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iH iii.iHiir.i wf.kki.y nv
nc li!!ni' jut year In advance; llfly cents for
months; twenty-live cents for three months.
T 1 1 h. CiiiiDMi'i.K will lit" Issued (ill Friday of
inic.Ii week. Subscriptions, payable In advance,
nay In- sent by posl-ottlce order tit. our risk,
rosluue Hliiiiiiit are not desirable, but when It Is
(muni necessary to remit them one-cent stamps
are preferred.
Aneiitn wanted to solicit Hitt.sfri)tloiis. Write
lor terms, ele,
We shall spin e no endeavor to furnish valuable
leailiiiK maltcr to our natrons; and hope to se
cure a correspondent at every post-ollice In Hon
tmiCouiity to furnish ns with' county news.
The following is 11 list of the
couiilies that have held Democratic
conventions to select delegates to
the nominating convention for gov
ernor, and have instructed their
The followir.K hit tl fn-mocratic nominees, se
leelcd Iit primary election March 8. Ihihi. for the
vuiinty olliecs of ISclitoli Countv, and they should
iveeic the simport of nil true Democrats at t
polls on the 7tli day of August, lH'.K):
For County .Indue:
For Countv Clerk :
W. A. STEELE, Jit.
For Circuit Clerk:
For Trustee:
For Sheriff:
For Kejdstrar:
FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1890.
Patterson in the Lead.
Campbell ,
Decatur.... ;.
l)e Kalb
llardeinan.. ..
Van liuren...
Total .
From Matlock Chapel.
Regular Correspondence.! A county normal institute will bo held
I he "w eather is line, the farmers at Dresden June lfi.
Our prices for annouueimr candidates are: For
Congress, fifteen dollars, In advance; for Slain
offices, ten dollars; for county olllcos, live dollars.
are busy, nnd nearly everybody is
up in their crops.
Miss Mollio Bird is confined to
her room with fever, but we hope
to see her out again soon.
The peanut crop is doing well.
Good stands and favorable seasons
means' success to the farmer.
It is feared that the farmers wall
for coxa in :ss
WTR are authorized to announce Cait. It.
A vkkh ti candidate to represent the Klu
Congressional District in the, Flllv second Con
gress of the I lilted StaU-s mHiJcel U tho will ol
the lM-n.ocnUro party
27 which occurred last Sunday, tho
lift Shelton and John Santerford,
24 Good schools are very necessary
Catherine Green, colored, died at Jack
son Wednesday while under the influence
of ltkwwftrt ni.
The contest tietwoen Pierce and Bond
in the Ninth Congressional Dibtrict is
waxing warm. '
The Democrats 'ot McNairy O-ninty
nominated by primaries and put forward
a strong ticket.
The supreme court will adjourn to- ft1 Saturday, tho 7th da? of J ttno, 1890,
Leal Xoticctt.
.i ll. . i 1 v t it ....... I 1,..,.
beughd to see rain liefore it morrow, bnt Wtore doing so, will puss on , fi, ijmol CnnXn I will olSr for
the I'ullen case. . , . 4, i.:i...t i.
nine, to mu lliui-ni, iiiutii i, nnv iwnit
comes ns they were to see it cease
raining in the spring.
J. L. Weatherly is going to con-
duct a singing school at this place,
to include ten Sundays. Every
body is invited to attend.
Miss Ada Fry and her brother,
A. J. Fry, who have been attend
ing the McTyeire Institute, at Mc-
Kenzie, will return home Saturday.
"We would be glad to chronicle
some good deeds of the Republican
party, but the thing can not be
done. Blood can not be squeezet
from a turnip, simply because there
is no uiooa in a turnip, just so
with the Republican party.
Theue is no part of the United
States where the poor man has a
better chance to rise than in West
Tennessee. In very few towns, and
nowhere in the country, is there a
trace of that social exclusiveness
tPiat gives an additional pang to
the annoyances resulting from
small or moderate means. Here
in society as in politics the true
man is recognized as such if he is
honest and industrious without re
gard to the extravagance of his
Congressman Mills' speech on
the new tariff bill stirred up the
Republicans and they now come to
the front with the statement that
Mills would never have been able
to make so fair a showing in favor
of tariff reduction had he not falsi
fied the figures. Tho rediculous
ness of such a claim is all the more
apparent when it is known that
thousands of copies of that speech
will ho sent all over the country,
and a statesman like Mills is not
such a fool as to put on paper what
he can not fully prove.
Mil. Enloe has introduced a res
olution in the House providing for
the appointment of a committee to
iuvestigate the facts in regard to a
change in the wording of the re.
funding act of July 14, 1870, which
was made after the bill passed both j
houses of Congress. The change
which was made was done in en
roling the bill, and by that change
the 4 per cent, bonds were made
payable "after" thirty years in
stead of "for" thirty years. The
result has been that the Govern
ment has paid out many millions
of dollars as premiums on bonds
which it would have had the right
to call in and pay at any time, but
for the fraudulent change in the
funding act, and it is still buying
these bonds at a premium. A
breezy time is anticipated as Mr.
Enloe wants the facts investigated,
so that the illegal redemption of
these bonds at a premium may be
stopped, and it may be known who
changed the act of Congress in the
enrolling committee. Unless the
resolution is lost (?) in the com
mittee room, like the war claims
resolution, the investigation will
only strengthen the evidence gath
ered that the leaders of the Repub
lican party have been running this
Government for personal profit, and
that it is indeed time for the Amer
ican people to investigate the en
tire machinery of our Govermcnt.
"We are informed of a runaway inflicted upon the people of Collierville a
wedding in Humphreys County, nk'ro oensns taker and R W(Muan at thttt
the Republican convention met in
contracting parties beinr Miss Eva 1 ur('y Iilst Monday to nominate candi
tunes ior me umcreni couniy oinces 01
20 m every locality of the county, and k,cte(, (toleg(lte8 tlie siatewnventian
2:t the school directors should exercise !ist Monday.
discretion and care in the selection instructed.
ni-.o .
oi teacners, as tlie good morals as ine democrats oi rerry uountv met at
well as the mental training of our Lin(len Monday and instructed solidly
for Hon. John M. Taylor, with Josiah
A went-bound through freight killed a lots situated and described as lota Nos.
man by the name of W. A. McDaniel 1 19 and 52 in the plan of said town, ani
mile east of Newbern Wednesday. belonging to the estate of W. C. Hartley
Tt , ,. , ueceaseu. xuev win ihj boiu iui uiur
The I Ienry County Democracy has ,.llt:nn o( nr0(.O0lis a,i uill bo more f ull v
instructed a solid delegation to the State described on clay of sale.
convention for Hon. John H. Taylor. Terms : On a credit of six and twelve
... ... , ... . , months, except a sufficient amount of
Alice Laker, the four-yearold daughter L,.sh to mv the State and countv tax.
of Mrs. Ella Baker, of Nashville, was Lnnvt. wt m.l niinrnov (cm. TliTnr-
found dead in bed Saturday morning. chaser will be required to give a note
,, . . , . . ... ,, . with approved security and a lieu wall
Superintendent of Census Walker haa bo retaed or th purchase money.
This May 13, 1800.
The delegates were not'
AVfi roniTiilpd flip nltnvpi stnfp.
meut from an article in the Mem- cllildren Aml ou UlG cllacter
phis Commercial titled" Buchanan and cations of the teacher,
in the Lead." The Commercial's
article gave totals, Buchanan 183,
Patterson 181, and Baxter 159.
"We take the same figures and give
Patserson 181, Baxter 178, and
Buchanan 177,
The Commercial is either in need
of proof-readers or intended to
make misleading statements, as
It is not a matter of dollars and
cents, but a question of prime im-
Patterson as second choice.
Deputy coroner John J. Mason, of
Memphis, dropped dead from heart dis
ease Wednesday while holding an inquest
portance to the training of our boys on the body of Lewis Farr of that place.
1 1 A 1 A A n t I
ana girls tor a lite ot usefulness Farmer Jero Baxter, who recently sold
and honor. , I his beautiful stock-farm, Maplewood, for"
June 2 1890 $325,000, will have to resort to the court
r t bctore lie can give a good title and make
riuin u.a oanuv. transfer of same.
The MorningTimes and Evening News,
A. O. McRae.
4 :4t. Clerk and Commissioner
- - r r
Lot te i' ii.
or THK
Loteria de la Beneficencia Publics
Of 'J'Hfc
State of Zacatecax, Mcwico.
A syndicate of capitalists have secured the con
cession for operating this
and will extend its imsiness throughout the
United States and British Columbia.
lielow will he found a list ol the prizes which
will he drawn on
JTTITE! 27, 1890,
and continued monthly thereafter.
100,000 Tickets at $10.00; Halves,
$5.00; Tenths, $1.00; Ameiucan Currency.
Kegular Correspondence.
Master Newt Bowles is reported published at Chattanooua, have bared
most people would only read he ill fit this writing. a11 union printers from their composing
fnlnlS nml unf tol- fl1( iriLl t Triss Tmln Mr-ll-vml a BufForinff r00ina- anl are "0W GVn On con-
summing up the columns. from a slight attack of la grippe,
With this discrepancy in the Quite a number of our young
figures we have our doubts as to people went to Flat Woods Sun
tho correctness of the entire state- day.
tract with the Printers' Protective Asso
Edward La Roach was arrested in
Knoxville Wednesday morning on the
charge of murdering Edward Huntley at
ment, and publish it for what it is
Mrs. W. P. Morris is visiting Middlesborough, Ky., on the night of
Eight Hours Enough.
her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Bowles, of
this place.
J. L. Holland, of Paris, was
We are in favor of tho eight hour mingling with his friends at this
movement that is being agitated all Placo Sunday.
over the United States and Europe. Miss Erin Robins, of Manly.
viiie, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Hugh Bobins last week,
U. A. Potts left Monday for
Louisville where he will procure a
October 13, 1S89. The murder was de
liberate and cold-blooded.
The Prohibitionists held a convention
at Nashville Wednesday. It was the
largest. Prohibition convention ever held
in the State. The convention framed a
platform, and nominated Kev. D. C
Kelley as its candidate for governor.
By invitation of the county court of
Davidson County, the road congress as
sembles in Nashville on August 2(5, 1890
The congress is expected to do a great
list of prizes.
1 rniZK OK l.ri0,000 Is $150,000
1 l'ltl.K OK 50,000 is 50,OU
1 l'Ht.K OK 2.-,IOO is 25,000
3 Vhizks ok la.oao are 30,000
a 1'kizkh ok 5,000 are 10,1x10
5 Vm.v.h ok 2,000 are 10,000
10 I'Ki.K.s ok 1,000 are 10,000
20 l'lti.K.s ok ww are lo.ow
200 l'KiXF.s ok 200 are 40, 000
I :soo 1'kizks .ok 150 are. -15,000
500 l'lti.K.s of 100 are co.uuo
150 l'HIZKK OF $150 aro $22,500
ir0 1'kizks ok 1(H) are 15,000
150 1'KIZKH OK 50 are 7,500
two Terminal Piuzics of. 50 are 49,950
Club Rates: 6 Tickets for $50.00.
Special Rates Arranged with Agents.
til,ik' nlid British America.
The piiviiiciit of Prizes is guaranteed by a spe
cial deposit of I'ivk Ill'NlRK.l Thouham
dollars wan me muic (,'overnmeni, una ap
proved 'by Jesus Arecbipi, governor.
Drawings under tlie personal supervision of
Lie. llerminio Arteana, who is appointed bv tlin
government as interventor.
" I certify that, wit li tlie State Treasurer all nec
v , n , t t A"c "'8cna 10 f u fe1 ei"' essary nuarantecs are deposited, assuring full
new line Ot Samples tor the tall (leal in informing the county courts of payment ,of all prizes of this drawing.
i 1 . . . , , HKIt.MlMO AltTKAOA,
traue. the Mate of the needs of the public road Interventor."
system. important.
express or registered letter, American money.'
I olleclioiis can he made ny express companies or
Dr. James Murratte, of Nash
1 , , dicjfncoa nf fbn linrcp nf flin plinrnli partment of Agriculture, sent a letter to banks. Tickets sent direct to lnaHanemeiit will
ve been necessary to work Uucaaes ot the hoise, at the dnuch q - b hJ , d Jh
ill the time to make a liv- at tins place Saturday evening. , J 1 ihn.nS
H T m T Tj ITIj III 4 V IMI.'h t U Uinni.H
1 main-
JUAN i'lEDAD, Manager,
Zacatec;is, Alexieo.
We are really glad the cause is
making such rapid strides, and we
hope before many years the hours
will be shortened to eight hours,
this constituting a day's labor.
In olden times, when they used
a wooden-plow, the spinning-jenny,
canal-boats, and the hand-loom, it ville' delivered a lecture on the Commissioner B. M. Ilord, of the De- "j.
may hav
nearly all
ing, but now is the age of inven- rs- Luter and daughter, 8howa tho annual expenditures to
tion steam and electricity all Marvin Luter, of Luterton, tain the public highways of the State ex
manner of mechanical inventions. were the Suests ot J- Luter ceeu -n.-'ou.uuu
wifli mJpm im T,r,-1v0r,-,c11a m i lin and family Thursday eveniiifj: last. James Royd and T. J. Ilurbert, of
: ki a t, Diod. iipar Tiiifprr.nn. ATnv 31. Brownsville, both young men
wuc aiuu 10 ttUlC lJ uu tio lUUCUj Ui 1 " 7 j 7
. J 1 i 1 1 t r I A 1- i r-ll Tii-wtrtrt-M -'- All r 1
at least accompusn as mucii, as live uuva, ui impromptu duel with pistols, in the pub
men could have done twenty-five 111 e remains were mtcrreu luon- nc roiva by moonlight, last Sunday night,
or thirty years ajjo. This beinir tlaymtaeianiLle Creek Cemetery, and the latter was mortally wounded
the case, it becomes necessary to The writer in company with a A hg 'aa the incentive to the fatal duel
shorten the hours of labor, ant
necessary, lessen the pay, thus
abling a larger number of persons day lnst 011 Su8ftr Creek anglin
to be employed. That is to say, we or trout.
think it better for the community boast o a Sreat number of fish, ise, and brought distress to two families, lf,tSthemnrsun u
xl. 41 - . '1 i e hut, nil lind n rpo-iilnr 'i mVinV " and regret to the entire community, Kiiteeii hundred am
that three men work ona on v for oui an nau a ltguiar picnic. will urobab v determine
21 1 , n t . Tl1( rlncirKr Pprci?pq nf thp A band of desperadoes is a terror in the dcntlal election of 1S92, and perbans the fortunes
bl per (lay than tor one man to Ane UOSing extrcibts OI Uie r of the Democracy for the rest of the centurv.
getb3perday and tho other two school at this place May the IJ w as neMee ,jear Yellow Springs. O.R Tol- f;xi is, ',''!' '"osf art out in company with
nmn;n :.1Ta n. : 41.-1 a hrillinut kuccpss. Tho children v. . ' ' 1 . . 1 ... . .' ' TukSu.n.
H4ic. viu uiiii is mat aver anu iwo nireu men were plowing a Daily, per month SO.Wi
every able-bodied person should acquitted themselves with honor few days ago, while his wife and children s,mK IZ
lm ir, r.fi to both thfi scholars and tho fae- were planting some snots on which seed I'ady mid Su'iiday, per year., '. s.ou
uv, iuhu m oumo usauiTOuun- - , , , . . , . , Dally and Sunday, per month 0.7t
... . .. . 1 rm 1 piB'ci. .i.iriai nrr onfimnn nnn nir n iimmi tnnn 1 i....i.i.f fcj.i.. u
tion, if it is not anything-more miy- 1110 Popie 01 uig oanuy nwC01.,u,culU u
Some people auree with Thk Sun's oninioim
about men and things, and some m-ople don't;
but everybody likes to uet hold of the newspaner
which Is' never dull and never afraid to speak'its
for twentv vears Tint
rout line for Democratic
ring or weakening in its
I'l'stSOf tflM IllLl'tV it UIM'VIW
only a few dollars, caused the death of a with fearless intelligence and disinterested vior.
Tl-.rv i-n.,r nnl.l vii ii ti , . At tiiiiev opinions nave diiiered as to the best
j. uu iii ly euuiu uul young man. iuu oi nope and bright prom- means of accomplishing the common purose;
it is not i h k fva fault it it has seen further
1 if party of young people from Man- rfat troubJe ffte fw oat of mhui.
Iwille and lii Sandv scent Fri- m,m,iana significant matters. In the sun has fought m the fro..
eu. lyville and Ui0 bandy epentln- above instancethe kiuingof ahogworth i;;;1!
sons Uay lnst 011 u8ar Creek angling only a few dollars, caused the death of a with fearless intelligence a.
and ninety Is the year that
the result of the 1'resi-
1 .(Ml
" i 1 ,i i i, . .
if, i:i.- i nrP. nn.W lnRtir,P- nliliVatinnn in "Plreu irom u.e woous adjoining
luu euiuuK a uewbiwijerueirer -- o 0f them were armed. Two advanced to
that than nothing. Wo think that
" God has a plan for every man and
something for every man to do."
The idea is to find out what that
plan is in your case, and set to
work to carry it out.
Mrs. Robins for the careful train
ing civen the school.
June 3, 1890.
How to Judge a Town.
New York.
ward Tolliver, ordering him to , kneel.
Tolliver started to run, when he was
shot in the back. Ilia wife and children
tried to help him, but the men kicked
the helpless children and knocked the
wife down. The woman late in the eve-
A casual glance at a newspaper will n5tf succeeded in getting help enough to vtt 11 utu mojamll 6s tu siouk
This is a busy world ; all nature show a list of men who helped to build v&rry the unconscious man to the honse,
is at work. Do not be a drone in "P t,ie town H yu 8'e good-sized, where he died the next morning, The
Im Wo nf "indnofrv T,f i live advertisement in the paper by each night following the shooting six armed
. , . of the principal merchants, and a card men took possession of the house of John
v4tv v - j from each of the smaller ones, you need Wyatt, about an eighth of a mile from
tour; use eight hours for sleep; not inqujre as to the prosperity of the Tolliver's, and compelled the women of
and the other eight hours for the town it's solid. But if you find the most ' yatt's family to dance with them until
improvement and culture of the extensive merchants not advertising their daylight In the morning they left, tak
Camden, Teun.
Will hereafter spend the first and third weeks
of each month in Camden; the second week at
ing sanuy ; and the third at Holladay. C.Gm.
We are prepared to do all kinds
. I l : 1 1 ...i . 1 . I ini iinth t lwnv VI v VV intt At-wf I . s
immortal part of yourselves. These UUM"e,8' imH yu u 11 uu" dTTHPI1 XTnTini?
iaci mai mose who no not iry io pusii ""i- wcu dccu biuvc. mo fcang hjc uiu i jli wai.vxvx vilVi
are our sentiments expressed m their busine83 anJ tho town with its in- in the mountains on the Kentucky bor-
a canaia manner, and we hope may terests. have a hard time and an uphill der, and no one has the courage to at-
bc understood. iournev all the vear round. tempt their capture.
Camden, Tenn.

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