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The Great Merchant Prince of Bolivar
Enters the Arena for the Fall Trade
with a Brilliant and Beautiful
Selection of Fashion's Fancies,
The Markets of the World have been
Ransacked by the Man who ever Battles
for the People's Interests, and the
Cream is Laid at Your verv Door.
Commencing Saturday, October 5, and continuing 90 days, I will offer for sale for spot cash to the people of Hardeman and adjoining counties one of the most magnificent selections of goods ever brought
to West Tennessee at prices lower than ever before. My Great Department Store, a hnndeome three-story brick building, is crowded from cellar to garret with the best that money can buy. ISIy new stock is
beyond question superior, quality and prices considered, to that of any retail merchant in the state. Some predict that I have bought too heavily, but I know the wants of my customers it takes a house full
of goods to supply them, not a handtul. From the bottom shelf to "the roof you will find the best in my houseman idea of, which can be gained from my handsome show windows, the admiration of all. Old
time business ideas cannot keep pace with up-to-date methods. Energy, enterprise and money win. I want to thank 'my friends for the liberal patronage accorded me during my business career in Bolivar,
embracing many years ; and I desire to sav to those who have bought of me on credit during tliu present year, that if they. 'pay their accounts promptly I will carry them another year and supply all their needs.
I have confidence in the people, appreciate their patronage and will continue to give them the best values for the le.iet money. The news has gone out that ''Barrett's is Headquarters for Bargains in
Bolivar," The people are coming to the store on foot, on horseback, in buggies, in carriages, in wagons, crowding our front and rear entrances. Let them come they are thrice welcome ! Myself and a
competent corps of salesmen will be found ready to serve them. We are on duty from daylight until midnight. Below we mention only a few of the thousands of articles we carry in stock.
For Ladies
15,000 yards Brown Domestic (enough to fence in all Hardeman
County) at 5 cents.
10,000 yards Calico, best grades, from 3 to 5 cents.
Just received from the factory, a case of handsome and beautiful Outings, we offer at the
remarkable low price of 10 cents per yard.
200 nice Silk and Tailor-made Skirts, the very latest things out.
Beautiful line French Flannel for Waists (all the go) a pattern in each piece.
Wraps and Furs of every description, including 100 Automobile Wraps the nobbiest
thing on the market from $5.00 to $15.00.
Broadcloths, Suitings, Flannelettes, Fascinators, Hosiery, Notions, Underwear, etc.
We have a special line of Ladies' Shoes, 300 pairs, which we will close out for good
at from 5o cents to l.oo.
- O S3
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0D c3 -.
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O C3
Q '5 'o
C3 5
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e-i CO
i TT All e nave tue largest line of Clothing ever carried in Bolivar bought
IJ-i-vyJJ. direct from factory at Baltimore, the acknowledged clothing market
of the world.
200 Men's Tailor-made Suits 12.5o to 15.oo
100 Men's Suits $5.oo 100 Nice Overcoats from 3.oo to 15.00
200 Men's Suits lo.oo Boy's Pants and Suits from 5o cents to l.oo
2 cases Men's Underwear frdm $l.oo to $2o'o, nicest selection in the city.
200 dozen Shirts from the Ferguson-McKinnie factory, at St. Louis, made especially for
our trade the latest thing on the market.
Collars, Cuffs, and Fancy Neckwear in endless variety.
Large stock of the celebrated "Swann Brand" and "Stetson" Hats and Caps in the very
latest styles and Shapes.
A car load of Shoes for Men and Women, the largest
shipment ever made to a retail merchant. The most fash
ionable cuts in patent leather, vici and kid. These goods
are made by the celebrated firms of Smith & Stoughton,
Robert Johnson & Hand, and the Brown Shoe Co., and for
service, style and price cannot be beaten.
WANTED 10,000 Bales Cotton, 10 car loads Cotton Seed, 10,000 Cross Ties, Chickens,
Eggs, Butter and Country Produce generally, for all of which I will pay the
highest market price.
I am agent for one of the best mills in the county and will fill all orders for Heart
Pine Lumber, delivered anywhere in the city.
Smyrna Rugs from l.oo to $5.oo. Large line Matting.
Trunks, Valises, Harness, Saddles, Bridles. A complete
stock of Furniture.
We also keep on hand a large stock of Staple Groceries,
such as Meat, Flour, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, etc.; in fact,
all general family supplies.
The . Sleepless Sentinel of Bolivar,
Who Guards the People's Interests
The Bolivar Bulletin.
I am a candidate for Register of Hardeman
Coui.ty, subject to the action of the democratic
Miss Elizabeth Havenkotte,who t the Illinois Central Railroad has
has been visiting Miss Marylngram, j made the following rates for round
returned to Edwards, Miss., the 1 trip tickets: From Toone, 80 cts.;
We are authorizel to announce 1J. W. SADLER
as a candidate for Register of Uardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. II. DOYLE
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce S. T. SMITH
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratio party.
We are authorized to announce W.P.HUDSOX
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
Hugh Crawford spent Sunday
with homefolks.
Mr. Morgan Ilavdaway is ill
of typboid fever.
Exclusive styles in high grade
Millinery at Mrs
Mrs. Floyd Carter, of Jackson,
visited Bolivar relatives Sunday.
Mrs. R. N. Mitchell and Mrs.
Julius Crawford returned Saturday
from Selmer.
- Miss Katesie Humphreys left
the first of the week for her home
in Mississippi.
A number of Bolivar people at
tended "Buffalo BillV Show in
Jackson Monday.
Miss Laura Tate visited Cor
inth last week and returned from
there to Nashville.
For Sale: A No. 1 Banjo, in
good condition. Ayply to A. C.
Walker, Western Hospital.
Dr. M. M. Smith and Dr. W.
S. Cock, of Whiteville, were among
the visitors to our city Monday.
R. C. Mayo was elected Sheriff
of Madison county by the Quarterly
Court Tuesday, on the G2nd ballot.
Mrs. Annie Lee Gleaves, of
Paducah, and Miss Elender Wilson,
of Jackson, spent Sunday in Boli
var. Miss Amanda Moore, an xpe
rienced trimmer and designer from
St. Louis, will be with Mrs. J. D.
Swinebroad this season.
8th inst.
White's Cream Vermifuge is a
highly valuable preparation, capable,
from the system in a few hours of
every worm, l nee lo cts at oox s.
Mrs. Tate Young was summon
ed from Corinth Saturday to ihe
bedside of her husband,' who is se
riously ill at Dr. R. W. Tate's.
The most stubborn cases of Bron
chitis succumb to Ballard's llore
hound Syrup. Price 25 and 50 cts
at W. J. Cox.
Messrs. J. T. Gardner and J.J.
Davis, of Madison county, have
purchased the T. J. Richardson
place in the 4th district and will
move to it about Christmas.
Dizziness, loss of appetite, flatul
ency and nausea are all connected
with dyspepsia .or indigestion.
Herbine will give prompt relief.
Price 50 cts at W. J. Cox.
W. J. Harrison, a lecturer and
guitarist of note, will appear in Bol
ivar on Thursday evening, Oct. 31,
under the auspices of the Home Mis
sion Society of the M. E. Church.
Thousands of the most stubborn
and distressing cases of piles have
been cured by 1 abler s Buckeye
Pile Ointment. It never fails to
cure. Price, 50 cts, in bottles, tubes
75 cts at W. J. Cox.
Esquire J. T. Morrow, of Mid
dleburg, was in attendance upon
court Monday. For the past two
weeks he has been suffering from a
soi e foot, caused by a horse stepping
on it.
On account of the Elk's Street
Fair and Carnival at Jackson, Tenn.,
October 21-26, the Illinois. Central
Railroad will offer reduced rates.
For particulars, consult Mr. House,
local agent.
On account of Ringling Bro.'s
show at Holly Springs Nov. 1, and
the Memphis Trotting Association,
at Memphis, Oct. 19-21, the lllinois
Central Railroad will sell tickets at
reduced rales.
For all fresh cuts or wounds, in
either the human subject or in
animals, as a dressing, Ballard's
Snow Liniment is excellent; while
for sores on working horses, espec
ially if slow to heal, or suppurating,
its bsaling qualities are nnequalcd.
Price, 25 and 50 cts at W. J. Cox.
On account of Ringling Bro.'s
show at Jackson, Tenn., Oct. 19th,
Bolivar, $1.15; Middleburg, $1.40;
Hickory Valley, $1.55; Grand
Junction, $1.90.
i Wan ted
: Wan ted
The Highest Market
Price Paid ! 13
In addition to the numerous
lines Sweeton & Black already
handle, they have recently added a
hardware department, having pur
chased part of the Reynolds stock,
which will be added to, and a full
assortment will be kept on hand.
Next week their advertisement will
appear in the Buixetin.
At a special meeting of the
Board of Aldermen of Bolivar, held
Saturday night, the following ordi
nanee was passed : "Be it ordained
by the Board of Mayor and Alder
men of the town of Bolivar, and the
same is hereby ordered, that, all
taxes and privileges now due said
town or that may hereafter become
due shall be collected in the same
way and manner that the state taxes
are collected, or by suit before a
made its appearance August 19th.
Up to August 30th fifteen cases
were visited by myself and Dr. M.
M. Smith. Our tents arrived Aug.
30th and we began lo concentrate
our patients, with some opposition
on the part of a few. On the night
of August 30th there were enlisted
23 cases in detention and hospital
tents. Others were isolated at their
homes. Total number of cases of
smallpox in above mentioned dis
tricts, 30; total number of caBes of
varioloid, 29; total number exposed,
265. By thorough vaccination from
bouse to house, we have protected
230 people who had been exposed to
variola. Under the care and watch
fulness of J. L. Gilson, superinten
dent, who gave his attention night
and day to the negroes, too much
praise cannot be awarded. All the
houses which were occupied by dis
eased negroes have been thoroughly
fumigated by me, rendering them
strictly sanitary. All cases thor
oughly recovered and no deaths."
Two rooms in house near
W. C. Dorion.
Building lots in Northwest
Bolivar, between Railroad
and Union Street. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W, G. Dorion.
At theesidence of the bride's
mother, Pocahontas.Tenn., Sunday,
October 6th, 8.30 p.m., Rev. J. L.
Hunter officiating, Mr. J. M. Webb,
of Blossburg, Ala., and Miss Etta
Newland, of Pocahontas, Tenn.
Mr. Webb is an employee of the
and after its passage, the public
welfare requiring it."
Southern Railroad, at Blossburff, a
Justice of the Peace, as other debts young man of sterling worth. Miss
are collected. Be it further ordered J Eua Newland was one of Pocahon
that this ordinance take effect from -taa fajre8t daughters. She will be
greatly missed by her many young
friends; but what is our loss is
Maurice's gain.
The happy couple took the east
bound train that night for their fu
ture home, Blossburg, All., carry
ing with them the congratulations
of many friends. A Witness.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Dr. W. S. Cock, of Whiteville,
has made a report to Dr. R. W.
Tate, president of the County Board
of Health, in regard to the smallpox
cases that occurred in Districts No.
3y 4 and 5, from which we make the
following extract : 'The first case
Dead Letter List.
Unclaimed letter remaining in
the Postofliee at Bolivar, Harde
man Co., Tenn., Oct. 1st, 1901:
Lindsay Bryant,
Pattie Cratler,
Junie Davis,
Ellen Hill,
N. H. Hill,
Will Johns,
Pink McCaskill,
Angeline Neely,
Louie Patterson,
N. O. Rogers,
William Taylor,
Emma Wagner,
Odns Brian e,
Susie Criss,
Nina Gilliken,
Ellen Johnson,
R. L. Jacobs, -Nora
S. J. Weir,
Miles Robinson,
A. M. Smith,
Vinnie William
Clyde M. White,
I offer for sale my farm, contain
ing 213 acres, 100 acres cleared, the
balance well timbered. Good im
provements and two good springs.
Suitable for stock raising. Located
2 miles east of Bolivar. Apply to
Alex Black;
octll-4w . Bolivar, Tenn.
Fulton Walker,
Willie Lu Robinson.
Johit Redd, P. M.
The Nuckolls' livery stable,
lot and brick room adjoining'
it on the north.
Also, 178 acres of land on
Hatchie river,- one mile north
of Bolivar, formerly owned
by C. A. Miller.
Also, 173 acres of land in
civil district No. 16, known
as the Lockie tract.
Apply at Bank of Bolivar.
' "For three days and nights I suf
fered agony untold from an attict
of cholera morbus brought on by
eating cucumbers, says M. E.
Lowther, Iowa. "I thought I
should surely die, and tried a dozen
different medicines but all to no
purpose. I sent for a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and three doses
relieved me entirely." This remedy
is for sale by W. J.Cox,Bolivar; J.
W. Nuckolls, Toone.
When you can not sleep for
coughing, it is hardly necessary
that any one should tell you that
you need a few doses of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy to allay the
irritation of the throat, a id make
sleep possible. Itsgood. Try it.
For sale by W. J. Cox, Bolivar;
J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
For sprains, swellings and lame
ness there is nothing so good as
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Try it.
For sale by W. J. Cox, Bolivar;
J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
Large, new stock just
received &
Styles the Latest and
Prices the Lowest.
Orders taken for
Ladies' Tailor-Made
Suits and Wraps.
Beautiful line of
samples, a a jc
Weed Block.
West of Postoffice.
&We have recently moved into more
commodious quarters, have increased
our stock and are prepared to offer
to the public a well selected assortment
of the best and cheapest goods in our
line. ' We always keep on hand a
fresh, full and complete stock of
Staple and Fancy Gkoceries.
Cutlery, Plows, Guns, Cartridges,
The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited.
Savage'dc Emerson:
At Reynold's old Hardware Stand.
Wi G. T. INGHAM, President. ) AN
W W. C. DORJ ON. Cashier. V KV
G. T. INGRAM, President.
W. C. DORJ ON. Cashier.
JOHN L. MITCHELL, Assis't Cashier,
fiN 25rDiBECTORS G. T. Ingram, Jno. W. Nuckolls, Mi
Jjy A9Transacta a General Banking Business. Deposits Solicited.
mr Collections Made and Prompt Returns. Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms.
m fa
i "H

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