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iidtfiir lolty i traveling in (Jib- A complete lino of the latest style mil
tton County with a lightning-rod Imery goods, at Minn Ann K. Wilson's. If
J. A. Clement, esq., attended cir
cuit court at Paris the first o the
MIhh Artie Inve-us in very sick.
She is -at the residence of Mr. C.
K. Wyly.
Tom C. Hyo, esq., attended su-preir-
court at Jackson the first of
the week
Only one license to marry issued
this week: Z. C. Hudson and M.
A. Madden.
Two bears were exhibted on the
streets Wednesday to the delight
of the small folks.
Miss Eva Wyly has just returned
from a visit of several days to Mrs.
Allie Fowlkes, at Waverly.
J. A. Barnes and sister, Mrs.
Mary A. Smalley, of Big Bandy,
visited in tho city Tuesday.
E. 0. George, esq., has so far re
covered from his sickness as to be
ablo get out for a short walk.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Lindsey, of
Faxon, were the guests of Col. W.
P. Morris Sunday and Monday.
Mrs. A. Arnold, accompanied by
Miss Pearl, left for Brownsville
Saturday morning to visit friends.
Mrs. Dolly Alsobrook is attend
ing a series of sermons now being
delivered at tho Christian Church
. ,T , .,,
in Nashville.
miss Ann JCi. y nson nas openeu
a millinery establishment, in con-
nection with I. N. AVilson's store,
on the south side.
A party of young gentlemen and
ladies enjoyed a musical enter
tainment at the residence of A. G.
McDaniel Tuesday evening.
Rev. R. W. Ayres will preach the
funeral sermon of Kev. Clabe. Her
rin at Baker's Chapel next Sunday.
The services will be conducted with
Fanners' and Laborers' Union
Contractor W. C. Davis, of Big
Sandy, is building a large tobacco
warehouse for Messrs. McDaniel
. & Fry in the rear of their business
house on the Southwest corner of
the square.
Rev. E. B. Plummer delivered
a very impressive sermon at tho
Methodist Episcopal Church South
Sunday evening. Mr. Plummer is
colporteur of the American Bible
Society, and is here to canvass
' "Rpnnn TmiTitv
t nt t ii ' i e
James M. Lashlee and wite, ot
the tenth district, left last Tuesday
for and extended visit to relatives
f4i, nu .TVen ,1 Afo
, , ,
rituan, Miss. , anu wnom iurs. uasn-
lee has not seen for a number of
Wa b in,'nv.
. .
1 -1. 11. l
Marneu, a lew mues norm oi
Camden, Monday afternoon, at tho
residence of John Hudson. Zebedee
C. Hudson and Miss Mary A. Mad
den, daughter of John M. Madden.
We extend to the happy pair our
congratulations and good wishes
through life.
In response to a telegram, Mrs.
Calla Hamcr left for Gainesville,
Tex., Sunday night, to attend tho
bed-side of her daughter and son-
in-law, Mrs. and Mr. J. Mit Bell,
who were said to be very sick. We
wish that she may find them much
improved on her arrival at that
Col. J. E. Kehoe, traveling agent
. for tho St Louis Republic "did"
Camden Wednesday. He secured
i -i i 4i
quite a list of subscribers, and tho
services of Eugene Travis as local
agentatthis place. Colonel Kehoe
is quite clever, and isultig a great
deal towards circula t ing good Dem-
ocratic literature, 'a.-- well as the
latest and most readoh TtioVs to
bo had, among the poonle. By a
special fast train the, Republic
XL-aches this place on th r
it is published.
.Two in tho shade is considered tho
proper temperature for courtship. Berk
shire News.
Meiils at all hours, at Mrs. Farmer's.
Full stock brogan shoes $1.
tf Hkbkin &. Bateman.
ik to Morris for Indies and gouts hate.
Dress-making, in all its branches, at
Hudson, llatley & Bros. tf
If you want a good mower, call on Her
rin & Bateman and buy the -Buckeye.
The fire denartment at Atchison uses
cotton hose. Wonder what the women up
there think about that. KansasCity Star
Uo to Morris for lawns at 3?4' cents per
yard. tf
Go to Mrs. Harriett Farmer for choice
groceries, cigars, and fresh canned goods.
Go to Morris for clothing, mens' suits
from $3.50 to $1U . tf
Ilerrin & Bateman have a nice line of
Florence Patterns.
Go to Mrs. Fannie Thompson if you
want a late style hat at low prices. She
keeps a full line of late styles. tt
Mr Editor : I don't need an advertise
ent to sell this magnificent stock of
goods, but want to Help our paper.
If W. P. Mokris.
Best assortment of gents' neckwear in
town, at Ilerrin & Bateman's. tf
Send Tub Chronicle to your relatives
in the West. They will hail with delight
the news from old Benton
Go to Morris for full-stock mens1 shoes
for 95 cents.
l Hammock dresses" are -announced
for summer wear. Something that a gir
canslipoutof easily, weyresume. Vonfc
ers Statesman.
Miss Ann E. Wilson invites the ladies
to call and examine her stock of late stylo
hats, trimmings, etc., at low cash prices
Canton Lawns, 4 cents ; Sunrise, 5.
tf IIerrin & Bateman
Fresh bread every day at Mrs. Harriett
Farmer's. tf
Young men, Heirin & Bateman's is the
place to get your fine suit. tf
The millinery department at Hudson
llatley & Bros, is in charge of Misses
Hicks and Hagler, of McKenzie. If you
want a ae style, artistically trimmed hat
t-'a11 on them. . tf
Wife (reproachfully) : You married me
forn'y mowyl Husband (suavely): No
"iy dear; you forget-you hadn't inher
hted it then. I only took the chances.
Call on Herein & Bateman and examine
their stock of laces and v andyke points
w. P. Morris is three jumps ahead on
aii classes of goods, wares, and merchan
dise. tf
Ilerrin A Bateman is the place to buy
your window curtains. tf
Job printing of all kinds promptly exe
cuted on fehort notice.
Examine the Brill Shoes, at Ilerrin &
Bateman's. tf
Go to Morris foi everything you want
dually kept in a first-class store.
Fair-View Plaids, G cents,
tf IIekkin & Bateman.
jran enters newspaper office (editor
looks up in alarm) : " My dear sir," says
the visitor, " I have a bench warrant for
yoTrrt,; . . .. . .
Editor: "Thank God, it is no worse!
Mf Editor.We don't advertise our
g0CKig to help the paper alone, but to let
people know where they can get the best
gooua at uie lowest prices
IIereix A Bateman.
We want the news from every locality
in the county. Articles for publication
shoii!d be sent in by Tuesday, and not
later than Wednesday.
Farmers' and Laborers' Union at
Cowell's Chapel. An old Turtle.
Almost a Tragedy at Faxon. Fa
tal Explosion of a Louisville and
Nashville Locomotive. A Batch
of News from over the County.
The Benton County Farmers' and La
borers' Union met, at Cowell's Chapel
May 15, 1S!)0, president J. M. Castile
present and presiding. County secretary
being absent at morning session J. I).
Bridges was made secretary pro tempore.
Other oilicers at their places.
Ti,,w,niiiUM ro.l.Miii.iij w..nwi
The committee on credentials reported
that the delegates of fourteen subordinate
unions were present and their names en-
rolled. Theregularorderofbusinesswas
taken tip, and at 12 o'clock called off for
dinner, which was very amply .provided
by the community.
At 1 o'clock p. m., the county union
was called together again, president J. M.'
Castile and other oilicers at, their respec
tive places. D. J. Allen, corresponding
secretary of county union, read the min
utes of the last meeting of the union, and
stated that his absence from the morning
session was caused by being called lo at
tend devotional service at the burial of
Brother Kennon.
A resolution to change the time of sta
ted meeting of the county union was then
oted on, and it was decided to hold the
stated meetings beginning on Thursday
before the fourth Sunday in January,
April, July, and October of each year.
which will cause the next stated meeting
to bee in Thursday .Inlv 24. 1890.
Five wlaces were nut in nomination for
- -
the next meeting, and on the third ballot
4 1 I
Cowell's Chapel was selected, and it was
decided to have a picnic and some speak
ing on that occasion
Rev. R. W. Ayres wae elected to attend
the next meeting of the State Farmers'
and Laborers' Union, which will be held
at Nashville, beginning August 12, 1890.
The finance committee reported $3.10
as collections of the day, and $30.75 in
the hands of Brother S. LoCkhart, treas
urer of the county union.
J. A. Cowell, J. T. Penick, B. Jordan,
J. D. Bridges, and L.G. Jordan wereap-
noinfnd ft nmnniif tf nt nrrnnfprifnlH fnr
picnic. Also two members from each
suboi'dinate 'anion were appointed to get
up supplies for the 'picnic.
There being no further Imsiness, the
union adjourned.
J. M. Castile,
I). J. Allen,
The next meeting will be at Cowell's
Chapel, July 24, 18'JO, and I suppose the
first business will be the election of ofli
cers, as the present officers were elected
in June of last year, and beiiiL' an advo-
cate of rotation, I now ask that you elect
some other man secretary.
D. J. Allen.
This morning some of the railroad men
employed by P. 0. Wilkes, captured near
this place a turtle weighing 145 pounds
and measuring 3 feet in length. Mr.
Wilkes had it nicely dressed, and after
i his crew, consisting of a dozen
men, divided the remainder with the
families of T. J. Lowry and L. L. Stem,
all feasting royally on bis ttirtleship.
The shell will remain on exhibition at
Lipe & Lowry's store for a few days, after
which it may be sold as a bread tray
or appropriated to some other gr
teen to think, write, and speak abou
and there is no doubt but that any sug
gestions touching this important question
would find hearty endorsement in the
columns of Tuk Chronicle.
Who will begin tho discussion ?
L. L. Stem.
May 19, 1890.
Our columns are open for suggestions
on this subject.' Ed.)
A large amount of tan bark is being
shipped from this place
Burt IIiiHsrv is at Union Citv nt nres-
... ... -
ent liavinir Ins eves treated.
Faxon has been the scene of some ex
citement during the past week.
Newt Lindsey and wife left Sunday
morning for Camden. Bob Wilson, from
Point Mason, is lookimr aite-r Mr. JLind
soy's business during his absence.
Mr. John W. Faron, cashier of the
Fanners and Merchants Rational Bank,
at Clarksville, was here .Hew days since
on a visit to his brother, Mr. G. B. Faxon.
Mrs. Nancey Skelly returned Satur
day from a visit to her mother Mrs. Love
at Tennessee Ridge. Miss Susie Skelly
a'H0 returned after a protracted visit to
,mc wv tt,,lvta lu
U" s 'late Ry morning and took the
Plfger tram lor Springville at winch
place they were going to attend the Bap
tist foot-washing. '
Mr. Hubbard Lindseyis to bo congrat
ulated upon the arrival of a line gill baby
at his house I understand that it has
been named 'Franew Cleveland. It is to
be hoped Unit she 'will otue day he as
popular as the dLstinguiyhsrt Judy fji-
whom she was named,
The steam-shovel is at Work loading
Bvel which is to be used in blasting
the railroad track between Paris and
Memphis. They load about sixty cars a
day. Mr Upper superintends the work
of the steam-shovel, and Ii. W. Ilussey
superintends the track work.
A few days ago the north-bound freight
train stopped at this place," the " caboose "
being opposite the gravel-train, where
the steam-shovel was at work. It is
... ., . ..... . I
reporieu inai as soon as uie iram sioppeo
1,1 u"ruiurusa BUU ou a,,u UiBW
l 1 ..IT 1 .1....... V!..
revolver and commenced firing at Jim
and Sol. Christopher, none of the balls,
however, taking effect. The Christopher
boys run, of course, being unarmed, and
after having secured arms returned, but
Gross was not to be found. It is sup
posed that he went in the caboose am
left with the train
The remains of Jack Wheatley were
brought here for interment last Saturday
afternoon. Ha utsim tho srvn nf tlin Into J.
K. V heatley, and a briikeman on a freight
trnin anA wd hUU, na hIo u-.w ,1.,,
engineer and n reman ot the train, by the
explosion of Loniville ad Nashville en
gine No. 127, lastFriday. The explosion
was terrific, hurling his body above the
tops of some of the tallest trees along side
of the road where the accident happened.
The burial took place near Crooked Creek
Church on Sunday morning and many
friends gathered at the grave to witness
the last sad rites over the mortal remains
of poor Jack. Peace to bis ashes.
A few mornings ago the south-bound
r!iKHnfrrr truin atrmnpil unit rrnt a wnnvm
t 1 t.r r
off at this place, on account of her refus-
1 Pay hr fare " is supposed. After
le train left she went to the house of our
city marshal, and had some words with
him and he, knowing her to be a low
down, disreputable character, ordered her
away from his house and also to leave
the town. This she refused to do, and
began toiurse and abuse him, using the
most scurrilous and profane language.
Me, theieupon, -cut some sassafras
KWlH:hes mi Pro,:w,lt;a 10 aum'
sassalraB oil pretty freely wine
Inch bad
the desired effect, as Fhe soon yielded and
went en her way to Big Sandy.
May 19, 1890.
A. L. Holland, of Paris, was in our city
ml ."
. 'Sunday evening.
Mr. and JJrs.' j. luter are visiting
relatives in Kentucky this week,
Dr. J. T. Alsup is attending a'rueetiiij
; of the medical profession at Nashville.
i Misses Lillie and Lir.r.ie Bushing, of
. Ariadne are visiting friends in Big Sandy.
John Goodwin, of Manly ville, was mix
ing with his Big Sandy friends Sunday.
Mrs. Iiobins is making the necessary
4,. ., i...,.i iii;
bition on the 2Mh instant.
Quite a number of our young people
attended the foot-washing at Springville
last Sunday. They report having had a
pleasant time. .
A number of the boys, beaded by Cap
tain Fotts, worked Church street last
Monday, putting it in excellent order.
Thanks, awfully, boys.
' Send Thk Chronicle to T. E. Barnes
for twelve months; Dr. A. M. Hawley,
Walter Melton, T. N. Garner, D. J. Gra-
ham, six months each ; T. W. Floyd, M.
; M. Brewer, and J. T. Pierce, three months
' each. Their post-office address is Big
Sandy, Ten a.
The engine of the local freight train
rnr"ig between l'.nn ana raris on tite
Louifcv.ille and Seville Raihoad, blew
up lakt week near Danville instantly kill-
ing engineer Conner, fireman Stull, and
front I brakeman Jack Wheatley. Also
injuring two other brakemen. Conductor
Vick being the only one of the crew who
escaped uninjured,
May 21, 1890.
Our in lri's for aiUMuiin-Mijj candidates are: Vft
CitiiL'H'ss, lift'vn !'tli;iiH. In iik:iinv: fur Slain
(illifcn, I en dollar; lur cojinty iiII'hvh. live dollars.
roil coxa miss
7Kmv authorized to uiilioii.iecCl'T. R. ".
V A hi s ii candidate to rriri"wnt t tie- k'lrlttta
('oii-r'sslonid 1 )ixt rl't In Hid Kitty -second Con
gress ol I he Culled Mates- subject to 1 1 t w ill in
(lie Iicimiciatic parly.
The following time card shows xnt avrivl til
mall ami express trains, nt .';iiiiln, c i lur Nasi
villc, Chattanooga, and Nt. Ixaus lUilvrav. iu
eneci may , ism.
ft v ."nil 2m
$ t.v west
ft.K) a. hi
4.'JI p. in
1(1.4.1 p. Ml
4.41 a. in
Attorneys at Law,
Ctiunlen, Trim.
'M ill nhiWii'C ir. all the courts of Hontoii Count
itrtil tlit'Mll'KWrciHirt l 'IV'jineXM'e. Collection
a specialty. 5.I.V.
DU. It. 15. ''TRAVIS,
Camden, Teaii.
Attorney at Law, .
Will cive careful artcntion to iiii Imsiness en
trusted to my care. Collections a specialty
Also insinaiice ajtent lor Jviuixville and other
good companies. l:ly.
Attorney at Law,
I Will hi.Mtm In nit ilia ..tntu .f 17rtii4vi. utwf
adjoining counties and In the Sunreine Court ot
lennessce. iecl.u awenllou Riven colleclloii!.
Children's Day.
'Childrens' -day 'at the Methodist
Episcopal Cbilroh South, last Sun
, , , .. , ...
da'- was largely attendfcd 'ana the
exercises were both interesting and
instructive, under the supervision
of the pastor, Hov. J. G. Jones,
Nohvi th stand in. r tho children did
not have sufficient time in which to
prepare uiembeneb, uiey uiu ie-
marKauiy Wf 11, ana were warmly
We publish below a program oJ
the exercises.:
1. Muste.
2. Welcome Vrank Wo(i.
3. Singing, "Work .for the Night is t.oitlii5,
4. Prayer ltev. J. i. ilones.
5. Singing, I ai-.i so (ilail, etc," Children.
C. lI.'s)ouKive reading.
I. Kinging Children.
8. Itecilation, "II we are tiinC'-Mainie Ar
jiold, Clifford Jiateman, l.r.W. llivens,
Marion Me.l!ae., Sadie Lashhie, and Frank
a. Kong- Burnioe Rivens.
in. Kailation, "A part of my Creed " Johnnie
Maiden, Eugene Travis, and Pat Woods.
II. Sour, Down at. the Cross "-Children.
12. ltecitation," Work for the Little Fellows"
Knhy Totty, Aniec Mt Uae, Anna MeDanh'l,
Minnie P.easley, Lciia Alaiileit, and Ola M
Daniet. 13. Ritigiiig Children.
14. Hecitiriion-CuH. Tdtl.v.'CaiL irpold! Itoboi-t
ClemiMit, and Pat. Woods.
15. WitalKm-Leflft Mi;ld;n, Anii.v MeKao, Ida
Melton, and Jusie SullivUa.
l(. Music.
17. Address-Kev. J. G. Jones.
18. Collection taken up by Kndie Uushlee, Liziie
Hivens, CHlTord IJalenun, and Frank Mel
ton. 19. Song, " Hod he with You "-Children.
20. Benediction.
J. H. Matheny was appointed
postmaster at Wheatley, in this
?ounty, the aist instant.
Rev W. J. Mount, of McKenzie,
will conduct tho services at tho
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
next Sunday forenoon and evening.
Everybody invited
The attention of our readers is
called to the law card of Messrs.
Clement & Hawkins to be found
in this issue of TnE CHRONICLE.
ThfKe rrrntlrmrn nrn Rhrpti-d. wnll-
Rnd an(1 flU bxiginess
. ,
prompt attention. They will prao
tice before all courts in Benton
County and the supreme court of
Tennessee, and solicit a liberal
time: O-d.
I share of patronage. ,

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