compounder of Pe
runa, once said, in a lecture to women:
"A great number of women consult me
very year. I often have occasion to say
to these patients, 'I fear you have ca-
troubled with
coughing or spit
ting or any oth
er d i s a greeable
symptoms of ca
tarrh.' But, my
dear madam, you
may have catarrh
all the same. Ca
tarrh is not al
ways located in
the head. You
may have catarrh
of the lungs, or
stomach, or liver;
or kidneys, and
especially you
may have catarrh
of "the pelvic or
gans." The d octor
went on to say:
"L have been
preaching this
doctrine for the last forty years, but there
are vast multitudes of women who have
never heard it yet. Catarrh may attack any
organ of the body. Women are especially
liable to catarrh of the pelvic organs. There
are one hundred cases of catarrh of the pel
vic organs to one o: catarrh or tne neau.
Most people think, because they have not
catarrh of the head, they have not catarrh
at all. This is a great mistake and is the
cause 01 many cases or sickness and death.
If vou do not derive nromnt and satisfac
tory results from the use of Peruna, write
at once to Dr. Ilartman giving a full state
ment of your case and he will be pleased to
give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartman, President of The
Ilartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O
Mrs. Julia C. Brown,
of Pecatonica, Ills.,
says: "I have used
Peruna In my home
for the past four
years and am thor
oushly convinced
that it is a reliable
family remedy."
Julia C. Brown.
. - . . CO,3ES
This remedy will keep the Kidneys in a healthy condition, purify the Blood and
give proper action to the Liver. Stands pre-eminently superior tor the cure of diseases
Eecnliar to women. If you are troubled with kidney and bladder troubles, such as
ropsy, Bright's Disease, Catarrh, Gravel of the Bladder, Albumen in Urine
and unhealthy deposits or too frequent discharge of the urine, pain in the back and
bladder, dropsical swelling of the feet and legs, etc., we claim that by using SMITH'S
SURE KIDNEY CURE a complete cure will be effected.
From those who have used Smith's Sure Kidney Care :
T nave Tisrd three bottles of Tonr SUKE KID
S ET CUUE, and it lias niadu a permanent cure.
Mrs. Wm. Pubtkar, Junesborc, Ark.
Inclosed And postnfflce money order for Smith's
?FK RIDXF.T CUKE. 1 liaro taken one
ottle, and It is the only medicine that has done me
any good. There are eeveral soldiers here affected
the same as 1, and we cannot obtain the medicine
acre. John H. Kii.lt. Oottasre I,
Btate Boldiers' and Sailors' Home, Dayton, O.
I had female trouble for over a year, and was con
fined to the bed for six months. 1 was treated by Kix
very rominrnt physicians wiihout any marked bene
fit. My last doctor was a skilled specialist, and lie
lold me the onlv hope lav in an operation. I heard of
.SMITH '54 Kl'KK K.II EY CUKE, and after
u?inft it for one month i find myself cured, and even
the doctor who last treated me now pronounces me
Mrs. J. R. Faveb, Atlanta, Oa.
For Sale by Dracslsts; Price SO Cents. Prepared only by
$3 a $3.50 SHOES S
The real worth of W. L. Donglag 3.00 and 83.50
hoes compared with other makes is 84.00 to S5.0O.
Our S4.00 Gilt Edfiro Una cannot be equalled at any
price. "We make and Bell more S3.0O and 83.50 shoes
than any other two manufacturers in the United States.
THE ISEASON more W. I Don?las 3 and $3.50 shoes are sold
than any ether make is because THEY AKTH BIST. Tour
dealer should keep them i we give one dealer exclusive ssle in each town.
Tsk noMlMtifDtrl Inaiif im having W. L. Dourlas shoes wita
name and price stamped on bottom. If your dealer will not get them for
you. send direct to factory, enclosing price and 25c extra for carriage,
btate kind of leather, size, and width, plain or cap toe. Our shoes wilt
Teach you anywhere, h rue for catalogue tnoming new spring ttyln.
We use) Past Color IV. L. Uourlas Whoe Co.,
Eyelets in U1 our shoes. lSroci&ton, Jklaaa.
Cheap Hate to California.
February 12th and each Tuesday there
after, until and including April 30th, Special
Low Kate Colonist Tickets will be sold via
the Southern Pacific's Company's "Ogden"
and "Sunset" lioutes to all points in t'aJii'or
nia. The rate will be: .From Chicago
$30.00, from St. Louis, Memphis and New
Orleans $27.50, from Omaha, Kansas City,
etc., $25.00. Corresponding low rates from
all other points east and north.
For particulars and detailed information
pertaining to the Southern Pacific Com
pany's lioutes, and these special rates to Cal
ifornia, call upon or address
W. f. Neimyer, G. W. A., S. P. Co., 233
Clark St., Chicago, 111.
V. II. Connor, C. A., S. P. Co., Chamber
of Commerce BIdg., Cincinnati, Ohio.
G. G. Herring, C. A., S. P. Co., 711 Park
Bldg.. Pittsburg, Pa.
L. E. Townsley, C. A., S. P. Co., 421 Olive
St., St. Louis, ilo.
C. C. Cary, C. A., S. P. Co., 203 Sheidley
BIdg., Kansas City, Mo.
, Rather!
"By the way," asked the stranger, "are
women prmitted to practice at tha bar in
this country?"
"Permitted!" snorted the other man, who
happened to be a retired saloon keeper from
Kansas. "You can't keep 'em from doing it
when they take a notion, begosh! "-Chicago
Dyeing Is as simple as washing1 when yon
use Putnam Fadeless Dtes. Bold by all
The burglar makes hay while the sun
doesn't shine. Chicago l)aily News.
The Brit Prescription for Chills
and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in
A Familiar Round.
Mrs. Johnson Has Mr. Johnson comi
home for dinner yet?
Jane- Xo. mum.
"I thought T heard him downstairs."
"'That was Leo growling over a bone,
mum." Tit-Bits.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Rewarc
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be curec
by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe hin
perfectly honorable in all business transac
tions and financially able to carry out anj
obligations made by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesalt
Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucoui
surfaces of the system. Price 75c. per bofc
tie. Sold by all Druggists. Testimoniali
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Harmless Spark.
Speaking of the wit of the late Senatoi
Davis, Senator Hoar uttered an epigran
which deserves to be remembered. "X
park from him." paid Senator Hoar, "wai
ever a cinder in the eye of his friend."
Washington Post.
Have you ever experienced the joyful sen
sation of a good appetite? Yon willifyoi
chew Adams' Pepsin Tutti Frutti.
A St. Louis girl has outclassed all th
Maes. She spells her name Maiae. St
Louis Globe-Democrat.
Carter's Ink
has tne largest sale of any ink in the world.
bec8,s it ij tlit best ink tjiat cm be made,
The Bill Appropriating Five Millions
Passed by the House of
The Bill Wan raised, Cnder Suspen
sion of she Rules, ly a. Vote o
JSU to 41, Soiim' of the Opposition
C'uniinu I'rum the Older States o
the South.
Washing-ton, Feb.- IS. This was sus
nensioii day in thf. nvv" The local
committee front St. Louis who are
here pushing the St. Louis exposition
bill were in the g-allery in anticipation
of action upon the bill in the course
of the day. A delegation from the
XV. C. T. IT., who are interested in
having- the bill amended so as to pro-
vide for the closing of the exposition
on Sunday and to prohibit the sale
of liquor on the grounds, also were
in the galleiy to watch the tight
Immediately after the reading of the
journal Mr. Tawney (Minn.) chair
man of the special committee on the
Louisiana Purchase exposition, moved
the passage under sispension of the
rules of the bill appropriating' $o,000,
00O for the exposition.
A second was demanded and or
dered. This action allowed 20 min
utes bedate upon a side. F.cfore the
debate began, Mr. Lattimer (S. C.)
rsked unanimous consent to offer the
Charleston, S. C, exposition bill as an
amendment, but Mr. Hopkins (111.) ob
Mr. Tawney dilated upon the great
end overshadowing importance of the
event which this proposed exposition
was to celebrate, c tiling attention to
the fact that of all expositions held
in this country congress had author
Jz.-d Tkii two the Centennial celebra
tion at Philadelphia and the exposi
tion at Chicago to commemorate the
f ur hundred: n anniversary of the
discoverv of America. Consrress, he
t-aid, had only provided for its own
exhibit at other expositions. The
magnitude of the event to 'oe cel.
bra ted at St. Louis made it. proper
that congress should authorize it.
Mr. Maddox, ii.) opposed the bfll
lie said he did not imagine his oppo
sition would avail.
"It ought not to" .?ried Mr. Tawney
"in view of the contract we made at
the last session."
"1 want to talk about other con
tracts just as binding," replied Mr.
Maddox, who proceeded to recall
'that manner in which Mr. Cannon,
chairman of the appropriations com
mittee, was fighting honest claims.
Moreover, he said, there were to be no
public buildings authorized by this
congress on account of the gr .wth of
expenditures. The 55,0')O,')0O which
congress would give to a private en
terprise by this bill, he said, would
build fifty necessnrjr public build
!- 1
iie was anxious, ne said, to see
when the "watchdog of the treasury,"
Mr. Cannon, stood upon this bill.
Mr. Sims (Tenn.), who followed Mr,
Maddox, taunted Mr. Cannon with
fighting honest claims of a few hun
urea dollars, ana tnen remaining
quiescent when such a bill as the
pending one was before the house.
He declared that Mr. Cannon, if he
would exert his influence, could de
feat this measure. Mr. Sims declared
that no exposition bill was justifiable
He appealed to his democratic col
leagues not to vote for the pending
Mr. Cannon said he had consistently
and persistently opposed such legisla
tion. He agreed that exposition mat
ters had run wild. But this bill was
now. upon a footing where it could
not be disregarded. He had opposed
the paragraph in the sundry civil bill
at the last session. It has been placed
upon the bill by Senator Cockrell, a
democrat, in the senate. He had op
posed it with a voice and vote, but it
had become a law. St. Louis had com
plied with its part of the contract,
and the government was obligated to
comply -also. He should, therefore,
vote for the lending bill.
The rules were suspended and the
bill passed by a vote of 194 to 41. The
result was received with applause.
The Nuniher of Deaths Officially K-
porterf Is 127, and Others are
Kxpected to Die.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 18. In the of
ficial report of the fire which broke
out, February 5 in the magazine of
the Caspian & Black Sea Co., at Baku,
and which spread to other depots, it is
admitted that 127 fatalities resulted
from the conflagration and that, in
addition, u number of persons are ex
pected to die from the results of
their burns.
The search for bodies is still being
carried on.
Attempted Assassination.
Logansport, Ind.. Feb. 18. A bold
attempt wa3 made. Sunday night, bv
an unknown man to assassinate Carl
T. Becker, a prominent young citizen.
as he was seated in Lis home. A shol
from a SS-caliber revolver waa fired at
Becker, the bullet narrowly missing
his dead.
A Slx-Vear-OId Hero.
Kent tick, W. Va., Feb. 18. Robbie
Bay, six years old, was burned to
death, Sunday, while trying to save
his baby sister from their burning
home. He had already taken two oth
er little sisters to places of safety and
returned for th third.
Independent Sagar Refinery.
Philadelphia, PaM Feb. 16. Adolph
Segal will build upon the Delaware
river front in this city one of the
largest "sugar refineries in the United
States, to be operated independently
of the American Sugar Eefining- com
pany. Several millions of dollars will,
it is said, be expended upon the plant.
More Money for Garden Seeds.
Washington, Feb. 16. An amend
ment to the agricultural bill increas
ing- the appropriation for seeds and
seed distribution from $170,000 to
$370,000 was agreed to by h? tecate.
World to Sad Tbia Tear.
This is the recent decision of one of ths
prominent societies of the -world, but the
exact day has not yet been fixed upon, and
while there are very few people who believe
this prediction, there are thousands of oth
ers who not only believe, but know that
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is the best med
icine to enre dyspepsia, indigestion, con
stipation, biliousness or liver and kidney
troubles. A fair trial will certainly convince
you of its valne.
In spite of the fact that she is not an
American heiress, Queen Wilhelmina has
succeeded in marrying a duke. Detroit Free
A dull, throbbing pain, accompanied
by a sense of tenderness and heat low
down in the side, with an occasional
shooting pain, indicates inflammation.
On examination it will be found that
the region of pain shows some swell
ing. This is the first stage of ovaritis,
inflammation of the ovary. If the roof
of your house leaks, my sister, you have
it fixed at once ; why not pay the same
respect to your own body ?
You need not, you ought not to let
yourself go, when one of your own sex
holds out the helping hand to you, and
will advise you without money, and
without price. Write to Mrs. Pinkham,
Lynn, Mass. , and tell her all your symp
toms. Her experience in treating fe
male ills is greater than any other
living person. Following is a letter
from a woman who is thankful for
avoiding a terrible operation.
' "I was suffering to such .an extent
from ovarian trouble that my physi
cian thought an operation would bo
"Lvdla kj. Pinkham s Vegetable Com
pound having been recommended to
me, I decided to try it. After using
several bottles I found that I was
cured. My entire system was toned
up, and I suffered no more with my
ovaries." Mks. Auka Aston, Troy, Mo.
Price, 25o.
Ma,t smoked in s few hours with
Msdo from hk-kory wood. Gives line flavor.
Olesnetit, cheapest : f ree from insect. Send for
clrcaisr. ikjuistu at umlv juiws, rs.
Career and Character of Abraham
An address bv Josenh Choate. Ambas
sador to Great Britain, on the career and
character of Abraham Lincoln his early
life his early struggles with the world
his character as developed in the later years
of hi3 lite and his administration, which
placed his name so high on the world's roll
of honor and fame, has been published by
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway
and may be had by sending six (6) cents in
postage to F. A. Miller, General Passenger
Agent, Chicago, 111.
Monev in Politics. "What w mA tn
do," cried I, hotly, "is to take money out
of politics!" "I took out all I saw, sir!"
protested the legislator, with convincing
tttuuur. ueiroit journal.
Care of the Baby.
To keen the skin clean is to keen it healthy.
Everv mother should therefore see that her
baby is given a daily bath in warm water
with Ivory boap. 1 he nursery snouia also
be well aired and cleaned and all clothing
washed with Ivory Soap, well rinsed and
dried in the sun. Eliza Ii. Parker.
A new clerk in Atpliisnn. avirb'nir tn trio
Globe, is attracting a great deal of favor
able comment. Investigation reveals tho
fact that his popularity is due to his habit
of laughing at the jokes of customers.
To Core a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Ouinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it f ails tocure. 25c.
Late Realization.T-"T now rli " rsM
the pig, as they loaded him in the wagon
Dound lor the butcher s. 1 now realize that
over-eating tends to shorten life." In
dianapolis Press.
A T"lnc in Timo Kavps TCino of TTale'l
Honey of Ilorehound and Tar for Coughs.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
Some people's idea of knowledge is the
art of finding out things which they have no
business to know. Chicago Daily News.
t j v.oi;Tro T;! rhirp for Consumn-
J. VI V UV, . v. a A-jv "
tion has an equal for coughs and colds.
Joiin F. Boyer, Trinity Springs, lnd., Feb.
1J, ItfUV.
'I hear Miss Flirty threw Chollie over
last night." "So? She told me she would
be disengaged this evening. I own Xopics.
Sawinsr wood is the better exercise. bu
golf is more popular. Atchison Globe.
T7nrrhi T-Tot-irie TfhJrinr KfffnJrinr I ri
Palms, and Painful Finger Ends
One Night Treatment
-Soak the hands on retiring in a strong, hot.
creamy lather of CUTICURA SOAP. Dry,
and anoint freely with CUTICURA, the great
skin cure and purest of emollients. Wear, during
the night, old, loose kid gloves, with the finger
ends cut off and air holes cut in the palms. For
red, rough, chapped hands, dry, fissured, itching,
feverish palms, with shapeless nails and painful
finger ends, this treatment is simply wonderful,
and points to a speedy cure of the most distress
ing cases when physicians and all else fail.
I WAS troubled with hands so sore that when I put them In water the pala
would near set me crazy, the skin would peel off, and the flesh would ect hard
and break then the blood would flow from at least fifty places on each hand
'Words never can tell the suffering I endured for three years.
I tried at least eight doctors, but my hands were worse than when I commenced
doctoring. I tried every old Granny remedy that was ever thought of without one
cent's worth of good and could not even get relief.
I would feel so badly mornings when Igot tip, to think that I had to go to work
and stand pain for eight or nine hours, that I often felt like giving up my job
which was in the bottling works of Mr. E. L. Kerns, the leading bottler of Trenton
N. J., who will vouch for the truth of my sufferings.
Before I could start to work, I would have to wrap each finger on both hands,
and .then wear gloves, which I hated to do, for when I came to take them off, it
would take two hours and the flesh would break and bleed. Some of my friends
who had seen my hands would say, "If they had such hands they would have
them amputated'; others would say "they would never work," and more would
turn away in disgust. But thanks to Cuticura, the greatest of skin cures, it
en Jed all my sufferings.
Just to think, after doctoring three years, and spending dollar after dollar during
that time, Cuticura cured me. It has now been two years since I used it and I
do not know what sore hands are. I never lost a day's work while I was using
it or since, and I have been working1 at the same business, and in adds, etc
THOS. A. CLANCY, 310 Montgomery St., Trenton, N. J.
Complete External and Internal Treatment for Every Hamor.
Consisting of Cuticura Soap (25c), to cleanse the skin of crusts and
scales, and softan the thickened cuticle, Cuticura Ointment (50c),
to Initantly sllay itchtntr. Inflammation, and irrltati in, and soothe and
heal, and CrrrrccrBA Resolvkwt (60c), to cool and cleaDso the blood.
A Sisgls Bet. is often sufficient to enre the most torturing, disflff-
nrine, nnd humiliating skin, scalp, and blood humors, with loss of hair, when ail else fails. Sold
throughout the world. Potteb Dbc and Cbkx. Cobp Bole Props., Boston, U. 8. A.
Millions of Women Use Cuticura Soap
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment for preserving', pnrlfylng, and beautifying the skin, lor
cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stopping of falling hair, for
softening, whitening, and soothing red, routrh, and sore hands. In tho form of baths for
annoying irritations, inflammations, and chaflngs, or too free or offensive perspiration In
the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative antiseptic pur.
poses which readily suggest themselves to women, and especially mothers, and for all
the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. No amount of persuasion can induce those
who have once used it to use anv other, especially for preserving and purifying the efcin,
scalp, and hair of Infants and children. Cuticurj. Soap combines delicate emollient prop
erties d 3rlved from Cuticuua, the great ski n cure, with the pnrest of cleansi ag ingredfer ts,
and the most refreshing of flower odors. No other medicated soap ever compounde d is to
be compared with it for preserving, pnrlfylng, and beautifying the skin, scalp, hair, and
bands. "No other foreign or domestic toilet soap, however expensive, is to be compared
with it for all the purposes of the toilet, bath and nursery. Thus It combines In One 8oa
at One Price, viz., twestt-five Cents, the best skin and complexion soap, the bsst
toilet and best baby soap in the world.
The Set $1.25
M Fen
H I StxItmrSO
MarraisM sraas, w sf
Ma. St for KUlotL irtrm niL
tioa. mn ataia b t rjnlaa. Will BV
Tlsld it teas of rfca aayaa Ids aa4 7
leaaMiaTiaslSia. "Waaitakf f
af taastai jwlll auks yoa ikk. FtaA
aakiagi "W ast l It " Calalsf sails.
Combination Corn.
Um.Is 1 jBAAfiAS u Inst A -. , .J iIa M
at. Sm4 dlrlehaaa. WUIsaaasMarlek
to slaai. WsUiwltlBSaragawM
8pt)ltz,ltp and PeaoaU
Tara sorfast fexia. Spalls yklds M a.
e rralaaa4 A toaaot Bay aararfa) Bass
K ioa. rra too aaa Flacot ( loaa at
fttm laoa. fn acr.
Brofflos Inermfa.
UrsaUH, aotaaat grass of
las a. Diary. Kotaiag lias
sa sank ss-oav aa4 ara a.
scoaraa tb. world for It. ofaaL
IUI oaa at Bay par acta.
Vegetable See
Mala. ,
Dlastrau I
Catalof sad
jnpios, 10
boVa. alas
bo. par A),
Oata SM aa-nor A),
Kapa. Barlsr ill
, Po-prrA ,rwl,B. 1
IJJ ararta Siuxor astara.
Every cotton planter should
write for ourvaluable illustrated
pamphlet, " Cotton Culture."
It is sent free.
Send name and address to
mm ii
Dr. Williams' Indian Pll
Ointment will cure Blind,
RleediDg and Ilcbln
Piles. It absorbs ths.
tumors, allays the Itch'
Ajj rir-i tJ V4 'Oft once, ww a m
II till fe4 BYi poultice, gives Instant r
11 Pi ilaaV tOJ lief. Prepared for PI let
U Ld E 1 1 and ItcbiriROf the priT&U
oar's. AtdroggiMs or 01
mall on receipt of prlca. GO cents and Sl.OO.
WILLIAMS MFG.. CO .Proos Clkvkland. OHIO
Fertilizers 1
Irepst fprtilixns
comnanr in the world. VIHGIXTA-CA UOT.IA'A
They pay on all crops-
on Use of tertillrers
1CAL COMPAA T, ALempbla, Teas.
lief and POSITIVE
For free samp'e address
une building. New York.
baf 1 VaV W I quick relief and cures worst
e&srs. Book ot testimonials and 10 days treatment
1 rcc ur. 11. ti. ijKLLK 9 Hunt, box u, Atlanta. uk
stEaS WHISKY and other dni
fasl I J Bsf m habits cared in SO days. Sana
torium treatment. Book and jarticnlars FREE.
B. AL MOOLLE1, At. !., Uatnts,
fed uest uongli tsyrup. wastes uooo. u
Prl In time. Sold bv drogglirta.
A. N. K.-F
please state that you saw the A.dvertls
stent In this paper.
AKE no mistake !
See that my head
Is on every package of
you buy. It guarantees
its purity No coffee is
unless it is in a 1 pound
sealed packet with the
head of a lion on the
front. Then you get
pure coffee the highest
grade for the money.
m feu wlaW :
w si m rr m wi 9 m t m i m a. w 1 i w a.u w r s s s . w a. a
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Why has
of all package coffees?
a uiw vy ab udvu ua
millions of homes ?
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sail under false colors.
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pure coffee. No glazing,
no coating with egg
mixtures or chemicals
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fections. Just try a package of
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stand the reason of its
In every package of LION COFFEE you will iind a folly illustrated and descriptive
list. No housekeeper, in fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article
which will contribute to their happiness, comfort and convenience, and which they may have by
simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from the wrappers of our one pound sealed
oackazes (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).

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