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NO. a
! U J.
1 i..
There is said -to be a possibility!
of "war between the American iPed
eration of Labor And the Knights
of Labor, growing out of the recent
It is thought by Washington re
porters that the President will ap
point George W,.Steele, of Indiana,
.governor, and M. W. Heynolds, of
Kansas, secretary of Oklahoma
Texas owns anore horses than
any other State, the Department of
Agriculture crediting to her 1,350,
344; Illinois is second on the list,
with about 200,000 less,' whose value
is estimated at $83,301,612.
The Postmaster-General has
ruled that a postmaster who fails
to notify a publisher wihen subscrib
ers change 'their address or fail to
take a paper from theofnee shall be
held responsible for the subscrip.
I HE laboring classes -both m
.Europe and America are a unit in
the demand iox a division of the
day of twenty-four hours that will
secure eight horns for sleep, eight
Irours for recreation and eajjlit hours
ior work.
Mr. Moss, the Republican post
master, appointed by General Har.
rison's grandson has taken charge
of the post-office at Jackson, Tenn,,
and the festive "coon" is having a
creasy time, so to speak. Hum
boldt Leader.
Democratic leaders are predict
ing that the next Housewill beDem
ocratic 3jy igfcty majority .. If the
.great tidal "wave which, set in in
1889 keeps rollings there won't be
V any Republican party by 1892.
Nashville American.
Pensions by Wholesale. presentation of the blessings of a
"Now Vih'U Wiii-M 1 -tiuiuc 11(11 ft. CU BUUU1U JiUl IttXJtMVU
j . ,
The surplus spenders of the House our depressed and impovorialved
haveadded to the pension list at one agriculturalists. There isno home
swoop five hundred thousand men market for them which does not
more than a grand armyof thejgreat take its instructions from the sea-
Napoloon. It was the boast of one board; and the sea-board transmits
of the Republicans who supported the "word of the foreign markets.
this service-pension bill that "the '"Because my conviction that
total expenditure for pensions there -should -be a modification of
would reach $150,000,000 per an- our tariff laws -arose principally
num, -or nearly 43 per -cent -of from an appreciation of the wants
the gross income of the 'Govern- of the vastarmy of consumers, com
rnent" This, he added, "was not Posing -our farmers, our artisans,
all he wislted to do, but it resulted or workingmen, and because
in a munificent generosity, such as their condition has led me to pro-
the world had never before wit- testagainst the present imposition,
nessed, and exceeding that of all I m especially glad -to see these
the other civilised nations -com- sections of nry fellow-countrymen
bined" Is not this a proud 3boast arousing themselves to the impert-
for a peaceful republic, whose .rev- ance of tariff-reform."
X A I '
cnues come 'from taxes upon the
people and whose armies were com
posed of citizens enlisted to defend
their own -Government? The pen-
needed to lobby East Tennessee whose wives waswi ththe -converts,
t rm l .n ji e 11. I in. n n
muninurs. i.ney woiKua laiumujy pursued tne mormons, ana on cap-
and nvell The scruples of ilie turins? tlw.iu tied. them to tiws. nnJ
I - T
honest senators they overcame, af tar stripping Uhem and flogging
Their powers of pursuasion were them unmercifully they then loos-
equal to the emergency; and honest ened them and began fifing on them.
and doubtful .alike they carried The Mormons ran "into the ewamp
with them. They plaved for large and have ndtbeen seen since. ' Th
stakes. .Eight 'hundred thousand young women were return ed homo
dollars -is not often on the lobby and every ono of thorn were well
able. Pif fcy per cent of that sum switched, their parents makingench
wns$400,000; winch divided among one whip the other. The neighbor-
eight makes $50,000 to each of the hood ;has been intensely excited
obby ; or, if the fee was to be-only over the event, as there is no doubt
25 per "cent, then it meant $25,000 but what the elders perished in the
to teacli. No Condor they were swajnps.
earliest and suceess'fiil un 'their
Sank Deposit Lobbyists.
While Memphis candidates are
scrambling ior the endorsement of
Shelby County, Hon. John M. Tay
lor is qraietly scooping in a number
of "West Tennessee counties, which
instruct for him first, last, and all
he time. Memphis Scimitar.
We do not want to go back .to
The Knoxville Sentinel calls at
tention to the fact that the two
siou list of the United States will Republican -nominees for Congress
cost, if this bill shall pass the Sen- M- the First District, Roderick
ate, more than the largest standing Random Butlerand Alfred A. Tay
army in the world. And instead or, were conspicuous members of
of diminishing it will increase the lobby which undertook the
yearly, as more and tnore soldiers bank depositors' refunding scheme
reach the age of sixty years. The through the legislaturein 188,7, and
bill is as bad in principle as it is says: A scheme of this sort re
reckless in its provisions. It pen- quired-engineering. Lobbying be
sions all equally, without regard to came necessary. Senators and rep-
their length of service, their phys- resentatives were-averse toallowmg
ical condition, or their need of as- them to-charge so laTge a debt upon
sistance. It makes a discarded their constituents. It was known
virtue of patriotism. It is a bid that most of the deposits had been
for votes -and not a just or reason- bought up by speculators. It was
able provision for pensions. And believed that they had given only 5
it wipes 'out the -surplus and .makes cents -on the dollar for ' tliom. The
revenue reduction impracticable, merit 'df -the original depositor was
small 'enough; but the speculator
was cnot oaae-tenth as deserving
A Steubenvilk,'Ohio,dispatch to even as Tie. Pursuasion and influ-
the New York World, says: J. A. once, therefore, were necessary,
Hill, corresponding secretary of They were found. Politicians of
labors in thelow-tTltouseof ?tssen-
bly; ;and but for the hue 'and -cry -WeeWy vniiwH.
raised by "" Old Man Savage" an& Ms -topic Hs mndflr ' discussipin.
his friends, this depositors1 claim An eastern .jaurflalws siting -wk?)Jt
niight have'beon saddled as a debt the most valualjle-mfomicimvj-
upon the peotJle of Tennessee ere won.ydt to be made will bu. (Alv-
this; and the lobbyists been .revel- swers from various sources differ.
ingin their ill-gotten gains.
A Hollow Pretext
Sunday evening. Mr. Plummer is
colporteur of the American Bible
Society, and is here to canvass
'Benton County.
James M. Lashleo'aud wife, of
the tenth district, left last Tuesday
for and extended visit to relatives
of the latter at Jackson and Me
ridian, Miss., and whom Mrs. Lash
lee has not seen for a number of
years. We wish them an enjoy
able trip.
Married, a few miles north of
Camden, Monday afternoon, nt the
residence of J ohn Hudson, Zebedee
C. Hudson and Miss Mary A. Mad
den, daughter of John M. Madden.
We extend to the happy pair our
congratulations and good wishes
through life.
In response to a telegram, Mrs.
Calla Hamer left for Gainesville,
Tex., Sunday night, to attend the
bed-side of her daughter and son-in-law,
Mrs. and Mr. J. Mit Bell,
who were said to be very sick. We
, wish that she may find them much
improved on her arrival at that
' place.
Col. J. E. Kehoe, traveling agent
. for the St. Louis Republic "did"
Camden Wtdnesday. Ho secured
quite a list of subscribers, and the
services of Eugene Travis as local
agent at this place. Colonel Kehoe
is quite clever, and isduitig a great
deal towards circulating good Dem
ocratic literature, as wcllis the
latest and most rea'6blo news to
be had, among the people. By a
special fast train tho. Republic
reaches this place on th &uius.
it is published.
Rural Inventions Wanted.
Bull in a China Shop.
Professor Gteely replies that w cot
ton-picking machine will beof more
economic value than runy other.
Atlanta Constitution on the McKlnley tariff bill. Another fmflWftrs timt. n .hKL.
We showed, the other day, how i , ... w
this .remarkable bill proposes to w o d 0f
ui uuvun ytea- tb"inks it is patent to the
ent 45 5cr .cent on student cW m ,famer
neys, qpal shades, .and tumblers tkun. v
t rr i. x AZf 1
' eeuu v, u the West:is a. successful corn-haiv
liiere are ouier. articles, also, tnat vst- maftW
should be motioned. On prisms, when t!mt . is, perfected .eOOO,-
' ,11.-. ' wU acres of ' corn in this 'country
iiu uiawaster vases uie uuw in- i 1. " im
uxu uuut ' H0 $10 anacre, and -thefimount ol
wsquengureswiii .gump irom .i Ri , ttiat ,w w nn fnrWfl
. . rr I - jv "imo
percent, -ana my tea-sets. irom-oo wiia,e warJy,or quite.aouble'd.
aaj vu utu -obuu. wire i'iiuriuuu i
Oak Grove Lodge, No. 22, Farmers' acquaintance and experience came
Alliance, lately wroto tocx-Presi- forward -and volunteered their ser-
dent Cleveland, inclosinga copy of vices in behalf of the depositors'
tne declaration of the purposes of bill.
the Alliance, and asking forMr. "As a. motive for volunteering, i
Cleveland's views thereon. was said they were to receive hal:
44 1 soe nothing in this declara- the profits of the scheme. Eigh
tion," Mr. Cleveland has replied, men, four Republicans and four
"that can not be fully endorsed by Democrats, weTe tlren said to be
any man who loves ins country, interested in the measure. Earn-
who believes that the 'object of our estly and zealously they wrought by
Government should be freedom, nitfht and bv dav for their clients:
prosperity, and happiness of all our and as a reward 'for their fidelity,
people, and who believes that jus- and a tribute to their ability, the
tice and fairness to all are neces- bill .passed the State senate, appro-
sary conditions to its useful ad- priating $800,000 ont of the State
ministration. treasury to satisfy 50 per cent, of
IL TJ 1 . 1 J. .. . Jl. .1 ,ii t. i -r .
j " xx nas always seemeu to roe uiai tne uepositors claims. It was in
C the farmers of the country were es- -vain that tho newspapers protested
tht?; peciidly interested in an equitable against "it; the lobby was too pur
adjustment of our tariff -system, suasive and powerful and the sen
aUi "The indifference theyliaveshown ate .yielded. -Seventeen to twelve
diseto that question and tlw ease with was the vote, and theoll call showed
increase is made'ih&cwu-kery .floal
crs will'have to -make &eir prices
correspond in-order ta 'takeearo df
their profits, and they know that
the general public will not stand
it. Thepottervandtrlass-waremon.
therefore, with the exceptionof a
few favored manufacturers, are a
nnit against the bilk
P.Qpto Who Canlt Spell.
Oanibhklge TiHivme.
Aclerer youngllarvai-iliiiishtio-
tor was once heard to say.: '-"'(Eme-
Kally never darecorivsct a students
misspelling till "I iliave looked in
the dictionary."
'Jnst-as I," answered a 'clever
The bull in the china-sliop Bves rTT , T " . . ..WX!
again in tine person of -statesman
A Southern Decoration Day.
twhict they .have been led away from liow suooessfrilly the Republican
3 'and their rights as related to this " The bill then went to the house
j 'subject have excited my surprise, for passage. The Democrats of
CUJ "Struggle as they may, our farm- Chat body became alarmed at the
fers must continue to be purchasers passage of the bill by the senate,
End consumers of numberless things and thirty-four members united in
Eatifenlianced m cost by tariff regula- an open letter to the people of the
Gjtiona Surely they have the right State, calling public attention to
yjuato say that tins cost snail not be in- this raid upon the public treasury,
breased for the purpose of collect- and inviting popular expression
Falng unnecessary revenue or to give upon the merits of the depositors'
ti 'ondue ad"antage to domestic man- .bill. The result was the bill was
ifacturerrs. The plea that ur in- defeated in the house; and the de.
look Jan industries need the protection positors have not yet succeeded in
gVlnchthusrmpoverisliesthefarmer getting the people to assume and
vourlnd consumer, is, in view of our pay their losses. Their claims,
Edkattrral advantages and the skill however, are 'still in existence
Ithoi nd ingenuity of out people, a hoi- nryshunberirig; waiting an oppor.
3w pretext trinity to appear and demand rec-
Mr! Struggle as they may, aur farm- ognitionand payment; waiticg:also
goodrS can not escape tbe conditions for the lobby that shall be strong
0 yhichfix the price of what they enough to carTy not only the sen-
f jroduce and sell according to the ate, tout the Louse of representa
ktes which prevail in foreign mark- tives, also.
Wets, flooded with the competition of Two only of the old lobby were
in theatintries enjoying freer exchange East Tennesseans; both were Re
s'.ioulif trade than we. The plausible publicans. That kind only was
1 ntnn "
IftlLl ft
lady was under the impression that
the word snould be jme.Ued "'fea-'"
Jnc.lcsonTrU.uneand'Sun.l aSlcul,,,uu mucnnu coaujmm
Wc ndtice from the press gener- 18 feltfor the person who misspells.
ally that the people throughout the But some of the wisest meat, antl
South are preparing for decoration the best, have had the misfortune
days. On some day in this month t being-unable .always to marshal
or early June, in every community ptheir letters correctly,
throughout our lovely southland A Cambridge provision dealer
the survivors and descendents, tells of receiving an order for salt
3urave men ;and fair women, will mackrel 'from a Harvard pro-
gather to strew the graves -of the fssor.
lieroes of a "o$X -cause" with the A bill made out by one of the
beautiful flowers of spring. .leadingpedagogues tff a neighbor-
It is time the people of theouth mg city, concluded with"" balance
were adopting a 144 Southern Deco- due." Those who Inow will tell
ration Day." There is a National that the sermons of distinguish el
Decoratitm Day, ?and 'we should be p wgymen sont tip-f or pruiting f re-
as true and loyal to our'dBad 'as the ktien :abountl in wisotb of vihis
nation is to those who 'fotiglitto I land.
sustain flie Union. Cobuett, in his gxammarlovel
No braver, trucrmenever fought to give instances of bad spellingand
or died for their homes and loved ungrammatical language in kings'
ones tthan the heroes of the South- speeches. The father of his coun-
ern Confederacy, and we should try had his own system of spelling
devote one day in the year to their his wife had another and very
memory and strew their graves with different one. A brilliant actress,
Let us have a Southern Decora
tion Day.
Mormon Elder's Flogged.
whom we all admire, invariably
spells Tuesday u Tfcucsday."
Napoleon was not a correct speller
and the Iron Duke slipped often.
The misfortune is an'inherited ene,
Two Mormon eldeTS "have been and wliole families unto their re
tramping through Washingtonand motest "branches and twigs will
Holmes counties, Fla., distribut- show the same weakness,
ing their religious tracts. They "'What! " says Major Pendenrds,
went by the aiame of elders James 4,would .you marry a woman who
and Maxwell, hailing from Jtixh. spelt affection with onBi.f Why
They had proselyted to .a'CensiSer- '.not woman ibs '-well ibb ;a man?
able 'extent, -and vspeoially ismong If correct -spelKng ere necessary
.young married females. A party to the marriage state sheightask
of eight women were secured to go how many of our Presidents would
West last week. Abrain King, Hv- be doomed to celibacy. General
ing 6 miles from Yernon, had two Taylor and Andrew Johnson would
daughters in the party. King and scarcely have read their title cW
his son with his neighbors, one at to husbandhood

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