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J 1901 APRIL. 1901 j
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All the News of the Past Seven
Days Cowlcnsed.
Nervg of the Industrial Field, Personal
and Political Items, Happening's
at Home and Abroad.
President MeKinlej- and Secretary
Boot are said to be considering' the
advisability of withdrawing all mili
tarj forces from Cuba.
The j'lry disagreed in the trial of
11 persons charged with killing- F. B.
Baker, the negro iostmaster of Lake
City, S. C.
The Pennsylvania Steel company
has bought the mines of the Spanish
American Jron company at Daquire,
Lizzie E. Coffman, a school-teacher
at Harrison, b., saved her 13 pupils
and the schoolhouse from being car
ried away in a flood.
James J. Withrow sued the Carne
gie company in Pittsburgh for $50,
0CO,000, alleging infringement of a
Bishop Henry M. Turner, of the Af
rican Methodist church, advocates the
banishment of negro criminals to
Mrs. Nation threatens to sue Topeka,
Kan., for the recovery of hatchets
taken from her by the police while on
her saloon-smashing crusades.
The fire loss for the United States
and Canada in March was $15,306,250,
against $13,34i,200 in the same month
in 1!00.
A combination has been formed in
New York tocontrol practically the en
tire silver and eopper product of the
An equestrian statue of Gen. Logan
was unveiled in Washington. Presi
dent MeKinley made an address and
Senator Depew delivered the oration.
A Porto Jiican arrived in Washing
ton bearing a petition of 6,000 island
ers, telling a harrowing story of star
vation. J. Pierpont Morgan & Co., of New
York, have officially announced their
plan to'combine big dry goods stores
in that and other cities.
T. L. Arrington shot and killed
Mamie Cleghorn at Somerville, Ga.,
and then killed himself. A broken en
gagement was the cause.
Edward E. Moore shot his wife in
Milwaukee and then killed himself.
Domestic trouble was the cause.
James Smith and his wife and four
children were killed at ( ripple Creek,
Col., by a landslide that destroyed their
Philander C. Knov, of Pittsburgh,
took the oath of office as attorney gen
eral in the president's cabinet.
Operators and miners in the Indiana
block coal district could not agree on
a new scale and work was stopped in
all mines.
A killing frost lias reduced the Cali
fornia fruit crop by one-half.
A restaurant at Pattle Creek, Mich.,
was wrecked by employes of the own
er of the site, who took this means to
oust a tenant.
Society women at Indianapolis, 50
strong, visited drug stores in the sub
urbs and warned the proprietors to
cease selling liquor contrary to law.
Mrs. M. A. Bateliffe, of Denver.
Col., was arrested on a charge of il
legal voting at the last election in
that city.
William Alexander, convicted of
murder, was killed by his victim's
friends on his way to prison at rhoe
nix, Ari.
The Minnesota house has reconsid
ered its action whereby the bill per
mitting the parole of the Younger
brothers was killed and the matter
now rests with the governor.
Improvements in roadbed and equip
ment to cost $40,000,000 are planned
by the Baltimore & Ohio railroad.
n arbitration agreement between
newspaper publishers and the Inter
national Typographical union marks
en epoch in labor affairs.
Mrs P. D. Armour and J. Ogden Ar
miwhave given $1,000,000 to Armour
institute in Chicago, enabling it to
extend its work. ,
Mrs Althea Cooper Lyons wife of
the president of Monmouth (111.) col
e ? r
An . vV;rtn saving it was due
to Carrie Nation savi b
to rum and cigarettes.
Tohn 41fred Skoog, an expert coun
terfeiter, who escaped from jail in
Jliet III., in 1S97, has been captured
New York.
in transport Bawlins, about to
.an from S York ' 9ba th
v supplies' was sunk by water
arned"nto her to quench fire.
pUP -foran-Hill syndicate closed a
f yew York for the Burlington
deal m - .mcJj was needed to com-
George Edwards, of St. Louis, was
drowned vhile fishing in Long Lake,
in Illinois.
Horse show associations in many
southwestern cities have perfected or
ganization and established a circuit.
The grain growers of central Kan
sas are organizing to boycott dealer!
who, it is claimed, are in a combine.
It is reported that all the knitting
goods mills of the country, with a
capital of $40,000,000, are preparing to
Mrs. Carrie Nation was arrested in
Kansas City, Sunday, on 1he charge of
obstructing the streets. She was re
leased on nominal bond.
Gen. Alger believes it is not neces
sary to retain more than 25,000 sol
diers in the Philippines now that
Aguinaldo has surrendered.
The Oklahoma gubernatorial fight
dwarfs all other territorial questions.
Fully fifty Oklahomans are in Wash
ington taking a hand in the contest.
Kaiser William is said to have tried
American cooking and taken a great
fancy to it. His imperial chef is re
ceiving a special course of instruction
in the art.
Col. James G. Barrett, the formei
mayor of Washington and for years
one of its best-known citizens, died,
Sunday, aged S6 years. He was a na
tive of Baltimore.
Delegates from St. Louis to the
convention of naval veterans at
Cleveland, ()., will take with them a
model of the first iron-clad gunboat
on the Mississippi.
The brewers of Missouri have de
cided not to pay beer inspection fees
due the state as a part of the com
promise by which the amount of the
fees was to be reduced.
(Jen. John A. Kasson, of Towa, en
joys the novel distinction of being ar
officer of the government who refuses
to accept, a cent of salarj', although
carried on the pay roll.
A Paris special says a report is cur
rent that- Miss Daisy Leiter, of Chi
cago, is engaged to Spencer Eddy, ol
Chicago, second secretary of the
American embassy in Paris.
A Philadelphia bride found a love
letter in her husband's pocket and
drank carbolic acid before she discov
ered that it was dated a year back.
The stom.';eh pump saved her life.
James Henry Jarvis, a farmer liv
ing several miles north of Fayette
ville, Ark., shot and instantly killed
his wife. He then attempted to take
his own life, but made a botch of it.
Indifference on the part of the na
val militia of the Atlantic and Pacific
states will prevent any of the organi
zations from participating in the
usual cruise during the coming sum
mer. The Tenth Ward Improvement as
sociation of St. Louis will oppose any
attempt to unseat O. F. Karbe, elect
ed a member of the house of dele
gates. They hint at ropes and shot
guns. It is reported that the health ol
former President Steyn of the Orange
Free State has broken down. It is
also said that he has advised al".
Boers on commando to surrender im
mediately. Representatives of the-Cudahy com
panies are negotiating for territorial
concessions in return for the estal
lishment of a modern packing plant
at Calgary, a town S00 miles west oJ
Winnepeg, Man.
W. M. Dittmer, city marshal, of
Canton, Mo., has mysteriously dis
appeared. He left last Thursday
night and has not been heard from
sfnee. At the recent town election
Dittmer was defeated for re-election.
Mrs. William Clarke and a hired
man are under arrest, charged with
murdering with poison the former's
husband, a farmer of Liston, 111., who
died recently. Four sons give the
principal testimony against their
A Dead Woman In Phoenix, Ariz.,
Left (irp.it AVenltH In Jewelry
nnd I'reeious Stones.
Phoenix. Ariz., April 15. The death
here of Mrs. Bo bin Iche reveals the
fact that alone and unguarded in her
house was great wealth in jewels and
precious stones. The husband of the
woman is in jail awaiting trial for in
sanity and the sheriff has taken
charge of the jewelry, the estimated
value of which is not less than $50,
000. Mrs. Iche has a sister in Bir
mingham. England, the wife of a great
coal dealer.
I'nder n Serloiia Charge.
Guthrie, Okla,, April 15. C. II. An
drews has been placed in the United
States jail here, charged with im
personating a United States officer
and participating in a swindling plan
to defraud old soldiers and others
who desire to settle in the Kiowa and
Comanche country soon tQ.be opened
to settlement.
Their I.aat Beef Inane.
Fort Sill, I. T., April 15. The Kiowa
and Comanche Indians are, previous
to taking their allotments, holding
their last annual beef issue. Several
hundred are at this point and Ana
darko in attendance. The ceremo
nies will last perhaps two or three
Soldiers' Home Site Selected.
Johnson, Tenn., April 15. The ex
ecutive board of the federal soldiers
home sent to east Tennessee to select
a location for the branch home pro
vided for by an act of the last con
gress, decided on the Lyle farm, of
300 acres, two miles west of this city.
Mrs. Day Passed a. Bad Mght.
Canton, O., April 15. Attending
physicians say that Mrs. Day, wife of
Judge Day, passed a very bad night-,
but has rallied somewhat since morn-
The houss passed a bill to prevent prlie fight
ng. but It is not thought it will ever get through
the senate.
The joint legislative committee appointed to
Investigate the charitable institutions of the
State submitted its report. The report takes
up the several Institutions, states the result of
the investigation into their condition and makes
such recommendations as are necessary. As a
rule the committee says the institutions are all
well and economically managed.
For the eastern hospital for the insane at
Knoxville, an appropriation of $3.ooo for repairs
and improvements and sufficient funds to carry
$100,000 insurance is recommended.
An appropriation of $3,500 for repairs and Im
provements at the Tennessee school for the
deaf and dumb at Knoxville is recommended.
For the -West Tennessee hospital for the In
sane at Bolivar, an appropriation of $14,500 is
recommended for repairs and improvements, the
restoration of the electric light plant recently
destroyed by fire, and to insure the property for
Ave years. The committee says it examined
into the excess of expenditures at this institu
tion over like institutions, and gives good rea
son why this Is so. There are more patients to
care for, the freight bills on goods bought are
necessarily higher.lt costs more to get coal to
the asylum and the farm is composed of poor
The central hospital for the insane at Nash
ville, the committee says, is very much crowded
and more room is needed. An appropriation of
$25,000 for a new building, $5,000 for repairs and
improvements, and $4,000 to insure the property
lor five years is recommended.
For the Confederate veterans home, near
Nashville, the committee recommends an ap
propriation of $3,500 to pay oil a deficit caused
by drouth and the failure of crop- for the past
two years; that $.'0 per capita be allowed for
burial expenses when necessary to bury the
dead, and that an appropriation of $200p-r an
num be made for each of two trustees, who
liavo to visit the institution and pay for their
own conveyance.
Appropriations aggregating $25,2S0 are recom
mended for the school fortbe blind at Nashville,
in order to provide more room for colored and
white children, for furniture, for plumbing for
new buildings, for musical instruments, grad
ing grounds, etc. Appropriations aisregatlnj
$2o,3a5 are recommended for the Tennessee In
dustrial School, which, the committee says,
"after a careful and close investigation," they
believe to be one of the best managed institu
tions of the kind in America. These approgrla
tionsare for deficit incurred for supplies for the
past two years; for a tract of lant for the farm;
tor a crematory for the refuse of the institution,
which nas and can have no sewerage: for the
insurance of the property for the next five years,
an t for an additional building for boys.
It is recommended that for all the institutions
the per capita appropriation remain the same
as for the past two years.
The senato adopted a resolution providing for
final adjournament on Monday. April 22.
For several weeks it has been difficult to get
a quorum in the bouse and the Skldmore reso
lution, adopted today, seeks to correct this evil.
It makes it mandatory on the finance, ways and
means committee not to include these members
in the list for full per diem, and the house has
ordered that a list of those who have been ab
sent and the number of days they have not been
present to be made out and given to this com
mittee. The senate killed two more bills aimed at the
Jarvis lav. These bills hadpasssi the house.
It Is safe to say now that all efforts to cripple
this law will prove unavailing.
The house worked on the assessment bill
nearly all daj. Only two amendments to the
bill of general interest were a lopte J, although
there were fjulte a number o.fered. One of the
accepted amendments does away with the re
quirement that the circuit court clerks shall
countersign merchants' licenses at 50 cents eacti,
and the other makes the action of county boards
of equalizers final In the assessment of prop
erty, in effect doing away with the State board
of equalization, which under the act of two
years ago raised assessments about $l0,ooo,ooo.
The bill requiring the railroad to take dupli
cate receipts for passes given legislators and
Judges and file a list with the secretary of State
for publication, failed to pass the senate, it
voting for it and 17 against.
In the house Mr. Smith of Shelby Introduced
a resolution to amend the constitution so as to
allow the general assembly the power to enact
laws permitting the qualified vot jrs of any town,
city, taxing district or county, by vote at a
special or general election held once in four
For the Forrest Monument.
The Business Men's Club of Memphis
has secured the Chicago Orchestra of
seventy instruments, of which Theo
nore Thomas is leader, for a series of
three concerts, to be given at the Audi
torium on April 25, 26 and 27, the pro
ceeds to go to the Forrest Monument
fund. An additional feature of the
concerts will be a quartette of solo
artists and the Mozart Society of 150
voices, with full orchestral accompani
ment. A complete change of program
will be given each evening. Season
tickets, entitling purchaser to the best
seat in the house, will be sold for $3.00.
The same class seat for each concert
will be sold for $1.50. Good seats can
be had for 75 cents and $1.00. Orders
for seats must be addressed to B. M.
Stainback, Auditorium, with a certi
fied check, express or postoffice order.
Tennessee Prison.
The report of the legislative commit
tee to visit and inquire into the State
prison S3Tstem, was presented in both
houses of the legislature last week. The
report speaks in the highest terms of
the present management of the prisons,
concluding with these words: "Ten
nessee is to be congratulated upon the
best prison system in the South, which
is not only self-sustaining, but turns
into the State treasury a gratifying
balance each year."
Milan Is Dry.
The election to decide the fata of
Milan's charter was held last week,
and the "drys" won by more than two
to one.
Will Finish His Product.
Charles Scheiren of Brooklyn has
purchased ten acres of land adjoining
his big tannery at Bristol, and will
erect thereon a building for the manu
facture of leather belting. Hitherto
the leather has been sent Eist for con
version into belting. From 75 to 100
men will be employed in this plant.
" Fruits of Wheat Crop.
Last year's wheat crop has prastically
been marketed, and the benefit derived
by Union City will be io the neighbor
hood, of 500,OOQr -
years, to prohibit or allow the purchase, sale oi
giving away of any article of merchandise In
said city, town taxing district or county. This
is a local option measure.
The conference committee on the revenita bill
has about reached an agreement on all ths
amendments except those as to the electric light
section. The house amended the bill so as to
strike out the provision for a tax on municipal
plants, which the senate put on larger cities.
The house also put a straight tax of $750 on
plants in cities of over lOO.ooo population, so
as to take Memphis from under the scale gradu
ated according to power. The commute has so
tar been unable to agree on these two amend
The senate today passed the Vande venter bill,
which makes it obligatory upon the railroad
commission to enforce the long and short haul
clause of the commission law. Heretofore the
commission has had the power to suspend this
section of the law whenever in its Judgment it
wasj-ight to do so. The bill came from the
committee recommended for rejection, but Van
deventer moved to non-concur and the senate
sustaiued the motion by a good majority. The
penalty for a violation of this section of the
act, and under which the commission will have
to proceed in f utura in the event the house also
passes the bill, will be a fine of $100 to $590 for
each offense.
The houss expressed its opposition to return
ing to the back-tax attorney system, and being
unable to otherwise reach an agreement as to
the method of collecting the $250,010 of taxes
now delinquent, finally authorized the speaker
to appoint a committee to draft a section of the
assessment bill covering this point.
The house tabled the senate bill providing for
the organization of the State board of agricul
ture. The report of the committee on education was
submitted to the legislature this afternoon. Tin
report goes into details regarding the various
State institutions, and makes brief recommenda
tions for the betterment of the work. An in
crease of the annual appropriation to the nor
mal college to the amount of $5,(,00 is recom
mended. The State superintendent of public
Instruction is complimentel for his manage
ment of the State's educational facilities. Th
accounts and management of the State Institu
tions were found to be commendable.
The senate went on record as favoring changes
In the organic law, when it adopted a resolution
providing that the governor, secretary of State,
comptroller and treasurer shall be elected by
popular vote for terms of four years, none ol
them t be eligible for re-election until after an
intervening term; that county officers shall be
elected for four years and be Ineligible, same ai
State officers; that election of county officials
shall be oa the same date In November as the
national and State election; that the general
assemoly shall have power to enact local road,
fence and school laws.
The homo also went on record as favoring
changes by voting to submit a local option
amendment to the constitution, the vote being
73 for to 4 against.
These amendments must go to the next gen
eral assembly, and if sanctioned by that body
must be submitted to the people in 1903.
It is almost certain the house will concur in
the amendments adopted by the senate, and vice
The house passed the assessment bill, after
providing for only three revenue agents, where
there are now four, but Increasing their maxi
mum compensation to $2,50J from $2.ooo. Sales
of property on which taxes are delinquent will
be by the trustej, with no back tax attorneys.
The committee to investigate the charges of
bribery, or attempted bribery, in connection
with the defeat of the Peeler local option bill
and other matters, submitted its report to the
general assembly today. Soma COO pages of
evidence were taken. The committee says It
made a most thorough and searching examina
tion, but that no evidence of wrongdoing on the
part of any member of the legislature was
secured. The only suspicious evidence was the
fact tint the wholesale whisky men raised a
fund of $2,400 with which to influence legisla
tion, but there was no evidence to show that any
of this money was corruptly used.
The proceedings in the house were enlivened
by a vicious attack by Mr. Koyston upon the
editor of the Nashville Banner concerning his
advocacy of a dog law and his criticism of the
former's vote, Mr. Gordon's efforts to get In a
minority report criticising the alleged Ill-treat
ment of children by guards and others In the
Tennessee Industrial School, and the dereat of
the bill to refund to the counties certain mer
chants' privileges taxes alleged to have been
erroneously collected.
Terror for the Tlffer.
The senate judiciary committee has
recommended the anti-gambling bill
for passage. The bill provides:
" That it shall be deemed a felony for
any one to run a house or room for the
purpose of gaming or allowing gaming
to be done, such as games of hazard or
chance at cards, dice, horse racing or
any other game or games of chance had
or indulged in by one or more persona
for money or anything of value.
" That any one convicted under tho
provisions of this act shall be sentenced
to imprisonment in the State peniten
tiary for a period of not less than one
nor more than three years.
"That all laws and parts of laws in
conflict with this act be and the sama
are hereby repealed."
Factories for Memphis.
The Memphis Pottery Company, an
institution employing forty hands; the
the Paty Excelfior Company, working
fifteen hands; the Wabash Screen Door
Company, employing one hundred and
fifty skilled mechanics; the Lyons &
Son Tiling, Brick and Lumber Com
pany, employing twenty-five hands; the
Houston & Curtis Company, dealing in
wagon and carriage material, and
affording work for fifty persons, and
the Griffith Casket Company, with its
fifty employees, have all been brought
to Memphis in the past year by the In
dustrial League of Memphis by untir
iug and well-directed effort, and by the
expenditure of $2,164.75.
Tennessee's Delegate.
The University of Tennessee has re
ceived an invitation to send delegates
to the meetinsr of universities and
learned societies in Winchester, Eag
land, next summer. The university has
accepted, and Dr. J. Douglass Bruce
has been appointed its representative.
Death of a Capitalist.
G. M. Fogg, member of the executive
board of the Nashville. Chattanooga &
St. Louis railway, and for many years
one of the most prominent capitalists
of Nashville, died last week, aged, about
63 years.
Dr. Talmage Urges All to Try Its
Uplifting Power.
He Characterise RellRl-on a Cod'i
Daughter Sermon from the
Text, "Her AVaya Are Way a
of Plfanantuem."
Copyright, 1901, by Louis Klopsch, N. T.
In this discourse Dr. Talmage sets
forth religion as ain exhilaration, and
urges all people to try its uplifting
power; text, Proverbs 3, 17: "Her
ways are ways of pleasantness."
You have all heard of God's only
begotten Son. Have you heard of
God's daughter? She was born in
Heaven? She came down over the
hills of our world. She had queenly
step. On her brow was celestial
radiance. Her voice was music. Her
name is Religion. My text intro
duces her. "Her ways are ways of
pleasantness, and all her paths are
peace." But what is religion? The
fact is that theological study has had
a different effect upon me from the
effect sometimes produced. Every
year I tear out another leaf from
my theology, until i have only three
or four leaves left in other words,
a very brief and plain statement of
Christian belief.
An aged Christian minister said:
"When I was a young man, I knew
evervthing. When I got to be 35
years of age, in my creed I had only a
hundred doctrines of religion. hen
I got to be GO years of age, I had
only 50 doctrines of religion. When
I got to be GO years of age. I ,had
only ten doctrines of religion, nnd
now I am dying at 75 years of age,
and there is only one thing I know,
nnd that is that Christ Jesus came
into the world to save sinners." And
so I have noticed in the study of God's
word and in my contemplation of the
character of Cod and of the eternal
world that it is necessary for me to
drop this part of my belief and that
part of my belief as being nonessen
tial, while I cling to the one great doc
trine that man is a sinner and Christ
is his Almighty and Divine Saviour.
Xow I take these three or four
leaves of my theology, and I find that
in the first place and dominant above
all others is the sunshine of religion.
When 1 go into a room, I have a pas
sion for throwing open all the shut
ters. That is what I want to do this
morning. We are apt to throw so
much of the sepulchral into our re
ligion and to close the shutters and
to pull down the blinds that it is only
through here and there a crevice that
the light streams. The religion of
the Lord Jesus Christ is a religion of
joy indescribable and unutterable
Wherever I can find a bell I mean to
ring it.
If there arc anv in this house this
morning who are disposed to hold on
to their melancholy and gloom, let
them depart this service before the
fairest and the brightest and the most
radiant being of all the universe comes
in. God's Son has left our world, but
God's daughter is here. (Jive her room
Hail, princess of Heaven! Ifail, daugh
ter of he Lord Almightv! Come in
and make this house thy throneroom
In setting forth this idea the domi
rant theory of religion is one of sun
shine. I hardly know where to begin,
lor there are so many thoughts that
rush upon my soul. A mother saw her
little child seated on the floor in the
sunshine and with a spoon in her hand
She said: "My darling, what are von
doing there?" "Oh," replied the child,
"I am getting a spoonful of this sun
shine." Would Cod that to-day
might present you with a gleaming
chalice of this glorious, everlasting
Uospel sunshine!
First of all, I find a great deal of
sunshine in Christian society. I do
not know of anything more doleful
than the companionship of the mere
funmakers of the world the Thomas
Hoods, the Charles Lambs, the
Charles Mathewses of the world the
men whose entire business it is to
make sport. They make others laugh
but if you will examine their auto
biography or biography you will find
that down in their soul there was a
terrific disquietude. Laughter is no
sign of happiness. The maniac
laughs. The hyena laughs. The loon
among the Adirondacks laughs. The
drunkard, dashing his decanter
against the wall, laughs.
There is a terrible reaction from all
sinful amusement and sinful merri
ment. Such men are cross the next
day. They snap at you on exchange
or they pass you, not recognizing you
Long ago I quit mere worldly society
for the reason it was so dull, so inane
and so stupid. Mj- nature is voracious
of joy. I must have it.
I alwa3's walk on the sunny side o
the street, and for that reason I have
crossed over into Christian society,
like their mode of repartee better.
like their style of amusement better.
They live longer. Christian people, i
sometimes notice, live on when by all
natural law they ought to have died
I have known persons who have con
tinued in their existence when the
doctor said they ought to have been
dead ten years. Every day of their
existence was a defiance of the laws
of anatomy and phj-siology, but they
had this supernatural vivacity of the
Gospel in their soul, and that kept
them alive.
Put 10 or 12 Christian people in a
room for Christian conversation, and
you will from eight to ten o'clock
hear more resounding glee, see more
bright strokes of wit and find more
thought and profound satisfaction
than in any merely worldly party
ICow, when I say a worldly party
mean that to which you are invited
because under all the circumstances
of the case it is the best for you to
19 lasted., acd, tf Wfeich, you go b$
cause under all circumstances of the
case it is better that you go, and,
leaving the shawls on the second
floor, you go to the parlor to give for
mal salutation to the host and the
hostess and then move around, spend-
nr the whole evening in the discus-
ion of the weather and in apology
for treading on long trains and in
effort to keep the corners of the
mouth up to the sign of pleasure, and
going around with an idiotic he-he
about nothing tintil the collation is
crved, and then, after the collation
s served, going back into the parlor
to resume the weather, and then at
the close going at a very late hour to
the host and hostess and assuring
them that you have had a most de
lightful evening, and then passing
down off the front steps, the slam of
the door the only satisfaction of the
I know there is a great deal of talk
about the self-denials of the Chris-
an. I have to tell you that where
the Christian has one self-denial the
man of the world has a thousand
self-denials. The Christian is not
commanded to surrender anything
that is worth keeping. But what
does a man deny himself who de
nies himself the religion of Christ?
He denies himself pardon for sin,
he denies himself peace of conscience,
he denies himself the joy of the Holy
Ghost, he denies himself a comfort
able death pillow, he denies himself
the glory of Heaven. Do not talk
to me about the self-denial of the
Christian life. Where there is one
n the Christian life there is a thou
sand in the life of the world. "Her
ways are ways of pleasantness.
Again, I find a great deal of re
ligious sunshine in Christian and di
vine explanation. To a great many
people life is an inexplicable tangle.
Things turn out differently from
what was supposed. There is a use
less woman in perfect health. There
is an industrious and consecrated
woman a complete invalid. Explain
that. There is a bad man with $30,-
000 of income. There is a good man
with $S00 of income. Why is that?
There is a foe of society who lives on,
doing all the damage he can, to 75
years of age, and here is a Christian
father, faithful in every department
of life, at 35 j-ears of age taken away
by death, his family left helpless.
Explain that. Oh, there is no sen
tence that oftener drops from your
lips than this: "I cannot understand
it. I cannot understand it.
Wrll, now religion comes in just at
that point with its illumination and
its explanation. There is a business
man who has lost his entire fortune.
The week before he lost his fortune
there were 20 carriages that stopped
at the door of his mansion. The
week after he lost his fortune all
the carriages you could count on one
finger. The week before financial
trouble began people ail took off
their hats to him as he passed down
the street. The week his financial
prospects were under discussion peo
ple just touched their hats without
anywise bending the rim. The week i
that he was pronounced insolvent
people just jolted their heads as
thev passed, not tipping their hats
at all, and the week the sheriff sold
him out all his friends were looking
in the store windows as they went
cMwn past him.
Xow, while the world goes away
from a man while he is in financial
distress, the religion of Christ comes
to him and says: "You are sick, and
j'our sickness is to be moral purifi
cation; you are bereaved. God
wanted in some way to take your
family to Heaven, and He must begin
somewhere, and so He took the one
that was most beautiful and was
most ready to go." do not say
that religion explains everything in
this life, but I do say it lays down
certain principles which are grandly
consolatory. You know business men
often telegraph in cipher. The mer
chant in San Francisco telegraphs to
the merchant in New York certain
information in cipher which no other
man in that line of business can un
derstand, but the merchant in San
Francisco has the key to the cipher,
and the merchant in New York has
the key to the cipher, and on that
information transmitted there are
enterprises involving hundreds of
thousands of dollars. Xow, the provi
dences of life sometimes seem to be
a senseless rigmarole, a mysterious
cipher; but God has a key to that
cipher and the Christian a key to
that cipher, and, though he may
hardly be able to spell out the mean
ing, he gets enough of the meaning
to understand that it is for the best.
Now, is there not sunshine in that?
Is there not pleasure in that? Far
beyond laughter, it is nearer the
fountain of tears than boisterous
demonstration. Have you never cried
for joy? There are tears which are
eternal rapture in distillation.
There are hundreds of people who
are walking day by day in the sub
lime satisfaction that all is for the
best, all things working together for
good for their soul. How a man can
get along through this life without
the explanation is to me a mystery.
What! Is that child gone forever?
Are you never to get it back? Is
your property gone forever? Have
you no explanation, no Christian ex
planation, and yet not a maniac?
But when you have the religion of
Jesus Christ in your soul it explains
everything so far as it is best for
vou to understand. You look off in
life, and your soul is full of thanks
giving to God that you are so much
better off than you might be. A man
passed down the street without any
shoes and said: "I have no shoes.
Isn't it a hardship that I have no
shoes? Other people have shoes!"
until he saw a man who had no feet.
Then he learned a lesson. You ought
to thank God for what He does in
stead of grumbling for what He does
aot. God arranges ail the- weather
ia tfcis world, the spiritual weateri
the moral weather, as well as the
natural weather. "Uiat Kinu ot
weather will it be to-day?" sai
some one to a farmer. The larmer
replied: "It will be such weather
as I like." "What do you mc-in.by
that?" asked the other. "Well, said
the farmer, "it will be such weather
as pleases the Lord, and wnat pieuc
the Lord pleases me."
Oh the sunshine, the sunsnine
Christian explanation! Here is some
one bending over ihe grave of the
dead. What is going to be the consola
tion? The flowers you strew upon tho
tomb? Oh.no. The services read at
the grave? Oh.no. The chief consola
tion on that grave is what falls from
the throne of God. Sunshine, glorious
sunshine! Resurrection sunshine.
Sometimes vou wish you couiamo
the tour of the whole earth, going,
around as others have gone, but you
have not the means. ou win diuko
the tour vet, during one musical pauso
v.pm. 1 sav ineso
lit ti i u ni ....... -
thin-s for the comfort of those peopio
who'are abridged in their opportuni
ties those people to whom life is hum
drum, who toil and work and aspire
after knowledge, but have no time to
get it, and say: "If I had the oppor
tunities which other people have, how
I would fill my mind and soul with
grand thoughts!" Be not discouraged,
my friends. You are going to the uni
versity vet. Death will only matricu
late you into the royal college of tlie
Besides that, we shall have all the
pleasures of association. We will go
right up in the front of God without
any fright.- All our sins gone, thero
wiil be nothing to be frightened about.
There our old Christian friends wilt
troop around us. Just as now one of
your sick friends goes away to Florida,
the land of flowers, or the south of,
France, and you will not see him for
a long while, and after awhile you
meet him, and the hollows under tho
eyes are all filled and the appetite has
come back and the crutch has been
thrown away, and he is so changed you
hardly know him. You say: "Why, I
never saw you look so well." He says
"I couldn't help but be well. I hnve
been sailing these rivers and climbing
these mountains, and that's how I got
this elasticity. I never was so well."
Oh, my friends, your departed loved
ones are only away for their health in.
a better climate, and when you meet
them they will be so changed, and
after awhile, when you are assured
that they are your friends, your de
parted friends, you will say: "Why,
where is that cough? Where is that
paralysis? Where is that pneumonia?
Where is that consumption?" And ha
will sav: "Oh, I am entirely well.
There are no sick ones in this country.
I have been ranging these hills, and
hence this elasticit y. I have been here
now 20 years, and not one sick one hare
I seen.' We are all well in this cli
mate." And then I stand at the gate of tho
Celestial city to see the processions
come out, and I see a long procession
of little children, with their arms full
of flowers, and then I see a procession
of kings and priests sioving in Celes
tial pageantry a long procession, but
no black tasseled vehicle, no mourning
group, and I sav: "How strange it is!
Where is your Greenwood? Where is
vour Laurel Hill? Where is your est-
minster abbey?" And they shall cry:
"There are no graves here." And then
listen for the tolling of the old belfries
of Heaven, the old belfries of eternity.
I listen to hear them toll for the dead.
They only strike up a silvery chime,
tower to tower, east gate to west gate,
as they ring out: "They shall hunger
no more, neither thirst any more,
neither shall the sun light on them nor
any heat, for the Lamb which is in the
midst of the throne shall lead them to
living fountains of water, and God
shall wipe away all tears from their
Oh, unglove your hand and give it to
me in congratulation on that scene! I
feel as if I could shout. I will shout.
Dear Lord, forgive me that I ever com
plained about anything. If all this ia
before us, who cares for anything but
Goi and Heaven and eternal brother
hood? Take the crape off the door
bell. Your loved ones are only away
for their health in a land ambrosial.
Come, Lowell Mason; come, Isaax'
Watts. Give us your best lij-mv a "Jout
joy celestial.
What is the use of postponing our
Heaven any longer? Let it begin now,
and whosoever hath a harp let him.
thrum it, and whosoever hath a trum
pet let him blow it, and whosoever
hath an organ let him give us a full
diapason. They crowd down the air,
spirits blessed, moving in cavalcade of
triumph. Their chariot wheels whirl
in the Sabbath sunlight. They come!
Halt, armies of God! Halt until we are
ready to join the battalion of pleas
ures that never die!
Oh, my friends, it would take a ser
mon as long as eternity to tell the joys
that are coming to us. I just set open
the sunshiny door. Come in, all ye dis
ciples of the world who have found the
world a mockery. Come in, all ye dis
ciples of the dance, and see the bound
ing feet of this Heavenly gladness.
Come in, ye disciples of worldly amuse
ment, and see the stage where kings
are the actors and burning words the
footlights and thrones the spectacular.
Arise, ye dead in sin, for this is the
morning of resurrection. The joy's of
Heaven submerge our soul. I pull out
the trumpet stop. In thy presence
there is a fullness of joy; at thy right
handthere are pleasures forevermore.
r.lcst are the paints beloved cf God:
Washed are their robes ir. Jesus b'.ood,
BriRhter than anRels, lo, they shir.e.
Their glories splendid and sublime!
My soul anticipates the day,
Would stretch her wings and soar away;
To aid the sons, the palm to bear.
And bow, the chief of sinners, there.
Oh, the sunshine, the glorious sun
shine, the everlasting sunshinel
Caatlona Man.
"What a secretive fellow your book
keeper is!"
"Yes, his own wife has never learned

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