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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh "Williams, Editok. -
Peogress Telephone No. 17.
FRIDAY, MARCH 22. 1901.
St. Louis Buffered a disas
trous firv Monday, and etransre;
J ? 1
as it may appear to-some, the
fire oiiginated in an ice house. !
Tp Hiinlfiman had Iwpm (lo..,Uullivate Corn and Cow Peas."
, t rn . r,
uiuueu liuui uiu auiuii vwii-
grpssional District, Fayette
and Tipton would li-ivt been
at the mercy of Shelby.
The defeat of the Peeler
bill by the whiskey lobby in
the Tennessee legislature has
aroused the zeal and energy
of the advocates of prohibi
tion, judging from the num
ber of bills recently passed,
abolishing charters of towns.
The prohibition question
one in which the people of
our state are deeply interest
ed, and the indications are
that it will play an important
part in future elections.
Hardeman County will
remain a component part of
the Tenth Congressional Dis
trict for the next ten 3rears at
least. This information will
be a source of gratification to
a majority of the Democrats
of the county. Had it been
necessary for the good of the
party, Hardeman would have
willingly gone with the
Eighth, notwithstanding the
fact that we have but little
association and no business
transactions with the people
of that district, one of whose
counties lies beyond the Ten
nessee river but happily,
the Eighth did not need or
desire us. Senators Houston
and Tharp and Representa
tive Gordon rendered valua
ble assistance in retaining
Hardeman in the Tenth.
Hardeman County, when the re
districting bill was under considera
tion Wednesday in the State Senate,
was restored to the 10th Congress
ional District. It N understood
that Hardeman County people were
not favorable to the change. With
a good strong Democratic vote we
sec why the other part of the dis
trict could object, but it is beyond
us why Hardeman County should
protest at being put in a district
where she might be a potent factor
and where the able and ambitious
among her citizens might aspire to
congressional honors with some
prospect of success. We are inclin
ed to think Tipton would take a
transfer without any longings after
the flesh pots of Egypt. Covington
Our "able and ambitious"
can aspire to congressional
honors with as much pros
pect of success in the Tenth
as in any other district.
The bill abolishing the
charter of Bolivar has passed
and will take effect April
20th. The opponents of the
measure made a strong fight
in the Senate against it and
an effort in the House to de
feat it by attempting to attach
an amendment, which, had
it been adopted, would vir
tually have killed the bill.
But for the untiring efforts
of our Representative, Hon.
J: A. Foster, and our Sena
tor, Hon. J. C. Houston,
who acted in representative
capacities and carried out the
will of the majority, the bill
would have been defeated.
Quite a number of our citi
zens were deeply interested
in the fate of the bill and did
all in their power to secure its
passage, believing it to be for
tne nest interests or tne town. uaiuA stomach and Liver Tablets
At the proper time, a bill will. have." These Tablets are for sale
be introduced reincorporating SJ';,,!:01'8' bolivar; J w-
1 Nuckolls, looue. Price 2o cents.
Proceedings Farmers' Institute.
The Hardeman County Farmers'
lustitute convened in the Court
house at Bolivar, Saturday, March.
, 16th, 1901. with the largest alten-i
dauce iu its history. The Institute
was called to order by the Presi
dent, W. A. Caruihers, and prayer
was offered by Rev. J. F. Ray.
The minuies of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
A committee, componed of G. A.
Clack, Sr., J. C. Jackou, D. ,
Campbell ami W. 11. Baldy, w
apl,0lllled ou legation.
Jackson, D. J.
First Topic "How to Plant and
Paper by G. A. Black, Sr.; com-
meIite,j ou i,v w. c. Pirtle, W. 11.
Bat ly, R. D. Whitley and J. F.
A'ijourned oae hour for dinner.
At the afternoon session, discus
sion of the first topic nas resumed
by T. J. Ay res.
Second Topic "Cattle and Dairy
Business." Remai ks by W. C. Pir
lie ami W. A. Gibson.
Third Topic Grafting and Fruit
Culture." Paper by J. L. Hill
hou-te; comments by D. J. Camp
bell, V. A. Caruthers, R. D. Whit
ley. Fourth Topic "Is it Profitable
to Raise Cotton to the Exclusion of
all Other Crops and.Buy Supplies
Abroad?" Passed over, on account
of lack of time for discussion.
Fifth Topic "Public Schools
and their Importance." Papers by
R. D. Whitley and Prof. II . S.
Taylor; comments by J. A. Foster,
W. C. Pirtle, D. J. Campbell, W.
A. Caruthers, W. A. Moore.
TION. We, your committee, appointed
by the President -of the Hardeman
County Farmers Institute, to in
vestigate and report to said body
upon the statutes presented and rec
ommended by the Committee on
Remedial Legislation, in its report
to the State Central Farmers' Insti
tute, at Nashville, Dec. 14th, 1900,
bcr leave to make the following
We approve of and recommend
that the following be enacted into
state laws:
A statute appropriating to the
use of the Bureau of Agriculture
the surplus derived from the tax ou
fertilizer, after reimbursing the
state for all expenditures made in
behalf of the Bureau.
A statute providing for the trans
fer of the office of Commissioner of
Live Stock from the State Board of
Health to the Bureau of Agricul
ture. A statute prohibiting the entry
into the state of live stock to be
used for dairy or breeding purposes
without a clear bill of health be
shown, nothing contained therein
to impair in any way the state or
national quarantine regulations.
A statute for protection against
impure and adulterated food pro
A statute to secure the purity of
field and garden seeds.
Whereat, statute No. 3, "an act
to prevent dogs and bitches from
running at large or straying from
the premises of the owner," would
be too radical in its measure and
impracticable, without a complete
extermination of the dog; and be
lieviug that the dog is very esseu
tial on the farm as a guard to the
home, to assist in driving or catch
ing stock and to destroy the wild
animals that prey upon the fealh
ered tribe and upon the different
products of the field, therefore be it
l-' Resolved, That a statute be and
the same is hereby recommended in
lieu of the above, to tax all dogs 50
i ill. i l
uents eacn anu an Diicnes z.uu racn.
ueicas, duiuic 1.-MJ. l, an an
requiring all stock to be kept up,"
would not be inductive to the in
terests of the farmers of Hardeman
County, but in view of the fact that
the three wire fence does not afford
protection against small stock,
therefore be it
Resolved, That statute No. 5 be
so amended as to require all small
stock, such as hogs, sheep, goats,
calves, geese and all other notori
ously bad stock to be kept up. J
Whereas, statute No. 12, provid
ing for a new road law, or the
amendment of the present law, so
as to make it more satisfactory and
effective; and whereas the present
road law not having been duly and
impartially tried, and believing
with a few amendments the present
law would be practicable and effect
ive, therefore be it
Resolved, That section 2 of the
present road law be so amended as
to allow the public roads to be
worked any time during the year;
and that in section 4 it be expressed
that one day's warning before the
day set to work the road would be
a lawful and sufficient warning.
J. C Jackson,
W. II Baldy,
D. J. Campbell,
G. A. Black, Sr.,
The above report was adopted.
The lustitute adjourned, subject
to the call of the President.
Mrs. C E VanDeusen, of Kil
bourn, Wis., was afflicted with con
stipation and stomach trouble for a
long time. She says, "I have tried
many preparations but none have
! Samples free
Reformers Knocked Out.
Nashville, March 20.-
The retrenchment and reform
element in the house were
, . . . . - ,
knocked clean out of the box -
to-day, when, after a very ,
lono fiVht, the appropriation
bill was passed carrying about ;
$40,000 above the aggregate
fixed by the senate. Soon
after the bill was taken up
' ' i
it was clear that the reform
ers could not stand against
the tremendous pressure of
tne oitici.iis wno were ngnt
ing every effort at retrench
ment, and, as one after an
other of their amendments
making reductions were re
jected, they sadly gave up
the fight and let the opposi
tion do their worst. The
proceedings of the two hous
es, barring this fight, were
devoid of feature.
Wise and Otherwise.
Jonas Jutton in Nashville Banner.
I had rather store away in my
mind one fact than a thousand the
The courage of one s convictions
doesn't give him the Derve to have
a tooth pulled.
Some people expect to get to
heaven simply by. showing others
the way.
There is some consolation in the
thought that the man who stands
around the church door to watch
the ladies come out will not be at
heaven's gate to watch them go in.
A 6hort wnue ago, 1 met a man
who asked, "Look here, what's be
come of ol' Andy Johnson? I have
not saw anything about him in a
long time." Next year that same
individual will be. inquiring about
Queen Victoria's health.
Some men never reach the shore
ot prosperity, because they never
attempt to land until the tide is
going out.
An usher in a variety theatre who
professed religion, joined the
church and was made usher, came
near breaking up the meeting the
first Sunday by placing all the bald-
beaded men in the front pews.
No one ever lost a friend through
courtesy, or gained one through
A he man who bites at green
goods or the ancient gold' brick
scheme, is the one that's sought for
juryman, as strange as it may seem
Pointed Paragraphs.
Chicago News.
The postage stamp is one of the
stamps of civilization.
A small boy defines a lady as a
grown-up girl who isu t saucy.
False friends are like your shad
ow only with you in sunshine.
The mariner's compass performs
a lot of very important needle-work
The letter P is like a selfish friend
the first in pity, but the last in
If you can't tell twins apart, wait
until they are together and tel
The man who never takes his first
glass or liquor will never die a
Some men growl about hard times
wheu they have a pocket full of
bills unpaid ones.
When a man looks upon the per
formance of a duty as a task the
chances are it will not be well done.
Ihe man who hnds it difficult to
keep the wolf from the door should
never live where there are many
The yomg man y?bo leaves two
thirds of a cigar on a dark corner
of the doorstep when be calls on his
best girl will make a frugal hns
band. CASTOR I A
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
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rfe Draughon's Practical Business
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lege or literary school in the U. S. can be secured
by doing a little work at borne for the Youths'
Aavocate, an illustrated semi-monthly journal.
It is elevating in character, moral in tone, and
pie of all ages, stones and other interesting
matter well illustrated. Sample copies sent free
Agents wanted. Address Youths' Advocate Pub
Co.. Nashville. Tenn. (Mention tk" paver.'
Good Position.
Wanted: Younor ladies and o-en-
tlemen in every county for office
work, clerkship, etc. Must make
small deposit or o-ive security. Pre-
vious experience not necessary.
Good salary. Address Frank, V
, Box 435, Nashville, Tenn. mch29.
Tony Pasquella to be Tried.
Commercial Appeal. . . .
Antonio Pasquella, alias Collins,
was brought from the State Asylum
at Bolivar Monday and placed in
iatl to await further action by the
Crim.naICourU Tooy .g charge(
with the murder of Michael Destan-
8ua committed more than a year
Ilin victim was a fellow-coun
tryman, as ignorant as himself. To
ny bad had domestic troubles. His
young wife, whom he idolized, bad
forsaken him. It preyed upon his
mind to such an extent that he be
came morbid, sensitive, ana at
times, as thp evidence showed, de
mented. His companions did not
at all timi-s show the proper sympa
thy for Tony in his sorrows, and
were wont to joke him about his do
mestic grievances. Un the day of
the murder his victim had been
taunting him until, crazed with
grief and angered to desperation,
Tony seized a pole which was lying
within his reach and struck Destau-
gua on the head, inflicting injuries
from which he subsequently died.
Tony was arrested and charged by
the grand jury with murder. At
the trial it was shown by the testi
mony of the jailer, .the jail physi
cian and those who had kuown the
unfortunate man that he was sub
ject to fits of aberration. He was
found .o have been insane at the
time of the trial and was sent to the
asylum at Bolivar.
According to the statute the plea
of present insanity applies only to
the time of the commission of the
crime, and it is made the duty of
the superintendent of the asylum to
notify the attorney-general when
the patient has recovered. Pursu
ant to this provision Attorney-General
Yerger received notice a few
days ago that Tony had recovered,
and he directed the sheriff to return
him to this court for further pro
ceedings. He will probably be ar
raigned and tried for murder next
A Horrible Outbreak.
Of large sores on my
daughter's bead developed into a
case of scald head," writes C D.
Isbill, of Morganton, Tenn., "but
Bucklen's Arnica Salve completely
cured her." It's a guaranteed cure
for eczema, .tetter, salt rheum, pim
pies, sores, ulcers and piles. Only
25 cents at W. J. Cox's.
Insolvent Notice.
Having this day suggested the in
solvency of the estate of Jerry
Brown, dee'd, notice is hereby giv
en to all persons having claims
against said estate to file same, duly
authenticated, with the Clerk of the
County Court of Hardeman County,
Tennessee, on or before the 18th
day of September, 1901, or the same
will be forever barred in law and
equity. This 18th day of March,
1901. G120. M. Doruis,
a 12. Administrator.
Non-Resident Notice.
In the Circuit Court of Hardeman
County, Tenn., at Bolivar, May
term, 1901. S. E. West vs Kuox
West. Divorce.
In this cause it appearing from
the petition, which is sworn to.
that the defendant, Ivnox West, is
a non-resident of the State of Ten
nessee, and is a resident of the
State of Mississippi, so that the or
dinary process of law cannot be
served on him; it is therefore or
dered that publication be made in
the Bolivar Bulletin, a newspaper
published in the town of bolivar.
for four consecutive weeks, requir
ing the defendant, Kuox West, to
appear within the first three days
of the May term, 1901, of said
Court and plead, answer or demur
to the allegations set out in the bill,
otherwise the same will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for
hearing ex parte. March 20, 1901.
S. II. JONES, Clerk.
A. J. Coates, Solicitor.
Non-Resident Notice.
In the County Court of Hardeman
County Tennessee. W. F. Rey
nolds vs. heirs of Jeremiah Rey
nolds, dee'd. Petition to sell
land for division. No. 1482 R.D.
In this cause it appearing from
the petition, which is sworn to, that
the defendants, W. J. Taylor and
James Clark and wife, Enieline
Clark, are uon-residents of the State
of Tennessee and are residents of
the State of Missouri, so that the
ordinary process of law cannot be
served upon them. It is therefore
ordered that publication be made
in the Bolivar Bulletin, a news
paper published in the town of Bol
ivar, County of Hardeman and State
of Tennessee, for four consecutive
above defend
j ants to enter their appearance in the
. . , .l
County Court of Hardeman County,
Tennessee, within the first three
days of the April term thereof.
1901, and plead, answer or demur to
th same or the allegations of the
petition will be taken for confessed
as to them and set tor hearing ex
C. & M.
Wood & McNeal, Solicitors.
This March 8, 1901.
Night Was Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Chas Applegate, '
of Alexandria, Ind., "and could
hardly get any sleep. 1 had con
sumption so bad that if I walked a.
blocs 1 would cough mgutiuiiy and
spit blood, but, when all other med
icines failed, three $1.00 bottles of
Dr. King's New Discovery wholly
cured me and I gained 58 pouuds."
It's absolutely guaranteed to cure
coughs, colds, lagrippe, bronchitis,
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Scrofula, Ulcrn. Old Srra, Itone Pains
Trial 1 mil twnt Free.
Firit, second or third stales positively cured bv
tk ng f. R. B. (Kotanic Blood Kalra). Hl.iod Balm
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ana expels it from the system. t the Min time
Botanic Blood Kaiiu builds up the sh attend con
stitution. Have ous-ie throat, pimples, cooper
colored spots, old sores, ulcers, swelling, scrofula,
itching skin, aches nd pnins in bones r joints sore
mniit u or lalliu hairr 1 hen Botanic Woort Halm
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blood pure aud ric and give the rich iriotr of
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cure as Blood Balm cures wheu all else fails. Sold
by W. J. Cox, Bolivar, Teuu. ly
Strikes A Rich Find.
'I was troubled for several years
with chronic indigestion and ner
vons debility," writes F. J. Green,
of Lancaster, N. H., "no remedy
helped me until I began using Elec
trie timers, which did me more
good than all the medicines I ever
used. 1 hey have also kept my
wife in excellent health for years.
She says Electric Bitters are jus-
splendid for female troubles; that
they are a grand tonic and invigot
rator for weak, run down women.
no other medicine can take its place
in our family. Try them. Only 50c,
Satisfaction guaranteed by W. J.Cox.
$5oo KEWAltD.
We will pay the above reward for any case Liver
Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick headache. Indigestion,
Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with
Liiventa, the Up-to-UiU- Lutle Liiver I'm, when
the directions are strictly complied with. They
are ourelv Vegetable, and never fail to give satis
faction. 25c bojcs contain 100 Pills, 10c boxes 2on
tain 40 Pills, 5c boxes contain lo Puis. Beware ol
substitutions and imitations. Send by mail; stamps
taken. NEUV1TA MEDICAL tX.. Cor. Clinton
and Jefferson eit. . Chicago, 111. For sale by W. J.
Cox, Drug'fist, Bolivar, Tenn. JuneZJ-ly
A Good Cough Medicine for Children
'I have no hesitancy in recom
mending Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy," says F. P. Moran, a well
kuown ami popular baker of, Peters
burg, Va. "We have given it to
our children when troubled with
bad coughs, also whooping cough,
and it has always -given perfect sat
isfaction. It was recommended to
me by a druggist as the best cough
medicine for children as it contain
ed no opium or other harmful drug.'
Sold bv W. J. Cox, Bolivar; J. W.
Nuckolls, Toone.
Remarkable Cures of Rheumatism
From the Vindicator, Rutherford ton, X. C.
The editor of the Vindicator has
had occasion to lest the efficacy o
Chamberlain s l ain lialm twice
with the most remarkable results
in each case. First, with rheuma
tism in the shoulder from which he
suffered excruciating patu for ten
days, which was relieved with two
applications of Pain Balm, rubbing
the parts afflicted and realizing in
stant benefit aud entire relief in a
short time. Second, in rheumatism
in thigh joint, almost postrating
him with severe pain, which was re
lieved by two applications, rubbing
with the liniment on retiring at
night, and getting up free from
pain. For sale by W. J. Cox, Bol
ivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
An Honest Medicine for LaC.ippe.
George V. Waitt, of South Gar
diner, Me., says: "I have had the
worst cough, cold, chills and grip
and have taken lots of trash of no
account but profit to the vendor.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
the only thing that has done any
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grip have all left me. I congratu
late the manufacturers of an honest
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Cox, Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls,
Headache often results from a
disordered condition of the stom
ach aud constipation of the bowels.
A dose or two of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets will cor
rect those disorders and cure the
headache. Sold by W. J. Cox,'
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Working 24 Hours a Day.
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are sold eyerywhere.
1901 Seed Annual free.
v. "V .
Tlio Kind Yon Ilnvo Always Bought, and wliicli lias been,
ia uso for over CO years, lias borne the signature of
p and lias been made under Ills per-
, jC1Fj?'fL' sonal supervision since its infancy.
vz-ry. '-ccSU-ZZ Allow no one to deceive you in this.
AH Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It is Pleasant, It
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Stomacli and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
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Ka i. T. INGRAM, President.
W. C. WKI(S. Cas-iier.
JOUN L. MITCHELL, Assis't Cashier
7 JOUN L. MITCHELL, Assis't Cashier.J , Tj
Directors G. T. Ingram, D. E. Durrctt, Jno. W. Nuckolls,
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage, W. C. Dorion, Jno. P. Douglas.
ji CS-Transacta a General Banking Business.
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Restore Vitality. Lost Vizor and Manhood
Core Im potency. Night Emissions, Loss of Mem.
ory, eu wasting diseases,
all effects of Belf-abuse or
excess and indiscretion.
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blood builder. Brines
the pink slow to pale
cheeks and restores the
.fire or youth. Jy mail
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Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. 3y mil in plain package, $1.00 a
box, 6 for $5.CO with onr bankable guar
antee bond to curs in 30 days or refund
money paid. Address
ir.:nton& Jackson Sts., CSiJCAQO, VJ?
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Bolivar, Tenn.
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KUNil & CO.IBroadra,. ?BW YOrlt
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