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The Bolivar bulletin. (Bolivar, Tenn.) 1888-1946, April 19, 1901, SUPPLEMENT, Image 6

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General Crop Conditions.
Girls Dancing in Trousers.
Following .is the report of the
general condition of crops in Ten
nessee for week ending Monday
.April 15, 1901:
The greater portion of the week
was cool and dry, and quite favora
ble for farm work, and farmers im
proved the opportunity by pushing
forward the work of planting corn,
and plowing and gardening; on the
12th and 13th good rains fell, which
hindered all outside work. Corn
planting had advanced rapidly and
favorably, and was nearing comple
tion in many sections. Some cotton
was planted under favorable condi
tions in the southern and western
counties. As a rule, planting and
other farm work was farther ad
vanced than usual at this period,
but germination was backward, ow
ing to the lack of much warm sun
shine on the soil. Wheat generally
was much improved, and beginning
to grow well, especially the later
sowings; the early sowings was se
riously affected by the fly, which
will shorten this portion of the gen
eral crop. Oats and the grasses are
growing well. Gardening progress
ed favorably, and the generous
rains will give quite an impetus to
the growth of vegetables.- Irish
2)Otatoes are beginning to come up.'
Large areas are intended to be seed-
.ed to corn this season in many sec-1
tions. Light frosts occurred during
the early jart of the week, but it is
not thought that the early fruit is
injured to any extent, except possi
bly in a few localities.
The decline in the art of dancing
among men hag put the fair sex to
desperate straits for partners. The
awfnl fate of sitting against the
wall the whole evening is the lot of
many girls at social affairs, and few
and far between are they who have
their entire programmes filled.
In order to solve this delicate
problem the Kappa Iota Society has
smarted a new plan. On Saturday
it gave a dance in the home of the
Miss Beniamin, No, 4111 Grand
Boulevard. None but the fair sex
was admitted.
Half of these donned masculine
garb, while the other half retained
skirts. The experiment was a great
success, and it would not ' be sur
prising ll the practice, became
popular. Chicago telegram to the
New York Press.
Birds at an Easter Service.
Bob Taylor Taken for W. S. Taylor.
Former Gov. K. L. Taylor, of
Tennessee, while in Knoxville a few
days ago, told this joke, at his own
expense partly and partly at the ex
pense of a Pennsylvania mountain
community: "I had been billed
several days to speak in a little town
which had only one railroad, and
which was in a mouutainous section.
I dreaded the place because I did
not expect a crowd. I reached the
town, and fully 1,000 people were
out to see me. A committee of the
most prominent men in the town
met me with a carriage and a brass
band. 'Yankee Doodle' was played
mauy times, but 4Dixie' was never
thought of.- The spokesman for
the party told me that he was glad
to welcome to the town a nian - who
had been so badly ; treated by the
Democrats, and who was entitled to
the office of Governor beyond all
doubt. I lis statements were ap
, plauded, aiid'I wonderecl;bw. Ihidj
been mistreated. Uut I held jny
peace and waited... I was called up
on by men of all classes, who assur
ed me that I had been elected be
yond all doubt. I thanked every
one for his kindness m the matter.
I was told that I would have a hi
house that "v.h'ht. and sure euoiih i onftitioii and -the
J T ill!
I. did. The chairman rose and said
I p'.mner.
'I take pleasure in introducing a j jjjj.r
m.iu who nas been cheated, ont ot j Stomach and
the yovv rnorship of Kentucky
: Trinity Methodist Church, one of
the leading churches of' this city,
used as Easter choristers on Sunday
sixty canaries and 'fifty mocking
birds. The idea originated with
Miss liose White-Steighagen, the
organist. She suggested to the
pastor that it would be a novelty
if the birds could be made to
render the music. He agreed with
her and they set to work on last
Thursday to secure the birds.
They visited the various members
of the congregation and the bird
stores of the city, and asked for all
the birds they had canaries or
mocking birds they did not care
which, they said.
Many of the parishoners were
curious to kuow what they wanted
with the songsters, but no amount
of questioning was sufficient to
draw the secret either from the-
organist or preacher. "When the
congregation riled into church and
perceived cages depeudmg from the
roof they were surprised. The birds
themselves appeared to .be frighten
ed until the organ sounded. Then
they appeared to take on confidence.
And before the first few notes of
tLe prelude hard been rendered one
of the canaries burst into song.
Another took it up almost instantly,
and then another and another, until
all the birds were singing.
After that during the entire ser
vice, sermon and all, the birds kept
the church filled with music the
mocking birds, with their stronger
voices, doing particularly well.
Members of the church are now dis
cussing the advisability ot con
tiuuiii" the birds as a regular
feature. Atlanta telegram to the
New York Sun.
Dry, Goods, Costumes, Carpets,
We have opened the SPRING AND SUMMER SEASON under more,
satisfactory conditions than have ever before existed during the life of
this great business.
All that is Newest and Most Wanted, all that is Rarest and Scarcest
elsewhere is shown here plentifully and at Remarkably Low, Reasonable
Preces. Our well organized
Mail Order Department
gives people from a distance the same advantage of choosing from these
mammoth assortments as is enjoyed by city .customers.
Samples Sent
on receipt of all reasonable requests. No Catalogues issued, but corre
spondence is given our best attention, "and orders'are filled promptly
and carefully.
0. LGWESTElftJ & BROS., Memphis, tenn.
Non-Resident Notice.
15. 1... Siualley, of the firm of Siualley & Gallin vs.
W. L. Stafford. Proceeding by Attachment be
fore T. I. Trewitt, Justice of the Peac of Har
deman County, Tenn.
It appearing to me that a writ of attachment
heretofore issued in this case against the defend
ant, W. L. Stafford, who, under oath, is alleged to
be a non-resident of the State of Tennessee, for
the recovery of seventeen dollars (S17.00) alleged by
ida nl.MiIir (a lui iictlf ilna Kim fnn.i u-iiil W T. I
I't.tfllllU IU W' JUPIl I UHV. U.IU lrill ... J . , -
Stf.ni.r.l hr gwniint has tiPPn rlnlv p YoriitfiJ hv 131118 lOUgU XteiUeUV lOl' 3.
Harrison Bros', new and ancient
South ami big Minstrels, 7u people
strong, will exhibit here Saturday,
Apj'il 20, afternoon and night. One
of the special features, during the
parade at uooii is the Qake .walk
given on the street at Court House
corner, where the men and women
in costume participate' in this 'novel
entertainment. 1 he Messrs. Har
rison Brp8. are Kentuckians, and
have spared no expense to make
this organization the greatest of its
kind 'traveling.
siezure of pioperty of the defendant by garnish
ment, and due return thereof made to. It is or
dered that publication of a notice be therefore
made for four consecutive weeks in the Kolitab
ISi'LLetik, a newspaper published in Hardeman
County, requiring the defendant, W. L. Stafford,
to appear at my office in the first district of Har
deman County, at noon, on the 3rd day of May,
1901, before me, the Justice having cognizance of
said cause, and defend the action thus commenced
against him by Attachment, otherwise the case',
will be proceeded with ex parte as to him. This j.,
tne 2Gtn Uay of March, r.iul.
J. I. of Hardeman County.
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
If he'd had Itching Piles. "They're
terribly annoying; but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve will cure the worst
case of piles on earth. It has cured
thousands. For Iniuries, Pains or
Bodily Eruptions it's the best salve ;
in the world. Price 25 cents a box. J
Cure guaranteed. Sold bv W. J.
Cox, druggist.
Caught a Dreadful Cold.
Marion Kooke, manager for T. M.
Thompson, a large importer of fine
millinery at 1G5S Milwaukee Ave
nue, Chicago, says: "During" the
late severe weather I caught a dread
ful cold which kept me awake at
night and made me unfit to attend
my work during the day. One of
my, milliners was taking Chamber-
cold at that time, which seemed to
relieve her so quickly that I bought
some for -myself. It acted like
magic and I began to improve at
once. I am now entirely well and
feel very pleased to acknowledge its
merits." For sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Tooue.
A Testimonial From Old England.
"I consider Chamberlain'svCouc;h
Remedy the best in the world tor
bronchitis," says Mr. William Sav
ory, of W arrington, England. "It
has saved my wife's life, she having
been a martyr to bronchitis for over
six years, being most of the time
confined to her bed. She is now
quite well. Sold by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
'Tis Easy to Feel Good.
i Countless thousands have fouud a
; blessing to the body in Dr King's
u v t w t I New Life Pills, which positively
rierieptriis Leg. I cure Constipation, Sick Headache,
Twelve years ago J. W. Sullivan, Dizziness, Jaundice, Malaria, Fever
of Hartford, Conn., "scratched his and Ague and all Liver, and Stom
leg with a rusty wire. Iurlamation ach troubles. Purely vegetable;
and blood poison set in. For two never gripe or weaken. Only 25
The Best - Blood Purifier.
The blood is constantly being pur-
jiiicd by the lungs, liver and kidneys,
l' k't'cn these organs -in ;? healthy
bowels' regular
d you will hav e no need, of a blood J
years he suffered intensely. Then
the best doctors urged amputation,
"but," he writes, "I used one bot
tle of Electric Bitters and 11 boxes
of Bucklen Arnica Salve and my leg
was sound and well as . ever." For
Eruptions, Eczema, Tetter, Salt
Rheum, Sores and all blood disor
ders Electric Bitters has'iio rival ou
earth. Try them, W. J. Cox will
guarantee satisfaction or; refund
money. Only 50 cents. ; . .
cents at W. J. Cox's drug store.
nniTE ton varqe
i i
J. N. MULFORD, Jeweler
The Best Remedy lor Rheumatism.
TA11 who nso ; Chamberlain's Pain
Balm' for rheumatism' are delighted
with the quick relief from pain i
which it affords. When speaking
of this Mr. D. N. Sinks, of Troy, j
Ohio, says: "borne time ago i had
For this p.urpose there is !a severe attack of rheumatism in my
in fa-
who did not kill Gcebel. I
come a martyr of Democratic
my in our midst, and he is surely
welcome.' I delivered my leisure.
and ' doc of them will do
to Chamberlain s
Liver Tablets, one
you more good
w el- i trial! :i oeMir ooiueoT trje uest PJonu
puiiher. 1 nee, 2 5 cents. Samples
tree ;st V. .1. Cox's, Bolivar; J. V.
Produce Buyers,
Dressed Poultry, Game, Furs,
E'jas and Butter.
arm and shoulder. I tried numer
ous remedies hut got no relief until i i t-t t a tit cTrOT7T71'
I was recommended bv Messr Geo. UUAiNtL O i KlLJI i ,
F. Paisons & Co., druggist of this j .j .j NEWYORKv
nlace, to try Chamberlain s I inn
Balm. They recommended it
highly that i bought a bottle.
! was soon relieved of ail my pain.
T !
X i
for Gur mi
while I
liil'-f Ki
JS tlli
y n s i;vo:
re .
ici t
. t. . : n;
l.Wl Liit.
first train, fii'tcrn minutes after
clo.-e of my
I f troublfd by a wer.1: diircstion, I have since recommended this lini
s of av petite, or constipation, try j rrent to many of my friends, who a- S
la few dosis of Chamberlain's Stom ' irrce with 'me that' it -is the best rem- i Xo
K ff ee t i o S u n d a y , Ja .
j ach ;:!id Livi
j va' ; anted.
; j.soiivar; J.
r TabU-t
For sale
Every box
ti.J;' p.m.
i ri i i t- t j , j- . .-to a.uj.
ox, : iu;h nfi . v or saiu uv . vu.,
i n '.i s e v. 1 r r Iieiuns I i ;
Tooue. ; Bolivsr; ...J. Vv'. Nuckolls, Too'ie.
i'3 locisl 3.15 a.m.
J4 k-tal..
JO, I'.'Ol.
7.I a. hi
2 "0 ti.iii.
W. A. HODS2J, Agent

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