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The Great Merchant Prince of Bolivar
inters the Arena for the Fall Trade
with a Brilliant and Beautiful
Selection of Fashion's Fancies.
The Markets of the World have been
Ransacked by the Man who ever Battles
for the People's Interests, and the
Cream is Laid at Your very Door.
Commencing Saturday, October 5, and continuing 90 days, I will offer for sale for spot cash to the people of Hardeman and adjoining counties one of the most magnificent selections of goods ever brought
to West Tennessee at prices lower than ever befpre. My Great Department Store, a handsome three-story brick building, is crowded from cellar to garret with the best that money can buy. My new stock is
beyond question superior, quality and prices considered, to that of any retail merchant in the state. Some predict that I have bought too heavily, but I know the wants of my customers it takes a house fall
of goods to supply them, not a handful. From the bottom shelf to the roof you will find the best in my house, an idea of which can be gained from my handsome show windows, the admiration of all. Old
time business ideas cannot keep pace with up-to-date methods. Energy, enterprise and money win. I want to thank my friends for the liberal patronage accorded me during my business career in Bolivar,
embracing many years ; and I desire to say to those who have bought of me on credit during the present year, that if they pay their accounts promptly I will carry them another year and supply all their needs!
I have confidence in tho people, appreciate their patronage and will continue to give them the best values for the le.ist money. The news has gone out that "Barrett's is HeaddUarters for Bargains in
t-' w w - - r - O m , www . A.VM IttWI V . III. H&l.l.'J 1
Bolivar." The people are coming to the store on foot, on horseback, in buggies, in carriages, in wagons, crowding our nom ana rear entrances. JLet them come they are thrice welcome ! Mvself and
competent corps of salesmen will be found ready to serve them. We are on duty from clayligut until mimiigut. rejow we mention only a lew of the thousands of articles we cany in stock.
E7l T oIirkC? 15,000 yards Brown Domestic (enough to fence in all Hardeman
JCUL UtlUJU5& County) at 5 cents.
10,000 yards Calico, best grades, from 3 to 5 cents. ,
Just received from the factory, a case of handsome and beautiful Outings, we offer at the
remarkatle low price of 10 cents per yard.
200 nice Silk and Tailor-made Skirts, the very latest things out.
Beautiful line French Flannel for Waists (all the go) a pattern in each piece.
Wraps and Furs of every description, including 100" Automobile Wraps the nobbiest
thing on the market from 5.00 to 15.00.
Broadcloths, Suitings, Flannelettes, Fascinators, Hosiery, Notions, Underwear, etc.
We have a special line of Ladies' Shoes, 300 pairs, which we will close out for good
at from 5o cents to l.oo.
a -3 a.
0 a
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- CO C3
co c3 s
vj i- o
FYll TVfPTI We have the larSest line of Clothing ever carried in Bolivar bought
.a. JA. JJJLwU direct from factory at Baltimore, the acknowledged clothing market
of the world.
,,r , - 200 Men's Tailor-made Suits 12.5o to 15.oo
100 Men s Suits o.oo 100 Nice Overcoats from 3.oo to 15.oo
200 Men's Suite lo.oo - Boy's Pants and Suits from 5o cents to l.oo
2 cases Men s Underwear from l.oo to $2oo, nicest selection in the city.
200 dozen Shirts from the Ferguson-McKinnie factory, at St. Louis, made especially for
our trade the latest1 thing on the market.
Collars, Cuffs, and Fancy Neckwear in endless variety.
Large stock of the celebrated "Swann Brand" and "Stetson" Hats and Caps in the very
latest styles and Shapes.
A car load of Shoes for Men and Women, the largest
shipment ever made to a retail merchant. The most fash
ionable cuts in patent leather, vici and kid. These goods
are made by the celebrated firms of Smith & Stoughton,
Robert Johnson & Rand, and the Brown Shoe Co., and for
service, style and price cannot be beaten.
WANTED 10,000 Bales Cotton, 10 car loads Cotton Seed, 10,000 Cross Ties, Chickens,
Eggs, Butter and Country Produce generally, for all of which I will pay the
highest market price.
I am agent for one of the best mills in the county and will fill all orders for Heart
Pine Lumber, delivered anywhere in the city.
Smyrna Rugs from l.oo to $5.oo. Large line Matting.
Trunks, Valises, Harness, Saddles, Bridles. A complete
stock, of Furniture.
We also keep on hand a large stock of Staple Groceries,
such as Meat, Flour, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, etc.; in fact,
all general family supplies.
J. A. Barrett
The Sleepless Sentinel of Bolivar,
..Who Guards the People's Interests
The Bolivar Bulletin.
We hereby announce H0X. A. O. HAWKIXS
as candidate for re-election to the office of Chan
cellor for the division comprising the counties of
Benton, Carroll, Chester, Crockett, l?catur, Har
den an, Hardin, Henderson Hrnry, Madison, Mc
Xairy, Perry. Subject to the action of the .Demo
cratic party.
I am a candidate for Register of Hardeman
Com ty, subject to the action of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce B. W. SADLER
as a candidate for Register of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorised to announce J. W. JACOBS
as a candidate for Register of Hardeman County,
subj ect to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. H. DOYLE
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce S. T. SMITH
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W.P.HUDSOX
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
Mr. John Collins is visiling in
Mr. Ike Kahn, of Memphis, is
in the city.
Regular preaching at Pleasant
Grove Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. John R. McKiunie, of
Jaciison, is here this week.
Mrs. E. A. Pybass has return
ed from Arkansas and St. Louis.
'Mrs. May, of Hickory Valley,
was a visitor to Bolivar Tuesday.
The wife of Mr. Thomas Polk,
of the 13th district, died Saturday.
Mr. A. E. Futrell, of Hickory
Valley, was in town Monday even
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wilson, of
Baltimore, visited relatives here this
Mr. William House, of Frank
lin, has been in town this week on
Arthur Duncan, a young man
about 25 years of age, died Saturday
at Middleton.
Mrs. Dickson and children spent
a few days with relatives in White-
ville recently.
Prof- Coflin moved last week
into the Fentress resideuce," near the
Public School Building.
Miss Leila Coflin substituted in
the third and fourth grades at the
Public School this week.
Mr. John Warren, of Memphis,
is visiting his parents.
Fine Celery for sale.
Mrs. B. V. Hudson.
Rev. C. Ij. Nourse will preach
in the Presbyterian Church next
Suuday morning and evening.
Mrs. W. J. Redd has been
quite sick for several days, but, we
are glad to learn, is much better.
Birthday and Wedding
Presents at AV. J. Cox's.
Thanksgiving services will be
held at the Episcopal Church next
Thursday morning at 10.30 o'clock.
Onyx Tables at Cox's.
Cheaper this season than
ever sold.
Rev. J. M. Scott has been re
turned as pastor of the Methodist
church in Bolivar; hence, our peo
ple are delighted.
See the beautiful display
of Lamps at W. J. Cox's
Drug Store.
The fourth Sunday of each
month beinsr eriven to Collierville.
there will be no service at the Epis-
copal Cnurch next aunaay.
Ask to see the White En
ameled, Venetian and Delft
ware, at Durrett s.
We have received an interest
ing: communication from Essary
Springs, too late for publication in
this issue. It will appear next week.
Miss Emma Tate left Tuesday
for Corinth, Miss., for a short visit
before returning to Morganton, N.
C. She was accompanied by Mrs.
J. W. Tate.
A beautiful lot of Birthday ;
Presents, Wedding Presents'!
at Hudson's, up-stairs. !
Dr. R. W. Tate attended the
eighteenth annual sessiou of the
Tri-State Medical Association in(
Memphis this week, before which,
he read a paper.
"Washington Brand" Pock
et Knives cheap, and guaran
teed, at Cox's.
Read Lipsky Bros.. advertise
ment elsewhere in to-diy's Bulle
tin. They mean exactly what they
say. You can save money by buy
ing from them.
If you are suffering from drowsi
ness in the daytime, irritability of
temper, sleepless nights, general de
bility, headache, and general want
of tone to the system, use Herbine.
You will get relief and finally a cure.
Price, 50 cts. W. J. Cox.
Bishop Gailor will preach at
St. James' church next Monday eve
ning at 7.30.
Mr. Oscar Sparkman will teach
the winter term at Rocky Springs
School, . 10th district, beginning
Monday, Nov. 25th.
Medallions, Pictures, Toil
et Cases, Wave Crest Ware,
Albums, etc., etc., at Cox's.
Mr. W. G. Webb, of the 13th
district, moved to Bolivar this week
and occupies the residence recently
vacated by Prof. Coflin, in the wes
tern part of the city.
A large amount of holly is be
ing cut in the woods near here and
will be shipped to the northern
cities, where it will be used for
Christmas decoration.
Mr. F. S. Luther left Wednes
day for Bellbuckle, to look after
some property in which his wife has
an interest, upon which oil has re
cently been discovered.
The youngest subscriber on our
list is Master John Burke Bradford,
the bright and promising little thir
teen months old son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Bradford, of Voone.
Miss Ella Crawford very pleas
antly entertained a number of her
friends last Friday evening. When
Miss Ella acts as hostess, an enjoy
able time is always in store.
Rev. E. B. McNeil preached
at the Baptist church here Sunday.
Mr. McNeil was at one time pastor
of this church and is popular here.
Ilis'friends enjoyed his visit.
Married, at the residence of the
bride's father, Mr. J ames Bobbins,
near Saulsbury, Tenn., at 7 o'clock
p.m., Nov. 17th, Mr. Luthur L.
Stacks to Miss Mollie Bobbins.
Mr. W. G. Webb, of the 13th
district, a few days ago bought
from the Memphis Trust Company
a large body of timber near Statler's
Ferry. He will have the timber
worked into crossties.
Prof. G. M. Gooch, who has
been teaching at Smithdale, Ark.,
for several months, came in yester
day morning. He will teach a four
mouth's term at Fairview, in the
18th district, beginning Monday.
George W. Turner, who shot
and killed Will Humes on the streets
of Memphis several weeks ago, has
been tried and co ivicted of murder
in the first degree. Humes was for
merly a citizen'of this county.
Our good old friend, Mr. Jim
Hundley, of Vildo, was in town
Saturday and honored our office with
his presence. He is full of life and
fun and a better citizen does not
live within the confines of Harde
man or any other connty.
Bishop Gaiior will deliver :
lecture upon Ruskin at St. Kather
iue's School next Monday, Nov. 25,
at 3.30 p. ra. Those who did not
attend the lecture on the 14th inst.,
will find tickets on sale at Hudson's
drug: store. Price, 25 cents.
II. T. Mclntyre, St. Paul, Minn.,
who has been troubled with a 'dis
ordered stomach, says, "Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets do
me more good than auything I have
ever taken." For sale by W. J. Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone
The Memphis Telephone Com
pany with which the Progress will
be connected, has contracted for
poles for the extension of the sys
tem from Memphis to Whileville.
We learn that connection will be
made not later than Christmas.
Thousands of men and women suf
fer from piles, especially women
with female weakness have this suf
fering to contend with, in addition
to their other pains. Tabler's Buck
eye Pile Ointment will quickly ef
fect a cure. Price, in bottles, 50c;
in tubes, 75c. W. J. Cox. .
The following visitors attended
the Lewis-Smith marriage : Miss
Julia Upshaw, St. Louis; Miss Pru
dence Polk, Nashville; Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson, Baltimore; Dr. E. Martin,
Mississippi; G. P. Smith, Memphis;
Robert Lewis, New York City; T.
K. Smith, Chicago; William House,
Franklin; Mrs. and Miss Jones,
Corinth; Mrs. Jas. Withers, Jack
son. Our immense stock of
Toys, Holiday Goods, etc.,
is now open and ready for in
spection up stairs over my
Drug Store. .You are cor
dially invited to eall and see
them. Respectfully,
B. V. Hudson.
Mr. R. N. Mitchell, who has
just gathered the corn crop of his
farm near Crainesville, reports a
good yield. He brought in several
ears measuring from ten to fourteen
inches and any three of wiiich would
weigh seven pounds. His pumpkin
crop is also a success, one ot which,
left at the parsonage, was " seventy
eight inches around and weighed 81
'Last winter an infant child of
mine had croup in a violent form,"
says Eld. John W. Rogers, a Chris
tian evangelist, of Filley, Mo. "I
gave her a few doses of Chamber
lain's Couh Remedy and in a short
time all danger was past and the
child recovered." This remedy not
only cures croup, but when given as
soon as the first symptoms appear.
will prevent the attack. It contains '
. m
no opium or other harmtul sub
stance and may be given as confi
dently to ahabv as to an adnlt. Pnr
I J J ' - w
I sale by W. J, Cox, Bolivar; J. W.
'Nuckolls, Toone.
Mr. Robert P. Bates, principal
of the Chicago Latin School, has
the following to say in regard to
Mr. Basil Burwell's stereopticon
lecture, which will be delivered here
on the evening of December 2nd,
uuder the auspices of the Cemetery
Association : 'I take much pleas
ure in commending Mr. Burwell's
lecture. His views are most in
structive, as well as remarkably
We are still selling Men's
and Boys' Clothing, Over
coats, Jeans Pants at cost.
R. E. Durrett,
Robert and Josiah and little
Miss Elizabeth Ingram celebrated
their birthdays, which happen to
be upon '.he same day in November,
one afternoon last week by giving
an "autumn party" to their friends.
The table was tastefully decorated
with autumn leaves. Each cele
brant had his favorite cake, sur
mounted by as many candles as he
was years old. The little people
parted at dusk, wishing a triple
birthday would come oftener.
For burns, cuts, bruises, lacera
tions, or injuries of any description,
Ballard Snow Liniment is a sover
eign remedy. It never fails to do
good, and so promptly that its won
derful curative properties frequently
create surprise. Price, 25 and 50
cents. W. J. Cox.
Capt. W. C. Pirtle, of Toone,
chairman of the Democratic Execu
tive Committee of Hardeman coun
ty, spent a few hours in the city on
private business Saturday. While
here he called on the Bulletin.
Mr. Pirtle has proven one of the
most efficient and active chairmen
the committee has had in years. In
season and out of season he watches
the interests of the party, and be can
be depended upon to act should the
necessity arise. At present he says
he sees no occasion for a meeting
of the committee.
We have a well assorted
stock of Shoes the kind
that wear and at prices that
are friendly to your pocket
book. R. E. Durkett,
G. N. Pruett died Saturday,
Nov. 9th, at-his home near Sauls
bury, after an illness of two years.
Deceased was born in civil district
No. 1 of Hardeman county, January
12, 1836. In 1869 he was married
to Miss Leonora Bailey, by whom
he had two children. She died in
1871 and in 1873 he married Miss
Laura Bailey, sister of his first wife,
to whcn were born four children.
Mr. Pruett was a well known and
highly respected citizen and a sue-1
cessfnl farmer. He was a member
of the Cumberland Presbyterian
church. His remains were buried
at Spring Creek Cemetery, Rev. J.
D. Caldwell, of Hickory Valley,
Appropriate services will be held
in the Baptist church Nov. 28th, to
which all the people, rich and poor,
young and old, in Bolivar and sur
rounding community arc invited to
come. Music, Thanksgiving address
and gifts for the poor and for the
Orphan's Home. J. F. Ray.
Coon Skins,
Mink' Skins,
Dry and Green Hides, etc.
For which wewill pay the
highest market prices.
Wilkinson & Sons.
Building lots in Northwest
Bolivar, between Railroad
and Union Street. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W. C. Dorion.
Don't fail to seethe Grand
Display up-stairs at Cox's
Drug Store. A present for
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Mexican Mustang: Liniment
is a sure remedy for Caked and Inflamed Udder in Cows.
To Cure Sore Throat,
Into a glass half full of water put
an even teaspoonful of
Mexican flustahg Liniment,
mix thoroughly, and with this gar
gle the throat frequently. In ievere
cases more liniment can be added.
In addition to this bathe the outside
with the liniment several times a
day, rubbing it well in, and the
soreness will surely disappear.
Important Notice.
MmciK MrsTAXQ Lntixzjrr Is pnt up in three sizes, frlce 25c, BOc.
and tl per bottle, and Is tor sale by Druggists and General Storekeepers.
If they are out ot It, ask them to order It lor 70a from their nearest
Wholesale Druggist. It Casnot be 8zct sx Maii. os Ekpbess.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
readily enres Rheumatism and Leg Weakness in Poultry,

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