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The Bolivar bulletin. (Bolivar, Tenn.) 1888-1946, April 12, 1901, SUPPLEMENT, Image 6

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Maxims. I
Arrangements Being Con
sidered to Beautify
One of the most thoroughly dis
cussed and seriously considered
plans for "grander Washington" is
to build a great bridge over the Po
tomac, that famous river that serv
ed as a sort of dividing line between
the North and South during the re
bellion. Originally the projected
structure was called the "U. S.
Grant Memorial Bridge" and it was
intended to make it an elaborate
monument in honor of the General,
as well as the oiher heroes of the
war in rank and file. After a while
the Grant idea was abondoned qnd
the structure came to be called the
memorial bridge. Thus will it re
mind visitors to the capital that not
only was the blood of heroes shed,
but that after the conflict both sec
tions were reunited in a stronger
bond than before.
It was proposed at first to erect a
structure costing about $500,000,
but year by year the projectors have
developed the plan, until now it
calls for a $5,000,000 bridge. The
first drawing was made by Paul
Pelz, architect of the congressional
library. His perspective delinea
tion shows a massive affair, with
two great towers near the center.
A design similar to this has been
partly accepted by the government,
but objection has been raised to the
towers by an influential coterie here,
who are in favor of the specifica
tions of George Keller, of Hart
ford, Conn, luey provide tor an
arch at the approach,' but not for
any towers. The bridge would be
gin near the naval observatory, west
of the White House grounds, and
extend . with embankments to the
north limit and sate of Arlington
cemetery, the national military bnri
al ground.
If sixteenth street northwest in
this citv were continued south it
would pass through theWhitellouse.
About a mile north of the Presi
dent's home, Sixteenth (street reach
es the base of a hill which rises 202
feet above the Potomac, while that
on which the Capitol 6tands is nine
ty feet high, crowning the Sixteenth
street, or Meridian bill. It is pro
posed to erect a new executive man
ion of commanding proportions and
beautiful design. Mrs. Henderson,
wife of a former Senator from Mis
souri, and Architect Pelz have pre
sented the "prospectus," which is
prettv and feasible. It would be
Of nothing are we so liberal as
The misfortunes of other people
we all can bear with an heroic con
stancy. We confess small faults, by way
of insinuating that we have no great
In" the distress of our best friends
we ever find something not . dis
pleasing to us.
Gratitude in most men, arises
from a secret desire to receive
greater favors.
Those on whom we confer bene
fits we are fonder of than those from
whom we receive them.
If lovers are never weary of each
other, it is because they are always
talking of themselves.
We easily forgive those who
weary, us; but we never forgive
those who are wearied by us.
Hypocracy is the homage that
vice pays to virtue.
How can we expect that a friend
should keep our secret, whilst we
are convincing him that it is more
than we can do ourselves?
ourselves than not to talk at all.
Quarrels would never be lasting,
were the fault only on one side.
- r
, Dry, Goods, Costumes, Carpets,
We have opened the SPRING AND SUMMER SEASON under mora
satisfactory conditions than have ever before existed during the life of
this great business.
All that is Newest and Most Wanted, all that is Rarest and Scarcest
elsewhere is shown here plentifully and at Remarkably Low, Reasonable
Preces. . Our well organized
Mail Order Department
gives people from a distance the same advantage of choosing from these
mammoth assortments as is enjoyed by city customers.
Samples Sent
on receipt of all reasonable requests. No Catalogues issued, but corre
spondence is given our best attention, and orders are filled promptly
and carefully.
Bi LOWENSTEIN & BROS., Memphis, tenn.
Non-Resident Notice.
K. L. Snialley, of the firm of Sm alley & Gatlin vs.
W. L. Stafford. Proceeding by Attachment be
fore T. D. rrcwitt, Justice of the Peacn of Har
deman County, Tenn.
It appearing to me that a writ of attachment
heretofore issued in this case against the defend
ant, W. L. Stafford, who, under oath, Is alleged to
be a non-resident of the State of Tennessee, for
the recovery of seventeen dollars (517.00) alleged by
the plaintiff to be justly due him from said W. L
Staffbrd by account, has been duly executed by
siezure of pioperty of the defendant by garnish
ment, and due return thereof made to It is or
dered that publication of a no'ce be therefore
made for four consecutive weeks in the JJomvae
Bulletin, a newspaper published in Hardeman
Cunty, requiring the defendant, W. L. Stafford,
to appear at my office in the first district of Har
deman County, at noon, on the 3rd day of May,
1901, before me, the Justice having cognizance of
said cause, and defend the action thus commenced
agamsi mm ty Attacument, otherwise the case
will be proceeded with ex parte as to him. This
the 26th day of March, 1901.
J. P. of Hardeman County
Non-Resident Notice.
The Honest Cobbler
examines the "Sole of Honoi"
and finds it is the Soul of Honor. You
may not know as much about shoes as
he does, but take our word for it so
good a shoe as Selz "R.oya.1 Blue" for
so small a price was never offered be
fore. All styles, all shapes, all satis
factory kinds of prk
leathers at one price, Q 9 J
This Mb' good thee la made by Selz, Schwab tt Co
Chicago, the largest manufacturers cl
good thoes in the world.
In the Circuit Court of Hardeman
' County, Tenn., at Uolivar, May
term, 1901 S. E. West vs Knox
West. Divorce.
In this cause it appearing from
the petition, which is sworn to,
. 1 f w T- www
mat tne aetenaant, ivnox west, is
a non-resident or tne Estate ol len
nessee, and is a resident of the
State of Mississippi, so that the or
dinary process of law cannot be
the official residence of his excellen- served on him: it is therefore or-
cy, while the present mansion, one dered that publication he made in
iuile south, directly down Sixteenth the Bolivar Bulletin, a newspaper
street, would be used for the Presi- published in the town of Lolivar,
dent's office. That bit of Sixteenth jfor four consecutive weeks, requir-
street between the old and the new mg tne delendant, Knox West, to
White House it is proposed to name appear within the first three days A Testimonial From Old England.
Caught a Dreadful Cold.
Marion Kooke, mauager for T. M.
Thompson, a large importer of fine
millinery at 103S Milwaukee Ave
nue, Chicago, says: "During the
late severe weather I caught a dread
ful cold which kept me awake at
night and made me unlit to attend
my work during the day.' One of
my milliners was taking Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy for a severe
cold at that time, which seemed to
relieve her so quickly that I bought
some for myself. It acted like
magia and I began to improve at
once. 1 am now entirely well and
feel very pleased to acknowledge its
merits." t or sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
He Kept His Leg.
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan,
of Hartford, Conn., scratched hi
leg with a rusty wire. Iuflamation
and blood poison set in. For two
years he suffered intensely. Then
the best doctors urged amputatiou,
"but," he writes, "I used one bot
tle of Electric Bitters and l boxes
of Bucklen Arnica Salve and my leg
was sound and well as ever." For
Eruptions, Eczema, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Sores and all blood disor
ders Electric Bitters has no rival on
earth. Try them, W. J. Cox will
guarantee satisfaction or refund
money. Only 50 cents.
Executive avenue. of the May term, 1901, of said
, . . Court and plead, answer or demur
nu iiuur i til i i f inn ihi'i fx i in -
for a tract of fifty-two acres on
near tne mil. 1 ne 1'resident would
live on the second floor and have
his great- social functions on the
first floor. The establishment would
have a winter garden, two palm
houses and conservatories, and the
new east room would be decorated
in white, pink and gold, with rair
rored sides. Looking from the man
sion, high above the city and the
Potomac, the view would be one of
the most beautiful in the world.
No estimate is made of the cost,
but it has been variously "guessed"
at $0,000,000. As yet the project
has not got beyond the stage of dis
Washington monument now rises
abruptly from a little hill's top. A
scheme to surround the bare base
with a handsomely arranged porti
co or colonnade court, meets the ap
proval of those upon whom the old
simplicity palls. If carried into
effect, the grandeur of this great
shaft will be greatly enhanced.
Washington telegram to Chicago
to the allegations set out in the bill,
otherwise the same will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for
hearing ex parte. March 20, 1901.
S. II. JONES, Clerk.
A. J. Coatks, Solicitor.
Insolvent Notice.
"1 consider Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy the best in the world tor
bronchitis," says Mr. William Sav
ory, ot Warrington, H,ugiaud. "It
has saved my wife s life, she having
been a martyr to bronchitis for over
six years, being most of the time
confined to her bed. She is now I
quite well. Sold by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar: J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
J. N. MULFORD, Jeweler
Having this day Miggested the in
solvency of the i state of Jerry
Brown, dee'd, uoti'-e is hereby giv
en to all persons having claims
against 6aid estate to tile same, dulv
authenticated, with the Clerk of the
County Court of Hardeman County,
Tennessee, on or before the 18th
day of September, 1901, or the same
will be forever barred iu law and
equity. InislSih day ot .March,
1901. Geo. M. Doreis,
a 12. Administrator.
If troubled by a weak digestion,
loss of appetite, or constipation, try
a lew doses ot tnamberiain s stom
ach and Liver Tablets. Every box
warranted. For sale by XV. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
'Tis Easy to Feel Good.
Countless thousands have found a
blessing to the body in Dr King's
iNv'vLife Pills,- which positively
cure Constipation, Sick Headache.
Dizziness, Jaundice, Malaria, Fever
and Ague and all Liver and Stom
ach troubles. Purely vegetable;
never gripe or weaken, unly
cents at W. J. Cox's drug store.
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
If he'd had Itching Piles. They're
terribly annoying; but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will cure the worst
case of piles on earth. It has cured
thousands. For Injuries, Pains or
Bodily Eruptions it's the best salve
in the world. Price 25 cents a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by W. J.
Cox, druggist.
Produce Buyers,
Dressed Poultry, Game, Furs,
Eggs and Butter.
Write for Per msent Faying Prices.
Effective Sunday, Jan. 20, 1U01.
25 6.29 p.m.
23 7.45 a.m.
95 local . 8.15 a.m.
No. North.
26 7.16 a.tu
24.. 9.03 p.m.
94 local-.. 2.50 p.m.
W. A. HOUSE, Agent

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