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I I! rtectingtl
' ' j 1 disastrou
a. 1;
The California Renublican State
Convention will be held at Sacra-
- w.- ,nento on August 12.
5a f f
ii 1 - - , . - . .1
17111 manAM n Ir J 1, i 1. I
- " , Bl . 1 " w ,tms w
to T3? t5L R u Mn "i
J5fiml f1 Wl11
The state of the late J. T. Davis, ;
of Butte, Mont., amounts to $7,000.-
000, and John A. Davis, brother of
dewsiscd, has been appointed ad
ministrator, and required to give a
oona ot $o,UUU,WU.
1 HE oM Metmodist tmrsonaue in
Ash Opove, 3 sniles east of Oam-
"bridge, N. Yn land which was de-
stroyed by Eire last Sunday was the
oldest McUiodist parsonage in the
country, halving leen built by the
congregation of lJhilhp iimbury
about 1785.
Chief Justice Fuljler lias ren
dered an opinion adverse to tine
constitutionality of State laws pro
viding for the seizure of Bquor
brought into the State iai original
packages. Suc2i laws, he holds,
are an interferearo.ee with the inter
state commerce law.
La Nona, said to be a rival of
JL& Grippe, has made its appearance
at Muncoe, led. In taking this dis-
ease the patient is suddenly seized
with severe pains and sickness of
stomach which continue for several
Iwurs. La Nma has been epi&smic
in Italy and Germany for several
The Fanners Alliano,at St. Jo
seph, Mo., are to build a large ele
ctor to store up the wheat wntil
the price reaches $1 per basheL
To tide over the farmers a bank is
to be established at St. Joseph to
loan them money at a low uate of
interest ontil the wheat is sold.
-ii tne Alliance men shoumho this
an over tne country gigantic trusts
'V ainsttibe farmers would soon be
5 v L Z;lxZ: 1 1"?; V
ut, r
ana Araansas asKing m w in-
3 A XI i A J 1
and the points to which irations
should be sent, also to designate
persons to act in conjunction with
officers to be assigned, for dutv in
i coniuucraon wnn
officers to be assigned for duty in
the distribution of stores. He says
v v
he is p
" i """ ""(tliem."
The contemplated appropriation Wwild yon dare to dose your eyes wouldn't have dawd. Father, where
of $20,000,000 by Congresslor pub- at night without locJong in every isthatbov?"
lie buildings does not meet the ap- lo9et a,nd nder every bed BQ.te 0Be tome 1 s'pose; didn't yu
probation of President Harrison. hase Jor fear some tramp might tell him to clear out?"
lTft wifl rrnbahlv veto t.h hill if be hidden Uiere ? "Well yes, spose I dxd; but he
nBOp,i fl Tin fHnVo fl nmraint
too much It strikes us it is verv
Door economy in Mr. Harrison to
nt. fln-n RT.nrr.nMflt.inns A-n- Tnnr.1!
wAcvi wooo fiia
r,tJri Vip rlnrrra nf fho Trooo-
u p0r,wor tu.fit
l- - -
It is probable the McKinlev tar-
iff bill will be passed. The Repub-
licans are determined to pass a
tariff bill during this sitting of
tflrmrrrpsR. Rnrl then Trmirsritv urn in
accord on the general principles of
theMcKinlev bill. The bill will
nrobablv not pass as it now stands,
but will be changed mow or less
"bv amendments, and no one can
tell its ultimate fihane. as andivid-
nal Republicans differ widely on
many points. Of course una Re
publicans will not change the tariff
except in iavor oi monopolists.
DisntESS from high water in tihe
jtfississippi River and tributnraes
. ; little town of Grosse, La., is under
' water and its inhabitants in a help-
i'i.V less condition and are sorely m
)f sustenance. Tho levee
has proven a failure in pro-
tecting tlie Mississippi Valley from
disastrous overflows, and now some
" oiner pm snouiu oo urieu. xue wa-
ters of great rivers conld probably
be given new pr?tlets that would
carry off the rjuss us water without
overflow, aTtfT pipntiffs tonmkoaisl
maintaiivr ,;, . lnVi-ws. Evi
-ntJy1'" wo"" be done,
c aia uui luo iiaiii.j Wrn-
opponents, if there were an)
. I
avuvuvi TT ttj lull nxji aiuitc
. ..
Mass itachel was tall and nngm-
lar, with sharp gray eyes, ana a way
: n i t 1
f " eTB" at whoe,f,er
to offend. She lived Una
quiet farm-house with her father, a
meek iittie man, who imovad accord-
ing to tbe laws of the ruling genius
of Ms house. She laid few intimate
friends, for all stood somewhat in
awe of her uncertain disposition,
Ihere was one, however, who
laaiirhedat her whims and uswallv
saoceeded in malum? her laaaa. too.
This was Miss Modlie Bamta. lso
a maiden of uncertain age whoiived
net door. She it was who was
seated in Miss Rachel's favorite
chair this sunny afternoon, listen-
ing to the list of grievances which
uiizamg oars.
"Of all detestable thiBUrS under
tlie ram that boy's the worst I "
orse than man? Aow just
think what horrid creatures they
axel" said Miss Mollie. laufrhiais.
"Well, laugh if you want to; I
i'posed you would; but if you'd
been in my shoes for the past wvaek
you'd got enough on'i"
What s he done now Did he
leave muddy tracks on the floor?"
" Hump ! that's nothiang compared
to ou see, it s cMirning aay,
and he managed someibow t spill
the cream on the floor. Wasn't J
mad? And that miserable idiot
grwenea ana saia, jmssos, snail i
call -in the pags
"Very tboughtful E turn, Ia
surft," said Miss Mollie. "Hewauo-
ted to save you the trouble of tak-
ing it up.
Jiump i l saveaiiim lae trout)
. j j - 1 - , 1 i i HI
buscuit and honey for his supper
Wa will foast. nnlviwl nnEn.iltliftr
a whilA nnw."
"Hnw pun vo ho Hn mwiy
hashed Miss Mollis. "Ain't yon
afraid he will play aoraae tracit on
. W1."1 ?
sat eawng ni8 aUowwnoe
o bread and with a woefoj
ftflt hi (ua tno junrinaL
AT13, cnrJm lw ,1
" '
iorwara to listen.
"Mel Me atraid ot wax laoy
wi,,. T tiA t "
" tL ' T.
i ii i v i, 11 1 1 1 1 m. MMiiii iiifu ut
tr wil T 3' i:.
"Like them? Guess you donlJ
. -ITT . T (1 i J 1 1 1
I w e a ewer oo siuure uiau otv,
8X w OW11 m 801116 a11
e11 ey talked about pickles,
and carpet rags, ami the ministers
wife's new "bunnit," awl won(kid
Jwhfle Perkinses folks went visit-
mig yesterday,
J JfV,.Ll 4-l l,m . 3 . U. rL;
owl carefully on the bench and
thesi climbed the back gate to mod-
pate. .
Jtie sat there quietly tor some
minutes, when ua idea strack him
80 forcibly that it knoefced him
"om the gate -(Sawn to tke soft1
grass, where he rallied and ticked
mi hugged himself in deligM.
"AfraM of tramps, is she? J3ad
1UC& wjwr, us mesau iimi wuiina
tno same co visit iner, tne oum catl
ii J "''j ii t k ill
Oil, Pat, me boy, its a jewel w axe,
Hooray 1" v
Whack! went a stout stick eross
his back and brought him to his
senses direc.
' AVhatareyedoin',ye4S5palpeen?"
will ye? Its only takimg ff ex3t-
cise 1 am.
Jiixeacise t Weil to-aaiowry pe
goes into the peetaty field with noe;
ye' ve had enough of this,"
With a rueful face Fat watched
the stout laborer shoulder the bun-
uie ua. uxjis ivneu an ws course
frock and start down the row!.
When the red flannel shirt disap-
rxjorcd, he turned to confront Miss
- j "Wliat were you saying to that
vagabond you young nueal ?" mill
she, catching up a stick and wav-
iuc jj. throateningly over his head.
Dtwrw.missus5 That's only
Vcn am fo.11inrAnKmtrtitl. Tt
woo wawu, x win .1110 uuuuio
gtokm things, no Boubt tfow tell
me W what vou iL
" JB, he only remarked that it
was l2n avening, and asked me
who lived in that Housa.'
And you said "
Yes; I tM tfeat a feeble ald
iram a rinf am ia nnst. livw, fWPTO.
alone with has .darter, as Imim a
missus as iver "
44 Whit did vn JJ hi &at. w
Kva1 1nA W HIl
Don't worrv, missus." saad Pai
ftouldihiia that missus faept:all her
jewels in her tow beauty drawer.
knd tihe old nmrn Scept Ms chink ia
was no use for him to come sneak-
amnnJ. far ho wnnlrln't wfc
With a erv of dkrmiv Miss Ra-
Uw tumfi! toward the hevatia.
Matter moug3ii3 That boy will
iriain us wt'P' Aim! she cave her
jfriend aniaoocunt of the whole af-
"Well, this doss look serious,
Til tell you what to da Come over
,nd get WuTs old gun the lock is
broken so "favoa't hurt you. But
o one else will inow the differ-
ence, aancl joa nan scar them 11
""Halther is xrat milksmg, and I
caa"t 3ave the Ihouse lone."
"Ifell Pat 4o stay and wafcek
ComR. hurry; its most dark now."
S with Strict orders to Pat they
T -w-v m . n a , i M
" lyaas itoe mas. or me thisday,
said Pat -"Kowiver, I'll take a
tn,-au vv?uQ t "
ft .T.- mt a vt,oq
11 orf,iiiir UiJ
him. Soon -he came out with
hawlful of the forbidden shortoake,
JI lil L iLl X A-
h place as sentinel,
marched off down the road.
ijbj looked verv e
- W ,m- 1 1.1
nun duv VWUM VIV UAUUfclllk
lnt tor !Ul this tstoe was verv cane-
Hal to mali!evv door and window
. . , . i- -I T n i
i EJiwn iumiiMi tfniiTn iiu di'DTTJirtiii rTi T.na
n ,i -j t i
dliiB2 fingers.
'Conldn't have Tieeu Pat he
I .i , , j TT , T
i migJit stayea till I come back.
Some ism has been in liere, and no
knowing who s hid m the house.
"oiii one's stolen my boots,
said the old man from the bed-room,
1 where he was banging round the
chairs in fruitless, search for the
missintr articles.
1 am l-ill 1 1
remarkei Miss JSacheL
TJam Kaking W gun in oneikind
and a candle in twe other, she wtnt
upstairs. Here n awful sight met
hercaze: one loot she eaves, then
went aaoiselessly dovu stairs to con-
suit feer father.
"father," said she in an awful
whisjwr, "father, tkere's a man a
tramw under my 3ed!"
-ujd, psnaw, now- itacneu lou
re losing your wiis.
i .
44 1 say there is-! I saw ham ! "
""Bump! Why idn't you shoot
him ?"
"Now I cuessllknow whiat I'm
sayinsg! Come alamg and see for
yourself if yom dwai't believe it
Sh h ! be still mow w e'Jl have
Captiously they crept vm the
stairs, the M man hiding a skepti
cal grin, but a look convinced even
him. Probably the scamp thought
he ws hidden. Sob was, only one
foot showed faHr, ania little farther
aboottoepeepedontfrom the dainty
wnite rumes c mne wea vaiance.
outside the door, and her father
scratched his Iwad in perplexity.
"A man in my room miwe?'
whispered she angrily.
"How shall we get him etst?'
-questioned her father,
I, " I know " said sle. 44 The mis
erablo critter ."ain't BtiiWl iie I
ftrst saw him; prob'ly heTs sasleeTC
he sdiad hisftjer 1 toiowiqy !tbe
crumbs I saw. m the pamtry. owj
I m stouter'n xanx be, so 1'll.jnst go
in, still s a mcrase, and get hold of
both feet and yank him clean out
mtothe .tniauie of the tloor, and
you give liim 'Crack ovwr the head
with that gun."
" All right; well try it"
"Mygracaons! u hat ii.he should
catcli hold of ane?" she asked.
" Pshaw, now, don't yombe scairtl
The scamp is asletp, or le'd a-stir-
redafore now. lTou just go still;
be sure vou get a cood Siold, than
yanK s tttflugh all creation had
him. Maylte youvl better veil, too;.
if 33 thebp scare hirru0
M 1 11 &. him ! 1 11 lara the var-
mint to tuod sonre other tlace to
sIqpjj 'ceiSt -under my bed. Just
jijive ane one good chance atihim
J. 11 1 11
AJoumg with Kige, -she np-toed
refully across the room, and stoop-
ing, sud Itfsr hand, under the ankle
of each boot. Inen with &vch &A,loi,Hi, vand the nw.l veositaf
scream as only enraged worawi amd
catamounts are capable of, jshe
yaoikicd. Such howl of rage and
fear combined! i?or one moment
she flourished botih arms aloft in a
vaindeavorto regain her balance,
then sat 3own on the floor wsth a
force that made the windows wattle,
while an each hand she held her
fathers missing koots.
He stared at her, she at him.
1 hen, wathalook which said phunly,
"Sold," he said
"Gimme mf boots, RrijCHakcttess
ril take them and the gun down
istairs; iguess you wwi't be troubled
She at there on the $loorn
thought long jwtwl eamiestly of a
vounglliDeOTaian. Jtiowsnewatged
for Shim them!
And way dow llhe tjrack, hi .a
raoflwaT shanty, a freckled-faced
feoy was wondering wJaat his dear
Mass itacnei was HMnmng awoui.
WWy Wttnws.
Remember that different soils re-
uj yroxci is. .
Will varieties f buck-wheat mix
and cross?, is one of the questions
oiuie aay,
Iframss well ks f aims fire ciipa-
ble wfculta wition. Jforor lose sight
of this fact h
fit eightoenof th-e great agncult-
nral sleeT-raiswg States andTer-
ritories there is no dog tax at all.
A soil may bfi ever-fed and troub
led with indigestion as well as fche
animal svstem, but it Is oftener
There is willing gained bycrowd-
mg crops. .Numbers of plants do
not compensate for the loss in size
and quality.
Ary u imai obi ane uwt iiy oi
enng every filing fat you u3er-
vim, ttv-j. in c -i . v
do it tiue wrong way.
It as not fancy but aeal ttwfcx. tthat
the farmer wants for tensmess.
There is not much that is fancy
aboatf arming. .Every thingisrtal
In the spring wheat section nt is
said that seeding hasten delayed,
and in one of the Dakotas the
wheat area will be 40 per cent less
thfitti Hast year.
Awerxvu farmers exporting
grain to Europe are compelled by
thef oreign steam ship monopoly 4o
pay fre,gJit rates nearly twice 8
high as tJaty were a year ago.
Do not be too frugal m toe
of the Jwrow before pstting in the
crop. It ot i0y -eradicates the
vwds, txat iinpros the seed-bed.
By killing the weeds, it givesyour
crop a wee s time more start oi
jri iVn fjirl- "T wiali xtcvn Naw
Yorkwrs woldgivcus Chicagoirls
a rest
Pivwrter; "Whatliindof aTpst?
A foot-rest linkers State
Thtanderation, Lyons," said the
editor to the foreman, "yon'vo got
this obituary note nicely jmixed,"
"Yes, von have. Yon say that
and leaves a wife and fifty chil
dren" Pictorial Weeklies.
Tha Word's CiT 'Atmli
Jom) i jMiwiiiidi.
Oram has a wwilar wrmv of
300000 toon niul a -war txitwn
Spain .Iws a yegJi'litr army r DQ,-
U00 nuti, a war .todtmg of 450,001
and the aunmial .t f thi :wnrjy in;
J pnn lias si w-gular uwrnybf "3G.-
7 men, a war iEootmj? f 51,72.1,
and the annual cst of th army w
Hossia lias a regular army of 37-3U
771 men,;a war footing of 2i.733.305.
avnd the amual c&st of fte army
js SldY,oia,iJU'J.
Turkey Jws a regular army of
$50,000 man, a war testing of CIO.-
'JUU, and the;nmnual cofe't of thermy
is uy,WWJU.
Italy has a sregularwrnv ol 786.-
iS92 men, a wnriootMjgof 1,718,933
Mind the amuial rot -fx the m unw "as
it4ince has & TegtTkr Mimiy ot
Ali'vtft 'men, a "war footuiix
the army is S114,279.7L
'Germany ihas a arJjarm'v of
445,402 men, a vmr dfootiug ol
1,492,101, :and tine ansual cst of
the rmy as $98,330,429.
fcreat Brittcin has aavgnlarrmy
kit ULbob men, a w&r footing of
577,906, and the annual east f the
army is $74,901,500.
India (Bnfish) &as & tegular
amy of 189,597 men, wax footing
of 3Uo,U00, amd the Jawnual cost of
the army as m4SJJL85.
Ama-Htingary lias a regular
aTmy 'I'2S430 1 mewl a wax footing
of 1,125,838. and the annual cost
I he tLuitod States asS3iir
cmy of 25,749 men, a wax footing
pi i,.L&d,uuo, and me annual eost
of ithe iarnyr is $40,406,460.
A Croat Struggle,
lext Monday, My 5. will "Jsks in
augurated a gaw&t dfcrujle for
hours f labor an New Y(rk. The
'mV6fiBtnt is aTwoftdy under wiy a
nv: l : l l a s jv .
iiiuav, uuvuig wen smutswi taere
by the carpenters two or three
lhe carpenters are
also to take the initiative in New
York and if their demands for as
eight hoT1T are uotcncedl
tbevare nnemwd to Mate dft.
pVjangrfl struggle for
The men in otkiTtrades
wiH -2all into Kne later on,lbnt it i
JikeJ be (led ,
rt:t ri. r
the ssKWsss or failure of the car
pentetrs. A foarmal denmndifoT tlie
eight iMtatr day will beimatie, and ii
not granted it is estimated th&t a
geneial strike will take jikee affect
ing one hundred thousand wrkmg-
men in and aroun d New York. The
men say they anticipate n serious
tmnlivle, as most of the employers
are willing t concede tie eight
t Rg wm4uiat
jnfr anrnTBnixl aH-. ifn
O J " V'
tiw movement, but secan to be trust
ing to caicnmstaaus.
TetwhTbem to Read Nwtftftttu
newspaper but Jw&t sonsatkxiaL
trashy, smutty sheets, hut chsap,
WspectabK sjmken papers,
It will giv tlwia food for thouaht
t Itiviifcft f.hft tustA
extensive rea&ng. It will cause
them to low Ikwbo better. It wSQ
make T intellects keener an
their huo-ts liai)ia-. nmv.r AUillAt.
ten. Then as ihtv wow in dnm
they should also de sunuLkd with
to road. Such opportunities will
worttt More thaaa miue
0f j. jjy A means caltivatc a
taste for
dren. and a eood 1or1 BaRer as th
best to bsgan watk, ma the children
caB lsmi &0ut things that.a?e .ta-
nuiiar to them-but thfflir town
f"1 cy, na coxw-erajug uueu
j iv: . , i ai , . .
sonal knowieclge. Fravm this the
can go stew !W ste) imtil tb;w atunk
amowg the most intelligent jmj1
of the land.
IVjjsldekt -Habiusqn lias wio3
rie bill to authorize Ogucn, Utah,
to assume increased iudebbidnxiss.
This is his .first veto.
t r ,.

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