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JJ I?rv 'JX-iS. v;: ?.- V vi V
.Xnotner club woman, Mrs. Jhlaule, or
Edgerton, Wis., tells
of . irregularities . and uterine trouble, ter
riblev pains and backache, by the use of
"Deab Mrs. Pinkitam: A xvhile ago my health began to fail
because of female troubles. The doctor did not help me. I remem
bered that my mother had used iLydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound on many occasions for irregularities and uterine troubles,
and I felt sure that it could not harm me at any rate to give it a trial.
"1 was certainly glad to hnd that withm a week I felt much better.
the terrible pains in the back and side were beginning to cease, and at
the time of menstruation I did not have nearly as serious a time as
heretofore, so I continued its use for two months, and at the end of
that time I was like a new woman. I really have never felt better in
my are, nave not naa a sick headache since, and weigh 20 pounds more
than I ever did, so I unhesitatingly recommend your medicine." Mrs.
jiiAY iiAULE, Edgerton, Wis., ITes. .Household .Economics Club.
Don't hesitate to write to Mrs.
your case perfectly, and will treat
is free, and the address is Lynn,
having written her, and she has helped thousands.
Wha women are troubled with irregularities, suppressed or
painful menstruation, weakness, indigestion, leucorrhcea, displace
ment or ulceration of the womb, inflammation of the ovaries, gen
eral debilit jr, and nervous prostration, or are
t-I fer
Lydia E.
buy any other
cured, tor which
..ft r
FORFEIT it we cannot forthwith produce the original letters And signatures of
above testimonials, which will prore their absolute cenuinenesn.
JLydia . Finkham Medicine Co., Iiynn, Maaa.
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Count jr. '
State- ' '
WIERSVIOD $c JACCARD j80".e.,rir
uepx. is. t; ri.
GUARANTEED CTJEE forallhowet trtrubles, appendicitis, bilioconess, bad breath, bad blood, wind
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how she was cured
Pinfcham. She will understand
you with kindness. Her advice
Mass. No woman ever regretted
beset with such symptoms as dizziness
faintness, lassitude, excitability, irri
tability, nervousness, sleeplessness,
melancholy, "all-gone" and " want-to-be-left-alone"
feelings, blues, and
hopelessness, they should remember
there is one tried and ' true remedy.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
at once removes such troubles. Refuse to
medicine, for you need the best.
Cook, Box 670, Kane, Pa., says:
"Dear Mrs. Pixkiiam: I suffered for
ten years with leucorrhcea. but am erlad to sav
that through the use of Jydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound and her Sanative Wash. I am
I am very thankfuL '
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luuis, u; a.
Appeal Made to Him Against Un
just Rulings of Gov. Peabody.
CciiHorsliIp Ifaa Heen Kxtabllslied on
All New and Xewapaner Cor
- rrapoiidenU Are? Threat
ened "With Arrest.
Cripple Creek, Col., Dec. 7. The dec
laration of martial law has paralyzed
business in' this city. Heavily-armed
p'ekets of the national guard are sta
tioned on all street corners, and many
residents of the city do not venture
upon the streets.
Provost Marshal Thomas E. McClel
land is occupying the mayor's office
He has caused the arrest of several
persons, but no important arrests have
yet been made.
Following the suppression of an edi
arial in the Victor Record, Provost
Marshal McClelland threatened to cut
off Cripple Creek from the outsido
world by locking up the correspondents
f the Denver papers and to censor all
matter to be sent to the Denver papers.
Maj. Naylor, commanding officer in
the absence of Col. Verdeckberg, stated
tLat a news censor from Denver will
arrive in the district and be in charge
of all news to be published in the
future. The name of the censor he haa
not divulged.
In consequence of Gov. Peabody's or
der placing Teller county under mar
tial law, a committee of women's aux
iliary of the labor unions in this city,
numbering 700 members, has sent a
telegram to President Roosevelt ap
pealing to him "for protection against
th- unjust rulings of the governor of
the state."
John .Mitchell Sn Strike Will Con
tinue to the Hitter End.
Denver, Col., Dec. 7. President Join
Mitchell and Gov. Peabody had a con
ference of three-quarters of an hcur
Sunday night, and a settlement of the
strike is as far distant as ever. Mr.
Mitchell informed the governor that
the strike would continue to the Lit
ter end, and the governor just as posi
tively informed the strike leader that
he would tolerate no violence. Int.
would order out the troops at the first
While the conference came to naugit,
both Gov. Peabody and President
Mitchell expressed themselves as
pleased with the interview, each saying
he had secured a better conception of
the other. Mr. Mitchell refused to dis
:uss the conference other than to say
his talk was very pleasant. After the
conference he left for Chicago to at
tend the conference in the interest of
the Illinois miners. As to his return
to Colorado he is undecided.
Dortur Irwin SmtKreat That Society
lleporters (ilve Contumea of
.Striibe'a Visitors.
Springfield, 111., Dec. 7. The murder
er, Fred Strube, and the women who
ha.ve been attracted to the county jail
since his incarceration there, formed
the theme for several Springfield min
isters Sunday night. In all instances
they deprecated the fact that women
had been moved by displays of such
sentiment over the young murderer,
and the order of the sheriff that the
jail doors be closed to women visit
orders hereafter was commended.
Rev. W. R. Francis Irwin, pastor of
the Second presbyterian church, was
scathingly sarcastic. Referring to the
fact that a number of women high in
society had driven to the jail in car
riages and wept over the incarceration
of Strube. the minister said:
"If these receptions are to be made
society functions, let the newspapers
send their social writers to them. Let
us have a full account of the affairs,
with the names and the costumes of
those present.
Another Murder la Charfted Against
Him km a Homo It of the
Coroner's Inquest.
Chicago, Dec. 7. No sign of emotion
was shown by Gustave Marx, one of
the car bandits, as he sat steadily gaz
ing at the widow of one of his victims
Saturday during a coroner's inquest.
The widow was Mrs. John Quinn,
whose husband, a detective, was killed
by a bullet from Marx's magazine re
volver. As a result of the inquest
Marx was held to the grand jury on
an additional charge of murder. Marx
was given permission to change his
plea to all charges against him to not
guilty. His trial was set for the next
term of court, convening to-day.
Prince Riviera" Arrested.
Indianapolis. Ind., Dec. 6. A clair
ovant calline herself Princess Riviera
has been arrested, charged with lar
ceny of $2,100 from Henry Weinberg,
etired farmer of Hastings, Jeb., who
claims to be worth $60,000. William
Hayes, another clairvoyant, is also un
der arrest for conplicity.
Bail Refused to Dnnton.
Sedalia, Mo., Dec. 7. Frank C. Dun-
ton, who shot and killed Emil Meyer,
was arraigned in court Saturday and
remanded to jail without bond to await
trial at the next term of court.
IMddinK For Piue Lands.
Cass Lake, Minn., Dec. 7. The work
of opening bids for the sale of res
ervation timber under the Morris act
began here Saturday. Certified checks
for more than $1,000,000 were deposited
with the bids. The price offered ranges
from 57 to $10 per 1,000 for white pine
and from $5 to $9 for Norway pine.
Declines Presidency of Vniversity.
Chicago, Dec. 7. Rev. Frank W.
Guzisaulus, president of Armour insti
tute, Saturday formally declined the
presidency. of Boston, university.
In reference to the use of alum bak
ing powders Prof. Schweitzer, of the
State University of Missouri, says:
"The deleterious effects of alum and
the soluble salts of alumina upon the
human system, even when used in
small quantities, are too well known
to need relating; their use In baking
powder is dangerous, and should be re
stricted." The effects of the continuous use of
alum baking powders are thus summed
up in a medical publication: .
"Alum taken into the stomach re
tards the digestion of the food.
"It is an Irritant which inflames and
irritates the stomach and intestinal ca
nal. "It is an astringent and tends to con
stipate the bowels, which Interferes
with digestion.
"It renders the albumen of the food
partially insoluble, and therefore takes
away from its nutritive value.
"It is absorbed Into the blood, which
It tends t thicken and coagulate. The
free flow of the blood through the or
gans of the heart is thus retarded.
"Its continued absorption into the
system causes some forms of nervous
prostrations and many of those affec
tions of the nerves from which both
women and men suffer.
"Fourteen grains of alum have caused
the death of a child. Larger doses have
frequently resulted fatally in the case
of adults.
"No drug so powerful and deadly, no
matter In what proportions it may be
employed, can safely be used in any
article of food."
Uoner I Xot Xeeded and Xo Diaaipa
tion or Irregularity
The long haired young reformers were
holding au informal debate, and when
they had agreed that the wcrld waa just
about as corrupt and bad a place as it well
could be, a grim-faced man arose, relates
London Tit-Bits..
"What you seem to want, friend?," he
said, "is a place where everyone has to be
good by law."
"That's it!" chorused the reformers.
"Where smoking ain't allowed, and such
a thing as drink is unknown? Where no
one need worry about food and raiment,
and where money does not exist?"
"We do!"
"Where everyone lias to go to church on
S jndays, and everyone keeps regular
"That is just what we do want. Oh, to
find such a place!" said a soulful young
fellow, speaking for the others.
"Well, I've just come from such a
"You have?" cried the soulful one. "Oh,
tell us, tell us, man of wonderful experi
ence where it is, that we may also go!"
"It's a place called prison!" ssid the
grim man.
Itriht's Disease Cured.
Whitehall. 111.. Dec. 7. A case has been
recorded in this place recently, which up
sets the theory or many physicians that
Bright's Disease is incurable. It is the
ease of Mr. Lon Manley, whom the doc
tors told that he could never recover. Mr.
Manley tells the story of his case and
how he was cured in this way:
"I began using Dodd's Kidnev Pills
after the doctors had given me up. For
four or five years 1 had Kidney, stomach
and Liver Troubles; I was a general wreck
and at times I would cet down with nr.'
back so bad that I could not turn myself
in bed for three or four davs at a time.
"I had several doctors and at last they
told me I had Bright's Disease, and that
2 could never get well. I commenced to
use Dodd's Kidnev Pills and I am now
able to do all my work and am all right.
I most heartily recommend Dodd s Kid
I-ey Pills and am very thankful for the
cure thev worked in mv case. Thev
caved my lite after the doctors had given
rae up
Saved by Frot.
"I hear," said Hi Tragedy, "that while
yon were playing in one of the western
towns a tire broke out in the theater.
j es. replied Lowe C'omedv. "and
there might have Wen a horrible panic
but for one thing."
"What was that?"
"There weren't enough tteoDle in the au
dience to create one." Tit-Bits.
IK Not Delay. Hut Write To-Day.
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Tinning "I'm afraid the Balkers won't
fet along very well together." l-'ytcher
1 uon t see why not. - J hey are wnoJJy
m harmony, you know. She thinks there
is nobody in the world who can come up
io her husband, and he is certain of it."
Boston Transcript.
An Ola Field Weed.
Many seeing that old field weed, the
mullein stalk, never consider the good
it is accomplishing in curing lung
troubles. It presents in Tavlor's Chero
kee Remedy of Sweet Gum and Mullein
the finest known remedy for coughs.
croup, colds and consumption.
-t druggists, I'oc., oOc, and $1.00 a
Asked and Answered.
"Whir Ja alod iha ilK. no-t.r
that you are always borrowing trouble?
"Because," answered the melancholy in
dividual, "it is the only thing I can bor
row without security!" Chicago Daily
To Core a Cold in One Day.
Tnlc Laxative Bromo Ouinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it fails if cure. 25c.
Mrs. Homeleich "Your husband is at
his club a eood deal, isn't he?" Ladv
(Jadabout "Ye?. The poor boy hates be
ing at home alone, you know.'' Punch.
A. A
Boyce, a farmer, living three
and a
miles from
Mo. , says
A severe
cold settled
11 my kid
ne ys and. de
veloped so
quickly that
1 was obliged
to la v off
work on ac
count of the
aching-in my
back and sides,
to walk at all.
For a time I was unable
and everv makeshift I
tried and all the medicine I took had
not the slightest effect. My back con
tinued to frrow weaker until I beg-an
taking Doan's Kidney Pills, and I must
say I was more than surprised and
gratified to notice the backache disap
pearing gradually until it finally
DoanTs Kidney Pills sold! by all deal
ers or by. mail on receipt 01 price. 50
cents per box. I oster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
The Former Marshal of the St. Louis
Court of Appeals Sentenced.
He Was Convicted in the Federal
Court at St. I.ouls, With Dolam
aud tin r ret t, of 'atnral
isatlon Kratids.
St. Louis, Dec. 6. Thomas E. Bar
rett, former marshal of the St. Louis
court of appeals, was sentenced fn the
United States district .court, Saturday
morning, to five years in the peniten
tiary, and fined jll.OOO. By his attor
ney. Judge Krum, he at once appealed.
Barrett's sentence was the same as
that of John P. Dolan and Frank Gar
rett, his associates, who were coriVict
ed with him in the famous triple trial.
His sentence removes all doubt as to
the probability of his being tried on
other indictments found against him
by the federal grand jury.
Barrett, Dolan and Garrett were con
victed on two counts, "iding and abet
ting" certain persons to have fraudu
lent citizen certificates in their pos
session, and "aiding and abetting" those
persons to secure the papers.
Barrett, when sentence was passed,
was the same stoic that he was all
through the trial. The passing of sen
tence was dramatic only in that it was
totally lacking in dramatic incidents.
Barrett took his stand before the
judge's bench, and did not flinch when
he heard the sentence.' Judge Adams'
comments were to the point.
Barrett heard him out as calmly as
if the court were discussing the
weather prospects.
"What I said at the time of the sen
tence of your two associates applies to
you, and there is no occasion to repeat
it. I will sentence you one one count
only, but will give you the maximum
Barrett was then placed in the cus
tody of the marshal. Later it was ar
ranged that the same bond $(20,000)
which was furnished at the time of
Barrett's conviction should be allowed
to stand. . !
Barrett was not kept in custody. He
returned to the court room and
watched the proceedings there with in
terest. Later he passed out to the cor
ridor, where he conversed pleasantly
with friends. While he would not talk
of his Fentence. he gave the impres
sion by his confident manner that he
has hope of a reversal when his case
goes to trial on appeal.
Ail the Property of the Well-Known
St. Louis K I nil I'nsses Out
of Their Hands.
St. Louis, Dec. G. Acting under an
otder of Judge Elmer B. Adams, of the
United States district court, Hugh Mc
Kittrick. receiver for D. Crawford is
Co., against whom bankruptcy pro
ceedings are pending, sold the entire
stock, fixtures and leasehold rights of
that concern, Saturday morning, to D.
May & Co., whose home offices are in
New York, for $353,000.
Beside the stock, fixtures. leaseholds,
wagons, horses and the good will of
the firm, the assets include the homes
and personal property of Dugald and
John F. Crawford, the partners.
Widow of .In me P. MrCann, AIIeueI
to Have liven Killed by "Lord'
Itarrinston, Threatened.
St. Louis, Dec. 6. Mrs. James P. Mc
Cann has been threatened with death if
phe does not abandon her prosecution
3f Frederick Seymour Barriugton.
the bogus lord, who is charged with
the murder of her husband.
Numerous letters have been sent her
intimating that she will "be put out
Df the way" if she does not destroy
lier evidence against Barrington.
Mrs. McCann says she scorns the
threats of the letter writers, and will
follow Barrington to the bitter end.
The Head of the l ulled Mine Work
ers Lunched II y the Chamber
of Commerce.
Denver, Col., Dec. 6. President
John Mitchell received a number of
sailers from the northern Colorado coal
fields, where he himself worked when
a boy,' at his hotel during Saturday
forenoon. At noon he was entertained
at luncheon by the chamber of com
merce. Mr. Mitchell admitted that he
had advised the miners in southern
Colorado to remain on strike until their
demands are granted. "I shall not or
der out the miners of northern Colo
rado who followed my advice when
they returned to work," said Mr.
Mitchell, "nor shall I create any so
called sympathetic strike."
Consul tieneral Ramon Arias I'eraud,
Jr.,' of Panama. Opens for Ilnsl
neess in San Francisco.
San Francisco. . Dec. 6. Consul-Gen-
eral Ramon Arias Feraud, Jr.. repre
senting the new republic or fanama,
opened the consulate of his country in
this city baturday.
The first vessel to clear through the
consulate was the City of Sydney, of
the Pacific Mail Co., bound for Pana
ma. Accident at CrooUsville, O.
Zanesville. O., Dec. 6. A Zanesville
& Western engine, Friday night, ran
nto the rear coach of a Cincinnati &
Muskingum Valley passenger train at
Crooksville, O., and one man was
killed.four seriously hurt and 20 slight
ly injured.
Sentenced tf B Hanited.
Tuskegee, Ala., Dec. 6, Ralph Arm
troner was. Friday, convicted of the
murder of his cousin, Miss Allie Arm
strong, and was sentenced to be hanged
January 8. The case will be appealed-
n 9 sir
The use of Royal Baking Powder is
essential to the healthfulness of the
family food.
Yeast ferments the food.
Alum baking powders are injurious.
Royal Baking Powder saves health.
Loaded Black Powder Shells
shoot stronger and reload better
'VZ til'V j."
than any other black powder
shells on the market, because
they are loaded more carefully
and made more scientifically.
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Ill VHh vJBlka
Stones fn the Kidney. Stones la the Urin.rjr Bladder or Orarel. Blltousnes. Sallow Complexion, Jaundica
and all Btomach Troubles resii If injrfrvm BilioiiBness. Wril' for particular. Ifyonr druggist -doe.
not keep it. order from us. TVX. CKAEM F. II. 4100 K. rml Alf., ST. LOUIS, MO.
bnVGrGrXSTS-WXI UPPliY you xxi?t.x2orx.
. Acceptable a Juror.
A murder case was on trial, and the
jury was lieing selected. Among the ve
nire was .t negro who had a passion for
listening to socialistic speeches when v not
otherwise engaged, which was "generally
The attorney asked: "Do you believe in
capital punishment?"
"Yen, miIi, I does."
"J)o you know wbat capital punishment
" 'Course I does," the negro replied.
"Well, what do you understand capital
punishment to be?
"It means a-gitten eben wid de rich,
who are a-rulin' ober tie pore. I ble"be
hit's right, an' you cain't make me ble'be
nut hin' else."
"Accepted!" shouted the attorney.
Philadelphia Public Ixnlger.
Inconaiftte-n t.
"I'm so glad you chose the subject of
'Chinese Women,'" said Mrs. Kluslily to
Mrs. Oushly, who had just linished read
ing her paper. "The subject ia so inter
esting. I never tire of hearing about the
poor things."
"Mercy," thought the author of the
paper. "I hope no one else stops to con
gratulate me before I get home., These
liew shoea pinch me so I can't stand it
another minute!" Detroit Free Press.
Very Likely.
"I notice the bellboys at the hotel are
invariablv called 'Buttons.' Wonder why
that is?"
"Probably because they're off when you
need 'em most." Philadelphia Ledger.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
paved mv life three years aeo. Mr. Thos.
Robbing Norwich, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1900. .
Some chronic grumblers find fajilt with
a phonograph on the ground that it lacks
originality. Judge.
It is generally more profitable to reckon
up our defects than to boast of our at
tainments. (Jarlyle.
You can do your dyeing in half an hour
with Putnam Fadeless Dyes.
In bragging of the seed don't forget the
oil. Judge.
Straighten Up
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body weaken end let go under
or Lumbago. To restora, strengthen
and straighten up, use
St Jacobs
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The Gmuine TOWER'S
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tttcriAJ. in black or .yellow,
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une building, New Tork.
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. TJi
in time, bold dmcffiMs.
rfl ..LS.tr i.U li.
gfc MARK.
"Graemer's Calculus Curo"
I a Certain Remedy FOR GALl. STONES,
A Boston physician's dis-'
coverv which cleanses and
heals all inflammation of the mucous
membrane wherever located.
In local treatment of female ills Pax
tine is invaluable. Used as a douche it
is a revelation in cleansing and healing
power; it kills all disease gems which
cause inflammation and discharges.
Thousands of letters from women
prove that it is tho greatest cure for
leucorrhcea ever discovered.
Paxtine never fails to cure pelvic
catarrh, nasal catarrh, sore throat, sore
mouth and sore eyes, because these
diseases are all caused by inflammation
of the mucous membrane.
For cleansing, -whitening and pre
serving the teeth we challenge tho
world to produce its equal.
Thysicians and specialists everywhere
prescribe and endorse Paxtine, andthou
sandsof testimoniallettersproveitsvaiiJl.
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The B. Paxtoa Cx, Dept. 4, Boston, Maaa.
Cotton Must Have
Potash is an essential plant food
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or the soil will
become ex
hausted, as is
true of so
many cotton
We hare hooks
giving valuable de-
3s about fertiliz
er!. We will send
them free to any farmer who asks us for them.
Jiew York 98 Xuun MrteW of
Atlanta, 6.-ZSS 8. Braad PC
TVTiy Suffer witU Backache ?
I havo suffered several years with
backache, and after taking one bottle of
i :
I have been cured. Since then I have
not been troubled with my back. Too
much cannot be said in its praise.
Capt. Wm. Forrest. Memphis, Tenn.
Manufactured by Smith Medical Co.,
St. Louis, Mo.
Price 50 cents and $1.00. Trial Sample
mailed free. For sale by all drug-gists.
and Flux. A cure
lor these dread dis- '
eases has been
f uuud in I1-
ton'a M arte Dlarrhcra. I?yentery aid FtaiK
"-." We (tnaramee a cine in erery instance, no
matter bow severe the case. In tablet form, eoay and
ileasant to take. sent, postpaid for 9C5 rmta.
Cured. Gives quiet
relief. Removes all
swelling in 8 to 20
days: rermanent
. cure 30 to 60 days. Trial treatment free.
I Dr. H. H. Green s Sons. Box O. Atlanta. Ca.
For all SwJa Karhlnet.
Standard Good a Only.
SH UTTLES "tuh.i f Kithkto nt.tLK.na.
REPAIRS ia UKLbT bT.. M. Laate.
Gold Filled Vatch for 50 cts
Mend no noflfv.
Write rnrBartlrn-
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A. N. K.-F
please itate lhat ran saw the AdTertlas
BClt I IhliPSBSr,
H rV'iS-AV? ta
8 11 rJt5
iCTi tra n e C- All

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