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r - V
Miss Haporood tells how she was rnrrl
'of Fallopian and Ovarian Inflammation
and escaped an awiul
iJLydia ittnkharrrs
. "Dear Mrs. Pinkham:-! suffered for four years with what the
uuviws wucu octipixigius uammaiionoi me iaiiopian tubes) and ova
ritis, which are most distressing and painful ailments, affecting all the
surrounding parts.- underlining the constitution, and sapping the life
j ou c jfcu,i
Pinkham's V&ret.n.1)lA r!rm
. . w - uiiu. iauu. auiicu tixo ouxiiwcii eyes,
sallow complexion, and general emaciated condition, and compared that
j l wjuay, iwuuat, ueaiiy ana weii, you would, not
wonder that I feel thankful to you and your wonderful medicine,
wruch restored me to new life and health in five months, and saved me
from an awful operation." Mis3 Irene IIapgood. 1022 Sandwich St
i Windsor, Ont.
Ovaritis or inflammation of the ovaries or fallopian tubes whicbadioin the
,.'""v" tow Hum duuucu twpping- oi me montniy now, irom inllamma
' tho womb, and many other causes. The slightest indication of trouble
;with the ovaries, indicated by dull throbbing pain in the side, accompanied
, toy heat and shooting- pains, should claim your instant attention. It will not
cure itself, and a hospital operation, with all its terrors, may easily result from
i neglect.
"Dear Mrs."Ptxkham:--I can truly say that you have saved
,my life, and I cannot express my frratitude to you in words.
"Before I wrote to you telling how I felt, I had doctored for over
two years steady and spent lots of money in medicine besides, but it all
I failed to do me any good. Uy menses did not appear in that time, and
fAli E3 pound,
i VB V-ij. Z bles left
" I will always recommend your wonderful remedies, and hope that
these few lines may lead others who suffer as I did to try your
remedies." Mrs. T. C. Willadsen-, K. R. No. 1, Manning, Iowa.
Such unquestionable testimony proves the power of Iiydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound over diseases of women.
Women should remember that they are privileged to consult
Mrs. Pinkham at JLynn, Mass., about their illness, entirely free.
His Signature.
"Charming! Exquisite! Perfectly de
lightful!"' she exclaimed, peering through
her ftarera at the young artist's latest
"L am glad you like it," he said,with
becoming modesty.
"Like it? Could anybody help liking
it? p original! That queer little ani
mal with the funny long legs in the right
hand foreground! What a delicious con
ceit! How can you imagine such impos
sible things, Mr. D'Aubre?"
"I'm er you mean this?" he asked,
pointing to the. strange thing in the low
er corner.
" Yes, of course."
"Kr uh that is my signature, mad
am." Brooklyn Eagle.
Viso's Cure for Consumption is an infalli
ble medicine for cough-? and colds. N. W.
Samuel, Ocean Grove, X. J., Feb. 17, 1900.
Not as Other Women.
Mrs. Brown You don't seem to like
Mrs. White?
Mrs. Black Oh, I like her well enough,
hut then sne so eccentric. .She actually
thinks one should dress for comfort and
not for looks. Boston Transcript.
The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has been
In use for oyer 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has
sonal supervision since its infancy.
'CC&CAttZi Allow no ona to dereivn von in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good "are but
Experiments that trifle with, and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing" Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotio
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic It relieves Teething? Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Dowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
Tie Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
1 1
operation by using-
Vegetable ComtDound
ciu, utiurtj x uegan laKing JLiVUia JJ.
I suffered mnrh tmiitv TwnnM oiir Vtatra
famtmg spells, headache, backache and
bearing down pain, and was so weak that
it was nard for me to do my work.
"I used your medicine and treatment
as directed, and after taking three bottles
of IiVdiaE. rinlvham "Vn-tnri rvm-
menses appeared, my womb trou-
me, and 1 have been regular ever
Iiydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound and Blood Purifier
together, and am now restored to
perfect health. Had it not been for
ITftll T Il'MllI ViftOTf mm
"He's had a fortune left to him sudden
ly. Jie has actually got more money now
than he knows what to do with." "Never
mind: there are certain people who will be
anxious to meet him now, and after that
hell know more. Kennebec Journal.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Alien's FootrEase. It cures painful, swollen,
smJlrtine, sweating feet. Alkes new shoes
easy, how Dy aujjruggists and &noe stores.
Don t accept anv substitute. Sample FREE.
Address A. S. Olmsted, Le Roy ,N. Y.
People who like to tell their troubles
dislike to listen to the troubles of others.
.'hicago Daily News.
Stops tbe Cough
and works off the cold. Laxative Bromo
Quinine Tablets. Price 25 cents
Circumstances do not make the only
conditions in life. Ram's Horn.
Money refunded for each package of
Putnam fadeless Dyes if unsatisfactory.
A word to the wise is superfluous.
i aie itecora.
been made under his per-
Signature of
Artistic Exhibits for the Fair.
An important portion of the Ten
nessee exhibit for the St. Louis
World's Fair is bei
no- nrenared in '
prepdicu iu(
Clarksville. The tobacc
bacco exhibit is
in charge of Capt. J. C. Kendrick
of that city, and will be a decided
work of art. It will consist of a
country tobacco barn of logs, sucli
as are seen all over the tobacco dis
trict of the Southwest. This barn
will be covered with tobacco of three
colors, from the light burley to the
dark brown, almost black, weed. Dif
ferent designs are being worked in
the tobacco, including a landscape
representing the humble home of
the cropper, in front of which is a
tobacco field. In the field there is
a raan at work cultivating xus to-
acco crop. There will be ope?, tas
sels, pipes and other designs, all
worked in tobacco, representing all
that is 4n any way connected with
the raising arid handling of ihc
weed. Many interesting devices, all
made from the leaf of the tobacco
plant, will be included in the exhib
it. There will be, too, an octagon pa
goda, fifteen feet in diameter and
twenty-six feet high. The entire
structure from the top to the bot
tom is being covered with corn, some
of it on the cob and the rest shelled.
This corn is of all the colors and
varieties that are raised in this
State, and is being worked into
many beautiful devices all over the
pavilion mentioned. The corner
mold of the structure will be of nak
ed corn cobs. The cornice of red
corn and on top is brqom and su
gar corn, mere will be in connec
tion with this rustic facades built of
natural wood and at the base of each
column there is being made beauti
ful pictures worked from the gram
There will be thirty-six of these pic
tures and the effect will be the mo
artistic imaginable. The rustic work-
alone is said to comprise nearly 3,-
000 pieces of wood. There is a large
force of men and women at work
on these exhibits, which were de
signed bv Mr. E. B. Whitfield, ot
Clarksville, and are all being pre
pared in that citv bv local labor
Each grain of corn that is handle
must be glued on by itself, and this
will give some idea of the extent of
the work required to complete the
In addition to the above. Mis
Maud Harrison, also of Clarksville
is engaged in preparing some beau
tiful pictures from the cereals of
that section, which will be works of
rare art and will add greatly to the
Tennessee exhibit. It is safe to say
that the Tennesse display at St
Louis will be second to nine of it.
kind. It will be ready and in place
at St. Louis by April 15, it is un
The Farmers' Convention.
Tlie twenty-ninth annual meeting
of the East Tennessee Farmers Con
vention will be held in Knoxville
on June. 1, 2 and Special rates
have been made by the following
railroads: Atlanta, Knoxville k
Northern, Cincinnati, New Orleans
& Texas Pacific, Louisville & Nash
ville. Nashville. Chattanooga & St
Louis, Tennessee Central and South
ern, lickets win oe som irom
Nashville, Franklin, Columbia,
Lynnville, Pulaski, Johnsonville,
Clarksville and all intermediate
stations. A rate of one first-class
fare plus o cents will apply from
the above points, which is certahily
a very liberal proposition on the
part of the railroad companies, as
it "will enable any farmer who de
sires to attend the convention to do
: at a moderate cost. Local ex
cursion tickets will be sold May 31
and June 1, limited to continuous
passage in each direction and bear
ing a final limit of June 5. Iron
clad forms will be sold from com
petitive points and commercial cen
ters. Interline tickets will be on
sale at .regular coupon ticket offices
Storm Does Damage.
A valuable barn belonging to
Charles Wright, a well-to-do farmer,
living in Carroll county, was struck
by lightning during the storm last
week and totally destroyed, togeth
er with twenty head of cattle,' a
quantity of corn, hay and farming
machinery. The loss is in the neigh
borhood of $1,200, with no insur
ance. Pesthouse Closed.
The case of smallpox at the pest
house north of Huntingdon, that
ras carried there from Gwinn's
Switch two weeks ago, and which
was thought to be a fatal case, has
been discharged as cured, and the
institution is now closed. A num
ber of persons were exposed to the
case at Gwinn s, but. fortunately, no
other cases resulted, and Carroll
county is now free from the dis
ease. Clarksville Offers Aid.
Forbes Bivouac of Confederate
Veterans at their regular monthly
session at Clarksville, last week,
named a committee with Gen. Clay
Stacker as chairman, for the pur
pose of lending all the aid possible
to the Nashville veterans in prepar
ing for the coming reunion to be
held in that cit This committee
proposes to do all in their power to
assist their comrades in the neigh
boring citv of Xashvilie.
State News)
All Three Must Hang.
Tho !iinrtivit (Ynrf lacf u-mA- of.
iirmed the death sentence of John
Evans and Henry Judge, and order-
. ,r;
I l"V
fore designated for Joe Delp, the
other member of the trio. The
court declined to recommend com-
. a. , , m .
muianon ior ueip. J.ne muruer or
Simon Bucher and wife was one of
the most atrocious ever committed
in the State, Bucher being shot
down from behind and Mrs. Buchr
being killed and her bodv cremated
in the home in the mountains of
Franklin county, the house being
lired. Judge was charged with in
stigating the crime, Delp and Evans
With Its perpetration for the SUra
of $1U.
Button Factory for Clarksville
A button factory with $7,000 cap
ital stock is to be started in Clarks
ville by local capital in conjunction
with foreign monev. Shells, that
are to be had in abundance from
the bottom of the Cumberland riv
er, near Clarksville, are to be used
in the manufacture of buttons. It
is expected that the starting of this
new enterprise for Clarksville is but
the beginning of a new era of man
ufacturing enterprise in the com-
.... rr, . j
munitv. The people are aroused to
the necessity of establishing new
factories, and several plans are on
foot, some to be backed by local cap
ital exclusively, and others bv for
eign in connection with local capi
School Book Commission.
The Tennessee school book com
mission will expire about May 1,
and Gov. rrazier Wlll-oon appoint
a new commission, n He is not readv
as vet to announce the date when
he will make the appointment, but
it will undoubtedly be in the near
future. The contracts for school
books expire September 1, and al
ready the agents of various publish
ing companies are gathering in
Nashville and getting readv to make
offers for supplying the State with
school books. lhe commission is
selected from the State board of ed
Averting Pink Slip.
The fire department of the va-
nous branches ol l lie t.nattanooga
citv government are now consider
ing greatlv increasing the lire limits
and additions to the department.
The insurance underwriters have in
dicated that if this is done a lower
rate will prevail, and action in this
direction will be taken at the next
meeting of the city council.
Hardin Favors Gill.
Democrats of Hardin county met
in mass convention, at Savannah last
week and elected delegates for the
gubernatorial convention and in
dorsed W. E. (Jill for candidate of
the twentv-sixth senatorial district,
subject to the Democratic conven
Dyersburg Compress Resumes.
A meeting of the stockholders of
the Dyersburg Cotton Compress
Company was held in that town last
week. All stock for sale has been
taken and all subscriptions paid in
full, the Dversburg business men
backing their confidence with their
money. The plant will resume busi
ness at once.
Motormarv- Mangled.
W. D. Hale, a motorinan in the
emplov of the Chattanooga Rapid
Transit Comuanv, last week met
death under the wheels ot ins own
car. His electric searcniignt went
out and with the car still in motion
he walked around the bumper. In
some way he slipped and fell on the
track, the wheels passing over him
and mangling him terribly.
Tobacco Deliveries Increase.
The deliveries of loose tobacco on
the Clarksville market continue to
increase'and, as a consequence, lo
cal business interests are picking up
decidedly. Good prices are beim
paid for the weed at the warehouses
and laree sales are now hems held
Crap Game Row.
Cross White was placed in the
Carroll county jail last week charg
ed with assault and attempt to mur
der. He is said to have struck Ar
thur Tucker over the head with a
heavy piece of timber, inflicting a
fearful and probably fatal wound.
The men fought over a crap game.
Division Line Quarrel.
Xear McMinnville last week Alex
Earls was shot and probably mor
tally wounded Jiv Harris Xewby, in
a quarrel over the location of a di
vision line. Ihev were neighbors,
but for several years have been at
loggerheads over property lines.
Blevins Elected Custodian.
R. L. Blevins, former warden at
Brushy Mountain, was last week
elected custodian of the State's for
estry exhibit at the World's Fair.
Remorse Caused Suicide.
In Trousdale county last week
rThomas Kerley, aged ".", unmarried
and well-to-do, hanged himself in
his barn because of remorse caused
by his inability to break himself
from drinking.
New Odd Fellows' Lodge.
A lodge of I. O. O. F. was or
ganized at Gleason last week by nine
members of Union City Lodge Xo.
294, who went to Gleason for that
Hothing in Sight, But Much Had Gone
the Way of Extravagant
A notorious character who had ran
through a large fortune thronch intm.
I perance had occasion to consult a. Hwor
ion witl1 the laryngoscope,
discover anything amiss.
but failed to
"Don't you seen, anything down there?"
theto' absfuteIy uothinK." replied
Immensely relieved, the spendthrift, a
W"V i ' gat?ea out
.. -Nothing down there n.
j i. J" ...... . .
tr tlown thr nntiin li r
uui-bur, x e swauowea six nouse in mv
time. Isn't there as much as half a brick
of 'em to he seen?"
In the Spring.
Lowndes, Mo.. April 4th. Mrs. IT. C.
Hartv. of this place, says:
"For vears I was in verv had health
Every spring I would get so low that I
was unable to do my own wort. i
seemed to be worse in the spring than
any otner time ot the jear. 1 was very
weak and miserable and had much pain.
. i i- i i j
nev Pills advertised last spring and be-
I saw Dodd s Kid-
tan treatment ot them and they have
certainly done me more good than any
thing i nave ever usea.
"I was all right last spring and felt bet
ter than I have for over ten years. I am
nfty years of age and am stronger to
day than I have been for many years and
I give Dodd's Kidney Pills credit for the
wondertul improvement.
Ihe statement ot JUrs. ilarty is oniy
ore ot a great many where iJodd s Ivid
ney Pills nave proven themselves to be
the very best spring medicine. Ihev
are unsurpassed as a tonic and are the
only medicine used in thousands of fan
Tess "Well, their engagement ia off."
Jess "The idea! It was only announced
este"ay-What did they quarrel about?''
less As to which was the more unwor-
thy of the other." Philadelphia Press
Tilth Lninrlant Hair, and Sealy
Scalps Cleansed and Pnrlfled
by Cntlcara Soap
Assisted by dressings ' of Cuticura, the
great BKin cure. j.nis treatment at once
stops falling hair, removes crusts, scales
and dandruff, destroys hair parasites,
Mates the hair follicles, loosens th. sraln
Bournes irritated, itcning surraces, stimu
i.n..fPPlies thf root3 energy and
nourishment, and makes the
upon a sweet, wholesome, healthv scalp.
when a.n else fails. Complete external .and
internal treatment for every humor, from
pimples to scrofula, from infancy to age.
consisting of Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
1'iiiB. nnce xi.ou. A Binele set is often suf-
ficent to cure. .
Ud Aeainst It. "Russia will fight till
the skies fall!" "Oh, well, a good many of
the ' skies and also the viches and
the ' skoffs have already fallen."
Moravian Barley and Spelts,
two great cereals, makes growing and
fattening hogs and cattle possible in Dak.,
Mont., Ida., Colo., yes everywhere, and
add to above Salzer's Billion Dollar Grass,
Teosinte, which produces 80 tons of green
fodder per acre, Salzer's Earliest Cane,
Salzer's 60 Day Oats and a hundred of
other rare farm seeds that they offer.
with 10c in stamps to the John A. Salzer
Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., and get their
big catalog and lots of larm seed sam
ples. K. L.
"Read Brown's last novel yet?" "No;
mst convalescing irom his hrst: At
lanta Constitution.
To cure an ach
ing hack,
The pains of
The tired-out
You must reach
the spot get at the
In most cases 'tis
the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney
Pills are for the
Charles Bierbach,
stone contractor,
livingat2625 Chest
nut St., Erie, Pa..
r or sir
m& mm
.. -SL .-r-
says : For two years 1 had lcidney
trouble nnd there was such a severe
pain through my loins and limbs that
I could not stoop or straighten up with-
out great pain, had difficulty in getting
about and was unable to rest at night,
arising in the morning tired and worn
out. The kidney secretions were ir
regular and deposited a heavy sedi
ment. Doctors treated me for rheuma
tism but failed to help me. I lost all
confidence in medicine and began to
feel as if life were not worth living, j
JDoan s Kidney Pills, however, relieved
me so quickly and so thoroughly that I
gladly made a statement to that effect
for publication. This was in 1898, and
during the six . years which have
elapsed I have never known Doan's
Kidney Tills to fail. They cured my
wife of a severe case of backache in
the same thorough manner."
A FREE TRIAL of this great kidney
medicine which cured Mr. Bierbach will
be mailed on application to any part of
the United States. Address Foster
Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. For sale
by all druggists, price 50 cents per box.
Forty years and ofter. iwy ye&ns
of use on lhe easterrTcoaat. Tower's
Waterproof Oiled Coati" were introduced
in the West and were called Slickers by
Al ft J 1
ine pioneers onq cowooys;. j nis crapnic
name has come Into such general use' that
it is frequent! though wrongfully applied
to many substitute, you want the gemsne
Look for the Oign of the rislvarvd
the wine Tower on the buttons,.'
84.00, S3.SO, S3.00, S2.50
"W.L. Douglas shoes
are "worn, by rnore
men than any oth!er
make. The reason
is, they hold their
6hape,ritbetter,wear f;
longer, ana nave
greater intrinsic
value than any
other shoes.
Sold Evtrgwher.
T.oofc rr name and ., . .' '
Douglas uses Corona ( oilskin, which l
verrwhere conceded tobethe tineftt Patent
Leather yet produced, .fast Co or Eyelets used.
oboes hf mail.Si rents xtra. Write tor Catalog.
VT. l OLGIAS, Brockton, Uaw.
I ...
'A 1
Pe-ru-na is a Catarrhal Tonic
Especially Adapted to the De
clining Powers of Old Age.
In old age the mucous membranes be
come thickened and partly lose their
This leads to partial loss of hearing,
smell and taste, as well as digestive dis
turbances. Peruna corrects all this by its 6pecifie
operation on all the mucous membranes
of the body.
One bottle will convince anyone. Once
used and Peruna becomes a life-long
stand-by with old and young.
Strong and Vigorous at the Age of
Rev. J. X. Parker,Utica, N. Y., writes:
"In Juno, 1901, 1 lo t my sense of hear
ing entirely. My hearing hud been
somewhat impaired for several years,
but not so much aff ectedbut that I could
hold converse with my friends; but in
June, 1901, my sense of hearing1 left me
so that I could hearno sound whatever.
I was also troubled with rheum.-t t ic pains
in my limbs. I commenced talcing Pe
runa and now my hearing is restored as
good as it was prior to June, 1901. My
rheumatic pains are all gone. I cannot
The spring is tbe best time to
self every spring. The system is rejuvenated by spring weather.
This renders medicines more effective. A short course of Peruna,
assisted by the balmy air of spring, will cure old, stubborn cases ot
catarrh that have resisted treatment for years. Everybody should
have a copy of Dr. Hartman's latest book on'catarrh. Address The
Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
yfN CANDY yf
GUARANTEED CUB'S for all bowel troubles, appendicitis, biliousness, bad breath, bad blood, wind
on the stomach, font month, headache, indigestion, pimples, pains after mating, lirer trouble.
sauow complexion ana dizziness, n nen your do we is oon move regmariy yCa are sick. jon
stipation kills more people than all other diseases toeether. Yoa will neret cot well and atay well
until yon put your bowels right. Start with CASCAK1CTS today under absolute guarantee to enre
or money refunded. Sample and booklet free. Address SierUnfc Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
For all kinds and frizes of Store BuiMiuics. We farnih all material entering into the
construction of Store Kroi!t9. Write us about your projtosed building: and Ftate dimen.
vlnns and style of front and we will send you. FKKK OF Oil A HO K, an elegant
Blue Print Plan, and quote you an extremely low price on one of our popular
Modern Store Fronts. We give you all the strie of an e':fmnt New York or Chicago
store at moderate cost. Send for Catalogue.
Any catalogue mailed on
receipt of a 2-cent stamp.
Western Dept.,
Chicago, 111.
Eastern Dept.,
Hartford, Conn.
Small Potatoes
result from a lack of
the soil. Potash pro- 1
:es size and quality. I
duces size
We have
v a 1 nible
books which
explain more
fully the fer.
tilUing value aJI
of Potash.
We will
send them
free to any
fat mf whn
writes for
Jiew Terk 95 Xaasa tree4, r
Atlaata, fca S. Brwaa St.
e -
1 hill too steep
I for the rider with a
MS1 , 'fwr
ill WJ'& v
speak too highly of Peruna, and now
when 83 vears old can say ithas invigor
ated my whole system. I cannot but
think, dear Doctor, that yon mut feel
very thankful to the all loving Father
that you have been permitted to live,
and by your skill be such a blessing as
you have been to suffering humanity.'
Rev. J. N. Parker.
A Bishop's Letter.
T. II. Lomax, D. D., PishopSnd Dist.
A. M. E., of Charlotte, N. C, writes :
"I recommend your Peruna to all who
want a strengthening tonic and a very
effective remedy for all catarrhal com
plaints."!'. Iir Lomax.
If you do not receive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Ilartman, giving a
full statement of your case and he will
be pleased to give" you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. TIartman, President- of
The Ilartman Sanitarium, Columbus,
treat catarrh
Nature renews her
OweMrboro, Kentucky.
A Large Trial Box and book of in
struct Ions absolutely Free and Post
paid, enough to prove the value of
PaxtineToilef Antiseptic
s-uune is in powoer
form to dissolve In
water non-poisonou4
and far superior to liquid
antiseptics containing
alcchol whkh irritates
inflamed surfaces, and
bzve no cleansing- prop
erties. Tbe contents
of every box makes
more Antiseptic Solw
tion lasts lotjer
Sroes further has mors
ijses in the family and
Crcesmorcg-ood thanany
antiseptic prcparatloa
you csn bay.
The formula of a noted Boston physician,
and used with great success as a Vaginal
Wash, for Leucorrhoea, Pelvic Catarrh, Nasal
Catarrh, Sore Throat, Sore Eyes, Cuts,
and all soreness of mucus membrane.
In local treatment of female ills Paxtine is
invaluable. Usod as a Vaginal Wash tre
challonfre the world to produce its equal for
thoroughness. It is a revelation in cleansing
and healing power; it kills all germs which,
cause inflammation and discharges.
All leading dru-ista keep Paxtino; prlce.BOe.
a box; if yonrsdoes not, send to us for it. Don't
take a substitute there is nothing like Paxtine.
Write for the Free Box of Paxtine to-day.
R: PAXT0HC0., 4 Pope Bldg., Boston, Mass.
Tha DaLaack Palaat Varlabla Frietian Fnl Saw Mill
ith u. p. cuts S.Ouu feet per djy. All sizes and prices to suit.
Shingle Mills. Ldftrs. Trimmers. Planers. C rn and Bubs
Mills. Water Wheels. Lath Mls. Wood Saws sad Hay freucs.
Out handsome new cataioue will interest you.
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Dr. H. II. Green tSont. Box O. Atlanta. Co.
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