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Cooka la tn British Anar.
That the art of cooking ranks kigfe
In tha estimation of British army of
ficials is shown bj ths reocn-t granting'
of $2,500 to the widow of the late chief
Instructor of the army cooking- school
at Alderahot, in recognition of the ral
uable services rendered by her hus
band. t InTntor of Whlal.
The father of the game of whist,
Edmond Hoyle, lived to be 97 years
old. His treatise on cards has been
published in all languages, and prob
ably no work except the Bible Lu
passed through more editions. The
original work appeared in London is
He Stopped Ilia Paper.
"Sirt" exclaimed the oldest citizen, as
lie walked into the business office of the
daily paper, "I see in your sheet of to-day,
sir. an article to which I take exceptions,
and I want my paper stopped, sir! And
when James F. Anderson says stop, sir, he
deans stop, sir!"
"Phil," wearily murmured the circula
tion manager, "go out and tell Bobf stop
th press an' lock up; ol' man Anderson
has quit us!" Denver Times.
Social Training;.
Miss Gotrichkwick Please, sir, is this a
training school?
Principal It is.
"Please, sir, I wish to learn how to eat
olives." Columbus (0.) State Journal.
I Crawford "Hasn't Parvenu become dig
nified sinec he made the fortune?" Crab
haw "Painfully so. His. guests are all
the time mistaking him for his butler."
Town Topics
Don't say you work like a slave; slaves
So not work very hard. Atchison Globe.
Don't depend on your personal appear
ance earning your salary. Atchison Globe.
' Nothing will keep ome folks from being
fools. Washington (la.) Democrat.
Charity's argument is short, but it has a
long reach. Chicago Daily News.
It is better to be sensible than to be
"mart." Wellspring.
This is the way he wrote to hen
"Molly: I has not had a line from yon
in three weeks. Has you throwsd me
And this is the way she answered him:
"John: Hain't you hearn tell that I am
on a sick bed, where I am slowly a-dyin',
an' can't write a line to save my life, you
fool, you?" Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Saucer's the Thin sr.
"Mustache cups?" said the clerk in the
chinaware department. "Yes, sir. Here's
a pretty design. Cup and saucer, one forty-nine."
"But," said Mr. Porquepacque, "that
ain't the saucer that goes with it.
"O! yes."
"Not much it ain't. There ain't no mus
tache guard on it." Philadelphia Press.
Horrible Combination.
What a saving of time and other things
there would be," remarked the Observer of
Events and Things, "if a man could take his
first ocean voyage and his first smoke at the
same time." onkers Statesman.
. Her Lack.
The Illinois woman who called her hus
band a jackass and then got mad because
he called her his better half does not seem
to know such a thing as justice. Denver
Piso's Cure is the best medicine we ever
Q9ed for all affections of the throat and
lungs. Wm. O. Endsley, Vanburen, Ind.,
Feb. 10, 1900.
Eqnal to tbe Occaalon.
Liveried Menial Me lud, the carriage
waits without.
His Lordship Without what?
"Without horses, me lud; 'tis an auto
mobile." London Tit-Bits.
"We cannot do this work," said the first
councilman, "and keep within the limit
of the appropriation. "Yes, we can,"
persisted the father of the bill. "How can
we?" "By increasing the limit." Philadel
phia Record.
A beautifully illustrated catalogue of
pianos will be sent free to anyone who will
write to the Jesse French Piano Company.
"St. Louis, Mo. This company is selling high
graae pianos at a moderate price ana on easy
terms. Read their advertisement elsewhere.
Thlngrleaa Thing;'.
Somebody is now trying to add nicotine
less tobacco to the list of thingless things.
Hartford Post.
The) How Blorele.
Bicycle manufacturers state that the M
cycle for this year will be practically the)
same model as 1900, as improvement seems
to be impossible. Precisely the same is true
of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. It repre
sents tne limits or science, and it is impos
sible to make a better medicine for the stom
ach, liver, kidnevs and blood. Trv it for
dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation, flatu
lency, or sour stomach, and you will be con-
ruitcu. never taite a Buoscitute.
The Wr to Sncceaa.
The Elderly Gentleman The true secret
of success is to find out what the people
The Younger Man And give it to them.
"Naw; corner it." Indianapolis Press.
Ktw Fut Train to Colorado
via MUaoari Pacific Railway.
The Missouri Pacific Railway is now oper
ating double daily service from St. Louis
and Kansas City to points in Colorado, Utah
and the Pacific Coast. Trains leave St.
Louis 9 a. m. and 10:10 p. m.; Kansas City
In.m. and 10 a. m.. carrying: through sleep
ing ears between St. Louis and San lfrsin-
. ... . . T-1 .1.1 -
Cisco witnout cnange. .excursion wi.-M.oto
now on sale. For further information ad
dress company's agents. H. C. Townsknd,
den. Pass, and Ticket Agent, . ioais, Jkio.
Both Mnrder and Suicide.
The after-dinner speaking- mania at med
ical banquets is at its height. What a pity
it is that men who have nothing to say, and
who do not wish to say it, are compelled to
say it to men who do not wish to near it.
American Medicine.
Do Tonr Feet Ache and Barn T
Shake into your shoes, Allen's Foot-Ease,
a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New
Shoes Feel Easy, Cures Corns, Itching.
Swollen, Hot, Callous. Smarting. Sore ana
Sweating Feet. All Druggists and Shoe
btores sell it, 25c. foample sent MUK. Ad
dress. Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy, N. Y.
Ambition." said Uncle Eben. "ain't so
danj'us ef it makes a pusson work. It's de
man dat's ambitious an' lazy dat goes in
trouble. Washington Star.
Perils of the Poles.
Three expeditions are trying to locate the
south pole, and six are after the one at
the other end of the world. This means
nine new faces on the lecture platform next
year. .Baltimore American.
In our
ments we
do not allow
the use of
Egg Mixtures,
or similar
is an
Pure Coffee.
Watch our next advertisement.
Just try a package of LION COFFEE
and you will understand the reason of its
LION COFFEE s now used in mil
lions of homes. .
Tell tne not In words ef sorrow
That you can't good coffee buy.
Try the LION brand to-morrow.
And on that you may rely.
Coffee real, coffee purest.
Innocent of paint or glaze,
Cet the quality the surest,
LION brand will win your praise.
ffrtie enjoyment and sweet pleasure
Will be your experience,
(And you'll get a full pound measure
At a minimum expense.
Art is sometimes used in hiding
Imperfections in the bean.
LION brand, though, is providing;
Finest coffee ever seen.
Wives of wise men oft remind us
We can buy a coffee grand.
If they in tha grocer's find us
Asking for the LION brand.
Coffee that is better stronger
And more healthful than the rect.
That will also last you longer.
That will win in every test.
Let us Lion heads be saving
That we on each package find.
For a premium be craving
Of some good and useful kind.
In every package of LION COFFEE you will find a fully illustrated and descriptive list. No housekeeper, in
fact, no woman, man, boy or girl will fail to find in the list some article which will contribute to their happiness,
comfort and convenience, and which they may have by simply cutting out a certain number of Lion Heads from
the wrappers of our one pound sealed packages (which is the only form in which this excellent coffee is sold).
He thinks he lives, hut he's a dead
one. No person is really alive whose
liver is dead. During the winter
most people spend nearly all their time
in warm, stuffy houses or offices or
workshops. Many don't get as much
exercise as they ought, and everybody
knows that people gain weight in
winter. As a rule it is not sound
weight, but means a lot of flabby fat
and useless, rotting matter staying in
the body when it ought to have been
driven out. But the liver was over
burdened, deadened stopped work. There
you are, with a dead liver, and right now is
the time for resurrection. Wake up the dead!
Get all the filth out of your system, and get
ready for the summer's trials with clean, clear blood, body, brain free from bile. Force
is dangerous and destructive unless used in a gentle persuasive way, and the right plan
is to give new strength to the muscular walls of the bowels, and stir up the liver to new
life and work with CASCARETS, the great spring cleaner, disinfectant and bowel tonic
Get a 50c box to-day a whole month's treatment and see how quickly you will be
S- -rrm
25c 50c
all bowel t roubles appendicitis, bil
iousness, bad. breath, bad blood, wind
on the stomach, bloated, bowels, font
month, headache, indigestion, uiniules.
pains after eatinsr, liver trouble, sallow complexion
and dizziness. V hen your bowels don't move regu
larly yon are getting sick. Constipation kills more
people than all other diseases together, it is a
starter for the chronic ailments and long years of
suffering that come afterwards. No matter what
alls you, start taking CASCA11ETS to-day, for yon
will never get well and be well all the time until
yon put your bowels light. Take our advice; start
with CASCARETS to-day, under an absolute guar
antee to cure or money refunded.
uu JtEs'nwe Tear
box of l A SC All-
sold. Sow It la
million boxes m
year, mater than any
similar nedlclae la tho world, This la absolate praaf f
great merit, and oorbctt testimonial. e Mr Xalt.il ana
will sell CASCAB ET8 absolutely gnaraateed to core or
money refunded. t boy today, two &Oe boxes. s;!ve them a
fair, honest trial, as per simple directions, and If yoa rare
not satisfied. afteraslngoneSOcbox, return tbe unused &Oe
box and the empty box to as by mall, or the drugrg-lat from
whom yoa purchased It, and set your money back, for both
boxes. Take our advice no matter what ails yoa start to
day. Health will quickly follow and yoa will bless the day
Jou first started theme ofCASCAK KTS. BookfreebymalL
now cftecr, ye freemen! three times rtreei
JInd fly the tanner Mgb
Che brightest flag beneath the sun.
Chat ever kissed the sky.
Blare the busies, beat the drums,
JInd make the welkin ring,
Roar all the big and little guns,
JInd high hesannas sing.
Che glorious fourth 1$ here aaain
Great Independence Day,
Chat taught all men to know their rights,
JInd blazed fair freedom's way.
Tjmerlca has girt a belt
J Jlround the rolling world,
In orient lands her standard stands
Che stars and stripes, unfurled.
Che ever Taithful Tsle has laid
Che sway of tyrants low;
Columbia gave a helping hand,
With many a goodly blow
Che dancing shadow of her flag
ed Cuba in the fight,
Beneath the sun of Liberty,
JInd in the field of Right.
Hye, 'tis tbe flag that patriots
Che true and tried of men
rjave faithful followed in the blaze
Of fiercest battle, when
JImid the storm of shot and shell,
JInd in the sulph'rousfume
Che god of Uictory rode amain,
Jlud bore his nodding plume,
Or breasting a resistless charge,
f)as wavered in the strife,
But rose again and led the way,
Co save the nation's life.
isVi imiZ. jas.'At..witJuaiumia .'ma Jjfjj''
"Aid Glory" banner of the free
vr jind has a prouder name
Blazed in the annals of the world.
Or sealed a higher claim ?
Hbout "Old Glory" memories teem,
JInd grand and grizzly souls
Bave laughed, and f ought.and wept and bled,
Where streamed its blessed folds
JInd late, the young men of the land,
Bave borne it cn the way
Where psans sound around the world,
from Independence Day,
O'er Porto Rico's sea-girt land;
JIbove her palms and bloom,
Che flag has lit her darksome clouds,
JInd flashed the tyrant's doom,
thus here, and in the orient seas,
more millions now are free,
Und live in peace, to sing the songs
Of Cove and liberty.
Hnd with it all, the north and South
JIre bound in Cove again,
Co foster Taith, and truth, and Peace,
Tn Union's golden chain.
Cbe fiat of the fathers, bold,
Who laid foundations deep,
Tor this republic's structure fair,
JInd gave it us to keep
Tree from the insolence or touch,
Of despots, and their way,
Ts wrought, and sealed, and emblemized
Tn Independence Day.
So cheer, ye freemen i Chree times three I
JInd fly the banner high;
Che brightest flag beneath the sun
Chat ever kissed the sky.
Two Sides.
"There are two sides to every ques
tion," said the statesman -who tried to
be broad-minded.
"Sure," answered Senator Sorghum.
One side does the buying- and the
other side does the selling." Washing
ton Star.
"Hope Springs Eternal, Etc.
Lawyer As your husband died in
testate, you will, of course, .get a
Widow Oh, I hope to get my fourth.
He was my third, you kcow. Erook-
Croquet balls are made of oeach
or Turkey box-wood.
Croquet is the direst descendant
of the old English game of Pall Mall.
It assumed its present form in Ire
land. There is no rowing champion of
England; but the holder of the Wing
field sculls is generally acknowledged
to be the champion of the '1 names.
A Parisian who placed a fender in
front of his automobile was so an
noyed by small boys falling into the
net for a free ride that he was
obliged to remove the life-saving
H. H. Hilton, of the Royal Liverpool
Golf club, who recently won the
championship of Britain, is regarded
as a wonder in golfing. Accordir to
Harry Vardon, he is the best amateur
the world ever saw, and many are
prepared to go farther than that and
proclaim him the most finished ex
ponent of the game, eith.r profes
sional or amateur.
The largest needle manufactory in
the world is at Redditch, Worcester
shire. Over 70,000,000 needles are
made there weekly.
South Shields is said to possess the
oldest lifeboat in existence. It has
been in use since 1830, and by means
of it 1,028 persons have been rescued.
A number of young filbert trees have
been sent to the agricultural depart
ment from Greece. The nuts from
these trees are the largest and have
the finest flavor of any filberts the
department has yet discovered, and
every effort is to be made to encour
age their growing.
Kansas City, June 22.
CATTLE Beef steers $4 85 5 S?M
Native stockers 4 00 4 SO
Western steers 3 10 C 5 "0
HOGS 4 50 U 6 12M
SHEEP 3 25 4 75
WHEAT No. 2 hard G3 64
No. 2 red 64 65
CORN No. 2 mixed 41
OATS No. 2 mixed 29tf
RYE No. 2 48
FLOUK-Hard wh't patents. 3 35 If? 3
Soft wheat patents 3 00 3 70
HAY Timothy S 00 12 00
Prairie 5 00 10 50
BRAN Sacked 62
BUTTER Choice to fancy.. 13 17
CHEESE Full cream 9 18
EGGS - 9
POTATOES New 73 & 90
CATTLE Native steers .... 3 75 6 15
Texas and Ind:-- steers 3 55 5 00
HOGS Packers 5 90 6 05
SHEEP Native muttons ... 3 30 4 15
FLOUR Patents 3 60 3 60
"WHEAT No. 2 red 65g) 70
CORN No. 2 red 42 g 434
OATS No. 2 29 30
RYE 49
BUTTER Dairy 13 14
DRY SALT MEATS 8 12 8 50
BACON 9 00 9 60
CATTLE Steers 550 6S0
3 JOGS Mixed and butchers. 5 SO 6 174
SHEEP Western .- 4 00 4 35
FLOUR Spring patents .... 3 45 3 SO
WHEAT No. 2 red 69 71
CORN No. 2 43
OATS No. 2 28
RYE July 47
LARD June 8 60
PORK June 14 65
CATTLE Steers 4 10 (f? 5 90
HOGS Western 6 10 6 45
SHEEP 3 00 4 00
WHEAT No. 2 red 74 76
CORN No. 2 471 48
OATS No. 2 3214
I 3
Accept "Ti f 1
Substitute. jfefp (
W ' Blisi cures ills
Ifeif liiprTHE
Wm mwmm- w
ft? feiihLE0Rlli
Complete External and
Internal Treatment
AiyiL HiM Cili
Is Able to Help Sick "Women
When Doctors Fail.
How gladly would men fly to wo
man's aid did they but understand a
woman's feeling's, trials, sensibilities,
and peculiar organic disturbances.
Those things are known only to
women, and the aid a man would give
is not at his command.
To treat a case properly it is neces
sary to know all about it, and full
information, many times, cannot be
given by a woman to her family phy-
Mrs. O. H. Chaffzix.
slcian." She cannot bring herself to
tell everything, and the physician is
at a constant disadvantage. This is
why, for the past twenty-five years,
thousands of women have been con
fiding their troubles to Mrs. Pinkham,
and whose advice has brought happi
ness and health to countless women in
the United States.
Mrs. Chappell,-of Grant Park, HI,
whose portrait we publish, advises all
suffering women to seek Mrs. Pink
ham's advice and use Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, as they
cured her of inflammation of the ovaries
and womb ; She, therefore, speaks from
knowledge, and her experience ought
to give others confidence. Mrs. Pink
ham's address is Lynn, Mass., and her
advice is absolutely free.
9k Jk
Mitchell's Eye Salve
A really wonderful little
remedy is Mitchell's
Eye Salve. Its reli
ability creates a constant de
mand for it wherever diseases
of the eye are most prevalent.
Price, 25 cents. Reject substi-
tutes. Druggists.
By mail, 25c; Hell Ruckel, New York City.
4Si4 Muilsoa Street. Memphis, Tennessee.
Consisting: of COTICURA SOAP to cleanse file
skin of crusts and scales, and soften the thick
ened cuticle, CUTICURA OINTMENT to instantly
allay itching, irritation, and inflammation, and
soothe and heal, and CUTICURA RESOLVENT
to cool and cleanse the blood, and expel humour
germs. A SINGLE SET is often sufficient to cure
the most torturing, disfiguring skin, scalp, and
blood humours, rashes, itchings, and irritations,
Tvith loss of hair, when the best physicians,
and all other remedies fail.
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment, for preserving, purify
ing, and beautifying the skin, for cleansing the 6calp of
crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stopping of falling
hair, for softening, whitening, and soothing red, rough,
and sore hands, for baby rashes, itchings, and chafings,
and for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery.
Millions of Women use Cuticura Soap in the form of
baths for annoying irritations, inflammations, and excori
ations, for too free or offensive perspiration, in 'the form
of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and for many sana
tive, antiseptic purposes which readily suggest themselves
to women and mothers. No amount of persuasion can
induce those who have once used these great skin purifiers
and beautifiers to use any others. Cuticura Soap com
bines delicate emollient properties derived from Cuticura,
the great skin cure, with the purest of cleansing ingre
dients and the most refreshing of flower odours. No other
medicated soap is to be compared with it for preserving,
purifying, and beautifying the skin, scalp, hair and hands.
No other foreign or domestic toilet soap, however expen
sive, is to be compared with it for all the purposes of the
toilet, bath, and nursery. Thus it combines in One Soap
at One Price, the best skin and complexion .soap, and
the best toilet and baby soap in the world.
Complete External and Internal Treatment for Every Humour.
instantly allar Itching, Inflammation, and Irritation, and soothe
ana neai;s.na ucticura. kesoh'fjjt, to cooi ana cleanse tne
blood. A Single Set is often sufficient to cure the moet tortur-
THE SET lng, disflgarlng, itching, buiJinr, and scaly skin, scalp, and blood
humours, rashes, Itchings, and irritations, with loss of hair, when
allelsefalls. Sold throughout the world. British Depot : F.N'ewbert A Soya, 27 Charter
Jioase Sq, Ixndon, . C. Potteb Drug jlsd Chex. Cokp., Sole Props, Boston, V. S. A.
T54 curls whtit All tut h
Best Couch Srrnp. Tastes Good. Use
f VI In ttmn. Sold hr drorrists.
fililll I W llpf s
tl I X I.Y
li 11 fcl El m For
CURES 11 1-KM.
free ssmn'e address
une bolldins. New York.
They par on all crops
rich land as well as poor
land. Write for "Book
on Use Of Fertilizers
free. Ls.r?pst fprtlii.
oompnriTln the world. VIRGIN! A-CA KOM.VA
ClIKMlUAi, COHPAaX, Uenpaii, Xesn.
A. N. K. r
'I state that saw the Adrertl'
b.cbl( n tut paper.
; f
t r
i i
r i
iV )
144rfss KKW. . vox u., cnu.vuH, O. j Wat4t.
. r
lyp Life.

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