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, 1 .
Hon. J. A. Clement is a vie
of tho mumps.
tn t
iobacco buyers nro quite nu
merous in the county.
F. C. Phillips; of Hollow Rock,
was in the city Monday.
Tho literary society was " rained
out last Friday evening.
Mrs. Cora Atchison is confined
to her room with rheumatism.
( The little child of J. W. Glasgow
Uas been somewhat indisposed this
Master Eusrene Travis has wm
P the sick list,, but is now conva-
S. L. Peeler and E. G. Flowers
went to Huntingdon on business
Sidney L.. Peeler, esq., visited
Areadne yesterday, returning this
Tom. II. Bateman will commence
the erection of a neat dwelling in a
short time.
Mr. M. M. Irv. of Uoxburcr. is
visiting; relatives and. friends at
this place.
Col. James McMaekins, of Hol
low Rock, paid, us a pleasant call
last Monday.
G. AY"- Shelton moved into his
new residence near Mrs. Doherty
this morning.
Only one marriage license issued
since our. last report: John Howe
and Emily Colea
' Henry Warren, of Box,, shipped
a car-load of. fine cattle from this
place "Wednesday.
Clerk and master Tom C. Bye
. had his office at the court-house
cleaned up Tuesday.
don, was in the city yesterday on
professional business.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Yarbrough
and children, of Box, are visiting
relatives at this place.
H On the first Monday in next
month' the census enumerators Messrs. C. r, Hudson & Co. are pat
trill get in their work. in tight-barrel stave factory at this
... place. We are glad to have such enter-
quarterly meeting will begin at
rost-UaK next, baturaay. livery-
body is invited, to attend
Miss Lula Yarbrough, o Nash
ville, visited her aunt, Mrs. Mary
Yarbrough, last Saturday..
There was a light frost at this
place Tuesday morning, but not
enouch to do any damage.
Mrs-i-l. X. Otigail nas oeen in-
aisposea ror several aays, out we
are glad, to 6tate she is better.
Bpv. K B. Plummer failed to
ji. , i iii..nr.ii.
meet nis appointment m tue iucvil-
odist Episcopal Church Sunday.
After spending a few days with
her parents at this place, Miss Una
Maiden, returned to Big Sandy
Mrs. W. P Morris is spending
a few days with the family of her
son-in-law, Joshua B. Bowles, at
Big Sandy.
The colored string band was out
in full force last Saturday night
discoursing soul-stirring strains of
sweet music.
Joseph Yarbrough, of Nashville,
is spending a few days with his
mother, Mrs. Mary lar brought in
Rrvnh Pnmftan
l ' "XT 11 V CI .1 . .
paid us a pleasant call last Tuesday,
and contributed to the coffers of
. .
We regret to learn of the mdis-
position of Miss Gay Wyly, and
foin a host of friend, in wishing
, t
hpr n. Rnpedv rccovcrv. . , ,
Y. F. Morns, accompanied by his
two sons, Masters Lawrence and
Marshall, of Big Sandy, Visited rel-
t,;a l ft,,1ov !
-v .
The east-bound mail atd express
on the Nashville. Chattanooga, and
Stliuis Railway has bvtn v
cial hours late every evening tui
weeK. . ; i
I regret to chronicle tho severe illness
of Mr. C. P. Pierce.
The farmers of this vicinity are dispos
ing of their peanut crop.
I hear good citizens say : " Tub Camden
Chronicle is the best paper ever pub-
lisl,ed at Camden."
Last Sunday' was the day set apart for
Bacrauient and foot-washing at Chalk
Level church.
M. V. Utlev is so badlv afflicted with
boils that it imnossible tot him to perform
manual labor-
m, . .1 ... .1
has been bo trroat as to nut a" ston to farm-1
ine ooerations. The farmers of this vi-
y have not finished breaking their
TJja, .
May 5, 1890.
Our little town is on a boom,
Farmers are wearing long faces on ac-
count of 80 much rain
Mr. J. S. Thomas has his new resi
dence almost completed.
Mr. Burrel Woods contemplates mov
ing to Hoiladay this week.
The Iloiladay Independent Normal
school is in a flourishing condition.
The new mercantile firm, Hatley Brotlv
era & Co., at this place, have received
their stock of goods.
E. C, Hubbs. jr., was thrown from his
mule recently, breaking one of his legs
and otherwise bruising his person.
Miss Cora Rogers, after a few weeks
pleasant visit among relatives and friends
at this place, has returned to her home
at Huntingdon.
May 7, 1890.
S. G-anaway, of Louisville is in our
U, A. Potts, of Louisville, waa in the
city Saturday and Sunday last..
The Big Sandy Dramatic Club elected
new board of officers last week.
Owing to the continued rains the farm
ers in this section are greatly behind in
their crops,
Messrs. William Caraway, S. W. Bui -
lock, and O. M, Wilson attended court
at Camden Monday.
J. H. Wyatt and family, of Garfield,
visited relatives and friends in Big Sandy
Saturday and Sunday.
prises in our midst.
Our young friend Charley Morrison,
who has been readiDg medicine under Dr.
J. T. Alsup for some time, returned to
his home in Clarksville yesterday.
Dr. T. II. Tayloe and family moved to
McKeuzie last week. We regret very
much to have them leave Big Sandy, but
wish them all the good luck imaginable
in their new home
Jack where he haa been attending
the federal court, now in session at that
place. Big Sandy, we are glad to Btate,
was not 60 weil represented in this court
as the one previous
- j
The wheat cror is not verv Dromisine,
Some fields are already badly damaged
by "rust.'
D. H, Van Huss, Isaac JJatheny, and
several others of this vicinity attended
county court at Camden thia week
W. K. Hicks is around buying sheep.
That is what the farmers need some
one to buy their farm products, Success
to him.
Yet it rains I The farmers are wearing
very long faces, and the plows are all
standing still 'y they haye lost all hope
of making a full con.
Frank Pierce who has been living at
McKenzie for some time has returned to
good old lienton. He wui make nis res;-
dence at tne place ne recently purcnaseu
i . . i .i i i
from the Isaiah Barnes heirs
Thet(j ia a very nourjahing Sunday
school at Vinson church under the special
superintendence of W. L. McKenzie.
Look out, students i he likes to put hard
questions My advice is to give close at-
tention. and you will be benefitted. Pro-
fessor Mitchell spends an hour singing
in connection with the school which adds
very much to it.
Peyton Pierce Las a turkey gobbler that
- stole out a nest with six eggs in it and
went to "setting' on them. He cap-
tared the gobbler, and removed to eggs
to his house, but nothing discouraged
the gQbbler and he agaiQ regume(1 hU
position on the nest. So says Peyton.
Wonder if that gobbler will make a good
- hocrtothe wee things when they come
May, lsuu.
If , w&nt ft mowcr calj m Uer.
rin & Bateinan and buy the Buckeye.
Luck is a good thing to have, but it is
a poor thing to wait for. -Atchison Globe.
Dress-making, in all its branches, at
Hudson, Hatley & Bros.
" Mine must be the Bunny side of life,"
remarked the father of seven grown boys.
The Jester
& A
Full stocb krogan shoes 1$
tf Herrin & Bateman,
Oregon fishermen have formed a union.
t i. i i i r 3
xney ouni to nav, no trouoie in nnaing
a scale. Binghamptou Republican
Young men, Ilerrin & Bateman's is the
place to get your fine suit. tf
Can it be that thehabitof casting bread
upon the waters is what makes the dark
blue ocean roll bomerville Journal.
iiest assortment ot gents' necswear in ,
town, at Ilerrin & Bateman's. tf
The youth whose attentions were ig-
noted by the young woman said his
uvuuic nao oiigui. n tiouuigbuu lucii 1
Canton Lawns, 4 cents ; Sunrise, 5.
tf IIehrin & Bateman.
Go to Mrs. Fannie Thompson if you
want a late etlye hat at low prices. She
keeps a full line of late styles.
A mp.n is knowu by the company he
does not keep, in a measure, as well as landPresbvterian Church. Every
by the company he does keep. New Or- . . ...... . . . .
leans Picayune.
Ilerrin & Bateman have a nice line of
Florence Patterns. tf
A bear never knows until he is muz-
zled how many people there are in the
world who are not afraid of bears.
Atchison Globe.
Call on Ilerrin & Bateman and examine
1 their stock of laces and Vandyke points.
He : The cutlet is coid again, darling.
Now what would you do if I scolded iust
a little ? She : Make it hot for you dear
est. The Jester.
Herrin & Bateman is the place to buy
your Window curtains. tf
Brightwit's Boy: Father, was there
ever any ship which carried more people
than the Citv of Paris?
Brightwit's Boy's Father; Yes, my
. ..
son, the Mayflower, biie carried alJ the
ancestors of American society. Elmira
Gazette. '
The millinery department at Hudson,
Hatley & Bros, is in charge of Misses
want a late style, artistically trimmed hat
call on them tf
Fair-View Plaids, 6 cents.
tf Herrin & Bateman.
"Is this a fire insurance office? "
" Yes, sir ; can we write yon some in
" Perhaps you can.
Yon see, my em
ployer threatens to fire me next Satnr
day, and I'd like some protection. Mun-
gey's Weekly,
Examine the Brill Shoes, at Ilerrin &
Bateman's. tf
A Call.
A large number of the Democrats of the
thirteenth district of Benton County, be-
inp desirous of having a man in the next vard. The same was condemned and or
eeneral assemblv of emerience and abil- dered to be sold by the circuit court of
s. v,0,0i, Omooti-,,,Mt rvi w p
Morris to become a candidate for that po-
BitioI1) and he wiU do 80 he re,
ceive the warm support of
Many Voters.
May C. 1890.
George Clifford, son of K. P. and J. E,
Cowell. died April 24, 1890, aged eight
months and eight days. Little Clifford
dear, yet we know thou art safe at rest
li me iiriiih ui our uem ouviui. uie
death has made our hearts and homes so
sad, yet we weep not as those who have
no hope.
"In that home of many mansions,
Dwells the darling, yount; and fair;
Years of absence m not change thee,
For no channes enUT there.
We shall meet thee as we pave thee
Hack to (iod so yomu; and fair.
We shall know thee, greet, and clasp thee
To our loving hearts up there.
One fond hoje remains uublighted:
liow of meeting Dice again."
L. I. Castile,
E. B. Cain,
M. A. Cast-ilk.
If you wish to engage in the
milling business it will pay you to
write to It. "W. Holland, "Way, Tenn.
See notico in another column.
Itev. J. W. Mount will preach
at the Cumberland Presbyterian
Church the 4th Sunday and Sun-
day evening of the present month.
Eeports from all parts of the
State indicate that tho fanners are
further behind in their crops this
year than for several years previ
The members of the Methodist
Episcopal Church have purchased
a lot in the eastern part of town,
and will erect a parsonage on tho
same at an early day,
Miss jjeuie hitnei(i has re-
turned home after a short visit to
relatives in Middle Tennessee, ac
LnmnamVl 1 W nn AHc
Lula Newsome. of Newsomo Sta-
The programs of " Fun for Sat-
ur(lav." on College Hill, have been
distributed d un(ler the m
v r CJ
1 T T T1 il 1" 1a '
intuit ui o. u. xiueu, me iigntumg
rod man, the occasion will no doubt
afford a deal of amusement.
There will be an ice crea,m and
strawberry supper at the court
house on Tuesday evening the
loth inst. The supper will be giv-
en for tiie benefit of the Cumber
body is invited to participate.,
While loading G. W. Shelton's
furniture at the residence of Mrs,
Laura Hawley this moring, the
team of H. F. Stigall became fright.
ened and ran aw
driver, Frank Stigall, as far as the
Arnold Mouse, where ne disengaged
ft n 1 TT 1 T -1
himself from the lines, the team
not stopping until it ran into the
fence around Hon. "W. P. Morris's
residence, damaging the wagon to
some extent. Frank Stigall was
bruised up considerably, but not
seriously hurt. .
Farmers' and Laborers' Union.
The Farmer's and Laborers' Union of
Benton County will please meet me in
call session at uowell s Unapel on
Thursday, May 15th, 1890. The reg
lar order of business will be gone
through with. All of the subordinate
unions will please send delegates, as
mio J M Ca
r. c. n
Camden, May 5, 1890.
J.cgal Xotiee.
IT. M. Mose Vs. B. F. Brevard and
J. M. Rice.
T3Y virtue of a venditioni exponas in
JJmy hands, issued by W. C. Benton
clerk of the circuit court of Benton
County, Tenn., I will on
Saturday, the 14th day of Jane
expose-to public sale to the highest bid
der, for cash, at the court house door.
in Camden, Tenn., a certain tract of land
lying in the thirteenth civil district of
Benton County and bounded as follows,
to wit : On the east by the Tennessee
River. souti, j. n. Britt: west. B
Brevard; and on the north, B. F. Bre
Benton County at the April term, 1890
ft 8absf? ft Judgment in favor of L
Muse and against B. F. Brevard and
M. Eicefor the sum of $111.25, together
with interest and cost, etc., amounting
in all to $ 188.(58.
This May 9, 1890.
W. II. Bushino,
3:4 Sheriff.
Professional Cards.
Attorney at Law,
Will clve careful attention to all business en
trusted to my care. Collections a specialty
Also insurance agent lor Knoxvule and other
good companies. 1 :iy.
Attorney at Law,
will practice In all the courts of Pei-.tnn nnrt
adjoining counties and in the Supreme Court of
Tennessee. Special attention given collections.
Vor St 1 1 a
OM'-IIAI.K Interest In por!!i!r saw-til!!!; 1R
hoise iHiwer engine, wheal and coin mil! at-
'iii'ii; vi acres land mul 3 ticinng oil same.
Iimted on Harmon t'rcf'k, 4 mill's north of F.va
allou. Nice location: tine timber: t'ood water.
n mi known lis (J. Holland iS: Son. Terms: one-
il r i'hsIi, ballance it and V mouths. For purlie
us apply to or address
i;. w. iioi.r.AMt.
3-Itn Way.Teun.
Legal Notice.
V. Cakaway vs. J. II. McDaniel.
BY virtue of a venditioni exponas iu
my hands, ishuwI by W. C. Benton,
clerk of tho circuit ourt vt Benton
County, Tenn., I will, on
Saturday the 14th day of -Jane,
expose to public sale to the highest bid-
dor, for cash, at the court house door in
Camden, Tenn., the one-seventh undi
vided interest of J. II. McDaniel in al
the lauds of A. McDaniol, lying in the
ninth civil district of Benton County,
described as follows, to wit : 130 acres
bounded on the north by Beaton ; south
by McDaniel; on the east by Graham;
and on the west by Melton ; and also CO
acres bounded on the north by Barnes;
south, by Holland ; east, by Beaton ; and
on the west by Big Sandy lliver. Said
lands were condemned and ordered to
be sold by the circuit court of Bonton
County at the April term, 1890, to sat
isfy a judgment in favor of W. Caraway
and against J. H. McDaniel lor the
sum of $40 together with interest 'and
all cost amounting in all to $08.18.
This May 9, 1890.
W. H. Eusnrso,
3:4. Sheriff.
BY virtue of a decree of the Chancery
Court, at Camden, rendered at the
March term 1890, in the case of W. H.
Melton vs. J. H. Melton, et al., I will, on
Monday the 2nd day of June,
expose to public sale, at the court house,
m Uamden, the undivided one-seventh
interest in the lands described in the
pleadings and decree, lying upon tiie
waters of Harmon's Creek in the seventh
civil district of Benton County. It being
the lands now in possession of Amanda
Melton as homestead. Sale made to
satisfy a judgement in favor of W. H.
Melton and against defendant J. H.
Land will be sold on a credit of six
months, free from the equity of redemp
tion. The purchaser will be required
to execute note with approved security
anu a iien win ie retained on tne land
for purchase money. Particular bound
aries will be given on day of sale, or can
beiseen at the clerk and master s onice.
IMay 1, 1890.
Tom C. Eye,
2 :i. Clerk and Master.
Lotaria da la Beneficenoia Publics
State of Zacatecas, Mexico.
A syndicate of capitalists liuve secured tln con
cession lor o)eiatiiig tills
and will extend Its business throughout the
Lnltvd Suites and Hritish Columbia.
1'elow will be found a list of the uries wnleli
will be drawn on
IMIA.'T 27, 1890,
and continued monthly thereafter.
100.000 Tickets at $10.00; ' Halves,
$5.00; Tenths, $1.00; Ameihcan Cub-
i Pki.k ok 8i.-)0,noo Is ?iro,ooo
1 I'mzB ok M,m is ;o,(Xx
1 VKl.K OK ),(HK) is 2.r,(KK
3 l'lil.Krt OK 10,000 me 30,000
'i I'liiZK.s ok r,M) are 10,000
5 l'Kl.ICS OK 2,001) Hie 10,000
K) 1'niZM ok i,(Kio are 10,000
1'iuzks ok 500 are 111,000
2(H) 1'itiy.Kri ok 21H) are 40,000
M) l'uiZKd ok i. are ",ooo
m Thizes ok 100 are 50,000
150 Puizi: ok $ir0 are ?w.noo
iro l'liiy.Ks ok 100 are ir,ooo
l) I'hizkh ok Mi are....... 7,niK)
W Terminal I'mzK.s of. 50 are 4!i,!iou
2-MJ 5L'4,J,10
Club Rates i 6 Tickets for $50.00.
Special Kates Arranged with Agents.,
AGENTS WANTED I'. evwy town and
p. i-, -.i ,-r- r c'ty 'u the United
hi ales and liutish America.
The payment of Frizes is guaranteed bv a spe
cial deposit, of FlVK HiiNiiitKi) TiiiiVsam
Dollakh with the Siale government, and ai
proved by .lesus Arechiga, governor.
Drawings under the pers6nal supervision ol
Me. llenuinio Arteapi, who is ajipoiuted by the
government as intcrventor.
" I certify that with the si.ste Trinrr a!! nec
essary guarantees are deinisitcd, assuring full
payment 01 all prizes ol this drawing.
llKltUlNlO Al!TF.A(A,
Remittances must be eitlier by New York draft,
express or registered letter,, American money.
Collections can be made by express companies or
hanks. Tickets sent direct to management will
be i);ud by drafts on 'vw York, Montreal, st.
Paul, Chicago. San Francisco, or City of Mexico,
I W1 UlllitlCl IIIKII II1UIIUII ftlllllTSS
JUAN P1EDAI), Manager,
Zacatecas, ilex
DR. K. 13. TRAVIS,
Camden, Tenn.

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