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ie Bolivar Bulletin,
jLiuaii Williams, Jiiitor.
Progress Telephoni: No. 17.
Friday, November 1, 1801.
The. price of cotton is still
declining. Middling cotton
was quoted in Memphis yes
terday at 7 cents.
At Georgetown, Ivy., last
Saturday Caleb Powers was
sentenced for the second time
to life imprisonment, as ac
cessory to the murder of
William Goebel.
oliticians and pa-
1 ,em;.s, never tire of
abusTig gold democrats. The
latest accusation is that they
are responsible for Roosevelt
entertaining a negro.
Announced. i an d prospec
tive candidates for county
offices are at work. The for
mer are riding, shaking hands
and swapping jokes with the
voters; the latter feeling the
v pulse of the dear people.
JTiifi -commUteQ in charge
of the" Confederate re-union
to be held -at Dallas, next
V year, has .finally decided .upon
April 29th and 30th and May
1st and 2nd as the dates for
f the re-union.
'Two . policemen of Nash
ville arrested a criminal a lew
days ago and allowed him to
escape. This moves the News
to remark : "One is almost
driven to conclude that some
of? these al)le and efficient
policemen of ours could not
catch a drop of water in a
rainstorm if they had a sponge
;rr--Tsachrhaiid, r "br- hold it if
they had i in a tub
We direct attention to the
announcement of Judge A.
G. Hawkins, candidate for
re-election to the office of
Chancellor of this division.
Judge Hawkins has filled
this' responsible position for
about 15 years, and his de
crees have always been just
and fair. He is a man of high
character and ability, a chris
tian, esteemed by our people.
He will appreciate :.. the sup
port of the public.
The New York Herald
publishes a table, which has
been included in Adjutant
General Corbin's annual re
port, concerning the loss of
vmciTJaii-fiiiV1 PJiiiip
pines. The report shows the
number killed G99, died of
wounds 219, disease 2,l-lG,ac-cident
104, drowned 191, sui
cide 2G, murders or homicides
75. Thus it will be seen
that the number of deaths
caused by disease is nearly
twice as large as from all other
causes combined.
Hon. J. B. Frazier, Chat
tanooga, candidate V? Pr jAle
Democratic nomination for
Governor of Tennessee, spent
Tuesday in Bolivar. This
was not Mr." Frazier's first
visit to our town. He was
Elector for the State at Large
in 1900 and delivered in the
court-house here one of the
most powerful and eloquent
speeches ever heard by our
people. He has done great
service for the cause of Dem
ocracy and as Chief Executive
will, we believe, reflect credit
upon the Volunteer State.
While his qualifications and
services to the party have
never been doubted or dis
puted, some of us referred
to support Judge Swiggart, f
being from our section of the
state and equally fitted for;
l . . T.. ,1 1
Swiggart' withdrawal, we
feel confident that Mr. Fra
zier can safely count on the
solid vote of Hardeman in the
state convention.
A Novel Serenade.
These beautiful moonlight nights,
with the mellow glow of exquisite
radiance and good cheer that cause
the heart to le3p and thrill in re
sponse to every call of nature, afford
lovely and seductive incentive for
serenading parties. As customary,
here and there the festive choiristers
of slumbering uight are invited iu
to tempting spreads hastily arranged
by fair and dainty hands. But the
romance-loving young people of this
town departed from this ancient
custom of serenade Friday night,
when they turned up suddenly like
forty or fifty Halloween angels just
from the trailing vines and brilliant
hue'd blossoms of the garden of Iles
perides, and surrounded the cosy
little parsonage of the Methodist
preacher with gladsome melody of
song and instrumental music. It
was only after the tall form of the
pastor appeard in the door- way and
a 3tumble over a "spread" piled
all over the front porch that he had
more to thank the "night maraud
ers" for more sweets than their lav
ish sweetness of song. The most
beautiful and touching feature of
the "serenade" was that every bun
dle and package bore a delicate and
characteristic scriptural offering
the sentiment felt by each for the
faithful and humble servant of God.
All the churches were equally well
represented in giving cheer to a sad
ly broken and shattered, almost des
olate home, once so full of joy and
gladness, when the hearthstone was
blessed by the pure, christian life
of the sweetest and best of mothers
and now the saintly guardian of a
widely scattered family.
The wild rose, with its ecarlet
hued face of bold aud brazen fore
ward and its highly perfumed dress
of loud and gaudy green, one day
approached the queenly, majestic
Marechal Niel and said: "Madam,
I'll give you a big price' to tell why
you are more sought after than 1,
and where it is hidden and by what
secret process you get that rare and
exquisite odor, and that rich and
lovely color of face." Said the cul
tured and refined beauty: "The se
cret is love, purity, unselfishness,
a lowly meekness and disinclination
for parade and show.. But I do not
know from whence that sweetness
you speak of comes, I am uncon
scious of it. If you could but look
deep down into my heart you might
discover what the God of love aud
truth placed there to glorify Him
and bless mankind. It is the bless
ings (not curses) of a bruised heart
and an outraged love."
Friendship is like the soft delica
cy of the aromatic "rose-geranium"
in lhat the more you use it and the
more you crush it the sweeter its
fragrance. And. like the heart
treasure of the rose, above aud be
yond price. x x x
Jumped on a Ten-Penny Nail.
The little daughter of Mr. J. N.
Powell jumped on an inverted rake
made of ten-penny nails, and thrust
one nail entirely through her foot
and a second one half way through.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm was im
mediately applied and five minutes
later the pain had disappeared and
no more suffering was experienced.
In three days the child was wearing
her shoe as usual and with absolute
ly no discomfort. Mr. Powell is a
well-known merchant of Forklaud,
Va. Pain Balm is au antiseptic and
heals such injuries without matura
tion and in jojc4-third the time re-quirerWjy-tbe
usual treatment. For
sfle by W. J. "Cor, Bolivar; J. W.
Nuckolls, Toone.
Teachers' Institute.
There will be an Institute in
Whiteville on Saturday, November
9th. All who are interested in edu
cation are cordially invited. The
following is the program :
Address of Welcome. . Prof. Taylor
Response Prof. Cofliu
Primary Methods. . . . :
; . .Miss Fanny Norment
U. S. History T. E. Murdaugh
Arithmetic Prof. Taylor
Good Literature Prof. Young
Our Common Schools . . D. E. Bishop
The Sciences in Common Schools
Prof. Frank S. Coflin
Grammar Miss Bessie Statler
Higher Mathematics .
....Miss Leila Coflin
D. E. Bishop, Co. Supt.
Middleburg Marriage.
The Baptist church at Middleburgi
last Thursday evening, the occasion
being the marriage of Mi6s Lucie
Prewitt, one of Middleburg's fair
daughters, to Mr. F. T. Blaylock,
a Jrising young business man of
Whiteville. Rev. J.W.Dickens,
the pastor, officiated. The church
was tastefully decorated in green
and white. Oriental rugs covered
the space in front of the pulpit,
upou which was placed the organ,
almost "hidden by a bank of palms
and' other tropical plants.
At the appointed hour the bridal
party, consisting of MessrsW ill
Kearney, Hugh Fulrell, Robt. Fer
guson and II. C. McAnulty, ushers;
Misses Lottie Prewitt, Velma Kiu
nie, Sarah Emerson and Sallie Kear
ney, bridesmaids ; Messrs. John
Nuckolls, Will Harris, Frauk Prew
itt and Guy Prewitt, groomsmen ;
the bride and her maid of honor
( Miss Mamie Prewitt ), and the
groom and his best man (Mr. Fred
Ilowse, of Whiteville,) entered
the doors to the beautiful Btrains of
Mendelsshou's wedding march, as
executed by Miss Irene Prewitt, of
The bridesmaids," iu white oi gau
dies and carrying boq.iets of white
chrysauthemums, came up the left
aisle and crossed to the right ; the
groomsmen, inthe regulation black,
came up the right aisle and crossed
to the left.
The bride was becomingly gowned
in white organdy en trai i, enveloped
in a mousseline de soie veil, and
wai accompanied by her sister, Aliss
Mamie Prewitt. Just a3 she stood
beneath the two hearts suspended by
ribbons from the ceiling, she was
joined by the groom, when they
were made oe in the words of the
Baptist ceremoney, during which
"The Flower Song" was played,
and after which the bridal party left
the church in reverse order to which
they entered.
The young couple left on the
north bound train for Jackson, bear
ing with them the good wishes of a
host of friends.
They were the recipients of many
useful presents. Whiteville will be
the future home of Mr. and Mrs
Blaylock. The Bulletin offers
Astounding Discovery.
From CoopersvilIe,-Mich., comes
word of a wonderful discovery of a
pleasant tasting liquid that when
used Detore retiring by any one
troubled with a bad cough always
ensures a good night's rest. "It wil
soon cure the cough too, writes
Mrs. S. 'Ilirailbunrer: "for three
generations of our family have usee
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption and have never found its
equal for coughs and colds." It is
an unrivaled life-saver when use
for desperate lung diseases. Guar
anteed bottles 50c and $1 at W. J.
Cox's. Trial bottles free.
Arbor Day.
Arbor day will - be celebrated on
November 15th at the Bolivar High
School by appropriate exercises of
songs, recitations and the planting
of trees on the school campus. The
public is cordially invited and it is
hoped that all interested in further
ing the welfare of the public schoo
and in beautifying its grounds wil
give encouragement to the inspiring
custom of tree planting.
It is not now
"To hew the staffand shape the architrave,"
But let us rather say
"Woodman, spare that tree." XX
Spreads Like Wildfire.
When things are "the nest" they
become "the best selling." Abra
ham Hare, a leading druggist of
Belleville, O., writes : "Electric
Bitters are the best selling bitters I
have handled in 20 years." You
know why? Most diseases begin in
disorders of stomach, liver, kidneys,
bowels, blood and nerves. Electric
Bitters tones up the stomach, regu
lates liver, kidneys, and bowels,
puiifies the blood, strengthens the
nerves; hence, cures multitudes of
maladies. - It builds up the entire
system. Puts new life and vigor
into any weak, sickly, run-down
man or woman. Price, 50 cts, by
W. J. Cox, druggist.
Tuskkgsh, Ala.;, July 28, 1878.
Dr. C. J. Moffett My Dear Sir:
Justice to you demands that I should
give you my experience with your
excellent medicine, Teethina. Our
little girl, just thirteen months old,
has had much trouble teething. Ev
ery remedy was exhausted in the
shape of preseriptions from family
physicians. Her bowels continued
to pass off pure blood, and a burn
ing fever continued for days at a
time. Her life was almost despaired
of. Her mother determined to try
Teethina, and in a day or two there
was a great change new life had
returned, the bowels were regular,
and, thanks to Teethina, the little
babe is now doing well. Yours,
D. M. McIvee,
Editor and Proprietor Taskegee
(Ala.) News. In2w
Execution of Czolgosz.
Aublex, N. Y., Oct. 26. Presi
dent McKinley's assassin is dead.
Leon F. Czolgosz, alias Fred Nei
mann, was successfully electrocuted
at Auburn prison this morning. He
was prooouDced dead at 7.15 a. m.
W ith the purely animal courage that
had sustained him, and the innate
coward within him struggling to his
ips, the youthful murderer, hated
by the nation and the world at large,
paid the penalty for his fearful
crime. Iu less time almost than it
takes to tell it, the deadly current
had passed through his body, rub-
bins: out his miserable existence
with merciful and uneiring swift
ness. Seated m the cnair with the
fatal current about to be applied,
Czolgosz, facing the witnesses, said:
"I shot the President because I
thought it would benefit the good
working people of all nations. I
am cot sorry for my crimed" .
During this tii.e the attendants
were busy strapping him to the
chair. His last words were :
"1 am heartily sorry I did not see
my lather.';
This was said after the strap had
been drawn across his face, yet his
words were distinctly heard by all
who were in the room.
Wretched creature that he was,
he went to his death unsupported by
the comforting thought that he had
made peace with his God.
For the first time in the history
of the prison, a condemned man
marched to the fatal chair unaccom
panied by a spiritual adviser. Spir
itual aid had been offered him, but
he scorned the entreaties of the
priests who, visited him in his last
hours, and last night when his
brother visited him Le declared that
he wanted no priest, wanted no one
to pray for his soul.
Stomach and Liver Tablets.
Try them
When you feel dull after eating
When you have no appetite.
When you have a bad taste in the
When your liver is torpid.
When your bowels aiM coustipate:
When you have a headache.
When you feel bilious.
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse aud invigorate your stomach
and regulate your liver and bowels.
b'or sale by W. J. Cox, Bolivar.
" " Jr-W. Nuckolls, Toone
Bolivai' and Memphis.
The New Memphis Telephone
Company has taken an important
step in the fulfilment of its promise
to cover Memphis territory with
long-distance lines. On yesterday
they closed a deal with the Progress
Telephone Company, which has two
thriving exchanges at bolivar anil
Whiteville, Tenn., with long-dis
tance lines connecting the two towns
General Manager Warren, of the
New Memphis Company, gives this
information, and savs it is the in
tention of his company to build up
first-class independent exchanges in
the towns of Bolivar, Whiteville
and Somerville; and to connect these
and all intermediate points with
Memphis at an early day.
"Of course," Mr. Warren says
"the most important matter is the
completion of our local exchange
which will probably require two
months vet. We shall then build
generally throughout what is con
sidered 'Memphis territory,' having
already made extensive plans to that
- What these plans are Mr. War
ren declined to discuss, but promise
that the business needs of Memphi
merchants and manufacturers wil
be considered above all things in
mapping out their lonjr-distance
lines. Commercial Appeal.
The Nuckolls livery stable
lot and brick room adjoining
it on the north.
Also, lio acres or land on
Hatchie river, one mile north
oi Bolivar, rormeriv owned
by C. A. Miller.
Also. liiS acres or land in
civil district No. 1G, known
as the Lockie tract.
Apply at Bank of Bolivar
To the Public.
Allow me to eav a few words in
praise of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. I bad a very severe cough aud
cold, and feared I would get pneu
monia, but after taking the second
dose of this medicine, I felt better.
Three bottles of it cured my cold
and the pains in my chest disap
peared entirely. I am most respect
fully yours for health, Ralph S.
Meyers, 74 Thirty-seventh street
Wheeling, West Va. For sale by
W. J. Cox, Bolivar; J. W. Nuck
olls, Toone.
Two rooms in house near
Kail road.
W. C. Dorion.
Expressions of Sympathy. !
We, the ladies of the Home Mis-!
sion Society of the M. E. Church'
at Bolivar, do hereby extend to ouri
beloved secretary, Mrs. Alice Har-
daway, and family, our heartfelt!
on ot. n l. - .3 . 1 I
hour of deep bereavraent iu the loss
of her much beloved son. God in
Ilia providence has seen best to call
nm hence, and while His will and
dispensations are mysterious to us,
we cannot solve them; yet we know
Our Heavenly Father doeth all
things well, and what we cannot
understand now will some day be
made plain, and we cau see why
this young life, so full of promise
and hope, was taken, and why these
dear ones must sit again at Marah'd
stream and drink this bitter, bitter
cup. Oh, may a loving Father give
them all grace to say aud feel, "1 ny
will, not mine be done, knowing
that some-day, in His own good
time, God will show ns the right
side of the life we are slowly weav
ing here, and we will hear the Mas
ter say, as He said to Peter, "what
do thou knewest not now, but
thou shalt know hereafter." There
are many things in each of our lives
which we know not the meaning of
now; places where G-id Btops us and
makes us come apart aud rest a
while, when we need rest; places
where He finds us wandering out of
the way and stops us short; where
He unties our hands aud gives us
time to think. Yes, these are Ions',
weary days we are sometimes called
to epend; days of thwarted plans
when everything crosses ourwills;
days when we are driven to the wall
and stand with hands hanging help
lessly at our sides the long "rainy
days" life's cold northeasters that
seem to chill the very marrow of
our souls. Yet, amid all this, let
us, like one of old, look up and say
"though He slay me, yet will I trust
Him," and stagger not at His prov
idences; His grace shall be sufficient
to thy day; and may you realize the
fullness of His ove aud all the com
forts of His grace, in this dark
hour, is the prayer of those who
love you much.
- TilKS. A. M. bTATLEIt, PlCS.
Great Luck of an Editor.
"For two years all efforts to cure
Eczema in the palm of my hands
failed," writes Editor II. N. Lester,
of Syracuse, Kan.; "then I was en
tirely cured by- Bucklen's Arnica
Salve. It is the world s best for
eruptious, eores and all skin diseases.
Only 25c, at W. J. Cox's.
Last winter an infant child of
mine had croup in a violent form,"
eays Eld. John W. Rogers, a Chris
tian evangelist, of Filley, Mo. "I
gave her a few doses of Charaber-
iaiu's Cou-h Remedy and in a short
time all danger was past and the
child recovered." This remedy not
only cures croup, but when given as
soon as the first symptoms appear
will prevent the attack. It contains
no opium or other harmful sub
stance and may be given as confi
dently to a baby as to an adult. For
sale by W. J, Cor, Bolivar: J. W.
Nuckolls, Toone.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if. you
used Dr. King's New Life Fills.
Thousands of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for sick and
nervous headaches. They make pure
blood and build up your health
Only 25 cents. Money back, if not
cured. Sold by W. J. Cox.
Constipation means the accumu
lation of waste matter that should
be discharged daily, and unless this
is done the foul mattcrjs absorbed
and poisons the system. Use ller
bine to bring about reu'il n ity of the
bowels. Price, 50 cts. At W. J
For Infants and Children.
Ths ttti Yea Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
I offer for sale my farm, contain
ing 213 acres, 100 acres cleared, the
balance well timbered. Good im
provements and two good springs
Suitable for stock raising. Located
2h miles east of Bolivar. Apply to
Alex Black,
octll-4w Bolivar, Tenn.
(oi R. I. Lightfort St Co.) .
Bolivar, Tennessee.
Eyes examined free of charge. Glasses fitted at
reasonable prices. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed,
or money refunded.
SZ The Highest Market
Price Paid !
Tho Kind You Ilavo Always
ia use for over SO years,
JOfyi J?- sonal supervision since Its Infancy.
(&tCUiZ Allow wn ono to deceive tou Iu this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment-
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothmg Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears tho
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
m 1 1
Gives people from a distance the same advantages enjoyed by city cus
tomers to select from
Dry Goods, Gloves, Hosiery, Bcy-s' Clothing, Under
wear, Costumes, Wraps, Laces, Carpets,
Draperies, etc.
Reasonable Requests fox Samples Complied with Promptly.
Estimates for Carpet and Hangings furnished on receipt of applica
tion. No catalogs. Correspondence
G. T. INGRAM, President.
W. C. 1MJKION. Cashier.
JOUN U MITCHELL, Assia't Cashier,
UPDieectoks G. T. Ingram, Jno. W. .Nuckolls,
W. T. Anderson, G. M. Savage, V. C. Dorion, Juu. P. Douglas.
fiSTransacts a General Banking Business.
7 Collections Made and Prompt P.eturns.
We have recently moved into more
commodious quarters, have increased
?iOur stock and are prepared to offer
tothe public a well selected assortment
of the best and cheapest goods in our
tline. We always keep on hand a
fresh, full and complete stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Cutlery, Glins Cartridges
The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited.
Savage dsBaM-ersoasLi
At Key nold's old Hardware Stand.
Having purchased the W. H. Reynolds & Co. V stock
of Hardware, we will from now on endeavor to carry a full
and complete line of Hardware ot all kinds such as, Bolts,
Hinges, Chisels, Augers, Saws, Hammers, Axes, Planes,
and all kinds of Builder's Implements and Tools. Also, a
large line of Repair Material such as, Spokes, Hubs, Fel
loes, and everything in the repair line.
We also carry a full and well assorted line of Dry
Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Clothing, etc. -
And we have a large stock of fresh staple Groceries.
As heretofore, we still handle the celebrated Studebaker
Wagons and Banner Buggies the Best on Earth.
Give us a trial, and be convinced that we will save you
Bought, and -which lias been,
lias borne tho signature of
lias been made under his pcr-
Signature of
unrivaled assortments
- .JL. AAA., A. A -4k Jk
Deposits Solicited.
Money to Lean on Reasonable TVruis.
for Business,

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