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Internal Treatme
W l Wl 1 51
Consisting of CUTICURA SOAP to cleanse the
skin of crusts and scales, and soften the thick
ened cuticle, CUTICURA OINTMENT to instantly
allay itching, irritation, and inflammation, and
soothe and heal, and CUTICURA RESOLVENT
to cool and cleanse the Mood, and expel humor
germs. A SINGLE SET is often sufficient to cure
the most torturing, disfiguring skin, scalp, and
Wood humors, rashes, itchings, and irritations,
with loss of hair, when the test physicians,
and all other remedies fail.
AS a sufferer for thirty years from the worst form of Psori
asis, finally cured by Cuticura Soap and Cuticura
Ointment, I wish to tell you my experience, that others
may Benefit by it. I was so grievously afflicted that the
matter that exuded from my pores after the scales had peeled
off, would cause my underclothing to actually gum to my
body. After remaining in one position, sitting or lying
down, for an hour or two, the f!csh on my elbows and knees
would split, so thick and hard would the crusty scales become
i The humiliation I experienced, to say nothing of physical
! agony, was something frightful. The detached scales would
fairly rain from my coat sleeves. I have read none of your
testimonials that appear to represent a case so bad as mine.
But as to the cure. I commenced bathing in hot Cuti
cura Soap suds night and morning, applied the Cuticura,
Ointment, and then wrapped myself in a sheet. In two
weeks my skin was almost blood red in color, but smooth
and without scales. Patches of natural colored skin began
to appear, and in less than a month I was cured. I am now
passed forty years of age and have skin as soft and smooth
as a baby's. Hoping that others may benefit by my experi
ence, and regretting that sensitiveness forbids me from dis
closing my name, I am yours gratefully,
J. H. "NL, Boston, Mas& Sept. 30, J 900.
pillions of People Use Cuticura Soap
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment, the great ekln cure, for prcRcrvIncr, purifying, and
beautifying the ekln, for cleansing the scalp ot cruets, ecaleB, and dandruff, and the stop
ping of falling hair, for softenlnir, whitening, and healing red, rouzh, and core hands, for
baby rashes, itchings, and chafing, and for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and
nursery. Millions of Women use Cuticura Soap in the form of baths for annoying Irrita
tions, inflammations, and excoriations, or too free or offensive perspiration, in tne form of
washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sanative antiseptic purposes which readily
suggest themselves to women, and especially mothers. Cuticura Soat combines deli
cate emollient properties derived from Cctcctka, the gTent skin cure, with the purest of
cleansing ingredients, and the most refreshing of flower odors. No amount of persuasion
can Induce those who have once used these great skin purifiers and beautlrera to use any
others, especially for preserving and purifying the skin, scalp, and hair of Infanta and
children. - No other medicated soap is to be compared with it for preserving, purifying, and
beautifying the skin, scalp, hair, and hands. Ko other foreign or domestic toilet eoap,
however expensive, is to be compared with It for all the purposes of the toilet Ziath, ana
nursery. Thus it combines in 0s Soap at One Prick, the best Bfcin and complexion
sosp, and the best toilet and baby aoap in the world. Sold by all druggists.
Proposed Alliance with England.
If the United States and Eneland should
form an alliance. the combined etrensrth
would be so preat that there would be lit
tle chance lor enemies to overcome us. in a
like manner, when men and women keep
up their bodily strength with llostettert
btomach liitters. there is little chance of
attacks from disease. The old time remedy
enriches the blood, steadies the nerves, and
increases the appetite. Iry it tor ayspepsi
ana indigestion.
. The Lottery of HarrUsc
An Atchison eirl boasted a few years aro
that two men were so anxious to marry her
that she drew straws to see which she
should take. She drew the wrong straw.
Atchison Globe.
As m Collar Oalw.
He bad been trying al evening to make
good impression, lie had told all hia
humorous stories and had given one im
passioned speech trom Cyrano, but was
still unconscious. Thick-skinned, he failed
to perceive all her efforts to get rid of nun.
Finally there was a deen silence. Fid tret i nr.
he grew nervous and cast about for some
thing to say. Do you wear that sort of a
ruler .No the haughty maid
collar as a
replied ingioiy; "as
fled. Y. Times.
a collar." Then ha
"I do not feel very well, I am so
tired all the time. 1 do not know what
is the matter with me."
You hear these words every day ; as
often as you meet your friends just so
often are these words repeated. Mora
than likely you speak the same signifi
cant words yourself, and no doubt you
do feel lar from well most of the time.
Mrs. Ella Rice, of Chelsea, Wis.,
whose portrait we publish, writes that
Bhe suffered for two years with bear
ing-down pains, headache, backache,
and had all kinds of miserable feelings.
all of which was caused by falling and
inflammation of the womb, and after
doctoring with physicians and numer-'
ous medicines she was entirely cured by
Mas. Ella Rick
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
If you are troubled with pains.
fainting spells, depression of spirits,
reluctance to go anywnere,. headache.
backache, and always tired, please re
member that there is an absolute
remedy which will relieve you of your
suffering as it did Mrs. Rice. Proof
is monumental that Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable ' Compound is the
greatest medicine for suffering women.
Ko other medicine has made the cures
that it has, and no other woman has
helped so many women by direct advice
as has Mrs. Finkham ; her experience
is greater than that of any living per
son. If you are sick, write and get
tier advice ; her address is Lynn, Mass,
To produce the best results
in fruit, vegetable or grain, the
ertilizer used must contain
enough Potash. For partic
ulars see our pamphlets. We
send them free.
93 Nassau St., New York.
You may use with i
n rt n f r r a f a 4 ir t
uci i w w i saicij
That's not true of pungent
X drugs. "MITCHELL'S"
X is a standard and popular
X article. It actually does
X what it claims to do.
X Price. 25 cents.
X r rf
Watch our next advertisement.
If you went to buy a lion"
whelp you would'nt accept a
kitten as a substitute, even if
the dealer urges you.
Now, don't accept a substi
tute for
It is bound to turn out a com
mon yellow cat, with none of
the strength of the lion.
You want-LION COFFEE because it is LION COFFEE.
If, on the other hand, you want a coffee which, in order to hide imperfections, is 'highly
polished' with eggs and other preparations, then do not buy
If LION COFFEE were common, ordinary stuff, coffee drinkers would'nt insist on hav
ing it. It is used in millions of homes because it is the best coffee in the world for the
price. If you doubt this, take a single package home and try it.
In every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive
list No housekeeper, in fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article
which will contribute to their happiness, comfort and convenience, and which they may have by
simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from the wrappers of our one pound sealed
packages (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).
Cheap Ra tea to California.
February 12th and each Tuesday there-
eu i i i a i .
iter, until ana including April jum, special
Low Kate Colonist Tickets will be sold via
the Southern Pacific s Company's "Oeden'
And "Sunset" Routes to all points in Califor
nia, ine rate wu be: Irom Chicago
$30.00, from St. Louis, .Memphis and New
Orleans ?27.50, from Omaha, Kansas City,
etc., $25.00. Corresponding low rates from
ill other points east and north.
For particulars and detailed information.
pertain ine to the Southern Pacinc Com
pany's Routes, and these special rates to Cal-
uornia, can upon or address
W. G. Neimyer, O. W. A., S. P. Co., 233
Clark bt.. Chicazo. 111.
W. H. Connor, C. A., S. P. Co., Chamber
of Commerce Bids.. Cincinnati. Ohio.
li. j. Hernnir. C. A.. S. t. Co.. 711 nark
Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa.
L. E. Townsley, C. A., S. P. Co., 421 Olive
St;, St. Louis, Mo.
C. C. Carr. C. A.. S. r. Co.. 208 sneidley
Ttl 1 "I- i , - r
mag., ivansas cuy, jvlo.
The Fiances.
She What did papa say when you asked
him. IJertier
IVrtie He said: This is so sudden!
Very Little IUn Material.
Some men who Iivn by their wits hare to
sret alone on very snail capital. Chicazo
jew8. -
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, ,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is tha
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the city of Toledo.
County and State aforesaid, and that said
urm will pay the sum of One Hundred Uol-
lars for each and every case ot catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of llall's Catarrh
Cure. MtiN K. J. CHrJ-NKY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
f Seal I Notary Public.
flail's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the svstem. Send for testimonials.
iree. b J. oil KJNEY & CO., Toledo, C
old by druggists, 7oc.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Passed the Akc Limit.
Miss Oldgirle Oh, did you say I was a
croquette or a coquette?
JVlr. bourdroo A croouette.
"What a stranee mistake! Whatever
made you say 'croouette?' "
Ucrause they don t make croquettes out
of spring chickens. ISaltimore American.
'There's a lesson in that would-be west
ern enicure-who died after eating six pigs'
feet.'' "What is it?" "That four feet are
enough for any pig. Philadelphia Times.
Another Proof That It Pay.
What pays? Why, advertising in this
paper. A letter trom tn matters oi as-
carets calls attention to the fact that within
five years the sales have grown from noth
ing to six million boxes last year. This goes
to show if you have an article of real merit
like Cascarets, advertise it properly and
liberally and let all the people know about
it, it is sure to bring big results. Headers
who have never tried this lamous remedy
are urged to try it, because in this busy,
every day lite ot ours, we ail need somexning
now ana then to help nature and there is
no better medicine in the world than cas
carets to stimulate the liver and bowels gen
tly and naturally into healthy action.
The Very Latest.
fusf rxrir TTr's ft rip nf crnnds tViat
should make nice trousers, but the stripes
J V. l.i 'PI
curved, aren't they?
lailor les. they curve outward, you no-
t ir I har r nf h is riMimipn PRitpna 1 1 v tnr
bow-Jegged gents. 1 hiladelphia l'ress.
"So the poet is financially embarrassed?'
'I should say so. Why, he actually has to
eat breakfast foods for dinner. Phila
delphia Record.
Ancient and Modern Proverb.
From the Brooklyn Standard Union.
'He who knows not. and knows not that
he knows not, is a fool; avoid him. He who
knows not, and knows that he knows not,
is simple; teach him. He who knows and
knows not that he knows, is asleep; wake
lnm. But he who knows and knows that he
knows, is a wise man; follow him." From
the Arabian Proverbs.
"He who travels bv the New xork Cen
tral knows that he rides over smooth and
level tracks, in luxurious trains, at great
speed, through the most delightful country,
enJ at a cost of but two cents per mile. This
man is of sound judgment, follow his ex
ample, and you will be happy." An Ameri
can Proverb.
How It Was Done.
Freshleigh Pray, how did you become os
Ossifiprl Man Tn mv vouth I was nice and
soft like you; when 1 grew up and realized
what a cruel world this is, 1 became hard
ened. Ohio State Journal.
Don't grumble because to-day is bad. Re
member that to-morrow is quite likely to
be worse. A. i. Herald.
A Colonel in the British South African
Army says that Adams' Tutti Frutti was a
blessing to his men while marching.
"Lots of people who are waiting for an
opportunity, observed Irvine Tonne, the
philosopher, ''would have to have an intro
duction to one if it should come to them. -
Indiana pol is News.
Out of His Line. "Ah. Littleton! The
very man for the emergency. I have a grave
problem to submit to you. A grave prob
lem to me? Why. I'm no undertaker."
lioston Courier.
Putnam Fadeless Dtes do not spot.
streak or give your goods an unevenly dyed
appearance. foia Dy an aruppists.
Cllnjtlng- Gonna.
Mrs. Church Did you say your husband
liked these clinging gowns :
Mrs. Ootham les: he likes one to cling
to me about four seasons. Yonkers States
Fortifv Feeble Lungs Against Winter
with Hale's llonev of llorehound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
Jack "Did Miss Withers make him wait
for an answer?" Arthur "Yes: it was 15
minutes before they could bring her to."
lown lopics.
A coward encounters a great many dan
gers that don t exist. Chicago Uauy
N ews.
The great public schools of the large cities
use Carter's Ink exclusively. It is the best
and costs ne more than the poorest. Cret it.
Men do not begin to save money until
they have married, and women do not begin
till they have given up all hope of marry
ing. Atcnison Ulobe.
Courtship may be termed a beau knot
that marriage pulls ir.to a hard knot. and.
occasionally, a very hard knot. N. 1. Her
To Care a Cold In One Day-
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
uruggiaisreiuuu money n itiaus to cure. oc.
After every marriage, it is said the bride
must have money of ner own, but it turns
out usually that it is the groom going in
debt. Atchison Globe.
The man who is wedded to his art usu
ally has Poverty for his mother-in-law.
a own lopics.
VIort'o Piir fnr roneirmntinn ! an infalli
ble medicine for coughs and colds. N. YV.
Samuel, ucean orove, im. xeo. ii, iiaju.
He fon the train) "Are you afraid ot
tnnnsla' Khp "Not when I'm with vou."
Town Topics. -
Y?iliAat tiava txt r era nnvortv Vi BTMir
Chicazo Daily News.
fSrr t"X
bacillus has passed over our country,
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, leav
ing behind it a dark cloud of anguish and
Catarrh follows grip as effect fellows
A miiltitiidp of catarrh victims will spring
tip in the trail of the awful epidemic of grip
that has just passed over our fair country.
The hope to these people is Peruna.
Most people know this already.
Everyone who has had the least touch of
grip, should not fail to take a course of treat
ment with Peruna.
Peruna eradicates every vestiee of the dis
ease and leaves the system in a normal con
Hon. Joseph B. Crowley. Congressman
from Illinois, writes from the National Ho
tel, Washington, D. C, as follows:
After giving l'eruna a lair trial 1 can
cheerfully recommend your remedy to any
one suffering with coughs, colds, la grippe
and all catarrhal complaints. J. u. crow-
Hon. George H.- White, Congressman
from North Carolina, writes:
"I am more than satisfied with Peruna,
and find it to be an excellent remedy for
the grip and catarrh. I have used it in my
family, and they all join me in recommend
ing it as an excellent remedy." George H.
Hon. J. P. Megrew, Superintendent U. S.
Capital Police Force, of Washington, D. C,
"Having suffered from the grip, I was" ad
vised by a friend to use your Peruna. I also
used if for my catarrh, and I can now cheer
fully recommend your remedy to anyone
who is suffering from the grip and catarrh."
J. P. Megrew.
Miss Anna Russell, Past Worthy Coun
selor. Loyal Mystic Legion, 263 Endicott
Building, St. Paul, Minn., writes:
"For years I have unfortunately found
my system in a peculiarly receptive con
dition for catarrh when I was exposed in
any way to inelemeA weather. At those
times I Would be severely afflicted with la
grippe and its unpleasant consequences.
"Now for the past year and a half I have
used Peruna in such cases and have found
that it not only cures me quickly, but it
also cleanses my blood and renders me less
liable to catch cold. It is the finest pre
ventive of colds that I know of and a vx
superior tonic." Anna Russell.
Miss Alice Dressier, 1313 North Bryant
avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., writes:
"Last spring I suffered from la grippe
and was partially cured, but the bad after
effects remained through the summer, and
somehow I did not get strong as I was be
fore. In the fall I caught a cold after get
ting my feet wet and attending a lecture in
a cold nail, and 1 suffered a relapse. An
unpleasant catarrh of the head and throat
followed, and as I was in a weak condition
physically previous to this, it took but lit
tle to break me down completely.
"One of my college friends who was vis
iting me, asked me to try Peruna, and I did
so and found it all and more than I had ex
pected. It not only cured me of the catarrh,
but restored me to perfect health, built up
the entire system, and brought a happy
feeling of buoyancy which I had not known
for years." Miss Aliee Dressier.
If you do not derive prompt, and satisfac
tory results from the use of Peruna, write
at once to Dr. Ilartman, giving a full state
ment of your case and he will be pleased to
give you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartman, President of The
Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Ffght on for wealth, old "Money Bags."
your liver is drying up and bowels wear
ing out, some day you will cry aloud for
health, offering all your wealth, but you
will not get it because you neglected Nature
in your mad rush to get gold. No matter
what you do, or what ails you, to-day is
the day every day is the day to keep
watch of Nature's wants and help your
bowels act regularly CASCARETS will
help Nature help you. Neglect means bile
in the blood, foul breath, and awful pains
in the back of the head with a loathing
and bad feeling for all that is good in life.
Don't care how rich or poor you are, you
can't be well if you have bowel trouble,
you will be regular if you take CASCA
RETS vet them to-day CASCARETS
in metal box; small box 10c, whole month's
treatment 50c; take one, eat it like candy and
it will work gently while you sleep. It
cures; that means it strengthens the mus
cular walls of the bowels and gives them new life; then they act regularly and natural
ly; that is what you want it is guaranteed to be found in
sz' es ;, -i
25c 50c.
all bowel troubles, appendicitis, bil
lon sn ess, bad breath, bad blood, Wind
on the stomach, bloated bowels, foul
m m wtm uiuuufl, iicaumiit iiiuit'iciuut iiui pic-9,
pains after eattns:, liver trouble, sallow complexion
and dizziness. W hen your bowels don't move regu
larly you aro setting sick. Constipation kills more
people than all other diseases together. It Is a
etarter for the chronic ailments and long years of
nfre ring that oomo afterwards. No matter what
alls you, start taking CASCA11KTS to-day, for you
will never get well and be well all the time until
you put Tour bowels right. Take our advice; start
with CASCARETS to-day. under an absolute guar
antee to cure or money refunded.
TO CTTREi Five years o
the lint box or CA8CAU
KT8 wa .old. Sow It la
over six million boxes
ifHPi irreater than ur
similar medldse In the world. This Is absolute proof of
irrat merit, and oarbeit testimonial. We have faith and
will sell CASCA1IETS absolutely snaranteed to care or
money refunded. Oo bay today, two SOc boxes, give them a
fair, honest trial, as per simple directions, and If you aro
not satisfied, after uslnx one SOcboXi return the nnused BOc
box aad the empty box to us by mall, or the druarrlst from
whom you purchased It, and act your money bark for both
boxes. Take oar advice no matter what alls you start to
day. Health will quickly follow and yon will bless the day
Jou first started the use offASCA K F.TM. Book free by mail,
ddresst bXEIUJ.VU BE MED I CO., AtW 10RK or CHICAGO.
It Laid the Ghost.
Durintr a confirmation tour in the diocese
of Peterborough the late bishop of London
put up one evening at an old manor bouse.
and elect in a room supposed to be
haunted. Next morning at breakfast the
bishop was asked whether he had seen the
ghost. "Yes,'' he replied with great so
lemnity, "but I have laid the spirit; it will
never trouble you again. .Being further
questioned upon the subject, the bishop
said: Hie ghost immediately vanished
when I asked for a subscription toward the
restoration of 1'eterborough cathedral.
Plenty of Time.
He And now. darling, when do you think
we would better announce our engagement?
bhe Oh. there is no hurry, dear. Any
time within the next 24 hours. Harpers
'TTi 4 na Vv-ti a atra rti a wi j-vTt h sua
a a . mv. vvo ca t a juu van v ciuun m
here. "Well, you go back and tell the
boss he's untruthful. Indianapolis News.
n b a a g
ThisisadMinar statement, bnt Sal-
tar's seeds bear It oat every time.
Cnmhlnntlnn Cnrn.
Grenteetcorn on earth. W ill positively J
rSTOInuoniie corn growicg.,
Billion Dollar Crass.
ur?.teai marvel oitne
13 toDS of hay per sere,
crop six weeks after so
What Is it ?
Cats logwetella.
V'' b' cat". 10 Grata
li-O Sixlu K0 km. dot A.) Gala,
1KJ ZM aal mi A.) Rm.
BaricylTSoa.perA) Peavat, c Worts 10.
ilohn A. Salzer Seed Co
Wt B H n B af-M n Tm
terasstan. n
U Cross. SU-H
B B H id
STOCKS Wanted Asent
liaOil Stocks.
to sell
aiTianna-pavlDK I a.'nrornia
A qnfck seller. Blr profits. Address
JOHN SHARP. S41 Sonth Flower
$3 a $3.50 SHOES
Toe real -worth of W. I. DonfcUi 3.00 and 3JO
Shoes compared with other makes is 4.0O to S&OO.
Onr 4.00 Gilt Edge line cannot be equalled st any
price. Wa make mad sell more S3.00 and 350 shoes
than any other two manufacturers In the United States.
THE SEASON mora W. I Donelas 3 it t.l.Vl thort ar sold
UiuuTothermUeUbeetaMTHETAKETHEBEST. Tour
dealer bould keep thm ws tirs on dealer sxcIuots sale in each town,
'fake no substitute! Insist on serine W. I Donirlai shoes with
Asms and price Karaped on bottom. U your dealer will not ret them for
Too. send direct to fsetorr. enclorinr price and SSc extra lor carriare.
Stats kind of leather, size, and width, plain or cap to. Onr shoes will
reads yon anywhere. Write or catalogue mkomtug mem Spring style.
We use Fait Color
Kyelets lit aU stir shoes.
). Douglas rtnoe Co
JSrocktoas At as,
Dr. William Indian P1H
Ointment wiil cure Blind.
Bleeding and Itchino.
Piles. It absorbs the
tumors, allays the Itch
Inn at once, acts as s
poultice. slvei instant re
lief. Prepared for Pile
and Itching of tbeprirate
Darn. At drueei-t or hi
mall on receiptor price. SO cents and 91. OO.
Tbey pay on all crops
rich land as well as poor
land. Write for "Book
on Use of Fertilizers
free IjirBecr. foptii;.
company in the world. TIRO I XI A-OA ROM.VA ,
ClikMIC-AL COUFA.MY, Itesnphls, TtBa,
lief and POSIT1VE
For free sainp'e address
'ANAELsiS," Trib
nne building. New York.
I A I Las I d I w
Tel. as, a3 Aiadiaoa Street, liiiU'UiS, 1 iNfcsstJi.
eases. Hook ot testimonials and 111 anjt' treatment
Free !r. H. 11. GKfcEN'B SUNS. Box 1), Atlanta, Us.
A. N. K.-F
liunto Wtttht AIL tLit tAILS. I j
Best Coah Syrup. Tssies Good. Use I "-J
In time." Sold it dnier!-t. V?i
' 1
r.-r- r.A. -

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