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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh Williams, Editor.
Progress Telephone No. 17.
Friday, June 28, 1901.
Tub Supreme Court, which has
been in session at Jackson, adjourn
ed Monday to meet in Knoxville in
After July 1st, the revenue stamp
will no longer be required on bank
checks, telegrams and express pack
ages. Its passing will not be re
The citizens of the town of Hum
boldt by a majority of seventy-four
voted Wednesday to issue $30,000
in bonus lor tne extension aim im
provement of the water and electric
During the week a cloud-burst
in Elkhorti valley, West Virgiuia,
caused the loss of more than one
hundred lives and the destruction
of millions of dollars worth of prop
ertv:.anu in a railroad wreck at
Peru, Ind., sixteen persons were
killed outright and fifty seriously
If the Good Roads Association,
organized in Jackson last week, sue
ceeds in r.irecting public attention
to the condition of roads in Tennes
sec and accomplishes their improve
ment, which is its object, it wil
have done a great work. Not only
are the people in the country inter
eited in good roads, but also the in
habitants of every city and town in
the state. That too little attention
has been paid to the care of roads in
Tennessee is a fact, the importance
of which is beginning to dawn upon
our people. We hope to heir o
beneficial results front the Gooc1
Roads Association.
Elictric Lights and Water Works
Editor Bulletin. If the gentle
men who proposed the erection o
an electric ngnt anu water worn
1. 1 A . I
ulant for Bolivar have abandoned
the idea, why not the corporation
take up the matter and carry it to a
successful completion ? I notice
that auite a number of towns own
their plants and operate them pro
fitably. Our corporation is bondet
to rav for the public school build
ins;, and if by a further bonded in
debtedness we can reduce taxation
and retire the school bonds, by de
riviner revenue from the electric
light and water works plant, it ap
peals to me as a business proposi
tion worthy of consideration to
sav nothing of the comforts and
j ij
conveniences to be derived there
from. I am not familiar with the
methods of procedure, but suppose
that an act of the legislature will be
necessarv to authorize the issuance
of bonds by the corporation for saitl
purposes, and, if such is the case
we will have ample time to consider
the matter. I would like to hear
from others along this
Tax Payer.
A Tribute to Cleveland.
In the course of an address deliv
ered from his pulpit in New York
last Sunday, Rev. Dr. William
Merle Smith said of former Presi
dent Cleveland :
"I happened to be with him at
Lakewood in the spring of 1891,"
said he, "when he wrote his now
famous letter protesting against the
silver heresy; it was just on the eve
of the Democratic National Con
vention. I said to him that his
action put his renomination in
jeopardy. I know it, Doctor,' said
he, 'and perhaps it will kill me po
litically; but I do it because I think
it's right.'
'When he was Governor of this
state a bill was passed by both
houses of the Legislature giving
permission to the Manhattan Eleva
ted Railroad to charge a 10-cent
fare except at certain hours in the
morning and evening. At that time
he said to me : 'Doctor, I feel this
is one of the hardest things I have
ever been called upon to do to veto
this bill ; it is backed by such po
litical influence it may mean politi
cal annihilation, but I'll veto it be
cause I think it is an outrageous
injustice,' and veto it he did.
"I had the privilege of being
with him in Washington," Dr.
Smith continued, "before his second
inauguration, and he did me the
honor of reading his inaugural ad
dress to me. When he had finished
he walked up and down the floor
and with his voice trembling with
emotion, said: 'Doctor, 1 started out
this term resolved to do right, no
matter what the cost. Here I am
with a hungry party at my back,
and such pressure can be brought
and is brought to bear that some
times it seems as if one were unable
to withstand ; but right it shall be,
come what may'." Dr. Smith said
in closing : "Ch, that there were
more men like that man !"
Only political or personal enemies
whose judgment is blinded by prej
udice have ever questioned the hon
esty of Mr. Cleveland's intentions,
sammmm mm mmm m w w
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zz Ladles' Neckwear, Belts,
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zz Clothing
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of Clothing
1 K 12.
however strongly they may have
disapproved of his course when in
power. Lie all men of positive
character in high position he was
haled by many. He also made blun
ders, but, oh, Lord! how many
crooked schemes he killed and how
many would-be bosses he humbled !
It is as true to-day as it was when
Gen. Bragaj uttered his famous say
ing in tne National Democratic Con
vention of 1884, that Grover Cleve
land is esteemed for the enemies he
has made. Scimitar.
Senators by Popular Vote.
Kalamazoo, Mich., June 21.
Senator J. C. Burrows, who will be
chairman of the Senate Committee
on Privileges and Elections, has
made the first draft of two proposed
constitutional amendments provid
ing in eome form for the popular
election of United States Senators
one I y popular election in all
cases ; the other by popular election
after a Legislatuie has adjourned
without making a choice which he
will introduce at fie next session of
Congress, ilr. Burrows said :
"The present system of election
of Senators by the Legislature has
been found by experience to be de
fective in that states are frequently
left without representation.
"Under the constitution of the
United Stales, as interpieted by
the Senate since its organization,
the Governor of a slate cannot fill
th jse vacancies, and, therefore, the
seat must remain vacant until the
next meeting of the Legislature,
and, if that fails to fill the vacancy,
it must continue until some Legis
lature is found that will perform its
duty and consummate an election.
That, of course, is a glaring defect,
and could not possibly have been
foreseen by the framers of the Con
stitution. "The common remedy suggested
for this condition of affairs is the
election of United States Senators
by the people by a direct vote, thus
avoiding the possibility of a dead
lock and insuring a full. membership
of the Senate at all times.
"There is another remedy which
suggests itself to my mind. The
Constitution of the United States
might be so amended as to provide
leaving the election of Senators pri
marily to the Legislatures as it ex
ists to-day ; if the Legislature failed
to elect a Senator and adjourned
without performing its duty in this
regard, it shall then be incumbent
on the executive of the state to issue
a writ of election to the whole body
of the people and thus provide for
election of Senators by the people,
when the Legislature fails to per
form its duty. This would be a
1-.- A A .1 ,lf-l
complete remcuy auu uum ucici
to the judgment of that portion of
our people who believe in the elec
tion of United States Senators by
the Legislatures. After a full ex
amination of the question, a consul
tation with Senators and inter
change of opinions on the matter,
such a remedy will probably be sug-
as will meet with the ap-
iimnim? wwwww w w mm mm m m m mmmmmm mmmmmm m m mmmmmmmig
Administrator's Sale
We have on hand a full
line of Shoes. You will find
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19&lmMxl, Aammisfcr?afc0if.
1 nroval of two-thirds cf both houses
of Congress, as is required for pro
posing a constitutional amendment.
St. Louis Republic.
Children's Day" at Piney Grove.
It was our special pleasure to be
present during the exercises of Chil
dren's Day at Piney Grove Sunday,
June 23rd. When we arrived a large
crowd had already assembled in the
grove, where preparations were be
ing made for a march.. A long line
was formed by the young boys and
girls, after which they were led by
Prof. Ernest McDaniel, Superin
tendent of the Sabbath School of
the Baptist Church, at that place.
After having assembled in the
house wTe were -led in singing the
beautiful song, "Gather Them All
In," by Prof. Frank Dorris. At the
close of singing Mr. Marcus Am
nions announced that Prof. Ernest
McDaniel would deliver the address
of welcome, and, of course, it is
useless to say that he didn't spare
any efforts in telling what was in
store for us, and you can be sure we
made ourselves at home. The reci
tations were many and select, well
fitted for the occasion. They prove
that their worthy superintendent
and teachers had spared no effort in
training them. Such an occasion
speaks well for a community, and it
would be far better for every com
munity if they would not be so de
linquent along this line of work.
After the morning program had
been carried out, we repaired to the
grove where an excellent dinner was
spread, and, as usual, w6 enjoyed
ourselves. After dinuer an hour was
happily spent in mixing and ming
ling with friends, and, I might say,
talking to the beautiful young ladies
of that community and other com
munities (especially Crainesville).
After the lover's sweetheart had
been told of the many trials and
temptations that he had experienced
alone, we reassembled in the house,
where we were led in singing "Jesus
Lover of My Soul," by Prof. Kobt. I
Dorris, after which we were held
spell-bound by speeches from Profs.
G. M. Stephens and J. M. Curry
upon the subjects of "Life" and
"Hope." They were well delivered !
and especially enjoyed by a very
large audience. In conclusion, we
must say the extensive program was
well carried out, and that we never
enjoyed ourselves better. We shall
always remember the kind hospital-'
ity shown us by the hospitable peo-1
pie of Piney Grove. )
Gubernatorial Politics.
Tennessee gubernatorial politics
is not far behind judicial politics in
opening up. During the past few
days gentlemen who are considering
their own availability for the gov
ernor's chair have begun feeling the
public pulse.
When Gov. McMillin returned
from Shreveport he spent the day in
Memphis and was in close commun
ion with his political friends here.
- Barred Mus
Lawns and Dim
kind that usually sells at
It is generally supposed that he will
be a candidate for a third term
which would expire at the same time
that Hon. William B. Bate's term
in the senate will end. There is
nothing to indicate that the gover
nor has lost any of his senatorial
ambition, and if he were again elec
ted governor he would be in control
of the machinery during the cam
paign for a successor to Senator
Bate, and would also be governor
when the senatorial election will
probably occur.
The constitution of Tennessee
permits a man to be governor for
three successive terms, but no more.
John Sevier was governor when the
state was formed in 179G, and re
elected up to and including 1803.
William Carroll was governor for
twelve years in two installments,
each consisting of three elections,
and a clause against a fourth election
is supposed to have been inserted in
the constitution for his special ben
efit. So Gov. McMillin is eligible
for re-election.
During the recent state campaigns
the name of Judge Swiggart,of Un
ion City, has often occurred in the
press lists of possible starters, but
he has always until now declined to
make the race. Judge Swiggart is
now writing letters to various prom
inent politicians over the state, and
the tone of them indicates that
he hae made up his mind to make
the race.
Hon. John B. Frazier, of Chatta
nooga, is also considered as in the
If they all make the fight for the
nomination it will be the liveliest
campaign in the state for manv
years. Commercial Appeal.
In Memory of Little Myrtle.
Sadly and lonely tolled the lore-bells when the
beautiful little daughter of Mr. J. E. Sparknian
Myrtle, ("Irene" sweetly fell aslef p in the arms
of Jesus, who said: "Suffer the JHtle chijdren to
come unto me, and forbid them not ; for of such is
the kingdom of heaven," Saturday afternoon, June
15, 1901, meeting her loving mother who has been
in the saints' bright home since April, 1900. She
was buried at the school house on the Sunday fol
lowing, in the midst of many sorrowing friends and
relatives, several of whom engaged in siDging some
sweet, appropriate songs. Eev. Kufus Crawford
performed the funeral service, which was very ap
propriate. She was as kind and affectionate as she
could be, always had some kind words for her
known associates, and especially "papa," who al
ways thought she was 'the queen of the house
hold," for she possessed many feminine traits, both
mentally and physically. The attending physician,
Dr. W. L. Goddard, said quite a while since, that
her days in this world would be but few, and so it
was that her departure was made at the age nf
about two years and six months. She willingly
took her medicine until about a week before her
death, when to the great regret of her attendants,
who never grew weary in trying to stamp out the
incurable malady, bhe became so that she could not
swallow, and death seemingly was the ODly reme
dy. May the Lord guide the lone father, who has
the sympathy of the community, so that he, too,
may enter the beautiful pearly gate which is own
ed wide to one and all, both great and small, is the
sincere wish of the writer.
"Give us humility, that so
Thy reign may come within,
And when thy children homeward go,
We, too, may enter in."
" Hear us, our Saviour ! Ours thou art,
Though we are not like thee;
Give us thy spirit in our heart.
Large, lowly, trusting, free."
Jane 18, 1901. A. Frikkd.
Duty is something the majority
of men like to neglect.
Hats i
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Seven Years in Bed.
w ill wonders ever cease: in
quire the friends of Mrs. L. Pease
of Lawrence, Kan. They knew
she had been unable to leave her
bed in seven years on account o
Kiuney ana liver trouble, uervous
prostration and general debility
but, "three bottles of Electric
Bitters enabled me to walk," she
write, "and in three months
felt like a new person." Women
suffering from Headache, Backache
Nervousness, Slecplesness, Melan
choly, Fainting and Dizzy Spells
will hnu it a priceless blessing.
Try it. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Ouly 50c. Sold by W. J. Cox.
There's more squeek than poetry
in the soles of most versemakers.
Get in your orders for Ice early.
I will not open the Ice House or
deliver after 10 o'clock a. m.
E. L. Ligiitfokt.
The opinion of a man who blows
his own horn is apt to be sound.
A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cured.
"At one time I suffered from a
severe sprain of the ankle," says
Geo. E. Cary, editor of the Guide,
Washington, Va. "After using
several well recommended medi
cines without success, I tried Cham
berlain's Pain Balm, and am pleas
ed to say that relief came as soon
as I began its use and a complete
cure speedily followed." Sold by
W. J. Cox, Bolivar; J. W. Nuck
olls, Toone.
The insidious banana peel causes
Iuq uowntau 01 many a good man.
County Surveyor and
Entry Taker.
Tonvp TPW Surveying done
1 r.) 1 . OD Bhort notice.
4fb July
For the 4ih of July,
1901, low rateiof fare will
bo in effect between all
stationson the the south,
eru lines of the Illinois
Clentrat Railroad.
Tickets on sale July
9, 9, and 4, good ta return until July 8, inclusive,
bee local agent for further information.
I am prepared to sharpen
Gins, bore Wells, and curb
Wells with Stone, Iron or
Wood. My machinery is all
first-class. Terms reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Bolivar, Tenii
v- c?,s "
and tret a free sarnnle of Lnamoer-
Iain's Stomach ami Liver Tablets.
j They are an elegant physic They
also improve the appetite, strength
en the digestion and regulate the
iver and bowels. They are easy to
take and pleasant in effect.
It takes a ood
dea" of grief to
the has j;ot a
kill a woman aftvr
diamond necklace.
A Good Cough Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy when druggists use
it in their own families in prefer-
ence to any other. "I have sold
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
the past five years with complete
satisfaction to myself and custom
ers," says Drusraist J. Goldsmith.
Van Etten, N. Y. "I have always
used it in my own family both for
ordinary coughs and colds and for
the coughs following lagrippe, and
find it very efficacious." For sale by
W. J. Cox, Bolivar; J. V. Wuek
olls, Toone.
Lon hair
may indicate genius,
but you can't convince a barber that
it does.
Mr.-W. S. Whedon, Cashier of
the First National Bank of Winter
Bet, Iowa, in a recent letter gives
some experience witb a caipenter in
his employ, that will be of value
to other mechanics, lie says: !
had a carpenter working for
who was obliged to stop work
several days on account of
11 .l W
irouoieu wuu uiarruoea. i men
iioneu 10 Dim tnat i nau been sim
ilarly troubled and that Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy had cured me. He bought
a bottle of it from the druggist here
and informed me that one dose
cured him, and he is again at his
work." For sale by V. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
The -man who keeps others wait
ing has iio conception of time as a
Saves Two From Death.
'Our little daughter had an al
most fatal attack of whooping
cough and bronchitis," writes Mrs.
W. K. Ilaviland, of Armouk, N.
Y., "but when all other remedies
failed, we saved her life with Dr.
King's New Discovery. Our ueice
who had Consumption, in an advanc
ed stage, also used this wonderful
medicine and to-day she is perfect
ly well." Desperate throat and
luuj diseases yield to Dr. King's
New Discovery as to no other
medicine on earth. Infallible for
Coughs and Colds. 50c and $1.00
bottles guaranteed by W. J. Cox.
Trial bottles free.
Guide books enable the traveler
to view his money from a distance.
A Terrible Explosion
"Of a gasoline stove burned a
lady here frightfully," writes N. E.
Palmer, of Kirkman, la. "The best
doctors couldn't heal the running
sore that followed, but Buckleu's
Arnica Salve entirely cured her."
Infallible for Cuts, Sores, Boils,
Bruises, Skin Diseases and Piles.
25c at W. J. Cox's.
rd'A Cr. T. IXORAM, President.
W W. C. DOKJON, Cashier.
MYi JOUJi L. MITCHELL, Assis't Cashier.
i directors G. T. Ingram,
T 'P A .1 "I II u
h. i. iuuuisoii, ur. iu. oavage,
I e-Transacta a General Banking Business.
I f Collections Made and Prompt Returns.
iHl anon
0" BOB
which caused a valuable horse much suffering, but:
from which permanent injury was avoided by the.
timely use of Mexican Mustang Liniment.
La Grange, Tenn., Jan. 6, 1901.
Lyon Manufacturing Co,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dear Sirs : I Rill say that your Mexican Mustang
Liniment has done a wonderful cure in this part of the
country. I own the stallion known as the " State of Ten
nessee," who has a large patronage both far and near his
service this Spring to date is 102 mares. I was offered
$400x0 when he was two years old. I refused same. Then
some one took him from the stable and commenced with a
wire and wrapped the right leg from the foot up to his hip,
and after standing all night the leg had swollen so large as to
hide tte wire, and in five days the leg bursted and the flesh
turned inside out. I spent large sums of money to have him
cured but up to five months ago it was quite a failure, and
then a friend induced me to try a bottle of your liniment, I
used one of the 25-cent bottles because I did not have much
faith in it, but it helped him so much that 1 bought a second,
third and fourth bottle, which completely cured him. The
reason it took so long to cure is that it had a kind of itching
sensation when it was healing a little, when he would bite it
with his teeth. I put the liniment on the wound with a feath
er and rubbed the swollen parts with my hand.
Mexican Mustang Liniment seemed to take out all the
itching as well as to cause it to heal rapidly, and he showed
no disposition to interfere with it. The one dollar purchase
has been worth hundreds of dollars to me. I keep your
Liniment in my breeding stable all the time, and to those
who have horses I will say it is the best liniment that money
can buy. I will answer all inquiring letters.
Very truly yours,
You may as well expect to run a
steam engine without water as io
find au active, energetic man wi.h.
a torpid liver and you may know
that his liver is torpid when lie docH
not relish his food or feels dull and
languid after eating, often has head
ache and sometimes dizziness. A
few doses of Chamberlain's Slom
ache and Liver Tablets will restore
his liver to its normal functions, re
new his vitality, improve his diges
tion and make him feel like a new
man. Price, 25 cents. Samples
free at W. J. Cox's drug store.
The man who
to a mom y
pays dearly
shark to raise the wind
for his whist'e.
Didn't Marry For Money.
The Boston man, who lately
married a sickly rich young woman,
is happy now, for he got Dr. King's
New Life Pills, which restored her
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Jaundice, Biliousness, Malaria,
Fever and Ague and all Liver and
Stomach troubles. Gentle but effec
tive. Only 25c at W. J. Cox's
drug store.
On the first Monday hi July next,
at the court house door, in the town
of Bolivar, Tenn., I will offer for
public sale all the real estate be
longing to delinquent tax payers for
the year 1900, a description of which
real estate can be seen upon the
books in my office; and if said sale
is not completed on the said first
Monday in July, the same will con
tinue from day to day until com
pleted. R.N.MITCHELL,
Bolivar, Tenn., June 5, 1901.
All the latest drinks.
Ice Cream.
CrushedFruits of all kinds.
R. L. Lightfort & Co.
D. E. Durrctt, Jno. W. Nuckolls, f
1T ft T-k -i T i y.
v. v. xonon, jno. i . iougias.
Deposits Solicited.
Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms.
4 I
1 1
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j .1

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