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HE matchless leader of low. prices, the Merchant Prince of Bolivar, the Sleepless Sentinel, who keeps vigil upon the watch tower by day and by nighCis back
from market with the brightest, most brilliant and beautiful stock ever offered to the people of Hardeman, Chester and adjoining counties. Commencing Saturday
morning, Uctober bth, at the hour of 10 o'clock, a $40,U0U stock of goods in all ot its grandeur ana giory win dc inruwn uuuu "
the blush of shame to the cheek of competition. I stand always and alone at the fore-front, ready to beat back the ranks ot those who seen to neece tne public oy
exhorbitant charges. Never before in the history of the mercantile business oi Bolivar have such rich, rare ana racy oargaim, uaacu aicuuw u. uFiy
in mv hndsnm thw-stnrv fr?rtr ftiitf4?ncy. whirfi tnrr1 from wllina to rpllr with the cream of the world's creations. Uur magniticent show windows are
. tv. r : r v . r . . t n. a
an index to the vast and varied stock within. We W onlv in carload lots and social trains are run for our exclusive benetit. As they whirl and wnistie tnrougn tne
country, all bearing the-name of BARRETT, headed for Bolivar, Tenn., they naturally attract attention, but the greatest attraction lies m the splendid bargains
they carry. Great and glorious is the display, marvelous and wonderful the low prices that prevail. Our red-hot, live-wire offerings are death blows to those who tollow
where we lead. Our goods are new, just from the centers of fashion, the product of the highest artistic skill. They are the most beautiiul, stylish and handsome ever shown
in this market, and the prices are the lowest on record. This combination, good goods and low prices, works like magic and the people are not slow to appreciate it. 1 hey are
coming from far and near to ouil store in carriages, buggies, wagons, on horseback and afoot. Our front and rear entrances are crowded and our competent, courteous corps ot .
salesmen are kept busy from the dawn of day until the midnight hour. Scatter the news of Barrett and his bargains to the winds and let the crowds come. We will care tor
them, no matter how large or how long they remain. We mention only a few articles to give you an idea of what we carry in stock:
500 pieces Calico, very highest grade , oc
10,000 yards best quality Brown Domestics 5c
Beautiful stock fine Suitings for ladies, all the latest novdlties.
Handsome stock of Broadcloth, different shades and colors.
Great bargains in a hundred pieces of Outings, bought from
the mills last February before the advance, at the same
old price . -. 10c
Large stock Silk Dress Patterns for Shirt Waist Suits, in
st3Tlish and up-to-date shades.
Rich Silk Velvets, latest shades and colors, for ladies' shirt waists
Magnificent collection of Ribbons, varied hues.
Our line of Men's and Ladies' Underwear is the most extensive
ever halidled here, bought direct from factory.
Something new in Ladies' Sweaters, immense line.
Men's and Ladies' Hosiery, latest, shades.
Beautiful assortment Ladies' Dressing" Sacques.
Blankets, Comforts and Colored Bed Spreads, rich and heavy
100 of the finest Rugs on the market.
In Gents' Furnishing Goods we have always been headquarters
Largest line Colored Shirts in the city.
Neat and nobb7 line of Woolen Shirts.
Tn Neckwear the handsomest display ever exhibited.
Collars and Cuffs of the very latest styles.
Just received, a carload of Boots and Shoes, the largest shipment
ever made over the Illinois Central II. R. to any retail store.
These broods are from the celebrated firms of Roberts, John
son & Rand; Smith & Stoughton and Brown Shoe Co.
In Clothing we recognize no competition.
200 Men's nice Suits at ' .$5.00
425() Men's Suits, beautifully made up and finished $10.00
350 nice Tailor-made Suits, will close from 12.50 to 15 00
200 Knee Rants Suits, late and up. to date, from. . .1.50 to 1.50
L-irge stock Boys' Corduroy Suits, good, serviceable aiul cheap.
In Overcoats we have the largest and most select line of any
house in town.
Handsome assortment Ladies', Misses and Children's Wraps, all
latest styles, bought in New York, from 2.50 to 15.00
Hits and Caps for men and boys; the newest, nobbiest, latest and
cheapest on the market.
1,000 Men's Hats will be thrown on the bargain counter and you
can pick your choice for onty 1.00
Trunks and Valises of every size, kind and shape.
Our Grocery Department is one of our special features and is al
ways, full and complete. We carry in stock a large line of
Flour, Meal, Meat,, Sugar, Coffee, Lard, Molasses, etc., and
sell at the very lowest possible prices.
WAMTCni 5-000 "ALES OF C0T
W HIJl TON! I am the exclus-
Uolivar of an
VI . j,h 1..-, 1-
Av-J f?-Y nnrl xrI11 now vnn t Yl f ItlcrVloaf mnrbot.
- - yv. 111 HI C4 1 J H 111 1 J J V V M -A A l-A U A Ay V
once for both your cotton and cotton seed.
on t sell until you see me. we are neau-
quarters for cotton. - Last season we bought
-t II. t ..1 1 M 1 1
-5Lsr mnrfi than a i me otner mei cnants com mnea
and this season we propose to do the same
thing if
prices are any
Come and see us and -make our house your home.
The Bolivar Bulletin.
Progress Tklkphosk
We have renewed our elubbing
arrangements with the Home and
Farm and the Weekly Commercial
Appeal, both of wbioh papers will
be Bent with the Bulletin one
year for $1.25, or either the Home
and Farm or Commercial Appeal
one year with the Bulletin for
fl-00 cash in advance
Those who subscribe to the Week
ly Commerciil Appeal in connection
with the Bulletin will also be en
titled to a guess at the Memphis
cotton receipts from September 1,
1904, to January 15, 1905, and the
correct or nearest correct gueeser
will get 111, 500 if received in No
vember, 1,000 if received in Dec
ember. All subscriptions must be sent
" THS miUll Mm Tew,
Miss Lucy Williams, of Jack
son, visited her sister, Mrs. E. S.
Crawford, lust week.
No. 17. J llobert II. Jones, of Atlauta, is
; visiting his father, Mr. Mont
Jones, near Hickory Valley.
J. U. Herrimau left Sunday
for Blossom, Texas, where he ex
pects to engage in farming.
Misses Annie Maie Snider and
Lizzie Young, ot Jackson, vi.-ited
Miss Maude Wilkiuson last week.
Our friend, John 11. Black,
brought to the Bulletin otiice Sat
urday an immense hav-.k, measuring
fifty inches from tip to tip. The
The following, telegram from
Trenton, concerning a well known
and popular p-jtor, enje stationed
here, and who married a daughter)
bird w as captured by Mr. Black , of our fellow townsman, Mr. WJl- j
Local News-
Mr. Soutball
on a visit.
Tate is at home
Mrs. Webster Clirk is visiting
Mrs. Katie Tate.
Grover Estes, of Memphis, is
visiting relatives here.
Mr. Arthur Bledsoe, of Jack
eon, visited relatives here Suuday.
Miss Emma Wilkinson ha re
turned to her home in Jackson after
a pleasant visit to her friend, Miss
May Smith.
The Sandy Springs Me'hodist
Church, which was located three
miles north of Middletgn, was burn
ed Monday night.
Loaded Smokeless Powder
Shells, all sizes at W. J. Sav
age & Co's.
Mrs. Lula Case. Miss LiMi
Dodd, Messrs. John Ilolloday and
Percy Freeman, of Jackson, attend
ed the street fair Thursday night.
Consult W. O. West, the undertaker,-
of Grand Junction, if you
need anything in his line. Burial
suits, coffins, caskets from 13.50 tip.
Dr. S Dickson will vis:t Grand
Junction on Wednesday and Thurs
day, Dec- 7th and 8th, and invites
all who need dental work to meet
Martin Flexner returned Tues
day morning from a visit to Louis
Mrs. Addie Ramsey died Sun
uay ni2ht and. her remains were
buried in Union Cemetery Mtnday.
j Funeral services were conducted by
. . i l -
Addilee Kamsey was placed mjRev T. E P Woods,
the Industrial School at Nashville'
a.u. jrnmoy, ot tne
Wednesday. '
Misses-Myra Newsom and Dol
lio Tisdale, of Vildo, visited in the
city last week.
Christmas is approaching. Get
your presents ready and make your
friends happy.
E. G. Maddox, of Paducah,
Ky., visited Bolivar acquaintances
on Sunday last.
Miss Daisy Moore, of Vildo,
was the guest of Miss Albertine
Smith last week.
Miss Sallie Hill left Monday.
She will spend the winter ia Chica
go and Pittsburg.
17th dis
trict, lost his barn by fire Monday
night, also ten head of mules, threp
cows, several head of hogs, besidps
a considerable quantity of cotton
seed, feed stuff, etc.
A dance was eiven bv the
voung men of Bolivar at Warren's
Hall Tuesday evening. Quite s
number of society people werp pres
ent. An elegant lunch was served
at Lightfort's cafe.
A new schedule went into effpet
Sunday on the I. C. The principa
changes are in the north bounr
morning pasfipngr tram. lu.e one
hour later; and the south bound
local freight one hour later.
while in the act of carrying off one
of his hens.
Mr. Thomas J. Prewitt and
Miss Ada Redfeam were happily
married at thi home of the bride's
father. near Saulfbuiv, on the
evening of November 23rd. Rev.
C. A. Davis, of the Cumberland
resbyterian Church officiated.
Great Baugaists in Hats
at jNIitS Maggie Black's.
Mr. F. A. WiUiims, of Jack
son, was the guest of his daughter,
Mrs. E S Crawford last Suuday.
"his was his first visit to Bolivar
since 1870, when he was one of the
workmen who assisted in building
our present county jail aud erecting
other brick houses in the town.
The many friends of George
losson, a former citizen of tl.i-
county, now ot I'arsisb, Ala., will
oin the Bulletin in extending con
gratulations upon his marriage to
Miss Luia Hurst, a charming ladj
of Grand Junction, which occured
on the 23rd of November.
Fire was discovered early
fuesday morning among some cot
ton at Campbell & .Breeden's gjn.
I'he alarm was given by an old
negro woman and tne quicK re
sponse of citizens prevented what at
one time promiseu to be a senous
loss. One hundred and fifty bales
of cotton were on the yards, but
only about ten bales were damaged.
Loss estimated at about $250 00.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
The street fair people folded
their tents Saturday night and de
parted for other fields. Their ex
hibition afforded much pleasure to
young aud old, the attendance was
iarge nd the receipts very satisfac
tory to the management. The bus
iness men of Bolivar w ere also liber
ally patronized. Notwithstanding
the immense crowds, the best of
order prevailed, and Marshal Hizer
and his competent corps of deputies
deserve congratulations for their
watchful care of the law's respect.
Get vour: Chiustmas Hat
save money
from Miss Maggie Black aud
liarn Redd, appeared in the Com
mercial Appeal of Tuesday: "Rev.
S. L. Jewell, pastor of the Metho
dist City Church, esteemed for his
many Christian graces, admired for
his brilliant and analytical sermons,
loved for his beneficieut works to
the community at large, leaves
Wednesday for his future charge at
Thu Shakcspoar Club will meet
with Mrs Kahn Saturday evening
at 7 30 o'clock. Ou Monday even
ing last, Miss Mary Ingram was the
hostess, when an hour and a half
was spent ip a critical review of
"King Jobu." The questions pre
viously prepared by Rev. Mr.
Woods and distributed to the mem
bers were thoughtfully . studied.
Miss Edith Wellman, in a most
charming manner, read a quaint bill
iard beating upon the play. Mr.
Wood was unanimously elected
leader for next nrouth, when "Rich
ardthe Second" will be the subject.
A 'most delicious ''fruit salad and
chocolate course with dainty wafers
was served. Titest weekly meet
ings arc not only instructive from
an intellectml view p'int, but are
most pleasurable f-ocial!y
Widiam b Harris died at the
home of bin son-in-law, It. L. Blair,
in Marianna, Ark., November 20th,
1904, of dropsy, in the 65th year
of his age. Deceased was a son of
the late James B. Harris, and was
born and reared in Hardeman
County. He moved to. Arkansas m
early manhood. When the civil
war came on he returned here to en
list in the Confederate service, but
the company was not made up and
he went back to Arkausas and there
entered the service. He married a
lady from Kentucky, who fiied
seven years ago. The result of the
union was four children, two daugh
ters and two sons, all ofwhom are
liviu2 and married except the
youngest daughter. One sister,
Mrs. William Kearny, and three
brothers, Robert, Charles and
Doutrlas Harris, who reside Dear
Bolivar, snrvive him. William
Harris was well known to our older
citizens and was highly regarded for
his worth, both" as a mau and cit
& . STi T-.-TT7MM -
For sale at the BANK OF BOLIVAR. No
written application necessary. Receipt
given you for your money
Up to and not exceeding $2.50 3 cents.
Over $2.50 and not exceeding $5.00- 5 cents.
Over $5.00 and not exceeding $10.00 8 cents.
Over $10.00 and not exceeding $25. 00 10 cents.
Payment guaranteed. Good anywhere
at full value without discount.' If you ..wish
to remit money itr small amounts you will
find these orders are what you want. Cheap
est safest and hest. "Willisana up to 100.
Try us and find how convenient these or
ders are.
W. P. Nuckolls off of three
acres of land sold 1340.00 worth of;
Irish potatoes last June, and raided
corn and peas enough on the landJ-
after the potatoes were dug to fat
ten 27 head of hogs, averaging in
height 150 pounds each, .which he
is now selling on the ISouvar mar
ket at fix cents per pound. He ex
pects to cultivate about 10 acres in
cabbage and potatoes next season.
Mr. W. E. Rives, an experienced
truck farmer, of Medina, will be as
sociated with Mr. Nuckolls.
r "
In making selections for
don' ty ail to call at
They have many articles
Useful and Ornamental.
Census Ginning Report Shows
9,906,057 Eales. -
Washington, Nov. 30. The
Census Bureau to day issupd a re
port. by states and territories of the
quantity of cotton ginned from the
growth of 1904 up to November
14, showing that 29,011 ginneries
bad been operated this season up to
that lime, and that these had gin
ned 9,906,057 running bales. Count
ing round-bales as half bales, the
number is 9,786,646.
On the streets of Bolivar
during the last days of the
btreet Fair, a pair of gold
rimmed Eye Glasses within a
case having upon it: "Geo
T. B road n ax, No. 301 Main
St., Memphis, Term." Any
one finding same and return
ing to this office will be re
For Sale Cheap.
Two Buggies. Apply to Dr. R.
W. Tata.
See W. J. Savaere &
hofnvo In i t i rt it vnur ivnn
They have the most complete
line in town. Single barrel
Guns 4. oo up. Double bar
rel Gnus 8.oo up. These
are bargains.
For Sale.
I am now offering for sale some
nice Pigs from my herd of Register
ed Poland China Hogs. If you want
something that is bred right and at
the right price, .come and see or
write, J. P. Mitchell, Uolivar.
7,'. v.:.,.-., f.-- : -:l
Buy "Keen Kutter" Tools,
the guaranteed kind at
There is nothing iust as cood for
Malaria, Chills and Fever as Dr.
Mendenhall s Chill and Fever Cure.
Take it as a general tonic and at all
times in place of quinine. If it
fails to give satisfaction mail the
front of the carton J. C. Menden
hall, Evansville, Ind., and get your
money back. -
For Sale."
Two hundred acres of land about
two miles southeast of Wbiteville.
Terms, one-third cash, balance on
time with interest. For informa
tion apply to John FI. Bills Boli
var, Tenn.
When yoa want a pleasant Iax
ative take. Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. For sale by
Cox & Co., Bolivar; J V. Nuck
olls, . Toone; Bailey & A!dridgp
Saulsbury. -

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