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A Wonderful Cloele.
'A clock wai recently made, winch in ad-
Sition to striking the hours, halves and
quarters, shows the phases of the moon and
tells the time in any other city, but as the
clock is too expensive to purchase, the best
way to obtain this information is from Hos
tetter's Almanac for 1902. It also contains
ma-jy amusing anecdotes, etatistics and
much general information that will interest
vou. It can be obtained from any druggist
tree of charge.
Aeconntinar for It.
Blanche It isn't easy to find anything
new in wedding presents.
May No. iSo many people have, been
married. Puck.
Very Popular Plan.
The route between New York and Chi
cago by way of the Lackawanna Railroad
is growing in popularity. It takes peopli
through some of the finest scenery fa Amer
iea, over splendid roadbeds, in excellent
cars that ore noted for their fine riding
qualities. The dining-car service is worker
on the principle of order what you want
and pay for nothing else a plan that i.
very popular. You may have your meab
s cheap or as expensive as you please
Service is on the European plan. Individual
club breakfasts or suppers, calculated tt
please the most fastidious, are furnished at
a minimum cost of 30 cents.
Some men can always tee jrreat profit in
other people's businei-s. Then they go in,
end lose money. Atciiison Globe.
Address to Women by the Treas
urer of tho W. C. T. U. of
Kansas City, 2Irs. E. C.
"Mr Dear Sistkrs: I believe in
advocating and upholding everything
that will lift up and help women, and
but little use appears all knowledge
and learning if you have not the health
to enjoy it.
Having found by personal erperi
ence that ILylia E. Pinkham'S
Vegetable Compound is a medi
cine of rare virtue, and having seen
dozens of cures whera my suffering
Bisters have been dragged back to life
and usefulness from an untimely grave
Bimply by the use of a few bottles of
that Compound, 1 must proclaim its
virtues, or I should not be doing my
duty to suffering mothers and uragged
out housekeepers. ;
" Dear Sister, is your health poor,
do you feel worn out and used up,
especially do you have any of the
troubles which beset our sex, take my j
advice ; let tlic doctors alone, try
Lyuia 12. I'inliliam's Vegetable !
Compound; it is better than any!
and all doctors, for it cures and they
do not." Mrs. E. C. Smith, 1213 Oak
St., Treasurer V. C. T. U., Kansas
City, Mo. $5000 forfeit if above testimonial h
not genuine.
Mrs. Piukliam advises sick wo
men, free. Address, Lynn, Mass.
Z'-K "'win' I'll w i mil ' turn mnwt
Hi ' ?
, ft 1) J riTV rfc (rr-nr iVc cri
large quantities of
The fertilizer ap
plied, must furnish
enough Potash, or the
land will lose its pro
ducing power.
Read carefully our books
oa crops sent Jrte.
93 Nassau St., New York.
Three Daily Trains.
a errstory
Two Dally Trains.
FulirDHU Sleepers and Krea Rrcllt'ag
CriT.r Cnrs all the wav without cbunp 'o
TEXAS -inJ the YEST- very bi n
of count ctions. Choap innue-seeUcrs tickets
on s:ile first anil thinl Tuesday; each month
Memphis Ticket OtHcp, 13 Monroe 8t
t huttanooKa. Tenn
Fbask M. Gkifflth. T. P. A..
Mi rrmhls, Tcna
Geo. H. Lkb, Gon. P. & T. A..
Littlo liock. Ark.
Cut this ou t and send to the
iCrCui'ay fiiasio lq, chicauo, ill
THIS IS TO CKKTIFY that I have pokn to 10 of
my inusio-lovinjr. i:.iiio-iuy1iir frieiid1. ir.i'lud
music teachein. who iarat8l pend you here
with, on a cepnnuo lieetol paper, win) woulil hs
giad tJ receive your Sew Catalogue o. 21 lSKi.
For my trouble in the matter
send mo Free. PootpaSd tho
TWO PtECES marked below:
....J6tti1',hn"i0n's Ksptime iiarck.
Sweethearts True AVa.'tr.
....Lore and Friendship Walta.
My Rosary Sons.
....Because It' Yon bony.
....The Palms SortR.
S r. a
One reason wl:v boys
l: i:i" home soKltlc cr.r.ie
- i:: because they use loose '
-V? lawr for vrai'di:!?. Trv t
TTyZSi-a UAtAKt) tHAf K or 'HAZARD
hi SMOivH.LSS. proiH'tly lRt'ci, and vo
i da better sheeting than ever befoi
on will
ng ti'au ever belore. ' f
2i tU-itS Vf.i-.Mb ALL ttSs UlLS. t3
in time. Sold by dmifcrlst. fij
Dr. Talmage Shows How God Has
Honored the Dream.
It If aa Derided iUr Fate of Nation
and Han Cbansed toure of -World'
from God.
Copvright, 1001. by Louis Klopsch. N. "V.
Iu this discourse Dr. Talmage dis
cusses a much talked of subject, aud
Cite in which all are interested. The
text is Joel 2, i-'S: "1 will pour out my
spirit upon all flesh; your old men
shall dream dreams, your young meu
shall see visions."
In this photograph of the millen
nium the dream is lifted into great
conspicuity. You may say of a dream
that it is nocturnal fantasia or that
it is the absurd combination of wak
ing thoughts, and with a slur of in
tonation you may say: "It is only a
dream," but Cod has honored the
dream by making it the. avenue
through which again and again He
has marched upon the human soul,
decided the fate of nations and
changed the course of the world's his
tory. God appeared in a dream to
Abimelech, warning him against an
unlawful niarriagej in a dream to
Jacob, announcing by the ladder set
against the sky full of angels the
communication between earth and
heaven; in a dream to Joseph, fore
telling his coming power under the
figure of all the sheaves of the
harvest bowing down to his sheaf;
to the chief butcher, foretelling his
disimprisonment; to the chief baker,
announcing his decapitation;, to
l'haraoh, showing him first the seven
plenty years and then the seven
famine-struck years, under the figure
of the seven lean cows, devouring the
seven fat cows; to Solomon, giving
him the choice between wisdom and
riches and honor; to a warrior, under
the figure of a barley cake smiting
down a tent, encouraging Gideon in
his battle against the Midianites; to
Nebuchadnezzar, under the figure of
a broken image and a hewn-down
tree, foretelling the overthrow of His
power; to Joseph of the New Testa
ment, announcing the birth of Christ
in his own household, and again bid
ding him fly from llerodie persecu
tions; to Pilate's wife, warning him
not to become complicated with the
judicial overthrow of Christ.
We all admit that God in ancient
times and under Bible dispensation
addressed the people through dreams.
The question now is, does God appear
in our day and reveal Himself through
dreams? That is the question every
body asks, and that question I will
try to answer. You ask me if I be
lieve in dreams. My answer is, I do,
but all f have to say will be under
fiver heads.
Keinark the First. The Scriptures
are so full of revelations from God
that if we get no communication
from Him in dreams we ought, never
theless, to be satisfied.
With 0 guidebooks to tell you how
to get to .New York or Pittsburg or
London or Glasgow or Manchester do
you want a night vision to tell you
how to make the journey? We have
in this Scripture full direction, in re
gard to the journey of this life and
how to get to the celestial city, and
with this grand guidebook, this mag
nificent directory, we ought to be sat
isfied. I have more faith in a decision
to which I come when I am wide
awake than when I am sound asleep.
1 have noticed that those who give a
great deal of their time to studying
dreams get their brains addled. They
are very anxious to remember what
they dreamed about the first night
they slept in a new house. If in their
dream they take the hand of a corpse,
they are going to die. If they dream
of a gar-Jen, it means a sepulchtr.
If something turns out according to
a night vision, they say: "Well, I am
not surprised. I dreamed it." If it
turns out different from the night
vision, they say: "Well, dreams go
by contraries." la their efforts to
put their dreams into rhythm they
put their waking thoughts into dis
cord. Now, the Bible is so full of
revelation that we ought to be satis
fied if we get no further revelation.
Sound sleep received great honor
when Adam slept so extraordinarily
that the surgical incision which gave
him Kve did not wake him, but there
is no such need for extraordinary
siuiiiber now, and he who catches an
live must needs be wide awake! Xo
need of such a dream as Jacob had,
with a ladder against the sky, when
10,000 times it has been demonstrated
that earth and heaven are in com
munication. No such dream needed
as that which was given to Abimelech,
warning him against an unlawful
marriage, when we Tiave the records
of the county clerk's office. No need
of such a dream as was given to
Pharaoh about the seven years of
famine, for now the seasons march in
regular procession and steamer and
rail train carry breadstuff's to every
famine-struck nation. No need of a
dream like that which encouraged
Gideon, for all through Christendom
it is announced and acknowledged
and demonstrated that righteousness,
sooner or later, will get the victorj-.
If there should come about a crisis
in your life upon which the Bible does
not seem to be sufficiently specific,
go to God in prayer and you will get
especial direction. I hate more faith,
!)! times out of 100, in directions given
you with the Bible in your lap and
your thoughts uplifted in prayer to
God than in all the information you
will get unconscious on your pillow.
I can very easily understand why
the Babylonians and the Egyptians,
with no Bible, should put so much
stress on dreams, and the ChineseMn
their holy book, Chow King, should
think their emperor gets his direc
tions through dreams from God, and
that Homer should think that all
dreams came from Jove, and that in
ajicient times dreams were classified
into a science, but why do 3011 and I
put so much stress upon dreams when
wc have a supernal book of infinite
wisdom on all subjects? Why should
we harry ourselves with dreams?
Why s-hould Eddystone aud Baruegat
lighthouses question a summer fire-,
Remark the Secont!. All dreams
have an important meaning. They
rrove that the &oui is comparatively
independent of the body. The eyes
are closed, the senses are dull, the
entire body goes into a lethargy
which in all languages is used as a
type of death, and then the soul
spreads its wing and never sleeps. It
leaps the Atlantic ocean and mingles
in scenes 3,000 miles away. It travels
great reaches of time, flashes back SO
years, and the octogenarian is a boy
again in his father's house. If the
soul, before it has entirely broken its
chain of flesh, can do all this, how far
can it leap, what circles can it cut,
when it is fully liberated? Every
dream, whether agreeable or harass
ing, whether sunshiny or tempestu
ous, means so much that, rising from
your couch, you ought to kneel down
and say: "() God, am I immortal!
Whence? Whither? Two natures.
My soul caged now what when the
door of the cage i.s opened? If my
soul can fly so far in the few hours
in which my body i.s asleep in the
night, how far can it fly when my
body sleeps the long sleep" of the
grave?" Oh. this power to drea'm,
how startling, how overwhelming!
Immortal, immortal!
Remark the Third. The vast ma
jority of dreams are merely the re
sult of disturbed physical conditions
and are not a supernatural message-.
Job had carbuncles, and he was
scared in the night. He says: "Thou
scarest me with dreams and terri
fiest me with visions." Solomon had
an overwrought brain, overwrought
with public business, and he suffered
from erratic slumber, and he writes
in Ecclesiastes: "A dream cometh
through the multitude of business."
Dr. Gregory, in experimenting with
dreams, found that a bottle of hot
water put to his feet while in slum
ber made him think he was going
up the hot sides of Mount Etna. An
other morbid physician, experiment
ing with dreams, his feet uncovered
through sleep, thought he was rid
ing in an Alpine diligence. But a
great many dreams are merely nar
cotic disturbances. Anything that
you see while under the influence of
chloral or brandy or hasheesh or
laudanum is not a revelation from
The learned Dr. Quincey did not
ascribe to Divine communication
what he saw in sleep, opium sat
urated, dreams which he afterward
described in the following words: 'T
was worshiped; I was sacrificed; I
fled from the wrath of Brahma
through all the forests of Asia.
Vishnu hated ine. Scova laid in wait
for me. I came suddenly upon I sis
and Osiris. I had done a deed, they
said, that made the crocodiles trem
ble. I was buried for a thousand
years in stone coflins, with mum
mies and sphinxes in narrow cham
bers at the heart nf eternal pyra
mids. I was kissed with the can
cerous kiss of crocodiles and lay con
founded with unutterable slimy
things among wreathy and Nilotic
Do not mistake narcotic disturb
ance for Divine revelation. But I
have to tell you that the majority of
the dreams are merely the penalty
of outraged digestive organs, and
you have no right to mistake the
nightmare for heavenly revelation.
Late suppers are a warranty -deed
for bad dreams. Highly spiced sal
ads at 11 o'clock at night, instead
of opening I he floor heavenward,
open the door infernal and diabol
ical. You outrage natural law. and
you insult the God who made those
laws. Tt takes from three to five
hours to digest food, and you have
no right to keep your digestive, or
gans in struggle when the rest of
your body is in somnolence. The
general rule is. eat nothing after six
o'clock at night, retire at ten, sleep
on your right side, keep the window
open five inches for ventilation, and
other worlds will not disturb you
much. By physical maltreatment you
take the ladder that Jacob saw in
his dream and you lower it to the
nether world, allowing the ascent of
the demoniacal. Dreams are mid
night dyspepsia. An unregulated de
sire for something to eat keeps it
ruined. The world during 6,000 years
has tried in vain to digest that first
apple. The world will not be evan
gelized until we get rid of a dyspep
tic Christianity. Healthy people do
not want this cadaverous and sleepy
thing that some people call religion.
They want a religion that lives reg
ularly by day and sleeps soundly by
night. If through trouble or coming
on of old age or exhaustion of Chris
tian service you cannot sleep well.
then you may expect from God
"songs in the night," but there are
no blessed communications to those
who willingly surrender to indi
gestibles. Napoleon's army at Leip
sic, Dresden and Borodino came near
being destroyed through the dis
turbed gastric juices of its command
er. That is the way you have lost
some of your battles.
Now, having shown you that, hav
ing a Bible, we ought to be satisfied
with not getting any further com
munication from God, and having
shown you that all dreams have an
important mission since, they show
the comparative independence of the
soul from the body, and having
shown you that the majority of
dreams are a result of disturbed
physical conditions, and having
shown you that our sleeping
thoughts are apt to be an echo of
our waking thoughts, I come now to
my fifth and most important remark,
and that i.s to say that it is capable
of proof that God does sometimes in
our day and has often since the
close of the Bible dispensation ap
peared to people in dreams.
All dreams that make you better
are from God. How do I know it ? Is
not God the source of all good? It
does not take a very logical mind to
argue that out. Tertuillan and Mar
tin Luther believed in dreams. The
dreams of John IIuss are immortal.
SI. Augr.stine, the Christian father,
gives us tiie fact that a Carthaginian
physician was persuaded of the im
mortality of the soul by an argument
which he heard in a dream. The night
before his assassination the wife of
Julius Caesar dreanie'd that her hus
band fell dead across her lap.
It is possible to prove thai God does
appear in dreams to warn, to convert
and to save men. My friend, a retired
sea captain and a Christian, tells me
that one night while on the sea he
dreamed thar a ship's crew were in
great filtering. Waking from iiis
dream, he put about the ship, tacked
ir different directions, surprised
everybody on his vessel they thought
he was going crazy sailed on in an
other direction hour after hour and
for many hours until he came to the
perishing crew and rescued them and
brought them to New York. Who con
ducted that dream? The God of the
Rev. Dr. Bushnell in his marvelous
book entitled "Nature and the Super
natural," gives the following fact that
he got from Capt. Yount in California,
a fact confirmed by many families:
Capt. Yount dreamed twice one night
that 130 miles away there was a com
pany of travelers fast in the snow.
He also saw in the dream rocks of pe
culiar formation, and, telling this
dream to an old hunter, the hunter
said: "Why, I remember those rocks.
Those rocks are in the Carson valley
pass, 150 miles away." Capt. Yount,
impelled by this dream, although
laughed at by his neighbors-; gathered
men together, took mules and blankets
and started out on the expedition,
traveled 130 miles, saw those very
rocks which he had described in his
dream, found the suffering ones at
the foot of those rocks and brought
them back to confirm the story of
Capt. Yount. Who conducted that
dream? The God of the snow, the God
of the Sierra Nevadas.
God has often appeared in resource
and comfort. You have known people
perhaps it js something I state in
your own experience you have seen
people go to sleep with bereavements
inconsolable, and they awakened in
perfect resignation because of what
they had seen in slumber. Dr. Cran
age, one of the most remarkable men
I ever met remarkable for benevo
lence and great philanthropies at
Wellington, England, showed me a
house where the Lord had appeared
in a wonderful dream to a poor wom
an. The woman was rheumatic, sick,
poor to the last point of destitution.
She was waited on and cared for by
another poor woman, her only attend
ant. Word came to her one day that
this poor woman had died, and the in
valid of whom I am speaking lay help
less upon the couch, wondering what
would become of her. In that mood
she fell asleep. In her dreams she said
the angrl of the Lord appeared and
took her into the open air and pointed
in one direction, and there were moun
tains of bread, and pointed in another
direction, and there were mountains
of butter, and pointed in another di
rection, and there were mountains of
all kinds of worldly supply. The an
gel of the Lord said to her: "Woman,
all these mountains belong to your
Esther, and do you think He will let
you, His child, hunger and die?" Dr.
Cranage told me by some Divine im
pulse he went into that destitute
home, saw the suffering there and ad
ministered unto it, caring for her all
the way through. Do you tell me that
rdiat dream was woven out of earthly
anodynes? Was that the phantas
magoria of a diseased brain? No. It
was an all sympathetic God addressing
a poor woman through a dream.
Furthermore, I have to say that
there are people who were converted
to God through a dream. Rev. John
Newton, the fame of whose piety fills
all Christendom, while a profligate
sailor on shipboard in hi dream
j thought that a being approached him
; and gave him a very beautiful ring and
put it upon his finger and said to him:
. "As long as you wear that ring you
will be prospered; if you lose that
ring, you will be ruined." In the same
dream another personage appeared
and by a strange infatuation persuad
ed John Newton to throw overboard
that ring, and it sank into the sea.
Then the mountains in sight were full
of tire, and the air was lurid with con
suming wrath. While .Tolm Newton
was repenting of his folly in having
thrown overboard Ihe treasure an
other personage came through the
.dream and told John Newton he would
plunge into the sea and bring that
ring up if he desired ii. He plunged
into the sea and brought it up and said
to John Newton: "Here is that gem,
, but I think I will keep it for you lest
: you lose it again." And John New
1 ton consented, and all the fire went
: out from the mountains, and all the
signs of lurid wrath disappeared from
; the air, and John Newton said that he
i saw in his dream that that valuable
I gem was his soul and that the being
; who persuaded him to throw it over
; board was Satan and that the one who
plunged in and restored that gem,
keeping it for him, was Christ. And
that dream makes - one of the most
, wonderful chapters in the life of that
most wonderful man.
Rev. Herbert Mendes was converted
to God through a dream of the last
judgment, aud many of us have had
some dream of that great day of judg
vnent which shall be the winding up
of the world's history. If you have
not dreamed of it, perhaps to-night
you may dream of that day. There are
enough materials to make a dream
enough voices, for there shall be tho
roaring of ihe elements and the great
earthquake; enough light for the
dream, for the world shall blaze;
enough excitement, for the mountains
shall fall; enough water, for the ocean
i shall rear: enough astronomical phe-
nomena. for the stars shall go out;
! enough populations, for all the races of
all ages will fall into line of one of
j two .processions, the one ascending
. and the other descending, the one led
by the rider on the white horse of
eternal victory, the other led on by
Apollyon on the black charger of
eternal defeat. The dream comes on
me now, and I see the lightnings from
above answering the volcanic disturh
; ances from benea'h. and I hear the
j long reverberating thunders that shall
wake up the dead, and all the seas,
I lifting up their crystal voices, cry:
i "Come to judgment!" and all the
! voices of the heaven cry: "Come to
' judgment!" and crumbling mausol
l eum and Westminster abbeys and
j pvramids'of the dead with marble
voices cry: "Come to - judgment!"
; And the archangel seizes an instru
ment of music which has never yet
been sounded, an instrument of music
that was made only for one sound,
and, thrusting that mighty trumpet
through ihe clouds and tv.rning it this
way, he shall put it to his lip and blow
the long, loud blast tTIat shall make
the solid earth quiver, crying: "Come
to judgment!"
A Palmist Interrupted.
"Y'ou will be married "
"Sav, tell nie the good things first.
N. Y. Herald.
In Gnaranleelnc Impartiality, So
retarjr Root Inalsta that It llaa
Always Been Shown.
-Washington, Nov. 30. Secretary
Root yesterday addressed a communi
cation to Eligio Bonanchea, president
of the convention at Havana, Cuba,
that nominated Gen. Botolomo Maso
for president, relative to complaints
that United States authorities were
interfering in the Cuban elections. A
press dispatch from Havana stated
that Maso complained that the in
fluence of United States officers was
being exerted in favor of Estrada
I'alma, and a dispatch from Bonachea
to the secretary implied the same
thing. Following is the' secretary's
communication to Senor Bonachea:
"Washington, D. C, Nov. 29, 1901.
"Sir I have the honor to acknowl
edge the receipt of your dispatch of
November 26, saying: 'The national
convention of Havana which has pro
claimed Gen. Maso candidate for the
presidencj' of the future republic of
Cuba respectfully asks you to recom
mend to the representatives of the in
tervening government the strictest
impartiality in the electoral contest
which is now taking place.
"The representatives of the inter
vening government in Cuba are al
ready aware that their duty requires
them not merely to be strictly impar
tial in the electoral contest in Cuba,
but to refrain from interfering in any
manner whatever -with the free ex
pression of the wishes of the Cuban
people at the polls. They have not
violated this rule in the past, and will
not in the future. They will have
nothing to do with the electoral con
test except to enforce the electoral
law prescribed by the constitutional
convention and promulgated by the
military governor on the 14th of Oc
tober last. This "wiil be done im
partially and effectively.
"It is quite unnecessary to assume
that the officers of this government
will be less faithful to their duty
hereafter than they have been in
the past, or to recommend or direct
that they shall perform a duty which
they are already performing.
"Very respectfully,
"Secretary of War."
Circular of Cnatlon to All Offlceri
and Employe! of the Depart
ment of Justice. .
Kansas City,Mo.,Nov.30. The United
States marshal and district attorney
j'esterday received copies of a circu
lar from Attorney-General Knox with
orders to post it in their office and
call it to the attention of all em
ployes. The circular says:
"To all officers and emploj-es of the
department of justice:
"Your attention is directed to a cir
cular of this department issued Au
gust 20, 1900, in which section 2 of
the civil service act of January 10,
1SS3, forbidding any executive officer
or employe, among others, to solicit
or receive political contributions
fi'cm any officers or emplo3'es of the
United Slates, was quoted, and all
persons serving under this depart
ment were required to observe strict
ly the prohibitions of this law, aud
were recommended to refrain from
service on political committees
charged with the collection and dis
bursement of campaign funds. I now
repeat the injunctions of that circu
lar, and add the "following further
directions on this subject:
"Rule No. 2 of the civil service rules
provides that no person in the execu
tive civil service shall use his official
authorit3r or official influence for the
purpose of interfering with an elec
tion or controlling the result there
of. The spirit of the civil service
laws and rules renders it highly unde
sirable for federal ofiicers and em
ployes to take an active part in po
litical conventions or in the direc
tion of other parts of political ma
chinery. Persons in the government
service nnder this department should
not act as chairmen of political or
ganizations, nor make themselves un
duly prominent in local political mat
ters. It is expected and required that
all officers and emploj-es of this de
partment shall act in entire conform
ity with the views herein set forth."
Invites the Carisle Foolhall Team to
Her Fifth Avenne Mansion
Russell Surprised.
New Y'ork, Nov. 00. Mrs. Russell
Sage, who is interested in the subject
of Indian education, invited . the
entire Carlisle Indian football team
to her home on Fifth avenue 3-ester-da3',
and they went up in a bodj- from
the Fifth Avenue hotel. The arrival
of the "tribe," many of whom bore
traces of Thursday's struggle, with
Columbia, was a complete surprise to
Mr. Sage, but he received the Indians
When the boys trooped into the
house the3' were made to feel at
home at once, and before they left
Mrs. Sage gave each of them a pres
4. Prominent Wisconsin Stockman
Killed In a Wreck on the
Xorthuetlern Road.
lacrosse, Wis., Nov. 30. G. E. Saun
derson. a nrominent stock man of
Trempealeau, Wis., who was in charge
of blooded stock for the Chicago live
stock show, was instantly killed and
a brakeman injured in a wreck late
Wednesday night on the Chicago A
Northwestern railroad at the west
entrance of tunnel No. 3. between
Sparta and Summit.
IVevr York. Police Commissioner.
New Y'ork, Nov. 30. Ma3"or-elect
Seth Low has announced the appoint
ment of Col. J ohn N. Partridge as po
lice commissioner of the Greater New
York. Col. Partridge is now state
superintendent of public works.
. An Ancient "Vegrres Dead.
New Y'ork, Nov. 30. A dispatch tc
the Herald from Rio Janeiro, Brazil,
saj s: Haria Lnsa, a negress, 160 yean
old, is dead. She was the last.- repre
sentative of the slaves who were im
ported directly from Africa.
Thrown from Hie Cab and
The following is a rhost interesting and. in
one respect, pathetic tale:
Air.-J. Pope, 2 Jrerrar isoaa, etreatnam,
"Yes. roor chaD. he is tfone. dead horse
bolted, thrown off his seat on his cab he was
driving and killed poor chap, and a good
sort, too, mate. It was mm, you see, wno
gave me the half-bottle of St. Jacobs Oil
that made a new man of me. 'Twas like
this: rue and Bowman were great friends.
Some gentleman had given him a bottle of
St. Jacobs Oil which had -done him a lot
of good; he only used half the bottle, and
remembenne that 1 had been a martyr to
rheumatism and sciatica for years, that I
had literally tried everything, had doc
tors, and all without benefit, I became dis
couraged, and looked upon it that there was
no help for me. Well," said Pope. "You
may not believe me. for it is a miracle, but
before I had tised the contents of the half
bottle of St. Jacobs Oil which poor Bow
man gave me, 1 was a well man. 1 here it is,
yon see. after years of rain, after using rem
edies, oils, embrocations, horse liniments,
and spent money on doctors without get
ting any better, 1 tvas completely cured in
a few days. I bought another bottle, think
ing the pain might come back, but it did
not, so I gave the bottle away to a friend
who had a lame back. I can't speak too
highly of this wonderful pain-killer."
More Palatable.
''Good-morning," said the would-be con
tributor, "How would you like to have an
jssav on 'Our Daily Bread?' "
"Thanks," replied the editor, "we prefer
butter. Good-day." Philadelphia Record.
Pnblic Protected.
Hon. Judge Wing of the Federal Court
of Cleveland has issued a permanent injunc
tion with costs and damages enjoining a
lawyer named Gorey from the manufacture
and sale of an imitation of Cascarets. Gorey
imitated the'boxes, the shape of the tablet
and used a similar sounding name. Any
dealer who will offer a substitute or say
that something "is just as good" when Cas
carets are called for, does it for the purpose
of making a few cents extra profit, which
must always be at the expense of the cus
tomer's health.
Cascarets have been advertised freely in
our columns and as the result of making
them known, Cascarets to-day have the
largest sale of any bowel medicine in the
world. They arc always packed in metal
boxes with the long tail "C" on the cover
and each tablet stamped C. C. C. They are
naver sold in bulk or jom jars. Readers
are warned against imitations or substitutes
of this meritorious medicine, and if at any
time they have been offered a substitute
Dr an offer to sell something "just as good"
when Cascarets have been asked for, write
direct to the Sterling Remedy Company,
New Y'ork or Chicago.
In the Department Store.
"I want to get a dog collar," said the
"Yes, sir," replied the absent-minded
salesgentleman, who had recently been
transferred to that department, "what size
shirt do you wear?" Philadelphia Press.
Highest Award
Cocoa and Chocolate.
The Judges at the Pan-American Exposi
tion, Buffalo, have awarded three gold
medals to Walter Baker & Co. Limited,
Dorchester, Mass., for the superiority of
their Breakfast Cocoa and all of their cocoa
and chocolate preparations, and the excel
lence of their exhibit.
This is the thirty-seventh highest award ;
received by them from the great expositions 1
m r-urope ana America.
How She Knew.
"That is your husband rapping!" an
nounced the medium in a solemn voice.
"My husband rapping?" stid the widow,
absently; "gracious! he must have for
gotten his night key!" Philadelphia Rec
ord. Some men are suspicious of their friends,
but can always be worked by Urangera.
Atchison Globe.
Kansas City,
Nov. SO.
3 C 45
CATTLE Beef steers
Native stockers
Western steers
WHEAT No. 2 hard
No. 2 red
CORN No. 2 mixed
OATS No. 2 mixed
RYE No. 2
FLOUR Hard wh't patents
Soft wheat patents
HAY Timothy
BRAN Sacked
BUTTER Choice to fancy..
CHEESE Full cream
CATTLE Native steers
Texas" steers
HOGS Packers
SHEEP Native
FLOUR Winter, patents ...
3 90
.- Hi
00 fi
5 05
6 15
3 60
S5 (a
Ott. fu'13 50
00 13 00
1 02
14 22
S3 1 00
50 Si
10 ??
50 ?S
00 p
55 ?e ;
66 rt)
50 $1
37"'u :
"WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
OATS No. 2
HOGS Mixed and butchers. 5
SHEEP Western 2
FLOUR Winter patents ... 3
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
(fi! 7 15
Si 6 03
to 3 50
fit 3 60
& 77
43'.g 14
9 60
15 1214
OATS No. 2 ...
RYE December
LRAD November
PORK November
CATTLE Steers 4
HOGS Western 5
WHEAT No. 2 red
CORN No. 2
OATS No. 2
00 t3 5 53
60 6 00
00 2 25
6D 70-i
1 r.K.mi.
fs'" " 1 r
r i H
-.-urT ?,- Ill
sr m tv a. 11111 1 "-few -rsk,-" m s. I t m i i mm r 1 jm
tl I I I I I I I I I II - 5 I A .
hi It I I I I I I I I 1 "4 Pv -
11 1 1. ,
H I I I I I I I I II Vl'rA I ETl.V
Bl.-kllllllllf I I IX
are used by the best shots in the country because they
uniform and reliable. All the world's championships and 1
won and made by Winchester shells
Best far t Dowels.
No matter what ails you, headache to
cancer, you will never get well until you
bowels are put right. Cascarets help nature,
cure you without a gripe or pain, produce
easy, natural movements, cost you just 10
cents to start getting your health back.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put
up in metal boxes, every tablet has C. 0. C
stamped on it. Beware of imitations.
No Limit.
Mrs. Talk Emma is very fond of ens
Mrs. Gossip Yes, she even ruffles heir
temper. Boston Herald. -
Persons contemplating a journey East or
West should be careful that the rates paid
for their transportation do not exceed those
charged by the Nickel Plate Road.
This company always offers lowest rates
and the service is efficient. Careful at
tention is given to the wants of all fir
and second class passengers by uniformed
colored attendants. The dining car service
of the Nickel Plate Road is above criticism
and enables the traveler to obtain meals
at from thirty-five (3o) cents to $1.00 bu
no higher.
The Pullman service is the usual high
grade standard. Semi-weekly transconti
nental tourist cars ply between Atlantia
and Pacific Coasts. Confer with nearest
gent of the Nickel Plate Road.
Every man thinks his writing is plalnetf
than thatof anyone he ever knew. Atchi
son Globe.
I ara sure Piso's Cure for Consumptioq
saved my life three years ago. Mrs. Thoa,
Bobbins, Maple Street, Norwich, N.
Feb. 17, 1900;
"This," remarked the minister, after of
ficiating at the double wedding, "is what
we call putting two and two together."
Cincinnati Observer. ,
To Cnre a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggistsref und money if it fails to cure. 25c
Many a man who tries to be a rascal finds
he is only capable of being a tool. CLicago
Daily News.
Dropsy treated free bv Dr. H. II. Green't
Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. The greatest drops
specialists in the world. Read their adver
tisement in another column of this paper.
Contentment gives a crown, where for
tune hath denied it. Ford.
easy to use as soap. No muss or failures.
He who rules must humor full as much,
as he commands. George Eliot.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Fa&olmlle Wrapper Below.
Tcry ssaall and a easy
to take as skt.
15 cSrt I rarely Tegietle.,3
JtUSJ'X. Ji IRt. U.I L
New and Enlarged Edition
of English, Biography, Geography, Fiction, etc
25,000 NEW WORDS. ETC.
Edited by V. T. HARRIS, Fh.D., L.L.D.,
United States Commissioner of Education.
New Plates Throughout. ' Rich Bindings.
3364 Pages. 5000 Illustrations.
Also Webster's Colleeitte
Dictionary with a valuable
Scottish Glossary. iico Pages.
1400 Illustrations. Size 7iicx2sin.
Specimen pages, etc., of both '
books sent on application, a,
G. O C. Merriam Co., Sprinjrf.eld,Mass.
ODdtill WHISKY and other drug-
Ul lUltl habite cured. We wnnt ths
worst cacs. Uoufc ud references FKEE. Dr.
B. 41. WUOLLKY, ix. a, Atlanta, &.
n Q f C5 f KEW DISCOVERY; gives
fr JW quick relief and cures vror
ca.es. Book of teT!nionlal! nl lO limv treatment
Free. Dr. a. U. fekkk.VS bONtt, Box Jit, ATLANTA, Ua.
NUVMi. EVAJI:XjS1 trla, SOo.
A. N. K F
X lease state that ysu saw the AdTertlry
f nnt la this
Low Ratis to Texas,
At freajf'ent intervals dur
ing 1901, rountj trip
:cketswill be sold via the
Cotton 'Belt Route,
j pjxpm Cairio and.
'ft:,1':11 -P1 115 io-f points
Ia-i v!H' J ri'' Arkansas 'Lot
rauna, 1 exa, ana
Indian and Okla-
bma Territories,
r?at.'-2rc.itlv redured
J-ii.i- :;! -.- 1
Yffi iim:' V.
will tell you when you can secure on
of the low-rate tickets fnd what j it will
Ost. W will also send vou m comm.!.
;' jschedule (or the trip and an iiUejeslif Jf
-r 1
..P.i,mphis.TenB. 'tf.C.ADWS.T.P.IL, fUsWlie, fen.
j.r.Aunuoniu,uii. .Ai.'vm. -.r.4,uirLUL
LW.UBLilL(LP.artT.SLloiJs,ft, t
are so accurate-
records have be-en
Shoot them and you'll shoot well.
i- -t
,.- - .
1 .

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