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Life la Crowlnsr X.onsrer.
From statistics and certain changes in our
tnethods of livir.?, it has been proven that
life is beinK steadily lengthened. We ar
justified in believing this when we consider
the great advance made in medicine during
"the pat fifty years, the most noteworthy of
them being If o. tetter's Stomach 15hter3.
This ideal medicine cures headache, sour
stomach, belching, heartburn and indiges
tion, also steadies the nerves, induces sound
rleep and prevents malaria, fever and ague.
Be sure to try it.
The way to destroy courage is not to
pluck it up. Chicago Daily News.
k 5r i
6 m m i
1 Ww i
LydSa Em PinMzom's XfcgsfaSste Qcmpoziiizlm
It will entirely cure the -worst forms of Female Complaints, all Ova
rian troubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling and Displacement
of the Womb, and consequent Spinal Weakness, and is peculiarly
adapted to the Change of Life.
It has cured more cases of Backache and Leucorrhoea than any
other remedy the world has ever known. It is almost infallible in such
cases. It dissolves and expels tumors from the Uterus in an early stage
of development, and checks any tendency to cancerous humors.
Irregular, Suppressed or Painful ilenstruat ion. Weakness of the
Stomach, Indigestion, Bloating, Flooding, Nervous Prostration, Head
ache, General Debility quickly yields to it.
Womb troubles, causing pain, weight, and backache, instantly re
lieved and permanently cured by its use. Under all circumstances it
acts in harmony with the laws that govern the female system, and is as
harmless as water.
It quickly removes that Bearing-down Feeling, extreme lassi
tude, "don't care" and "want-to-be-left-alone" feeling, excitability,
irritability, nervousness, Dizziness, Faintness, sleeplessness, flatulency,
melancholy or the " blues," and backache. These are sure indications
of Female Weakness, or some derangement of the Uterus, which this
medicine always cures.
Kidney Complaints and Backache of either sex the Vegetable
. Compound always cures.
No other female medicine in the world has received such
widespread and unqualified endorsement. No other medicine
lias such a record of cures of female troubles.
Those women who refuse to accept anything else are re
awarded a hundred thousand times, for they get wnat they want
a cure. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Refuse all substitutes.
r PURITY a i
Sold only m H-lh. Packages
Premium List in EveryPackage.
For the round Lion heads cut from the fronts of UON COFFEE
wrappers we mail FREE the most valuable presents eves'
off Bred.
Here are some of the LIOSTS LATEST GIFTS :
Colored Wax Crayons scholars joys.
Cornelian Agates 5or the boys;
Nice Ilisc Dolls for little girls,
String Tops wbichtheu renin twirl st
Box of Jack.stra.ws a, lively game.
Fine Pictures, all well-known to fame r-"
"Childhood Days" is sure to please.
As will "Violets and Sweet Peas,"
A C3ift from Heaven" a gem of art,
'A Lively Tussle" shows puppies smartl
'Little Sweethearts" is very cute
All are pretty, beyond dispute !
Best Steel Shears and Scissors too
Among the presents here for you t
liuttonhole scissors we send along,
Ladies' Penknives or Jnckknives strongs
Xiellgions Pictures, rich unci rare.
Cloth-bound Novels read every wheret
Dictionaries for daily use.
And Tapestry Covers we can produce!
Subscription to "American Queen,"
Pocket Match Safes, the best yet scent
Dleu's Neckties, varied In design
Suspenders that are really fine !
And good Steel Razors, hollow ground.
With Leather Razor Straps are lound
A Wedding Ring, a Turquoise Ring,
An Opal Ring will pleasure bring.
A Garnet Ring for yonth or man,
A Brooch-Pin made on neatest plant
A Silver Bracelet for the wrist.
And Belt Buckles are In the listi
Hair Combs made of Tortoise-shell
Six Hairpins of the same, as wellt
And Rubber Dressing Combs so fine
With liair Brushes n varied line X
A Porcelain Clock sorely charms.
We've also those that give alarms.
And Watches, too, for either sex.
Which man or woman can annexi
There's Handkerchiefs for man and wlfa.
Lace Handkerchiefs to last a lifei
And, for the Ladies' special use.
Supporters, Garters, we produce!
A Shopping Bag, or Ladles' Belt,
Or Pocket-Bcok to hold the "geldt,"
And Silver Tea or Table Spoons
Are listed In oar Premium boons t
A Kitchen Knife so sharp and keen.
Conspicuous in the List is seen.
And Linen Towels housewife's pride
For Lion Heads we will provide.
Tooth-Brushes that are strong and fine
With bristles white and geuuinei
And Silver Napkin Rings so neat
Their equal you but seldom ip?t i
A host of gifts both small and great,
Too numerous to enumeratei
They're here to meet the varied views
Of those who LION COFFEE use!
Illustrated Premium
Wnnkon ninn
..ww. ww.. wf.ww
.uiiiim. inn n,i mi J i i mi ii m m
And Th ey llnr-reled.
"And what are you making?" we asked
of the Intelligent Artisan, as we admired
the play of his brawny muscle.
"Makin' cowcatchers for milk trains," ha
replied, without looking up from his work.
Whereat we passed on, marveling greatly
at the intricacies of modern science. Balti
more American.
Walters' Arithmetic.
"Waiter, I find I have just enough money
to pay for the dinner, but I hare nothing
in the way of a tip for yourself."
'"Let me add up the bill again, air."
How Truly the Great
Fame of Lydia .E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Com
pound Justifies Her Orig
inal Signature.
List in Every Package.
Cn.. tolsdo, ohio. I
w.y . i
... ' ,. !. i' .tbww i ii uiiianimiiinu y
crnED nr st. jacods oil.
Unable to Stand For Months Bcmum
of Spralnril Ankles.
(From the Card ill Times.)
Among the thousands of voluntary en
dorsements of the great value of tit. Ja
robs Oil for sprains, stiffness, and soreness,
is tnat of 31rs. G. Thomas, 4 Alexandra
Road, Gelli, Ysbrod, near Pontypridd,
South Wales, who says:
"It is with great pleasure that I add my,
willing testimony to the invaluable excel
lence of your celebrated St. Jacobs Oil, as
experienced in my own case. I sprained
both my ankles in walking down some steps
so severely that 1 was unable to stand tor
several months. The pain 1 suffered was
most severe, and nothing that I used he'ped
me until 1 applied tit. Jacobs Oil, wneo
they immediately became better daily, and
in a short time 1 was able to go about, and
coon after I was quit cured. I am now
determined to advise all persons suffering
from pains to use this wonderful remedy,
which did so much for me."
Mrs. Thomas does not enlighten us as to
what treatment she pursued during the
months she was unable to stand, and dur
ing which time she was suffering so much,
but we venture to suggest that had she
called in any well known medical man ha
would have at once have prescribed St. Ja
cobs Oil, for it has conquered pain upwards
of tifty years, and doctors know there is
nothing so good. The proprietors of St.
Jacobs Oil have been awarded twelve gold
medals by different international exhibi
tions as the premium pain-killing remedy of
the world. The committees who made the
awards were in each instance composed
largely of the most eminent medical men
obtainable. Mrs. Thomas evidently did not
know 'the high opinion in which St. Ja
cobs Oil is held by almost every progressive
medical man.
Point of View.
"It is hard to lose one's relations," said
the .eedy individual with a mourning band
on his hat.
"Hard?" ehcoed the rsan whose check is
good for a million. "Wky, air, it's simply
impossible." Chicago Daily News.
"A woman," said Mr. Plattitood, "can't
kep a secret." "Huh!" said little Johnny.
"My teacher kep' me workin' an hour on a
sum when she might have told me the an
swer any time." Loudon Tit-Bits.
Persons contemplating a journey East or
West should be careful that the rates paid
for their transportation do not exceed those
charged by the Nickel Plate Itoad.
This company always offers lowest rates
and the service is efficient. Careful at
tention is given to the wants of all first
and second class passengers by uniformed
colored attendants. The dining oar service
of the Nickel Plate Itoad is above criticism
and enables the traveler to obtain meals
at from thirty-live (35) cents to $1.00 but
no higher.
The Pullman service is the usual high
grade standard. Semi-weekly transconti
nental tourist ears ply between Atlantic
and Pacific Coasts. Confer with nearest
agent of the Nickel Plate Road.
"An indefinable sense of danger or of
something dreadful about to happen is pur
suing me, ' said young Mr. Dolley.
"O, you're all rigat," replied Bpatts.
"Laws for the protection of lobsters will
bo enacted this -winter. Cheer up." De
troit Free Press.
Largest In the World.
Walter Baker & Co., Limited, Dorchester,
Mass., are the largest manufacturers of
cccoa and chocolate in the world.
They received a gold medal from the Paris
exposition of last year.
This year they have received three gold
medals from the Pan-American exposition
at Buffalo.
Their goods are the standard for purity
and excellence.
Jnst About Riarht.
"What is a promoter, Jim?"
"Well, a promoter is one of those fellows
that can sell you a colander for a wash
basin." Boston Commercial Bulletin.
Best for the Dowels.
No matter what ail3 you, headache to a
cancer, you will never get well until your
bowels are put right. Cascarets help nature,
cure you without a gripe or pain, produce
easy, natural movements, cost you just 10
cents to start getting your health back.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the genuine, put
up in metal boxes, every tablet has C. C. C.
stamped on it. Beware of imitations.
Bill "Old Skinflint says his first dollar
was the hardest to get." Jill "Yes; and
the last is the hardest to give up." Yonker
The Handsomest Calendar
of the season (in ten colors) six beautiful
beads (on six sheets, 10x12 inches), repro
ductions of paintings by Moran, issued by
General Passenger Department, Chicago
Milwaukee & St. 1'aul Kailway, will be s
on receipt of twentv-five cents. Address
A. Miller, General "Passenger Agent, Chi
cago. A Good Tackle.
"Did I make a good tackle?" asked the
football player, looking from his cot in the
"Yes," replied the nurse, "you bit off one
ear and two ringers and broke three legs."
"Thank heavens!" murmured the football
player, lapsing again into unconsciousness.
Ohio State Journal.
To Care a Cold In One Day-
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. A'l
druggistsrefuna money if it fails to cure. -Joe
"Pop, what is a driving rain?" "Why.
driving rain, my boy, I suppose, is a rain
that drives you indoors." lookers States
Piso's Cure is the best medicine we ever
used for all affections of the throat and
lungs. Wm. O. Endsley, vanburen, Ind.,
J? eb. 10, iyuu.
We should be saved a great deal of em
barrassment if we realized how little atten
tion other people pay to us. Indianapolis
brightest, fastest and easiest to use.
The more reasons there are why a man
should save money the less likely, he is to
save it. Atchison Globe.
Failure is often Caused by too long story
telling. Washington (la.) Democrat.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See FaoSlmlle Wrapper Below.
Yexj small auad as aaay
t take as agax.
Words by FRANK B. WELCH, Author of "An Easter Anthem," Etc.
Music by PAUL P. ARMSTRONG, Composer of "Salvatioa, "light of My Life," Ltc
)h lietli - l--li ni! Ki.-t re thv walls
Great is thy srlo - ry. wide thy fame.
in, tn ihs unrld frnm thre has rome
thy rude stall to save the world
gin ful man its lisrht est roand
lifts iiom sin the sor row - in C
' I i : ! : iii i
all thy hills In tclo - ry beam'd The bright and morn in star
re - - cess of thy hal - low'd hills Each nook: thy rocks a - nionir,
reace a -bides each tnor - tal here Whose lips a -tune thy paise.
i tin - jrutes on bend - ed knee fume sa ire from a - f:ir.
baek t. us an poh o of A res - cued sin - ners nonir.
c.,t . y of the Sa - v lours birth Thy name we love al ways.
ilrv i T i i I J. J' i . i ' r1 I "lr-V 1
(ty- f T' if I r r I r 'J lj j jll
O Beth - le-hemt O Beth - le - bcml Blest be thy aa-cred name; From
thy rude stall to sav the world The Great Re - deem - er -came.
Some IIemorable Christmas
Seasons in American IStistory
11K1STMAS, the birthday of
the Prince of Peace, has, in
'r I many ways, been a remark
4' auIe day in American his
tory. Not that it has been
a day remarkable for its
history-making events, for almost any
other holiday of the year would proba
bly show a greater number of impor
tant happenings to take them through
out the historical period of the Ameri
can colonies and the American nation,
but the historical events of Christmas
have helped to make the peace history
rather than the war history of our
In our hundred and a quarter years
of existence as a nation we have had
our full share of war, but through
out all of our wars we have fought
scarcely one battle, that might be
called an important engagement, upon
Christmas day. Of the few Christmas
day battles the most important one
was the bombardment of Wilmington,
S. C, by the combined forces of Ad
miral Porter and Gen. Butler, on De
cember 24 and 25, 1864. In that battle
the attacking force was repulsed.
Beginning away back in the early
colonial days and following the his
tory of the day down tf recent years
we find many incidents that mark
Christmas as a day of peace, a day cele
brated by the American people in keep
ing with the life and work of Ilim for
whom it is kept, and whose birth it
The Pilgrims at Plymouth did not
land on Christmas day, but four days
before Christmas, in order that they
might better keep the holy festival
and give thanks upon that appropriate
occasion for their arrival in the new
land to which they had come. They
were a peace-seeking people; they had
crossed the ocean in quest of peace,
and it was at the Christmas season
that they first found it in the new
Throughout the remainder of our
colonial history there is recorded but
little of the events of Christmas day
or of the Christmas season. During
those years it was a time given over
to spiritual meditation, to the per
formance of good deeds, to neighborly
intercourse, and not to history mak
ing. No matter what the trials of the
year may have been, whether one of
dissensions among the colonies, or
wars with the Indians, the Christmas
season usuallj' brought peace and good
will rather than the stirring events re
corded in history.
Another memorable Christmas sea
son in American history that pro
Rather Forvard.
Clara That Gussie Gush ought to
be ashamed of herself the bold
Dora What did she do?
Clf.ra She accepted Jack Jewel,
ani he hadn't proposed to her bet
tiree times. N. Y. Weekly.
And sweet thy a creJ name; from
Thy name's in all the earth. To
None irreat er e'er was known- It
The Great Re - deem er - came
Pro claims a sa-viour'a birth:
lose to Jf - ho - van's throne;
claimed "peace on earth, good will to
men," was that of 1763, when on Decem
ber 23 Gen. Washington reported to
congress at Annapolis the completion
of the task assigned him, and surren
dered his commission as general ia
chief of the American armies. It was
the final act in that long struggle for
our independence, and it came at an ap
propriate time, at a time when the
thoughts of the world turn naturally to
peace. Significant and impressive as
was the simple ceremony in which the
great soldier and patriot figured as
the central figure, it was made the
more so because of the time of the
year at which it was enacted. Peace
came as a blessing to the nation, and
it came virtually upon the birthday of
the Prince of Peace.
In the following year, in the same
state of Maryland, but at Baltimore
instead of Annapolis, came another in
cident in the peace history of America
when on Christmas day was formed
the Methodist Episcopal church in the
United States. Previous to that time
the church had been represented by
ministers of the Gospel scattered
throughout the different colonies, but
they had no central organization. It
was this organization, an organization
that has since carried the message of
"peace and pood will" to nearly all the
nations of the world, which was per
fected December 25, 1S14. It was an ap
propriate day for such an event, and it
was an appropriate event for the day.
As the surrender by Washington of
his commission was practically the last
incident of the revolutionary war, so
did the signing of the peace treaty at
Ghent, Belgium, mark the close of our
second war with England. The second,
like the first, came at an appropriate
time, December 24, 1814. Thus two of
our great wars closed just as the
Christmas bells were proclaiming to
the world.
Practically the final act of our great
civil war was the announcement of am
nesty to all those who had waged war
against the government. President
Lincoln had issued two proclamations
of amnesty that restored but certain
portions of the members of the south
ern armies and the southern govern
ments to citizenship, and the final, and
general one, came from the hand of
President Johnson on December 25,
1868. It was an appropriate observa
tion of the day, and an epoch marking
event in American history.
And so it is that Christmas has been
to us as a nation a day of peace as it
should be for all time, and to all the
wright a. Patterson.
Great Lack.
First Guide I was out with a duda
sportsman from the city to-day.
Second Guide So? Did you have
any luck?
First Guide Sure! Ain't I home
again safe and sound? Philadelphia
Use Pe-ru-na for Coughs, Co!ds, Grip and
Catarrh a Congressman's Letter.
Dr. Hartman receives many letters from Catholic Sisters all over the United
States. A recommend recently received from a Catholic institution in
Detroit, Mich. , reads as follows :
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 8, 1901.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, Ohio :
Dear Sir "The young girl who used the Peruna was suffering from lar
yngitis, and loss of voice. The result of the treatment was most satisfac
tory. She found great relief, and after farther use of the medicine we
hope to be able to say she is entirely cured." SISTERS OF CHARITY.
This young girl was under the care of the Sisters of Charity and used Pe
runa for catarrh of the throat, with good results as the above letter testifies.
All Over United States Use Pe-ru-na
for Catarrh.
From a Catholic institution In Ohio
comes the following recommend from
the Sister Superior:
" Some years ago a friend of our In
stitution recommended to us Dr. Hart
man's Peruna as an excellent remedy
for the Influenza of which we then had
several cases which threatened to be of
a serious character.
"We began to use it and experienced
such wonderful results that since then
Peruna has become our favorite medi
cine for Influenza, catarrh, cold, cough
and bronchitis. "
Dr. Ilartman, one of the best known
physicians and surgeons in the Ignited
States, was the first to formulate Peru
na. It was through his genius and per-
I i : t
. Wf 1 1
rrrini mi
ihi k r
... ,-. g-,. .,t: .n
umn in w
l-3tf5S-J h'Y II lUi W fJ i 1
KM XIV H II V : . 5'-
from .22 to .50 leaded with either Black or Smokeless Powder
always give entire satisfaction. Tney are maae ana loaaea in a
modern manner, by exact machinery operated by skilled experts.
order your period
ical for the year.
Whatever else you
have, you surely
Ten complete? stories each month by famous
authors atless than one cent a atory. Other
magazines In combination 'with 10 STORY
BOOK at half price.
10 STORY BOOK, Success and Coamo
pohtan, $2-U0 a year.
tO STORY BOOK, Success. Review of
Reviews, Frank Jcslie's and Designer,
$3.50 a vear.
1 0 STORY BOOK (12 months) and THE
CHICAGO wllkLV INltK OCIA (52 weeks)
for $1.05. Price of each J1.C0. For other
combinations write for our clubbing
offers, or see advertisement in January
10 STORY BOOK (out December 15).
167 Dearboro Street, CHICAQO.
AT ULAMLI r.vrni
TO k, . v , 1,1,
f K E L 1. S X or
sa a
r, m f 1 inn w
WHISKY and other drug
IJfllJIili babits cared. We want, the
babits ci
sad refer
U. it. WOOLU1, Bss
worst caes. ooe sou rewreuw, m
- : . w
ii l- s III iT
Dt Coturh Stitid. Tastes Good. TJee 1
la tima. sola oy omggisin.
Stmt Jf ?j 8 yf j M g
severance that it was introduced to tho
medical profession of this country.
The following letter is from Congress
man Meekison, of Napoleon, Ohio :
The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.
Gentlemen :
"I have used sev
eral bottles of
Peruna and feel
greatly benefited
thereby from my
catarrh of the
head, and feel en
couraged to be
lieve thtt its con
tinued use will
fully eradicate a
disease of thirty
! Conirreasman David
! Meekison.
iieiieiitiiieiiiw MHe
years' standing.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Ilartman, giving
a ful statement of your case, and he
will be pleased to give you his valuable
advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
Roate to Texas.
I In going to Texas, via
'Memphis, vou can ride
bll day in a Cotton Belt
Parlor CafeUar for
only fifty cents.'i extra.
'rii.' r i I :it
'mis car is iurnisnea wiui
large easy . chairs, has an
observation smoking room,1
.a lauicoiuuuguig twin ua
::l:aVCafe, where mealsare
:" Served on' the "European. "plan
reasonable prices.
Besides a Parlor Cafe Car. Cotton Belt
trains carry Pullman Sleeptf t at night and
Free Chair Cars both day and night.
Write and tU us where you are golnj
and when you will leave, and we will tell
vnn th vact cost of a ticket and send
you a complete schedule far the trip. We will also send
you an interesting little book, "A Trip to Texas-
PEELER, D.PX, Memphis, Tcml ' V. & T.M, Nuhvflle, Ton.
r uvirr mi r,rr-,mn Mia M ADAML T. P. JL bin. IIL
1 f I VIHVUIUU - - - - w " -m . jj
LW. U6KtMI.fi. P. ami T.L, SLlouls. Mo JJ
r '-"j' iK-V'.y "'
1 1 1 'I fcl,W
Small crops, unsalable veg
etables, result from want of
Vegetables are especially
fond of Potash. Write for
our free pamphlets.
93 Nassau Su, New York.
Allen's Ulcerine Salvo
Cures ChrMle Tfleen. Iiim llcm, BerahitoM deera. Iidfiw
Cleerm, laMrat Clean. SVreartsl lleen, Kklte Saelllsc. auk
Lec. Fer 8m, ail U utrrt. rosltlraiy rallar. astur
WwlMatullmt. B7muil,ea. J.P.ALLi.N.St.Pul.lljlIU
' m m
quick relief ana cures worst
c-.e. Book of testimonials and IO days" treatmena
ilHALIFORMA H07SES. trmi tor Hrt. Wwtee. WM,te
w a X ery. i arki(t.. HAS iRASHMlO. CAUr.
A. N. K. F
X lease state that 7u saw tJae AdTertUsa

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