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Woman Messi
Avcsi! PiGfvous Prostration
If yox are da no- rouslv sick what i
the first duty of your physician ? lie
quiets me nervous system, he deaden
the pain, and you sleep well.
You ought to know that when you
ceasca io De reg-ular in your courses,
grow irritable without cause, and
pass sleepless nights, there is serious
Mrs. Hartley.
trouble somewhere, and nervous pros
tration is sure to lollow.
You ought to know that indigestion,
exnaustion, womb displacements.
fainting-, dizziness, headache, and
backache send the nerves wild with.
affright, and you cannot sleep.
Mrs. Hartley, of 221 Y. Congress St..
Chicago, 111., whose portrait we pub
lish, suffered all these agonies, and
was entirely cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound ; her case
should be a warning to others, and
her cure carry conviction to the minds
of every suffering woman of the un
failing efficiency of I-ydia E. PInkham's
vegetable Compound.
Little Liver Pills,
Must Bear Signature of
See Fac-Slmlle Wrapper Below.
Terr email and. aa easy
to take as sugar.
2? -
5n Vigorous health is often
g nearer at hand than tired-out a
numcu uieaiu ui. a. lie pam
in top and back of the head, jjj
jj the backache, the nervous- s
w ness, debility and other ills to
j which women are prone, are
commonly due to inactivity u
p of the liver. Try
$ Storm's t
$ Lever Regulator g
w . . s
g It restores proper activity $
w of the liver; then constipation j
$ is cured, the blood is enriched,
j the nerves are strengthened
p and all the organs of the body $
J perform their functions. No- jjj
jjj tice, too, the improvement in g
your complexion. There is &
ifo health, beauty and energy in
J Storm's Regulator. Price 50 g
W cents. Money back if it fails. i
w is
A Prepared by JAMES S. ROBINSON,
jpi Memphis, Tenn.
Three Daily Trains.
Indian Territory
Two Dally Trains.
Pullman Sleepers and Free Reclll log
Chair Cars all the wt without Changs, vo
TEXAS nd "e WEST- The very bf is
of cunut-ctums. Cheap home-seekers tickets
on sale first and third Tuesdays each month
Memphis Ticket Office, 13 Monroe St.
F. D. BLACKS! AN, T. P. A.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Frank M. Griffith. T. P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn.
Geo. H. Lei, Gen. P.4T.A.,
iitue hoc it, Aric.
Beet Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Cae
in time, fctold pt orueiriBia.
The Fourth- of July Is
a World-wide Holiday
The Significance o! the Fire-Cracker Is To-Day
Known to Many Different Peoples
THE boom of the cracker, the
roar of the gun, the whir of
the rocket that proclaims
American freedom on the nation's na
tal day is, at the beginning of this
twentieth century, heard all around
the world. The celebration of the na
tion's birth never ceases so long as the
day remains upon the calendar of the
year, and the significance of the
Fourth of July is known to many peo
ple in lands lying far below the equa
tor to the icebergs of the frozen
north. Let us hope that before long
the intrepid explorers now on their
way to Arctic seas will nail "Old Glory"
to the north pole and plant the can
non cracker at the very axis of "Old
Mother World" before they return.
It has been the boast of our English
cousins that "the sun never sets on
the union jack." The same is true to
day of Old Glory, and where the flag
flies there is found also the Fourth
of July.
When the patriotic American states
men affixed their signatures to the
historic document that proclaimed
American freedom the nation which
they represented was almost small
enough for the welcome news as pro
claimed by the iron tongue of the old
liberty bell at Philadelphia to pene
trate to every point. The 13 little
colonies stretched along the Atlantic
coast from K"evv Hampshire on the
north to Georgia on the south. To the
west was an almost impenetrated
wilderness in which lurked the sav
age red men.
A move to the south was made ia
1820 when Spain ceded Florida to the
United States, and another larg
stretch of territory was brought un
der the protecting folds f Old Glory.
Later the Lone Star state knocked at
the door of the union asking for ad-
mission to the sisterhood of states,
and the close of the Mexican war saw
Independence day celebrated from th
Atlantic to the Paoiflo.
Through the influence of Secretary
Seward Alaska was admitted to our
territory in 1867, and the Eskimos
of the frozen north began to learn th
meaning of the boom of the cannot
cracker when the days were longest.
Ever since the old liberty bell tolled
out the signal that the great paper
had been signed by the patriot state
men at Philadelphia American liberty
has been traveling steadily west
ward, northward and southward, and
with it has gone, as a matter of course.
the typical celebration of the day that
marks the real beginnning of Amer
ican liberty. Faster even than ths
government at Washington moved the
American people moved, and they
carried the ideas of a popular form
of government to the islands of the
Pacific, and Hawaii came knocking at
our doors asking for a share of our
freedom which has been granted the
people there.
But in this beginning of a new cen
tury it is not alone the islands of the
Pacific, but the islands of the Atlantio
as well that have learned how to cele
brate the birthday of American free
- , r L .-. . tits- .' -v
t -.'7-.'. . . -V a---.. ' vAf re.'
f ' - ' - ' ... .' w :" -
Vy ' yyi" :y ' ' . ' . .... ; " 1 :..'.
The end of the seven years' struggle
for independence brought with it a
desire to grow, and then began the
national expansion that has carried
the Fourth of July all around the
world, and made its significance known
to many people speaking many lan
Men who had served the struggling
provisional government of the col
onies in the ranks of the patriotic army
returned to their homes only to find
them burned and destroyed either by
the British or their faithful allies the
Indians. With the same courage they
had shown upon the field of battle
they moved westward into the un
known wilderness to begin life anew.
By the time Gen. Washington had been
chosen president for a second term
western Pennsylvania was figuring in
the nation's history and Independence
day was being celebrated along the
Ohio river.
Gradually the venturesome settlers
worked their way still further west
ward. Ohio was invaded and crossed,
and before the patriotic Washington
had closed his public career and re
tired to private life at Mount Ver
non Tennessee was celebrating the
nation's natal day as a state in the
federal union. For years after the
admission of Tennessee as a stato the
American ship Columbia carried old
glory on its first trip around the
world, and with it went the story of
the Declaration of Independence.
Sailors on that good Boston schooner
told the story to the natives of the
isles of the far Pacific, and inspired in
the downtrodden colonies of Europe
in all parts of the world a hope of sim
ilar freedom.
But more than 2,000 miles of un
known territory still lay to the west
ward of even the farthest advanced
of the American outposts. In both
the north and south the settler, backed
by the soldier and his own heorism,
were rapidly advancing the line of
civilization. Hardly had the nine
teenth century opened before the Mis
sissippi river had been reached, to
cross which meant to enter French
territory. It seemed for a time that
the expansion must stop there, and
the meaning of the Fourth of July
be unknown on its western shore.
But the young nation was anxious to
expand, and France was willing to
11 the great unexplored territory
which she claimed in the very center
of the North American continent, and
n 1803 Independence day crossed the
Mississippi and began its march to
the Pacific coast,
dom. Our war with Spain broke th
fetters Spain had placed about the
islands of the Atlantic and the far
eastern Pacific, and added them to the
expanding territory of the American
Now Old Glory flies from the flag
staffs of Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, the
little island of Tutuila in the South
Pacific, Guam, that lies farther west
ward, and the countless islands of the
Philippine archipelago, and where Old
Glory flies there is celebrated tho
Fourth of July. In Manila, in Havana,
in San Juan, in Honolulu the boom of
the cannon cracker, the roar of the
gun, the whir of the rocket will pro
claim the anniversary of the birth of
American freedom, and in but little
more than 100 years the Fourth of
July has almost encircled the globe.
Odd Predicament Which Befell a
Household Through a Serv
ant's Misdeeds.
Convivial servants are anything but
treasures, as one housekeeper found
to her sorrow the other day, relates
the Baltimore News. This housekeep
er has a large family for which to
care, and so the news brought her
by a policeman at two o'clock one
morning recently that her trusted
colored henchman had been arrested
for fighting and was now languishing
in the station house was by no means
It didn't make so much difference
about the man himself he rightly
deserved his fate the housekeeper
said, but it dJL make a difference that
he had the keys of the buffet and of
the refrigerator in his pocket, and
that there would not be anything like
knives and forks enough to go around
at breakfast, nor any butter or cream
at all.
At seven a. m. a member of the fam
ily went to the station house to seo
what could be done for the iniquitous
Abraham, and in the meanwhile those
of the household who were obliged
to breakfast early took turns at using
the two knives and three vforks that
were all of the table equipment not
locked up.
It was a real picnic breakfast,
"Please lend me your knife" being the
remark oftenest heard, except certaiD
expletives, but it wasn't voted a sue
cess until the repentant henchman
appeared with his keys, purified by a
good-sized fine, and opened the aoora
of the closets.
Tet in This Particular Case Tvrs
Wronci Didn't Blake On
Probably it never will be known just
how the story leaked out, but the man
ner of its escape doesn't matter so
much. The fact remains that one of
the most ceremonious and socially am
bitious matrons of the West side has
experienced a shock from which she
is recovering but slowly, and her large
circle of acquaintances are laughing
over a joke of which the lady was a
victim. The consideration of the ma
tron's never-ending hunt after the so
cial, financial or other lions lends pro
portionate zest to the enjoyment of
her friends, relates the New York Her
ald. An elderly gentleman of the south
who has recently sprung into much
prominence was visiting the city for
the first time. With him was his wife,
an estimable lady of near his own age
and sharing in her kindly character
her husband's simplicity, outspoken
ness and lack of veneration for con
ventionalities. The man was undoubtedly a celeb
rity, but a celebrity in the rough.
When it is explained of him that on
the occasion of his preferment to a
high position which called for his pres
ence in Washington he counseled his
wife to pack the grip and suggested
that they start out to walk the dis
tance from their southern home to
the capital because of the distrust of
"keers," an idea of the man may be
However, that was many years ago,
and, anyway, maybe it wasn't so. If
t was so, it must be put down to the
eccentricity of genius, for the man is
rich enough to be entitled to the term
eccentric. At all events, this partic
ular West side matron wanted him
and his wife to dine en famille. After
ward, when they were better acquaint
ed, she would arrange a more formal
function, where she might exhibit her
gray lion and put him through his
A peculiarity of the lady is her in
sistence on disparaging her own ef
forts. No matter how elaborate have
been her preparations, she is invari
ably excuseful to the point of being
a bore when she presides. There are
apologies for this and apologies for
that, and all the time she is treating
her guests to glimpses of fairyland
prepared by the most expensive florist,
and banquets arranged by $10,000 ex
perts in that line. Yet she apologizes,
knowing all the time that she is sham
ming humility.
When the old gentleman and his
wife arrived they were hungry in the
extreme. They had been used to the
old-fashioned noon dinner, but had
waived this on the ocasion referred to
as having a tendency to "spoil their
appetite." They were ushered into the
drawing-room and beguiled with small
talk until the dinner hour.
Just before the announcement the
hostess began her apologies. She was
so sorry she hadn't something better
to offer them; she just knew they
would not consider her dinner satis
factory, and so on, ad nauseum. The
old man finally arose. He had listened
anxiously to the tale of table deficien
cies, and his hunger had rebelled at the
prospect of a poor meal. Visions of
empty plates and skimpy dishes
flashed before him.
"Madam," he said, reaching for his
hat, "you knew we were coming. Come
on, Sary, let's go back to the hotel
and eat a table doty dinner." And
they went.
While out in the candle-lit dining-
hall was spread a feast fit for Lucul-lus.
Strawberry Salad.
Arrange large ripe strawberries in
a glass salad bowl, dust with powdered
sugar and a little nutmeg. Pour over
a dressing made of two tablespoonf uls
of sugar, a gill of sherry, a tablespoon-
f ul of Maraschino, the juice of one lem
on and two oranges; mix the fruit
light with a fork and set on ice half an
hour before serving. Good House-
"That eastern eirl who is Buffering from
unstrung nerves made a mistake when she
tried to doctor herself." "What did she
take for it?" "Diamond rings and any
thing that she could lay her hands on."
Cleveland ilain Dealer.
Hoax "You sav he owes evervthinr he
has to you." Joax "Worse; lie owe more
than he has to me." Philadelphia Record.
Peace In the Philippines.
Peace in the Philippines is bound to prove
profitable to all concerned. Warring con
ditions, whether they be inthe Philippines
or in the human stomach, are equally dis
astrous. If your stomach has rebelled,
there ia one authority that will quickly
subdue it. It is nostetter's Stomach Bit
ters, and it cures constipation, indigestion,
biliousness, nervousness and dyspepsia. See
that a private Revenue Stamp covers the
neck of the bottle.
An Inklnd Cat.
Te?s Do you think the cut-of my skirt
Jess Yes, indeed; very.
"Do you, really?"
"Yes. I had two like that when they were
the style." Philadelphia Press.
The Summer Hotel.
Young Guest It seems to me that you
don't object to the mosquitoes singing in
your room.
Old Guest You bet I don't! Why, wien
the mosquitoes are singing I can't hear the
university glee club practicing on the
piazzo. Chicago Daily News.
Do Ton'r Feet Ache and Burnt
Shake into your shoes, Allen's Foot-Ease,
a powder for the feet. It makes tight or New
Shoes Feel Easy, Cures Corns, Itching,
Swollen, Hot, Callous, Smarting, Sore and
Sweating Feet. All Druggists and Shoe
Stores sell it, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress. Allen S. Olmsted. Le Roy, N. Y.
Fairy Stories.
"I tell you your country is painfully new.
Why, you haven't even any fairy tales."
"Haven't, eh? Well, you just come with
me and look at the tablets on our best mon
uments." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of
is a cough cure. J. W. O'Brien, 322 Third
Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 6, 1900.
"Great Scot!" exclaimed Starboard, as
they turned the corner; "the boarding
house is afire." "Let's hurry," suggested
Port; "maybe we'll get something warm."
Philadelphia Record.
a perfee! liquid dentifrice for the
Teeth and r1oufh
New Size S0Z0D0NT LIQUID, 25c
Large LIQUID and POWDER, 75c
At all Stores, or by Mail for the prloa.
HALL A PUf!icrr N-w York.
will never see each other apain till to-mor- A44r - atw. o. I ffu
row niKht." "Boar np sweet one' was his rcnT . f my COTTOH rTTHP
encouraging remark. "Time will pass. Be- I. rill A I N emu. I I Mr ftOo
sides I'll write to you when I get home and WW VUU1H111 cow uul lo
in the morning." Philadelphia Times. c
A woman in front of a mirror naturally WHES wniTI.VO TO ADVEKTISEHS
feels quite beside herself. Philadelphia :.n aut tht 7ou uvr (ke AdTerU
Record. neut la thla ppper.
- -
2 -w .MarM mW a-.w.-w-,
m . . - . . ss
4 insist upon curing mem, take no outers ana yoa win get ute oat aneus uu mowj mj.
I Hv' - ILWy fr I 1
I I - I I III I SI I . Ill I ?
tZ7LM mikZ
I i,.ii wain g wKi-iijnjaai i
I in r i iimiirmi 1 - "
?:Route to Texas.
1 1 1 In going to Texas, via
Memphis, you can ride
jjau aay in a cotton oeir.
arlorCafevCar for
ofrly fifty cents 'extra,'
iTHis car is furnished with
::V Targe easy i' chairs, has an
lihobservationfsmoking room,'
-Va'- ladies'i lounging room and
:.:a;Caf e.iwhere meals. are
: iserved .on$ the ? European ' plan
at. reasonable prices.
Besides a Parlor Cafe Car. Cotton Belt
trains carry Pullman Sleepers at night and
Free Chair Cars both day and night.
Write and tell us where you are going
and when you will leave, and we will tell
you the exact cost of ticket and send
a complete schedule fo the trip. We will also send
an interesting little book, K Trip to Texas."
PEEIER, D.PJL, Memphis) TeaH. a ADAMS, TJJL, Hashwlte, Ten.
WATT. T. P. JL, Cincinnati, Ohio. H. AOAMI, T. P. L, Cairo, 111 ,
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PHI LI ibin
is not
of otherwise
treated with
etc etc
is a
Pure Coffee.
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