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tj:a i 'is nu o in Kits,
niMiHi' in-r yeiir in iicivitiire: tiltT rents tor
l inuntlis: fwfuty-lhv cciU (or tliiw months.
Thk ( iiKONrci.K, will Ih; 1nih.mI on Krltlay of
Vili'll VM'I'k. HlllisrrllitliMiA. ii:iv:lIiIi In ii(lv:iiii'i
inity tf Sfnl iiy IHMMWifH order Ht our risk. I ... ,., 41, 1...T., .,
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Farmers and the Tariff.
Those western f armerswho voted
for Harbison and a protective tar
iff in the late Presidential election
under the delusive hope held out
by Republican politicians that it
would give labor better wages, and
farm products better prices, that
would enable them to settle the
Audits WHMtrd to solicit i:lscrlit lon.s
fur tonus, etf .
we shim ihio no endeavor to furnish valunhlo
reading matter to our imtrons; and nope to (
cure a ('iirivMiiini-nt at every itost-ofllce hi Beit
ton County to furnish u.s with county new.
Tin' following arc tin Donmerutie nominees. .s
ta-teu by prinmiy election March 8, lWH), for the
roiiiitv omces of llenton Comity, nnil tlicv hIwiiiIi)
receive the miiitwirt of nil true iieinoeiaht at the
polls on the 7th day of August, is;):.
For Cunntv .Tuilijei
For County Clerk:
alu'7 nnM tlum ontM,t'ut 8til,",", sadly contemplating 'their great
can ticket. The price for labor is
less and the selling valuer of farm
products' greatly depreciated. In
stead of being able to settle their
farm mortgages, they are calling
on their State legislatures and the
National Government to protect
their farms from the money sharks
who have laid mortgages on their
homesteads. No set of people have
ever been worse" bamboozled than
the farmers have been by the Re
publican party. That party has
fooled the farmer at every point,
It fooled them in the idea that a
protective tariff would increase
wages and enhance the value of
farm products. It fooled thein in
the idea that a protective tariff in
farm products would protect the
farmer from the competition of
farm products imported into the
United States from f ree-trade coun
trips. This Inst, lflpn. is n. flplnsimi
i. : r rvv:
icmxucuiutu mvu nuiu wmu, , j & tariff of
made a speech a tew days ago on 111 0a .
i v v-i i -rti-un i Per bushel on corn 20 cents Per
the KcKinley tariff bill that proved , , , m , , , pr . ftTi w
-l r xi.- t vi: r.-vr-r-r- j
Among oiner tilings nesaiu: , , iit
mtflS rfttita nor TmisTipL Tnrr
cuius per ;uiiuu, uukwf t cruis
Foi-CheiUt Clerk r
For Sheriff:
FRIDAY, MAY 30, 189a
Mr. Bcttejiworth, a Republi-
statutorv laws are founded. Com- TENNESSEE NEWS.
m.- - In - 4-lt a. v sxa tvi n if Tiki 1 -
muw u u. piiuij- GovornorTavIorMndAdjutant-Oeneral
ol law, ana is the iounuation upon nnl hH gme to-New York.
wmcn justice ana ngni rests, on- A real HHtate nnd, loan offil.e in cliarRe
stitntional and statutory laws lire 0t wonwn is h novelty in Nanhville.
founded upon the eonimoa law,
hence the common law is. the first
jreat principle of all law.
The mother of Speaker Reed
died last week at Deering, Me.
From HoWaday.
Our priced for iiniioiinelnu eatnllilatcs Hre : For
Congress, lllteen tlollars, hi Rilvaliee; for State
oillees, tell dollars ; for county otllces, five dollars.
"W'Kare authorized to announce Cait. It. W.
T Avpks a ciinilh'.atu to represent the KlL'hth
CouKiesslonal lHstrlct In the Fifty-second Con
press of the I'nlU'd States suhject to the will of
the DeiiuHiratlu party..
Lefnl Xotleen.
J. SL Thomas has moved into his
new dwelling.
The fanners are very much be
hind with their crops.
Miss Bettie Hubbs has recovered
from her recent attack of illness.
Warren "Woods spent Saturday
and Sunday with friends in Cam
"William Woods is having a neat
dwelling erected 1 mile south of
this place.
E. C. Hubbs, who was thrown
from a horse a short time ago, is
slowly convalescing.
George Tucker and family will river
leave for Texas Wednesday. We
wish them a safe journey.
The base ball fever has struck
Holladay, and we will soon have
the "boss" club of the county.
May 27, 1890.
Si-arkf fever is raging near Adainsville
and MatfrofwaViing ontyr canning some
The TeMWfiHee" Peft AsBwemtwii will
convene in &Bnia! e3S!o at Enattf or.
July 23.
The Bar Association of Tennessee meet? Static
this year on Jury 6. to 11 inclusive, at
. I I X . w .
, .. ,. . . i,, ... ULiouit, i win on
htivlnff chome lota of cwlir timber to be M"J " ' -'7i "'r
.hipped to Germany, "!J!;ie.t-!r.!lm;1 uKfi
I ri4lll' IHIIV 1IIV ItllUlD Jk ' llVMIUI'ly
liev. barn Jones la preaciiing in jsm- bounded on the north by Holland ; soutl
ville this week. Thousands of people are bv Berry ; easl by .Spenre; and west by
attending his meetings.
or Tknnfhhbb, Bestow Ce.vrf.
vs. J. W. IIodlanix ,
DY virtue of a decree of the Chancery
Holland, to satisfy a iudjimenl secured
against him fur luxes due the State and
Frank Savage, the well-known engineer county, touether with all cost The land
died suddenly Wednesday morninur at the will be sold on a credit of six months, free
1 Harden. Mnmnhin -f heart disenxe. numum equity ol redemption, ine pur-
' r I ii houui will ltu ii rut I tfi iivni i i irirttt
II 14 Clt Kill IlIVIJ' IW lAVAUig IjltM
est-bearing note with approved se(!urity,
instructed their 119 delegates to the i?u- and a lien will be retained for purchase-
bernatoriat convention for Josiah Patterson.
A few days ago- at Richardson's1 Land
ing, anove mcmpius, tne aeaa owiy oi an
unknown white man was found in the
Rlay2& 18!)0.
Tom C. Rye,
Clerk and Master.
Hakkis kt als.
Mrs. William Ieadman is in Nashville
se'arcliing fr Ler husband who disap
peared from his home near Williamsport
May 17.
Tlie jury in the Kenney Torter crsc at
Taria failu1 lt actraa rVYa iiDja amninat
him f..r killing ttdmvmds is beingargued Monday, the 7th day of July, 1890,
BY virtue of a decree of the Chancery
Court rendered at its Maroh term 181X
in the case of J. V. Saunders and wife, for
the use of G. C. Camp, vs. William Har
ris and Robert Newsome, administrator
of Joseph Newsome, I will on
From Faxon.
Few matters of interest have
transpired during the past week.
Train No. l&Akilledtwo fine cows
Sunday morning last, one belong
ing to G. B. Faxon and one to P.
H. Henidon.
by the defense.
The indications are that Gibson County
will be divided between Buchanan and
Patterson for the Democratic gubernato
rial nomination.
Mattie Casls, an inmate of a bagnio at
Chattanooga, became despondent and
took chloroform with suicidal Intent, and
can not recover.
have exceeded those of nil the agricnltur
alists of any State of this onion.
In commenting on this the New
York Times says:
The manufacture! era and trusts get the
per pound, honey 20 cents per gal
Ion, rye 10 cents per bushel, cheese
4 cents per pound and wheat flour
20 per cent, ad valorem, is no pro-
A .1 i Al O-A. 1 l L. A
x I ura(ra nl tlin rwrnAoorl maa
H pti rv b iTMrnmnnq j-PBimipn
J " 1 u T T T, t!w,,.n.;iU Voo
i. 1 1 JT i. i I it'll mj v uraf vi ianiiioiiio, nao
xewuus wen oil unssecuonH gutxt RnnomiMtl vimseif a -andidate for Su
protection and the profits of the tariff- tection at all, from the simple fact
the farmer gets tlve brisks and the hum- that these products are not brought
into competition with the farm
That is just it. The protection products imported into the United
the tariff affords the manufacturers States. There is no such importa
enables them to mass immense tion, and hence there can bo no
fortunes, while the farmers who protection. "Why, the entire out
pay this tariff, which is a tax, are side world depends to a very great
unable to meet current expenses extent upon the farm products of
which forees hundreds of thou- the United States. Our agricult
sands of them to mortgage their nral exports for the fiscal year end-
lands to those who have massed mg June 30, 1889, amounted to
fortunes under a high tariff that $533,141,490; and there were no
makes the farmers paupers. Ev- imports of such products to this
erybody knows the manufacturers country. Then this boasted pro
make large fortunes and live in tective tariff on farm products as
splendor; and that the great mass held out by the Republican party
of ffirmers are extremely poor and to the farmer is no protection at
live hard. The manufacturers have all, and as long as the fanner looks
money to loan the farmer on land to the Republican party for pro-
mortgages; the farmers have to tection to his interest, he will con
give these mortgages in thousands tinue to be deluded and impoverish
of instances in order to meet cur- ed, but, thank God, the fanners
. rent expenses, and this thing goes are "catching on" to the tricks of
on year after year, and all the while the Republican party.
richer and the farmers poorer; Wf J v Gll7ERf Cuiyeiakd
the former is protected by a tariff ed the note of tariff-reform,
,1 i- , i una me reniucruuc press inrouLm
that mrrpnsos his vncomp. nnrll 1
which the latter pays as a tax. The H th? C?untry "" tlie
farmers are becoming educated in tftsk of educating the masses on
theRfl mntten,. and are lcnnriir, tn the tanff Qstion, the Republican
.11 i n Ipftdfirs lauidied lonf mid lond nvpr
cph hnw T.hpv navp nopn an inner o o
.lnnndtnthp. tariff niid its Pffp I the idea of the masses being edu
and their mutterings, like distant ?ate(1, to the point of comprehend.
thundpr. i bpnnii in b hpar.1 inS IQe miricacies or ine tarin ana
and their power will be felt in the f XPS1DS Jie fals! a Prtect
near future-a power that will ive tarlff beng a hl8 Jhe
knock protection out, and relegate fftry. But now Republican
fhp-RpldipnnWvfnahnolrsPat auers are wonuenng wny me
. vj
A-eiuucriuiu uress una more mnu
John R. Mizell, collector of ence than the Republican press.
i i t t m i -
customs ac x'ensacoia, ria., ap- nrui nT.0i1fbpr,-r.f.fboi1. i;!
pointed uy tne iiakbison acimims- tomana ge to cut down the influ
.... i . ji . . i '
ence of the Democratic newspapers
many years, ana Has proven nun- preme Judue to fill the vacancy caused
self fully worthy of the promotion, by the death of Judge Folkea. The Farmers' Alliance, of Kan
A Mr. Gray, from Evansville, Wheat raisers in the Western and Mid- sas, is strongly opposed to return
nd., and two other gentlemen dl divisions of the State report a poor ing IkoaLLS to the United States
pent the night at Faxon Sunday 01 l; as ru av ,n Senate. They say they want a man
a I wirn n-lxla unroll la ilimn wall I
ast. They have been traveling ' , , , , who is willing to listen to the sug.
over the country inspecting and , t . N , in , tl steanipr gestions and complaints of the peo-
mymg timber lands, lhey stated e. G. Raean Saturtky afternoon while pie, and one who will respond to
that they purchased 10,000 acres of returning from a picnic and was drowned, their demands.
imber land near the month of Big A serious riot occurred Saturday night
Sandv River. among the convicts at the Knox County
" I.. ....... .Inr TT I) 1 1 1
Our citv was honored a few davs worn-nouse, which resulted m one guara Messrs. xoung & isooies, wno
tratiou, is under the accusation of
being a cold-blooded murderer. He
is a favorite of President Harrison,
although his character is stained
witli the vilest crimes known to law
on the question of tariff-reform.
The supreme court of Tennessee
has decided that common law mar-
He is subject to indictment and trial riage is legal marriage. That our
for the most cold-blooded murders, readers will more fully comprehenc
but has so terrorized the people the idea wished to be conveyed in
among whom he lives that no one the above sentence, we explain tha
is found to prosecute him through common law is law without form
fear of assassination. "This John but not void according to the above
R. Mizell is a Republican, and as decision. The difference between
he has been diligent in doing the common law and statutory law is
dirty work for his party, his bloody that the first is without form while
deeds are condoned and he is smiled the latter is formulated by acts o
unon and rewarded by the admin- legislation. Constitutional law is
istration at "Washington. fundamental law, upon which a
at the court-house in Camden, Tenn.
expose to public sale the tract of land in
the eleventh civil district of Benton
Cpuntv, the same being the tract pur
chased by Harris and Newsome from J.
W. Saunders ami wile, now in the pos
session ol Mrs Joseph Newsome, contain
ing: 200 acres, more or less. Particular
boundaries will be given on day of sale.
bale made to satisfy a judgment obtained
against said Harris and Newsome by the
suid Saunders and wife for $1,127.97 with
interest and cost of suit. Land will be
sold on a credit of twelve months except
Hon. W. L. Clapp has emphatically
declined to permit his name to be pre- a sufficient sum to pay costs, and pur
chaser will be required to execute note
with approved security and a lien will bo
retained for purchase money.
May 28, 1890. Tom C. Kyk,
6:3. Clerk and Master.
Young & Nobles.
since by a visit from Tom C. Rye ehooting anotUer and the mape 'rf four have recently engaged in the mer-
and Sheriff Rushina Thev took ' . cantl1 business at i$ig bandy, are
4. ! u i J At uiarKsvwe saturaay ine ueiegaies n- enenretic business men al-
occasion to visit the rravel-mt at L i... 4 me nereut, uusmess men, iu-
his nlace. and witnessed the work- to cast, the vote of the countv for William Wftys aiert 10 in6 interest or tne
x r
M. Daniel for Governor if his name should trade generally, and the people ot
be before the convention. that towTi are to be congratulated
W. T. Davis, the defaulting secretary on having these young men locate
of the late State Wheel, was taken from in their midst. See advertisement
Dresden to Jackson Monday to stand jn another column.
trial. There is considerable interest man-
ifested in his case all over the State. A Killing in Carroll County.
The Democratic executive committee
ing of the steam-shovel. They were
very much interested in the opera
tions of this wonderful machine,
Come again, gentlemen; we are al
ways glad to see you.
Quite a ridiculous scene took
place in front of A. N. Lindsey's
A Hnntinfifflnn Rnpp.ial of tliA
store u lew uays since at wmcu me "i mcwii uuuuijr mci, hiiojcuyuio laov
i i i 4 mi. I Snlnrflnv and riirprfftd that iirimnrv elec-
crowu was mgiiiy amuseu. a iil- "7, , " " " . 1 ' "V mves th followino, account, of t.lm
.i , i . lions ue nem in ine vanous uikiuvw uii - o
ue uoy, auout twelve years ol uge, . , .p1b;ab tn ntle,.Mnndv killinn- in t.hp. P,Vh.
- ... , v vuu.ii; " V " t"k" v I J O -O
on nnuing a aog m nis mowier s the gubernatoriai convention. teenth district of Carroll County:
Kltcnen stealing proisions anu Joe gwing, a colored boy employed in The citizens of the eighteenth district
licking the pots and kettles, con- a Hungarian bakery at Nashville, was of this county are wonderfully excited
eluded he would have a little fun stabbed and killed Sunday morning by over a killing that took place there this
at the exnense of the dotr and William Kinney, a blacksmith. At the morning. Levi Butler and W. E. Moody N
lena was killed by a knife wound by an having fallen out at first over the purchase
unknown party. of some corn last Christinas, A barn be-
- i
Beulah Duty, a colored cirl. was riding longing to J. M . Garrettof the same neigh-
in a dummy train at Memphis vesterdav borbood, was burned and each accused
when the engine left the track and rolled the other doinK the burning, in corner-
I i .! : i- ai a. . m
ho rim fnriTiJv Wnrrla th over, erkine the car almost on top of it. 8ail0 wun menus vuiey not speaKing ta
" I M. . . a i I aanM ithavi 'I hfltft iartia thtmt4o
railroad, velnino- at everv iumt). gin was tnrown tor ward and unaer "Vl..' !
thereby induce him to keep away I
in the future. So he and several
other little boys tied an oyster-can
to his tail filled with rocks, aod as
soon as the dog took in the situa-
the fire-box, where Bhe was burned al- of a serious nature to be made and thia
most to a crisp.
Sheriff Dejarnett, of Rutherford County,
morning Mr. Butler took his gunt which
he has been carrying for over a week,
and started to Mr. Garrett's. On his way
he met Moody, and, according to Butler's
statement, Moody put his hand in his.
pocket as if to draw a weapon and said;
"Now, d n yon; we will Bettie this
matter." And Butler, without a word,
threw up his gun and emptied the con
tonts into Moody's breast. He also shot
him the second time as he fell from his
horse. There was iiq eye-witness to the
shooting and all that is known is Mr.
No sooner had the dog started than
one of our city "belles" who seemed
ji , jilt', , iii
to oe n largo stocunoiaer in tne has made appiioation to the governor for
dog and belonged to the society for the $500 reward offered for the capture of
the prevention of cruelty to animals, George Dunnaway, who murdered his
annoarpd in front of the fitore and un2,3 111 tho above'eounty more than a
I I r. . J v
yenr ko. uumiawwy hub CHjnuieu mo
tirfct nf tlio urpijk mid nlappd in ltiA inil
tne nitie ienow wno naa tiareu to at Nashville.
?i i. - i i.
commit sucn an ouTraReous act. Mra n't .inn.iin Moi.onmm.i,.
The young man looked as if he was of the insane asylum at Bolivar, hanged
going to make a remark in defense herself last Saturday. She tore the sheets
.....i. ... . . ki i k..i !.. -iii, ,i,!i, .1, l
of what he Had done, but she told UI "'i""'" Butler's statement, as Moody was killed
him if he opened his mouth she co anu "e enu 10 "ie'P" instantly. Moody's friends found him in
uw.-....lsc..v. vuim about hRlt an hourt Sutler gave himself
sue inus suspenoea nerseu unui awui up and claimed that it wp.s done in self
irom strangulation ensued. .Men, but. tl, iw nf i,,n,,oDf aiai
. . . 1 4" v vvviutM
ynwijiAxx iuc jluuB umu, Lm, me Madison uountr ueniocratic con- that the evidence did not sustain, the
from ft remark he afterwards made vention, held last Saturday afternoon, claim, as Moody was not armed. Butler
it is supposed that the entertain- elected E. L. Bullock chairman oyer J. i8 a prominet farmer of considerable
w. a. uurKett vy a vote oi m to i. means and Moody was Jthe constable of
The proceedings were of a lively charac- that district. Your correspondent visited
ter. 1 he convention instructed the dele- the scence of the murder this evening and
gates to vote Mr lion, jonn iw. layior.
Resolutions endorsing Congressman B
A. Enloe were adopted.
would knock his head off and knock
the "dickens" out of him. This
ment will be repeated when said
dog again makes his appearance in
the aforesaid kitchen.
May 23, 1890.
found the people terribly excited with -
fears of more trouble. Butler came ta
town to-night to employ counsel.

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