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To Care m Cold In One Dr
Take Laxative Uromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if itails to cure. 25c.
'A thief's talk is always about the dishon
esty of others. Atchison Globe.
Pi-w's Cure for Consumntico is an Jnfalli
n;e medicine for coughs and olds. N. XV.
Samuel. Ucean Urovc, JS.J.. Feb. 17, VJW,
iftl UltalllllPsP
A -woman is sick some disease peculiar to her sex is fast
developing in her system. She goes to her family physician
and tells him a story, but not the whole story.
She holds back something, loses her head, becomes agi
tated, forgets what she wants to say, and finally conceals
what she ought to have told, and this completely mystifies
the doctor.
Is it a wonder, therefore, that the doctor fails to cure the
disease ? Still we cannot blame the woman, for it is very embarrassing-
to detail some of the symptoms of her suffering1,
even to her family physician. This is the reason why
hundreds of thousands of women are now in corre
spondence with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. To
her they can give every symptom, so that when she is ready
to advise them she is in possession of more facts from her
correspondence with the patient than the physician can
possibly obtain through a personal interview.
Following we publish a letter from a woman showing the
result of a correspondence with Mrs. Pinkham. All such
letters are considered absolutely confidential by
Mrs. Pinkham, and are never published in any way or
manner without the consent in writing of the patient ; but
hundreds of women are so grateful for the health which Mrs.
Pinkham and her medicine have been able to restore to them
that they not only consent to publishing their letters, but
write asking that this be done in order that other women
who suffer may be benefited by their experience.
Mrs. Ella Rice, Chelsea, Wis., writes :
" Deab Mrs. Pinkiiam : For two years I was troubled with falling
and inflammation of the womb. I suffered very much with bearing-down
pains, headache, backache, and was not able to do anything-. What I
endured no one knows but those who have suffered as I did. I could
hardly drag1 myself across the floor. I doctored with the physicians of this
town for three months and grew worse instead of better. My husband
and friends wished me to write to you, but I had no faith in patent medi
cines. At last I became so bad that I concluded to ask your advice. I
received an answer at once advising- me to take your Vegetable Compound,
and I did so. Before I had taken two bottles I felt better, and after I had
taken five bottles there was no happier woman on earth, for I was well
ag-ain. I know that your Vegetable Compound cured me. and I wish and
advise every woman who suffers as I did to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound. Believe me always grateful for the recovery of my
health." MRS. .Ella Kice, cneisea,
1$ f (SUffl
deposited with
hi.-h will lw?
testimonial is not
the writer's special
A Certain Cure for 5ore,Weak 6 Inflamed Eyes.
S3 a 83.50 SHOES S
The real worth of my 53.00 nl gtt.50 shoes compared -with
ether makes la $4.00 to tf-LUO. My J4.00 Gilt Edere Line cannot be
equalled at any price. Best in the world for men.
1 maKe and Hell more men's flue shoe, Ooodyfsr
Wflt(Hsnd4wl Prnfen), than nnyolhrr manufar.
tnrrrln the world. I will pv 1 ,000 to any one wbocan
prove that my ttalemcnt is not true.
(Hlgned) W. T.. Dnnclna.
Take no snrrxrlrnf e T Insist on having W. L. Douglas shoes
with name and price stamped on bottom. Tour dealer should
keep them ; I Rive one dealer exclusive pale in each town. If
he does not keep them and will not Ret them for you, order
Slrect from factory, enclosing price ami 2"c. extra for carriage.
Over 1,000.000 satisfied wearers. w Spring Catalog free.
Vact Color EjelsU bm1 exclmsiTely. W. L DOUGLAS, Brockton, MaiS.
riNfcGhafige of i Cars,
,, , .... ,,.
Mmf TRAIN fifem
1 srfJK?. W
No black powder sheila on the. market compare with the "NEW RIVAL" to uni
formity and atrons shooting qualities. Sure tire and waterproof. Oct the genuine.
"I can understand how h.dlir tnt FrmcS
editor felt when he was shot.'' "Naturally.
Any editor would hare a special dislike to
an article, and that article a leaded one,
going in in spite of him." Philadelphia
If you want "good digestion to wait upon
k your appetite you should always chew a
" I bar of Adams' Pepsin Tutti Frutti.
Owing to the fact that some skeptical
people have from time to time questioned
the genuineness of the testimonial letters
we are constantly puDiisning, we nave
the National City Bank, of Lynn, Mass., $5,000,
nnid to inv nerson who will show that the above
eenuinr, or was published before obtaining
permission. Lydia E. Pinkham Mkdicink Co.
Memphis to Texas.
Texas ton the
vtiorron . jb en - Jtioute,
;. you avofd the '.discomfortsand
'annoyances 'of changing . cars;
necessary 'on Mother routes.
Cotton Belt trains run through,
. f forn -Memphis. to,Texas,"with
out change
tVr-i'-v. Tes trims carry" Punman'SIcepers t
night, Parlor Cafe Cars during the day and
Free Chair Cars both day and night.
....Write and tell us where you are going
-and when you will leave, and we will tell
you the exact cost of a ticket and send
yqu a complete schedule for the trip W
will also send you an Interesting little book-.
et "A Trip to Texas.
XTmfJt.I),r4, ltaBpMs,Teiio. W. 0. flUMi TJJL ItehUfc. Ttao.
IL L, GkwwII, Ohio. . ADAMI. T. P. 1. falra, m
-t-taBuuHt. u. r. and r. A, M. louts, Ho.
! TI,e Twentieth Centmrr.
I Trie twentieth century began January 1st.
1901. and will end with 2000. People did not
begin to reckon time from A. D. 1., but
waited until about the 550th year of the
Christian era. People who begin to take
the great health restorative, llostetter s
Stomach Bitters, immediately after the first
outbreak of dyspepsia, malaria, rheumatism,
constipation, nervousness or ki-ist trouble
will date their cure immediately trom then.
Cheerfulness is the
health. Addison.
best promoter of
The Famous Chicago Harvester Com
pany Ilecelved 31 ore and Greater
Honors Tlinn Were Ever Before
Accorded an American Exhibitor
In the History of Expositions.
Americana may well feel proud of the in
terest which her citizens took in the Paris
Exposition and the elaborate exhibits which
were prepared with consummate skill and
displayed in a manner not excelled by any
other country. Ihose 01 Harvesting .Ma
chinery in particular were most complete
and interesting. The Deering Harvester
Company, of Chicago, America's foremost
manufacturer of this line of goods, was
accorded the position of honor, having con
tributed more to the advancement of the
art of harvesting than any other manufac
turer, hving or dead, and with a greater
array ot important inventions to its credit
than any other company in the world.
Visitors to the Exposition were prompt
to accord the Deering exhibits supreme
honors, and it only remained for official
mandate to ratify the popular verdict, which
was done in a manner as substantial as it
was well-merited. Each one of the seven
Deering exhibits secured the highest award
in its class.
In addition to four high decorations, the
Ueenng Harvester Company received twen-
ty-nve awards, or twenty-nine in all, as
follows: Decoration of Officer of the Legion
of Honor, Decoration of Chevalier of the Le-
fion of Honor, Two Decorations of Officer of
lerite Apricole, a Special Certificate of
Honor, The Grand Prize. Six Gold Medals,
Six Silver Medals and Eleven Bronze Med
als, including Deering Collaborator Med
The Decoration of the Legion of Honor
wasmstituted by .Napoleon lionaparte when
First Consul in 1802, and is only conferred in
recognition of distinguished military or civil
achievements. It is the highest distinction
in the gitt of the .trench -Republic.
Ihe Decoration of Merite .Agricole is an
honor of but slightly less importance, which
is conferred upon those M ho have contrib
uted greatly to the advancement of agri
An Official Certificate of Honor was ac
corded the Deering Retrospective Exhibit,
which showed the improvements in Harvest
ing machinery during the past century, and
excited the hiehest praise of the French
Government Othcials who had entrusted to
the Deerincr Harvester Company the prep
aration of this most important exhibit. By
special request this exhibit has been pre
sented to the .National .Museum or Arts and
Sciences at Paris, where it has become a
permanent feature of that world-famed in
stitution. The Deering Twine Exhibit and Corn
Harvester Exhibit, both of which received
the highest awards, have by request of the
.trench tiovernment been presented to tne
Tsational Agricultural Colleee ot .trance.
There was no field trial, either official or
otherwise, m connection with the Paris Ex
position, but the most important toreign
eontpst the nast season was held under the
auspices of the Russian Expert Commission
-a . 1 ' - - - 1 7 1 C rr. 1 o:
ac tne vjovernmeiitai rurui oi ionise, Li
beria, August 14th to ISth. All the leading
nated and were subjected to the most dif
ficult tests bv the Government Agricultur
ist. The Expert Commission awarded the
Deering Harvester Company the Grand
Silver Medal of the Minister of Agricul
ture and Domain, which was the highest
The Deering Harvester Works are the
largest of their kind in the world, covering
eighty-five acres and employing 9,000 peo
ple. They are equipped with modern auto
matic machines, many ot which perioral
the labor ot from hve to fifteen hands.
This Company is also the larcest manu
facturer of Binder Twine in the world.
having been first to produce single-strand
binder twine, such as js m general use to
day, making over a third ot the product of
the entire world. The output of its fac
tory for a single day would tie a band around
the earth at the equator, with several
thousand miles to snare. The annual pro-
auction would till a freight tram twenty
miles long. Made into a mat two feet wide.
it wouia reacn across tne American Con
tinent from ocean to ocean.
Deering machines are known as LTflTTT
JJKAl! i IDEALS, consistinff of Binders.
Mowers. Reapers. Corn Harvesters. Shrpd-
aers ana ixaKes.
j , - ,
This company exhibited at the Paris Ex.
position an Automobile Mower, which at
tracted much attention, and exhibitions
were given with one of these machines in
the vicinity ot Pans throughout the season.
There is a marked difference between mu
sic and some piano playing. Puck.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
as jnercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous
surfaces, touch articles should never be used
except on prescriptions from reputable
physicians, as the damage they will do is
often ten fold to the good you can possibly
enve trom them. Halls Catarrh Cure.
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
O.. contains no mercury, and is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall s Catarrh Cure be sure you get the gen
uine. It is taken internally, and mane in
Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testi
monials free.
Sold by Druggists price 75c per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Romance seldom outlives cood digestion.
-Indianapolis iews.
Best for the Bowels.
No matter what ails you, headache to a
cancer, you will never get well until your
bowels are put right. Cascarets help nature,
tuic juu niujuui. a gripe or pain, produce
easy natural movements, cost you just 10
cents to start getting vour health back.
,'ascarets Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put
up in metai Doxes, every tablet has c. C. C.
stamped on it. Beware of imitations.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
5ee Fac-Slmlle Wrapper Below.
Tory small and as easy
to take as u?ar.
OKI txxsra wusriuyi
ti carts I Purely "VegetaMe.
Description of Honse Built for Get-
tins the Best Results with a
llinimnm of Labor,
At the New York farmers institutes
Mr. C. E. Chapman, in his address on
"Poultry On a Fruit Farm," described
his henhouse, built for getting the
best results with a minimum amount
of labor. Mr. Chapman thinks, that
for the average farmer, whose time is
nearly all required for doing his farm
work, if he keeps hens, he should have
the arrangement of the henhouse such
as to make the work of caring for the
hens as easy as possible, and do it in
a way that will make the business prof
itable, lie docs not want platforms
under the perches which have to be, or
.-.hould be, cleaned every day, or any
laborate or costly fixtures in thehen-
As shown by the cut, he simply hangs
.he perches to the rafters by wires
nd under them places a box, partly
illed with dry soil, or road dust, in
.vhich the droppings fall.
Py stirring1 occasionally, the hen ma
nure is mixed with the soil, and when
i here is sufficient manure mixed with
the soil for the purpose for which it is
.vanted, the box can be drawn to the
garden or field. The manure being
fiiixed with the soil in this way, it is
just right to use as a fertilizer, and
there is no loss.
Two or three sets of poles for
perches are used, so they can be fre
quently changed, carrying them 'out
of doors when they become infested
with lice. There is nothing in the
house but what can be quickly and
easily removed when it is to be
cleaned. His plan of feeding, is to feed
in the mornincr, small grain in litter.
that will keep the hens scratching un
til later in the day, when there is time
to prepare the mash of grain and
vegetables. These methods may not
be the best for all, but for the busy
farmer, they simplify, and make the
work of caring for the hens consider-
vbly easier.
Mr. Chapman's advice to farmers
w ho are thinking of engaging more ex
tensively in poultry keeping, is to be-
-in with the small flock they have,
keep account of them for one vear,
and see if they can make them pay a
profit. The average hen in ew York
lays only about 60 eggs in a year. By
keeping thoroughbreds of the best
iaying breeds, then by breeding only
trom the best laj-ers, you can get hens
that will lay 200 eggs in a year. "Be
sure that your eggs are fresh, and
clean, then try to sell direct to the con
sumer. In my experience. I have
found the white leghorns the most
profitable breed."
Mr. Chapman also gave some points
m growing turkeys on the farm. He
aid that if you would feed them all
the grain they would eat, they would
not eat the grain, or other crops grow
ing on the farm, but will only eat the
insects. Keep turke3 s in this way, and
they will not trouble your neighbors.
and they will be a source of consider
able revenue. W. H. Jenkins, in flMr.
Y1icoorIii Farmeir Describe a Sti.
tent Which He Han Tried with
Great Success.
The best crop we ever had to im
prove a poor field or a sun-dried or
sun-baked one was cowoeas. We
sowed the land to peas early in the
spring, hen they were ripe wc
turned in a lot of hogs. As soon as
they had picked all the peas we
plowed the ground and let it lie until
September 13, when we sowed it to
rye. In the next spring we sowed
clover. The rye was a good crop,
and after it was removed we had a
fine stand of clover. When this field
is broken up and put to corn we are
certain of a good croo. The above is
the best method to improve poor and
noxious weed-infected land. Sun
baked land is caused by too wet culti
vation or by letting stock run on it
when wet. It is very hard to get it
in good order "again. There is noth
ing better than cowpeas for this, for
they give plenty of shade to the land.
They should be followed by clover,
which is a great soil improver and
makes splendid hay and the very best
pasture in the fall for cattle, putting
them in good order for winter when
fhey have to be fed on dry feed. Kept
in a erood warm barn, however, the
cows give plenty of milk all winter.
In the day time we turn them out in
the stalk field except in blizzards or on
very cold daj-s, when we keep them
out just, long enough to water them
and to clean out the barn. We tie all
the cows with chains, American pat
tern. These give them more exercise
than any other method of tying. The
more stock is sheltered during the
winter the less feed they take and the
better they look. It is the most eco
nomical method. Theo3ore Bischoff,
in Prairie Farmer.
After the Plffs Are "Weaned.
Very young pigs, after weaning,
should receive skim milk, bran and
ground oats. Clover is also excellent
as a bulky food. Corn and cornmeal
make the best foods for fattening,
but give, the best results when the
animals also receive a variety in ad
dition, such as clover, turnips, bran,
skim milk, or even weeds. The seeds
men in Blmost any city can supply
hicTB on ths management of swine.
IF every one in the world
be. But the sun rises
flicted. The Easter lilies
But to the sick something more than the Easter lily
hope and cheer which every one expects on Easter day.
cian, but the sick need a remedy.
Nearly one-half the people in the United States are
or phase of catarrhal ailment. These ailments take different forms at different
seasons of the year. In the springtime catarrh assumes a systemic form, pro
ducing nervousness, lassitude and general languor.
Systemic catarrh deranges the digestion and through deranged digestion it
impoverishes or contaminates the blood. Thus we have blood diseases and ner
vous derangements through
Peruna is a specific
medical profession is able
ments as Peruna.
A I en and women everywhere are praising Peruna
A First Class Tonic.
Wm. A. Collier, Assistant PaymaS'
ter U. S. N., writes: have taken
Peruna and recommend it to those
needing a first-class tonic."
A Great Tonic.
Hon. M. C. Butler, Ex-U. S. Senator
and Ex-Governor of South Carolina,
writes from Edgefield, S. C: "I have
been using Peruna for a short period
and I feel very much relieved. It Is in
deed a wonderful medicine and besides
a great tonic"
Splendid for the Nerves.
Robert B. Mantell, the famous actor,
writes from New York City: "Peruna
1s splendid and most invigorating
refreshing to the nerves and body."
For General Debility.
Hon. Jno. V. Wright, of the Law
Department, General Land Office of
Tennessee, writes: "I wish every
one who is suffering with general
debility or prostration could know of
Von Can Get Allen's Fool-Eane FREE.
Write to-dav to Allen S. Olmsted. Irov.
N. Y., for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder to shake into your shoes. 1
cures chilblains, sweatincr. damn, swollen.
aching feet. It makes New or tight shoes
easy. A certain cure for Corns and Bun
ions. All druggists and shoe stores sell it. 25c.
Coffee and political principles should have
good grounds. Judge.
Jbkgelable Preparalionfor As
similating tlieFoodandBegula
ling the Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfuf
ness andRest.Contains neither
Omum.MorpluD.e norfincraL
WOT HJlslc otic .
itSi4tymm fnar
Aperfecl Remedy forConrtipa
Tion , Sour Stomach.Dian hoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
were healthy and happy what a glad day Easter would
every Easter morning on a multitude of sick and af
gladden the hearts of the sick
systemic catarrh.
for these cases. No other
to successfully meet so
A Spring Tonic.
Mrs. D. W. Tlmberlake, Lynchburg,
Va., says: 'There is no better spring
tonic than Peruna, and 1 have used
about all of them. "
A Good Tonic.
Captain Percy W. Moss, Second
Arkansas Volunteers, writes from Par
agould, Ark.: find Peruna a very
good spring tonic, and will readily
recommend It at any time. "
Builds Up the Entire System.
Miss Jennie Johnson, 3118 Lake Park
avenue, Chicago, 111., is Vice President
of Chicago Teachers' Federation. She
writes: "Peruna restores the func
tions of nature, induces sleep and
builds up the entire system."
Makes Steady Nerves.
D. L. Wallace, Charter Member In
ternational Barters' Union, 15 Western
avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota,
writes: "I now feel splendid. My
head is clear, my nerves are steady,
1 enjoy my food and rest well."
Got Is Standing-.
Miss Coy Do you really think a girl can
find out who her husband will be by-consulting
a fortune teller?
Miss Wise Perhaps not, but I found out
who my husband wouldn't be by that meth
od, not long ago.
"Really? What fortune teller did you con
sult?" "Bradstreet." Philadelphia Press.
Tot Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
and well alike.
is necessary to bring that
The well need no physi
suffering from some form
remedy yet devised by tne
many phases of spring ail
as follows:
The Best of Tonics.
Hon. W. C. Chambers, Chief Justice
ot Samoa, says: "I have tried one bot
tle of Peruna and I can truthfully say it
Is one of the best tonics I ever used. "
A Grand Tonic.
Mrs. Grldley, mother of Captain
Gridley, of the "Olympia," writes: "I
used Peruna and can truthfully say ii
is a grand tonic."
For Overwork.
Mr. Tef ft Johnson, a prominent actof
of Washington, D. C, writes front
Fourteenth and "I" streets: "In the
effort to improve a condition Impaired
by overwork, I have found nothing
that has done as much good as Pe
For a Worn-out System.
Mrs. Catherine Toft, President "VaU
kyrien Association," S649 Cottage
Grove avenue, Chicago, 111., writes:
"I often advise Peruna In cases of a
worn-out system and a broken down
You know how you hate some people,
without any particular reason. Well, some
people hate you in the same way. Atchisoii
Two hundred bushels of po
tatoes remove eighty pounds
of "actual' 'Potash from the
soil. . Unless this quantity
IfelV is returned to the soil,
the following- crop will
-it i -
iiiaici iuny decrease.
We have boolcs telling about
composition, use and value of
lertiluers for various crops
lney are sent free.
'SStitrsSJC 3 Nassau St,
Ifciae5r3fc"3 New York.
With riff to nell oar Poultry Mixture: straight
salary 15.00 per week and expenses; year'a
contract; weekly pay. Address with ntamp
EUREKA Mr G. CO,, Dept. S, East 6t Louis. UL
A. N. K. F
please state that ymm saw the .e-rertls.
cat In this paver.
LUHtS nhhKfc All H Kf- US. IT;
Best Couh fcyrwp. Tastes Good. Uoo
in time. Kolj ny di-uprista, tr4
1 . .5
IllMUJ ,l(lJ,)l IU J1IL.I J

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