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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh Williams, Editou.
Proouess Tklei'uoxe No. 1'
Friday, April 12, 1901.
CoLUJiniA,Tenn., April 3, 1901.
Messrs. McGmuis and Shaw, renre-
j renting the Dyersburg Camp, Con
federate veterans, arrived iq Co
Jiimbia this morning and, escorted
bv a committee from Leouidas Polk
TlIE Semite ha-s if-optftl a j Uu-ouac and William Henry Trous-
resolution nroviilintr for litml ! -ule Camp, will no out to old St.
adjournment Moml-i, April
Clay, of
the curs, of
still holding the fort
IventMoky, :uul
Tullliebriei, Vtt'l'C
at la-st
Tjie Commoner announces
that hereafter it will print a
"limited" amount of adver
tising matter. If Mr. Biyan
expects to make a success of
the newspaper hu sines?, he
will have to "raise the limit."
Ix the retirement of Mr.
Townes I5oyd from the editor
ship of the Tipton Record,
with which he has hcen con
nected for the past twenty
years, the profession loses an
honorable and creditable
nave received the in
itial number of the "Waxa
hachie (Texas) Eagle, pub
lished by J. W. Clark, a for
mer citizen of this county.
Air. Clark is an experienced
newspaper man and under
his guidance, no doubt, the
wings of the Eagle will cov
er a large territory.
The joint committee, composed
of members of the House and Sen
ate appointed to investigate the
charities of the State, reported Fri
day. We publish below extracts
from said report concerning the
Western Hospital:
This institution his 'ttlracted the
attention of each Legislature for Hie
past sever.il times by the excess of
expenditures over like institutions at
other places. We went to Bolivar
determined to fully investigate the
causes of this and eertaiiiiy did so,
devoting more time there and mak
ing a more thorough investiir atioi
than anywhere else.
We are glad to say that we found
the financial management tro i The
causes or the excess ol expenditures
over like institutions to be: First,
.they have more patients to care for.
Second, They are so located that
they are compelled to buy all their
supplies from foreign markets,
thereby necessitating heavy freight
bills to get the goods to the Hos
pital. Third, Tl e distance and heavy
freight and dray age on coal from
the mines and having to buy a bel
ter quality of coal m order to be
able to store it as they can't haul
coal in bad weather.
Fourth, While they h ive a larger
farm than any other institution, it is
the smallest producer. The land is
very poor and most of it was bought
simply for the wood upon it, so that
they raise comparatively small
crops. Wc examined the prices
paid for various necessities and com
pared them with those paid by the
other hospitals and they compare
very favorably. We believe the
Steward (Mr. Luther) at this Hospi
tal, has bought goods as cheaply as
stewards at other places, and has
done the best possible under the cir
cumstances. For the institution, we recom
mend an appropriation of s,-,000 for
repairs and improvements; n:1,400
to replace the electric light plant,
recently destroyed by fire, and on
which there was no insurance; and
$.5,800 to insure the property for
five years. e think the general
management of this institution good.
f fltl 11 f "T" fof n rf I on riflcuoa
jgk - . , v' " ' v r cm i J j .mi. --3 v
John's Church, Ashwood, to-day,
a here they will have the remains of
Gen. Otto French Strahl exhumed
for removal to Dyersburg. lie is
perhaps the last of the Confederate
leaders, who slept for many years
in the old church yard at St. John's,
to be removed.
U hen the Confederate army was
parsing through Maury County, jnst
hefore Hood's fatal mistake that
brought on the overwhelming disas
ter at Franklin, Gen. Pat Cleburne,
ritling at the head of his men, com
meuted on the great beauty of the
Ashwood country. The Pillows
and the Polks lived in almost rojal
splendor in the neighborhood then.
Their handsome residences rose
amid groves of magnificent oaks,
while on every side stretched away
the rich productive acres and beau
tiful landscape. When St. John's
Church, with its ivy-clad tower, was
reached, the beauty and the peace
fulness of the spot appealed to Cle
burne. He remarked to his men
that the shadow .of impending death
was over him; that the battle to be
fought within the next few minutes
would be his last, and when the end
came he wished to be laid to rest in
St. John's Church yard.
Cleburne fell at Franklin; Gen.
Adams, of Mississippi; Gen. Carter,
of Tennessee; Gen. Gist, of South
Carolina; Gen. Strahl, of Tennessee,
and Gen. Granburv. of Texas, all
fell fighting nobly for the Southern
faith and all were brought back to
Maury County for burial. Gen
Carter was buried in Kose llill in
the Judge Dillahuuty lot, anil his
remains still rest in the beautiful
spot. 1 he other Generals, in re
soect to Cleburne s request, were
buried at St. John's Church, at Ash-
ivood, not far from the tomb of
rennessee's first Episcopal Bishop,
Bishop Otey
After many years Mississippi
claimed the dust of Gen. Adams
the people of South Carolina had
Gen. Gist's remains removed to the
home of his youth; by the influence
of Mrs. Naomi Moore, formerly
Miss Naomi Hayes, of Columbia,
a niece ot l resident i'olK, l at Cle
burne's remains were taken to Hele- of the 14th district, visited our
.. . . . I i ' n -m i
na, Ark., and a handsome shatt was nee uursuay.
Mrs. J. P. Chambers, of Hick-
Go to W. J. Cox's for best
Notice change in advertisement
of M. Gabriel.
Mr. Elrod and family have
moved to Jackson.
Mrs. J. Will Gate- is visiting
in Hickory Valley.
For first-class Pictures go to
Lighlfort's Gallery.
Mr. Cullen Elliotte visited
Memphis this week.
Notice change in Sweeton &
Black's advertisement.
Mr. II. II. Ilerron, of Jackson,
was in town last Saturday.
A beautiful line of Wall
Paper at Cox's Drugstore.
Mr. K. E. Kose, of Hickory
Valley, was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. W. D. Newsom, of Para
gould, Ark., is visiting Mrs. Pybass.
Prof. W. L. Robinson and
family have returned from Oklaho
ma. Land deeds aud all other legal
blanks for sale at the Bulletin of
fice. Messrs. Ed. Reaves and Rosa
mon llowse spent Sunday in White
ville. Pure and fresh Drugs al
ways on hand at Cox's Drug
store. M iss Sallie Newborn, of Mari
anna, Ark., is visiting Bolivar rel
atives. Mrs. W. M. Matthews, of Mid
dleburg, was in town Wednesday
Mr. R. W. Ussery, of O. K.,
Miss , was in town last week on
"The Progressive Club" met
with Mrs. R. W. Tate Tuesday
Messrs. T. II. and G. F. Irby
and Jerre Wellons visited Memphis
this week.
Mrs. II. F. Wilson and son,
Harrell, of Bradford, were in town
this week.
Mrs. Dr. P. II. McKinnie, of
Hickory Valley, was in the city
this week.
Buy your Paints, Oils. Var
nishes and Stains at W. J.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Nuckolls,
vs. W.
Carter vs.
i-rected to his memory.
1 he years rolled on and in 1893
a copy of the Democrat, containing
an article in regard to Si. John s
Church and the honored dead sleep
nig there leu into the nanus ol a
citizen of Granburv, Tex. A move
rent was put on foot and Gen
d ran bury s remains were taken to
the Lone Star State. Nashville
Gen. Strahl was from Ohio. He
ory Valley, was one of Bolivar's
visitors Tuesday.
Kahn Brothers' is the
cheapest place in the county
to buy goods.
Mr. R. L. Ilazlegrove, of Ful
ton, Ivy., spent -.aster with rela
tives near Bolivar.
Only the best materials used
by Lightfort, the Photographer.
G. Williams and II. E
an insurance company.
Lightfort, the Photographer,
guarantees satisfaction and solicits
the patronage of the public.
Little Willie Matthews, son of
Mr. W. M. Matthews, of Middle
burg, fell from a tree Wednesday
evening and broke his thigh. Dr.
H. W. Tate went down and set the
broken member.
Largest stock of Men's,
Boys' and Children's Straw
Hats and cheapest in the
town at Kahn Bios'.
Mr. J. M. Oliver and Miss
Mollie Felts were united in marriage
Monday, while sitting iu a buggy in
front of Esquire Knox Tate's resi
dence, that popular Justice perform
ing the ceremony in a happy man
ner. Mr. S. II. Jones aud family
were summoned to Middleton this
week to attend the bedside of Mrs.
Jones' father, Mr. C. T. Hudson,
who is dangerously sick. At last
accounts he was thought to be some
We are indebted to Mr. A. L.
Lightfort for a beautiful picture of
the Bolivar Public School Building.
Mr. Lightfort has recently engaged
in the photograph business, has a
first-class outfit and his work is in
deed creditable.
The soil and climate of Bolivar
is well adapted to the cultivation of
flowers, and many of our ladies are
engaged in that fascinating work.
None are more successful thau Miss
Mag West, whose green house is
marvel of beauty and fragrance.
She has recently had to open a
"Maman Cochet" rose, shell pink
in color, the petals very large and
measuring oh inches in diameter.
Dr. R. W. Tate left Tuesday!
evening for Nashville, to attend
the meeting of the Tennessee State1
Medical Association. Dr. Tate:
takes great interest in his profession
and surgeon of note.
Mr jnr r IT I Tnrtiv or.'
---.v- .-.... - A. . V J J IT V I HI
rived Tuesday evening from New
Orle aus and left W ednesday for
Dresden, where they will spend a
week visiting relatives of Mrs. Joy
ner, after which they will. return to
Boliaron a visit of several days
before going to their future home
in Fulton.
Easter Sunday, dawning cool
and cloudy, was unfavorable to the
development of the Easter bonnet.
though some few were seen in the
congregations of the Methodist,
Baptist and Episcopal Churches, in
which services were held. In the
afternoon, at the Episcopal Church,
children's service" was observed
The total offering from the classes
amounted to $.30.48, of which
amount .11. 77 was contributed by
Miss Clara Bills' class, to whom
was awarded the banner for the en
suing year, an honor heretofore be
stowed upon the infant class.
The following letter from Con
gressman Patterson to the editor
of the Bulletin explains itself:
I am in receipt of numerous letters
requesting garden seed and other
things which the government send
out, and in which I find I am noi
able to comply. The quota has all
been used bv the former Congress
man, Mr. Carmack, whose term did
not expire until the 4th of March,
and nothing of this kind will be
available for me until next spring
Please be so kind as to state this
j fact in your paper, so that those
who are expecting their requests to
i be fulfilled, will understand the sit-
(5) m n v '-. - rm - -
(fort JIZ& i S Oai'H , V&J
. . . . . i v-yy
Miss Maggie Black's millinery I uatlon-
opening 1 hursday of last week at
tracted many visitors and purchas
ers both from the city and surround
ing country. Her parlors were
beautifully decorated, the display
of hats was artistically arranged,
and of the most fashionable shapes.
Miss Black is making a success in
the millinery business by keeping
up with the styles and selling at
reasonable prices.
ATLANTA, G a., Xov. 7. 1873.
mi. C J. MOJ'rtTT-Dear Sir: I cannot too
strongly recommend your TEETHIXA (Teething
Powiiers) to rurth-rs as one of tlie Itest medicines
they can obtain for their debilitated and sickly in
fants. I tiave used it with very satisfactory remits
the past summer with my child,- and while we
have lo.st a child or two from teething under other
remedies, our present child, that has taken
TEETHIXA, is a Cne, healthy boy. I am,
Very Kesctfully,
(Brother of U. S. Senator and Ex. -Gov. Joseph
E. l.rown.)
Ladies' Shoes.
came South when a young man and Latest styles in mounts.
From the report of (", P. M. Greer, Kevenue
Agent, submitted to iov. Millm. December 14,
l!0O. we make the following extracts:
'We made close examination of
each item of expenditure of- the
Western Hospital, especially with
regard to the purchase of supplies
We found that the Superintendent,
with the assistance of the Steward,
Mr. F. S. Luther, ate exceedingly
close buyers, in all cases buying
goods as cheaply as the retail mer
chants, and iu many instances
"Another thing which 1 want to
commend the management for is the
discounting of bills for supplies.
We found that all billo were dis
counted where a discount was to be
'The books of the institution, as
will be seen above, balance. Mr
Luther's system of book-keeping, in
my judgment, cannot be improved
upon, his books shoeing expendi
tures classified, so t,h:it the exact
amount of each class of expenditur
es are obtainable."
first settled at New Castle in Harde
man County, Tennessee, then a cen
ter of education, engaging in the
profession of teaching, which he
followed for several years. Later,
t 1 T"-v -
ne removed to u?ersuurg and was
admitted to the bar, having prepar
ed himself while a resident of this
county by reading law. When the
war between the Stales came on.
he raised a company which became
a part of the Fourth Tennessee In
fantry, whose colonel he was made,
He was afterwards made a brigadier
general. Mr. S. A. Cunningham,
editor of the Confederate Veteran,
published at Nashville, was stand
ing by his side when he received
the wounds that caused his death.
Mr. Cunningham savs that in the
terrible hand to baud fiirhtin at
franklin, Gen. Strahl was three
times wounded, directly after re
ceiving the first wound the others
followed in quick succession. His
1 - . l-
last oruer to nis men was, "jveep
w e understand that a monument
will be erected over his crave at
Dyersburg. There is a monument
to Gen. StrahPs memory in the
Episcopal Church at Bolivar, in the
si. ape of a costly and handsome me
morial window.
Roll of Honor.
From my residence, five miles
northwest ot Bolivar, on April 1st.
a bay filly colt, three years' old, 15
hands high, small "knot on left
shoulder, small white spot in face,
with natural gaits; thin in order.
Her return or any information lead
ing to her recovery will be liberal
ly rewarded. J. B. White.
The following persons have sub
scribed for and renewed their sub
scriptions to the Bulletix during
the past week:
N. R. Dorris Camdeu, Ark.
W. V. Wood Bolivar.
C. I). Wood Naic, Phil. Isl.
I. E. Wood Santiago, Cuba.
Mrs. S. F Nuckolls Toone.
Prof. W. L. Fish Crainesville.
II. J. Rhodes ; Whiteville.
Dr. J. B. DourIas .... Bolton. Tenn.
Mrs. M.I. Pittman . Arlington, Tenn.
Dr. J. P. Douglas Bolivar.
f.W. Thompson, Jr. . Scranton.Tex.
Frances Fentress Memphis.
Card of Thanks.
To those friends who were so at
tentive to our baby during its last
illness, we desire to return our
heartfelt thanks, and to assure them
that their acts of kindness and ex
pressions of sympathy will never be
forgotten. Sincerely,
Mr. and Mrs. Sammoxs. -'
WANTED To buy all of
Country Hams in the country.
P. F. Wilkinson & Soxs.
Jnst received a full line of
Ladies' Muslin Underwear
and Corset Covers, at Kahn
Mr. T. 13. Wilkes and family,
who have been occupying the John
Polk place, moved to Whiteville
the first of the week.
Mr. John F. Nuckolls, assist
ant cashier of the Whiteville Sav
ings Bank, visited relatives in the
14lh district last week.
Miss Sammye Nichols has re
turned from a three weeks visit to
Memphis and is spending the week
with friends in Bolivar.
Dr. W. J. Cox was in Nash
ville this week attending to official
business connected with the Grand
Lodge, Knights of Honor.
Mr. Joe Rose, a prominent
merchant of Vildo, died Friday.
He was about 35 years of as:e. A
wife and one child survive.
Ladies' All Wool Tailor
Made Suits, in Tans, Grevs
and Blues, for SG.00, at
Kahn Bros'.
Miss Maude Wilkinson, Messrs.
Rufus Wilkinson, Joe Whitenton,
Slater Crawford, Johu Collins and
Frank Baker spent Easter in Jack
Dr. S. Dickson will visit Mid
dleton Wednesday and Thursday,
April 17th and 18th. All in need
of dental work are invited to raeet
Prof. W. L. Fish closed a very j
successful term of school at " Fair-I
view, Friday night, April' 5th. The
next term of this school will beemi
July 1st.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sammons
have the sympathy of the commu
nity in the loss of their baby. The
remains were buried Tuesday in the
4th district.
Paint your house with
Cox's Best Mixed Paint. It
is strickly guaranteed.
Mr. John II. Caddell, an attend
ant of the Western Hospital, is off
on a leave of absence, visiting rela
tives near Toone. Before returning
Mr. Caddell expect9 to visit Okla
homa. Attorneys A. J. Coates and C.
A. Miller attended Supreme Court
in Jackson this week. The Harde
man docket was takeu up Monday.
There are onlv two cases from this
I am overstocked on small sizos in LADIES'
KID SHOES Ziegler, Bay State, Priesmeyer g
Hia.es several amerent xoes.
Lot No. 1, will sell at $1.00 cash.
Lot Uo. 2, will sell at $1.50 cash.
These are excellent values Shoes that sell
at $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50. Be sure to get a pair.
Greatest Bargain ever offered in Ladies' Shoes.
Under the new bill incorporat
ing the town of Bolivar, the bound
aries are as follows: 'Bejrinninir
at the terminus of Market Street of
the old town of Bolivar on south
side, at original east margin of the
town; runs thence south 112 poles
to the north boundary of 040 acres,
entered in the name of Bailey Har
deman; thence west with the south
of "Polk's Addition" to its Routh
west corner, as present surveyed;
thence north 204 poles with Mrs.
O. R. Polk's east boundary to S.
M.Gladney's south boundary; thence
east 85 poles to the terminus of
Alain Street on the east side; thence
north" 42 poles to the south west
corner of G T. Ingram's lot; thence
east 158 poles to R N. Mitchell's
farm; thence south 79 poles with
Mitchell's line to Sycamore Street;
thence east 54 poles to the terminus
of Sycamore Street; thence south 53
poles to a stake on the east side of
the Bolivar and Purdy road; thence
20 degrees south, Tl poles to the
beginuing." The streets mention
ed above are streets of the old town
of Bolivar.
Venire May Term Circuit Court.
Vint. 1 -X. R. Dowdy, T. A. Mcart y.
" 2 R. D. Crews, J. A. Ilopan.
" 3 Joe Cassellrry, Tom Lockliart,
" 4 C. A. Duncan, .S. G. Xsedhain.
" 5 Lod Moore.
" C-D. V. Parran, J. II. Bills, V. S.
" 7 CffO. Hincs.
" 8-J. F. P. Ilowell, C. M. Carter.
" O'-J. K. resi. Robert Tirvant.
10 K. T. Jordan, W. H. iJrynnt.
" It O. W. Yoakum.
" 12 Win. Grantham, W. V. Mun!iv.
" 13 X. 1$. IVrris, Xewsom IIolytieM.
- 14 V. T. Marh, T. H. Polk.
" 1.5 G. II. J..nHS, Gw. KelUr.
' 16 J. W. Sweeton. Kobert Mitchell.
" 17 Jaeol) Wel.H. H. P. Soo.t.
" 18-J. Q. Sil r, G. V. Fawcett.
19 Clift Warrilow.
" 20- J. 11. Moss.
Officers apKiintei to wait on court, J.
cobs and Hardy II arris.
- -
Men's and Boys' Suits.
Men's and Boys' Shoes.
Ladies' Shoes and Strap Slippers (new
styles. )
Percales, Ginghams, Calicoes, large line.
Bed Spreads, Marseille Patterns, all colors.
Lace Window Curtains.
i Laces and Embroideries all kinds.
iwiiaies ana vjenis xiosiery ail colors.
Great values in these goods. Call and
see us.
In Jlcntorhi in.
V. Ja-
List of letters remaining dead in the Bolivar,
Hardeman County, Tenn., P. O., April It, 1901.
Call for advertised letters and give date of list.
JOHX REDD, Postmaster.
Lightfort' s
Allen, Msttie
A Id rich, Robert
liosw-ll, Annie
Brown, M A
Branch, Robert
Brewer, Wiley
Brooks, Dclcy
Hills, u K Jisxl
Bailev, J B
Coburn, M H
Clark, Min-la
t'ossett, Amrelioe
Cartwrigiit, Jim
Davis, Jno C
Dickson. R A
Voifif. J L
Kddins, Margaret
Kaston, Allen (col)
nci. Dora
Jl'ioper. Mrs
Hill, J T
Jeauios, Amanda
Jeans, .J une?
Jacob. TL 3
Jones, Tom
Johnson. George
Jones, C ra
Jones, Etta
Laveyne, Callie
McKinnie, Xathan
McXeal, Theaney
Miller, Annie
Miller, It L
McUaniel, Solon
Morris, Xelby
Macon, J D
MontRon ery, Fess
Xolin, PX
l'lummer, S A
Richardson, L W
Reid, Willis
Reid, Annie
Reeves, (i T W E Esq
Stayers. H L
Steim, 11 L
Savage, Mattie
Vellini;s, Emmie
Walto i, William
Mrs. Margaret Ann McAnulty
(nee Woods) was born May 14,
1829. and died at the home of her
son, Esquire D. V. McAnulty, iu
Iliekory Valley, Tennessee, Thurs
day morning at 12. 32 o'clock,
March 28, 1901.
She was married to Esquire Jo
seph S. McAnulty, deceased, Nov.
17, 1842, she being only thirteen
and a half years old. She was the
mother of eight children, two of
whom survive her, D. V. and R.
A. McAnulty, of Hickory Valley.
She professed religion early in life
and became a member of the old
Bush Camp Ground congregation,
Methodist Episcopal Church, and
remaitied a member of that congre
gation until its dissolution, when
she with her family joined the Mt.
Comfort congregation, Cumberland
Presbyterian Church, afterwards
moving her membership to Hickory
Valley, where site continued a con
sistent member until her death.
After the funeral service, conduct
ed by her pastor, Rev. J. D. Cald
well, the remains were carried to
the Woods graveyard and laid to
rest by the side of her husband, who
had preceded her to the home of
final rest more than eleven years.
After the death of her husband,
she moved her furniture to the
homes of her two eons and made
her home with them through the
remainder of her life.
For more than two years she was
a helpless invalid, being confined to
her bed all that time. For months
before her death, she suffered in
tense pain. Death for her was iu
deed a relief, for she well knew
that those who are with God suffer
no pain.
, Early in life she was possessed of
tieal tu ana strength, ana was ever
ready to help the needy. She was
a kind, conscientious, Christian
woman. "Aunt Margaret," as she
was commonly called, will be re
membered by. many loving friends.
She was devoted to her children
and grand children and treated her
great grand children as though they
were her own.
"Grandma" was always kind to
us. As long as she kept house, she
always kept something gootl in store
for "the children." We loved her
and shall be with her after a while.
M Yes, when this heart and flesh shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,
I shall possess within the veil,
A life of joy and peace." Grahdsox.
t of appropria
April Term of
28 90
5 00
7 50
5 3r
04 3r
It) 38
1 1.5
12 50
30 00
18 40
8 65
5 00
2 00
5 00
2 03
3 00
3 00
Following is a li
tions made at the
Quarterly Court:
I) XV McAnulty $ 17 07
McAnulty c Co 31 08
Jno W Maston
Roger S Clark
W F Thomas
Bailey fe Ald'ridge.
II B Wright
Robert II Leeper..
Collins & Bro
Robert Beck
Roger S Clark
Samuel Manning . . .
J R Webb
C A Duncan
J B Mc.Mahan 15 00
E E Wilkes 6 00
Sheiby Seddens . .
A Fitts..
Robert II Leeper
Swink Bros
McAnulty & Co.
S F Nuckolls 38 25
S M Mannon G CO
Marshall tfe Bruce Co 65 53
J J Slier 7 01)
W J Cox 25 70
F P Yarbrough !) 00
J A Wilson, Jr 0 06
J II Johnson 3 00
Buck Porter 5 00
S F Nuckolls U 00
Julius Crawford 50
W F Thomas 2 50
WT A & J R May field 171 10
Win Ford 100
A F Uazleirrove 8 33
V A & JR Maytield 13 00
A L Lightfort 3 00
James Taylor 35 50
W B Sammons 3 00
Bolivar Bulletin-.. ' 17 00
B V Hudson 3 60
D P Jackson 17 45
Dr G M Dorris 4 50
Henry Hall 3 50
II W & R W Tate 117 00
G P Rogers 49 50
S M Mannon 72 00
R J Pirtle 15 00
Wright Bros. . . .
Julius Crawford.
J L) Woods
II Fulrell and S
Foster & Webb..
R II Stroup ,
J W Lake 108 00
Rogers .
3 20
1 00
5 00
3 20
15 00
20 45
J M A vent.
Joe Lax. . .
W T Scott .
38 50
90 00
49 00
W N Spaikmaii 2 20
J W Lake
J E Comer
Oscar TJssery -.
Jester & Sparks
J W Vickers
J II Shelly
2 12
2 28
7 00
59 24
51 17
4 00
A Raging, Eoaring- Flood
Washed down a telegraph line
which Chas.C. Ellis, of Lisborn La.,
had to repair. "Standing waist
deep in icy water," he writes, "gave
me a terrible cold and cough. It
grew worse daily. Finally the best
doctors in Oakland, Neb., Sioux
City and Omaha said I had consump
tion and could . not live. Then I
began using Dr. King's New Dis
coverv arid was wlwille r-nrpil hv siv
Ths Kind You Have Always Bought bottles " Positively guaranteed for
if 1... fl.l 1. 1 1 1 rft . i
j vuit!iit uuium it mi an i uroai anu
i Lung troubles by W. J. Cox, drug-"
i irist. Price 50 cents.
For Infants and Children.
Bears the
Signature of
Ilarris, Leiy.
I have recently fiurchas
ed a first-class fPhotogra
pher's Outfit and am pre'
pared to take pictures for
the. public at reasonable
prices. " '
" '
The public is cordially
I invited to call and see
I samples of my work.
t Gallery located on Market s
Street, East of Redd's Store. J
Mpters for Sirii Goods.
We have a splendid selection of Spring Goods, con
sisting of late styles in Lawns, Challies, Organ
dies, White Goods, etc. $t & - m
Our Laces and Embroideries are beautiful. h
The Best Remedy for Rheumatism.
All who use Chamberlain's Pain
Balm for rheumatism are delighted
w.th the quick relief from Pain j Larrre Line Men's Overalls and Jumpers.
of this Mr. d. n. sinks, of TroytjNew Stock of Spring Hats for Men and Boys.
Ohio, says: Some time ago I had Stvlish line of fine trade Worsted Pants..
a severe attack of rheumatism in my ; tt .i . i . 1 ot .
rm n.i t.-i,ir t trip.i ,, ' J-Verymmg laie ana up-xo-oaxe m oniris. m
ous remedies but got uo relief uutil
I was recommended by Messrs Geo.
F. Parsons & Co., druggist of this
place, to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. They recommended it so
highly that 1 bought a bottle. I
was soon relieved of all my pain. I
have since recommended this lini
ZlV'ZrIilirJr :;rA9:Jlrna" We Guarantee to sell the Best Goods for the Least Money.
gree with me that it is the best rem- J
i I
edy for muscular rheumatism in the
market". For sale by W. J Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone. j

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