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The Bolivar Bulletin.
1. C. It. J. TIM 11 TABLE.
Effective Sunday, Jan. 20, 1001,
No. South.
25 6.29 p.m.
23 .. 7.-1) a.m.
No. Noam.
'M .r a. in
21 9.0S p.m.
95local .m.m.- oiioci ...2 50 p.m.
Onion Sets at Cox's.
Little Carrol Foster is sick
with pneumonia.
Miss Catherine Lambert is vis
iting in Nashville.
Mr. It. E. Durrett was in Jack
son on business Monday.
Col. Jerome Hill, of Memphis,
was in the city Monday.
Mr. V. F. McCarley, of Jack
son, spent Sunday iu Bolivar.
Mrs. Farley, of Wbiteville, is
visiting relatives in Bolivar.
Mr. James K. Polk returned to
Nashville the firt of the week.
Dr. J. W. Taylor, of Hickory
Valley, was here Monday on busi
ness. Garden Implements cheap
at W. J. Redd & Sou'p.
Mr. J. A. Barrett is in St.
Louis this week buying his spring
Misses Ida B. Macon and Saliio
Itagan are guests of Mrs. (4. V.
Dr. J. S Neely and Mr. C. T
Hudson, of Middleton, were in the
city yesterday.
Messrs. B. W. Sadler and J.
M. Prewilt, of Wbiteville, were in
town Tuesday.
The coldest weather of the sea
son was recorueu on the '2:3m in
stant 10 above.
Clover and Grass Seeds at
W. J. Cox's.
Mr. A. W. Knott, Tax Assess
or of the 15th district, was a visitor
to Bolivar Tuesday.
Mesdames Prewitt, Blaylock
and Hose, ot Hickory Valley spent
Wednesday in Bolivar.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Maroney,
of the 14th district, paid our office
a pleasant visit Tuesday.
Mr. Austin Miller, of Mem
phis, is in the city, visiting his
brother, Mr. C. A. Miller.
Landreth's, Ferry's and
other kinds Garden Seeds
at Hudson's.
Mr. S. II. Jones and family
have returned from a week's visit
to relatives near Middleton.
Miss Jennie Mitchell returned
Tuesday evening from a visit of
several weeks to Jackson relatives.
Misses Phelps and Dunlap, of
Humboldt, and Rose, of Pulaski,
were guests of Mrs. Lee Lightfort
Miss Maude Wilkinson return
ed Tuesday evening, after a pleas
ant visit of several days to friends
in Memphis and Collierville.
Dr. Dickson will visit Middle
ton Tuesday and Wednesday, Meh.
5th and (Jib. All who need dental
work are invited to meet him.
Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets
and Garden Seeds of all kinds
at W. J. Redd & Son's.
"A Glorious Church" will be
the subject of Sunday morning's
sermon at the Baptist . Church.
Prayer meeting Saturday night.
Messrs. G. F. Irby and E. S.
Crawford went to Wbiteville last
Thursday evening to assist iu or
ganizing a Camp of the W. O. W.
Mr. William Smith, who has
been postmaster at Toone for twelve
years, has resigned. His son, Mr.
W. T. Smith, was appointed as bis
Mr. Joe li rile and family, who
have resided in Weakly County forwent in Bolivar. Ten couples werelof about fifty, armed with rifles and
the past eight years, returned last . present. A "doll dressing" contest ! boloes (a knife about thirty inches
wesK 10 me i.m uisirict oi
man Couuty.
Landreth's, Ferry's and
Craig's Garden
eeds 'it XV
J. Cox's.
Mrs. Robt. Tate was summoned
from Corinth, Miss., the first of the
week to the bedside of ber sou,
Hugh, who is quite ill with pueu
monia. Messrs. Will Scott and Wiley
Clark, of the 10th district, were in
town Monday on business. Mr.
Clark has been awarded the road
contract for bis district.
Onion sets at Hudson's.
The editor of the Uullktin re-1
turns thanks to Mr. and Mrs. II. B.
Duryea, of Hickory Valley, for an
invitation to a ''Hunt Luncheon" to
be given to day (Thursday.)
Mrs. A. M. Bonelli was sur.i-
inoned from Vicksburg last week to
attend the bedside of ber daughter,
Louise, who is quite ill
Katharine's with pneumonia.
Mr. E. S. Crawford is acting as
assistant cashier of the Bank of
Bolivar during the absence of Mr.
John L. Mitchell, who has been
quite sick, but we are glad to learn
is improving. "
Go to Cox's for I'u re
Fresh Drugs.
Mr. P. IS. Stuart, representing
the True-Tagg Paint Co., of Mem
phis, was in the city this week.
Mr. Stuart's territory is Louisiana
and Mississippi. He reports busi
ness good.
Mrs. Alice Hardaway, who for
the past two mouths has been vis
iting ber daughters, Mrs. W. 11.
Newberu, of Seelig, Ark., and Mrs.
G. P. Newbern, of Memphis, re
turned Sunday evening.
It is seldom that the birthday
of husband and wife falls upon the
same date, but such is the ease with
Mr. and Mrs. Georcre XV. Breeden.
The event was appropriately cele
brated last Wednesday.
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Win
dow Glass, Varnishes, etc.,
cheap at Hudson's.
Miss Bessie Tate left Tuesday
morning for Coriuth, Miss., where
she goes to act as brides-maid for
Mifs Jennie Wood Jones, the oldest
daughter of Mr. P. T. Jones, a for
mer resident of Bolivar.
That gallant ex-Confederate
soldier, life-long, active democrat
and good citizen, Captain William
C. Pritle, of Toone, was in Bolivar
Tuesday on business. Captain Pir
tle has many friends here who are
always glad to meet him.
A charter of incorporation was
filed yesterday under the name of
"McGlathery-Mercer Co.," al Mer
cer, Tenn. The capital stock is
810,000. The corporation is to sell
a line of general merchandise and
hadware. It is composed of
Messrs. Mercer, McGlalhery. and
Nuckolls, three of the leading bus
iness men of Mercer. Jackson
Wbig of Sunday.
Look out for W. J. Cox's
Best Ready Mixed Paint. It
will arrive next week.
Mrs. li. W. Tate entertained
Wednesday afternoon in honor of
Mrs. A. L. Sevestre, of New York.
An "Advertising Contest" was the
feature of the afternoon. Mrs. T.
M. Moore won the first prize, a
year's subscription to Munsey's Mag
azine. Mrs. W. S. Cochrane won
the consolation prize, a paper cut
ter. Refreshments were served;
the menu cards, written in French,
had to be translated by each guest
before served, and much merri
ment was derived therefrom.
Mr. J. II. Cox, of the 10th
district, called to see us Monday.
Mr. Cox says the people of bis
neighborhood are plowing and
making preparations for another
crop; that the "union prayer meet
ings" inaugurated nearly nine years
ago, are held regularly every Thurs
day evening at the residences of the
different citizens in the neighbor
hood, that the attendance increases
and that much good has resulted
therefrom. His community, be
says, is prosperous and at peace
with all the world.
Second Crop Early Tri
umph, Early Ohio and Early
Rose Seed Potatoes at W. J.
Redd & Son's.
Want of space in last week's is
sue forbade us making note of a
novel entertainment given on the
18th inst. by Mrs. J. Kahu in honor
of Mr. Aubrev Kahn's 21st winter
was tliR l.ini'IiaMp fcnfiiro nf I lm I
evening. Miss Sophie Rice, being J
,nost Pert whh the needle, "ceiv
eit nrst r,nze- air James Iv. i'olk,
i of Nashville, received the geutle-
mau s prize. Mr. ivnox J ate was
the proud winner of the booby
prize, a paper doll. Delicious re
freshments, served iu four courses,
were enjoyed to the fullest extent. '
' Bishop Hudson, aged about 48
yeare, died at the residence of l,j8 i
eieter, Mrs. Bettie Blaylock, jn j
Bolivar, Thursday of last week,
after a" lingering illness of consunip-
tion. Mr. Hudson was born about
i 8evc" miles norih of WLiteville and
, lived in ibis County all of his life,
with ibe exception of. a few years
spent iu Mississippi, lie was tw ice
married and leaves a wife and hix
children, lie was an industrious
farmer, a skilled mechanic and an
, active, enternnsinir man, until cus-
'ease fastened itself upon him. Kind
hearted and generous, he had many
Mr. A.
A. My rick died recent-
y in Mississippi. Mr. Myrick was
j well known by the older citizens of
J Bolivar, where he lived years ago.
j He was twice married, first to Miss
j Delia Crawford, a sister of our
i townsman, Mr. Tom Crawford, and
l after her death he
married a lady
from Mississippi. At different
times Mr. Myrick was engaged iu
business at Pocahontas, Middleton
and Bolivar. lie was about 80
yeaisof age, and was remarkably
active and energetic. Many friends
will regret to learn of his death.
A heautiftil line of Wall
Paper just received- for
beauty ami low prices-t can't
be beat. XV. J. (.'ox.
Could the shade of the immor
tal George Washington have hover
ed over the land on his natal day,
it would have been pleased to know,
that many of the joulh of the
country were keeping his mem
ory fresh. Iu no place was
greater patriotism displayed than in
Bolivar. The. auditorium of the
Public School Building was appro
priately decorated for the occasion.
The hatchet and a branch of the
cherry tree were conspicuous The
pupils reflected much credit upon
themselves and their teachers
Little Mable Warren deserves spec
ial mention that wee lassie recount
ed some of the noble deeds of G.
W. in a most charming manner.
All who took part in the evening's
entertainment did well.
Go to Hudson's for School
Books, School Supplies, Toi
let Articles, etc. lie sells
11 oward Rogers, a fireman on
the Illinois Central, is missing. He
was last seen in the discharge of his
duty Saturday night, between Shan
dy and Hatchie river. After cross
ing the river, just before ascending
the grade on the South side, the
engineer ealjed to Rogers to fire the
engine, but received no response.
As soon as Bolivar was reached,
the engine was detached from the
train and backed to the river in
search of the missing man, but he
could not be found. The supposi
tion is that Rogers fell into the riv
er. Monday morning his cap was
found in the river about a mile be
low the railroad bridge. Every, ef
fort has been made to recover the
body, but without success. The
young man was about 2 4 years of
age and belonged to an old and
highly respected family of Water
Valley, Miss.
Back From the Philippines.
Mr. J. T. Joyner, Jr., after an
absence of thirteen months in the
Philippines, in the service of "Un
cle Sam' returned Tuesday evening,
hale and hearty, and his many
friends were delighted to welcome
him. . lie talks interestingly of his
trip aiid the country. On August
2, 1899 be enlisted, and sailed from
San Francisco September 2nd for
Manila, arriving October olh. He
was assigned to duty in Company
G., Mountain Battery, 37th Infan
try." The company operated prin
cipally in the northern part of the
Island of Luzon and around Manila,
and was in ei"ht engagements and
one "bush-whack." It did not lose
a single man and only two were
wounded during its entire service.
On his return home, he left Manila
January 10th last, arriving at San
Francisco February Cth.
Speaking of the conditions of the
Philippines, Mr" Joyner says the
insurgents are principally confined
to the mountains and go in bands
I .. ..,..,, ....
der fire. He pays that it is inipos-
sible to tell when the end of the war
will be, and that the 50.000 U. S
troops now upon the Islands will be
compelled to remain indefinitely.
Fighting continues daily and the
condition of the country is unset
tled, i
Mr. Joyner has served nearly
three years in the army, and while
"e does not regret it, still he says
he has enough. He has seen much
of tLe world for one of his age, and
bis experiences will no nonbt prove
& Of Farmers' Institute
Saturday, March 16, J90J.
II ow to Plant and Cultivate Corn and Cow
- Jno. R. Black, S. M. G Kidney, Tom Clift.
o J. M.
Cattle and Dairy
3. Grafting and Fruit
W. R. Robinson, J. L. Ilillhouse.
I. Is it Profitable to
jj sion of
all oU'er crops
Secret aiy.
Rev. Dickens preached two excel
lent sermons here Sunday.
Mi-s Marv Lou McAnultv is vis -
i'ing friends in Memphis this week.
Mss's Dunlap and Phelps, two
of 1 1 umboldl's charming young la
ilies, were liie guest of Mrs. R. E.
Ro-e. Sunday.
Mr. M. McAuulty is all smiles
no.r, as he Iris a new horse and a
new wheel.
Mrs. Dr. Mi Kinnie and little son
Roland, are visiting friends in Mem
phis. Miss Jones, of Holly Springs, is
the guest of Mis Bessie Wood.
D. Taylor has been piite sick for
the last few days.
Those who enjoy muic, love and
poetry should secure a box on 4 0.
Mr. Dunaway is able to lie on the
streets again.
Esq. McAnulty spent Monday in
Mr. Dave Trout should ring :
again, probanJy he would meet with
better success next time.
Messrs Rose and McAnully were
in Memphis last week buying slock.
Mr. David Wood has recently
changed to a smiling sunflower.
"Success to the Bulletin."
Happy Jack.
Mr. Frank Ayers was in Bolivar
last Saturday.
Rev. A. Lambert's failure lo fill
his appointment last Sunday as pas
tor of Piney Grove Church disap
pointed several persons.
"Uncle Moses" admires the gal
lant fight which a majority of the
citizens of the town of Bolivar have
made against the saloons, believing
them to be detrimental to the wel
fare of the town.
Messrs. D. L. and J. F. Ayers
made a flying trip to Toone Mou-
da v
e chronicle with pleasure M
convalescence of Mr. L. C. Horns
by, who has been quite ill with la
grippe for some time past.
Abroad? H. B. Wright, R. A. Bovd, G. M. Dorns. 5
j 5. Public Schools and their Importance. R. 1). w
?j Whitley, Prof. II. S. Tavlor. ?
' We desire that, every fanner in Hardein in County
will feel interested in the Institute and attend this
mention and take an active part in the discussions. jj
g G. A. Black. W. A. Caultnujs, f
. ""."1 ' , ' " 7,L,,ulJ:,:ipleted. Other
. ....... I ..F 1.".. .. t ... La.. ...... I , I
in: piijin ui I'll v it , ijus oeeu icui,
sick for some time.
Mr. A. D. Hornsby made a trip
to Bolivar recently.
Best wishes for .the continued
Best Varieties
Plows and
VSf f
Full and Complete Line of Staple and
Fancy Groceries always kept in stock
fresh and the best. h j x
to be held in Bolivar.
Business. T
A. McClaitv,
Culture J
M. Morris,
Raise. Cotton to the Exclu
and buv Supplies
from !
v 1. a
resident. !'
success of ihe
many readers.
iL'LLKTi.v and its
Uxci.k Mosks.
Mrs. S. E. McAiially
1 nrilay liom a pleasant visit to
relatives near Cloverport.
Mr. John Wiggins and little son.
Siler, f Cloverport, visited
district Saturday and Sunday.
musses oiisirt ami r-aihe iiranger.
two of our most beautiful young
laoies, spent Sunday with Msi
J. H. Walton and XV. D. McAuall)
Miss Polly Wilioughby spent the
lay pleasantly with Mrs. W. A
Walton, Sunday.
Mr. ,?ei:i'? iiiMi'on was on our
streets recently.
Mr. Will Gibson visited
neighborhood the 17th inst.
Mr. Weslie Owens, of the fill
district, visited the writer recenth
No.ui .
W. L. Fish was here re
Dr. Hornsby was at the Western
Hospital on official business' lasi
Mr. G. B. Milslead has gone t
Memphis with a car load of cattle
Mr. G. B. Baker has moved neai
town for the benefit of our school
Mrs. II. M. Milslead spent Sun
day with Mrs. J. L. Allford.
Misses Opha Dorris and Mary
Fills have entered school for the
rest of the session.
Prof Frank Dorris, of Fore.
Hill, has matriculated forthe spring
term of school.
Mr. W. M. Hornsby, of Bolivar,
is here on a visit to his parents.
Mr. Barney Pierce happened to
serious accident recently while pin
ning timber. Making an awkwanl
stroke with his axe, he cut his kne.
to the left of the patella. Medical
aid was secured after some delax ,
' lint unt until a liorl w i (T. 1 n ......
f u,,..,. n- i-.-
Ilise heniOl rhacrp. I I is rrwlitinu in
j serious.
Crainesville is growing
T. A.
rl j' nou. fititra lltl! anrn 1 w. y. . .
improvements are
Our school facilities are
second to none, and xvith our in
creasing business enterprises we
can compare favorably with any
town in the couuty. Leonard.
Plow Gear.
To tin.
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a first-class Newspaper,
one that can be relied
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