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The Great Merchant Prince of Bolivar
Enters the Arena for the Fall Trade
with a Brilliant and Beautiful"
, Selection of Fashion's Fancies.
The Markets of the World have been
Ransacked by the Man who ever Battles
for the People's Interests, and the
Cream is Laid at Your very Door.
Commencing Saturday7 October 5, and continuing 90 days, I will offer for sale for spot cash to the people of Hardeman and adjoining counties one of the most magnificent selections of goods ever brought
-to West Tennessee at prices lower than ever before. -Jtfy Great Department Store, a handsome three-story .brick building, is crowded from cellar to garret with the best that money can buy. My new stock is
beyond question superior, quality and prices considered, to that of any retail merchant in the state. Some predict that I have bought too heavily, but I know the wants of my customers it takes a house full
of goods to supply them, not a handful. From the bottom shelf to the roof you will find the best in my house, an idea of which can be gained from my handsome show windows, the admiration of all. Old
time business ideas cannot keep pace with up-to-date methods. Energy, enterprise and money win. I want to thank my friends for the liberal patronage accorded me during my business career in Bolivar,
embracing many
I have confidence
Bolivar." The
competent corps of salesmen will be found ready
vears ; and I desire to sav to those who have bougtu oi me on create uunng me preni ycm, mai n nicy py wieir uucoumls prompuy i win carry tnem another year and supply all their needs.
in the people, appreciate their patronage and will continue to give tnem ine uest vaiues iui ui jwm muney. ine news nas gone out mat -liaiTCtt'S IS Headquarters I0f JiargalllS ill
i : a - trt- .nKooKnnb tn rrm oo in nnri'l:i.'fS. Ill Wsl.wOMS. CrOWtlllliT Olll" Tl'OllLSintl Tfifir fill tratlfPS ,ot. (hom-nnma fl.n,. nn 1, 1 I XT lr j
peopie are coining to niu stuio uu iuui liuiocuaun, j" ... v""'o' - o; n - - --" u 1.11 w vwiiiv nicj aiu iiiijuo ucituiuc : ii sl 11 ana a
to serve them. We are on duty from daylight until mninignt. lieiow we mention only a lew ot the thousands of articles we carry in stock.
lfiVn T ollic; 15,000 yards Brown Domestic (enough to fence-in all Hardeman
JJ U L JLicltlli5 County) at 5 cents.
10,000 yards Calico best grades, from 3 to 5 cents.
Just received from the factory, a case of handsome and beautiful Outings, we offer at the
remarkable low price of 10 cents per yard. ,
200 nice Silk and Tailor-made Skirts, the very latest things out.
Beautiful line French Flannel for Waists (all the go) a pattern in each piece.
Wraps and Furs of every description, including 100 Automobile Wraps the nobbiest
thing on the market from 5.00 to $15.00.
Broadcloths, Suitings, Flannelettes, Fascinators, Hosiery, Notions, Underwear, etc.
have a special line of Ladies' Shoes, 300 pairs, which we will close out for good
at from 5o cents to l.oo. "
U a?
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TS 1
a S3
-a a.
O tn
c w o
a ad
03 fc.
03 t-H
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HOl IVTPTl ve tlie lar8est line-of Clothing ever carried in Bolivar bought
-L'-B-" direct from factory at Baltimore, the-acknowledged clothing market
of the world.
200 Men's Tailor-made Suits 12.5o to 15.oo
100 Men's Suits 5.oo 100 Nice Overcoats from 3.oo to 15.oo
200 glen's Suits lo.oo Boy's Pants and Suits from 5o cents to l.oo
2 cases Men's Underwear from $l.oo to 2'oo, nicest selection in the city. -200
dozen Shirts from the Ferguson-McKinnie factory, at St. Louis, made especially for
our trade the latest thing on the market.
Collars, Cuffs, and Fancy Neckwear in endless variety.
Large stock of the celebrated "Swann Brand" and "Stetson" Hats and Caps in the very
latest styles and Shapes.
A car load of Shoes for Men and Women, the largest
shipment ever made to a retail merchant. The most fash
ionable cuts in patent leather, vici and kid. These goods
are made by the celebrated firms of Smith & Stoughton,
Robert Johnson & Hand, and the Brown Shoe Co., and for
copwifP atvlft nnd nricfi cannot be beaten.
WANTED 10,000 Bales Cotton, 10 car loads Cotton Seed, 10,000 Cross Ties, Chickens,
Eggs, Butter and Country Produce generally, for all of which I will pay the
highest market price.
I am agent for one of the best mills in the county and will fill all orders for Heart
Pine Lumber, delivered anywhere in the city.
Smyrna Rugs from l.oo to 5.oo. Large line Matting.
Trunks, Valises, Harness, Saddles, Bridles. A complete
stock of Furniture.
We also keep on hand a large stock of Staple Groceries,
such as Meat, Flour, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, etc.; injact,
all general family supplies.
J. A
The Sleepless Sentinel of Bolivar,
Who Guards the People's Interests
The Bolivar Bui letin. ' "r TSJ" B'
ever sold.
We hereby announce HON". A. O. HAWKINS
as a candidate for re-election to the office of Chan
cellor for the division comprising the counties of
Kenton, Carroll, Chester, Crockett, Decatur, Har
de. an, Hardin, Henderson Henry, Madison, Mc
Nairy, Perry. Subject to the action of the Demo
cratic party.
I am a candidate for Register of Hardeman
Com ty, subject to the action or tne uemocrauc
We are authorized to announce 15. W. SADLER
as a candidate for R.-Rister of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. W. JACOBS
as a candidate for Kegis'er of Hardeman County,
subj ect to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce B. F. BREED
EX as a candidate for Register of Hardemau Coun
ty, subject to tne action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce J. II. DOYLE
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce S. T. SMITH
as a candidate for Sberitt' of Hardeman County,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W.P.HUDSOX
as a candidate for Sheriff of Hardeman county,
subject to the action of the Denweratic party.
Birthday and Wedding
Presents at W. J. Cox's.
Mr. Robert Lewis returned
Friday evening to New York.
Mrs. T. C. Stuart is visiting
ber daugbter, Mrs. Barlow, in Mem
phis, Mr. Herbert Black left Satur
day for Knoxville to enter the Baker
llimell School.
Albert Coatea is the champion,
turnip raiser of Bolivar. He does
not stop short of four pounds in
weight and nineteen inches in cir
cuniference. See the beautiful display
of Lamps at W. J. Cox's
Drug Store.
Do not fail to take the trip to
Paris next Monday evening and go
through the Palace at Versailles
and follow the ill-fated queen, Ma
rie Antoinette, to her tragic end.
"Washington Brand" Pock
et Knives cheap, and guaran
teed, at Cox's.
All members of the "Progress
Book Club" are requested to meet at
Mrs. Mary Bills' at 3 o'clock Sat
urday afternoon, eich one bringing
the book in her possession for dis
tribution. A beautiful lot of Birthday
Presents, "Wedding Presents
at Hudson's, up-stairs.
Mr. John Warren, Jr., returned
to Memphis Monday after a visit of
several days to relatives here. At
present he is connected with the
mailing department of the Memphis
Medallions, Pictures, Toil
et Cases, Wave Crest Ware,
Albums, etc., etc., at Cox s.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Mitchell,
of Whiteville, spent Thursday of
last week in Bolivar.
Mr. John Davis and Miss Hat
tie Ussery were united in marriage
Sunday at the residence of the bride,
in the 2nd district, Esquire John
David Woods officiating in his usual
happy and graceful manner.
! Don't fail to see the Grand
Mr. J. K. Doyle and son, bam- Display up-stairs at Cox's
uel, of the 8th district, visited Bol- n,L, o. ' c-n r,.
. t 3 j v , Drug- fotore. i. present for
lvar Wednesday on business. x
account of the inclement weather.
The program was" interesting and
beneficial to those present. Among
the visitors from a distance was
Pof. Ijams, Superintendent of Pub
lic instruction of Chester county.
Thanksgiving Was observed in
Bolivar yesterday. Appropriate ser
vices were held at the Episcopal and
Baptist churches, the Bank and
Postoffice were elosed, little busi
ness was transacted, and nearly ev
erybody enjoyed a good dinner.
If you are suffering from drowsi
ness in the daytime, irritability of
temper, sleepless nights,. general de
bility, headache, and general want
of tone to the system, use Ilerbine.
You will get relief and finally a care.
Price, 50 cts. , W. J. Cox.
Interesting communications from
Grand Junction and Hickory Valley
received tins week, but too late for
publication. We again remind our
correspondents that communications
must be in the office not later than
Wednesday morning to insure their
most honorable and high-toned citi
zens in our county and his friends
will regret to learn of his embar
rassment. II. T. Mclntyre, St. Paul, Minn.,
who has been troubled with a dis
ordered stomachl says, "Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets do
me more good than anything I have
ever taken." For sale by W. J..Cox,
Bolivar; J. W. Nuckolls, Toono.
The lecture of Bishop Gailor,
on Ruskiti, at St. Katharine's Mou
day afternoon was highly interest
ing and appreciated by those who
were fortunate enough to hear it.
Monday evening the Bishop preach
ed an eloquent and able sermon at
St. James' Church, and at its con
clusion administered the rite of con
firmation to a class of three. The
Bishop's visits to this Parish are
looteu lorwaru to wiin pleasure,
and he is always greeted by large
Mr. F. S. Luther returned a
few days ago from Bellbuckle. He
brought back a sample of the oil
Messrs. A. J. Coates and II. E
Carter visited the Mississippi bot-;
torus this week on legal business.
Hon. George Wilkinson was on
the Mayor's rostrum during the ab
sence of Mayor Carter this week.
Mr. Tate Young, after a long
siege of fever, was able to return to
his home in Corinth last Saturday.
Mr. John Scott and Miss Mary
Campbell were recently united in
marriage near Saulsbury, Dr. Savage
I all.
Mr. E. A. II ill, after an absence
of twenty-four years, spent several
weeks recently in the Middleton
neighborhood, where he was born
and reared. He left Monday for his
home in Democrat, Mills county,
Texas. -
A large electric plant, engine
and motor combined, is being put
iu at the Western Hospital this
week. The weight is 9000 pounds
and three yoke of oxen and four pair
of mules were used in its transpor
tation from the depot to the Hospital.
Yon w 11 hf .nstnnisTtprl nf
t..ii ' The Teachers' Institute held at
1 , , 0 the Public School building last Sat-
SCason at Cox s. bee them. urcjay, was not largely attended on
Thursday, November the twenty-eighth,
having been set apart as a day of Thanks
giving, on which we are to give thanks
unto Him for His many kindnesses and
comforts towards us, we also take this
opportunity of thanking 'our friends for
their patronage this 3Tear, and trust that
our business relations have been of such
a nature as to merit a continuance.
Your friends,
In to-day's paper we- anounce
Mr. B. F. Breeden as a candidate
for Register of Hardeman County.
Mr. Breeden is a son of the late
Lott Breeden, is a citizen of the
13th district, engaged in farming.
He is an honorable man, a good
citizen and is highly esteemed. A
number of years ago, he had a se
vere attack of typhoid fever, from
the effect8rjf which be has never
recovered, the malady settling in
his lower limbs, causing him to be
come partially a cripple. He is a
good democrat, submits his candi
dacy to his party, is qualified to fill
the place to which he aspires and
will appreciate the support of the
Thousands of men and women suf
fer from piles, especially women
with female weakness have this suf
fering to contend with, in addition
to their other pains. Tabler's Buck
eye Pile Ointment will quickly ef
fect a cure. Price, in bottles, 50c;
in tubes, 75c. W. J. Cox.
Our immense stock of
Toys, Holiday Goods, etc.,
is now open and ready for in
spection up-stairs over my
Drug Store. You are cor
dially invited to call and see
them. Respectfully,
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Mies Frank Cordle began her
school in the 8th district at Carter's
School-house Monday with good at
tendance and euthusiasm She is
boarding with Mr. and Mrs. Charley
Carter. Miss Cordle ii a bright and
capaole teacher and has a way of
managing young peop'e that makes
her a successful favorite wherever
she goes.
J. B. Irwin, doing a general
mercantile business at Grand Junc
tion, made an assignment Monday
for the benefit of creditors. W. W.
Irwin was named as assignee. The
instrument states that the stock is to
be disposed of by January 1, 1903,
and the proceeds pro rated among
creditors. Mr. Irwin is one of the
recently discovered upon the Wbit
taker farm, in which his wife has
an interest. Experts pronounce the
quality superior. It is dark brown
in color and easily ignited. The
flow at present is ten or twelve bar
rels a day, at a depth of only one
hundred feet below the surface. A
company has been organized and
wells will be sunk several hundred
feet to develop the find.
For barns, cats, braises, lacera
tions, or injuries of any description,
Ballard Snow Liniment is a sover
eign remedy. It Dever fails to do
good, and so promptly that its won
derful curative properties frequently
create surprise. Price, 25 and 50
cents. W. J. Cox.
Mr. Basil Burwell will give a
stereopticon lecture at the Public
School building next Monday night
under the auspices of the Cemetery-
Association. An evening of pleas
are' is in store for all who attend,
and as the prices of admission are
modest, 15 and 25 cents, and half
of the proceeds will be devoted to a
worthy cause, the care of Union
Cemetery, we hope the audience
will be large. Concerning the lec
tarer Mabel S. Vickery, of the Chi
cago Latin School, says: "It gives
me pleasure to state that Mr. Basil
Burwell's lectures, illustrated by
stereopticon views, have been given
in our school for two years, and
have been of great interest to pupils
and teachers. Their educative value
seems to me very high indeed."
Some of our readers will, per
haps, be surprised to learn that un
der the surface of Hardeman county
lies a bed of clay pronounced by
experts to be the superior of any
yet discovered. The clay bed to
which we refer is located about one
mile and a half east of Grand Junc
tion, on the Southern Railroad. Its
color is pure white and the supply
is said to be practically inexhausti
ble, the strata being from twelve to
fifteen feet thick, extending over
many acres. The product can be
used, among other purposes, for the
manufactur of the finest and most
delicate of Cbinaware.- A company,
with Mr. W. W. Irwin, of Grand
Junction, as president, has been or
ganized for the purpose of market
ing this valuable product. Several
small shipments have already been
made to the leading potteries of the
country, who are anxious for addi
tional consignments. The company
expects to put iu improved machin
ery and hopes soon to be able to fill
all orders.
Roll of Honor.
Building lots in Northwest
Bolivar, between Railroad
and Union Street. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W. C. Dorioit.
The following have paid their
subscriptions to the Bulletin since
our last issue :
Mrs. Pitser Miller, Sr.. .Bolivar
A. M. Mitchell Whiteville
T. L. Ferguson.. ..Hickory Valley
W. T. Scott Hickory Valley
J. B. Irwin Grand Junction
J. P. Seabrook ...".Graud Junction
Mrs. J. W. Webster, Hickory Valley
J. K. Doyle Lisbon, "Tennessee
David Moore (col.) Bolivar
Ruth, infant daughter of -William
and Mary Sexton, died Friday night,
aged five months and eleven days.
The remains were buried Saturday
evening, Nov. 16th, at Middlebarg.
Farewell, little Ruth! Thou art
gone to the Radiant Clime, away
from the trials of this world. Thou
hast been'plucked to be transplanted
in the Garden of our God.
A Co us ix.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
is a sure remedy for Caked and Inflamed TJdder in Cows.
To Cure Sore Throat.
Into a glass half full of water put
. an even teaspoonf ul off
Mexican flustang Liniment,
mix thoroughly, and with this gar
gle the throat frequently. In severe
cases more liniment can be added.
-In addition to this bathe the outside
with the liniment several times a
day, rubbing it well in, and the
soreness will surely disappear.
Important Notice.
MniciS MnrrA.NO Lxsimknt la put tip In three sizes. Price 23c.. Me.
and tl per bottle, and Is for sale by Druggists and General Storekeepers.
It they are out of it, ask them to order it tor yon from their nearest
Wholesale Druggist. II Can .not be Sext by Mail ob Express.
Mexican Mustang Liniment
readily cures Rheumatism and Leg Weakness m Poultry.

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