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The Bolivar Bulletin.
Hugh Williams, Editor.
Progress Telephone No. 1!
Friday, July 12, 1901.
m Has
A population of 11S5.
The Western Hospital for the Insaue
with COO employes and inmates.
Dunlap Spring", one of the most fa
mous health resorts in Tennessee.
St. Katharine's School, for girls, where
pupils are enrolled froai every slate
in the South.
A ten -thousaud -dollar Public School
Four Churches MethoiVist, P.aptist,
Episcopal, Presbyterian.
Two Weekly Newsp:iers.
A furniture Factory.
A Hank.
Two Telephone Systems local and
long distance.
Cotton Gins, with latest improved
Two Roller Process Flouring Mills.
Two Hotels.
Two Livery Stables.
Two Drug Stores.
About twenty-five business house.
Pure Water.
Healthful Climate.
Itcfined Citizenship.
Bolivar Needs
Water Works.
Electric Lights.
Democrats of Ohio in con-
"urrir.Qc.ur nnm lmf,
ed James KilbourneforGrov-
The first bale of the 1001
cotton crop was marketed in
Houston, Texas, June 22nd.
It was raised in Duval Coun-
Mrs. Martha Patterson, on-
ly surviving child of And re. v
Johnson, died at her old
home in Greenville "Wednes-
lirE proposition maae in
... t !
the Alabama Constitutional
Convention to
jury rule, so mat
1 1 1 - A J 1
fourths of a jury may render
a verdict in civil cases, was
A Washington lawyer in
sisted that Hon. J. D. Rich
ardson would be the next
president and that he would
be his Attorney General.
He was placed in the insane
asylum. At last accounts,
Hon. John Wesley Gaines
had not been confined.
The Jackson Whig says:
"Now that the modern girl
is taking position in all pro
fessions and avocations in
life at the expense of jobs
for the boys, the question
arises as to what will become
of the man of the future?"
Marry the girls, of course.
Gov. Jefferson Davis, of
Arkansas, is attending the
Buffalo Exposition, and dur
ing his absence the guberna
tional chair is being filled by
Senator Huddleton with
great ability. This is not
surprising, when the fact is
taken into consideration that
acting Governor Hnddleton
was born and reared in Har
deman County.
The most reliable informa
tion we obtain from the far
mers of Hardeman is that
crop prospects are encourag
ing, and all that is needed
to produce an abundant yield
of both corn and cotton is a
general rain . Good showers
have fallen in many localities,
which have greatly revived J
vegetation. The cool north
Winds Of the present week.tlOHS and directed matters of
nave not ueen iavorauie, uuc
?"on and yun? ,c,ora "ei"'"y th.at 'e .wuld i.f he.
holding up remarkably well.
Elsewhere appears a pro
gram of the Hardeman Coun-
ty Farmers' Institute, to be
held in Bolivar, July 20th.
A a will 1 r cnnn onKiortc
have been selected in which
i -i
UUl 1U1 li-ICi 3 III U I1UC1 COltU till VI 1
they have been assigned to,
gentlemen from different!
parts of the county who are
CilJUJie Ul IVlll llUUIlllclllUU
tlioronn TtiQ Tnctltnfo r ii m
111U1 VULil - 1 J V lllUblbUtU Mill' V
be held at a time when the,
farmers will be at leisure,
and the attendance should
be large.
We have received a pros
pectus of the Nashville Dai
ly Xcws, an evening paper,
the first edition of which is
expected to appear about the
middle of July. In politics
the paper will be democratic
and wTill be edited by Mr.
Van LeeuPolk, a gentleman
of talent, and not without ex
perience in newspaper work.
It is backed by some of the
most prominent businessmen
of Nashville and is capitaliz
ed with one hundred thous
and dollars. Nashville al
ready has two dailies, the
American and Banner, but it
is said (not in the prospectus
of the News, however) that
they are controlled by corpor
ate influence, hence the new
paper. Be that as it may, the
I . ii .i 1..U
paper mai gives a ueuer news
service man tne ivmerican
and Banner will succeed
therwise it will go the way
of others who have attempted
Mr. Horatio N. Thompson
writes interestingly in the
July number of "The Pil-
grim, upon the subjec
"The President's Trip." II
states that Washington was
first to inaugurate presiden
tial tours by a trip through
New England. In these days
it is n. custom to sneak of the
R:mnlicitv of the fathers, but
M Thompson says Wash
traveled in more
state than did President Mc-
,e ; his recent trip to
thp pacific Coast. Washin
ton traveled in a coach drawn
by four horses. The uphols
terinsr of his chariot was of
royal satin. His arms were
emblazoned on the doors.
There were outriders with
trumpets, and he had six ser
vants and two secretaries in
his train. Twenty years lat
er, Monroe made his trip to
the east, journeying up the
Delaware River in a gorgeous
barge, lined with red velvet,
rowed by sixteen oarsmen in
crimson vests. Washington
extended his tour as far as
Portsmouth, N. H., and was
almost a month making a
journey, which with the pres
ent facilities for travel could
be accomplished in about
twenty-four hours. President
McKi nicy's journey was made
in less than three weeks and
in the days of Washington
it could only have been ac
complished, if accomplished
at all, by a year or more of in
expressible hardship. Steam
and steel carried President
McKinley over the mountain,
valley, stream, plain and
desert as comfortably as if he
had not left the
White i
House, and electricity reach- j
ing oacK wnn its myriau
1 1 M 1 ' J 'I'
kept the reins of
frrvnfi m art t
in his hands
wherever he happened to be.
He held cabinet meetings
aboard his train, was in con
stant communication with
Washington, shaped policies,
conducted foreign negotia-
staie witn tne same ease and
had remained at the national
nnrntnl "M ' r mnro striking
illustration of the wonderful
- J" il 4-
progress oi liiu past, ut-iiiui
COllld be afforded than the
mental picture of Washing-, Sadie Lee. She sweetly fell asleep
ton traveling thirty, miles a',inthe arms of Jesu8 June 23 in
, i i " i i 1 1 Texas, where they had gone on a
day benind coach horses, and, , , T
J I visit tn fripnr nnn r hitivpA. Vfpn
I I IHN I1KI . lift. IV I I 1 I n V 111 L ;ai
ft 1 4. 1 T n I . ; . , I : .AO 1
makinff nine hundred
.. ,
The Brakesman's Request.
've just been thinking of the time,
As I sit here at home,
When' I -shall hear the call-boy'n
With orders for me to come
And go out for the last time
On this old troubled sphere ;
Where I shall have my ups and
downs ;
I'll sign the book, don't fear !
And when I cross the great'divide,
And meet some good old friend,
Who's dwelt since many years before
Where sorrows have an end ;
I wonder if I'll get a place
Upon the golden shore.
Where everything runs smoothly
And serving time is o'er;
Where they don't have correspon
About the damaged freight ;
Where switchmen are all gentlemen
And trains are never late;
Where engineer will wave just so
To-the signals they are given ?
I hope, I pray that some sweet day
I'll run a train in heaven,
Where wrecks are something quite
And trainmasters are kind ;
Where conductors dou't talk saucy,
Which down here is hard to find
Where everything is up-to-date
And none aristocratic;
Where all the cars have 'Westing
And couplers automatic;
Where they never double any hills
Or have to tote that chain,
And don't run any pick-ups,
And there's neither snow nor rain
Where each and all are under One
And none are on the hummer.
But of all that I wish for most
In that far distant land,
Is, should I tread the streets of gold
Aud with the angels stand,
That when I register on time
And home I start to go,
The wife and kid to greet me,
As they did on earth below. ,
So, when the call-boy comes for me
To journey o'er the river,
And I am asked to give account
By the kind and loving Giver,
If I can find the railroad
In that land that knows no pain
I only will have one request
And that to run a train.
Toone, Tenn. Jasper.
Pleasant Hill.
Mr. J. C Lambert is confined to
his bed with rheumatism.
Miss Minnie and Mr. Derward
Derryberry spent Sunday very en
joyably with the Misses Lambert.
Mrs. M. E. Barham has returned
from a two week's visit to Toone.
While there she was present at the
marriage, of Mr. Frank Keller and
Miss Annie Nuckolls.
Mrs. M. E.' Barham aud Miss
Lorena Lambert spent last Monday
very pleasantly with their sister,
Mrs. Kate Pirtle.
Mr. George Kellar and wife and
Miss Bessie Young, of Pleasant
Hill, spent last Sunday very pleas
antly with relatives at Toone.
The young people of Toone enjoy
ed an ice cream supper very pleas
autly last "Tuesday night, given by
Mr." Frank Keller and wife.
Master Archie Kellar, of Toone,
lelt Sunday morniDg to be absent a
week visiting friends and relatives
at Corinth, JVIiss.
Mr. Till Keller and Miss Abbie
Marsh, Mr. Erskine Deming and
Miss Alline Pirtle, of Toone, en
joyed an ice cream supper last Sat
urday night, given by Mr. and Mrs.
L. V. Black, of near Anlioch.
Mr. J. N. Pirtle reports U'o cot
ton blooms July 1.
The musical entertainment given
by Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Pirtle was a .
grand success, ana greauy eujojeu
1 1 '
by all present. Refreshments were'neS8, while de frog, like some folks
served abundantly.
Mr. Wm. Ilarrell and family, of i
f.1' vieited ;hr 8ister' j
Sad and lonel u the horae of Mr j
. l
and Mrs. Monroe Yarbrough, caused
by the death of their little daughter,
" - i
not, dear parents, for Jesus said,
'Suffer little children to come unto
tne, and forbid them not ; for of
s'uch is the kingdom of "Heaven."
May the Lord guide the lonely
father and mother, who have the
sympathy of the community, so that
they, too, may enter the beautiful
pearly gates, which are opened wide
to one and all. great and small, is
my sincere wish.
The little crib is empty now,
The little clothes laid by ;
A mother's hope, fa'her's joy,
In death's cold arm doth lie:
Go, little pilgrim, to thy home
On yonder blissful shore,
We miss thee here, but soon will come
Where thou loisl gone before'.
The farmers of this communitv
are in need of rain very much.
Mrs. Winnie Hornsbv, of this
place, is visiting her daughter, Mrs
Ella Young, of Jackson.
Mrs. Bettie Herron, of Craines
ville, is visiting the family of Mr.
R, N. Mitchell, of Bolivar.
Prof. I. N. Roland has moved to
Pocahontas to take charge of
summer school.
There were services at the Metho
dist Church Sunday, conducted by
the pastor, Rev. W. D. Pickens.
Quite a number of our people at
tended the Dunlap Springs barbecue
on the 4th.
Mr. A. R. Fulghum was in Boli
var Monday on business.
Forest Hill.
For the past few days our farmers
have been
smiling faces
and since the recent rains their hill
are all abloom with buckwheat, aud
the buzzing of the bee seems to thri'
their hearts with music ; while thei
meadows are asgreen and lovely as
the valleys of sunny Italy.
Interesting services were con
ducted bv Eld. C. C McDa'uiel at
Ebeneezer Baptist Church Sunday
The Church appointed the first Sun
day in August as the day on which
to begin "a series of meetings.
School will begin at this place on
July 15th. We are anticipating a
good enrollment.- In the near future
we hope to secure the services o
our County Superintendent in super
intending an mstituts for us here
We will assure him, now, that our
Hollywood friends (or friend) wil
be gladly invited.
The school at Ebeneezer is
rapid progress, with Prof. Willie
Lockraan wielding the sceptre o
Mr. William Ilanna and wife, o
this vicinity, visited the family o
Mr. Charley Ilanna, near Toone
this week.
Miss Marie Fitts, one of Forest
Hill's beautiful young ladies, wil
begin her 6chool at Little llatchie
School House, near Crainesville
next Monday. The good people o
that community were very fortunate
in securing her services. She is
well prepared for her work, and we
bespeak for her a successful, term
As soon as the farmers are done
with work we hope to be able to in
vite the Editor to a few picnics.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Ike Snort's Philosophy,
De toothless old
to smile unseen.
maid was Lawn
lie w.io purloins, favors de open
door policy.
Niggers, shade au'-wcitermillioi.'S
form a triple alliance.
Miss Diana uv Greece would quit
bein' Goddess, uv de Chase ef she
could tree a Tennessee skunk.
De Sun God tnus' be tryin' to
scorch out Memphis microbes de.
way he's heatin' de furnace. ' . j
De boy dat goes lo school an' does
nothin' else till he is 25 hasn't got'
as much sense as de illiterate dat
has to dig his lore out uv real life. ;
, I
De man who stutters ken think
faster dan he ken tell it. i
De mawkiubird sin s in dedark-
croaks in de liht.
iVfcgetable Prcparalionfor As
similating the Food andBcgula
ling iheSloinachs andBowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerfur
ness and Rest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine norIineral.
7iape aroMDr&iKl 'EL PITCHER
fanplaa. SeeZ
stfx.SenniT '
liocktlU Sdlt -AtdxeSerd
Jr?rmbtt -Bi
Ctnn'lind Sueyir
Vnntftytmt. Flavor.
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
Fion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Pac Simile Signature or
uet a Lsusiness Education. tsooK
demand everywhere. Book-keeping, Penmanship, Correspondence,
Banking, Shorthand and "touch" Typewriting thoroughly taught. Rec
ognized as the
Leading Business College of the Central States.
Hundreds of graduates in positions. Cheap board. Experienced teachers.
OUR HOflE STUDY course in book-keeping will benefit you. Write
for catalogue to-day.
O. T. IXC. 11 AM, President.
W. C. DOKJON, Cashier.
JOUN L. MITCH KLL, Assis't Cuglner,
.23?Directors (1. T. Ingram, Jno. W. Nuckolls,
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage, W. C. Dorion, Jno. I. Douglas.
) STransacts a General Banking Business,
" Collections Mado and Prompt Returns.
'vvv vi VP7 vs vi
which caused a valuable horse much suffering, but
from which permanent injury was avoided by the
timely use of Mexican Mustang Liniment.
La Grange, Tenn., Jan. C, 1901.
Lyon Manufacturing Co,
Brooklyn, N. V..
Dear Sirs: I will say that your Mexican Mnstarg
Liniment has done a wonderful cure in this part of the
country. I own the stallion known as the " State of Ten
nessee," who has a large patronage both far and near his
service this Spring to date is 102 mares. I was offered
$400x0 when he was two years old. I refused same." Then
some one took him from the stable and commenced with a
wire and wrapped the right leg from the foot up to his hip,
and after standing all night the leg had swollen so large as to
. hide the wire, and-in five days the leg bursted and the flesh
turned inside out. I spent large sums of money to have him
cured but up to five months ago it was quite a failure, and
then a friend induced me to try a bottle of yourjiniment. I
used one of the 25-cent bottles because I did not have much
faith in it, but it helped him so much that I bought a second,
third and fourth bottle, which completely cured him. The
reason it took so long to cure is that it had a kind of itching
sensation when it was healing a little, when he would bite it
with his teeth. I put the liniment on the wound with a feath
er and rubbed the swollen parts with my hand.
Mexican Mustang Liniment seemed to take out all the
itching as well as to cause it to heal rapidly, and he showed
no disposition to interfere with it. The one dollar purchase
has been worth hundreds, of dollars to me. I keep your
Liniment in my breeding stable all the time, and to those
who have horses I will say it is the best liniment that money
can buy. I will ansv er all inquiring letters.
-.Very truly yours,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
the Eyes of the World
we paint the merits of the "Sole of Honor
Selz? "Royal BIuo" $3.50 Shoe.
In the shoe is the best of work and leather
and "back of it" is the name of Selz.
Selz means perfection and stands for satis
faction. In all such kinds and styles S f27
and leathers as are right vjr
at one price J?
Selz, Schwab & Co., Chicago, the largest manufacturers of good
ahoei la the world, make this good ahoa for mea.
- keepers and stenographers are in
fey' T2y' s' -Sfev- 'S.. 's2v- J&L
Deposits Solicited.
Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms.
It Dazzles The World.
No discovery in medicine has ever
. created one half of the excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption.
; It's severest teats have been on hope
less victims of CoiiHumptiou, Pneu
. monia, Hemorrhage, Pleurisy and
Bronchitis, thousands of whom it
has restored to perfect health. For
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup,
.er, Hoarseness and Whoop-
ing uougn it is the quickest, surest
cure in the world. It is sold by.
W. J. Cox, who guarantees satisfac
tion or refunds money. Large bot
tles 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles
he man who imagines he never
did a foolish act is not wise enough
to know folly.
The Best Remedy for Stomach and
Bowel. Troubles. y
t4I have been in the drug busi
ness for more than twenty years and
have sold most all of the proprie
tary medicines of any note. Among
the entire list I have never found
anything to equal Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Piarrho?a Reme
dy foi all Stomach and bowel trou
bles," says O. W. Wakefield, of
Columbus, Ga. "This remedy cur
ed two severe cases of cholera mor
bus in my family and I have recom
mended and 6old hundreds of bot
tTes of it to my customers to their
entire satisfaction. It affords a quick
and sure cure in a pleasant form."
For sale by W. J. Cox, Bolivar; J.
W. Nuckolls, Toone.
The narrow-minded man hasn't
a thought beyond the limited sphere
of his vision.
When the quantity of food taken
is too large or the quality too rich,
heartburn is likely to follow, - and
especially bo if the digeRtion has
been weakened by constipation? Eat
slowly and not too freely of easily
digested food. Masticate the food
thoroughly. Let six hours elapse
between meals and when you feel a
fulness of weight in the region of
the stomach "after eating, Indicating
that you have eaten too much, take
one of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets and the heartburn
may be avoided. For sale by W. J.
Cox, Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls,
The postage stamp is 011 the tip
of many a tongue that doesn't talk
about it.
TEETIIINA was first used by
Dr. Charles J. Moffet, a graduate
of Jefferson Medical College, Phila
delphia, Pa., in his extensive and
successful treatment of children in
Georgia in overcoming the troubles
incident to teething and hot Bam
meis. TEETH iN A (Teething
Powders) counteracts the effect ol
hot weather aud keeps the digestive
organs in a healthy condition, and
has saved the lives of thousands of
children in the doctor's native state,,
where physicians prescribe and all
mothers give it, aud it is criminal
in mothers of our - section to allow
their babes and little children to suf
fer, and perhaps die, when relief can
be easily obtained by giving TEE
TIIINA. It costs only 25 cents at
druggists; or mail 25 cents to C. J.
Moffet, M. D., St. Louis, Mo.
Julv 5-2w.
The wrinkles in the busy mer
chants face arc probably trade
marks. A Good Cough Medicine.
Many thousand people have been
restored to health and happiness by
the use of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. If afflicted with any
throat or lung trouble, give it a
trial for it is certain to prove bene
ficial. Coughs that have resisted
all other treatment for years, have
yielded to this remedy and perfect
health been restored, Cases that
seemed hopeless, that the climate of
famous health resorts failed to beu
efit, have been permanently cured
by its use. For sale by W. J.
Cox, IJoliva-; J. V. Nuckolls
The heart of an oak, like that of
some women, is the hardest part.
White Man Turned Yellow.
Great consternation was felt
the friends of M. A. Hocraritv. of
Lexington, Ky., when they saw he
was turning yellow. His skin slow
ly changed color, also his eves, and
he suffered terribly. His malady
was Yellow Jaundice. lie was treat-,
ed by the best doctors, but without
benefit. Then he was advised to
try Electric Bitters, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver remedy, and he
writes: "After taking two bottles I
was wholly cured." A trial proves
its matchless merit for all Stomach.
Liver and Kidney troubles. Only
50c. Sold bv W. J. Cox Druorai&t.
The fool shooeth his neighbor's
hens from his back yard, but the
wise manfixeth up a
for them to lay in.
-Chicago News.
She Didn't Wear A Mask.
But her .beautv was completely
j hidden by sores, blotches and pim
ples till she used Bucklen s Arnica
Salve. Then they vanished as will
all Eruptions, Fever Sores, Boils,
Ulcers, Carbuncles and Felons from
its use. Infallible for Cuts, Corns,
Burns, Scalds and Piles.- Cure
guatanteed. 25cat W. J. Cox's.
Clothes may normake the man,
tmt the better looking they are, the
more attention he is apt to receive.
' i
C '
: i
I ll
:- i
r w- . .

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