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ie Bolivar Bulletin.
,kiQii Williams, Editor.
rnoGUESs Telephone No. 11.
Friday, October 25, 1901
A coat of black has been
given the White House.
Some people can' dine with
negroes if they wish, but no
true Southern gentleman will
ever- have one around his
board, except as a waiter.
The fate of Miss Stone, the
missionary, is in doubt ; but
there is no doubt about the
fate of Roosevelt among the
r)eople of the South he is
The trotting races at Mem
phis this weekwcre decidedly
a success, The weather was
ideal, the attendance large,
the sport fine. The buildings
and track are the equal, if
.not superior, of 'any in the
United States.
The killing of William Lew
ark in an intoxicated condi
tion was a cold-blooded and
cowardly murder, and if pos
iblejthe perpetrator should be
brought to justice. Henry
Somers, colored, is accused
of "the crime and is held in
Minnesota under a flimsy and
false pretense. No effort or
expense should be spared to
see that he is brought back
The welfare of our communi
ty demands it. If innocent,
he should be freed; if guilty
Congressman Patterson's Opinion on
the President's Entertainment
of a Negro.
Frem Commercial Appeal.
"To say that I am surprised and
grieved at the conduct of the Presi
dent is to put the case mildly; not
that Booker T. Washington is not
an honor to his race, for he is ; and
deserving of all praise and encour
agement for bis work. But I con
sider the incident as one of the most
unpardonable that has ever occurred
and one for which there can be no
possible excuse; for of all Presidents
who have lately been inducted to
the hisrh office none had more thor
oughly the confidence of the South
eru people and no sec'.ion of the
country had higher expectations for
the success of his administration.
We believed that he understood the
conditions which have confronted
the Southern people, since the war
and that he would not knowingly
give this affront to the pride of race,
or mark a precedent for social equal
ity. The Southern people cannot
and will not forgive this conduct of
the President. By it he has cut
himself loose from any possible
Southern sentiment in his favor,
for no self respecting Southern man
will ever tolerate such an action or
support such a man for the Presi
dency. The Southern people believe
in doing justice to the inferior race,
and I always tried, when an official,
to see that outrages against a help
less class should be properly pun
ished, but social equality is one thing
and justice to the negro race is quite
another. To preserve the social di.s
tinction between the two races is not
only necessary for the dominance of
the white race, but it is a measure
of protection to the negro himself.
On this subject we have taken a
stand never to yield.
'The negroes themselves do not
demand social equality, and they
will regret this unfortunate conduct
of the Executive as a misfortune to
"No promise of official patronage
or offices to be bestowed upon South
ern men will ever wipe out this deep
affront to their racial pride and in
stinct put upon them by the Presi
dent. . Mr. McKinley would never
have made this mistake.
President Roosevelt can never
set this fashion for the Southern
people, nor can he for the better
element of the North. If the Presi
dent of the United States fails to
recognize that the distinction be
tween the races must be preseived,
then all the South can do is to close
up its lines again and set its face
forever against the man and against
the sentiment that must destroy this
distinction. I, together with many
others, had hopes pf better things
from the President. I am sorry they
have been disappointed."
Admiral Schley.
They're figHlin the battle all over again ;
The big guns are booming once more;
And Sampson to-day lingers far, far away
While Schley bears the brunt as before.
On the old fighter's track the entire snarling pack
Have followed with hue and with cry,
Till now, when he faces them all, they slink back
From the sight of brave Admiral Schley.
When heroes were needed he stood on the bridge
And met the proud navy of Spain.
He followed it on till the battle was won
And Its vessels went down in the main.
When heroes are honored he's slighted and spurn'd
While others are praised to the sky.
He yet is deprived of the glory he earned.
Our gallant old Admiral Schley.
Uut though he's insulted by puppets la power
The people are sl.w to forget.
They only await a more fortunate hour
To crown him in victory yet.
His fame is secure. When the scroll is unrolled
His name will he written on high
'Mid those of our gallant sea-fighters of old,
Hade brighter by Admiral Schley. -
The man who Is right can afford to repose
In the homage and love of the just ;
To reckon that Time is his friend; and his fo?s
At last will go down in the dust.
The victim of hate with assurance can wait
For wrong and detraction to die.
The world holds a crown of esteem and renown
For the brow of brave Admiral Schley.
S. A. Edgerton, in Nebraska Independent.
Tot Causes Night Alarm.
"One night my brother's baby
was taken with Croup," writes Mrs.
J. C. Snider, of Crittenden, Ky.,
"it seemed it would strangle be
fore we could get a doctor, so we
gave It Dr. King's New Discovery,
which gave quick relief and per
manently cured it. We always keep
it in the house to protect our children
from Croup and Whooping Cough.
It cured me of a chronic bronchial
trouble that no other remedy would
relieve." .Infallible for Coughs,
Colds, Throat and Lung troubles.
50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free
at W. J. Cox's Dm" Store.
Pointed Paragraphs.
(Chicago News.)
It isn't the stage that needs ele
vating it's the public.
The child who is seen and not
heard remains to be seen.
The worm should turn in before
the early bird turns out.
Obscurity is the destination of
the candidate who also ran.
Any man who monkeys with a
mule is apt to come to a bad end.
A hitch is necessary to make a
wedding ceremony pass off smooth-
Explosions of powder mills have
thrown lots of men out of employ
ment. Never tell a girl Bhe looks sweet
enough to kiss. Actions 6peak loud
er than words.
A woman's prematurely gray hair
is often the result of marrying a
man to reform him.
Few men ever reach the. top
probably because the top grows away
from the average" man as fast as he
The good are supposed to die
young, but some people seem t
think they are allowed to remain on
earth because of their excessive
It Happened in a Drug Store.
"One day last winter a lady
came to my drug store and asked
for a brand of cough medicine that
I did not have in stock," "says Mr.
C. II. Grandin, the popular drug
gist of Ontario, N. Y. "She was
disappointed and wanted to know
what cough preparation I could rec
ommend. I said to her that I
could freely recommend Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy and that she
could take a bottle of the remedy
and after giving it a fair trial if she
did not find it worth the money to
bring back the bottle and I would
refund the price paid. In the course
of a day or two the lady came back
in company with a friend to
buy a bottle of Chamberlain sCcagh
Remedy. I consider that a very
good recommendation for that
remedy." It is for sale by W. J.
Cox, Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls,
A Fiendish Attack.
An attack was lately made on C.
F. Collier, of Cherokee, Iowa, that
nearly proved fatal. It came through
his kidneys. His back got so lame
he could not stoop without great
pain, nor sit in a chair except prop
ped by cushions. No remedy help
ed him until he tried Electric Bit
ters which effected such a wonder
ful change that he writes he feels
like a new man. This marvelous
medicine cures backache and kidney
trouble, purifies the blood and
builds up your health. Only 50c at
W. J. Cox's Drug Store.
"For three days and nights I suf
fered agony untold from an attict
of cholera morbus brought on by
eating cucumbers," says M. E.
Lowther, Iowa. "I thought I
should surely die, and tried a dozen
dmerent medicines but all to no
purpose. I sent for a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and,
Diarrhoea Remedv and three rlnsps
relieved me entirely.' This remedy!
is for sale by W. J. Cox,Bolivar; J.
W. JNuckoIIs, loone.
Toone Topics.
There is a great deal of sickness
'in. the country round about here,
but the people of our town are en
joying fairly good health.
Sir. James C. Lambert, who lived
a mile west of Toone, died Sunday
morning and was laid to rest in the
Rainey cemetery here Monday at 2
p. m. Mr. Lambert was a prominent
citizen and was well liked by all
who knew him. He leaves a large
family to mourn his death.
Mr. George Pirtfe is very ill at
his home west of Toone. Very lit
tle hope is entertained of his recov
ery. The Toone Academy opeued
school September 31st, and is pro
gressing splendidly, with Prof. Er
nest McDauiel as priucipal. There
is a large attendance and good in
Mrs. Rebecca Pirtle is dangerous
ly ill at her home three miles west
of town.
A literary and debating society
was organized at the Academy last
Friday night. Nearly all the young
people of the towu are interested in
the work and real interesting meet
ings are anticipated.
Rev. Hill, of the S. W. B. Uni
versity, preached at the Baptist
church Sunday night.
Sunday School was organized here
last Sunday and, it is hoped, will
have a splendid success.
Several of our young people are
attending the Street Fair at Jackson
this Wriek.
Though very little is heard about
Toone, it is one of the biggest tim
ber shipping points in the country;
in fact, is the largest. Here are a
few statistics about our town which
will be of interest to many: Timber
and lumber now in yards awaiting
shipment, worth $100,000; average
value of lumber shipped per month,
$10,000; average No. bales of cotton
shipped per year, 2,000 value, at
$35 per bale, $70,000; aggregate
sales of our merchants for current
year, over $100,000, fruit shipped,
$500. Now, if there is a town on
the map in Tennessee the size of
Toone that can boast of a better
commercial showing than Too.ie we
would like for them to show up the
Our merchants . are somewhat
bearish in the cotton market this
With the editor's pei mission our
little town would like to claim space
in the Bulletin each week.
Will o' the Wisr.
Note With pleasure we print
the above communication.- We will
esteem it a favor if some friend in
every community in the county will
furnish the Bulletin regularly with
the news of his neighborhood.
Vaughan's Versatiles.
Good rains," ideal fall weather,
sorghum grinding, cotton picking,
'possum hunting, and "Sparking"
the girls since our last writing.
Mr. Cullen Sparkmau is recover
ing, after an extended spell of sickness-Rev.
Elvin Taylor Beard, who
has re-entered the Peabody Normal,
Nashville, paid a pleasant visit to
Mr. J. C. Sparkmau since be wae
confined to his bed.
Rev. T. II. Foote, of Bolivar,
preached an old-time religious ser
mon at Pleasant Grove, where he
used to proclaim'the good news and
glad tidings, on last fifth Lord's
Mr. D. M. Sparkmau, Hospital,
surprised homefolks by a visit a few
days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant had
the misfortune to lose their darling
babe recently.
Mr; Oscar Scott and Miss Stevie
Fortune left receutly for Nashville,
Ark. Mr. Scott is clerking. and Miss
Fortune is attending school.
Mr. Avent enjoys fox chasing in
and around this locality. His mu
sical band, which was heard recent
ly, can always be easily recognized
from any other.
Edgar no longer wears Hardeman
chrysanthemums. Nothing pleases
him so well as Franklin forget-me-nots.
Rev. Ruth Crawford preached a
scriptural sermon on the importance
of seeking first the Kingdom. Come
out and bear him again 2nd Sunday.
Mr. Allie Fortune, of Moscow,
enjoyed a visit to homefolks re
cently, Mr. J. S. Wheeler, one of our
hustling farmers, delivered a load
of nicely dressed beef' in Bolivar
Mr. Lonnie Prewitt and Miss
Claudia Dowdy were guests of Mr.
Newt. Sparkman 2nd Sunday.
Sorry to say that Mrs. Bryant and
Mrs. Callahan remain veiy ill. Hope
they will soon recover.
Misses Donie and Augusta Spark-
man enjoyed the generous hospital
ity of relatives here 2nd Sunday.
Mrs. , Frances Galloway was a
guest of this part of-the vicinage
Prayer-meeting at Turkey Springs
' - Minimum.
Auction Sale !
I On Saturday, Nov. 9, 1901, at
. the courthouse door in the town of
Bolivar, Tenn., I will sell at public
outcry to the highest bidder my
farm, situated in the 14th civil dis
trict oi Hardeman county, Tenn.,
containing 521 acres 30 acres in
cultivation, balance timbered. On
the place is a frame residence, in
good repair, with three rooms and
three side rooms, a hall and three
porches; a new tenant house, bam,
good oachard, wells, etc.
Will also sell my cotton gin and
grist mill, with engine, boiler,
fix u res and attachments all com
plete, in good, order and now in
Tkems of Salk Oae-thiid cash,
balance on a credit of one and two
years. Motes with good security
will be required and a lien retained
on the property to secure the defer
red payments.
C. M. Maronev,
25oct3w Toone, Tenn.
At Pocahontas, Tenn., Saturday,
Oct. 12, 1901, Mrs. Jane Read, wife
of Esq. J. Y. - Ileid, in her 57th
year, after, a short illness, from
blood poisoning. Her remains were
interred at Bethel Church grave
yard Sunday morning, funeral ser
vices conducted by Rev. J. L. Hun
ter. A large congregation of rela
tives and friends attended. The en
tire community mourn her death
and extend hearty sympathy to the
bereaved ones.
A Friend.
What's Your Face Worth?
Sometimes a fortune, but never,
if you have a sallow complexion, a
jaundiced look, moth patches and
blotches on the skin, all signs of
Liver Trouble. But Dr. King's
New Life Pills give Clear Skin,
Rosy Cheeks, Rich Complexion.
Only 25 cen'.s at W. J. Cox's Drug
When you have no appetite, do
not relish your food and feel dull
after eating you may know that you
ned a dose -of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tiblets. Price,
25 -cents. --. Samples free at Cox's
drug store. - '
Mothers who have always dreaded
the approach of cold weather when
they have a teething babe, should
not forget that Teethina counteracts
and overcomes the effects of cold
weather on children, keeps them in
healthy condition and makes teeth
ing easy. " Teethina costs only 25c
per box at any druggist ; or, mail
25 cents to C. J. Moffett, M. D.,
St. Louis, Mo. octl8 2w
The Highest Market
n Price Paid !
I offer for sale ray farm, contain
ing 213 acres, 100 acres cleared, the
balance well timbered. Good im
provements and two good springs.
Suitable for slock raising. Located
2 miles east of Bolivar. Apply to
" - Alex Black,
octll-4w Bolivar, Tenn.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
, Bears the
Signature of
For Sale: A No." 1 Banjo, in
good condition. Ayply to A. C.
Walker, Western Hospital.
The most stubborn cases of Bron
chitis succumb to Ballard's Hore
hound Syrup. Price 25 and 50 cts
at W. J. Cox.
Hardware $
$ Hardware $
Having purchased the W. H. Reynolds & Co. 's stock
of Hardware, we will from now on endeavor to carry a full
and complete line of Hardware ol all kinds such as, Bolts,
Uinges, Chisels, Augers, Saws, Hammers, Axes, Planes,
and all kinds of Builder's Implements and Tools. Also, a
large lino of Repair Material such as, Spokes, Hubs, Fel
loes, and everything in the repair line.
We also carry a fall and well assorted line of Dry
Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Clothing, etc. -
And we have a large stock of fresh staple Groceries.
As heretofore, we still handle the celebrated Studebaker
Wagons and Banner Buggies the Best on Earth.
Give us a trial and be convinced that we will save you
- Yours for
General Crop Conditions.
Section Director Bates makes the
following report regarding croj s in
Tennessee during week ending Oc
tober 22:
Another week of ideal fall weath
er prevailed and the work of pre
paring soil for the reception of win
ter grains and of planting them oc
cupied the attention of the farmer,
and it is needless to say that the
work progressed favorably, as did
also the work of picking cotton aud
gathering corn and other maturing
crops?" About half the area inteuded
for wheat has been planted, many
farmers having delayed planting
through fear of the Hessian fly,
which has already appeared in some
of the earlier sowings. The crop,
as a rule, will be put in better con
dition than ever before. The early
sowings, as well as those of rye,
barley and winter oats, are coming
up and looking healthy, except
where the fly appears, as noted.
' The corn crop, now being gath
ered, is, as a rule, short, but farm
ers have offset this shortage to a
great extent by having in good con
dition the largest crop of winter
forage ever known.
Cotton picking has kept up well
with the opening, so the loss by the
usual methods will be comparatively
The work of grinding sorghum
is still in progress, 'with fair yields
Late Irish potatoes promise fair
yields, also sweet potatoes. Peas
are rather short in yield. Turnips
are in fine growth. Pastures are in
excellent condition. Frosts occui
red during the week, but no mate
rial damage is reported. Light rains
fell early in the week in the eastern
Stepped Into Live Coals.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W. II. Eads, of
Jonesville, Va., "which caused
horrible leg eores for 30 years, but
Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly
cured me a.ter everything else
failed." Infallible for Burns,
Scalds, Cuts, Sores, Bruises and
Piles. Sold by-W. J. Cox 25c.
A new remedy for biliousness is
now on sale at Cox's drug store. It
is called Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. It gives quick
relief and will prevent the attack if
giveu as soon as the first indication
of the disease appears. Price, 25
cents per box. Samples free.
(of R. L. Lightlort A Co.).
Bolivar, Tennessee.
Eyes examined free of charge. Glasses fitted at
reasonable prices. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed
or money refunded.
Effective Sunday, Jan. 20, 1901.
........ .6.29 p.m.
,.....7.43 a.m.
........8.30 a.m.
No. Noth.
26 .G.53 a.m
24 ."9.08 p.m,
94 local....2.50 p.m,
95 iota')"
W. A. HOUSE. Agent
Largest stock intne world
Nearly 100 varieties
All the choice, luscious kinds for
the Garden and Fancy Market. Also
Shipping Varieties Also Dewber
ries, Asparagus, Rhubard, Grape
vines, etc., etc.
Our 120-page Manual, iree to
buyers, enable everybody to
grow them with success and
. profit.
All plants packed to carry across the
continent fresh as when dug. Illus
trated catalogue free. State if you
want catalogue of Shipping Varie
ties or Fancy Garden kinds.
Don't Keglect Your Liver.
Liver troubles quicklj result in serioui
complications, and the man who neglects Ins
liver has little regard for health. A bottle
of Browns' Iron Bitters taken now and then
will keep the liver in perfect order. If the
disease has developed, Browns' Iron Bitters
will cure it permanently. Strength and
vitality will always follow its nse.
Browns' Iron Bitters is sold by all dealers.
AS T-Trt irl irf n v f
Hardware $
Afcgetable Preparalionfcr As
similating ttieFocxlandRcguIa
ling ihcSlomachs andBoveis of
Promotes Digeslion,Cheerfur
ness and Rest.Conlains neilhcr
OpiuiruMorpliino norIincral.
Tot "Narcotic.
Jbape of old BrSAitUELPtTCHER
Lxkj'lr Sails -jlttise
tormnutl -Bl
Itmtuyretf. flavor.
A perfect Remedy forCortstipa
Tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions ,F everish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
1 :
jbXniX (Dritcr gcpitrtmoitt
Giva people from a distance the same advantages enjoyed by city cne
lomers to select from unrivaled assortments
Dry Goods, Gloves, Hosiery, Boys' Clothing, Under
wear, Costumes, Wraps, Laces, Carpets,
Draperies, etc.
Reasonable Requests for Samples Complied with Promptly".
Estimates for Carpets and Hangings furnished on receipt of applica
tion. No catalogs. Correspondence solicited.
Cr. T. INGRAM, President.
1 . V. lAAJWil, vHHiuer.
IFDieectoks G. T.
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage,
"Transact3 a General Banking Business.
Collections Made and Prompt Returns.
VC7 'K VS" VS?' Vtf V7 VS7 VC-' Vff
For 20 Years Has Led z Worm Rsmsdiss. IWE
BOIiD 23 "32" A.IjXi
y JAKIES F- BALLARD, fit. Lnule.
For Sale By
utWe have recently moved into moret
commodious quarters, have increased
our stock and are prepared to offers
xto the public a well selected assortments
sof the best and cheapest goods in ours
valine. & We always keep on hand as
s fresh, full and complete stock ofsss
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Cutlery, Gns Cartridges
The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited.
At Reynold's old Hardware
you have headaches, tongue is
constipated, bad taste in the
If not all of these symptoms,
some of them? It's your
any or
For Sale' By
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
jZ7'7'7. 7-s5-- .
Ingram, Jno. W.
.N -okolls,.
.mi "las.
W. C. Dorion,luu. i
Deposits Soli
Money to Lo u
"'.''''''' J
Most in Quantity. Best In Quality.
W. J. COX.
c& Ercierson:
coated, bad breath, bowels
is a natural
vegetable rempdv.
bm 1 Mm
If .AZ O J w
t containing no mineral or
narcotic poisons. It will correct
all symptoms, make your health,
appetite and spirits good. At druggists, 50 cents.
W. J. COX.

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