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Tfie Bolivar Bulletin.
Humi "Williams, Jiitok.
Peogkess Tklephonk No. 17.
Friday, December 20. 1901.
The Democratic County Execu
tive CoininiltPe i licrey called to
meet at the Court House in IJolivar,
Tenn., on Tuesdav, January Vth,
1!02, at 11 o'clock A. y. A full
attendance is rojuc.-tcd, :ii 1ui nes-s
of great importance to the put"
will bo T)iiri!ltT( :!.
W. C. Piilk-, Ch'n.
.1. A. Wihon, Jr., Sfu'y.
Do-::. 1 t, l'.-ui.
Tin; laniliii:.;
N ho
wcatlii-r is i ;i .;. '.'-st.
Tin: price: of cvaon o! lias ad
vanced s.;vcr,i! dollars per l on with
in tliC p:tt ..'.
Xor a 1 i ; i e have we seen about
"the beautiful snnw." Perhaps I'mp
blood of the j-o.-l.s has been chilled.
Jl'I);k 1i:ki:is lias withdrawn
from tlie race for Governor. Th.e
pace was too fast for the ohi gen
tleman. Post.mas ri;i: (ienera! Charles Km
ory .Smith has residue;! nut! will re
turn to Philadelphia to edit a news
paper. Henry C Payne, of Wis
consin, will lie his successor.
To alleviate the buffering of the
people of Fajette County, caused
by a failure in crops, a mass meet
inn of her citizens has been called
to be hehl in Somerville next Sat
urday, to devise plans and effect an
Senator Caemack has been
assigned by the Domocratie caucus
to a place on the committee on the
Philippines, which is a most impor
tant committee for a new senator.
This assignment will be agreed to
by the senate.
TunrjK are poor people in Bol
ivar, as well as in every other town.
For their lv'ief, we have no public
fund available; but we have a citi
zenship which has never failed to
respond promptly and liberally to
the assistance of the needy and de
serving. No sooi'cr h?: Kcy. l. F. IJ.
Howard gets "ut of one trouble he
gets into ar.otht r. A few days ago
he was released lit. in the Federal
prison at Columbus, Ohio, after
serving a term of mx years for
swindling, and was immediately
turned over to ,M i- higan authorities
to answer a similar charge.
IJeak-Admii: i, S iii.i:y is all
right, the findings of a majoiity of
the board of inquiry to tlie contra
ry, not will-tar -ding. The decision
was a Mirpri ;e. in view of the evi
dence submit t-d. In o roust, how
ever high in authority, can dimin
ish the fame of the gallant oid sea
man, who has weathered many
storms. lie ln , a place in the
hearts of Aiik rican people from
which he cann.it be dislodged.
Acokihn; to a cutom which
has been observed by the Iiri.i.Eiix
tor more than thirty years, we will
print no paper Christmas week.
Our next edition will appear Friday,
January 3rd, 1902. The patronage
accorded the Bulletin during the
year now cming to a close has
been the most satisfactory within
its history UDtler the preseut man
agement, covering a period of thir
teen years. We desire to thank
our friends for their support, and
hope they will all have a merry
Christmas ami that prosperity will
smile upon them in the future.
Bolivar High School.
Remember the "Two in One"
will be on Friday night as adver
tised. The pupils are well up on
their rehearsals, having done ex
cellent work in same, ami will be
prepared to entertain you through
out the entiie programme.
The "Sniggles Family" must be
seen to be appreciated. Then, just
at this season, "Out in the Streets"
will be much more enjoyable on the
inside, for be assured tlie building
will be comfortabl v heated and it is
believed that each one will be well
pleased with th.e entertainment.
The teachers and advanced pupi's
tiave joined hands, and are working
earnestly for the establishment of a
Library at the school, and the pro
ceeds ct this will be applied for
that purpose.
Sterling Silverware, Quad
ruple Plated Silverware, Sil
ver Novelties, Knives, Forks
and Spoons at Lihtfort's.
How t0 0btain Rural Free De,IverT
la a number of counties in Ten
nessee the rural free delivery system
is in operation and is proving a
great convenience to the public.
At the request of some of the citizens
of Ilarde'iian County, who are anx
ious to have the system introduced
here, we publish below a synopsis
of a circular, sent out from the. Post
Office Department, giving informa
tion on the subject:
A petition must be presented to
the First Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral, signed by those who desire the
scrice. Said petition should be
Mimed only by heat..- oi families,
ai.d should mention the number in
each family over 10 years of age.
It -lioul 1 set forth the nature of
thecoui-try where the delivery is
tivsii ' d, v. !i'-ther densely or sparsely
populate;!, the principal avocations
i' the p. . :!,, the character of the
mads. a:.d the distances which,
lit! 'iff e;-;im.r e mditions, each
i '-o:. I -V io travel to receive hi.-t-
;il, and should bo accompanied b)
a map or pl.-'t, indicating the route
or ro ites proposed.
Tliis petition, when properly
j-igt-ed, should le sent to your Con-
'.n.-Sf-mun or Senator with the re
; o sL i Ii it they endorse thereon
l:.;;r recommendation of the services
:i-';i-d. ,-:d forward tlie petition to
l!i . ; p 'i tmeiit .
The purpose of the Rural Free
Di li very System is to give postal
f.ic'ditus to those who have none;
to rarry the mails daily to remote
communities, the residents of which
would otherwise nave to travel from
two to twelve miles to receive their
letters and newspapers.
The roads must be good. No
route c n be established under
ordinary circumstances that is less
than from 20 to 25 miles in length,
or which serves less thanlOOfamilies.
The route t-hould be so arranged
that the cariier will not be required
to travel over the same ground twice
oti the same day. Those desiring
the delivery must be prepared to
put up at their own expense, at some
convenient location which ca i be
reached by the carrier without dis
mounting from his buggy, approp
riate and secure boxes for the re
ception ol the U. S. Mai), of a char
acter to give protection from the
weather and to be reasonaoly proof
against mischievous or malicious
interference. Carriers are not re
quired to deliver mail to houses
standing back from th main road,
except in the case of registered mail,
special delivery and pension letters.
Upon receipt of a petition favor
ably endorsed, a special agent is
assigned to visit the location im'i
cated, to map out a route or routes,
and to select rural carriers to be
appointed by the Department. In
all such cases the advice of the Rep
resentative in Congress is sought,
both as regards the carrier and tlie
postal service to be discontinued on
tlie establishment of Rural Free
Rural carriers are required to give
bond in the sum of 500, with two
sureties. Thev are paid by warrants
issued by the '1 :e-a-ury Department
upon certlrioates forwarded by the
l-tiu,istcr. T.u-ir rate of pay is
(ixrd by the Department, and in
clu'.i s hor-e hire. Tin: maximum
ran of pav, as at present establish
ed, is ::v;0 j er annum for a lull
rom.-'of : j -1 oximalioo 2" miles, or
iiV'J per annum for each live miles
travelled. Oi shorter routes, one
or more substitute carriers should
be provided, who must give bond
same as regular carrier, and who
alone are permitted .to carry the
mail in ti e absence or disability of
the ivgi:i;:r carrier. The carrier is
to pay the substitute at the same
rate lie himelf receives. All rural
carriers are under control of the
Pot:nar ter from whose office the
service is established, who is re
(juiiad to report any derelictions
upon their part.
Mail is to be delivered every day
in the year except Sundays. Rural
carriers are required to take with
them on their trips for the accom
modation of their patrons a suffi
cient supply of stamps, envelopes
postal cards.
Grand Junction Locals.
Prof. Robert Prewitt says this
is cold enough for him. There are
lots of others iu the same boat,
Miss Ethel Smith will spend
Xrnas in Memphis with her sister,
Mrs. Stackard.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bryant, of
Greenville, Tex., are spending a
few days with Mr. Welions. Mr.
Bryant says our town has grown
some since ht; left here, and is glad
to see our people keep their proper
ty painted and in good repair.
Messrs. A. F. and W. A. Stin,son
have been spending several days in
the Mississippi bottom, looking al
tpr their interests. They own some
tine farming land in the Delta.
G'ad to see Mr. Edgar Dunlap
with the oys again. Ed has made
Corinth his home for some time,
lie has a position with the V. T.
Adams Machine Co.
WillWebb, of Brownfield, Miss ,
was on our streets this week.
Mr. J. II. Carlin, of Middleton,
is registered at the Commercial.
Wonder why he was so shy of the
towns-people. We know you like
to visit the county seat, John, but
i not always -on legal business. Don't
be afraid to face your triends.
! We understand the Commercial
i '
Hotel will change hands Jan. 1st.
Mr. W. E. Dabbs, of LaGrange,
will take charge of it.
We were sorry to hear that W. j
I . Follis lost about 30 worth of
newly made pottery by the freeze.
The ware was green and freezing
ruined it.
Our town will soon enjoy the
benefit of the IT. S. field trials.
They will meet here about January
10th, for two or three weeks. Our
town ami surrounding country ex
tend welcome to you, gentlemen.
Wo hear with regret that Mr. R.
II. Siioup wants to sell out and
move to the Delta. We wish to
see our neighbors do well, there
fore we hope Mr. Stroup will be
enabled to see well enongh here,
and remain; we do not wish to give
up such citizens.
Mr. Arch Godsey, of Saulsbury,
wr.s on our streets this week,
(.'tnne again, Mr. Godsev.
U No
Not like Some-. h
Merchants, x
I am looking after
my own interests, and not
the "Dear People's" alto
gether. While I love the
people, I do not love them
better than myself. I pro
pose to meet all honest
competition in business,
however. 04 My stock
embraces everything us
ually kept for the Xmas
trade. A fresh and
complete line of h Staple
and Fancy Groceries v al
ways on hand.5i m
v Respectfully,
ki eij. T. Joyner.
The Pride of Heroes.
Many soldiers in the last war
write to say that for scratches, cuts,
bruises, wounds, corns, sore feet,
and stiff joints, Buckleu's Arnica
Salve is the best in the world. Same
for burns, scalds, boils, ulcers, skin
eruptions and piles. It cures or no
pay. Only 2oc at W. J Cox & Cos',
drug store.
Malaga Grapes . Florida Oranges
Fruit Cakes
Plum Puddings
Currants Citron Seedless Raisins
Heinz's Mince-Meat
Confectioneries of all kinds
Largest, freshest and best stock of Fancy
Groceries in Bolivar
On account of the low price of cotton and short
crops, during the month of December we propose
to sell for cash at prices below zero:
2 II). can Tomatoes, 8 cents per can.
. II). can Tomatoes, 10 cents per can.
II). can California Peaches, 10 cents per can.
. lb. can Lusks' Hear Brand Peaches, lGf cents per can.
P neappie.-s, IVas, Cherries and all canned goods at reduc
ed prices.
Apples, Oranges, Raisins, Prunes, Candies, etc., cheap.
Coflee, Sugar, Flour and Family Supplies at close figures.
Good stock of Dry Goods at reduced price.
Boots and Shoes, 10 per cent. less for cash.
Queensware, Saddlery, Collars, Bridles, 10 per cent, less
for cash.
Call to see us near (Bank of (Bolivar.
L. Lialitfort & Co.
fl Til
Conzblete Stock
Alzvays on Hand.
Rain ndiweat
have no effect on
harness treated
with Eureka H ar-
re.s Oil. It re-
sit th; damp,
keep thele.v.h-
-) er w
hi nl;e.
er M'tt ana pll-
c!' not break.
ore 3k.
No rc!:ch fur-
face to chafe
and cut. 1 he
i-- - cm
otly keeps
lot kirg like
new, but
wars tice
as ions by the
use of Eureka
1 larness Oil.
Made l y
Stsadard 0:
A Good Cough Medicine.
From the Gazette, Toowoomba, Australia.
I find Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy is an excellent medicine. I have
been suffering from a severe cough
for the last two months and it has
effected a cure. I have great pleas
ure in recommending it. W. C.
Wockser. This is the opinion of
one of our oldest and most respected
residents, and has been voluntarily
given in good faitb that others may
try the remedy and be benefited, as
was Air. Wockner. This remedy is
sold by W. J. Cox & Co., Bolivar;
J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
A beautiful lot of Birthday
Presents, Wedding Presents
at Hudson's, up-stairs.
Registration Notice.
Books will be opened at the court
house in Bolivar, Tenn., for three
days, to-wii: Dec. 26. 27 and 28,
1901, for the purpose of registering
those entitled to vote in the munici
pal election to be held in Bolivai on
Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1902.
This Dec. 9, 1901.
C. A. Miller,
W. M. Matthews
iews, V
b )
Julius Watson
Commissioners of Election Ilarde
mau County, Tenn.
In sluggish liver, Ilerbine, by its
beneficial action upon the bilary
tracts, renders the bile more fluid,
and brings the liver into a sound,
healthy condition, thereby banish
ing the sense of drowsiness, lethar
crv aud the treneral feeling of apathy
which arise from disorders of the
liver. Price, 50e. For sale by W .
J. Cox & Co.
Lt, ' I
in tans ' l VX3v V)
Vaughan Versailles.
Our school is progiessing fairly
well uuder the management of Miss
Sallie Ivearney, one of the beautiful
Sorry to report tbe death of Mrs.
John Bryant, which lately occurred.
Mrs. John Sparkman ad Mrs.
Frances Galloway and others who
have been on the sick list arj doing
fairly well we are glad to siy.
Mr. J. Cullen Sparkman was a
reeent cuest of tbe family, of Mr.
Bob. McCommons.
Mr. Banyan Galloway disposed
of a lot of pork in Saulsbury a few
days since at six ceits. j
Miss Evye Fortune, after a
sojourn with tlie family of her aunt, j
Mrs. Frances Galloway, returned aj
few days ago.
The recent advance in the price
of flour, has caused some to buy an
unusual lot.
Prof. Ben I. Foster, one of the
Institute's best teacheis is training
the young mind to shoot at Turkey
Messrs Black and I erry now own
and control the giu and grist mill
formerly operated by J. T. Fortune
nenr Mr. J,. II. Cox's residence.
Mrs. Nonie Avent has just re
turned to her home near the Hos
pital fiom a visit to her mother,
Mrs, S. J Galloway.
The majority of ojt farmers has
finally sold the most of their cot
ton and are now preparing for the
Christmas holidays by sawing, cut
ting anu splitting wood.
On account of the inclement
weather the sale at Mrs. J P. Bur
nett's was postponed and those who
attended enjoyed some lively music
mvte by Mr. Bob. McCommons
(violin) and Mr. Luther Gatewood
(banjo). Minimum.
Foils a Deadly Attack.
'My wife was f-o ill that good
physicians were unable to help her,"
writes M. M Austin, of v inches-
ter, Iud., 4,but was completely cured
by Dr. King's. N-w Life Pills."
They work wonders iu stomach and
liver troubles. Cure constipation.
sick headache, etc. 25c at W. J.
Cox fc Cos', drug store.
You Know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic, because the formula is
plainly printed on every bottle show
ing that it is simply iron aud quinine
in a tasteless form. No Cure, No
Pay. 50c.
mm m
Saved at Grave's Brink.
"I know 1 would long ago have
been in my grave," writes Mrs. S
II. Newsom, of Decatur, Ala., ,4if
it had not been for Electric Bitters
For three years I sufiered untold
agony from the worst forms of iudi
gestion, waterbrash, stomach and
bowel dyspepsia. But this excellent
medicine did me a world of good
Since using it I can eat heartily am
have gained 35 pounds." For indi
gestion, loss of appetite, stomach,
liver and kidney troubles, Electric
Bitters are a positive, guaranteed
cure. Only 50 cts. at W. J. Cox fc
Cos . drug store.
Building lots in Northwest
Bolivar, between Railroad
and Union Street. Prices,
terms and size of lots to suit
W. C. Doriox.
A Million Voices
Could hardly express the thanks
of Homer Hall, of V est Point, la,
Listen why: A severe co'd had set
tied on his lungs, causing i most ob
stinate cough. Several physicians
said he had onsumptiou, but could
not help him. When all thought he
was doomed he began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consump
tion and writes: 4,It completely
cured me and saved my life. 1 now
weigh"227 pounds " Ii is positively
guaranteed for coughs, colds and
lung troubles. Price, 50c and 1.00.
Trial bottles free at W. J. Cox &
The Nuckolls' livery sta)le,
lot and brick room adjoining
it on the north.
Also, 178 acres of land on
Hatchie river, one mile north
of Bolivar, formerly owned
by C. A. Miller.
Also, 173 acres of land in
civil district No. 16, known
as the Lockie tract.
Apply at Bank of Bolivar.
For Kent.
The Fentress Law Offices, corner
Main and Jackson Streets; also tbe
Taylor Carpenter Shop, between
said Law Offices and the Bolivar
Hotel. For terras apply to
t.f. T. M. Mo ore, Agt.
Coon Skins,
Mink Skins,
Dry and Green Hides, etc.
For which we will pay the
highest market prices.
Wilkinson & Sign's.
. t "
i- . ' " ; i tv
;r --:
AAcgetalle PrcparalionforAs
similaling ifc'Food andReguIa
ling IhcSlomaths and Bowels cf
m mV mm Jm-Tim P'j, WTWTe1
Promotes Dit.esUcn.Chocrriil
ness andKcsf.Conlains neilhcr
Ophim.Morphino no r Miiteral.
tixkt'U SrJtt -
JBfrmvit -
fianiwd Miff"
liittuytnni nan c
Apafecl Remedy forConsiipa
Tion , Sour StcmfvCh.Diarrhoca
Worms ,ton'uls;(.n3 .Feverish
ness cui.lLossoF Sleep.
FacSunilc Sinr.lure or
r'.uUMI".f.jk,.'AIWl.L J.jJJ yunHPJ r
, m.. -i. .
G. T. IX;U.M, PresMt nt-
W. KORION. Casiiier.
JOHN if. MITCHELL, Assist Cashier.
"Directors G. T.
W" Anderson G' M- Savage
"Xran3acts a General Banking Business.
f Collections Made and Pioinpt Returns.
r -s -s -s '5 -sn -s -s
Stinson JMiarhJe Works.
Satisfaction fMiUfifi Correspond':
i-ri' n irnv.t.pp.(1,
s--m . 9
W. R. ROBINSON, Proprietor.
All kinds of iMonurnental Work from the licst Domestic
and ImporteiPIUurbYo and Granite.
J Most in OuantifT. Beftln Onality. I
For 20 Years Has Led a
tPreparedby m JAMES F- BALLARD. St. LOUlS.
For Sale By
Uecommen elation ol a Well-Known
Chicago Physician.
I use and prescribe Chamberlain's
Cough Hemedy for almost all obsti
uate, constricted coughs, with direct
results. I prescribe it for children
of all ages. Am glad to recommend
it to all in need and seeking relief
from colds and coughs and bronchial
afflictions. It is non narcotic and
safe in the bauds of the most unpro
fessional. A universal panacea for
all mankind. Mrs. Mary R. Mel
etdv, M. D., Ph. D., Chicago, 111.
This remedy is for sale by W. J.
Cox & Co., Bolivar J. W. Nuck
olls, Toone.
A New Remeay.
The old frieuds of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy will be pleased to
know that the manufacturers of that
preparation have gotten out a new
remedy ealled Chamberlaud's Siom
ich and Liver Tablets, and that it is
meeting with much success in the
treatment of constipation, bilious
ness, sick headache, impaired diges
tion and like disorders. These Tab
lets are easier to take and morel
pleasant in effect than pills; then j
they not only move th bowelf, but!
improve the appetite ami correi-t any j
disorders ol tl.e stomach and liver
For sale by W. J. Cox tfc Co., Uoli -
var; J. W. Nuckolls, Toone.
This signature is on every box of the penuirte ;
Laxative BromoQiilnln2 Tablets ;
tb remedy that rtires n roll In one day j
tt mm m m j j
?or Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
THt cinTKiin commnTi new took city.
. - , j . if iud i iivnj
. x 5". jgz- ?'
. S7-
Ingram, Jno. V. Nuckolls, m
c- Dorion, Juu. P. Douglas.
Deposits Solicited.
" Money to Loan on Reasonable Terms. KV
erm Remedies. i30S5SfiffiB
W. J. COX.
Trustee's Notice.
The undersigned, having this day
J qualified as Tru.-tee under the gen-
i era assignment of Thos. McCullar,
- 1 a11 persons
having claims against
' the said Thos. McCullar will tile the
same with me for payment, and ajl
persons indebted to the said Thos.
McCullar will come forward and
settle with the undersigned.
This Dec. 7, 1901.
11. I. Kossok, Trustee,
Knsary Springs, Tenn.
J. N. MULFORD, Jeweler
Send Post Office order or express order
for $3.00 and receive in return
5 yds. 40-in. Sleeve Lining.
5 yds. 32-in. Coat Lining.
I gross 24 Ivory Vest Buttons.
I gross 30 Ivory Coat Buttons.
J Spool Davies Imitation Silk, J075 yds.
! 1 Y511 alsoincludemy Illustrated Cata
John F. Davies,
67 Smith Street,
Mention this Paper.
' .: .
r r i-- j- "fc.

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