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tt World.
CCopyrJgbt, 1901. toy Ixiuis Klopsch. N. T.J
;- r - "Washington,
In this discourse Dr. Talmage Jem
nstrates that we "are- affected by
forces that we seldom recognize acd
enlarges upon human accountability;
the text is Job-33:31:. "Canst thou
bind the sweet influences' of Plei
ades?' .
What is the meaning of that ques
tion that God put to Job? Have we
ell ouv lives. been reading' it and are
.of us igDorunt of its beauty
h and p'actical stigesttve-
meaningless passage of
'Hy thought it to be: Rut
.s were busy ae after
.ronomical' auservations
4-$$S4Sstioaing the skies, until
itl my text comes out
e i'leiades', is a con
I .even "stars appearing to
bur scientific instru-
Zyore than. 400 properly
to the group.' Alcyone is
.ihi f th ,rirhtest star of that
pro0f ted theV'leiades. A Uussiafi
...xJl , : 4
. lrfct;0E-r pose.v ai a.cuc
xne -r oi grviiaxion oi our suiai
praTiiauuu ui
system.. Kugli Macmillan says that j
the sun and i'. planets wheel around :
that center at thate of 422,000 miles :
f Jn7, 'an r TV,llT4 n S- t
19,000,000 -years to complete.. The Plei-
ndes appear in the springtime and are
associated , with powers and genu.I f
warmth and good weather. The navi-
g&tion of the Mediterranean vfas from
May to -November the rising and the '
i . i ' -m .1 .. nrv.A m:Ar4s 1
Briuiig ox uie ,i ifiaucs. , juiccvo
.ofBelus noticed that rising and set- j
ting 2,000" years before Christ. ' j
Now, -the glorious meaning of my '
text is plain as well as radiant. To !
give Job the .beautiful grace of hu- ;
uiilitv God asked him: ' "Canst thou
bind the sweet influences of the
Pleiades?" Have you any power over
the laws of gravitation? Can youjAs Job could not bind the sweet in-
; modify orhange as influence wield
ed by a star -more than 400,000 miles
eway? .Can you control the winds of
the springtime? - Can you call out the
flowers? . How'lrfile you know com
pared with, omniscience I How little
you can do compared Vith Omnipo
tence! ,. --
The probability r is that Job had
been tempted to arrogance by his vast
attainments. He was a metallurgist,
a zoologist, a poet, and shows by his
writings he had; knowledge of hunt
ing, of music, of husbandry,. of medi
cine, of mining, of astronomy, and
perhaps was 6o-far avhead of . the
scholars and scientist hi time
.that he may ha "been soiuvwhat
puffed P;rj"t10's interrogation of
xny text. J . : is nothing that
o soon W human pride as
n interrV'r"". ""'-i rightly thrust.
Christ- iiU I1U "V. T'aul mounted
the p , , , .reat' areumeits
. ,.n and her daucl .r . -
u'Prp uu fi in-:i t I'd
"'' T e"efn'rWs" speecET" oh Tfthe "crown and
Cicero his oration against Catiline
- and Lord Chatham his most famous
. ' orations with a question. The empire
- . ' - ol ignorance isso much vaster than
the-empire of knowledge that after
the most learned. ihd. elaborate dis-
' '. quisition upon any subject of socio!
- VS or ?SJ tne plainest man may ;
1 1 i , . . i
I hjiv a-(jur;auuu tuat Will
tlie i
wisest speechless. After- the pro-
foundest assault upon Christianity;
TlA ni1Tnll'f r1icoJr1o" tmqtt vnol-a t i
-i - . ,1 - . 1
Callfd VnLT, V"."" i consideration what do you think of
L Galled.upon, as we all are at t.mes, ' themselves un to i
to defend our holy religion, instead;"1" ?ZVTXl"J
or argument that -can. always be an-
cwered by argument let us trj' the
p'owe- of interrogation.- We ought to
- t e loaded with at' least .half a dozen
. questions and always ready, and when
'. - Christianity is assailed and we- are
: told there is nothing in it, and there
Sb no God, and there never was a
miracle, : and that the Scriptures are
ur reasonable and cruel,, and that
there .never will be a judgment day,
take out of your. portable armory of
- interrogation something like this:
What snakes the condition of women
In Christian lands,. . better than in
heathen, lands?' Do you think it would
behind in- God" to turn the human
raci into a: world without any writ-
iu ten revelation to explain and encour
"vge nd elevate." and-. save? And if a
teveYatipnwas -made-which do you
prefer, th'4Yends. -Vestaof Jhe Pt-
- eian or the CffAftteian writing'- -of the
Chinese or the . Koraoljjf' Mohammed
or our Bible? If Chrit is not a Di
vine being, what didlHe mean when
- He said: "Befo're Abram was I am?
If the Bible is a bad book, where are
the '.evil results -of "reading it ? Did
you see any degrading, influence of
the book in your father or mother
or sister, who used "to read it? Do
you not think that a judgment day
is necessary, in order to explain and
fix up things that -were never ex
plained or fixed up,? "If our religion is
illogical and an imposition upon hu
man. credulity, why-were Herschel and
Washington and Gladstone and Wil
liam McKinley its advocates? How
did it B'appen that our religion fur
nished the theme for the greatest
poem ever written, "Paradise Lost,"
and to the "painters their greatest
themes in the "Adoration of the
. Magi," "The Transfiguration," - "The
Last Supper,"-''The Crucifixion, 'The
Entombment," "The Last Judgment,"
. end that all the schools of painting
put forth their utmost genius in pre
. - senting "The Madonna.?" ..
.Why was it that .William Shakes
peare, after amazing the world as he
will maze all, centuries with the
: sple'ntfcr and power of i'The Mer
. chant of ,Venice," and "Coriolanus,"
- and "Kiehard III.," and "King Lear,"
; and "Othello," ;and "Macbeth," and
-."'.'Hamlet," wrote 'with his own hand
. 'his last will and testamentbeginning
"it .with, the Swords -"In the name' of
.God, amen, I, William Shakespeare, of
. V vStratford-on-Avon, in the county of
-".Warwick,-. in perfect health and mem
ory, God be praised, do make and or-
- dain this my last will and testament
through 5 the only merits of Jesus
"ChrUt, .my Saviour, to be made par
. taU'tr ajI. life everlasting and my body
- " . to tiie. earth "whereof . it is made?"
Kad Shakespeare lost his reasoa when
he wrot his faitu in Christ and the
great atonement? Put your antag
onist h few questions like that, and
yuu will find him excusing himself for
an engagement he must meet imme
diately or he will start on a retreat
like that which our northern troops
made for yonder Long bridge after
the battle of Manassas. A discourse
k.S God's omnipotence and man's lim
itations would not have had such an
efTent upon Job as the interrogation
of the text: "Canst thou bind the
sweet' influence of the Pleiades?
These words also recognize far
reaching influences. Job probably
had no adequate idea of the distance
of the worlds mentioned from our
world, but he knew them to be far
off, and we, who have the advantage
of modern - sidereal investigation,
ouht to be still more impressed
the text, as it puts before us the fact i
that worlds hundreds of thousands!
" ....... -1 -
of miles distant have a grip on our
,..-rin. There are sweet influences
which hoid us from afar. There may
iiave been in our ancestral line per-
,.;. o,v .. . .a
haps 200 years ago some consecrated j
ali the generations since an influence j
for rood which we have no power to !
for good which we have no power to !
rcau.c. aim we iu iuiu, uw vu
;auze, ana we m turn, oy our ,
rtne or vice, may influence those
ho shall live 200 years from now.
r i !ii?. ! .,1 !
" . , r i
material gravitation, and if, as my
f . .
text teaches and science connrms,
, t,, . , , . , .. .
the Pleiades, which are millions of
- it '-a v
mue irom our earin, muueuce
earin we ougm o De im presscu wuu
how we may bo influenced by others ;
far away back and how we may in-
fluence others far down the future. ;
ilat- r aWY- UP am?v" ,th-! n :
ghanies, so thin you think it will
hardly- find its way down the rocks,
becomes the mighty Ohio rolling into
the Mississippi and rolling into the !
Vea. That word you utter, that deed
you do, may augment itself as the
1 1 1 11
jvar'-co uy until rivers cease iu iuu
aud the ocean itself shall be dried
up in the burning of the world.
Paul, who was all the time saying
important things, said nothing more
startlingly suggestive than when he
declared: "None of us liveth or
dieth to himself." Words, thoughts,
actions, have an eternity of flight,
fluences of the Seven Stars, as they
were called, so we cannot arrest or
turn aside the good projected long
ago. Those influences were started
centuries before our cradle was
rocked and will reign centuries after
our graves are dug. Oh, it is a tre
mendous thing to live! God help us
to live aright.
Astronomers can easily locate the
Pleiades. They will take you into
their observatories on a clear night
and aim their revealing instrument
toward the part in the heavens where
those seven stars have their habi
tude, and they will point to the con
stellation Taurus, and you can see
for yourself. But it is impossible
to point to influences far back that
have affected our character and will
affect our destiny. We know the in
fluences near by paternal, maternal.
conjugal but by the time we have j
gone back two generations or at t
most three our investigations falter
and fail. Through the modern in
teresting habit of searching back to
find the ancestral tree we ma3' find
a long list of names, but they are
only names. The consecration or
abandonment of some one 200 years ;
ago was not recorded. It would not
be so important if you and I by our
i j v .. .1 : t i i
' i m ( l tir iKiii ut-jiuvjur LMtrsst-u or i
- immediately
vT .i.
. , ' , .
i iaiiii(.t?o it in i vii.u c .7 nil u .
!ctrnnMSt f jiwo a i
flprnss thp ptfrnitif. llnnpr this i
n - , t,. . . aa llrtlinrt !
. V A&V. M J1.V L M.M r,
they were shells or pebbles or pods
a f t ;t;0o
instead of embryo eternities I
Notice also in my text the influ-
ence of other worlds upon this world. I
We all regard the effect which our
continent has upon other continents
or one hemisphere upon the other
hemisphere. Great harvest or drought
affects the other side of our world.
A panic in Wall street, New York, has
its echo in Lombard street and the
bourse. The nations of the earth
cablegrammed together all feel the
same thrill of delight or shock of woe.
But we do not appreciate the influ
ence of other worlds upon our world.
The autb-or oi viJ' text rouses us to
the consideration. It takes all the
worlds -of known and unknown Nas
tronomy to keep our world in its or
bit, every world dependent on other
worlds. The stellar existence is felt
all through the heavens. Every con
stellation is a sisterhood. Our planet
feels the benediction of Alcyone and
all the other stars of the "Pleiades.
Yea, there are two other worlds that
decide the fate of our world, its re
demption or its demolition. Those
two worlds are the headquarters of
angelology and demonology. From
the one world came Christ, come min
istering spirits, come all gracious in
fluences. From the other wor1"1 L
all satanic and diabolic influences.
From that world of moral right rose
the power that wrecked our poor
world 6,000 years ago, and all the
good work done since then has not
been able to get our world out of the
breakers. But the signals of dis
tress have been hoisted and the life
lines are out, and our world's re
lease is certain. The good influences
of the "consecrated people in our
world will be centupled by the help
from the heavenly world, and the Di
vine power will overcome the de
moniac. O man, O woman, expand
your idea and know the magnitude
of a contest in which three worlds are
specially interested. - From all the
seven worlds which my text calls the
Pleiades there come no such powerful
influences - as from the two worlds
that I am jiow mentioning. My only
hope for this world is in the reen- j
forcement that is to come from an
other world. But that is promised,
and so I feel as sure of the ratifica
tion of all evil as though looking out
of my window to-day I saw the parks
and the gardens flowering into anoth
er paradise and the apocalyptic angel
flying through the midst of Heaven
with the news that the kingdoms of
this world have become the kingdoms
of our Lord. -
My text called Job and calls us to
consider "the swest Influence. Wo
put too much emphasis upon the acid
ities of life, upon the irritations of
life, upon the disappointments of
life. Ammianus Marcellinus said thai
Chaldea was in olden times overrun
with lions, but many of them lost
their power because, the great swamps
produced many gnats that would get
into the' eyes of the lions, and the
lions to free themselves of the gnats
would claw their own eyes out and
then starve. And in our time many a
lion has been overcome by a gnat.
The little stinging annoyances of life
keep us from appreciating the sweet
influences. And how many of these
last there are! Sweet influences of
home, however plain it may be! That
is the harbor into which we sail.
That is the goal for which we run.
That is the place where we rest.
There abide all confidence and affec-
... , 1
"ons- we lJ ur
fxend our jmpathies. There
we taiK over our successes. incre
we unload our griefs. Its four walls
shut out a prying and inquisitive
, " . . v
which we were born, the home in
which we now live, the home in which
we expect to aiei
ot sufficiently d
J 6
manner. need to be
. . ,
tamed, and gentleness is not as much
of a characteristic as it ought to be,
, . . , . v
nd we often say things we ought to
. "
take back. It is to change this that the
, ., . , , in-,-t. f
.v -" -
twain are identical. That which
4 . t k- ,M
criticism and to be resented becomes
kind tion sweet influences
make"us better men than we oth-
would have been or could have
Tfae swect influenc of the heaTenly
w whch man men thougM
f . ... Alevone. the cen-
for a long while was Alcyone, the cen
ter of the constellation of the Plei
ades, world of our future residence,
as we hope; world of chorus and il
lumination, world of reunion, world
where we shall be everlastingly com
plete, world where our old faculties
will be intensified and quickened and
new faculties implanted, world of high
association with Christ, through
whose grace we got there at all, and
apostles and poets Habakkuk and St.
John, of Patmos, and Edward Young,
his "Night Thoughts!- turned into
eternal day; and Horatius Bonar, of
modern hymnology; andllannah More,
and Mrs. Hemans and Mrs. Sigourney,
who struck their harps till nations lis
tened; and David, the victor over Go
liath with what seemed insufficient
weapons; and Joshua, of the pro
longed day in Gibeon; and navelock,
the evangelist hero, and those thou
sands of men of the sword who fought
on the right side. What company to
move in. What guests Xo entertain!
What personages to visit! What
choirs to chant! What banquets with
lifted chalices filled with "the new
wine of the kingdom!" What victories
to celebrate!
The stories of that world and its
holy hilarities come in upon our soul
sometimes in song, sometimes in ser
mon, sometimes in hours of solitary
reflection, and they are, to use the
words of my text, sweet influences
But there is one star that affects us
more with its sweet influence than the
center star, the Alcyone of the Plei
ades, and that is what one Bible au
thor calls the Star of Jacob and anoth
er Bible author calls the Morning
ar. Of all the sweet influences that
I . . A. 1 X'X .
nave ver icnea our eann mose
that radiate from Christ are ths
wtpst- liorn an Asiaiin iiiap,er in
mechanic's home, living more among
hammers and saws and planes than
amonir books, yet at 12 years of age
confounding robed ecclesiastics and
those born without optic nerve took
in the clear daylight, and those af-
dieted with unresponsive tympanum
were made to hear, and those almost
P " ucioimiwr- c
straightened into graceful poise, and
. . . . ,
the leprous became rubicund, and the
widow.g ony Mn exchanged the bier
nn h av iifeess for the arm-
j ti j ..H tit.
of his overjoyed mother, and pro
nouncing nine benedictions on the
Mount and Beatitudes and doing deed
and speaking words which are filling
the centuries with sweet inflnences.
Christ started . every ambulance,
kindled . every electric ray, spread
every soft hospital pillow and intro
duced all the alleviations and pacifica
tions and rescues and mercies of all
time. He was the loveliest being who
ever trod our earth, more beauty in
His eye, more tenderness in His man
ner, more gentleness in His footstep,
n.ore music in His voice, more dignity
in His brow, more gracefulness in the
locks that rolled upon His shoulders,
more compassion in His soul.
Sweet influences1 of the Holy Ghost,
with all His transforming and coin
fortingandemancipatingpower! When
that power is fully felt, there will be
no more sins to pardon and no more
wrongs to correct and no more sor
rows to comfort and no more bondage
to break. ' But as the old-time ship
captains watched the rising of the
Pleiades for safe navigation and set
spj' in Mediterranean waters, but
were sure to get back into port before
the constellation Orion came into
sight, the 4season of cyclone and hurri
cane, so there is a time to sail for Heav
en, and that is while" the sweet in
fluences are upon us and before' tit
storms overtake the delay. Open all
your soul to the light and warmth and
comfort and inspiration of that Gos
pel which has- already peopled Heaven
with millions of the ransomed and is
helping millions to that glorious desti
nation. Do not postpone the things
of; God and eternity till the storms of
life swoop and the agitations of a
great future are upon us. Do not dare
wait until Orion takes the place of the
Pleiades. Weigh anchor now and with
chart unrolled and pilot on board head
for the reunions and raptures that
await all the souls forgiyen. "And
they need no candle, neither light of
the sun, for the Lord God giveth them
light, and they shall reign forever and
One Explanation.
"Her hair turned wiute in a single
night," began the person who wae
about to tell a ghost story.
. "She should not have used the pe
roxide so heavily," tittered the frir
olous young thing.
It is .so "Jiard to induce the femi
nine mind to contemplate the here
after. Baltimore AxaeriuftU.
The drivers and proprietors of a
public carriage, who enter railroad
grounds under a license to get pas
sengers ordering the carriage, are
held, in Boston & A. R. Co. vs.
Brown (Mass.) 52 L. B. A. 418, to be
come trespassers by so placing the
carriage and conducting themselves
as to solicit other passengers.
The blowing of a factory whistle
at unseasonable hours in a populous
community, which is entirely un
necessary and so Tiarsh and" terrific
as seriously to interfere with plain
tiffs' reasonable enjoyment of their
habitations, is held, in Hill vs. Mo
Burney Oil and Fertilizer company
(Ga.), 52 L. K. A. 938, to be a nui
sance which may be enjoined.
. The initiation of an applicant for
membership in a beneficial order by a
local camp receiving the certificate
from . the sovereign camp, when it
was unauthorized by the laws of the
order, is held, in McLendon vs. sov
ereign camp Woodmen of the World
(Tenn.), 52 L H A. 444, to be inef
fectual to make him a beneficial
member, even if it might constitute
him a fraternal member.
A contract to marry ajfter the di
vorced wife of the man is dead, there
being no impediment to ' an imme
diate marriage is held, in Brown
vs. Odill (Tenn.), 52. L. B. A. 660, not
to be void for indefiniteness, or as in
restraint of marriage, or on the
ground of public policy. The au
thorities on the validity of agree
ment to marry on death or divorce
of present husband or wife are col
lected in a note to this case.
The right of a passenger on the
running board of a street car to re
cover for injuries caused by coming
in contact with a pillar near .the
track in attempting to pass around
the conductor, who was also on the
board, in obedience to the conduc
tor's direction to come forward and
get a seat, is denied, in Third Ave
nue Railroad company vs. Barton (C.
C. A. 2d C), 52 L. It. A. 471, unless
under all circumstances he acted as
a man of ordinary prudence would
have done.
The English war department has of
fered a $4,000 prize for the best self
propelling military wagon.
Relatives never come singly. Puck.
Revenge is the abject pleasure of an ab
ject mind. Juvenal.
Men will not freeze to you because you
re cold-hearted. Ram's Horn.
The most forbidding person on earth is a
jirl that won't smile. Atchison Globe.
He who wishes to secure the good of oth
ers has already secured his own. Confu
cius. If you don't see what you want don't ask
for it. You are apt to get a substitute.
Puck. -
He that easily believes rumors has the
Srinciple within him to augment rumors.
ane Porter.
Don't buy what you do&'t need until you
have more money than you need. United
No man can be provident of his time who
is not prudent in t oe choice of his compan
ions. Jeremy Taylor.
The" superiority of some men is merely
local. They are great because their asso
tiates are little. Johnson.
You are pretty sure to have your opinion
rejected " yu criticise a singer's voice to
another singer. Atchison Globe.
Why They Gushed. "But his letters are
o gushing," they protested to the fair
young thing who was corresponding with a
sentimental youth. "I know they are," she
said, "but you must remember that he
writes with a fountain pen." Baltimore
Flowery Language. "It's too bad you're
out of fashion, said the two dozen per
fumed violets, tauntingly, to the two dozen
Jacqueminot roses. " our stems aren't the
right length, either. You rose too early:
you'd better leave and go back to your bed.
''Pooh," said the roses, "if there were six
more of you you'd look like 30 scents."
Town Topics.
f K1 ill
- v g fcti irs i hmi i a a kaa
With many millions of families Syrup of Figs has hecome the
ideal home laxative. The combination is a simple and wholesome
one, and the method of manufacture by the California Fig Syrup
"Company ensures that perfect purity and uniformity of product,
which have commended it to the favorable consideration of the"
most eminent physicians and to the intelligent appreciation of all
who are well informed in reference to medicinal agents.
Syrup of Figs has truly a laxative effect and acts gently with
out in any way disturbing the natural functions and with perfect
freedom from any unpleasant after effects."
In the process of manufacturing, figs are used, as they are
pleasant to the taste, but the medicinally laxative principles of the
combination are obtained from plants known to act most bene
ficially on the system.
T2 6et its beneficial effects
Louiovilk. Ky.
o. v au
Tne fimily Heme Una.
The national game is frequently produc
tive of "home runs," and ode of the most
interesting of this variety cf tallies was
made by a Philadelphia batsman in Chicago.
He hit the ball squarely, anfi drove it over
the right field fence. It entered the window
in the second story of a hojise, rolled down
the back stairs into the kitchen and lodged
in a pan of dough under the stove. The nat
ural inference is that the family partook the
fiext day of ball-bearing bread. Youth's
Companion. -
Scnoola la Porto Rico.
The expense of maintaining schools in
Porto Rico is very high if we consider the
amount spent for the small number of pupils
enrolled. Education, however, is always es
sential t success. In oub country the peo
ple are being educated to the fact that there
is a sure cure for indigestion, dyspepsia, con
stipation, nervousness and malaria, fever
and ague, and that medicine is Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters. Try it. Our Private Die
itamp is over the neck of the bottle.
Her Choice.
Doctor My dear young lady, you are
drinking unfiltered water, which swarms
with animal organisms. - You should have
it boiled; that win kill them.
Patient Well, doctor, I think I'd sooner
be an aquarium than a cemetery. What to
Eat. ;
An Incomplete Moose.
We run wild over the furnishings of a
house; its furniture, carpets, hangings, pic-
rim xza auu ulUMi:, tLuu always icrgcb or neg
lect the most important requisite. Some-
""UK mere snouia De always on tne sneii
to provide against sudden casualties or at
tacks of pain. Such come like a thief in
the night; a sprain, strain, sudden backache,
toothache or neuralgic attack. There is
nothing easier to get than a bottle of St.
Jacobs Oil, and notningsurer to cure quick
ly any form of pain. The house is incom
plete without it. Complete it with a good
Sea-sonable Sentiment.
t "A romantic country, that!" "Yes?"
"Sure. All along tne coast the buoys are
hugging the shore!" (He might have added
that the sound of the fishing smack was
heard now and then as the waves kied the
beach, and that an arm of the sea Valf en
circles" a sandy waste, but ) Yale Record.
ParadUe for Sportsmen.
To him who knows not where to go, there
can be no better place suggested than the
Pocono mountains, lying in the northeast
ern part of Pennsylvania, along the beauti
ful Delaware river. Whether you go for
health, or sport, you can hardly experience
the latter without acquiring the former.
The elevation of the mountains varies from
2,600 to 2,000 feet, and -are one dense growth
of pine and fir trees. Deer, bear and other
large game are plentiful, and though the
region is visited by thousands of sportsmen
every year, there seems to be no noticeable
decrease in the attractions offered. The
Pocono mountain hotels, camps and game
reserves are readily accessible by the
acka wanna Railroad, the great trunk line
between New York and the Great Lakes.
Poor Chnmplelg-h. .
"Why, pa, this is roast beef!" exclaimed
little Willie at dinner on the evening when
Mr. Chumpleigh was present as the guest
of honor.-
"Of course," said the father. "What of
"Why, you told ma this morning that you
were going to bring a 'mutton-bead' home
for dinner this evening." Philadelphia
Best for the Bowelaw
No matter what ails you, headache to a
cancer, you will never get well until your
bowels are put right. Cascarets help nature,
cure you without a gripe or pain, produce
easy, natural movements, cost you just 10
cents to start getting your health back.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put
up in metal boxes, every tablet has C 0. C
stamped on it. Beware of imitations.
A Smart Dos;.
A gentleman advertising for a lost dog
ays the animal answers to the name of
Nancy, living or dead. That's a smart dog.
-Tacoma Ledger.
Care of the Complexion,
Many persons with delicate skin suffer
greatly m winter from chapping. Fre
quently the trouble arises from the use of
impure soap and cheap salves. The face
and hands should be washed only in clear,
hot water with Ivory soap. A little mutton
tallow or almond oil may be used after the
bath to soften the skin. Eliza R. Pabkxb.
Knovrledsre and Speech.
"One great trouble," said Uncle Eben,
"is dat when a man is smaht enough to
say anyfing wuf hearin' he is also smaht
enough not to talk much." Washington
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
aved my life three years ago. Mrs. Thos.
Robbins, Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y..
Feb. 17, 1900;
Worst Off.
What is worse than a giraffe with a sore
throat? A centipede with chilblains. Bos
ton Christian Register.
The shadow of trouble is nearly always
darker tlian its substance. Ham's Horn.
(!t is Refresh" . Alto Arro
Pleasantly and (Jently.
buy iKc $crjirQrin5s.rifacturccl fay
buy the criirerAa
Mrs. Ellen Ripley, Chaplain Ladies Aid,
Grand Army of the Republic, No. 7, 222
10th Ave., N. E., Minneapolis, Minn.,
Strongly Endorses Lydia E. Pinkham s
Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. Pinkham : Your Vegetable Compound cured mo
of ulceration of the womb, and getting such a complete cure I felt that
the medicine had genuine merit and was well worth recommending
to other sick women. -
For fifteen years I have been your friend. I have never written you
before, but I have advised hundreds of women to take your medicine, in
fact it is the only real reliable remedy I know of for a sick woman.
' I have not yet found a case 6f ovarian or womb trouble which
has not been relieved or cured by the faithful use of IiYdia E.
Pinkliam's "Vegetable Compound.
You have brought health to hundreds of women in Minneapolis as
you have no doubt to others over th country." Mrs. Ellen Ripley.
"When women are troubled with irregular or painful menstruation,
weakness, leucorrhcea, displacement or ulceration of the womb, that bearing-down
feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache, flatulence,
general debility, indigestion, and nervous prostration, they should
remember there is one tried and true remedy. L.ydia E. Pinkliam's
Vegetable Compound at once removes such troubles.
No other medicine in the world has received such widespread and
unqualified endorsement. No other medicine has such a record of cures
of female troubles. Refuse to buy any other medicine.
W. L
all other make Bold
client reputation liaa
the best 4.03 and
tained. The standard
so high that the
tor nis money in
ahoea than
elas makes and sells
m -vw rw m it sat Ml 0V
other two manufacturers In the world. Fnil tJolsr
12yeleta used. W. L. DoastaaCt aa .0 sbM araiaa
rise saaw fchrh crao. toathors mse4 la Si aaa f ahsea, aa
iaat as gea la .nrj war.
Sold by S3 Douglas
la tccarex at one
toe ; Tieary, medium,
W. Zi. Boos-ias,
Truth In Advert IssIiib;
Mr. Gettit Well, that place where we
boarded this summer advertised the truth,
Mr. llazzjt Indeed ? That was a novelty.
"Yes, sir; it advertised: 'Summer board
ers taken in.' "Detroit Free Press.
To Core st Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Brorao Quinine Tablets. A!l
druggists refundmoneyif Itfails to cure. 25c
-All the world's a stage, and not a bit too
Jarpe a stage if all the historical novels are
to be dramatized. Puck.
Hale's Honey of Horehouud and Tar re
lieves whooping cough.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
The old-fashioned genius thrived on com
pliments. The genius of to-day is judged by
its cash balance. Washington Post.
wool or cotton perfectly at one boiling.
Vanity sometimes assumes the guise of
modesty for a purpose.-e-Chicago Daily
Mew Yorh-NX
I VV..-S. t
Douglas $4 Gilt Edge Line5
b Equaled at Any Pnca
at these Dricea. Thii ex-
been won by merit alone
w.iuongiasinoesnaTe tocire bet
ter aatistaction Ulan other $3.C0 and
3.60 shoes because his reputation for
S3.B0 shoes must be main
has always been Placed
wearer receives more ralne
im it lj. AJi'utrins sooju ai
ha can sret elsewhere. W
more S3. 00 and S3. 60 shoes thai?
itoret in American etha trutng direct fromactorv
proju ; ana ine oesi tnoe aeaiert trerwenerc
lasKt apea aa.tae. W. 1. Taaa;la. tMwwKk na
and prle. MMytd ea soMoa. Shoes sent any
where on receipt of price and So. 1U-
cients ot loot as sliown : state style
Clonal Tor carriage. j a kw measure-
V anally worn ; plain or cap
tiesirea: size ana wicm
or light soles.
rocktos. ZXasa.
Three Dally Tra-las.
Indian Territory
Two Dally Trains.
Pullman Sleepers and Free Reollllaf
Cbair Cars all the wtv without cbaDgi
TEXAS and the WEST- The very bit
of con aectlons. Cha p home-seeker tickets
on sale first and third Tuesdays each month
liampbla Ticket Office, 13 Monro St.
F. D. Black man, T. P. A.,
Cbattanoosra, Tenn.
Frank m. GairriTH, T. P. A.,
Memphis, Tens.
Geo. H. Las, Gen. P. St T. A..
Little Rock. Ark.
Nearer, My God, To Triee.
"Lead, Kindly IJgbV Etc.
"Write for -them.
UfllMnlaa tliiolft ffl CHICAGO, Sns Wabash Ava.
NEW YORK. 74 Fifth Arc
One Cent Buys tko Best
Tea, when 70a subscribe by the rear for
W SHory Booh
yon paj Jess than ODe cent each for new, copy
righted stories by such authors as iiobert Barr,
Israel Zanifwlll. Gen. Cbas. King-. Opie Read.
Mary E. Wilkins. Uallie Krmlnie Kires, George
Ade, Octare Thanet, Irrloa; Bacbeller. Elisa
beth Fblpns Train. Henry Gallup Paine. U. 8.
Canfleld, Julia Truitt Bishop. AH of tbene sod
others write for the monthly masasine lt
STORYBOOK. IO cents a copy (laear
LIU stories for II. less than one cent each.
10 STORY BOOK, 167 Dearborn St., Oblcasro.
Commercial and Railroad Terepraphy taught
ty expert teachers using lates: methods. Special
rates for bo.trd to student. Full information
by malL 143-13 Randolph Bids., Memphis. Tens
lief sr. POSITIVE
For free samp'e address
"A A K.ESI Tri to
nne building. Mew Tors.
1 SsT ! s9 I quick relief and cures wont
rases. Book of testimonials and 1 0 days treatment
Free, lftr.ii.li. UlU'l Wis, Bex XK AILU1A, to.
XtlJJVJJH. 0.AJCXll Zrlcw. OOo
u-jiiktf it 1, Lilt. si.l Ltou rrtikOt
Bert Couh Syrup. Taiee Good. Um
Lt- UMlJC 111 ICC Cl.lt O
m 1 ill itfii
wnra WKirrxQ xo ad vx kti sekj
Xteaa tate that 70a eaw Sit .AtlYVS-tlra
SseM la Sals ssfk

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