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Mrs. Emma E. Felch, Treasurer, Fond
du Lac, Wis., Social Economic Club, Tells
How She was Cured of Irregular and Pain-
ful Menstruation by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. Pixkham : I have used Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound for irregular and painful menstruation, and
was entirely cured after using two bottles. I can truly say it is a
boon to suffering women, and I would recommend all suffering from
the above troubles to try a few bottles and be cured. Very thank
fully yours, Emma E. Felch, Division St., Fond du Lac, Wis."
"When "women are troubled with irregular, suppressed or painful
menstruation, weakness, leucorrnoea, displacement or ulceration of the
womb, thet bearing-down feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache,
bloating (or flatulence), general debility, indigestion, and nervous pros
tration, or are beset with such symptoms as dizziness, f aintness, lassitude,
1- ' 1 " 1 J ?i I "I? j 1 , 1 , 1.11
exuuauiuxy, irrita Diiny, nervousness, sleeplessness, meiancnoiy, aii
erone" and M want-to-be-left-alone " feelings, blues and hopelessness.
they should remember there is one tried and true remedy. Lydia E.
Iinkliam"s vegetable Compound at once removes such, troubles.
Refuse to buy any other medicine, for you need the best.
No other medicine for female ills In tlve world has received
such widespread and unqualified endorsement.
Mrs. Iinkliam invites all sick women to vxite her for advice
She has guided thousands to health. Address, Lynn, Mass.
XeKlected His Opportunities.
"So you were 6truck by lightning?"
queried the "Willoughby street lawyer of
the cripple asking for alms.
"I was, sir."
"How did it happen?"
"I was walking along the Jamaica road
when a storm came up and I got under a
tree. A bolt struck the tree and hurt
me as you see."
"And what hare you ever done about
"Why, nothing, sir. What could I do?"
"Do? Do? Why, you could have found
out who the tree belonged to and scared
him out of $50 bv threatening a damage
suit for $10,000. Here's a nickel for you,
but you don't seem to be a "man of much
energy." Brooklyn Citizen.
All Barbers Fall of If.
Barber Why don't you get your hair
Longlocks I will some day.
"I guess you'll have to. take gas -when
you do."
"Naturally. I'll have to go to a barber."
Philadelphia Press.
Copld Not Escape.
Isaacs Myers says dot bankruptcy gon
fronts him vunce uiore.
Cohen It gonfronts him? Vy, it could
not keep oud of hisvay! Brooklyn Life.
.Taggles Why do they start the organ as
soon as the sermon is over?
Waggles Why, to wake up the congregation.-
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken of
as. a cough cure. J. W. O'Brien, 322 Third
Ave., N Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 6, 1900.
Am Impressive Fact.
In response to a question by a Brook
lyn school-te,icher. a. little girl said Glad
stone was the man who chewed each-mouthful
of food 36 times. N. Y. World.
The difference between a man who has
money and a man who hasn't is that the
one is judged by what "he is; the other by
what he appears. N. Y. Herald.
Actors, Vocalists, Public Speakers praise
JFIale's 'Honey of Horehound and Tar.
H?ike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
"Bill, can yer lend me twopence?" "Wot
a silly question ter arst! Why, if 1 'ad
twopence, wot 'ud I be doin' standin' out
side a public 'ouse?" Punch.
What literature needs is a man who can
write an undramatizable novel. Hartford
Have you a fool spot? Ever notice how
much trouble it causes you? Why not cut
it out.' Atchison Ulobe.
Experience is not running a kindergarten
and will not go out of the way to amuse
jpupiis. Puck.
7 I
For More Than a Quarter of a Century
The reputation of W. L. Douglas S3.C0
and $3.50 shoes for style, ccmlort and
wear has excelled aU other makes sold at
these prices. This excellent reputation has
been won by merit alone. W. L. Douglas
shoes have to give better satisfaction than
other $3.00 and S3. 50 shoes because his
reputation for the best $3.00 and $3.50
shoes must be maintained. The standard
has always been placed so high that the
wearer receives more value for his money
in the W. L. Douglas $3.00 and $3.50
shoes than he can get elsewhere.
W. L. Douglas sells more $3.00 and S3.50
hoes than any other two manufacturers.
W. L. Douglas $4.00 Gilt Edge Line
cannot be equalled at any price.
IPI fib
Yf. L. Oouglam &S.OQ and S3. GO
ahoaa ara mada of tha aama high
prade laathera usad In S3 and $Q
aftoas and aro Just aa good
Sold by the best shoe dealers everywhere.
Insist upon having: "VY". I. Douglas shoes
Tflth. name and price stamped on bottom.
flow to rter by Mail. If W. L. DonglaS
hos are not sold to your town, srnd order direct to
xarory. Bnoeswni anywnera on iweiptor price sea
i-ia. Kuuiuonu lor carriage, jut
custom department will make you a
pair mat wiu equal o and IS ens
torn made shoes. In style, tit and
wear. iau measurements or
loot as shown on model ; state
le desired: size and width,
usually worn; plain or
cap toe; heavy, med
ium or light soles.
A ill guaranteed.
iry a pair.
Tmmt Calar Entots ned.
Csikf fr, W. 1. Douglas, Jlrockton, "m,
Be good to the living; the dead are
able to take care of themselves.
Atchison Globe.
Lots of men seem to think that
there is a patent on honest labor and
they don't want to risk being in
fring-ers. Chicag-o Daily News.
Saphedde (as the clock strikes mid-
nig-ht) "What I admire in a man is
his staying- qualities." Miss Caus
tique (yawning) "How conceited of
you." Philadelphia Record.
"I would like a straw with this
lemonade," said the lady at the table
to the server of the beverage. "ILey?
ejaculated the waiter, who was hard
of hearing. "No; straw, I said."
"Mabel," said Claude, knocking the
ashes from his cigarette, "when we
are married will you bake the bread?
"I will if you furnish the dough," she
said, sweetly. There was no knead
of further argument ..-Indianapolis
"They have had on-y one quarrel
since they were married." "Why, I
heard them quarreling when they
first moved next to us, two months
ago, and this morning I also heard
them at it." "Well, that's the same
quarrel." Philadelphia Bulletin.
"Rnnfcpr "Is Brassie much oi a
golf player?" Lofter "Well, he is no
good at holing, and at driving he is a
dead failure; but I don't suppose
there is a man or woman on the links
who can holler 'fore!' with such pic
turesque effect as he can." Boston
MarUet Quotations in the Soudan
Where the Trade Is Car
ried On.
Sv ....
LUHtS Wfltrit ALL tLSfc rAILS.
Best Cough Syrup. Tastea Good. Use
in tima. sold Dy dniBlsts.
In spite of the fact that the British
c-overnment keeps 255 men with camels
constantly employed in trying to
break up the slave trathc in the sou-
dan certain experts afhrm that the
trade still flourishes in a greater or
lesser degree, says the Chicago Trib
Most of the 25 offenders convicted
during the last 12 months were sheiks
of the Kashidas, one of the most trou
blesome and dreaded tribes in the Sou
dan. The activity against them, how-
ever, has driven most of them east
into Italian territory.
The slave trade at Jeddah has been
the most serious to arrest. The
principal traffic is from Massaua and
the coast to the northward in Italian
territory, Abyssinia, Hodeida and
Yemen. Yemen is noted for the export
of the slaves who are procured from
At Jeddah there are 12 wealthy slave
merchants whose names and depots
are well known.
The prices of slaves are: Male or fe
male, 14 years old, about $80; 14 to 20
years, $100 to $125; 20 to 30 years, 150
In Medina and Mecca the prices of
both sexes rise 50 per cent, and up
wards, while some readily command
from $400 to $500 each.
A traveler who recently crossed
Abyssinia, entering by the Zeila route
and leaving by the Blue Nile, said that
slavery existed in that portion of the
country under the control of Menelik,
but in a restricted and comparatively
humane form.
The powerful chiefs alone are per
mitted to acquire domestic slaves, who
become in effect members of the house
hold. -
There are no auctions or open sales.
In the country of Godjam, however,
which is nominally subject to Menelik,
the institution of slavery openly ex
ists, and public sales take place in
the ordinarily weekly markets.
The supply of victims for this traf
fic is obtained principally by organized
raids upon the country inhabited by
mixed Shangalla tribes, which sep
arates Abyssinia from the Anglo
Egyptian Soudan.
Showing: Proper Appreciation.
It costs at least $25 to show proper
appreciation of haying a baby named
Uv yea, Atcifeoa Qqs,
A Plan of Holding: Cattle In Theil
Stalls Worthy of Commendation
and. Emulation.
The humane system of Holding th
record-making cattle in their stalls at
the Pan-American dairy is noticeable,
and favorably spoken of by a great
many visitors. It is doubtless used by
some dairymen, but many who have
not seen it would gladly adopt it. The
animals wear a collar around the neck
ad to each side of this is fastened a
chain three or four feet long. The
chain ends in a ring through which ia
run a rod about three feet long.,There
are two rods, one on each side of the
stall; they end in a bend of about two
inches to each end, which allows it to
stand parallel with and two inches or
so from the side of the stall. By this
means the chains, that are fastened to
the collar, slide up and down very
easily, as the cows stand or lie, and
they are almost as easy as though they
were not fastened at all, and tEere is
no danger of being tangled. Ohio
The Schmidt Treatment for Milk
Fever Has Been Tested vrlth
Success In Denmark.
The Schmidt treatment for milk fe
ver in cattle has resulted in a remark
able number of recoveries, report
from 107 veterinarians showing 86
per cent. Dr. Schmidt, of Denmark,
assumes the disease to be due to the
elaboration of a toxin in the udder.
The treatment is simple, within tha
reach of all dairymen.
Dissolve 120 grains iodide of potash
in one quart of water, which has been
boiled, and allowed to cool to about the
temperature of the body. Introduce a
fnnnel and pipette into the ends of a
rubber tube-and place in a bucket of
antiseptic fluid. Milk the udder dry;
then place under the cow a piece of oil
cloth about a yard square, so that the
udder will be about the middle of the
cloth. Wash the udder and teats thor
oughly with castile soap and warm
water, rinsing carefully with antisep
tic fluid: Insert the pipette into the
end of a teat and fill the funnel with
iodide of potash solution. By pass
ing successively from one teat to an
other distribute the solution equally
among the quarters of the udder. Hub
the udder from the teat toward the
body and massage thoroughly in or
der to distribute the solution through
out. Eight or ten hours after the in
jection, or when recovery is assured.
the udder should be carefully milked
out and then bathed with warm wa
ter, about 160 degrees F. A second
injection is rarely necessary, but if so,
it should he done at the end of six
or eight hours. If there should be a
tendency toward hardness of the ud
der or ".ttringiness" of the milk, baths
of warm water should be applied every
three or four hours until relieved. If
neglected garget will result. As a
preventive measure it is advisable to
restrict robust animals to a moderate
allowat.ee of dry food for seven or ten
days previous to the end of their
term; and where there is a tendency
toward costiveness or constipation,
.correct it with a drench of epsom
salts. Prof. S. S. Buckley, Maryland
Experiment Station, in Farm and
Test for Formalin In Milk.
A new test has been elaborated
for determining the presence of
formalin in milk. Phenylhydrazin
and ten per cent, solution of soda
is added to a small protion of the
diluted milk. In the presence even
of two drops of formaldehyde to 100
cubic centimeters of milk rose color
will result. In normal milk no. color
is produced. In determining the
presence of milk sugar, a small
amount of sodium acetate is added
in addition to phenylhydrazin and
ten per cent, soda solution, as in the
previous case. A rose color will re
sult' in the presence of milk sugar.
Keep the Stable Clean.
The cow stables should have lis-ht.
Tentilation, cleansing, drainage, no
offensive matter allowed about the
stable, sufficient supply of pure water
nd wholesome food for the cows.
.No dairyman should be so nes-liVent
as to be responsible for the trans
mission of disease through the sale
of milk for the want of cleanliness.
Our best authorities claim that the
dancer from cow tuberculosis is small
compared with the danger which may
occur from uncleanliness and im
proper sanitary conditions about the
dair. Dr. G. II. Gore, in Farm and
Gooseberry Growing- In Favor.
Gooseberries are slowly growing
in favor in America, but are not appre
ciated as they are in England, where
they may be considered thenational
fruit. English varieties in this coun
try, of which the Industry is one of
the best, are very much subject to mil
dew and cannot be grown without
careful and thorough spraying with
potassium sulphide. The American va
rieties, which are hardier, are gener
ally too small, although some of the
newer sorts are as large as the English.
Gettlaa- EvSn with Her.
"You may tell him," she said, hanghtfly,
that I do not cars to meet people who deal
m dressed beef."
Naturally this proud eastern aristocrat
thought she had him properly pat down,
but she was in error.
"You may tell her, he said by way of
reply, "that whatever I put on the market
is at least dressed."
Then he looked Ion? and fixedly at her
decollete daughter. Chicago Post.
Wrenched Foot and Ankle Cared by
St. Jacobs Oil. "
Gentlemen: A short time ago I severely
Trenched my foot and ankle. The injury
was very painful, and .the consequent in
convenience (being obliged to keep to busi
ness) was very trying. A friend recom
mended St. Jacobs Oil, and I take great
pleasure in informing you that one appli
cation was sufficient to effect a complete
cure. To a busy man so simple and effective
a remedy is invaluable, and I shall lose no
opportunity of suggesting the use of St.
Jacobs Oil. Yours truly, Henry J. Doirs,
Manager The Cycles Co., London, England.
St. Jacobs Oil is safe, sure and never fail
ing. Conquers Pain.
An Authority.
Johnnie Say, pop!
Pop Well, my son?
"What is a revenue cutter?"
"A revenue cutter, my son is a well,
ask your Uncle Fred. He has to pay ali
mony. Smart Set.
Xothlns; Equals St. Jacobs Oil
For Rheumatism, Gout, Sciatica, Neural
gia, Cramp, Pleurisy, Lumbago, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, Soreness, Stiffness,
Bruises, Toothache, Headache, Backache,
Feetache, Pains in the Chest, Pains in the
Back, Pains in the Shoulders, Pains in the
Limbs, and all bodily aches and pains, it
acts like magic. Safe, sure and never fail
ing. " An Atchison young man recently had a
floral piece, "The Gates Ajar," esnt to his
Sweet One, with "Eight to-night" set in
rose buds, as a hint that he would be at
her gate at eight that evening. Atchison
Reflections of v Baehelor.
"Money can't buy happiness, but it can
buy a first-class imitation of it.
Also the sins of the second and third
generations are visited on the first.
Ws repent so as to be able to do the
same thing over again with a clear con
science. It is a wise man that never praises the
beauty of another woman to his own wife.
In taking a hand in straightening out
love affairs the best way is to take your
hands off. N. Y. Press.
ier to use and color more goods brighter
and faster colors than any other dys.
The man who has a character that mud
will stick to is always uneasy. Elijah P.
To Care a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refundmoney if it fails to cure. 25c
Mrs. Wanterby "Eeally, you must ex
cuse the appearance of our house. It's so
dirty and so upset." Mrs. Hauler "Why,
it seems to me to be just the same a
ever," Philadelphia Press.
Bad lives am like pipestems hollow, foul
an' easily wrecked. Arkansaw Thomas
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Sosodont Liquid 2je Large Liquid and Powder 75c All
tores or by mail lor the price. Sample lor postage 3c
HALL & RUCKEL, New York.
. America Leads.
In consequence of the great demand for
cotton goods, the United States consumed
more raw cotton than Great Britain, which
has always held supremacy in this in
dustry, just as Hosletter's Stomach Bitters
has been the best family medicine, and which
has retained its prestige for over fifty years.
To-day the Bitters is used in almost every
home. It cures dyspepsia, indigestion, con
stipation and biliousness, also purifies the
blood, calms the nerves, and builds up the
entire system.
October 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
$3a,O00iD Stakes and Purses
New Mile Track. Finest and most
complete plant in the world-
Over 500 of the Fastest Trotters and
Pacers In America, some from every
State in the Union, have been entered
and will start.
Half Fare Rates on all Railroads.
Entry lists - and full Information
furnished on application to
Sec'y. Memphis Trotting Association,
Memphis, Tenn.
'Wearer, My God, To Thee.-
"Lead, Kindly Light. Etc.
Write for them. Ko cost to yea.
McKlnley Unslc Co., STff TOS
Tbst eTorybodj mar become familiar
with tba best fiction matcaxine published.
n nun ids oner wj wno wup'o
I a WnxiV nnl. tVi.t viii fntf)ut thll
J ad. and enclose It with a t-t stamp to par
postage. It contains 10 copy rinhted stories by
tha hast known llvlnr writers each month. 191
stories In a year, and tha subscription price Is A
a but f 1 per year. Mmm than a eesl per atory.
I Single copies 10 cents.
X 10 ST0BI BOOK, 167 Dear bora St., Chlcsytt.
1 3 j3
AKAXESIS stunt re
lief and POSITIVE.
For free sample address
sd building. Hew York.
Commercial and Railroad Telegraphy taught
toy expert teachers using latest me'.oods. Special
rates for board to students. Full Information
by mall. 1-U-H8 llaadolpn Bldg., Memphis, Xeno
r cm C5 Vf HEW DISCOVERT; give
Jfi J m1 f quick rliet and cures worss
cases. Book of testimonials and lO J ay treatment
Free. lr. 11. U. GBKKS'S SOS. Bx X, ATLANTA,
A. N. K. F
7 state, that won saw the Aavertl
S)ll t 1b this BWMr.
MOV. 3 01?
i l
t.soo nee,-
st net.
nr in
Ira jt
. pi f..
95 .
ttamtMAnKM. rot rtve ti&acco.
ttur ser 9urr Axtrta.
ii "l
4CTpL in
b j!L3?yry " 1 r5jw
.. ..... tt&fl
03 Z46J.
(tt iT
T i
2G?ang& TmstTags being equaf to oie of others mentioned.
J. T.," "Cross Bow," "Spear Head,"
"Old Honesty," "Master Workman," "Sickle,"
" Brandywine," "Jolly Tar," "Planet,"- "Nep
tune," " Ole Varginy." " a
Our new illustrated
FOR 1902
'Will in'cTadePmany articles not 6herrfi' here"lV"wfPc6nta1n'tKo'
most attractive List of Presents ever offered for .Tags, and .will
be sent by mail on receipt of postage two cents.
(Catalogue will be ready tor mailing about January xst,too2.)'
: . t
Our ofer of Presents for Tags will expire Nov. 30th, 1002.,
ww - 1
Write your name and address plainly on outside of packages
containing Tags, and send them and requests for Presents to
42IFolsom'Ave.v ,
St. Louis, Mo.
TOM. str.
QL eso rts.
aotBotMaem far nnc cut roBAtta.
SUtAt Stll 'MOtttt' SO TAtS.
:' 1
1 im
salt amo eptt ser.
srem mho
id ser
9 -t.
J.S00 TAOS. -Cj ,1,
60 CAr,
xwrvrs AAOfCMJcs.
$ 1 ya m m
1 vi 1 's 1 r j 1 tv m
7S TA63.
They do btr p!acte3 j. C2rt,

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