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The Great Merchant Prince of Bolivar
Enters the Arena for the Fall Trade
with a Brilliant and Beautiful
Selection of Fashion's Fancies.
Commencing Saturday, October 5, and continuing 00 days, I will offer for sale for spot cash to the people of Hardeman and adjoining counties one of the most magnificent selections of goods ever brought
to West Tennessee at prices lower than ever before. My Great Department Store, a handsome three-story brick building, is crowded from cellar to garret with the best that money can buy. My new stock is
beyond question superior, quality and prices considered, to that of any retail merchant in the state. Some predict that I have bought too heavily, but I know the wants of my customers it takes a house full
ot goous to supply tnem, not
time business ideas cannot keep pace with up-to-date m(
embracing many years ; and I
I have confidence in the people, appreciate their patronaj
CSOllVar. The people are
competent corps 01 salesmen
"B7i X olirkC 15,000 yards Brown Domestic (enough to fence in all Hardeman
12 VI UclUI County) at 5 cents.
10,000 yards Calico, best grades, from 3 to 5 cents.
Just received from the factory, a case of handsome and beautiful Outings, we offer at the
remarkable low price of 10 cents per yard.
200 nice Silk and Tailor-made Skirts, the very latest things out.
Beautiful line French Flannel for Waists (all the go) a pattern in each piece.'
Wraps and Furs of every description, including 100 Automobile Wraps the nobbiest
thine on the market from S5.00 to S15.00.
Broadcloths, Suitings, Flannelettes, Fascinators, Hosiery,
We have a special line of Ladies Shoes,
at from oo cents to Jpl.oo:
A car load of Shoes for Men and "Women, the largest
shipment ever. made to a retail merchant. The most fash
ionable cuts in patent leather, vici and kid. These goods
are made by the celebrated firms of Smith & Stoughton,
Robert Johnson & Rand, and the Brown Shoe Co., and for
service, style and price cannot be beaten.
Jo Ao Barrett
The Bolivar Bulletin.
We hereby announce HON". A. G. HAWKINS
as a candidate for re-election to the ortice of Chan
cellor for the division comprising the counties of
Itenton, Carroll, Chester, Crockett, lcatur, Har-leii-an,
Hardin, Henderson. Henry, Madison, Mc
N'airy, Perry, subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
I am a candidate for Register of Hardeman
County, subject to the action of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce T. W. SADLER
as a candidate for Register of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. W. JACOBS
as a candidate for Reeis-er of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. H. DOYLE
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic p3rty.
We are authorized to announce S. T. SMITn
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorize! to announce W.P.IIUDSOX
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
Miss Irene Bond has returned
from Memphis.
Mrs. J. J. Neely returned from
Memphis Monday evening.
Mr. Ben F. Iluddleston, of
Jackson, was in town Monday.
Fine Celery for sale.
Mrs. B. T. Hudson.
Hon. G. P. Smith, of Mem
phis, is here visiting his sisters.
Mrs. Greenlee, of Somerville,
visited Bolivar relatives recently.
Birthday and Weddin
Presents at W. J. Cox's.
Mr. and Mrs. II. P. Joyner
and son, Earle, have returned to
M iss Stella Reaves and little
Ellen Lightfort visited in Middle
ton this week.
Ask to see the White En
ameled, "Venetian and Delft
ware, at Durrett's.
Mrs. Robert Morrow and 6on,
from Memphis, visited Mrs. Jerome
Hill this week.
Miss Velraa Kinnie left Satur
day last to take charge of her school
in Madison Co.
If you are suffering from drowsi
ness in the daytime, irritability of
temper, sleepless nights, general de
bility, headache, and general want
of tone to the system, use Herbine.
You will get relief and finally a cure.
Price, 50 eta. W. J. Cox.
a nanuiui. rrom uie uoliuhj
desire to say to those who
coming to the store on toot, on
wiu,oe iouna reaay to serve mem. wts arc on uulj' num uayugui uhlh iiuuigut.
300 pairs, which
Hon. Francis Fentress and lit
tle son, of Memphis, visited Boli
var Saturday.
Messrs. G. T. Webb and' E.
E. Wilkes, of Whiteville, were in
the city Monday.
A beautiful lot of Birthdaj'
Presents, "Wedding Presents
at Hudson's, up-stairs.
Hon. J. W. Jones, of Hickory
Valley, was a visitor to the city the
first of the week.
Mr. C. A. McKinnie and wife,
of Jackson, visited relatives here
the first of the week.
Onyx Tables at Cox's.
Cheaper this season than
ever sold.
Miss Lizzie Johnson, of Vildo,
will spend the winter with her sis
ter, Mrs. John McGee.
Best line of Spectacles ever
shown in Bolivar. Eyes tested free.
Lightfort, Optician.
"Washington Brand" Pock
et Knives cheap, and guaran
teed, at Cox's.
. Mr. jf. M. Avent and daughter,
Miss .Nannie, of Hickory Valley,
spent Saturday and Sunday here.
Mrs. II. A. Baker and little
son, of Memphis, visited relatives
in Saulsbury and Bolivar recently.
See the beautiful display
of Lamps at W J. Cox's
Drug Store.
Miss Amanda Moore' has arriv
ed and will be with Mrs. J. D.
Swinebroad throughout the season.
Mayor II. E. Carter, after an
illness of several weeks, is improv
ing. We hope soon to see him out
Just received a nice assort
ment of Queensware and
Glassware at Durrett's.
From now until further notice,
Mrs. Ella Fleet has decided to sell
her well selected and stylish line of
Millineryat cost.
Miss Maggie Black has decided
to greatly reduce the price on Mil
linery Goods. You can save money
by seeing her before buying.
Don't fail to seethe Grand
Display up-stairs at Cox's
Drug Store. A present for
Mr. R. N. Mitchell, who re
cently bought the Reynold's farm,
adjoining the eastern limits of the
city, is having the residence thereon
moved nearer the corporation line.
sneu to uiu ruui )uu win mm
Jtliods. energy, enterprise ana money, win. i want 10 inaiiK my inenas ior tne noeral patronage accorded me during mv business career in Bolivar
have bought of me on credit during the present year, that it they pay their accounts promptly I will carry them another year and sunulv all thir norU
e and will continue to give them the best values for the leapt money. The news has gone out that ''Barrett's is Headquarters for Bargains in
norseuacK, in uuggies, in carriages, in wagons, urowumg our
Notions, Underwear, etc.
we will close out for good
WANTED 10,000 Bales Cotton, 10 car loads Cotton Seed, 10,000 Cross Ties, Chickens,
Eggs, Butter and Country Produce generally, for all of which I will pay the
highest market price.
I am agent for one of the best mills in the county and will fill all orders for Heart
Pine Lumber, delivered anywhere in the city.
Mr. John McGee and family
moved to Bolivar last week. They
are occupying Mr. Foster's resi
dence, near the Episcopal Church.
We are still selling Men's
and Boys' Clothing, Over
coats, Jeans Pants at cost.
K. B. Durrett,
Mrs. Lucy Jones residence
caught fire Wednesday morning
from a defective flue, but was ex
tinguished without serious damage.
You will be astonished at
the low prices on Dolls this
season at Cox's. See them.
Just received another line of
the latest styles in street and ready-to-wear
Hats none over $2.00
lots of them at 50 cents, 75 cents
and $1.00.
It Mrs. J. D. Swinebroad.
Judge Floyd Estell, of Win
chester, accompanied by his broth
er, Mr. C. C. Estell, visited Bol
ivar Thursday. The object of the
visit was to present the candidacy
of Judge Estell, an aspirant for a
seat upon the Supreme Bench. At
present he is Judge of the Fourth
We have a well assorted
stock of Shoes the kind
that wear and at prices that
are friendly to your pocket
book. R. E. Durrett,
The democratic primary elec
tion held in Fayette County Tues
day resulted in the nomination of
the following officers: County
Court Clerk, T. B. Yancey; Sheriff,
E. C. Bos well; Trustee, C. F. Mur
rell; Register, Junius Hobson; Cir
cuit Court Clerk, M. R. Henley.
Medallions, Pictures, Toil
et Cases, Wave Crest Ware,
Albums, etc., etc., at Cox's.
The Commercial Appeal of
Saturday contained a notiee of the
death of Rev. J.T. Pickett, which
occurred at Morganton, N. C, on
the 6th inst. Mr. Pickett was the
fourth minister of the Episcopal
Church of this place, serving in
that capacity from 1856 to 1859.
Not a dozen members of his Bo'ivar
congregation are living here now.
Our immense stock . of
Toys, Holiday Goods, etc.,
is now open and ready for in
spection up-stairs over my
Drug Store. You are cor
dially invited to call and see
them. Respectfully,
B. V. Hudson,
e uc ij nwuc, wi
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a w
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o to S3
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M cS O
' The editor of the Bullbtix de
sires to return thanks to Mrs. J. A.
McKinnie for a basket of rare and
beautiful roses and large chrysan
themums of varied hue; also to Mrs.
L. B. Reynolds for a magnificent
specimen of the "Lady Grosvenor"
rose, which measured fourteen iu
jhes in circumference. These Iidies
have one of the finest collections of
flowers io Bolivar.
For burns, cuts, bruises, lacera
tions, or injuries of any description,
Ballard Snow Liniment is a sover
eign remedy. It never fails to do
good, and so promptly that its won
derful curative properties frequently
create surprise. Price, 25 and 50
cents. W. J. Cox.
On Wednesday, Nov. 20th, J.
R. Black,edministrator of Jas. A.
Black, dee'd., will sell at public
outcry at the late residence of the
said Jas. A. Black, two and one
half miles northwest of Bolivar,
a lot of cattle, mares, mules, hogs,
farming implements, corn, fodder,
cottin seed and other articles too
numerous to mention. 2w
Mr. William Barrett and Mrs.
Auna Denson were united in mar
riage Wednesday at the residence
of Mr. J. R. Sweeton, Rev. J. M.
Scott officiating. The couple met
for the first time yesterday. The
marriage was the result of an
advertisement. The happy couple
left yesterday morning for the
groom's home in North Carolina.
Thousands of men and women suf
fer from piles, especially women
with female weakness have this suf
fering to contend with, in addition
to their other pains. Tabler's Buck
eye Pile Ointment will quickly ef
fect a cure. Price, in bottles, 50c;
in tubes, 75c. W. J. Cox.
By reference to our announce
ment column it will be see that Mr.
J. W. Jacobs, of Bolivar, is a can
didate for Register. Mr. Jacobs was
born and reared in this County and
is well known to quite a number of
our people. He is thoroughly
qualified to fill the place he seeks,
and if elected he promises to do his
duty faithfully. Like the good
democrat that he is, he submits his
candidacy to .his party. He will
appreciate the support of the public.
II. T. Mclntyre, St. Paul, Minn.,
who has been troubled with a dis
ordered stomach, says, "Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets do
me more good than anything I have
ever taken." For sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toonc.
Tho soil and climate of Harde
man County is susceptible of pro
ducing almost anything. Think of
two crops of oats in one year! It
is a fact that Mr. J. A. Mullens, of
the Cloverport neighborhood, rais-
The Markets of the World have been
Ransacked by the Man who ever. Battles
for the People's Interests, and the
Cream is Laid at Your very Door.-
ucci ui wuiuii uau uea ueu irom my nanasome snow windows, the admiration of all. Old
none ana rear entrances,
c "'cuuwi ""ij a ibvv ui uie
We have
"A XIJLC1J. dirent. from fnnt
of the world.
,r , c . - ' 200 Men's Tailor-made Suits 12.5o to 15.00
100 Men s Suits $0.00 , 100 Kice Overcoats from 3.oo to 15.oo
200 Men's Suits lo.oo . Boy's Pants and Suits from 5o cents to l.oo
2 cases Men s Underwear from l.oo to $2 oo, nicest selection in the city.
200 dozen Shirts from the Ferguson-McKinnie factory, at St. Louis, made especially for
our trade the latest thing on the market.
Collars, Cuffs, and Fancy Neckwear in endless variety.
Large stock of the celebrated "Swann Brand" and "Stetson" Hats and Caps in the very
latest styles and Shapes.
Sleepless Sentinel of Bolivar,
.......Who Guards the People's Interests
ed two crops of oats the present
year, a sample of the second crop
we have on exhibition at our office,
which measures over four feet in
height.' The first crop was sown in
February and cut in June. In Au
gust the field was ploughed and a
part of it was sow i in turnips. It
was in the turnip patch that the
second crop of oats appeared. Mr.
Mullens iuforms us thjit he has
about one-fourth of a stand.
. N 4SII ville, TiNN.,Juiie 12, iS95.
Dr. C. J. Moffett, St.Louis, Mo.
I can truly s ly that your Teethina
is the greatest blessing to teething
children that the world has ever
known. I have used it two years,
and do not like to be without a box
all the time. My baby would hardly
have lived through his second sum
mer if I had not used your powders.
He is now strong and well, and has
all his teeth. I never allow an
opportunity to pass without rec
ommending Teethina to mothcis.
May God reward you for the good
you have done teething babies
through this remedy.
Respectfully, Mrs. A. G. Russell.
To the Public.
I now have my Holiday
Goods opened and displayed
up-stairs over my Drug Store.
I bought very heavily this
season a most beautiful as
sortment, consisting of the
latest and newest articles to
be found in the Holiday line.
Having bought largely from
the manufacturers, I am in
position to offer this class of
goods at a lower price than
ever before sold in Bolivar. 1
Thanking my friends and
patrons for past patronage, I
most cordially invite a con
tinuance or. same. 1 appre
ciate your trade and wi
strive to merit the same. To;
one and all please call at";
my store and see for your-!
i i a. i i I
sevuis inis elegant uispiay
and get my prices before pur
chasing elsewhere.
W. J. Cox.
Family Reunion,
The first reunion of the family
and relatives of Rev. G. W. Shear
in was held Nov. 10th, 1901, at the
old homestead, one mile north of
Middleton. The Children present
were: Dr. J. P. Shearin (Corinth),
B. F. Shearin, T. J. Shearin, 'E. W.
Shearin (Covington) Mrs. Eliza
Trannum. In addition to the chil
dren, quite a number of grand chil-
let them come they are thrice welcome ! My
inousanus or articles we carry
the largest line of Clothing
Smyrna Rugs from l.oo to $0.00. Large line Matting.
Trunks, Valises, Harness, Saddles, Bridles. A complete
stock of Furniture.
We also keep on hand a large stock of Staple Groceries,
such as Meat, Flour, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, etc.; in fact,
all general family supplies.
dren and relatives were present
The program consisted of prayer
by the aged father, a cenealogry of
the family on both sides "by Dr. J
l . bneaiin, ioilowea by songs, a
general band-shaking, etc. An ex
cellent dinner was served and the
occasion was highly enjoyed and
will long be remembered. In the
future the family intend to hold an
nual reunions.
In this connection, a short sketch
oi the bead 01 the family will . not
be out of place.
G. W. Shearin was born iu War
ren County, N. C, in the year
1811. For more than 50 years, he
has been a resident of Hardeman
County. He Las been twice mar
ried. His first wife was Miss So
phronia Jenkins, of North Carolina.
The result of this union was ten
child en, four of whom are living.
Her death occurred several years
prior to the civil war. His second
wife, who is still living, at the age
of 06 years, was Miss Sarah Rebec
ca Harrison, of the 11th district of
Hardeman County, to whom have
been born seven children, all living
with the exception of one, who died
in infancy Out of the 17 children
by both marriages, all lived to be
grown but two, and 14 out of the
17 married.
During the early part of the civil
war, Mr. Shearin's residence was
burned. Shortly afterwards he re
built a comfortable home, which
was destroyed by a cyclone in 1871.
A third residence was erected on
the old site, where he now resides,
peacefully and quietly passing the
remainder of a long and well spent
Toone Topics.
We are glad to learn that Mrs.
Isaac Pirtle is convalescing.
Mr. Daniel Hackney, of Illinois,
is visiting his niece, Mrs. W. II.
Tate, this week.
Rev. Thos. Foote preached an
interesting sermon at the Baptist
Church here Sunday morning.
Mrs. W. B. Bradford went to
Jackson Monday on a week's visit
to her sister, Mrs. Ed. Robinson.
James Hackney, of Pine Top,
visited his cousin, Daniel Hackney,
at the home of Esq. Tate Saturday
and Sunday.
A case of smallpox is reported
four miles north of Toone. A ne
gro is the alleged patient. There
is very little alarm felt here as the
case is isolated. -
We are pleased to state that Mr.
Hunt Bradford is well enough tc
be up again.
Prof. Ernest McDaniel spent
Saturday and Sunday with relatives
in the country.
Prof. T. E. Mordaugh Las open
ed his winter term ot school near
sen ana a
l r j
in stock.
ever carried in Bolivar bought
The St. Louis Merchants' Excur
sion and Exposition Commissioners
will pass through Toone Saturday
at 9.55 a.m. They will stop over
ten or fifteen minutes.
Rev. Ilill will preach at the
church here next Sunday night at
the usual hour.
The Toone people anticipate a
lively time at the Moot Court to be
held by the Literary Society Friday
night. As near an imitation of a
criminal court as possible will ba
presented in the prosecution and
trial of a case. The question for
debate Friday night, Nov. 22nd, is
Resolved, that the Ancient Peo-,
pie were Superior to the Modern
People, Morally, Intellectually and
Physically." Much iuterest is. be
ing manifested in the discussion of
this question and evervbodv is es
pecially invited to come.
inis pretty weather has evidently
kicked the bottom out of the cotton
market. '
Mr. Henry Hill exhibited a stalk
of corn here this week which meas
ured 14 feet to the first ear. It has
two large, well develoued enrs on it
and the total height is over 18 feet.
It WOU1C1 lake a "moon fixer" fn
ather an acre of such corn. The
stalk can be seen at the Toone Post
office. What has become of "Uncle Ful
ler?" Write a??aiu we like to
hear from all the country cousins.
Will 'o the Wisp.
, Teachers' Institute.
There will be a Teachers' Institute held at the
Bolivar High School, on Saturday, Xot, 23, with
the following program:
Welcomc Frank S. Coflin.
1. Physiology T. A. Kelley.
2. United SUtes History ......Miss Bessie Statler.
3. Punctuation Ernest McDaniel.
4. Reading. ...... ,.Miss Frances Stuart.
5. Civil Government J. L. Alford.
6. Xature Study- BIra. Pitser Miller.
7. The Teachers' Profession D. E. Bishop.
8. Mathematics (optional) ..W. S. Taylor.
9. The Teacher and the Press. J. U. Reaves.
10. Methods of Teaching Parts of Speech
1 T. E. Murdaugh.
Discussion Advantages and Disadvantages of
the Metric hystem I. N. Roland, K. S. Cotiin.
Prof. O. B. Jljams, Superintendent of Chester
County, is expected to be present, and it is hoped
that teachers and friends will manifest their inter
est in education by their presence.
l. E. Bishop, County Superintendent.
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
. Bears the
Signature of
Building lots in Northwest
Bolivar between Railroad
and Union Street. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W. C. Doriox.

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