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A Colore! In the British South African
Army says that Adams' Tutti Frutti was a
blessing to his mcti while marching.
, Am Sue I'ndrrRtood It.
Boston f!irl Have you read Emerson?
St. Inuis Girl No, I guess not. Those
red spot on rny fare are just common pim
ples. Colorado Weekly Times.
To Cnre a Cold in One nay
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggist s refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
"There are two acts yet," said the usher
to the man who rather hastily started out
of the theater. "I know. That's jut the
reason I'm leaving." Philadelphia Times.
Pen Picture for "Women.
" I am so nervous, there is not a
Tvell inch in my whole body. I am so
weak at my stomach and have indi
gestion horribly, and palpitation of
the heart, and I am losing- lle.sh. This
headache and backache nearly kills
me, and yesterday I nearly had hyster
ics ; there is a weig-ht in the lower part
of my bowels bearing down all the
time, and pains in my groins and
thighs; I cannot sleep, walk, or sit,
and I believe I am diseased all over ;
no one ever suffered as I do."
This is a description of thousands of
cases which come to Mrs. Pinkham's
attention daily. An inflamed and ul
cerated condition of the neck of the
womb can produce all of these symp-
Mrs. Jons Williams.
toms, and no woman should allow
herself to reach such a perfection of
misery when there is absolutely no
heed of it. The subject of our por
trait in this sketch, Mrs. Williams of
Englishtown, N.J., has been entirely
cured of such illness and misery by
Lydia E. I'inkham's Vegetable Conz-
round, and the guiding advice of Mrs.
'ink ham of Lynn, Mass.
No other medicine has such a record
for absolute cures, and no other medi
cine is "just as good." Women who
want a cure should insist upon getting
Lydia K. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound when they ask for it at a store.
Anyway, write a letter to Mrs. Pink
ham at Lynn, Mass., and tell her all
your troubles, ller advice is free.
Srvallowed Ilm False Teeth.
A man recently swallowed his false teeth
and it drove him mad. Stomachs will stand
a great deal, but not everything. If yours
is weak try Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters.
It cures indigestion, constipation, kidney
and liver troubles, as well as malaria and
fever and ague. It is particularly effective
in all nervous affections, and is strongly rec
ommended at this season of the year when
the system is run-down and most susceptible
to disease. All druggists keep it.
Ills Specialty.
he Man (to applicant for alms) Poor
woman; have you no husband to earn a liv
ing for you?
The Woman I have a husband, sir, but
he is too busy to work.
"Indeed! What is he doing?"
"Trusting in Providence." Chicago
Daily Xews.
Hovr'a Tlilsf
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known Y. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business transac
tions and financially able to carry out any
obligations made by their firm.
West fc Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
"edo, 0.
Valuing, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
JJruggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price 75c. per bot
tle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Every cotton planter should
write for ourvaluable illustrated
pamphlet, " Cotton Culture."
It is sent free.
Send name and address to
GERMAN KALI WORKS, 93 Nassau St., N. Y.
With r1 to ell our Poultry Mlxtnre: straight
salary Wlfi.OO per week and eipen-es; year's
contract; weekly pay. Address with stamp'
KI KEKA MKG. CO.. Dept. &, East Bt Louis. 111.
A Play on Words,
Tess I see a notice in the paper of the
wedding of Mrs. Nubride.
Jess Yes, I know her very well.
"Do you? What was her maiden name?"
"I suppose her maiden aim was to get
married,' Philadelphia Press.
Upon the advice of her "best friend," an
Atchison woman discharged her hired girl
for impudence. The "best friend" then
hired the girl herself. The two women no
longer speak. Atchison Globe.
Remember tlie Date July 6 to lO.
The above is the time of the annual meet
ing of the United Society of Christian En
deavor, at Cincinnati, Ohio. The Baltimore
and Ohio Southwestern Railway has issued
a handsome souvenir map and guide to Cin
cinnati which will be of much interest and
value to all who contemplate a visit to the
Queen City on the occasion mentioned. Tlie
map shows the principal churches, suburbs,
resorts, railroads, street car lines, etc. This
souvenir may be obtained from agents of the
i. & 0. S.-W. lly., or direct from O. I. Mc
Carty, G. P. A., Cincinnati.
Mistress "Susan, I'm sure I heard some
one kissing you in the kitchen last night. I
don't like that." Susan "Yes, ma'am, the
master said you didn't like kissing much,
and that was why he kissed me." Philadel
phia Press.
Mrs. Xebb "My husband never tells me
any of his secrets; now what do you think
of a man who keeps his wife from finding
out such things?" Mr. Kzymai k "I tnink
he's a genius.' Ohio State Journal.
Sprlnp Cleaning Itlnde V.nny.
Much of tlie terror of spring cleaning may
be avoided by good management. Settled
weather should be selected for the work,
and everything necessary provided before
hand. Ivory Soap will be found best for
washing paints, floors and windows; it is
harmless, and effective in making the house
clean and fresh. ELIZA K. PARKER.
"Here, young fellow. I'll give you a nickel
if you'll go in and tell your sister that I'm
here waiting for her!" "And what'll you
give me if I won't tell dad?" Heitere
Towne "Poor .Tagsby! How did he get
down so low?" JJrowne "Through his
fondness for having a high old time.' Phil
adelphia Press.
Yon Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FltEE.
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmsted, Leroy,
X. Y., for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder to shake into your shoes. It
cures chilblains, sweating, damp, swollen,
aching feet. It makes Xew or tight shoes
easy. A certain cure for Corns and Bun
ions. All druggists and shoe stores sell it. 25c.
The Season's Courtesies.
Tee Man Good'-by, old man; I'm glad you
had mieh a severe winter.
Coal Man So long; I wish you a sizzling
summer. Columbus (O.) State Journal.
Tit for Tat He "Such togs! Now a
man never makes himself ridiculous." She
"lie doesn't need to. Xature did that."
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.
Piso's Cure is the best medicine we ever
used for all affections of the throat and
lungs. Wm. 0. Endsley, Yanburen, Ind.,
Feb. 10, 1900.
The individual who sits down and wait
for the world to appreciate him will dis- J
cover alter the race that he was left at the
post. Chicago Daily Xews.
"The doctor says there's one com
plaint he can't cure." "What's that?"
"The one his patients make about
their bills." Philadelphia Bulletin.
Sarcastic Mrs. Bubble "Oh, Mr.
Cadleigh told me he thinks I sing
beautifully!" Miss Diggs "Isn't he
too sarcastic for anything?" Ohio
State Journal.
Mr. Park Slope "Can yon give me
good references from your last em
ployer?" O'Hoolahan "The very
best, sor! Sure, Oi hove been workin
fer meself, lately." Brooklyn Eagle.
"Were you ever a prize-lighter,
pa?" "No, Willie; why do you ask
that?" "Why, I heardMr. Smiggins
say you used to be the toughest man
in the court house ring." Indianapo
lis Xews.
Howland Rantt "You are a new
member of our company. May I ask,
sir, your role?" The Other "I am
the advance agent." Howland Rantt
"Indeed! Well, could you er ad
vance me a fiver?" Philadelphia Rec
ord. Bobbs "Old Titewada is about
dead from insomnia. Says he is
afraid to go to sleep." Dobbs "Does
he fear burglars?" Bobbs "Xo; but
the last time he flept he dreamed of
giving away his money." Baltimore
A Difference. Mrs. Cauler "Brid
get O'Ryan, who has applied for the
position of cook in my house, refers
me to you. She says she used to
work here." Mrs. Housekeep "Xot
exactly. She was employed by mo-on
one occasion." Philadelphia Tress.
Mafeking Hero "Yes, they were
rough times, I can tell you, what
with horse sausages and rat stews.
Phew! it makes me feel quite hot
now when I think of the cat-pie ra
tion." Our Jokist 'Tuts you into a
puss-pic-ration in fact." Ally Sloper.
Post O tiler- Official Says Employeg
Are Seldom Detected In Dis
honest Practices.
A woman doesn't like to be interrupted
when she is talking, or a man when he's
eating. Detroit Journal.
Don't Neglect a Cough. Take Some Hale's
noney of Horehound and Tar instanter.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
Mistakes are the milestones in a man's
life. Chicago Daily Xews.
Aesthetics must be built on ethics.
Ram's Horn.
"Speaking about honesty among
men," said a post oflice official, re
ports the Washington Star, "I will
give you a fact or two which may
prove interesting on that point.
"When it comes to an army of
workers those employed under the
post oflice dejiartment seal of 'celer
ity, certainty and security,' make the
other branches of the government, in
cluding the army and navy, respec
tively look like dwarfs.
"In the first place there are over
70,000 postmasters, over 15,000 letter
carriers, over 8,500 railway mail serv
ice clerks, about 15.000 clerks in post
offices, 22,800 star route drivers, 7,100
mail messengers, about 2,000 special
office route drivers, or about 147,000
persons in all, and others not cm
ployed under the approximate enu
merations constitute probably an
army of about 150,000 men and wom
en. Thousands of postmasters are of
blie latter sex, and several hundred
more are employed here in Washing
ton in the department.
"All of this great force of workers
is directed, controlled and managed
by less than S00 officials and clerks in
the big granite building opposite the
the home of the Star.
"Yet out of this vast army but 292
were arrested last year for violations
of the postal laws, of whom 110 were
postmasters, 29 assistant postmasters,
4S clerks in post offices, eight railway
mail clerks, 30 letter carriers, o9 mail
messengers and 19 employed in other
positions. There are many of us who
are so constituted that we cannot
withstand temptation. Tlie knowl
edge that the public uses the mails
for the transmission of money is al
ways more or less of a, temptation to
this class. These figures, which will
surprise those who read them, re
flect great credit upon the personnel
of the service, made up as it Js of
all sorts, kinds and degrees of men,
as well as bear evidence to the hon
esty which is a characteristic of
American life."
"Going to get an automobile this spring?"
"Xo." "Why not? Can't you afford it?"
"Oh, yes. But I can't afford to let my
wife know I can afford it." Town Topics.
One reason the very young think they
have a great many friends is that they never
need any. Atchison Globe.
I M 7
L&i L-J hi i q-3
The Lion
sets the style for
many m common dog.
It's human nature to Imitate great things.
Watch our next advertisement.
But the aroma and strength peculiar to LION COFFEE
Is never found in these Imitations.
Taste LION COFFEE and then taste
the others that are glazed and coated with
egg mixtures and chemicals to make them
"look better" and in order to hide imper
fections. Try a package of
and you will understand the reason of itspopularity.
In every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive list. No housekeeper, in
fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article which will contribute to their happiness,
comfort and convenience, and which they may have by simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from
the wrappers of our one pound sealed packages (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).
Some SnffKentlona for Planting:, To
sether with a. F(w Krlendlr Uinta
Asainat Knthusia.it w.
Much has been written about trees
for planting1 along public highways,
but the only thing in view seems to
have been the selection of trees that
would make a cooK refreshing1 bow
rr during the summer months and
that would be beautiful to look at
from a distance. Beneath a dense
gTowth of limbs and branches we have
a shade that is welcomed by man and
beast; the same dense growth also
prolongs the sleighing1 during winter,
and a merry spin is enjoyed over the
unmelted snow.
That is all very pleasant; but let us
taste a little of the "bitter with the
sweet." After each shower and storm,
the bower of shade prevents the wind
and sun from drying the road there
under, and we and our beasts have to
contend with mud! mud! mudl In
the spring, when the shadeless parts
of the highwaj s have been thawed and
become dusty, our summer and winter
delight is still covered with ice, and
the blacksmith must be employed to
"sharpen up' the horses, just to get
ov?r a few slippery places. The deep,
dense shade is a thing of beauty and
delight during sunshiny weather; but
in dark, stormy nights, the pleasant
ness has vanished in a darkness that
would compare favorably with Egyp
tian blackness, and to go through it
at a rate faster than a walk would be
almost suicidal.
Trees when crowded usually lose
their lower limbs by dying off, and
users of the highways during1 windy
weather pass under thickly-planted
trees "on pins and needles," with the
expectation of being- struck by some
dead or weakened branch.
Fruit trees have been suggested to
take the place of maple, ash, elm, etc.,
but there is an imperfection in the
scheme. Owners are afraid to risk
their stock of fruit on such trees; it
would be taken for "public property"
by the near-by villagers, or by roughs
of questionable character.
In planting trees on highways these
points should be kept in view: (1) To
improve the g-eneral appearance of the
property on which they are located;
(2) to make each tree a specimen,
with abundance of space for develop
ing its flowers, foliage and fruit; (3)
while the tree is developing, keep the
lower limbs high enough above the
road to allow a load of hay to pass; (4)
let the trees take the course that na
ture intended do not "head in" or
cheek growth in anj' place where it is
not necessary; (3) establish a sod
about every tree a little grass seed
raked in once or twice a year usually
accomplishes this; (6) select native
trees, if possible they are more sure
to grow, stand changes of weather and
are not affected as would be a collec
tion of exotic kinds; (7) study the
wants of trees selected, and if they
succeed best in a sandy, loamy or rocky
soil, give them what they want; most
desirable shade trees grow on various
kinds of soil, but the results are not al
ways satisfactory; (8) evergreen trees
should not be used for street planting,
ns nature intended that they should in
most cases be grown in places where
they can retain their low branches;
(9) along narrow roads, tall, slim
growing trees should be chosen, as
they tend to make the road appear
wider; (10) select durable trees.
From carefull3' prepared notes I find
that basswoods, buttermits, silver
maples, chestnuts, whitewoods, horse
chestnuts and willows are apt to be
injured by the heavy winds. S. D. Fer
ris, in Country Gentleman.
Mnrj'Inn'l Dairyman I)ecrllen
Simple Contrivance I'nnl Iy Him
for Several Sensona.
I took a calf from its mother at six
weeks old. I fed it for six weeks, and
then tethered it in my dooryard for a
month or more. Then I put it with
the cows in the pasture and it went to
its mother and began sucking as if it
had never been separated from her an
hour. I tried all the calf weaners I
had ever heard of, and my young" heif
er got the best of all of them. To make
a long story short, I made a calf wean
er myself, as follows:
Take a strap one inch wide and let
It fit loosely on its nose. Ikivet the ends
together. Then take a hickory stick
one foot long, one inch wide, and one
fourth inch thick. Take a strap one
half inch wide and put some tacks in
it, and rivet strap to hickory stick,
heads down, points up. I put this on
the calf's nose, with two light straps
buckled behind its horns, and turned
it into the pasture with the cows. It
went straight to its mother, but when
it went for milk a more astonished
cow or calf I never saw. The calf can
graze just as well with it on its nose
as without, and it docs no injury to
the calf. I. W. Allaire, in Agricultural
Preparing Soil for Gardenias;.
Land for any kind of fruit or vege
table growing1 should be well drained
either naturally or artificially. If it
gets warm and friable early in the
spring the probability is in favor of
its having a natural under drainage.
If it is slow Ln getting into shape
the necessity for tile draining is in
dicated. Good drainage improves the
soil in two ways; it carries off the
superfluous water and changes the
texture of the soil to a condition
more favorable for plant growth.
Well drained clay soil is frequently
improved by the freezing, which sep
arates the particles; the water being
taken away from underneath re
moves the danger of "puddling,"
fvhich would repack the clay par
ticle s .Fa rmersReriev
Milk giving is a maternal function,
and a mother should never be abused.
The globules that rise to the surface
in the &rs J2 hours make the nest
"Peruna is an Excellent Spring Catarrh
Remedy I am as Well as Ever."
lion. Pan. A. Grosvenor, Deputy Auditor for the War Department, in a letter
written from Washington, D. C, saj-s:
"Allow me to express my gratitude to you for the benefit derived from one
bottle of Peruna. One week has brought wonderful changes and I am now as
well as ever. Besides being one of the very best spring tonics it is an excellent
catarrh remedy." Very respectfully. Dan. A. Grosvenor.
lion. John Williams, County Com
missioner, of 517 West Second street,
PllhitVi tinn S3 vs thi f ollowiniT in re
gard to Feruna: "As a remedy for ca-
. w i .1 T
tarrn i can cneeriuny recomnieuu x o
runa. I know what it is to suffer from
'(hit. (.rriKlB li(.n;( And T feel that it
is my duty to speak a good word for the
tonic tnat urougni me immeuiaic io
lief. Teruna cured me of a bad case oi
catarrh and I know it will cure any
other sufferer from that disease."
Miss Mattie L. Guild, President Illi
nois Young People's Christian Tem
perance Union, in a recent letter iron
Chicago, 111., says:
" doubt if Peruna has a rival in alt
the remedies recommended to-day for
catarrh of the system. A remedy that
will cure catarrh of the stomach will
cure the same condition of the mucous
membrane anywhere. I have found it
the best remedy I have ever tried for
catarrh, and bclievAig it worthy my
endorsement I gladly accord it.
Mrs. Elmer Fleming, orator of Res
ervoir Council No. 16S. Northwestern
Legion of Honor, of Minneapolis,
Minn., writes from 2S35 Tolk street,
N. E.:
"I have been
troubled all my
life with ca
tarrh in my
head. I took
Peruna for
about three
months, and
now think I
a m perm a
nently cure d.
I believe that
for catarrh in
all its forms
Peruna is the
age. It cures when all other remedies
fail. I can heartily recommend Pe
runa as a catarrh remedy."
The spring is the time to treat ca
tarrh. Cold, wet winter weather often
retards a cure of catarrh. If a course
of Peruna is taken during the early
spring months the cure will be prompt
and permanent. There can be no fail
ures if Perxina is taken intelligently
during the favorable weather of
As a systemic catarrh remedy Pe
runa eradicates catarrh from the sys
tem wherever it may be located. It
cures catarrh of the stomach or bow
els with the same certainty as catarrh
of the head.
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice jrratis.
Address Dr.-Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
Mrs. Elmer Fleming,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Small boys, and many times large ones,
and occasionally girls, too, big and little,
suffer terribly from convulsive pains or
"cramps" in tlie bowels and stomach
pain so violent that it "doubles up" the
ones attacked, and makes it impossible for
them to stand up.
Some people call it colic, bat most honest,
plain-spoken people call it "belly-ache" and very
properly, for the scat of the trouble is in the
bowels, and caused by the violent efforts of the
bowels to rid themselves of something which
doesn't belong there. The small boy usually
gets it from over-eating or from eating forbidden
Fruit, and suffers mostly in the summer time.
It's spring now, and "in times of peace, prepare
for war." Let the boys and girls and the big
folks, too, for that matter, clean out the clogged
channels filled with winter bile and putrid undi
gested food, strengthen the 30-fcet of bowel
canal, liven up the liver, and "summer belly
aches" will have no terrors, because they won't
happen. The way to make the body ache-proof is to use CASCARETS, gentle, sweet, fragrant
CASCARETS, the perfect system cleaners and bowel strengthened For fear that anybody in the
family should ever be attacked by belly-ache, keep a box of CASCARETS in the house always, and
remember that all pains and troubles in your insides are
25c 50c.
nil bowel tronbles. appendicitis, bll
ioutios, bad breatli, bad blood, wind
on the stomach, bloated bowels, foul
palnw after eatinsr, liver trouble, (tallow complexion
ana au.zincM. v lien your Do wei aon'i move regu
larly you are settina; ick. Constipation kills moro
people than all other diseases together. It is a
tarter for the t-lironlc ailments and Ions: years or
sutTerlng that tome afterwards. No matter what
ails you, start taking CASCAHKTS to-day. for you
will never cet well and be well all the time until
yon put your bowels right. Tako our advice; start
with. C A C A RETS to-day, tinder an absolute guar
antee to cure or money rcfanded.
TO rrHF.i Five years nira
the tirmt tox or 4'A.SCAlt
F.TS wn .old. Mow It Is
oTer clx million bozei a
year, greater than any
j ma 11 aoioinie prooi o
t jaillM,., In 4 wnrlH
great merit, and onrhtit te.tlmoniai. AVe have fuith and
Will .ell I'ANl'AHf.in ansoiniriy Dmurwiiwrw " v
money iffniidril. liny today, Iwo 5c bozri, arlvothem
ralr, hanrit trial. per simple direction., and If you are
not satuned, after tiainar one COc box, return the onnwdftO
box and the empty box to a. by mall, or the drnarBlnt from
whom yon pnrehnaed It, and aetyoar money bach, for both.
doxc Take our advice no mutter what all. yoa mtnrt to
day. neoUli will anlck.lv follow and yon will blc. the doy
ynu art .tarted the iiieorfA M!A K ETM. Hook free by raalL
Address: blXKLUU libtttUX CO., EW or CIUCAUO.
An Insnperabe Bar.
The Xew Yorker I suppose chess is a
popular came in the Quaker city? -
The Philadelphia!! No; it's played very
"Why, I supposed it being such a slow
game j-ou people would like it."
"Xo; ynu see we'd have to stay awake to
play it.';--Yonkers Statesman.
rnttina- It Gently.
"Ladies," said the speaker at the annual
meeting of the Boston beanbund, "I shall,
in elucidating my subject, give you nothing
but the-er-the-that is to say, I shall give you-er-the-the
decollete truth." Baltimore
On the Gas Man.
Bobbs There goes a fellow who makes
extravagant statements.
Dobbs lie looks respectable. Who is
"I don't know his name. He writes our
gas bills." Baltimore American.
The lonesomest man in the world is the
one at whose home there is a corpse awaiting
burial. The women always find something
to do, but have you ever noticed how drear
ilv the time drags to the man who is stay
ing from workout of "respect?" Atchison
Judicial Gallantry.
Judge (to female witness) How old are
Miss Passeigh I guess I am
"Pray do not be reckless with your guesses,
madam. We can allow you but three
chances at it." Baltimore American.
"The good die young," moralizes a Georgia
editor, "and that sets us to thinking, for
we're as gray as a badger!" Atlanta Con
stitution. The happiest life is that which constantly
exercises and educate wb&t i test ia us.
$3 & $3.50 SHOES ffi"
The real worth of mv f.1.00 ami fd.50 shoes compared -with
other makes is g-1.00 to ..(). 51 v S4.(tl f?ilt Kdiic Line cannot be
equalled at any price. Best in the world for men.
I make and .ell more men, tine shoe, Goodyear
Weltdlnnd-Hewen1 I'rorru), Ihnn nnyothcr mnnufiic
tarer ia the world. X will pay 1,)00 to any one u bacaa
prove that my lUicment i. not true.
(Micncd) W. I.. TSnnzln..
Take no aahatltnte ? Insist on having TV. L,. iKMiirlas Minos
with name and price stamped on Imttoin. Your dealer should
keep tliem ; I give one dealer exclusive sale ln earn town. If
ho does not keep them and will not eet them for yon. order
direct from faetorr, enclosing price and 25c. extra for carriase.
Over 1,000.000 satisfied wearers. Now Pprlne Caf.iloe f ree.
rut Color E.irtanMd.xciumiy. W. L DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass.
lief ni POSIT1VE-
I- ( I K K-H J'lI.EX.
for free namp'e ddresa
"AN A ILESIf." Trib
une building. New York.
J" a I They par on all crops
lu! iStiLuiu viiVte;
com pan v in tho world Y I R O I M AO A It O LIXA
CUEaflCAL, COMPA-M'i Memphis, Tcnn.
43)4 Madison Street, Memphis, Tennessee.
A. N. K. F
plea.e state that you saw the Advertise
Dent In thl. paper.
CUiUS tthLHt ALL flit. iAiLS.
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