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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh Williams, Editor.
Pkogress Telephone No. 17.
Friday, April 19, 1901.
Two men in whose shoes
we would not like to be
Taylor, of Kentucky, and
Fryer, of Tennessee.
Thk legislature will adjourn
next week and the members
will return to their homes to
receive the commendation or
condemnation of their con
stituents, according to the
manner in which they have
discharged their duties.
A law has been passed in
Indiana which provides that
when a prisoner is taken from
the custody of a sheriff and
lynched, trie sheriff's office
becomes vacant. This is a
good law and under its oper
ations theer
will be fewer
Ax opportunity will be of
fered those who desire to see
a President of the United
States, on April 30th, when
3Ir. McKinley will visit
Memphis, the most accessible
point to our people at which
he will stop on his southern
tour. His train will pass
through Grand Junction at
3 o'clock p.m. on the 30th.
Mr. Foster's bill, requir
ing nogs to oe Kept up in
Hardeman County, has pass
ed both houses and is now
the law. His bill defining
lawful fence has passed the
House and, he says, will pass
the Senate this week. Both
of the above mentioned bills
which have been published in
the Bulletin-, take effect Oc
tober 1, 1901. The bills
abolishing the charter of
Middleton and reincorporat
ing same, to take effect May
14, 1902, have passed the
House and will pass the ben
ate before adjournment; also
the bill to incorporate the
town of Saulsburv, to take
effect from and after its pas
A story is current that
wicked Mark Ilanna promis
ed the G. A. R. men that in
the event of Mr. McKinley's
reelection, he would see to n
mat tension commissioner
Evans was removed. It is a
well known fact that Mr.
Evans has proven "a thorn in
the llesh" of the Grand Army
patriots, because he has turn
ed down numerous of then
schemes to rob the treasury.
It is said that Mr. Evans has
no idea of resigning, and he
certainly cannot be removed
for failure to discharge his
duty. Mr. Hanna is being
reminded of his promise, but
does not seem to bo able to
deliver the goods. We hope
Mr. Evans will continue as
iension Commissioner so
long as the republicans are
in power.
The proposed electric light
plant for Bolivar has by no
means been abandoned. The
erentlemen interested in the
enterprise are at work. A
representative of an electric
al company was here this
week to submit a bid, and
the promoters are in corres
pondence with other firms
whose representatives are ex
pected within a few days.
One of our citizens, interest
ed, is now absent, and before
his return he will visit sev
eral towns of Bolivar's size
where electric lights are used
for the purpose of gaining in
formation concerning the
cost of erecting and operat
ing a plant. We hope soon
to announce the completion
of arrangements, whereby
Bolivar will be lighted with
Every measure of reform
meets with opposition even
the abolishment of saloons in
Bolivar is objected to, by a
few, on the ground that it
will prove detrimental to the
business interests of the town.
An effective argument to meet
this Objection IS the tact that
no town in which saloons I
have operated, and afterwards ,
prohibited, desires a return
of the saloon. We have in-
cidencies in our own county.
A maioritv of the lecral white
voters of Bolivar, who repre
sent more than two-thirds
of the taxable wealth of our
town, desired the abolishment
of saloons. Certainly, they
above all others, should be
interested in the town's wel
fare, and they are perfectly
satisfied and gladly .villing
to accept the result.
S- i
From the McMinnville
Xew Era, which loyally sup
ported Mr. Bryan in the last
Presidential election, we copy
the following concerning the
mayoralty contest in St.Louis:
The election of Rolla Wells as
Mayor of St. Louis orer the active
and unnecessary opposition of Mr.
Bryan reminds us of a trial before
a West Virginia Magistrate, and
it is the evidence given by one of
the witnesses of a fight at a cross
roads blacksmith shop. It seems
there was going on a regular all
round fight when the stranger arriv
ed, who carried a chip on his should
er, lie was put on the stand, and
asked to state what he knew about
the fight. He said: "Well, it was
about this way. When I rode up
there were several fights going ou,
and getting off my horse I said:
'Gentlemen, are this a free fight?'
I was told it was. 1 then said,
'Well, I am in;' and about tLat time
I fell. And that's all I know about
the fight."
Mr. Wells was the nominee of the
regularly organized Democracy, and
Mr. Cryau was somewhat out of his
way when he announced that he
"was in" the fight. It is safest to
keep out family and neighborhood
Meeting of Trustees of Polk Cemetery
The Board of Trustees of Polk
Cemetery, of Bolivar, Tenn., ap
pointed by decree, of Chancery
Court of Hardeman County, at the
March terra, 1901, met at the office
of R. W. Tate on the 16th day of
April, 1901. Present in person, A.
T. McNeal, J. II. Bills, R. W.
Tate and T. S. Neely. Present by
proxy and represented by A. T.
McNeal, James K. Polk, Jr., Aus
tin Miller, Jr., E. P. McNeal.
Upon motion, A. T. McNeal was
made chairman of the meeting and
IJ. W. Tate secretary.
Upon motion, A. T. McNeal was
elected President of the Board and
It. W. Tate Secretary and Treasur
er. These officers to hold until
their successors are selected by sub
sequent action of the Board.
Upon motion, John II. Bills and
II. W. Tate were appointed as a
Board of Control, who shall take
charge of and care for said Ceme
tery, and to whom application may
be made for lots and burial permits.
The Secretary was requested to
withdraw from the Chancery Court
the original deed of Edwin Polk,
conveying cemetery lot, in order to
file and preserve with papers relat
ing to cemetery.
A deed of It. II. Wood, recently
executed to the President of the
Board of Trustees, of an adjoining
lot to be included within the ceme
tery grounds, was also received and
filed with said papers.
The said Board of Control, John
II. Bills and R. W. Tate, are re
quested to take steps and have the
said lot conveyed by R. II. Wood
enclosed under a fence with the
original lot and properly laid off
into squares; and the said board is
also requested and authorized to call
upon lot holders and all parties hav
ing an interest iu said cemetery to
raise a fund for the purpose of fenc-
iaa and improving the same, and
to pay all expenses of the cemetery.
Albert T. McImeal, Pres.
R. W. Tate, Sec. and Treas.
Bolivar, Tenn., Apr. 16, 1901.
Union Cemetery.
The work of cleaning Union Cem
etery of the dead leaves and grass,
squaring the lots and scraping the
walks, was begun the first of the
week. The committee asks that
each member of the Association
make it convenient to go over dur
ing the time and give special direc
tions as to needed work, as it feels
that the eutire responsibility is too
eat to assume. To look at the
cemetery as it was in 1896 and as it
is now, one is bound to admit that
much good work has been done;
still cooperation is needed to effect
better results.
Mrs. D. E. Dcrrktt, Pres.
Mrs. C. M. Welloxs, V. P.
Miss M. A. "Smith, Sec'y.
Roll of Honor.
The following persons have sub
scribed for and renewed their sub
c .lptions to the Bclletix during
the past week:
Austin Fitts Merkel, Tex.
il. II. Cross Bolivar.
w A Nuckolls ..Bolivar.
nr. W. L. Goddard Saulsburv.
B. Bray Jackson. !
Miss Laura Tate returned to
Nashville Saturday.
For first-class Pictures go to
Lightfort's Gallery.
Mr. II. E. Carter and wife vis
ited Selmer Tuesday.
Mrs. G. M. Wilkinson has re
turned from Jackson.
J -1 -
Mr. Francis Fentress, of Mem-'
phis, was in town last week.
Laud and Naval Battles with
all the motions of life to-night.
Land deeds and all other legal
blanks for sale at the Bulletin of
fice. Dr. W. J. Cor and family
spent several days in Memphis this
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hill, of
Memphis, were in the city this
Miss Jennie Tate spent last
week with Bolivar relatives aud
Mr. F. P. Yarbrough, of
Toone, was in town Tuesday on
Messrs. Lee Powell and Thos.
Moore, of Middleton, were in the
city Monday.
Messrs. B. F. Fulgham and R.
F. Howell, of Crainsville, were in
town Monday.
Don't miss the "Trip to the
Moon" at Public School to-night.
Miss Virgie Kinnie has been
employed as assistant iu the Bolivar
post oflice.
Mr. J. A. Wilson, Jr., visited
his sister, Mrs. Gleaves, at Padu
cah this week.
Mrs. Nellie Lewis and little
son, of Michigan City, Miss., visit
ed Mrs. Ilardaway Sunday.
Mrs. J. A. Foster left last week
for Nashville, to remain until the
adjournment of the Legislature.
Lightfort, the Photographer,
guarantees satisfaction and solicits
the patronage of the public.
Prof. W. L. Fish, left Friday
for Smithdale, Ark., where he will
teach for the next three months.
WANTED To buy all of the
Country Hams in the country.
P. F. Wilkinson & Soxs.
Mrs. W. S. Bryant, (nee Miss
Nannie Harris) of Saulsbury, spent
several days in Bolivar last week.
Mrs. Whittaker has returned
to Bellbuckle, accompanied by her
daughter, Mrs. F. S. Luther, and
Mrs. II. II. Herron aud little
dausuter, Manei, ot Jackson, are
visiting the family of Mr. R. N
Mr. uuariie warren, wuo is
taking a commercial course at Jack
son, has been at home several days
this week
The Electric Show at Public
School Building to-night will be the
best thing of the season.
Mr. Will Boyd, of Covington,
who was connected with the local
papers here for several years, was
over Sunday on a visit to Bolivar
Miss Annie Pirtle, who has
been substituting at the Western
Hospital for some time past, return
ed to her home in the loth district
Tuesday evening.
Dr. S. Dickson will visit Hick
ory Valley Thursday and Friday,
April Jotu and iibtn. All who are
in need of denial work are invited
to meet him.
Miss Lucie May Donohue, re
cently employed in the Phoenix,
Arizona, Hospital for the Insane,
is visiting relatives in Bolivar.
Master Louis Kenny and little
sister, Louise, entertained some of
their little school mates Saturday
afternoon. A royal good time the
wee tots had.
Only the best materials used
by Lightfort, the Photographer.
Latest styles in mounts.
Mr. II. II. Herron, of Jackson,
has been employed by Messrs. Wil
kinson & Mitchell to take charge of
their Craiuesville store.
The Current History Class was
reorganized Tuesday evening at
Miss Cora Thompson's. A course in
English History has been mapped
out for the spring work.
A heautiful line of Wall
Paper at Cox's Drugstore.
Mrs. T. M. Moore entertained
on last Friday with a "spring" din
ner. Misses Bessie Tate, Jennie
Tate and Mattie Cochrane and Mrs.
R. W. Tate were the honored
From January 1, 1901, to April
15, 1901, 253 trust deeds were filed
in the Register's office of Ilardemau
County. During the same period
last year, the number of trust deeds
recorded was 221.
Buy your Paints, Oils.Var
nishes and Stains at W. J.
Fine strings of trout, blue-gill j
and perch are being brought in by I
local fishermen. This means thatj
the bAnks of "Horse Shoe" and !
"Statler's" ponds will soon be lined
with lovers of the sport.
Elsewhere appears an advertise
ment of Lightfort & Co's Soda
Fountain, to which we direct at'en
tion. The handsome fountain has
recently been overhauled and added
to. thev serve all the late drinks
and their supply of extracts is large
and fresh. If you want something
nice go to Lightfort's, where purity
is paramount.
Pure and fresh Drugs al
waj's on hand at Cox's Drug
store. Miss Fanuie Normeut, who has
been teaching for the past five
months at Franklin Institute, in the
.5th district, closed her school last
Friday night with an enjoyable con
cert. The directors of Franklin Iu
stitute have always been fortunate
in securing the services of the best
teachers, and the result has proven
a great benefit to the community.
When in need ot a Hat go
to Durrett's. He has the
new stvles in Straw and Fur.
Mr. Austin Fitts was iii Harde
man County last week, visiting rela
tives. While here he called on the
Bulletin and renewed his subscrip
tion. For many years, Mr. Fitts
resided in this county, and for sev
eral years was employed as salesman
in Mayo's store at Bolivar. In 18S4
he went to Texas, where he has
since resided in different towns of
that State, engaging successfully in
the mercantile business. His pres
ent home is Merkel, 1 exas.
Fitts has many friends here,
enjoyed his visit, aud who
glad to learu of his prosperity.
Paint your house with
Cox's Best Mixed Paint. It
is strickly guaranteed.
A. C. Murrell died suddenly of
enlargement of the liver, at Waco,
Texas, April 2nd. His remains
were buried at Houston, Texas. Mr.
Murrell was about 50 years of age.
He was reared in Jackson, Tenn.,
where the greater part of his life
was spent. For a while, he resided
in Bolivar, and was connected with
the management of the old "Missis
sippi Central Railroad." He was
first married to Miss Swink, of Me
dou, who died several years ago,
leaving two daughters, who with
his second wife, survive. Mr. Mur
rell was well known to many of our
citizens and the news of his death
will be read with sorrow.
Go to W. J. Cox's for hest
Fourth Pupils' Recital.
St. Katharines' Scliool.
FRIDAY. APRIL 19, 1901, 7.30 P. M.
1. lilu 'lte, Op. Sol Carl Koelling.
Miss Carrie Emerson.
2. Austrian Son? Paeher.
Jliss Roberta McMaine.
::. Where I.ove Tx,th Htiild His Xest.C. 15. Hawley.
Miss Effie VanCleve.
4. Valse IIuinoresrtie Keeker.
Miss lleuhih Ussery.
5. MinuetLouis X V,Op.370 ..Chevalier de Kontski.
Miss Kessie Tarry.
G. I'izicati, from SvlviaKallet Music Delibes.
Miss Clara Kills.
7. Kallet Music, from Faust G. Saenger.
Miss Ellie VanCleve.
S. The Swallow Gobaerts.
Miss Katharine Needy.
.. Ky the Mountain Spring. ..Kolnn.
Miss Zcrelda Ingram.
JO. Valse Aristocrat ique Leon Ruiquet.
Miss Nannie Humphreys.
11. Che Fars Scnza Kurydice ... Gluek.
Miss Ixmise Allen.
12. Oclavs Etude, Op. 533 ..Czerny.
Miss Mary Ingram.
l:. First Movement of Sonate in A flat. ...-Haydn.
Miss Katie liaer.
14. Tilania Wily.
Miss Mam ye Cooke.
15. Scene de Uallet, Op. I(K Chaj. de JJeriot.
Miss Wren Pearson.
It".. Pause Riistique Win. Mason.
Miss Lillie May Long.
Strayed i
From my residence, five miles
northwest ot Bolivar, on April 1st,
a bay filly colt, three years old, 15
hands high, small knot on left
shoulder, small white spot in face,
with natural gaits; thin in order.
Her return or any information lead
ing to her recovery will be liberal
ly rewarded. J. Ii. Wiiitk.
i 1 t - C 1 i. ! j-
All the latest drinks.
Ice Cream.
CrushedFruits of all kinds.
R. L. Lightfort & Co.
caiicu wear ui
II 1 f .
We.- - -' W M X, ' , i
attain Ji u iv iwtivo "s.
f -ftp X
health and economy is a successful business. t
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- m
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desirable, at s pries that Is rasssnsblo, yJJJ L.i. ,iJ
ATLANTA, G Nov. 7. IS?.), j
DR. C.J. MOFFETT Dear Sir: I cannot too
strongly recommend your TEETH IX A (Teething
Powders) to mothers as one of the best tnedii ines
they can obtain for their debilitated and sickly in
fants. I have usod it with very satisfactory results
the past sutunu-r with my child, and while we '
have lost a child or two from teething under other
remedies our present child, that has taken '
TEETIIINA, is a fine, healthy oy. I am. ;
Very i:tsctfully. !
A. 1. ItlJOWN", M. I). !
(Brother of I. Senator and Ex. -Gov. Joseph !
E. l;rown.. !
have recently purckas
ed a first'dass (Pkotogra
pher's Outfit and am pre
pared to take pictures for $
the public at reasonaule
as m
The puohc is cordially
iS invited to call and zee
samples of my work.
ii Gallery located on Market w
Street, East cf Redd's Store.
A Raging-, Roaring Flood
Washed down a telegraph line
which Chas.C. Ellis, of Lisborn La.,
had to repair. Standing waist
deep in icy water," he writes, "gave
me a terrible cold and cough. It
grew worse daily. Finally the best
doctors in Oakland, Neb., Sioux
City and Omaha said I had consump-
i .
; tioii aud could not live. Then I
began using Dr. King's New Dis
covery and was wholly cured by six
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Lung troubles by W. J. Cox, drug
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taking K. li. li. (Botanic Blood KaluO. iilood Balm
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itching skin, aches and pains in bones or joints sore
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all effects of self-abas or
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.blood builder. Brings
the pink clow to pale
cheeks and restores the.
fire of youth. By mail
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Mnnrlv ToMofo extra strength
Immediate Results
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Ai Uncertain DUeaae.
There is no disease more uncertain in its
nature than dyspepsia. Physicians say that
the siaptoms of no two cases agree. It is
therefore most difficult to make a correct
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1 - r :
si vie com ion v
lC" D O B
v.hich caused a valuable horse much suffering, but
from which permanent injur- was avoided by the
timely use of Mexican Mustang Liniment.
l,v Grange, Tenn., Jan. 6, 1901.
Lyon Mani factuTung Co.,
Brooklyn, X. Y.
Dear Sirs: I will say that your Mexican Mustang
Liniment has done a wonderful cure in this part of the
country. I own the stallion known as the 44 State of Ten
nessee," who has a large patronage both far and near his
service this Spring to date is 102 mares. I was offered
400x0 when he was two years old. I refused same. Then
some one took him from the stable and commenced with a
wire and wrapped the right leg from the foot up to his hip,
and after standing all night thu leg had swollen so large as to
hide the wire, and in five days the leg bursted and the flesh
turned inside out. I spent large sums of money to have him
cured but up to five months ago it was quite a failure, and
then a friend induced me to try a bottle of your liniment. I
used one of the 25 cent bottles because I did not have much
faith in it, but it helped him so much that I bought a second,
third and fourth bottle, which completely cured him. The
reason it took so long to cure is that it had a kind of itching
sensation when it was healing a little, when he would bite it
with his teeth. I put the limn.ent on the wound with a feath
er and rubbed the swollen parts with my hand.
Mexican Mustang Linimei.t seemed to take out all the
itching as well as to cause it to heal rapidly, and he showed
no disposition to interfere with it. Tha one dollar purchase
has been worth hundreds of dollars to me. I keep your
Liniment in my breeding stable all the time, and to those
who have horses I will say it is the best liniment that money
can buy. I will answer all inquiring letters.
Yery truly yours,
rSfc fe B Aft ft I
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