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Have an Abiding Faith in Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
After years of struggle to attain and merit public confidence, -with a firm
and steadfast belief that some day others would recognize in us the truth,
pood faith, and honesty of purpose -which we know we possess, what a genu
ine satisfaction it is to succeed, and to realize the uplifting" influence of the
merited confidence of a vast army of our fellow being's.
Thus stands the Pinkham name in New England, and all over America,
and nowhere is the faith in Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound greater
than in New England, its home. Merit, and merit alone, can gain this.
' Dear Mrs. rrxKHAM : I was
troubled very badly with inflamma
tion of the bladder, was sick in bed
with it. I had two doctors, but they
did me no good. A friend gave me
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, and it helped me. I have now
taken three bottles of it, an'd I am
entirely cured. It is a God-send to
any woman, and I would recommend it
to any one suffering as I was. I think,
if most of the women would take
more of your medicine instead of
going to the doctors, they would be
better oft. The Compound has also
cured my husband of kidney trouble."
Mrs. Mabel Gookix,
Box 160. Mechanic Falls, Maine.
" For two years I suffered from
nervous prostration, the result of
female weakness. I had leucorrhoea
very badly, and at time of menstrua
tion would be obliged to go to bed.
Also suffered with headaches, pain
across back, and in lower part of
abdomen. I was so discouraged. I
had read of Lydia E. Pinkham's Com-
rsund, and concluded to give it a trial,
wrote to Mrs. Pinkham, and received
nvery nice letter ia return. I began
at once the use of her Vegetable Com
pound and Blood Purifier, and am now
feeling splendid. I have no more pain
at monthly periods, can do my own
work, and have gained ten pounds. I
would not be without your Vegetable
Compound. It is a splendid medicine.
I am very thankful for what ithas done
for mo Mrs. J. W. J., 76 Carolina
Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass.
If Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will cure these women why
not you j-ou cannot tell until you try it. If you are ill, and really want to
pet well, commence its use, at once, and do not let any drug clerk persuade you
that he has something of his own which ia better, for that is absurd. Ask
him to produce the evidence we do.
M 1 mxmtrtm
iJA Jill lil' J Mi I I 1
11 it 1 i 1 1 1 11 m wmni
Fl I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I ' A . 1 '
"A woman," said Mr. riattitood, "can't
keep a secret." "Huh!" said little Johnny.
"Teacher kep me ivorkin' an hour on a
ole example, when she might have told me
the a 11s war any lime." Indianapolis l'resd.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of
9 a cough cure. J. V. O'Brien, 322 Third
Ave., X., .Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 0, 1900.
She "Don't let the rople know we are
.1 our honeymoon, dearest." He "Very
well. You carry the portmanteau." But
ton Gazette.
To Care n Cold In One Flay
Talce Taxative Tiromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it failstocure. 25c.
When two dogs meet there is always a
prospect of a fight. Don't act like a dog.
Atchison Globe.
Don't drink too much water when rye'ir.g.
Adams' Tutti Frutti is an excellent substi
tute. Some men rise in the world because they
ere light weight. Kam's Horn.
Por Infants and Cluldri
it I cannot help but feel that it is
my duty to do something in regard to
recommending your wonderful "medi-
pfv fine. I must say it
is me grauaesi
medicine on earth,
and have advised
a great many suf
fering with female
troubles to take it.
I tell people I wish
I could go on the
platform and lec
ture on it.
" My trouble was
painful menstrua-
ation. The suffering I endured pen
cannot describe. I was treated by
one of our most prominent physicians
here for five months, and found myself
getting worse instead of better. At
the end of the fifth month he told me
he had done all he could for me, and
that I had better go to the hospital.
" Mj sister advised me to try your
Vegetable Compound, as it cured her
of backache. I did so, and took it
faithfully, and am now cured of my
trouble, and in perfect health, many
thanks to your medicine. I cannot
praise it enough, and would recom
mend it to all who suffer from any
female weakness." Mrs. II. S. Ball,
4G1 Orchard St., Kew Haven, Conn.
Wo have deposited
with the .National
City Rank of I.ynn. SrtfOO. which
will bo paid t any per con who can find that
the cbovo testimonial letters are not genu
ine, or were published heforo obtaining the
writer's special permission.
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.
Law Rates to Texas.
At freent intervals dur
ing 1 90 1, round trip
i;jckets will be sold via the
Cotton Belt Route,
Ij 3fxom Cairo and
wemphis to points
Iff k-J'in ''Arkansas, Louis-
Texas, " and
,s5fMlndian and Okla-
"(rhhma Territnripe..
Sjj- - ... "
j.-at. greatly reduced
: Tell us 'where you went to go: tlso
: .' when you would like to leave, atjd
will tell you when you can secure one
of the low-rate tickets and what It will
cost. We will also send you a compieia
: 'schedule for the trip md an Interesting
'little book. "A Trip to Texas."
Memphis, Tam. W. 0. ADAMS, T. P. JL, Nashville, Tom.
Cincinnati, Ohio. M.ADAMI, T.P.I, Cairo, III
UBfALJIE. L P. and T. A., SL Louis. Ma..
Kcmember the Date Jalj G to IO.
The above is the time of the annual meet
ing of the United Society of Christian Err
deavor, at (. incinnatj, Ohio. I he Baltirnor
and Ohio Southwestern llailway has issued
a handsome souvenir map and tuide to CiU'
cinuati which will be of much interest and
value to all who contemplate a visit, to the
Queen City on the occasion mentioned. TTi
map shows tne principal churches, suburbs,
reports, railroads, street car lines, etc. This
souvenir may be obtained from agents of the
I'.. U. s.-W . Ky., or direct irom O. L Mc-
l art)-, it. 1 . A., t incinnati.
"She is the most uninteresting eirl I ever
r.ict." "In what way?" "She never does
anvthine that one can criticise." Town
Von Can Get Allen's Poot-Ense FREE,
Write to-dav to Allen S. Olmsted, Teroy.
oN. 1.. tcr a r lib!., sample 01 Allen 8 root
Ease, a powder to shake into your shoes. II
cures chilblains, sweatme. damn, swollen
aching feet. It makes Xew or tight shoei
easy, jv certain cure lor l orns and Bun
ions. All druggists and shoe stores sell it. 25c
Oyer TMrfy Years
Tfcs Kind You Have Always Bought
Is What the Special Reunion Post
offlce Will Be Called.
Eacb Commandant of State Headquarters
Furnished Mail for Any Company
or Command In Ilia Division.
MBMruis, Tenn., April 22. Veterans
will have their own postoffice, which
will be located in Confederate Hall,
during the coining Reunion. Uncle
Sam is determined that the ex-soldiers
shall have everything1 comfortable, and
to this end has agreed that the special
postoffice be placed at the convenience
of all the old veterans and their friends.
A special man will be placed in charge
of it and all mail arriving for visitors of
the Reunion or members of the differ
ent commands of Confederate Veterans
or Sons of Veterans will be delivered
at the hall, will be there assorted and
arranged for delivery, and any visitor
expecting a letter from home can find
it at headquarters. Each command
ant of State headquarters will be fur
nished with a list of mail for any com
pany or command in his division. Let
ters may also be delivered from this
postoffice and stamps purchased.
This sub-department of Uncle Sara
will be under the direction, of Postmas
ter Dutro and will be given his personal
attention. The suggestion has met
with approval of the committee, which
appreciates thoroughly the interest
taken in the success of the big Reunion
by the postmaster.
Confederate Hall itself is in rapid
progress of erection. Already the foun
dations and floors have been laid, and
the raising of the immense arches which
are to form the huge skeleton for the
lofty dome of the building has been ac
aomplished. As the floor space will af
ford the largest dancinrj- platform in
the entire South, those upon whom will
fall the task of providing for the social
events of the Reunion are naturally
more than interested in the succees of
the nndertaking. Resides the official
sponsors and maids of honor, the Sons
of Veterans and the Daughters ol the
Confederacy are busily engaged in
planning for the social success of the
Reunion, which is thus far so assured
that the numerous balls and receptions
already arranged for promise to make
the Reunion the most brilliant social
vent thus far known in the history of
the association.
The beautiful and picturesque flower
parade, mention of which has already
been made in these letters, is again
coming to the front in the discussions
for the providing of the different
amusements. The activity in that spe
cial direction is most pronounced. Ap
plications from all over the South are
being received from those who are anx
ious to participate, and the plans of
those who have already decided to en
ter the lists for the expensive prizes
that have been offered for the most
beautifully decorated carriages show
that the floral exhibition will be far
above any similar entertainment yet
given in the country.
There is little doubt now that the
city will do its part in the enter
tainment and amusement of the thou
sands of visitors. It is now being
planned that the city administration
take charge of the illumination of the
entire line of march during the three
days of the Reunion, lighting the
streets with brilliant electrical effects,
besides arranging for other special il
lumination features. If this is accom
plished the committees who have that
part of the work in charge will be en
abled to turn their attention to new and
more costly illumination and decora
tion features which will result in the
city's being ablaze with vari-colored
light from one end to the other.
For the lovers of out-door sports
there will be athletic games in plenty.
There will be a professional base ball
game every day, besides other attractive
inducements to the lovers of that class
of amusement. A base ball game be
tween the Little Rock League and the
Memphis League will be played in this
city the latter part of this month for
the purpose of devoting the proceeds to
the Reunion work. This concession in
allowing the two leagues to play to
gether, something that was never done
before, was granted by the president of
the Southern League, Mr. R. W. Kent,
for the sole purpose of aiding in making
the Reunion a success. Already three
thousand tickets have been printed and
circulated, and it is expected that at
the least calculation four thousaud peo
ple will witness the game. This shows
how earnest and widespread the en
thusiasm is to make the eleventh gath
ering of the Confederate Veterans a
big and unqualified success.
The following circular has just been
issued, calling a meeting and reunion
of the survivors of Ashby's Tennessee
Cavalry Brigade, by James P. Coffin, of
Uatesville, Ark.:
Ashby's Tennessee Cavalry Rrigade.
The fourth reunion of the survivors ol
this brigade, which was composed of the
First Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, (Wheel
er's) ; Second, (Ashby's) ; Fifth, (McKen-
zie's), and Ninth Battalion, (Akin's), will
be held at Memphis, Tenn., during the U.
C. V. Reunion, May 28 to 80, 1901.
It has been found impossible to definitely
locate the place of meeting, but a room has
been secured conditionally, and due an
nouncement will be made later, and
placards, giving street number, will be
posted at the headquarters ot the Tennessee
Division in Memphis.
The room will be open to the survivors of
this brigade and their friends during the
three days of the Reunion, and a formal
meeting and "lovefeast" will be held at 3
o'clock p.m., Wednesday, May 29, 1901.
For further information address the un
dersigned. For the executive committee,
James P. Cornx, Chairman.
Batesville, Ark., April 8, 1901.
Very Considerate.
"I don't see why you should persist
in asking me to lend you money," said,
the man whose patience had sustained
much. "I don't know you very well,
at best."
"My dear sir," replied the person
with shabby-genteel manners, "you
compel me to be blunt where I fain
would be delicate. I was merely de
sirous of further and more favorable
acquaintance. Ben Franklin says that
the way to win a man's friendship is
not to do him a favor, but to let hirg do
you QUOf'WWashlajftQa Start
There are 10,000 policemen in Lon
don, 9,000 in Taris and 5,000 in Ber
lin. Buffalo, with 630 miles of streets
and 25,000 arrests in a year, has 730
Baltimore, with 373 miles of streets
and 30,000 arrests in a year, has SS0
St. Louis, with SS0 miles of streets
and 25,000 arrests in a year, has 1,300
Boston, with 43,000 arrests in a
year and 500 miles of streets, has
1,100 policemen.
Philadelphia, with 1,500 miles of
streels and 60,000 arrests in a year,
has 2.7S0 policemen.
Chicago, with 70,000 arrests in a
year and 4,000 miles of streets to be
patroled, has 3,300 policemen.
New York, with a total population
of 3,500,000, expends in police salaries
alone more than $10,000,000 annually.
San Francisco has 430, Pittsburgh
385, Providence 250, Washington 600,
Louisville, 325, Cincinnati 516 and
Cleveland 400 policemen.
New Orleans, with 700 miles of
streets, 18,000 arrests in a year and
a large floating, turbulent colored
population, has only 300 policemen.
The London police department
costs $S,100,000, the Paris department
$6,000,000 and the Berlin police de
partment $1,500,000. Berlin police
men are retired Prussian soldiers.
There are 7,100 members of the
New York police force for all the
boroughs 7.36S to be exact. The
number of arrests made by the New
York police last jear was 138,875, or
an average of between 18 and 20 for
each policeman.
Demand, for More Battlealilpa.
When the Secretary of the Navy recently
lemanded more battleships, Congress con
sidered his recommendations favorably; and
uthorized the construction of several pow
erful warships. Protection is what our sea-
orts require, and fortifications will not
idequately supply th"is. Defense against all
disorders of the digestive organs, such as
dyspepsia, constipation, biliousness, .rheu
matism and nervousness, is adequately af
forded by that efficient remedy, Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters. Try it.
Ilia Voleeleaa Grief.
Tillets Tyrder looked very sad when he
heard that telephoning across the ocean
is possible.
Crustham I suppose be did, poor fellow.
It will be an unhappy day for him when
he cannot get beyond the reach of hia
wife's voice. Harper's Bazar.
Drnmeii Cannot lie Cored
by local applications, as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
anly one way to cure deafness, and that is
by constitutional remedies. Deafness is
caused by an inflamed condition of the mu
cous lining of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling
Bound or imperfect hearing, and when it is
entirely closed deafness is the result, and
unless the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal con
dition, hearing will be destroyed forever;
nine cases of of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed condition
of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case or Deafness (caused by catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's "Catarrh Cure.
Send for circulars, free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Fold bv Druggist r, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
If thou wouldst know thy friend; if
thou wouldst know his true inwardness.
get him into thy progressive eucher club.
Indianapolis rsew3j
"Then what is your reason for marrryine
her?" "I have no reason. I'm in love."
Philadelphia Times.
a perfect liquid dsntifrice for the
Teeth iouth
New Size S0Z0D0NT LIQUID, 25c gfy
Urge LIQUID and POWDER, 75c a 9
At all Stores, or by Mail for the price.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
Sec FaoSlmile Wrapper Below.
TAry stall and easy
to take as sugar.
cSntt I Purely YeyetAMe-XvS
, tm i 1 lit' UriM
PRICE, 25 c,
I uiiumiuiiy ntiUUiiiiiiGiiu rmuua iu mi
Who Want a Good Tonic and a
Safe Cure For Catarrh."
Prominent members of the clerinr are giving Peruna their unqualified en
dorsement. These men find Peruna especially adapted to preserve tnem irom
catarrh of the vocal orcrans which has always been the bane of public speakers,
and general catarrhal debility incident to the sedentary me 01 tne cierpjman.
Among the recent utterances of noted clergymen on the curative virtues of
Peruna is the following one irom uisnop
I take great pleasure in acknowledging the curative effects of
Peruna. At the solicitation of a friend I used your remeay ana
cheerfully recommend your Peruna to all who want a good tonic
and a safe cure for catarrh." James A. nanay.
ATUnn vata Ol VZ nmCC
A Husband Escaped the Pangs
of Catarrh of the Lungs.
Most Cases of Incipient Consump
tion are Catarrh.
Edward Stevens.
Mrs. Edward Stevens, of Carthage,
X. Y., writes as follows:
"I now take pleasure in notifying
you that my husband has entirely re
covered from catarrh, lie is a well
man to-day, thanks to you and Peruna.
lie took six bottles of your medicine
as directed, and it proved to be just
the thing for him. His appetite is
good and every thing he eats seems to
agree with him. His cough has left
him and he is gaining in flesh, and
seems to be well every waj I hope
others will try your medicip ind re
ceive the benefits that we have." Mrs.
Edward Stevens.
When the catarrh reaches the throat
it is called tonsilitis, or laryngitis.
Catarrh of the bronchial tubes is
called bronchitis; catarrh of the lungs,
consumption. Any. internal remedy
f ft)
FREE 1 WiMOHESTERl mchoster
Our 160 page e ,nd e
a t
A lopne the wlnnlnE combination
o n .l - . in ..11
,So Wnchhstkr Av...
Conirlentlem by- Derrrti,
It 1 wrll to be thankful for small mer
cies. Such is the opinion of a man from
whose pocket was stolen .a purse containing
25. Some months later he received this
letter: "Dear Sir: I stold your money.
Remorse n.uvs my conscience, and I have
pent yon .. When remorse raws again
I'll send you some more." Tit-Bits.
A Nw AVrlnltIe.
"The idea! What's this?" exclaimed the
man who was idly skimming the fashion
" hat's what?" inquired the other.
"It says here 'Leghorns will be much used
this summer.' I've heard of a shoe horn,
but a leg horn's new to me. I suppose tight
trousers are responsible for it." Philadel
phia Press.
Get your business rival into politics and
keep out yourself. Atchison Globe.
on wr
r?23 -1 ;V".
Watch our next advertisement. to hide imperfections,
In every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive list. No housekeeper, in
fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article which will contribute to their happiness,
comfort and convenience, and which they may have by simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from
the wrappers of our one pound sealed packages (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).
James a. xaauuj, u. -, w "w.
that will cure catarrh in one location
will cure it in any other location. This
is why Peruna has become so justly
famous in the cure of catarrhal dis
eases. It cures catarrh wherever lo
cated. Its cures remain. Peruna does
not palliate; it cures.
Mrs. Frederick Williams, President
of the South Side Ladies' Aid Society
of Chicago, 111., writes the following
words of praise iu.iimii.iiiiiwiiih
for Peruna from i S?
973 Cuyler ave-1 V.V
nue, Chicago, 111.: 5
"My home is; V I
never without 2" f I
Peruna. . for Is l x ,J 1
have found dur-i
ing the past sii
years that there ;
is no remedy that t
will at. fincp H.l-5
leviate suffering
and actually cure, Mrs. Fred. Williams,
as Peruna does. Four bottles com
pletely cured me of catarrh of the
head of several years' standing, and
if my husband feels badly, or either
of us catch cold, we at once take Pe
runa, and in a day or two it has thrown
the sickness out of the system." Mrs.
Frederick "Williams.
Mrs. W. A. Allison, of 759 Sheffield
avenue, Chicago, 111., is the Assistant
Matron of the stiiiiniiitiiiiiiiin
.t" x -
tal. She has the
following to say
about Peruna:
"I have had fre
quent opportuni
ties to observe
the wonderful
curative effects
of Peruna espe
cially on persons
suffering with a
congested condi
tion of the head, lungs, and stomach,
generally called catarrh. It alleviates
pain and soreness, increases the appe
tite and so tones up the entire sys
tem that the patient quickly regains
strength and health." Mrs. W.A.Alli
son. If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Pe
runa, write at once to Dr. Ilartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartman, President of
The Ilartman Sanitarium. Columbus, O.
Factory loaded
shotgun shells,
in the field or at w
O A trial will prove
N,w Hav.n, Conk. Q their superiority.
Bertha "Xettie was surprised when I
told her I was going to be married." Hes
ter "Naturally, anyone would be, you
know." Boston Transcript.
Mrs. W. A. Allison.
$3 & $3.50 SHOES B
The real worth of tnv f.l.OO and S3-50 shoos compared with
othermakes is $4.00 to fS.OO. My Si.00 Gilt K(i(?e Line cannot be
equalled at any price. Best in the world for men.
I mnkf and sell more mri'i fine ihor,, Oixxlyenr
"Vel 1(11 nnd-Swert Promt), (hnn nny other nuniufac.
lurrrln the world. I will pay $1,000 iaaijr one wboci
'prove that my ilalcaient Is not trne.
(Signed) W. TonKlr.
Tike no vMltntr! Insist on harln? Vf. L. PouRlas shoes
with name and price stamped on bottom. Your dealer should
keep them ; I Rlre ono dealer exclusive sale in each town. If
ho does not keep them and iri!l not Ret them for you. order
direct from factory, enclosing price and 25c. extra for carriage.
Orer 1,000,000 satlsned wearers. New Spring Catalog free.
Fut Coir jita Md zduiraiy. W. L DOUGLAS, Crqckton, Mass.
tmiT-irvirn- -
r tePK h-v - A jCzM
irm -Cr Cr
A TaWespoonful to a Gup.
will give you stronger coffee than a tablespoonful
of any other kind. Here is where you save money!
Always insist upon getting it. Ll O Tl COFi tit.
is absolutely pure, and not a coffee which is glazed
or coated with egg mixtures or chemicals in order
tn Tiirlo in-merfections.
There is no wav of purify- ti
ing the blood except nature's &
w-jv Tt ith liver that must M
do the work ; that is one of its
chief functions. Do what you
like, take what remedies you
will, nothing can be accom-
plished until the liver docs it.
A lew doses 01
Liver Regulator
is apt to accomplish more than a
K a whole bottle of most spring
$2 medicines, because the very v
S first dose increases the activi- Jj$
S. ty of the liver and every sue
& ceeding dose is helping to do
iust what must be done to
purify your blood and increase
your energy. 1 uui
back if Storm's Regulator &
fails to benefit. 50 cents.
Frepared by JAMES S. ROBINSON,
Memphis, Tenn.
can be
enough Pot
ash and your
profits will be
large; without
otash your
crop will be
Our books, telling about composition of fertilkers
best adapted for all crop, arc free to all farmer.
93 Nassau St.. New Yoric
Genuine stamped CCC Never sold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
something just as good."
tUnto nntnc all eloc rniLo,
Beet Cough Bynjp. Tastes Good. VW
In time. Sold By nrnggisrs.
A. N. K.-F
Sic. o7'ili IlWSil VliH ' PrnglUU.

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