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TIlG BoIiVST Bulletin
Effective Sunday, Jan. 20, 1901.;
" j
Xo. Soutu. No.
25..... ...6.29 p.m. 2G.....
7.16 .m I
23 .......7.43 a. m. 24 .9.08 p.m
5 local 8.10 .. y4.oca Z.oupu,.
I W . A. ilUU Of, AJfOUli
T.nnAT.nnrl PERSONAL. 2
Onion Sets at Cox's.
Mrs. R. N. Mitchell is visiting
in Jackson. .
Miss Sallie White visited Miss
Nell Clintou this week.
Onion sets at Hudson's.
Mr. J. 13. Fulgham, of Jackson,
spent Sunday iu Bolivar.
Mrs. M. J. Farley is spending
a few days in Grand Junction
Clover and Grass Seeds at
W. J. Cox's.
Miss Janie Campbell, of Col
lierville, is visiting Mrs. Jane War
ren. Mr. James Stone, of Medon,
spent several days in Bolivar this
Mi&s Annie Pirtle, of Toone,
visited Miss Ella Crawford this
Miss Samraye Nicholls, of the
Western Hospital, is visiting in
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Win
dow Glass, Varnishes, etc.,
cheap at Hudson's. -
Mr. P. F. Wilkinson visited
Jackson and Henderson this week
on business.
Mrs. Will Stroup, of Grand
Junction, is visiting the family of
J. 11. Reaves.
Dr. J. P. Douglas and wife
and little son, John, are visiting
relatives in Arlington.
Go to Cox's for Fure and
Fresh Drugs.
Dr. J. D. Sasser and Mr. J. S
Sasser, of Middleton, were in the
city Tuesday on business.
Rev. W. S. Cochrane will
preach at the Presbyterian Church
..Sunday morning and night.
Landretli's, Ferry's and
Craig's Garden Seeds at V.
J. Cox's.
Mr. Minge B. Ilardaway has
accepted a position in Lowenstein's
retail department, Memphis.
Mr. W. R. Kearney, Jr., is
taking a commercial course at the
S. W. B. University, Jackson.
Landreth's, Ferry's and
other kinds Garden Seeds
at Hudson's.
Mrs. Bettie M. Whitaker, of
Bellbuckle, is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. F. S. Luther, at the Western
Look out for W. J. Cox's
Best Heady Mixed Paint. It
will arrive next week.
Mr. E. C. Roberts, of Bolivar,
organized on March 12th, a Wood
man's Circle at Medina, with 31
Mr. J. J. Flippin, of Somer
ville, private secretary of Congress
man M. R. Patterson, was in town
Go to Hudson's for School
Books, School Supplies, Toi
let Articles, etc. He sells
Mr. T. II. Arnold, busiuess
manager of the Jackson Whig, was
in the city Monday in the interest
of his paper.
--Mrs. Fred Draper, of Hubbard
City, Texas, spent several days in
Bolivar this week. She left Thurs
day morning for Jackson.
Cascade and Paducau Ci.uk.
two of the leading brand manufac-U
rw. ni:.,- a,-..
i;1 .. 1 l 1 1 r t i 1
n,;f i l- e w iiiS
A beautiful line of AY all g
x aner lust, received -ior w
IlPiiutv jitwI 1mv nr?rM ir. rnn 'r ft
! fl
be beat. W. J. Cox. i
Miss Augusta Rather, of Si
Katharine's, was summoned to her
home in Tuscumbia, Ala., the first
of the week on account of the dealh
of her father.
Chancery Court was in session
this week, Chancellor A. G. Haw-if
. ... . , . .
kins presiding. Among the visit-
ing attorneys were Messrs. L. Mc-
Coy, D. W. Herron, E. L. Bullock $
and A. W. Stovall, of Jackson.
' Mi?8 JuVa Tate bas returEecl
.Sirs. Ilogan, of .Mississippi, is
visiting the family of Gen. Neely.
Miss Ethel Sevier, of Chatta-
noog;i, a graduate of St. Katharine's,
; ii visiting in bolivar.
Messrs. J. T. Joyner and V.
Dorjon have Wn OQ the g5ck
iist for several days this week.
Mies M.ag"ie Black returned
from market where she
bought a Iar;e stock of fpriri2 mil-
.,, ,
liills have passed abolishing
llie charters of Grand Junction and
j Whitcviilp. The former takes ef-
feet May 25ih', the latter June 7th.
A few friends were pleasantly
entertained Tuesday evening by
Mrs. Robert Wood Tate. A
"Welsh rarebit supper" was served
and enjoyed.
Dr. H. S. King1, Optician,
will he at R. L. Lightfort f
Co's Jeweliy store, Thursday,
March 28 th, prepared to fit
glasses to eyes of all ages
and conditions.
Rev. J. G. Anderson, of Beech
Bluff, will preach at New Rope C.
P. Church Friday night, March 29,
Saturday night, 30th, and Sunday
morning and night, 31st.
Mr. D. P. Ilearn and Miss
Frances Lowrey, of Madison Coun
ty, were united in marriage Sunday,
March 10, by Esq. J. J. Siler at his
residence in the 18th district.
The citizens of Middleton voted
Monday upon the proposition to
abolish its charter and reincorporate
We understand that by a vote of 21
rto 19 the present charter was retain
An old darkey, who heard a
gentleman say that the fruit was
seriously injured, if not killed, re
marked: ' 'Fore God, I hope da!
Hint so. If we can't git nuthin
to drink, we must have sumpen to
If your eyes ore trouhlinjr
you, consult Dr. II S. Kinjj.
the celebrated Optician, who
will ho at Lightfort & Co's
Jewelry Store, Thursday,
March 2Sth.
Hon. J. A. Foster came home
from Nashville Saturday morning
to see his little son, Carrol, who has
been quite sick. We are glad to
state that the little fellow is im
proving. Mr. Foster returned Mon
day evening.
Mr. Hugh Caruthers, son of
Mr. W. A. Caruthers, of the 5th
district, met with a painful acci
dent last week. While driving
cattle, the horse he was riding
stumbled and fell, throwing him to
the ground with considerable force.
His shoulder and arm were badly
bruised, but fortunately no bones
were broken.
James A. Black died at his
home a few miles northwest of
Bolivar, Tuesday, of consumption.
1 1 is remains were buried Wednes
day in the family graveyard, in the
14th district. Mr. Black was the
oldest son of the late Robert R.
Black, and was about 45 years of
age. He married a Miss Carrlng-
ton, who died several years ago, by
whom he had three children, who
survive, ueceasea was a raeraner
of the Greenwood C. "P. Church.
He was one of the most enterprising
and successful farmers in the coun
ty and oue of our best citizens.
Don't fail to consult Dr.
King if your eyes are troub
ling you. He fits all cases
without the use of atropia.
At Lightfort's Jewelry Store
March 28th.
ITew Store !
2Jew Goods!!
I have rOCCIitlv open-
'S ed a new stock of
in tbe building recently
vacated ny lirewer, 31 a- $
con Co., on the South $
jj ide of the Square. I
i vnvviiiuri dun jjiwiii' iy
t(l icu ti tvtmf miT n ii c t . .m o
2i p i i -
falr,J t0 S1 tht'
good values. K
2 fe &
i.i n u ui my lliniu III I a m
j Proceedings March Term Chancery
The general report of J. A. Wil
son, Jr., Clerk and Master,' w3s fil
ed and approved.
John II. Bills, E. P. McNeal, R.
W. Tate, Tbos. S. Neely, Jas. K.
Polk, Jr., and Austin Miller, Jr.,
were appointed as Trustees for the
control and management of Polk
Juo. R. Cottougiin, et als vs.
Chesterllodge. Clerk's report of sale
filed and approved. Title decreed.
Joel G. Johnson, et als vs. Wil
liam Polk. Clerk's report of sale
filed anL approved. Title decreed.
Zulu Z. Huddleston, vs. Natllud
dlestou, decree for divorce.
C. T. Majors vs. G. W. Breeden
et. als. Application made for re
ceiver. Motion taken under advise
ment. Time for taking proof limit
ed to June 15, 1901.
Geo. T. Webb, guardian, vs.
Guy C. Webb et als. Clerk's re
port of sale filed and approved. Ti
tle decreed.
L. B. Murdaugh vs. J. N. Hill
house. Demurrer overruled, defend
ants allowed 30 days to file answer.
Time granted not to delay heariug.
Harry McDonald vs. Jas. A.
Prewitt. Motion of defendant's at
torney for dissolution of injunction
disallowed and cause contimed un
til next court.
Juo. R. Jenkins vs. Jasper Shel
ton, continued. ,
Rosetta Robinson vs'. Jesse Nor
ment. Order to pay out funds and
lien on complainant's interest in
land to pay attorney's fee.
Thos. P. Gibson vs. Elizabeth
Gibson, decree for divorce.
J. D. Sasser, Sr., guardian, vs.
James Tipler, et als." Sale of prop
erty herein confirmed by the court,
clerk ordered to pay out proceeds.
Susan Reaves vs. Samuel Reaves,
decree for divorce.
Ellen Nortnent vs. Jas. A. Nor
inent, decree for divorce.
R. II. Futrell, guardian, vs.
Richard Neely Futrell et als. De
cree for sale of town lots in White
ville. Luciuda Crisp vs. Samuel Crisp,
decree for divorce.
S. E. West vs. Knox West. Bill
withdrawn and dismissed on motion
of complainant.
The official bonds of .J. A. Wil
son, Jr., C. & M., were examined
in open court and approved by the
Refused to Strip.
Nashvillk, March 19. A day or
so ago a slim wiry looking individ
ual, with flashing black eyes and
nicely cut cameo features, walked
into the recruiting office of the
United States army at Helen wood
and asked 10 be enlisted. After
filling out the proper blanks the
ulender looking individual was told
to divest himself of his wearing ap
parel, as he would have to submit
to a physical examination.
Upon hearing this the applicant
became highly indignant, and with
a volley of oaths declared he would
never submit to any such ordeal.
The recruiting officers realized that
a representative of the weaker sex
was endeavoring to gain admittance
into the regular army.
After allowing her indignation
gradually to effervesce, and ex
tracting a solemn promise from the
recruiting officers that they would
never divulge her name, this mod
ern Belle Starr walked out of the
office, mounted her horse and rode
away like wind, leaving no one any
wiser as to whence she came or
whither she was ;oing.
A Woman Sisrn Painter.
The best sign painter - in Kuox
ville, Tenn., is a woman. She took
up that business because she liked
to work with paint and brush, but
couldn't study art in the elaborate
fashion of other girls, aud she 6aw
an opportunity to earn a good liv
ing aud make things around her
uetier to iook at Dy improving,
some of the unsightly signs in the
She learned to handle paint brush
es and to carry out her ideas by go
ing to work in a painter's shop for
four years and thus paying her way
at the same time. - Xow she is in
business for herself aud is doing
Any day she may be seen about
Knoxville iu a golf skirt, but in
stead of golf clubs she carries a
small ladder, a paint box, brushes
and a foot rule. And everybody
there says that Knoxville street
signs are very much more attractive
than they used to be
Our farmers are busy making
preparation for a new crop... Oats
have been sown and gardens and po
tatoes planted, and the land is now
being prepared for cotton. and corn.
Mr. J. G. Moody Jr., and wife
and Miss -Minnie D. Comer visited
relatives near Cloverport recently.
Mr. J. A. Heidleberg, of Upton
ville, was on our streets Saturday.
He has just recovered from a case
of smallpox.. '
We are glad to stale that our
friend. Prof. J. W. Sweeton, has
recovered from a case of the grip.
While cutting timber recently, a
limb fell upon Joe King, fracturing
his skull. We are glad to learn
that he is recovering.
Mr. R. A. Pruett aud Miss Lu
cinda Rhodes were happily united
in marriage last Sunday by Esquire
J. E. Comer. After the ceremony
they left for Chester County, their
future home.
Mr. M. E. McCarley. was present
ed with an eleven pound girl on the
10th. M. D. C.
Probably some of the readers of
the Bulletin would like to know
something of our city. Dequeen is
a town ef 2000 inhabitants, located
50 miles north cf Texarkana, on
the Kansas City and Southern R.
R. We have four up-to-date
churches, a good school, a good lo
cal telephone exchange, a fine elec
tric light plant, two saw mills, one
Hpnke and felloe factory, one grist
mill aud gin, one planer and the
immense mill of the Dirk's Lumber
& Coal Co", have four or five plan
ers and employ about 200 men.
This company is increasing the ca
pacity of its plant, and by the first
of May will give employment to
400 hands. We have a daily and
weekly newspaper This town will
be four years old in April. There
was not a business house here four
years ago, and last October they
had quite a destructive tire, burn
ing about 50 business houses, but
everyone has rebuilt and more sub
stantially. We have two banks.
12 nice nrick and one stone building
ami in a lew nays six more brick
buildings will be completed. About
60 houses have been built here this
year, and I understand that the
Dirk's Lumber Co. will build 100
more during this spring and sum
mer. We have a very good farm
ing country here, which is rapidly
being settled. lown lots can be
bought from $25 to $350. Blocks
of 300x300 can be bought from
flOO to $250.
I feel more like I was in old Ten
nessee here than I did in Texas. I
meet with Tennessee people every-
few days. I have met with one
man from old Hardeman. He ask
ed many questions concerning the
old settlers Gen. Neelv. Dr.
Moore, Uncle Alvin Warren, Capt.
Savage, Capt. Wood and others.
With best wishes for the people
of Hardeman County and Bolivar, I
will close. H. C. Calahan.
Our school is progressing finely
under the efficient management of
Miss Lucye Prewitt. There are at
present about 20 scholars enrolled.
Mr. and Mrs. Minnie Prewitt vis
ited relatives here Sunday and
Mr. Will Trout, of Grand Junc
tion, spent Sunday with home folks.
Mrs. J. W. Barber, of Coving
ton, is visiting relatives in this
Oar farmers are busy. Some
have planted corn.
Rev. Peters preached at the
Methodist Church Sunday.
Rev. J. W. Dickens, pastor of
the Baptist Church, will preach
here next Sunday. x " .
Misses Lucye Prewitt and Mamie
Blaylock visited Bolivar Saturday.
Miss Cleo Stone visited relatives
near Hickory Valley recently.
Misses Sallie and Lucy Trout vis
ited Mrs. Cook last Sunday.
We have recently added
a Clothing Department to our
business and our new Spring
Stock has just .been received.
You are cordially invited to
11 1 .
can ana examine it. & x
We also represent one of the largest and most
fashionable Merchant Tailoring Establishments in
the United States. Orders solicited and fit guaran
teed. fM
Agents for the
Sewing Ma chines the best on the Market, j
Mrs. T. T. Farris and children
visited Mrs Farris' mother last
Miss Nannie Martin is
Mrs. T.T. Farris this week.
Miss Ada Moss, of Bolivar, vis
ited Miss Minnie Mo3 last week. ;
Mr. Robert Trout visited Hick-'
ory Valley last week.
Mr. John Shearin and family vis-
ited his wife's mother Sunday. j
Mrs. P. MSmalley was in Hick-'
ory Valley yesterday.
Quite a number of friends visited
Mrs. F. A. Whilten last week. We
are sorry to report that' Mr. Whit
ten is on the sick list.
Listen for the wedding bells next
Mrs. E. S. Blaylock visited rela
tives in Hickory Valley Sunday.
' IlArPY Chaps.
Roll of Honor.
The following persons have sub
scribed for and renewed their sub
scriptions to the "Bulletin during
the past week:
H. C. Calahau Dequeen, Ark.
Aaron Chairs Hickory Valley.
J. G. Walton Bolivar.
Miss Mollie Rodgers Opha.
WvR. Kearney ........ . .Bolivar.
J. B. White Bolivar.
C. II. Joyner. Pocahontas.
J. R Polk . .... Bolivar.
G. W. Queen Hickory Valley.
VV. M. Daniel Bolivar.
W. R. Kearney, Jr Jackson.
II. E. Williams Bolivar.
G. A. McCann Opha.
Knox Tate Bolivar.
W. II.'Redfearn Saulsbury.
J. T. Claiborne. Bouvar.
Shrubbery Day.
Editor Bulletin Saturday, the
23rd of March, has been set apart
as "Shrubbery Day" at Walnut
Grove Cemetery by the committee.
All having relatives or friends
buried therein are requested to meet
at the above mentioned place and
time and plant sitituble shrubbery
and flowers among the graves.
G. M. Dorkis, Chairman.
Dorris, Tenn., Mch. 19.
$ All parties indebted to
S G. M. Warren or Sed-
$ dens & Co., will please
couie forward and settle
X at once and save costs.
G. M. Wauhex.
Sfddkxs & Co.
Boliv-, Tenn., March 22, 1901.
Service Medals
Being distributed to employes of the Illinois
Id comujJiuoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary
of the incorporation of the. Illinois Central Kail
road Company throueh the act of the State of
Illinois, approved February 10, 1851, upon rec
ommendation of Mr. Stuyvesant Fish, President,
the Board of Directors decided in January last
that the Company woTld give as a souvenir to
every person in the employ of the Company
during the month of February. 1901, who sln.ll
have served continuously far one year or more, a
bronze medal, bearing the trade mark of the Com
pany and on the reverse side the name of the
employe and"the number of full years in which he
shall have served theCouipauy..
The medals have been prepared by Mewrs. Tiffa ny
& Company of Xew York, and are of simple but
chaste design, worked out in sharp lines of relief.
One side is an adaptation of the Company's trade
mark, bearing the familiar legend "Central Missis
sippi Valley Route" in a diamond, with "Illinois
Central B. R. Co., Chartered February 15, 1851,"
in the encompassing circle, underlying the two
being radial bars. On the reverse, following the
rim in relief letters is "Service Souvenir, Fiftieth
Anniversary, 1851-M01" surroundiDg an inner in
scription which reads "I. C. R K. Co. to
after years continuous service" ; the indi
vidual name and years of service being inscribed
on the medal of each person receiving one. A
marked feature of this distribution is the fact that
precisely the same bronze medal is given to vcry
one who has been continuously in the employ f
the Company. No distinction whatever is made
between the highest and the lowest; the services of
those who labor with their hands, and those of the
chief executive officers and board of directors
being recognized in precisely the same way.
The medals are being delivered in installments,
and have already bi?en circulated on wme sections
of the road.
celebrated jStow Royal
( Jtlifi
Act . . .
which caused a valuable horse much suffering, but
from which permanent injury was avoided by the
timely use of Mexican Mustang Liniment.
La Grange, Tenn.. Jan. 6. 1901.
Lyon Manufacturing Co.,
Brooklyn, X. Y. -
Dear Sirs : I will say that your Mexican Mustang
Liniment has done a wonderful cure in. this part of the
country. I own the stallion known as the " State of Ten
nessee," who has a large patronage both far and near his
service this Spring to date is 102 mares. I was offered
5400x0 when he was two years old. I refused same. Then
some one took him from the stable and commenced with a
wire and wrapped the right leg from the foot np to his hip.
and after standing all night the leg had swollen so large as to
hide the wire, and in five days the leg bursted and the flesh
turned inside out. I spent large sums of money to hare him
cured but up to five months ago it was quite a failure, and
then a friend induced me to try a bottle of your liniment. I
used one of the 25-cent bottles because I did not have much
faith in it, but it helped him so much that 1 bought a second, -third
and fourth bottle, which completely cured him. The
reason it took so long to cure is that it had a kind of itching
sensation when it was healing a little, when he would bite it
with his teeth. I put the liniment on the wound with a feath
er and rubbed the swollen parts with ray hand.
Mexican Mustang Liniment seemed to take out all the
itching as well as to cause it to heal rapidly, and he showed
no disposition to interfere with it. The one dollar purchase
has been worth hundreds of dollars to me. I keep your
Liniment in my breeding stable all the time, and to those
who have horses I will say it is the best liniment that money
can buy. I wiH answer all inquiring letters.
. Very truly yours,
Plows and
Trythe"BlackHawk,,CornPlanter m
Full and Complete Line of Staple and
Fancy Groceries always kept in stock
fresh and the best. x x jt a
Bolivar, Tenn
g The following papers will be sent one
E: year to any address for the price quoted, cash
in advance. x m & x & m
ri Bolivar Bulletin and Home and Farm.. $J. 00
E Bolivar Bulletin and Weekly Commercial '
Appeal J.10
f Bolivar Bulletin and Twice-a-Week Cou
E rier Journal
E Bolivar Bulletin and
jg Y. World..
Bolivar Bulletin and
Globe Democrat
Bolivar Bulletin and Commoner (edited
g by W. J. Bryan). 4.50
All subscriptions must be sent to
Get a Easiness Education. Book-keepers and Stenographers are in
demand everywhere. Book-keeping, Penmanship, Correspondence,.
Banking:, Shorthand and touch" Typewriting thoroughly taught. Rec
ognized as the
Leading Business College of the Central States.
Hundreds of graduates In positions.
OUR MOnE STUDY course in book-keeping will benefit you. Write
for catalogue to-day.
Plow Gear.
Thrice - a - Week N.
1.75 .3
Cheap board. Experienced teachers. ,

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