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county cou. .
rejeclea it by aj.J
Kills op AN
Ttnscd "vv
A p h H teM -J 1
f Y
e nave re
to slio
rI vs'
Latest styles in Lawns,
ored Piques, from 5 cents
M All Wool Dress Goods
or tlie COlOrS.
thlSSrimi All Wool Challies for
ZTsJTJLl'at 50 cents per yard.
All SVooI lbatroses, the latest thing for Dresses
and Shirt Waists, for spring and summer, all shades.
White Lawns in all grades from 5 cent g -up
English Long Cloth, 12 1-2 cents per yard.
Cheapest, largest and best line of Embroideries
"and Laces in the city.
Men's, Boys' and Children's Hats and Caps in
all the new shapes and nobby styles.
s. sr?. s- jr- ''SL'SZz, i''
ifc jo i
When the Heavenly father pent
the angel of death to summon Mr.
William D. Galloway, who gently
closod his eyes, j)assin from, a bed
of suffering to a home of eternal
bliss and haj ine&s, he was 58 years
and 7 nronlhs of age. On Dec. 31,
190(J!?hesweetly crossed the river,
cntccjn?he t'.eiutiful pearly gaves,
and his remains were buried in the
raids? "of many friends and relatives,
the funeral service being conducted
by Elder 13. S. Wolverton, at Van kh
an's Jan. 1, 1901, where a beautiful
family monument now stands, en
graved: "As a husband, devoted;
as a father, affectionate; as a friend,
ever kind and true." Mr. Galloway
did as all wibe people do sought
the "kingdom of God," which led
him to the Saulsbury BaptistChnrch,
which he joined in September 1579
and lived as "a child of the King"
until his death. He was appointed
by the County Court in 1883 to till
out the unexpired term of some oue
(probably "Shed" Moore) s Justice
of the Peace, and served in that t-a
pacity for 12 years. lie acted as
school director for 14 years.
The world seems sad and lone,
Without a father's care ;
Yet how bright the Heavenly borne,
With a father waiting then-.
Mrs. Mary Jacobs, mother
Mrs John li. Sparkmau, has
turned to her home
teenth district after
in the seven
a few weeks'
visit here.
Misses Julia and Dora West, en
joyed the hospitality of Minimum's
father's family one day recently.
Mr. Dive Spnrfcman, of Bolivar,
paid a short viit to the family of
his father, Mr. Y. N. Sparkmau,
Mr. Andrew Callahan and family
recently paid a visit to relatives in
the 17th district.
There is but. little excitement
here over the smallpox. Our Coun
ty Health Officer, Dr. Robert W.
Tate, deserves much credit for the
wise and efficient manner iu which
he performs his hygienic work.
Mr. B. F. Dowdy, member of the
board of school directors of the
tenth district, enjoyed the generous
hospitality of Mr. W. Spark
mau recently.
Mr. W. R. Jacobs, in company
with his three little boys, Jewel,
Ezekiel aud Ulyses, were guests of
your scribe s father a family lately.
Mr. C. E. Robinson, of .near Clo
visited relatives near here
our cus
and Che
VS' Vi-' VS' '5' VS cs- f
Dimities, White and Col-
per yard up.
in .all new material and
Dresses and Shirt Waists,
Mrs. Elvira Corner visited
lT T" J"6 ,ast .TI,u;1ay
Mr. J li. Comer visited Lis sou
at Cloverport Saturday.
Miss Maggie Estes and Mr. John
Daniel were happily united in mar
riage Wednesday, March 27. After
the ceremony a nice supper was
served at the residence of the
groom's father.
D. C. Ilamntr was presented with
an eleven pound boy on the 15th
ult. C. D. M.
Grand Junction will, on June 7th
next, surrender her charier. On
June Sth tho act reincorporating
will lake effect. Messrs. Foster
and Houston have done . their duty
toward us as men and as represent
atives. The following is a list of
those who desired a change:
J. B. Irwin.
SI. S. Smith.
J. W. DeAni.onl.
R. H. Hurst.
L. SI. Lee.
W. II" Ferguson.
John Heath.
J. W. Smith.
T. B. Dunbar.
VV. E. Lewellen.
T. B. num.
J. II. Prewitt.
W. R. Robinson.
R. W. need.
C. P. S abrook
B. B. Porter.
W. A. Stinson.
J. S. Sutton.
J. M. Follis.
T. F. Roche.
Henry Biegs, SI. D.
SI. H. Wells.
W. R. Arnett.
D. SI. Stroup.
W. F. Stroup.
1). C. Wells.
Galthur Smith.
D. SI. Delk.
J. F. Dunbar.
Henry PJclge.
A. P. Prwitt.
C. J. R.ers.
Taylor Kogers.
G.-o. W. Tipler.
J. P. Seabrook.
A. F. Stinson.
C L. Jenkins:
Irwin Hunt.
W. T. Follis
Pueh Patterson.
J. M. Well'.ns.
II. W. Day.
X. Z. Smart.
T. E. Prewitt, SI. D,
T. .v. Stephens.
T. D. Prewitt.
For the benefit of those who were
so afraid that Grand Junction would
die immediately after an act to abol
ish her charter was passed, wish to
say that there is more substantial
improvement going on in Grand
Junction than there has been at any
oue time within the past 25 ears.
Mr. Will Irwin is now having
buiit a spur track which joins the
Southern Railroad aud will tap one
of the Guest clay rteposits in this
country. He is spending several
thousand dollars in order to place
some on the market at the least pos
sible cost.
W. T. Follis, owner of the Grand
Junction Pottery, is now building
the latest improved kilns (down
draft) and erecting substantial build
ings and putting in up-to-date ma
chinery. This property is on the
" 1 of the Southern and I. C.
The Southern Railway Co. has
lumber here for fcbe jmrpose and
will soon erect a large warehouse in
place of the old one.
Mr. Hall, from Mississippi, has
bought a nice little home here and
is now building an extensive lum
ber yard and shed adjacent to the!
'Y" of the Southern aud I. C.I
Railroads. .
ceived our en
tomers and
apest S
Caps from J 5c. up; Men'sBlackSilkCaps for JOc.
s R. & G. Straight Front Corset, latest and newest. s
Our line of
Yard wide
s cannot be surpassed at prices to suit
H: Suits at $2.75 and up; Boys' Suits at $4.00 and up;
Children's Suits at 75 cents and up. Z2
Men's, Ladies' and Children's Hosiery, all grades. 3
IE Ladies' Shirt Waists and Wrappers.
Best assorted stock of Men's, Ladies and Child- i
g ren's Shoes and Slippers in the city at the lowest 2-
Boys, and Shirt Waists for Boys from 50
W. A. Stinson has enlarged his
I marble business has splendid office
and new shops is doing fine busi
ness. C. J. Rogers & Sons are at the
old stand Going good business, ship
ping and receiving in car Jots.
Laborers are scarce here, we have,
uo loafers, every one seem to have
something to do. Dusiness men
have no cause for cottmlaiut. The
boys who were running the 8aIooiiM
were dointr ho for the money there!
was in it. They are all right,
do better at something else.
Grand Junction is all right, 'hank
rou lhere may be a little whis ;
key for sale here "ori the sly;" some
people are built that way. but 'twill
be best to be good, prohibition
might prohibit. XXXX
wish to announce to the
public and to my former pat
rohage that I have returned
from makret where 1 purchase
ed the most complete line oj
Millinery that has ever been
brought to Toone. Call and
see my stock before buying else
where, and my prices will con
vince you that I am your
friend. 'Thanking you for
, . j 72 '
pdSt tCLVOYS dtlU SOLZClting &
J .
coniinuanoit oj same, i am
(Respectfully ,
Toone, Tennessee.
The Best Blood Purifier.
The blood is constantly being pur
ified by the lungs, liver aud kidneys.
Keep these Organs 111 a healthy
,. . , , , , , J
Condition and the bowels regular
ntiri rnn vrill In vp nr riPPfl nf i Iilnml
ana you win nae no neea ot a oiooa
puiitici. rut mis jjui nose inert; it"
nothing equal to Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, one
dose of them Will do you more SJOOd'
j 11 ..1 r 1 t , , ,
than a dollar OOttle Ot the best blOOd
purifier. Price, 25 cents
oainjju o
free at W. J. Cox's, Bolivar; J. W.
xt i 11 i t
iSUCkOllS, lOOne.
. If troubled by a weak digestion,
loss of appetite, or constipation, try
a few doses of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets. Every box
warranted. For sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
For Infants and Children.
Ths Kind Ycu Have Alvays Bought
Bears tha
. f m
Signature of
tti pi r?n p? raw
tire stock
tock in the
Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing
Percales at 7 J -2 cents per
Cheapest and largest line ot bhirts tor
diclly iarilsd Is alien d
mv Is'i cl Gpnino, 5-1-
urda'j, opril 6lK,vKea
XT ?
4b -
J : '
saulshuuy. texx
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're
terribly annoying; but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will cure the worst
case of piles on earth. It has cured
thousands. For Injuries, Pains ov
Bodily Eruptions it's the best salve
in the world Price 25 cents a box.
Cure guaranteed. . Sold by W. J.
Cox, druggist.
Tltl.lt, THE. I TM EST Ji. Ii. B. Fit EE.
Our Ulnotl I'oisnn, Snrnfula, Tezina,
Rhfuwtliatn, and All Hlood Treubl-s,
The Botanic Hlood Kalm (B. P. B.) treatment for
impure blood und skin disease is now recognized as
a sure aud certain cure for the most advanced staees
OI romc? aiiiig sores, H.zfina, liciiii'K situ u unions
scabs or scale, syphilitic biood poison, scrofula,
ult-ers. persistent eruptions, pimples, boils, aches
of cancer, eating sores, eczema, itching skin humors
and pains in bones, joints or back, swollen glands,
risings a' u bumpson the skin rheumatism or ca
tarrh, or any form ol skin or blood diseuses. Men,
women and children are being cured la every state
by Botanic Blood Balm lor puri'ying the blood,
and expelling the germs and humors from the en.
tire system, leaving the skin free from eruptions,
and rosy with evidence of pure, rich blood. No
rutTi;ier need longer dospnir, help ia at hand. no
matter how many discouragements you may have
met wi'h, BotanS" Hlood Ralm (b, b. b.) cures per
manently and quickly. To satisfy, the doubters we
will give' to any sufferer a trial treatment absolute
ly free so that they may test this wonderful remedy
B. u. b. (Botanic Blood Balm) sold by all drug stores
with complete direction for home treatment for (I.
ncr I.-irve bottle. For free trial treatment, address
Blood Bslm Co., 8 Mitchell -treet, Atlanta, dj.,
and Trial I'rcatmenr will be sent at once. Write
today. Describe trouble, and free medical advice
glw- Over 3,000 voluntary testimonials of cures
i , t B.lh Thoroughly tested for 30
. owu u u, u. u., ouui.i, ..cuu.
$5oo EEWARD.
will pay th- above reward for any casa TJTer
Complaint, Uvppepsia, Sick headache, Indigestion,
Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with
Liveiitj, the Up-to-dt- Li 'tie Liver Pill, when
the dirts tions are strictly complied with. Tbey
are i-ureiy veg-tabie. a
1 faction. 2."c box-s cont
tain 40 Tills, 5c boxes a
ml never tan to give satis-
ain 100 Pills, 10c boxes son-
contain 15 Pills. Beware of
substitutions and imitations. Send by mail; stamps
taken. NEKVll'A MEDICAL TO., Cor. Clinton
and Jefferson sti. . Chieauo, 111. For aale by W. J.
Cox, Druggist, Bolivar, lenn. Jun22-ly
JQamfcerlain's Eye and Skin Ointsexia
Is unequalled frr Eczema, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped
Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, -Frost Bites,
ChroniuhV lives and Granulated Eye Lids.
For sale bV druggists at 23 cents per box.
putting a horse in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powden
TLey tone up the pvitera, aid digestion, cutt
Vss o appetite, relieve constipation, correct
fciJnqr disorfc rs
and destroy worms, civintr
d or over-worked Lorse. 2
paciuuff for said rjyoruggifVt -
- V
1 .
friends the
all. Men's
lvlen and
cents up. is
Non-Resident Notice.
R. L. Siualley, of the firm of Smalley A Gallin vs.
W. Stafford. Proceeding by Attachment be-
fore T. D. Prewitt, Justice of the Teacu of Har
deman County, Ttnn.
It appearing to nie that a writ of attachment
heretofore issued in this rase against the defend 1
am, W. Li. StaQ'ird, who, under oath, is alleged to
le a non-resi'ttnt of the Sute of Tennessee, for
the recovery of sfventeen dollars (J17.00J alleged by
the pi aim iff to be justly due him from said W. L.
Staff rd by account, has been duly executed by
siezure of pioperty of the defendant by gurnish
iurnt, tnd due return thereof tuauo to It Is or
dered that publication of a n tice be therefore
made for four consecutive w-eks in the Boliyak
Bcll'Tik, a newsp-.iper published in Hardeman
Cunty, requiring the deiendant, W. L. Staff rd,
to appear at my office ia the first district of Har
deman County, at aooi, on the 3rd day of Slay,
1901, before me, the Justice having cognizance of
aaid cause, and defend the action thus commenced
agaitist hi in by Attachment, otherwise the case
will be proceeded with ex parte as to him. This
the 26th day of March, 1901. -
J. P. of Hardeman County.
Non-Resident Notice.
Iu the Circuit Court of I!--rdeman
County, Tenn., at Bolivar, May
term, 1001. S. E. West vs Knox
West. Divorce.
Iu this cause it appearing from
the petition, which is sworn to,
that the defendant, Knox West, is
a non-resbirt of the State of Ten
nessee, and id a resilient of the
State of Mississippi, so that the or
dinary process of law cannot be
served on him; it is therefore or
dered that publication be made in
the Bolivae Bulletin, a newspaper
published in the town of Bolivar,
for four consecutive weeks, requir
ing the defendant, Knox West, to
appear within the first three days
of the " May term, 1901, of said
Court and plead, answer or demur i
to the allegations set out in the bill,
otherwise the same will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for
hearing ex parte. March 20, 1901.
S. II. JONES, Clerk.
A. J. Coates, Solicitor.
Insolvent Notice.
Having this day suggested the in
solvencv of - the estate of Jerrv
Brown, dee'd, notice is hereby giv-1
ten to all persons having claims
against naid estate to file sameduly
t authenticated, with the Clerk of the
Couuty Court of Hardeman County,
lennessee, on or before the letu
day of September, 1901, or the same
will be forever barred in law and
equity. This lSih day of March,
1901. Gko. M. Dor'bis,
a 12. - Administrator.
All Old Idea.
VLrtrj day strengthens the belief of eml
nut physicians that Impure blood ia th
ranse of the majority of onr diseaasi.
Tweuty-five yeata ago t!i:s theory w&a uaed
a a basis for the formula of BroTns' Iron
letter. The many remarkahle cures effected
"by this famous old hoiist-hold remedy are
eutneient to prove that tiie theory is correct.
Browns' Iron Bitters ia sold by all dealers.
ana. are now
Do not fail to call and examine our stock before
making your purchases, as we can save you money.
Ladies, call and get one of BUTTERICK'S
ana leave your subscriptions lor l nE, unoiNHA
f 4a..
m FOR LADTRS. PosrtffftTv.
6 vj-
' It will only cost you 50 cents extra to ride all day in a Cotton
Belt Parlor CafS Car (25 cents for a half day). Seated in:
large revolving arm chair with plenty of space around you, you can
enjoy as much freedom and ease as you please. If you are a smoker
you will enjoy the large smoking room with its arm chairs and
couch. The ladies will delight in the splendid ladies' lounging
room, with its lounge and inviting arm chairs, and its roomy dressing
room adjoining. You can have your meals in this car at any hour
you want them ; order most anything you want, from a porterhouse
steak or a spring chicken down to a sandwich, take as long as you
please to eat it, and you. will only have to pay for what you order.
The Cotton Belt is the direct line to Texas. Its trains rnn throngh from Cairo
and Memphis to Texas without change. Pirect connections are made at its
junctions for all parts of Texas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma and the Far West.
Write and tell ns where yon are coing and when yon will leave, and we will
tell yon what yonr ticket will cost, which train to take to make the best time and
connections, and will send yon (in interesting little booklet, "A IBIP 10 TEXAS."
L W. UBEACFIc. Gcs'l Pass'r az4 ILL Af .,
We have just received and opened a large and
well selected line of Hardvare and Agricultural Im
plements, which' we offer to the public at low prices.
We handle the well known Chattanooga Plows and
Deering Mowing Machines; also carry a large line
of Cooking and Heating Stoves and a splendid as
sortment of the celebrated "Keen Kutter Kutlery'
in fact we keep in stock everything connected with
the Hardvare business, and will take pleasure in
serving the public, whose patronage we solicit. xx
Also agents for Oliver Chilled Plows.
fc. R. RKYiN OXDS, Manager.
7i l
ii y i i i ii -- i .. .. -
4I& '
r ' I IT Til TM1T TH TT A -v.
fSm. B. JOJIES. DHL P$j'r AU
. Bala mi laAsaa SU., IEIPS1S, TLIH.
Hardware Store!
t ?
- " "
r .
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