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Tho Well-ECnovii Kansas Statesman, Cured of
Catarrh of the Stomach by Po-ru-na,
More Evidence of Interest to the Millions of Catarrh
Sufferers in the United States.
In a recent letter to Dr. Ilartman, Congressman Botkin, of AYinfield, Kan.,
Whose lame is a national one, says of. l'ervma :
My Dear Doctor It gives me pleasure to certify to the excellent cura
tive qualities of your medicines Peruna and Manalin. I have been afflicted
more or less for a quarter of a century with catarrh of the stomach and con
stipation. A residence in Washington has increased these troubles. A few
bottles of your medicine have given me almost complete relief, and I am
sure that a continuation of them will effect a permanent cure. Peruna is
surely a wonderful remedy for catarrhal affections." J. D. Botkin,
the most influential and best
known men in the State of Kansas.
AVhatever he may say on any subject
will be accepted by the people as the
truth. So famous a remedy as Peruna
could not have well escaped the atten
tion of so famous a man. Ife not only
lias heard of the remedy, but he has
used it and was relieved of an affliction
of twenty-five years' standing1. Peruna
is the one internal remedy that cures
chronic caiarrh. It cures catarrh
wherevj located. This is a fact that
the people are rapidly finding- out, but
.V-there are still a large multitude who
need to know it.
Jlr. Frank Iiichter, of Winona, Minn.,
teays in a letter to The Peruna Medi
cine Company:
"As a remedy for catarrh I taJce
pleasure in recommending Peruna for
catarrh of the stomach. I know what
it is to be afflicted with this awful dis
ease and consider it my duty to say a
word in behalf of the remedy which,
pave me such relief. Peruna ciired me,
und I know it will cure anyone else who
Buffers from this disease. It gives me
preat pleasure to testify to the cura
tive effects of this medicine. Peruna is
a well tested and frequently used rem
edy, and for catarrh of the stomach is
"My catarrh was principally located
in my head and stomach. I tried many
remedies without success. I tried sev
eral doctors, but they were unable to
cure me. I read of Peruna in the pa
pers and five bottles cured me."
Jfrank Bichter.
The gastric juice is secreted by the
mucous follicles of the stomach.
iVhen this juice is normal it digests
'(dissolves) the food without produc
ing any disturbance whatever. If,
liowever, the gastric juice is not nor
mal, digestion causes many disagree
ble symptoms. This condition is
3nown as indigestion. Teruna will
cure this.
Selina Tanner, Athens, O.,
"I cannot find words to ex
press my thanks
for your kind ad
vice. I never
once thought
had catarrh of
the stomach.
commenced tak'
mg Peruna as
you directed. My
stomach contin
ueu to hurt me
for about' two
weeks after I be
gan the medi
cine and then it
stopped. , I now
Mr. Selina Tanner.
have a good ap
petite while before I was nearly
starved. .Mrs. belina .tanner,
Mr. L. O. Marble, of Geneva, Neb.,
"I do believe that my catarrh is en
tirely cured. I have not had any
trouble with my stomach for a long
time. 1 am as well as one of my ag-e
could expect (seventy years). I have
had the catarrh ever since I was a
young- man, and have doctored for it
for years and got very little better, but
thanks to you and your Peruna and
Manalin I believe I am well of it. I can
eat anything- now and it doesn't hurt
me, and Peruna is the only thing I ever
found that will cure the catarrh. I be
lieve it is the only cure for catarrh,
and I hope every one troubled withca
tarrh will try Peruna and be cured."
Lu O. Marble
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Peru
na, write at once to Dr..IIartman, giv
ing a full statement of your case and
he will be pleased to give you his val
uable advice gratis.
Address Dr. ITartman, president of
The Ilartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
S3 & $3.50 SHOES tESS.
The real -worth of W. I Douglas 3.00 and S3.50
Shoes compared -with other makes is 51.00 to S5.00.
Our $4. OO Gilt Edgre Line cannot be equalled at any
price. IV e make and sell more $3.00 and S3.50 shoes
than any other two manufacturers in the United States.
Til E REASON moreW.L. Pousrlss S3 and MM rtoea in sold
thsnsnr other mskeia because TJ1EY AUKTHK BEST. Tour
dealer ahould keep them i we fit one dealer exclusive in each town.
Take noiubititutr! Inaist mi ha vine W. L.. Donfrlas ehoea with,
Same and pnea stamped on bottom. It yonr dealer will nut ret them for
yon. Bend direct to factory, encloring price and 25c extra tor carriage.
Bests kind of leather, size, and width, plain or rap toe. Our ehoee will
reach you anywhere. Write or catalogue tfuiwmg nno Spring style.
We nan Fast Color We I- Iot.rlus Shoe Co.,
Eyelet in all our shoes. - - ISrockLon. A as.
Cheap Ratea to California.
February 12th and" each Tuesday there
aJler, until and including April 30th, Special
jLow Kate Colonist Tickets will be sold via
the Southern Pacific's Company's "Ogden"
nd "Sunset" Koutes to all points in CaIiA
nia. The rate will be: From Chicago
530.00, from St. Louis, Memphis and New
Orleans $-7.50, from Omaha, Kansas City,
tc, $25.00. Corresponding low rates from,
all other points east and north.
For particulars and detailed information
pertaining to the Southern Pacific Com
pany's .Routes, and these -pecial rates to Cal
ifornia, ca'l upon or addiess
W. 6. Xeimver, G. W. A, S. P. Co., 233
Clark St., Chicago, 111.
V. H. Connor, C. A., S. P. Co., Chamber
of Commerce BIdg., Cincinnati, Ohio.
G. G. Herring, C. A., S. P. Co., 711 Park
Bldg., Patts-burg, Pa.
L. E. Townsley, C. A., S. F. Co., 421 Olive
St., St, louis, Mo.
' C. C. Cary, C. A., S. P. Co., 203 Sheidley
Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
Couldn't Square the Circle.
He I thought you knew the Browns.
Don't yon live in the same square ?
She Yes, but you pee, we don't move in
the same circle Tit-Bite.
"Is he a professional man?" "No; only
an amateur." Town Tories.
Carter's Ink
oest for school, home and office. It costs no
sTsrethan poor ink. Always ask for Carter's.
Opportunities make obligations. Ram'i
LUHf S hHI-Si. all fl Hii Q
Beat Cough byrnp. Tastes Good.
nme. Hold tr drrjo-elts.
Thomna A. Edison has entered the
auto field rith a new light storage
Twenty thousand persons partici
pated in an anti-clerical riot at Bar
celona, Spain .Sunday.
Col. D. S. Twitchell died suddenly,
Sunday morning', at Kansas City, Mo
of a complication of diseases.
Startlinrj frauds are alleged to have
been discovered in the commissary
department in the Philippines.
College women from all parts of the
United States purpose establishing
a college woman's clubhouse in New
Mrs. Charles Hess, an a.q-ed. Cer-
man resident of Edwardsville, 111.,
died suddenly, Sunday, while on her
way to church.
President McKinley has decided not
to take with, him any special news
paper correspondents on his trip to
the Pacific coast.
Fernando Yznaga, who died a few
weeks asro in New York, left to his
frister, Consuelo, duchess of Marlbo
rough, $1,250,000.
Thomas L. Sobey, who served in the
Spanish-American war with the Mis
souri engineer battalion, committed
suicide in Chicago.
The life of a St. Joseph jirl was
saved by her bustle. The steel and
wire fixing turned the bullets fired by
her jealous sweetheart.
Florian Imer, a Kansas City (Mo.)
saloonkeeper preferred death to life
without his wife and hanged himself
to a tree over her grave.
The prospects for a large wheat
erop in southern Illinois this j'ear are
exceedingly bright. A repetition of
the crop of 1SS2 is looked for.
Arrangements for the ceremonies
attending the unveiling of the statue
of Gen. John A. Logan in Iowa cir
cle, Washington, April 9, have been
The remains of James Stephens
were buried beside those of his wife
in the ''Martyrs' plot," at Bmblin,
Sunday, in the presence of a great
Louis Yaller, a tough character,
forced his way into the house of Mrs.
Kado Johnson, a widow, near Thomp
sonville, 111., and Mrs. Johnson killed
him with an ax.
Mrs. Maggie Jones, wife of a St.
Louis letter carrier, attempted sui
cide by shooting, because some of her
neighbors had talked about her. Her
condition is dangerous.
Mrs. Elizabeth llollis, aged "SO, died
of dropsj-. She was one of the pio
neers of Randolph townsh'p, McLain
county, 111., and had lived 50 years on
the farm where she died.
Margaret Atwell, mother of the
Episcopal bishop of the diocese of
western Missouri, died suddenly at
Kansas City, Sunday morning, from
heart disease, aged 88 years.
Lieutenant Commander Jesse Mims
Toper, of the gunboat Petrel, a native
of Missouri, was suffocated in a fire
on his vessel, at Cavite, P. I., while
trying to rescue members of the
Jev. J. G. Campbell, one of the earl
it-Ft preachers of the Disciples it
Christ in Illinois, died at Blooming
ton, 111., Sunday, of nervous prostra-
tion. She was the wife of a prominent
Eloomington business man.
The President Make a. Number of
Promotions In the avnl Serv
ice and Marine Co rim.
"Washington, April 1. The presi-,
dent has made the following appoint
Treasury Joseph B. Stewart, to bo
collector of customs for the district
of Richmond, Ya.
Navy .Joseph N. Hemphill, Abra
ham P. H. Lillie, Henry N. Manney
and Wm. T. Swinburne, to be cap
tains; Edward M. Hughes and Samuel
P. Comly to be commanders; Hoy C.
Smith and Robert S. Griflin to be
lieutenant-commanders. Emory Win
ship to be advanced four numbers in
rank on the list of lieutenants, junior
grade, for eminent and conspicuous
conduct in battle; Col. Robert I.
Meade to be brigadier-general by bre
vet in the corps,for distinguished con
duct and public service in the pres
ence of the enemy at the battle of
Tien Tsin, China; Lieut. Wm. G.
Powell, to be captain by brevet in the
marine corps for distinguished con
duet and public service in the pres
ence of the enemy at Tien Tsin.China,
and Thomas P. Hobby to be a warrant
machinist in the navy.
I'oor of the Philippine Judicial Ap
pointee Sail for Manila on
the Transport Bnford.
San Francisco, April 1. Four recent
appointees to judicial positions in the
Philippines sailed for Manila on the
transport Bnford. They are J. F.
Cooper, of Fort Worth, Tex., and
Charles A. Willard, of Minneapolis,
who have been appointed justices of
the supreme court, the court of last
resort in the Philippines; Fletcher
Ladd, of Lancaster, N. II., and W. A.
Kinkaid, of Galveston, who have been
appionted judges of the court of first
instance, a trial court with civil and
criminal jurisdiction corresponding to
the superior court in this state.
More Filipino Surrenders.
Manila .April 1. Thirty men of
Gen. Caille's command have surren
dered. Of this number five were of
ficers, including Col. Herrera and Belaya.
Lord Salisbury Progrrcsalnff.
London, April 1. Although no bul
letin has been issued, it is said that
Lord Salisbury is progressing satis
factorily toward recovery from hia
The population of London has in
creased to the extent of 700,000 sincfr
Every inhabitant of the United King
dom may be said figuratively to hold
sway over 30 acres abroad.
The entire collection of coins and
medals in the British museum consists
of nearly 250,000 specimens.
London has 56 parks and gardens
of from one-fourth of an acre to 108
acres, and 30 open spaces and com-
xnons, fxpju pna 1ft ?Z fcfirss in size. ..
Vhat Will Become of China
None can foresee the outcome of the quar
rel between foreign powers over the divi
sion of China.. It is interesting to watch
the going to pieces of this ancient but un
progressive race. Many people in America
are also going to pieces because of dyspep
sia, constipation, blood, liver and stomach
diseases. We are living .too fast, but
strength, vigor and good health can be re
tained if we keep off and cure the above dis
eases with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
With Most People.
A Kansas City man has issued a -pamphlet
on the "Mission of Wealth." With all re
pect to the author, the most trouble" with
most people is the omission of wealth. Kan
saa City (Mo.) Journal.
Stats or Ohio, Citt or Toledo, 1
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
& Co., doing business in the city of Toledo.
County and State aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sum of One Hundred Dol
lars for each and every case of catarrh that
cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of December, A. D.
18S6. A. W. (J LEA SON,
Seal Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the svstem. Send for testimonials,
free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
There is an insurance company in Paris
that refuses to issue policies on the lives of
people who use hair dye. Having dyed
they are probably considered dead. Chica
go Daily News.
Von Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE.
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmsted, Lerov,
N. Y., for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder to shake into your shoes. It
cures chilblains, sweating, damp, swollen,
aching feet. It makes New or tight shoes
easy. A certain cure for Corns and Bun
ions. All druggists anl shoe stores sell it. 25c.
"Willie, you mustn't eat so fast; it will
give you dyspepsia." "An' then would I be
cross as pa? Indianapolis News.
It takes two to make a quarrel, but it's
usually the work of a third. N. . Herald.
Q. E. D.
A man who called himself a "demon
strator" invaded a Vv est Pniiadclphia board
ing house patronized by university stu
dents. Hearing of his claims to education
al distinction tlie students tried to draw the
newcomer into conversation, and finally he
was asked to show what kiud of practical
work he could do. Immediately tue young
man pulled out a box of wnite paste,
smeared it on a window pane and polished
the glass with a chamois skin. "Tliere, gen
tlemen," he said, "if anyone can make a
clearer demonstration tiian that let him
step up." The students notified the land
lady that it was not professional for this
kind of a demonstrator to pose in their
midst, and the stranger shook the dust from
his feet against all in that house and sol
emnly announced tjiat he left thein to do
the dust of ages. Turning to a dental stu
dent, he exclaimed: "I throw it in your
teeth that when I have sold all my territory
and am riding in my coach the dust of'my
chariot wheels shall extinguish you as you
trudge along the pave!" With this awful
imprecation he took his clothes and went.
Philadelphia Record.
Aiklng Too Much.
A Louisville man is considered a sort of
authority on all literary topics. He is con
stantly consulted, and recently a dude went
ifter him for information on a certain top
ic. The man of letters kindly gave it. But
somehow or other his dudelets was slow to
catch on. He wanted to know the why and
wherefore of a lot of things connected with
the subject. Why was it thusly. and where
fore'was it not so and so? The literary man
explained and explained until he grew
weary. Finally his boredom and irritation
overcame his politeness. "Sir," he thun
dered, angrily, "you come to me for infor
mation on this subject. I give you the facts,
but. Heaven knows, I cannot give you the
brains to grasp them. You ask too much."
Louisville Times.
A Gentle Hint. Tommv "Tell me a
story." Uncle "A story! But I don't
know what to tell you a story about." Tom
my "Oh, tell me a story about a little boy
who had a good uncle who gave him six
pence." Pick Me Up. '
The Man and the Microbe.
At this point in the fable the Maq Mar
veled greatly in that he had not mil the
Microbe long since.
"In what guise have you traveled, pray?"
asked the Man.
"Why, for the most part in the guys who
didn't boil the drinking water!" replied the
Microbe, candidly.
Of course, hygienic science was destined
to change all this. Detroit Journal.
The Passenger Department of the Union
Pacific Ry. has recently issued a twenty
eight page booklet of "The Overland Limit
ed." It is a magnificent specimen of print
ing, artistic in the highest degree, and is
embellished with views of the train men
tioned both interior and exterior, together
With much information regarding the serv
ice, and also interesting points on the
route to California. It makes one feel like
putting his affairs in order with the least
possible delaV and taking a trip to the Gold
en Gate. The Union Pacific was the pio
neer line Westward, and it is not too much
to say that it has maintained the prestige
which that fact gave it. A trip to California
over the Union Pacific in connection with
the Chicago & Northwestern and Southern
Pacific Systems is a delight at all times.
Can't Always Tell.
"Do you serve lobsters here?" asked the
new arrival.
"Well," replied the waiter, "we 'as our
instructions to discriminate as much as pos
sible among them as comes in to eat."
Philadelphia North American.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
saved my life three years ago. Mrs. Thos.
Robbins, Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y,
Feb 17, 1900.
A woman gets up a good meal for the
, preacher, but she eclipses all efforts when
her husband brings a former lover home to
dine, in order that she may show him what
he missed. Atchison Globe.
Women nIuci
Avoid Kervous Prostration
If you are dangerously sick what is
the first duty of your physician ? Ho
quiets the nervous system, he deadens
the pain, and you sleep welL
You ought to know that when you
ceased to be regular in your courses,
grow irritable -without cause, and
pass sleepless nights, there is serious
To Care a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggist s refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
If a man wants to get mad he will always
find an opportunity. Washington (la.)
Pleasant, WTholesome, Speedy, for coughs
is Hale's Honey of Horehound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
"He called his vaudeville sketch The
Vaccination Mark.'" "Yes." "It didn't
take." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Have vou ever experienced the joyful sen
sation of a good appetite? You will if you
chew Adams' Pepsin Tutti Frutti.
No matter "how wise a man is there are
people who think he is a fool. Atchison
Not all reverent men are wise, but every
wise man is reverent. Rani's Horn.
Mas. Habtlet.
trouble somewhere, and nervous pros
tration is sure to follow.
You ought to know that indigestion,
exhaustion, womb displacements,
fainting, dizziness, headache, and.
backache send the nerves wild with,
affright, and you cannot sleep.
Mrs. Hartley, of 221 W. Congress St
Chicago, 111., whose portrait we pub
lish, suffered all these agonies, and
was entirely cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound ; her case
should be a warning to others, and
her cure carry conviction to the minds
of every suffering woman of the un
failing efficiency of Lydia E. Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound.
To produce the best results
in fruit, vegetable or grain, the
fertilizer used must contain
enough Potash. For partic
ulars see our pamphlets. We
send them free.
93 Nassau Sc., New York. '
They pmy on all crops
ncn land as well as poor
land. Write for "Book
llllllE lllllOD Uso of Fertilisers
v w" w fr.e I.areesr fertilizer
company in the world VIRIXlA-f:AKOI,I.NA
CllkallCAl, COiirAA A , AlemplUa, Xcna.
3rVTlr Dally Train.
Indian Territory
Two Dally Trains.
Pullman Sleepers and Free Reclining
Chair Cars all the wav without change to
TEXAS and the WEST- The very best
of connections. Cheap home-stfelcers tickets
on sale firs and third Tuesdays each month
Memphis Ticket Office. 13 Monroe St.
F. D. BLACKJiAN, T. P. A..
Chattanooga. Ten a.
FXA5C M. Griffith, T. P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn.
GKO. H. LM, Gen. P. & T. A.,
Little Kock, Ark.
lief and POSITIVE.
J. Y CUKES ni.K.H.
Kor free samp' address
AA Trib
une building, Mow York.
ioi Madison btreet, Memphis, Tennessee.
A. N. K. F
please state that yvu saw the Advertise,
cat la this paper.
iiiiiimi mi i i'i
PRICE, 25c.
We are keeping np the grade of
Watch our next advertisement.
to a high point!
It is known all over the country as
the best package coffee, and its
quality will be strictly maintained.
LION COFFErB .is not a glazed
coffee. We do not need to resort to eg-g- mix
tures or chemicals which are used to hide im
perfections and to make the coffee look shiny.
LION COFFEE is absolutely
pure, and that is the reason why it is now used
in millions of homes.
In every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive list. No "housekeeper, in
fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article which will contribute to their happiness,
comfort and convenience, and which they may have by simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from
the wrappers of our one pound sealed packages (which is the only form in whica this excellent coffee is sold).
Undigested, decaying food remnants, in the mouth and stomach, giving off pestiferous gases, are the cause
of that awful breath, so repulsive as to cause a halt in friendship, affection, love, any form of intimacy.
Nobody can stand its overpowering stench, and it is a cause of terrible misery to those afflicted and their dear
ones. There is only one way to cure it disinfect the digestive canal with CASCARETS! Clean it out, keep it
clean, let CASCARETS stimulate the lining of mouth and stomach, and put it in shape to work naturally and
properly. Nothing but CASCARETS will bring about the desired result. . BE SURE YOU GET THEM!
it to
ens. Detroit Free Pi.
"I bare been using: CASCARETS
and aa a mild and ellective laxative they ara
simply -wondarfuL My daughter and I were
bothered with sick stomach and our breath
was rery bad. Alter taking a few doses of
Cascarets we have Improved wonderfully.
They aro s great help in the family." -
. WltiHBLsfrSA Nagil,
1137 Rittenhoose St., Cincinnati. Ohio.
or It.
L :-r
8UAKAXTEED TO CUKE all bowel troubles, aiieiidleltis, bllloorans,
-bad breath, bavd blood, wind on the stomach, bloated bowels, foal Mouth,
headache. Indigestion, pinnies, pains after cation liver trouble, sallow eosa
plrxloa and dizziness. V hen yoor bowels don't move ree-ularly you aro
eettinar slek. Constipation Kills more oeopie man ail oiner oiseases
ft I . & starter for the ehronle ollaoents and lone years or snfferlna- that come
afterward. So matter what alia you, start tnklnz CASCAJlfcl
fi today, for
von will never eet well and be well all the time until you put your bowel
iP,. t J Wmi ,wi t I rv i .tart with CASCA.KET& today, under an absoiota
m M. - r- . . -
Kuaraatee to cure or money rrriuuucu.
WMsold. A'ew It Is aver sis: mtllfoo boxes m year, xreater than any
edlelne la the world. This Is absolute avoof or ereat merit, and
;.lioIsl. Wo have faith, aad will selfCAfcA&ETS absolutely
orABAHTEXI) TO OCKEl FlTO'yeara atro tho first box of CAS-
f Ale rrg was sold. A ow It Is aver six millioi
slsnilJr m
them a fair, hoaest trial, as pr slsnnie directions, and If you are not satisfied
Bfter usinar one 4 box. return (he unused SOc box and (he empty box to
us by mall, or the drunlst from whom you purchased It, and a-et your money
bach for both boxes. Take onr ad vice no matterwhat aiis yon start toaay.
Health will oulckJy follow and you will bless the day yoi first started the use
fTps 2t?x It ETs. Booh. free by mall. Add: STKKU5G iBI CO., Bw Ysrtsr Csieaga.
. ....
.t .
t ... i
- m , , . lNs.

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