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The Bolivar Bulletin,
Hugh Williams, Editor.
Progress Telephone No. 17.
Friday, December 6, 190J.
Thk PreHident'rt message will be
f jund ou the first page of to-day's
Commissioner of Agriculture
Payne, reports the average yield of
cotton in Tennessee 61 per cent.,
corn 46 per cent. The winter
wheat crop already sown, he says,
is about 91 per cent, of the average.
Important changes have recently
been made in the law department of
the Illinois Central Railroad.
Judge John M. Dickinson ha been
elected general counsel, Sidney F.
Andrews and Blewett Lee general
attorneys, Benjamin F. Ayer and
James Fentress counsel.
That part of the message, in
which the President discusses the
tariff and trusts, questions of vital
interest to the people, plainly shows
that he has surrendered to the man
ufacturing barons. The only re
lief the masses can hope for from
these oppressions is through the
democratic party.
The statistician of the depart
ment of agriculture reports 9,074,
000 bales as the cotton production
of the United States probable in
1901-2. This report was made pub
lic Tuesday and the price- of the
staple immediately began to ad
vance. The indications are that it
will go higher still. Middling cot
ton was quoted in Memphis yester
day at 7 11-10 conts.
The first session of the 57th Con
gress convened in Washington
Monday at noon. Over the Senate,
Mr. Frye, of Maine, president pro
tempore, presides. Mr. Ilender
Bon, of Iowa, was reelected Speaker
of the Iloue. The democrats cast
their votes for Mr. Itieliardeon, of
Tennessee, for Speaker, the result
being Henderson .190, Richardson
149. The President's message was
presented on Tuesday, and its read
ing occupied over two hours. Many
important measures will come up
for consideration and the session
promises to oe lengthy and interest
Somers Safety Landed.
Sheriff Saxnraons returned Sun
day morning from St. Paul, Minn.,
with his prisoner, Henry Somers,
colored. The readers cf the Bul
letin are familiar with tje case.
In November, 1900, Wm. Lew
ark was killed in Bolivar. Several
negroes were arrested, tried and re
leased. The grand jury upon what
it deemed sufficient evidence found
a true bill against Somers, who in
the meantime had left the country.
Nothing further was heard of him
until several weeks ago, when the
Sheriff received a letter from the
police department of St. Paul asking
if Somers was wanted here. The
' reply was in the affirmative and the
Sheriff proceeded at once to St.
Paul. Upon his arrival lie found
that the negroes of the city had in
terested themselves in Somers' be
half and in order to prevent his re
turn bad employed a lawyer to take
the matter to the courts. After
tedious trials and an appeal to the
Supreme Court, the decision was
finally in favor of honoring the req
uisition of the Governor of Tennes
see. Somers is now in the county
jail awaiting his trial, which will
take place at the January terra of
Circuit Court. After having to
contend with so many obstacles,
Sheriff Samraons deserves credit for
successfully landinqr-hV-f prisoner.
He is high in his praise of the po
lice of St. Paul.., ?ho rendered hira
eveiy assistance possible.
We copy the following from the
St. PauLl5aily News:
rioou!$nca was imminent at me
central station last uight when
l&criffAV. B. Sammons, of Bolivar,
TenHTwho came here after Henry
Somers, an alleged negro murderer,
advanced angrily toward Louis
Liverpool, a local negro, with his
baud gripping a forty-four calibre
revolver. The angry Southerner
declared be would fill Liverpool full
of holes. Determination marked
every feature, and his hand grasp
ing the big revolver came slowly
from h'i3 pocket. Attorney F. L.
McGhee, who was present, sprang
between the men and Sheriff Sam
mons was finally quieted. The
trouble arose over Liverpool break
ing into a conversation between
Attorney McGhee and Sheriff Sam
mons. Liverpool declared there
would be a barbecue if Somers was
taken back to Tennessee. "You
black do, don't you insult a white
man," declared the Southern sheriff,
starting for Liverpool. "You in
sulted rae when I was here before
and I'll fix yoa right if you say an
other word." Sheriff Sammons
was white as a sheet and 6trode to
ward Liverpool as though he meant !
what he said, when Attorney Mc-j
Ghee got between them. '
Hickory Valley.
Miss Pattie McAnulty begin her
school at Hogan's School-house last
Miss Florence Aimour, our popu
lar assistant teacher, visited home
folks last Saturday.
Work has begun on the Baptist
church, and when it is completed it
will be a magnificent building and
one of which the church and town
should be proud.
In number the Valley High School
can boast of being third in the coun
ty. Mrs. R. S. Scott and Mrs. Dr. P.
II. McKinnie, who have been visit
ing their boys in Memphis, returned
home Tuesday.
Mr. Casper Woodson left Monday
for Kentucky, where be will work
on the road with his brother. We
are very sorry to loose Casper, as he
was one of our best students.
Mrs. W. T. Scott has been quite
sick for several days, though she is
improving now.
Rev. J. L. Huuter, P. C, of M.
E. church, South, will preach his
first sermon here Sunday. X.
A Million Voices
Could hardly express the thanks
of Homer Hall, of West Point, la.
Listen why: A severe cold had set
tled on his lungs, causing a most ob
stinate cough. Several physicians
said he had cjnsumplion, but could
not help him. When all thought he
was doomed he began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion and writes: "It completely
cured me and saved my life. I now
weigh 227 pounds." If is positively
guaranteed for coughs, colds and
lung troubles. Price, 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free at W. J. Cor &
Dr. John Anderson has been sick
for two weeks, but we are glad to
note that he is able to be up again.
Miss Anuie May Marsh was the
guest of her cousins, Misses Eliza
beth and Abbye Marsh, Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Aline Pirtle visited relatives
and friends in Bolivar last week.
Prof. Colonel Hatch has just
closed a series of vocal music les
sous in Toone. Our young people
are very much interested in music
just now.
Mrs. Fanny Nuckolls and Mrs.
Ilattie Anderson spent Sunday with
Mrs. Ida Smith, in Greenfield.
Dr. Manly Siler, of Uptonville,
has decided to locate in Toone. He
will move his family here as soon
as arrangements can be made. There
is a good opening here for Dr. Siler
and we wish him all the success
possible, and heartily welcome him
into our midst.
Everybody is invited to attend
the Teachers' Institute to be held at
Toone Saturday, Dec. 14. All
teachers are especially requested to
be present if possible.
Miss Cora Tolson left last Wed
nesday for her home in Metropolis,
Ills. She is a very pretty and a
social favorite and our young folks
regret very much to lose her, but
hope she will visit us again soon.
Thanksgiving exercises were held
in the public school here Thursday
of Ust week.
Large shipments of holly are be
ing brought to Toone for the north
ern Christmas market.
Prof. Ernest McDanlel attended
the Thanksgiving r ception given
by the S. W. B. University at
Jackson Friday night of last week.
Prof. John Curry began his school
last Monday al Gibson's School
House. Will o' thk Wisp.
Recommendation o 'a Well-known
Chicago Physician.
I use and prescribe Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for almost all obsti
nate, constricted coughs, with direct
results. .1 prescribe it for children
of all ages. Am glad to recommend
it to all in need and seeking relief
from colds and coughs and bronchial
afflictions. It is non narcotic and
safe in the bauds of the most unpro
fessional. A universal panacea for I
all mankind. Mrs. Mary R. Mel
etdv, M. D , Ph. D., Chicago, 111.
This remedy is for sale by W. J.
Cox & Co., Bolivar, J. W. Nuck
olls, Toone.
Tennessee Delegation.
Every member of the Tennessee
delegation attended the opening
session of Congress to-day, with the
exception of Representative Gaines,
who is supposed to be en route from
San Francisco to Washington.
Senator Bate and Mrs. Bate ar
rived this morning from Texas, and
are at their old quarters at the Eb
bitt House, where they were greeted
by many friends.
The senior senator is looking in
splendid health, and was busily en
gaged at the Capitol all day. Rob
ert Cantrell, his secretary, is also
here. Senator Carmack and R. B.
Baptist, his secretary, arrived last
evening. Representatives Patterson
and Padgent, the new members of
the delegation, were introduced to
many members of the House. From
Washington Correspondent Com
mercial Appeal, Monday.
Grand Junction.
Cold wave coming.
Spareribs and sausage are in or
der. Prof. Alford has been called
Miss Ida Mai Hunter presides
over the primary room at school.
Miss Emma Hicks adorns the
school sanctum this week as princi
pal. Miss Emma is fully compe
tent. The people were disappointed
Sunday by Rev. Simmons not being
on hand to fill his pulpit. He could
not get here.
A lumber of our young people
attended the concert at LaGrange
Friday night. All enjoyed 'it"
which, the concert or the drive?
The Methodist Supper Thanks
giving evening was a success. Our
ladies don't know what failure is.
They want a new church.
Don't miss the Negro Minstrels
Friday night. Prof. De Armon will
have a "Musicle Bycickle" and it
making music on exhibition.
We are glad to report Mrs. J. M.
Follis improving. She has been
quite sick for a week or ten days.
We notice the prospect for a good
strawberry crop the corning season
is fine. The stands aie good and
well cultivated.
The new Stinson residence is near
completion. We under-tand Mr.
W. W. Irwin will occupy it.
' U. No.
Foils a Deadly Attack.
"My wife was to ill that good
physiciaus were unable to help her,"
writes M. M Austin, of Winches
ter, I ml., "but was completely cured
by Dr. King's N?w Life Pills."
They work wonders in stomach and
liver troubles. Cure constipation,
sick headache, etc. 25c at W. J.
Cox & Cos', druir store.
Fqrest Hill.
Our school is progressing nicely,
with a fairly good enrollment, and
aftpr a short vacation the students
seem to pursue their studies with
renewed energies, causing their
teacher to work more vigorously
for their advancement.
Interesting church services were
held at Ebenezer Sunday by the
pastor, Rev. W. II. Jordan. The
audience was favored by an excel
lent discourse from Hebrews, 6lh
chapter, 4th verse. Quite a num
ber of the attendants were students
and citizens of our neighborhood.
Mr. William Hanna aud wife vis
ited relatives near Pine Top Sun
day. The family of Mr. L. II. Coburn
have been visiting relatives near the
writer's home recently.
Dr. E. II. Dorris, one of our best
practitioners, will make Bolivar his
future home. We congratulate that
town for securing the Doctor, but
we cannot we. 1 give him up.
Miss Mary I' itts, one of our hand
some young ladies, has taken charge
of the school at Crainesville. Miss
Mary is an honor to her profession
and the patrons are fortunate indeed
in securing her services again.
We learn with much pleasure that
"Sidney," one of the Bulletin's
former correspondents, has returned
from Arkansas and is now teaching
near here. We very gladly welcome
back to our midst our old friend and
teacher and hope he may find pi. as
ure miugling with old friends.
Dr. Geo. M. Dorris is erecting a
telephone line from his residence to
Bolivar, which will no doubt prove
beneficial to our little town.
Rev W. II. Jordan aud little
daughter, Pearle, were guests of
Mr. Geo. W, Fawcett recently.
We are hoping that Thanksgiving
day was well enjoyed by the editor,
aud in addition to that we wish for
him a merry Christmas, togptber
with all the correspondents.
The Pride of Heroes.
Many soldiers in the last war
write to say that for scratches, cuts,
bruises, wounds, corns, sore feet, !
and stiff joints, Bucklen's Arnica
Salve is the best in the world. Same
for burns, scalds, boils, ulcers, skin
eruptions and piles. It cures or no
pay. Only 25c at W. J Cox & Cos',
drug store.
On account of the low price of cotton and short
crops, during the month of December we propose
to sell for cash at prices below zero
2 11. can Tomatoes, Si cents per can.
3 lb. can Tomatoes, 10 cents per can.
3 lb. can California Peaches, 10 cents per can.
3 lb. can Lusks' Bear Brand Peaches, 1G cents per can.
Pineapples, Peas, Cherries and all canned goods at reduc
ed prices.
Apples, Oranges, Raisins, Prunes, Candies, etc., cheap.
Coffee, Sugar, Flour and Family Supplies at close figures.
Good stock of Dry Goods at reduced price.
Boots and Shoes, 10 per cent, less for cash.
Queensware, Saddlery, Collars, Bridles, 10 per cent. Jess
for cash.
Call to see us near (Bank of (Bolivar.
- !:.rx . Don't t: the top of yonr J
fct- -2ti lolly r.r.d nrcxirvo Jars in I
1 . V ' -lljci.i ly t!io licv.tniicl:,
; i J c.LcoUxteiy f uro wty by
'JiisiV'Ji rt l'.:zx eoatinp of iV.re
5r, rrti!v name 1'anUF.ne. Has
11 v- a vr &
Ifsr.jS. proof, ilisiiy rrpiiod.
VV jSS I'tc:"i:IlJi n dozen otiici
air tircht r. 11 U acid
$!Vaj l )s? Full cirect
ions with
-Vi'T x;'..l cvcrywhi
wbcro. lZa.de Y-
The people have been taking ad
vantage of. the pretty weather.
Wheat sowing has been progress
ing nictly.
There is a good deal of sickness
throughout this section of the coun
try, mostly .colds anj la grippe.
Mrs. Cooper.'we are sorry to say,
is no better. . Her condition is still
We had Thanksgiving exercises at
Bethlehem on Thursday last. The
schools of Medon and Augustus dis
missed and took in the services The
sermon was pr ached by the pastor,
Rev. E. B. McNeil, which was in
teresting and beneficial.
The schools of Medon and Augus
tus met Friday night and organized
a literary and debating society. Af
ter organizing we had a debate,
which was real interesting. Our
next subject is, "Resolved, that
country life is more desirable thau
that of the city."
We are also going to have a lect
ure ou "True Citizenship" by Prof.
P. M. Bishop. Also one on "Why
do we Educate?" by Prof. T. E
Murclaugh. So all come out aud
join us in the good work.
Messrs. J. Rand and F. M. New
som were in Mercer one day last
week on business.
Prof. P. M. Bishop visited home
folks Saturday and Sunday.
Died, at the home of F. M. Ne
som, Sunday n'ght, Dec. 7, Mrs.
Ruddle, after an illness of only four
days. Her remains were laid to rest
in the Hankly graveyard Monday
evening. The funeral exercises were
conducted by Rev. N. M. Norment.
She leaves a host of connections and
friends -o mourn her loss. Mrs.
George Keller is dangerously ill
with pneumonia. Mr. Charlie Gor
don, of Birmingham, was called to
the bedside of his aunt, Mrs. Rud
dle. He arrived only a few hours
before her death.
Igxis Fatuus.
A New Remedy.
The old friends of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will be pleased to
know that the manufacturers of that
preparation have gotten out a new
remedy called Chamberland's Stom
ich and Liver Tablets, aud that it is
meeting with much success in the
treatment of constipation, bilious
uess, sick headache, impaired diges
tion aud like disorders. These Tab
lets are easier to take and more
pleasant in effect than pills; then
they not only move the bowels, but
improve the appetite aud correct any
disorders ol the stomach and liver.
For sale by W. J. Cox & Co., Boli
var; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
A Good Cough Medicine.
From the Gazette, Toowoomba, Australia.
I find Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy is an excellent medicine. I have
been suffering from a severe cough
for the last two months, and it has
effected a cure. I have great pleas
ure in recommending it. W. C.
Wocknkr. This is the opinion of
onp of our oldest anf' most respected
residents, and has been voluntarily
given in good faith that others may
try the remedy and be benefited, as
was Mr. Woekner. This remedy is
sold by W. J. Cox & Co., Bolivar;
J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
You Know What You Are Taking
Wheu you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic, because the formula is
plainly printed on every bottle show
ing that it is simply iron aud quinine
in a tasteless form. No Cure, No
Pay. 50c.
1 C vV-:3. -1
The following have paid their
subscriptions to the Bulletin since
onr last issue : v
- John R. Black . .
J. H . Ammons . .
D. J. Campbell . .
Mrs. M. J. Clift..
;S. T. Foote.. .. .:
Seliuer .
W. A. May
Dr. L. M. Bray . .
L. T. Sammons.
J. A. Hammons..
G. W. Sheets
W. A. Breeden . .
C. H. Harris . . .
. Hickory Valley
. . Shawnee, Okla
Saved at Grave's Brink.
lI know 1 would long ago have
been in my grave." writes Mrs. S.
H. Newsom, of Decatur, Ala., 'if
it had not been for Electric Bitters.
For three years I sufiered untold
agony from the worst forms of indi
gestion, waterbrash, stomach and
bowel dyspepsia. But this excellent
medicine did me a world of good.
Since using it I can eat heartily and
have gained 35 pouuds." For indi
gestion, loss of appetite, stomach,
liver and kidney troubles, Electric
Bitters are a positive, gnarauteed
cure.- Only 50 cts. at W. J. Cox fc
Cos drug store.
Building lots in Northwest
Bolivar, between Railroad
and Union Sireet. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W. C. Dorion.
Nashville, Ten 1., June 12, 1SS5.
Dr.. C. J. Moffett, St. Louis,
Mo. I can truly say that your
Teethiua is the greatest blessing to
teething children that the world has
ever known. I have used it two
years, aud do not like to be without
a box all the time. My baby would
hardly have lived through his sec
ond summer if I had not used your
powders. He is now strong and
well, and has all hia teeth. I never
allow an opportunity to pass with
out recommending Teethina to
mothers. May God reward you for
the good you have done teething
babies through this remedy.
decG-2w Mrs. A. G. Russell
The Nuckolls livery stable,
lot and brick room adjoining
it on the north.
Also, 178 acres of land on
Hatchie river, one mile north
of Bolivar, formerly owned
by C. A. Miller.
Also, 173 acres of land in
civil district No. 1G, known
as the Lockie tract.
Apply at Bank of Bolivar.
For Kent.
The Fentress Law Offices, corner
Main and Jackson Streets; also the
Taylor Carpenter Shop, between
said Law Offices and the Bolivar
Hotel. For terms apply to
t.f. T. M. Moore, Agt.
Coon Skins,
Mink Skins,
Dry and Green Hides, etc.
For which we will pay the
highest market prices.
Wilkinsox V Sons.
Attachment Notice.
Wright Brothers vs. Thomas Punlap. neforo W.
J. Cox, a Justice of the Peace in an J for JiarJe
nian County, Tcnncsse .
In this rni!r. it appearing by affidavit that the
defendant, XiioiuHs lunlap, is justly indebted to
the plaintiffs, and is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of law can
not be served on him, and an original Attachment
haviog been levied on his property, It is therefore
ordered that publication be made in the Bolivar
Bulletin, a newspaper published in the town of
Bolivar, Tennessee, for four consecutive weeks,
commanding the said Thomas Dunlap to appear
before me or some other acting Justice of the
Peace, at my office, in the town of Bolivar, Civil
District No. 6 of said County and State, on the 14th
day of December, 1901, and make defence to said
suit against him, or it will be proceeded with ex
parte. This Xovember 7, 1U01.
W. J. COX, J. P. for Hardeman Co.
! J. N. MULFORD, Jeweler
Send Post Office order or express order
for $3.00 and receive in return
5 yds. 40-in. Sleeve Lining.
5 yds. 32-in. Coat Lining.
I gross 24 Ivory Vest Buttons.
J gross 30 Ivory Coat Buttons.
) Spool Davits' Imitation Silk, 1075 yds.
I will also include my Illustrated Cata
logue of Tailors' Trimmings and
John F. Davies,
' 67 Smith 5treet,
Mention tb!t Paper.
T itoll on Honor.
The Kind Yon Have Always
in use for over 30 years,
T-i" , sonal snpenision since its infancy.
tJc Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trille -with aud emlans,i the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment-
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething- Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
Tlie Kind You tee Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
y vc -z7 vs v7 vtf
G. T. INGRAM, President. -
JOUN L. MITCHELL, Areis't Ctahi
'vv rT rv A - - - r .
an v. a. ADuerson, ur. ju. oavage.
S"TraasaeU a General Banking Business.
Collections Made and Prompt Returns.
V57 VS?' 'tZ? 'ZS VS V?"
St in s on Marble Work s
Satisfaction ip-iifj
Guaranteed. '
W. R. ROBINSON, Proprietor.
All kinds of Monumental Work from the Best Domestic
and Imported Marble and Granite.
Nothing Reserved, x
feit ski m
For 20 Years Has Lsd all WcrmEssiStiiss.i
noXiD AI1X1
Prepared by JAKi&Q F. BALLARD, 3. E,OUiS.
For Sale By
Bought, antt which has been,
lias borno the signature of
bas been made under bis per-
Signature of
-i- "va,-
iir t r- - . T" T-v 1
v . kj. uonou, ouu. x . louias.
Deposits Solicited.
Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms.
v -Z-sL--Zs s-s-fSJ; -2; fv?
'i 'V "" "Tv "v CV 1
pSffeM9 CorresfontVnce
MCT:Im!BP34I Solicited.
Our entire stock will be sold, and
we can save you 25 per cent, on Wfl
all goods, consisting of
ds, (glofching
must be sold, and they
are going sure. Call and examine W
our stock. .
J Most ia Quantify. Best ia Quality. ,
W. J. COX.
5 V
r t -
7 --..-."

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