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"ST, JZJIPjEZLJLi S. . 1901.
Hfci if
"Will B 3 Commanded at the
Memphis Reunion by
Capt. N. E Wood,
of Hardeman.
Captain N. S. Wood, of
the WhitoviHe neighborhood,
being the ranking survi
ving officer of Forrest's
old regiment, has been re
quested by Col. Kelly to com
mand the regiment at the
Memphis reunion. !No brav
er man followed the fortunes
of the Confederacy than Cap
tain Wood. tie enlisted in
the "Schuyler Dragoons"
and was mustered into ser-,
vice at New Castle, March
12,1802. The company " was
ordered to Burns ville, Miss.,
reporting to Forrest, which
completed his regiment. Aft
er the reorganization of the
army, June, 18G2, he was
elected first lieutenant of his
company. In thf spring of
1863, upon the death of Cap
tain Rufus Brooks, Lieuten
ant Wood was promoted to
the captaincy of his company.
Captain Wood commanded
his company in every engage
ment previous to the time
that it was associated, tem
porarily, with Captain Blan
ton's company and took part
in the battles of Shiloh, Cor
inth, Iuka,IIari isburg, Frank
lin, in fruit of Nashville, and
many other engagements.
He also commanded his regi
ment in nearly every engage
ment on Hood's raid. He
was never wounded. He sur
rendered at Gainesville, Ala.,
May 15, 18G5.
Below is a copy ot the let
ter recently received by him
from Col. Kelly. Captain
Wood requests all survvors
of Forrest's regiment to be
present at the reunion, and
he also asks that the papers
of West Tennessee reproduce
the following letter:
Nashville, Tenn. ,Meh. 22, 1901.
Cait. N. E. Wood.
My Dear Comrade So far as I
am able to learn, you are the rank
ing surviving officer of "Forrest's
Old Regiment." I write therefore
to request that you commaud the
"Old Regiment" at the Memphis
reunion. My wish is to have the
regiment appear in the parade on
'Forrest Day" immediately follow
ing the escort.
You will make every possible ef
fort to communicate with the mem
bers of the "Old Regiment" as it
was at the surrender, and induce all
to be present. We hope to appear
in the parade mounted.
Yours truly,
D. fJ. Kelly.
Stock and Fence Bills.
Representative Foster has
introduced the following bills,
which have passed second
reading in the House and
recommended for final pass
age by the committees to
which they were referred.
Both of the bills are local,
applying only to Hardeman
County: j
An act to protect inclosed lands of!
persons in certain counties of this
State, ag.iinet certain trespassing
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of the State of
Tennessee, That all persons owning
or controlling any swine in this
State, shall keep same confined on
their own premises.
Section 2. Be it further enacted,
That when any swine is found tres?
a-iuir :t ili!' m-Nised land. of any
r-o'i ii this ftiato. whether the
lVni-- ;iri;i!ni Hie i'n-locre b .i law
ful f!u or ?h owir of -ij-1i
ii-;loM!rrs fi!al! liavt; a Ihmi oh Baltic
for all dam jif. d:ic by unid wine
j whiit t n-Hp.T-sing on h;:M iiic'osurt',
j wbich lion hhall b enforred by at
tachment or by judgment al law
'and the execution itsu-it m f.id
! judgment shall In; levied on s.iid
j trespas!jnr swine; provided, lliis
act shall not apply to counties hav
ing a population of more than twenty-two
thousand, nine hundred and
seventy-sir, nor less than twenty
two thousand, seven hundred and
thirty-nine, according to the Feder
al Census of 1900 or any future
Federal Ceusus. Provided further,
that this act shall not be so con
strued as to exempt railroads or any
person from paying the owner of
trespassing swine full damages done
for killing or wounding same while
trespassing on their property or in
closure. Section 3. Be it further enacted,
That this act take effect from and
after the first day of October, 1901,
the public welfare requiring it.
An act to defiue a lawful fence in
certain Couuties of Tennessee and
provide for the protection of in
closure against trespassing ani
mals. Section 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of the Slate of
Tennessee, That every planter shall
make and keep a sufficient fence ot
ordinarily sound and substantial ma
terial around his land in cultivation.
Section 2. Be it further enacted,
That the following shall be suffi
cient: (1) A post and plank or post and
paling fence, plank or paling must
be four feet high and fastened to
railings running horizontally, one
near the bottom or ground and one
near the top, post not to be more
tnan 10 feet apart and set firmly in
the ground, the space between said
planks or palings not to be more
than six inches.
(2) A common worm or crooked
rail fence four and one-half (4) feet
high," vhe space between the rails to
be close enough to keep all slock,
except swine, from passing through.
(3) Bois 'd Arc or Osage Orange
fences, or part of wire and part of
Bois 'd Arc or Oage Orange, four
feet high and at least 18 inches
across the top and sufficiently close
to prevent all stock, except swiue,
from passing through.
(4) A fence 4J- feet high, built on
good sized substantial post, set firm
ly in the ground not more thau 18
feet apart with post or substantial
stay half-way between post. Said
fence shall consist of four (4) barbed
wires, or four (4) planks, or four (4)
slats, running horizontally and fas
tened firmly to said post or stay,
the first to be not more than 13
inches from the ground, the second
not more than 13 inches from the
first, the third not more than 13
inches from the second, the fourth
to be not more than 13 inches from!
the third. Said fence may consist
entirely of wire, or of planks, or of
slats, or it may be composed of
wire, plank and slats.
Section 3. Be it further enacted,
That the following shall be sufficient
and be a lawful fence only as to
horses, mules, and all cattle except
calves and yearlings under two
years old:
A fence four and oue-half (4i)
feet high, built on good sized sub
stantial post, set firmly in the
ground not more than 13 feet apart
with a substantial stay or post half
way between said post, said fence
shall consist of three barbed wire",
or three planks, or three slats, run
ning horizontally and fastened firm
ly to said post and slays, the first)
to be not more than 18 inches from
the ground, the second not to be
more thau 18 inches from the first
and the third to be not more than
18 inches from the secoud; said
fence may consist entirely of wire
strands, or of planks, or of slats, or
it may be composed of wire, planks
and slats.
Section 4. Be it further enacted,
That all persous having a lawful
fence shall have a lien on all animals
found trespassing 011 their inelosures
for u'.l damages done by eaid tres
passing animals and to secure the
pawoent of sm-h damages - ami all
co.t. attachment or execution may
be levied upon the ftock commit
ting the uesi-asxing and after ten
days' notice ciich tock shall be sold
to pay such amount of damages and
cost; provided, that this act shall
not apply to cointies having a pop
ulation of more than twenty-two
thousand, nine hundred and seventy
six nor less thau twenty-two thous
and, seven hundred and thirty-nine,
according to the Federal Ceusus of
1900 or any future Federal Census.
Section 5. Be it further enacted,
That all laws and parts of laws in
conflict with this act be; and the
siiiue are hereby repealed, and this
act take effect from ami after its
passage, the public welfare requir-
Proceedings April -Term.
The settlements of the County
Trustee for the mouths of January,
February and March, 1901, for the
county fund, were produced in open
court, and the same approved and
ordered recorded and filed.
To the Honorable County Court of Hardeman
County :
Your Chairman most respectfully.-submits
the following report of
the financial condition of the county
on the 1st day of April, 1901:
There was in the hands of the
Trustee on January 1, 19C1 (last
report) the sum of $4,81G.9l; col
lected from all sources since, as
shown in the monthly settlements
with Trustee and Chairman, $9,
4GG.33 making a total of 14,283.
2G. . !
Disbursements, warraut paid I
and cou. missions of the Trustee,
quarter ending March 31st, 1901,
$3,410 32; amount on hand, April
1, 1901, $10,812 94; to amount of
warrants issued for all purposes
from January 1, 1901 to April 1,
1901, $3,102.20; amount of warrants
issued and in hands of the Chair
man uncalled for April 1, 1901,
$398.38. W. J. Cox, Chm.
The above report was received
and ordered recorded and filed.
John M. Mitchell, 11. D. Whit
ley and Win. Smith, Commissioners
of the Poor, made the following re
port, which was received and order
ed tiled: '-To the Worshipful
Cojinty Court We, the Commis
sioners of the Poor, hereby beg
leave to report that we have exam
ined the poor house and find it in
reasonably good condition and the
inmates taken care of according to
contract. We carefully examined
the causes of a certain paper, signed
by the piupers and find it without
foundation. We now have in our
charge 14--ten white, one half-Indian,
three colored, with a proba
bility of an increase."
For good and sufficient reasons,
known to the Court, the levy of
taxes on property, polls and privi
leges, for County purposes, for the
year 1901, was postponed until the
July term. 1901, or until an extra
session, that may be called by - the
The Commissioners of the Poor
were authorized to contract with
some competent physician to do the
practice for the' paupers, as in their
judgment may be for the best inter
ests of the County.
S. 3t. Nclms and J. II. Mills, on
account of being unable to perform
manual labor, were allowed to ped
dle without license.
The Chairman was authorized to
purchase a new "strike wheel" for
the court house clock, cost not to
exceed 30 00.
Hugh Caruthers was elected tax
Sssessor iu District No. 5.
It appearing to the court that
the keepers of the Poor House, W.
A. and J. R. .May field, by reason
of the character of the inmates now
under their control, should be paid
more than tfie price named in con
tract, it was therefore ordered by
the Court that the sum of one dol
lar per head, per month, for the
next three months, be paid as addi
tional compensation to th"? keepers.
D. E Bishop was elected Super
intendent of Public Instruction of
Hardeman County, to fill out the
unexpired term of former Superin
tendent J. A Hudson, w ho has re
moved from the County.
The venire for the May term ol
Circuit Court and the appropriation !
list will appear in next week's issue ;
of the Bulletin.
As the hot weather of summer is approaching,
this ppT will constantly ke-i before ii renders
TEI--T1IINA, a remedy' which, where known, is
beiitit aniorsMW uset to preven; and counteract'
th- Sects of wirm wvatlitr upon ftioull children,
and it is hoped that all mothers of this community
will keep their children in a healthy condition by
giving it, for it costn only 25 cents at drucirist ; or
mail 25 cents toC J. Hofl'ett, M. St. Louis,Mo.
The Best Remedy for Rheumatism.
All who . Chamberlain's Pain
Balm for 1 heumalism are delighted
with the quick relief - from pain
which it affords. When speaking
of this Sir. D. N. i.ks, of Troj
Ohio, says: "Soon' lime ago I had
a severe attack of rheumatism in.my
arm ami shoulder. I tried numer
ous remedies hut got no relief until
I was recommended by Messrs Geo
F. J'aieons & Co., drtigiist of this
place, to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. They recommended it so
highly that 1 bought a bottle. I
was soon relieved of all my pain. I
have since recommended .this liui
ineut to many of my friends, who a
giee with me that itJ'is the best rem
edy for muscular rheumatism in the
market". For sale by W. J Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
A Raging,
Washed down
Roaring Flood
a telegraph line
which Chas.C. Ellis, of Lisborn La.,
had to repair. "Standing waist
deep in icy water," he writes, "gave
me a terrible cold and cough. It
grew worse daily. Finally the best
doctors in - Oakland, Neb., Sioux
City and Omaha said I had consump
tion and could not live. Then I
began using Dr. King's New Dis
covery and was wholly cured by six
bottles " Positively guaranteed for
Coughs, Colds and all Throat and
Lung troubles by W. J. Cox,
gist. Price 30 cents. -
A Testimonial From Old England.
"I consider Ch'tmherl.-iiu's Cough
Ilemedv the best in the world tor
bronchitis," say Mr. William Sav
ory, of Warrington. England. "Ii
has saved my l ife's lil'e, she having
been a martyr to bronchitis. for over
six years,, losing i;nst of the time
confined to her bed. rihe is now
qoile well. Sold by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
'Tis Easy to Feel Good.
Couutless thousands have found a
blessing to the body in Dr King's
New Life Pills, -which positively
cure Constipation, JSick Headache,
Dizziness, Jaundice, Malaria, Fever
and Ague and all Liver and Stom
ach troubles. Purely vegetable;
never gripe or weaken. Only 25
cents at W. J. Cox's drug store.
& Iadies
I am overstocked on
KID SHOES Ziegler,
makes several different
Lot No. 1, will sell at
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mi n .
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il Q K S3
ikCli B B B
which caused a valuable . horse much suffering, but
from which permanent injury was avoided by the
timely use of Mexican Mustang Liniment.
La Grange, Tenn., Jan. 6, 1901.
-Lyon Manufacturing Co.,
Brooklyn, N. V.
Dear Sirs: I will say" that your Mexican Mnstang
Liniment has done a wonderful cure in this part of the
country. I own the stallion known as the "State of Ten
nessee," who has a large patronage both far and near his
service this Spring to date is 102 mares. I was offered
$400x0 when he was two years old. I refused same. -Then
some one took him from the stable and commenced with a
wire and wrapped the right leg from the foot tip to his hip,
and after standing all night the leg had swollen so large as to
hide the wire, and in five days the leg bursted and the flesh
turned Inside out. I spent large sums of money to have him
cured but up to five months ago it was quite a failure, and
then a friend induced me to try a bottle of, your liniment. I
used one of the 25ent bottles because I did not have much
faith in it, but it helped him so much that I bought a second,
third and fourth bottle, which completely cured him. The
reason it took so long to cure is that it had a kind of itching
sensation when it was healing a little, when he would bite it
with his teeth. I put the lipjp.cnt on the wound with a feath
er and rubbed the swollen ?s 'wi1'1 my hand.
Mexican Mustang Linime:.t seemed (0 take out all the
itching as well as to cause it to heal rapidly, and he showed
no disposition to interfere with it.' The one dollar purchase
has been worth hundreds of dollars to me. I keep your
Liniment in my breeding stable all the time, andjo those
who have horses I will say it is the best liniment that money
can buy. I will answer all inquiring letters. .
Very truly yours,
Roll of Honor.
The following persons have
scribed for and renewed their
su I'
scriptioi.K to t!;e
the past week:
T. L. Jackson. . .
. . . Camden, Ark.
, . . . Benoit, Miss.
...... Saulsbui v.
Pine Top.
. ..Middleburg.
, Dorris.
Bradford, Tenn.
N . Jackson . . ,
E Wood....
L. Gibson
T. Joviif r. Jr.
II M. Wright.. .
W. E. Bailey.. .
J. S. Xoi inont. . .
W. G. Webb.. .,
J. L. Ervin
A. J. Shearin
W. M. Matthews
E. F. Curry ....
II. b Wilson. ..
G. M. Warren Bolivar.
X. J. Seddens -..Bolivar.
J. I). Lax Hickory Valley.
J. J. Kinney Augustus.
W. II. Irwin Pocahontas.
B. T. McKinuie ... .Jackson, Tenn.
John Collins Bolivar.
Caught a Dreadful Cold.
Marion Kooke, manager for T. M.
Thompson, a large importer of fine
millinery at IG08 Milwaukee Ave
nue, Chicago, says: "During the
late severe weather I caught a dread
ful cold which kept me awake at
night and made me unfit to attend
my work duriugthe day. One of
my milliners was taking Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy for a severe
cold at that time, which seemed to
relieve her so quickly that I bought
some for myself. It acted like
magic and I beg in to improve at I
once. I am now entirelv well and
feel veiy pleased to acknowledge its
merits." For sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W". Nuckolls, Toone.
. He Kept His Leg:. j
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan, i
rif e 1 i -y - . . t - '
01 naruoru, v.onn-, weraicueu nis
leg with a rusty wire. Iuflamation
ami blood poison set in. For two
years he suffered intensely. Then
the best doctors urged amputation,
"but," he writes, "I used one bot
tle of Electric Bitters and boxes
of Bueklcn Arnica Salve and my leg
was sound and well as ever." For
Eruptions, Eczema, Tetter, Salt
Itiieum, Sores and ail blood disor-1
ders Electric Bitters has no rival on
earth. Try them, W. J. Cox will
guarantee satisfaction or refund
money. Only 50 cents.
small sizes in LADIES'
Bay State, Priesmeyer
toes. - ' -
$1.00 cash.
at $l.bU cash. i)
i rsi . l . n S-
values onoes mai sen (6
, 1 . T-.iT--v "-t--- --r.ir--r .rrr..-,. :.
Abge!able Frcparafionfor As
similating iteFeodandReguIa
lin ikcS tumacls anlBowels of
Promotes Digcslion.Cheerfur
ness and Rest . Contains neilher
Opiiim.Moi-pIiinc r.orJtineral.
fiutpe a lS.i?flEL PITCHER
PmtfJcu Steel'
iWU Sebt -steiisr
Strti r
Jhepenrwit -?
CatafiiM SocCa '
IfemSed- -Ciaifttd
. bigrrr
lzC9yftai Flavor, '
Aperfecl Remedy forConstipa
Fion , Sour Stomach. Diarrhoea
Worms .Concisions everish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
O. T. INGRAM, P resident.
W. C. IKJK.'OX, Casiier.
JOU.S L. MlTClIELfj, Assis't Cashior.
Directors G. T. Ingram, D. E. Durrctt, Jno. W. Nuckolls,
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage, W. C. Dorion, Jno. P. Douglas.
fc3Transacta a General Banking Business. Dqjio&iU Solicited.
- y Collections Made ami Prompt Returns. Money to Two on Reasonable Terms.
Dry, Goods, Costumes, Carpets,
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satisfactory conditions than have ever before existed during the life of
this great business.
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. Mail Order Department
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mammoth assortments as is enjoyed-by city customers.
Samples Sent
on receipt oT all reasonable requests.
spondence is given
aud carefully.
0 1 Li 0 J
2, .-j
C Cs if so
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1 w
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