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Tho wheat and oat crops of the fourth
district is au entire failure. ;
iIr. A. N. Liudsey, of Faxon, was vis
iting in Camden Wednesday. :
Mrs. "VV. F. Morris visited relatives
and friends at Big Bandy this week.
Capt. Silas V. Mullock, of Uig Sandy,
paid The Chronicle a call Monday.
Dr. F. C. Whitfield and family are
visiting relatives at Manlyville, Henry
I'he IiMlo folks hail a strawberry sup-
V..,.. 'i-t.-r, '.i.Ain.l.nltn'l-'ii'.-T V. VrtH-rr Mnn.
day evening.
Mi&s'rearl Arnold is Very hick with
fever this woek
We hope she will soon
be out again.
J. II. Gill has opened a stock of gro'
eeries in the building adjoining J. E.
Totty's drug store
J. II. Gill and family have moved in
and now occupy the residence near that
of J. W. Arnold, in West Camden.
While at play near Thompson's dry
goods store Wednesday, little Jimmie
Saunders stuck a rusty nail in his foot.
The lenton Seminary has closed for
the summer vacation. No arrangements
have been made for the next tenn, as yet.
The attendance -t 'county 'oourt. last
Monday was small. The people aretoo
busy with their ci'ops to loose even one
Misses Ida McEao and Doia Stigall,
of this city, are attending the commence
ment exercises at McKenzie, Tcnn., this
Mrs. Mary Lankford, returned to her
home in Waverly yesterday, alter a
few days visit to Miss Eva Wyly, of this
W. C. L. Lewis and T. Ii. Totty, of
this place, are erecting a stave factory
on Turkey Creek, 9 miles south from
Ernest E. Frv. of the firm of McDaniel
& Fry, spent a few days this week with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Fry, of
Miss Lula Newsome, who has been
.it H'l.:tc,.l,l' ;..
viMuilKui. Miuuiuiuo, uu-uy, u
. pasi lew weens, una rewivieu w uer uome
near isasuvuie.
Travis Cowell, of Mclvenzie, has the
contract for Tom H. Bateman's res
deuce, at this place, and will soon com
menco the work
The many friends of J. A. Holland
"will be glad to learn that he has suffi
ciently recovered from the pneumonia
to be able to be out again.
J. M. Lashlee and lady, of the tenth
district, have returned from their south
ern trip. They report having had a
pleasant journey and time.
J. Davidson, of Way, was a pleasant
The Chronicle is second to no paper
ever published at Camden.
Mr. George P. Atchison, accompanied
by his wife and little child, of Erin, is
spending a few days with his mother,
Mrs. Cora Atchison, at this place.
T,r Trr TT. TT ! .B TT-11- 1
passed through Camden Monday en
route to Dyersburgh to join his wife,
who is visiting relatives at that place.
The Chronicle was kindly remetn-
bered hy many staunch citizenB from
various parts of the county who were m
attendance at county court, this Week,
. . .
The young men gave a strawberry
supper to the young ladies of Uamden
Saturday evening. The supper was
had at the Stigall Ilouse, and was an
enjoyahlo affair.
Several from Camden attended child
ren's day services at Flat Woods, last
Sunday, among them lion. William P.
Morris, who delivered an address suited
to the occasion.
Col. William Sandford, of Covington,
was in the city yesterday looking after
his interests as a candidate for supreme
judge, to fill the vacancy made by the
death of Judge Folkes.
Our Holladay correspondent failed to
get his communication to us in time for
publication. Our correspondents should
mail their articles so as to reach us as
early in the week aa possible.
The land sale in case of Caraway vs.
McDaniel, published in The Chronicle
the past four Weeks has been counter
manded by the circuit clerk, and. the
land will not be sold on the date men
tioned in the notice.
A -Mr. Mills, representing the Na
tional rveview of Nashville, was in Canv
den Monday Urging the Republicans to
stop reading Dciuocratid newspapers,
thereby depriving themselves of the
privilege of learning w t1l lve-
publicans are ruinirg the country.
Canton Lawns, 4 cents; Sunrise, 3.
tf IlmutiN & Ca'tkmav.
When you want fresh groceries, con
fectioneries, etc., go to J. II. GIU'b, on
the east side of the square. ti
A heart that has been often tendered is
tough. Boston Transcript.
A complete line of the latest style mil
linery goods, at Miss Ann E. Wilson's, tf
Call and see the Walter A. Wood har-
vesting machines, sold at Young & Nobles
Bi2 Sahdy.Twin. They are the best man-
uiaciureu. o-lin
Adam was'perhar-s the first man 'who
deemed marriage a failure. Exchange.
If you want a good mower, call on Her
rin & Bateman and buy the Buckeye.
Meals at all hours, at Mrs. Farmer's.
The brim of the dude's derby this sea-
Bon is clearly cut to match his intellect.-
Somerville Journal.
Full stock lbrogan shoes $1.
tf IIkkkix & Bateman,
Dress-making, in all its branches, at
Hudson, llatley -A Bros. tf
" This is a hard set,", as the hen said
when she was trying to hatch a porcelain
egg. Boston Bulletin.
When you want the best harvesting
machines, buy the Walter A. Wood, sold
by Young & Nobles, Big Sandy, Tenn
Go to Mrs. Harriett Farmer for choice
groceries, cigars, and fresh canned goods
" There must be fortunes in patent ined
-cines." " I dunno. 'Tain't all profit
Bottles c08t money .-New York Sun
Ilerrin & Bateman have a nice line o
Florence Patterns. tf
B assortment of gents' neckwear in
tQ at lferrin & Batemang. tf
Reeder : Is it true that it takes a gen
ius to live with a genius? DoBuyter
I'll ask my wife when I go home. Fuck
Miss Ann E. Wilson invites the ladies
to call and examine her stock of late style
hats, trimmings, etc., at low cash prices
Fresh bread every day at Mrs. Harriett
Farmer's. tf
" To whom did you bow ?"
"A mosnuito. lie lias some of the
flnMt bood in the gtate iu hig veing
" How do you know ?"
ne just bit me." New York Sun
Young men, Ilerrin & Bateman's is the
place to get your fine suit. tf
The millinery department at Hudson
I TTntl.l, X' Tlrvta !u in filmriwl rA ATiauoa
Hicks and Hagler, of McKenzie. If you
want a late style, artistically trimmed hat
call on them. tf
"Do you feel strong enough to take
" Physically, yes, but I am just weak
minded enough to prefer to stay here "
rew York bun.
Call on Ilerrin & Bateman and examine
their stock of laces and Vandyke points
Ilerrin & Bateman is the place to buy
your Rindow curtains. tf
Census Enumerator: Name, please?
Citixen; John Henry Perkins.
Of how many children are you the
What ! Exchange.
Examine the Brill Shoes, at Ilerrin &
Bateman's. tf
Census Enumerator : Your ace, please ?
Mr. Chestnut: Forty-five.
Census enumerator : Did you die dur-
ing the past year or before that time?
New York Sun
Fair-View Plaids, 6 cents
tf IIeekin & BatemaS
Census Enumerator (to Miss Elder)
What is your age ?
Miss Elder : I waa born in '70.
Census Enumerator : 1770 or 1870?
Mr, Editor; We don't advertise our
goodg to heip tue paper aione t0 jet
people know where they can get the best
goods at the lowest prices
tf IIekiun & Bateman.
V. TRAVIS, President.
Real Estate Exchange.
- r" -1 i r
Do you want to buy, Bell, or rent Vihte &, Wo Imy, soil, 'mi t, anil liiftifaifr
au improved farm, or improved . property, collect rents, pay taxes.
land, mineral or timbered land, or insurance, etc., for reasonable.
or other real estate? WE CAN SUIT YOU. commission.
Real Estate Exchange,
Camden, Tonn.
Marriage License.
Following are the license to marry
issued by the clerk of the bounty
court since Thursday of last week :
N. E. White and Leona Walker,
Ben Hatley and Emina Alston, J.
W. Liiper and Elizabeth Nowell,
Alfred Briaut 'and L. Itl. Faffbrd.
A Successful Fishing Party.
Several successful fishing parties
have been made up in Camden this
spring, but the most successful was
composed of Messrs. W. F. Bivens,
W. C. Benton, M. D. McElyea, W.
F. Maiden, John W. Arnold, W. C.
East, and S. L. Peeler, who went
to Bateman's Slough last Tuesday
and caught about 70 pounds, the
most of which were trout
An Inaccessible Place.
We dislike to criticise any one,
much less an honorable court, but
really the order of the county court
as to building the new hitching
racks on the Robins' lot surpasses
our :c6mprehe1nsioii. for the good
there is in it. The racks 'can not
be approached except through a
narrow alley that is almost im
passable. To get to the racks is
like going into a jug through a
funnel: you may get in, but how
are you going to get out ?
An Earnest Request.
I most earnestly desire the at
tendance of every christian person
in Camden at the Methodist Churcli
next Wednesday at 8 o'clock p. m.
There will not be a strawberry fes
tival, but religious services in which
all are expected to participate. I
desire, also, tho presence of those
who do not claim to' be Christiana
The subject for scripture rending
and meditation is " Truth."
J. G. Joxes.
Juno 4, 1890.
In the County Court.
There was a very light attend
ance at county court Monday, and
but little business. t)f imporonco
Ben Hatley was appointed ad
ministrator of Mrs. Sara A. lAitier.
P. A. Bridges qualified as ad
ministrator of William Kennon,
W. J. Barnes made his revenue
report for tho month of May.
A. N. Lindsey gave bond and
qualified as administrator of Mrs.
Eliza A. Gooden, deceased.
Real Estate Exchange.
The Real Estate Exchange, es
tablished by Travis Brothers &
George, supplies a long-felt want
in Benton County. This firm will
buy and sell improved and unim
proved land or lots, and rent farms,
business and dwelling houses, col
lect sale and rent money, and do a
general Veal estate business a
small per. cent Any one wanting
to buy, Bell, or rent any kind of
real estate, or wanting collections
made, can have the matter attended
to at small cost, and without trouble
to themselves. Apply to, or ad
dross, Real Estate Exchange, Cam
den, Tenn.
K. O. !K(1!(!K, Secretary.
HATI.EY-ALKTON-Oii Tlmrwbv, May 20, INK),
at Hie ruMdwe f Mrs. I!. L. MilebeU, Mr. Wn
Hatley to Misy liminrv AlsU)M. Ksquire Buck
Kiirker ulllctiitUiK.
Mr. Jlittley is oiic of OfiiiidPh'E 'K'sl business
int-'ii, and his brlrtu Is an ainU'ilo, ropnlur lady.
We join -with nilnielous'frii'inrs 'In cstottdiilsf tHst
wishes. ,
l'-VJANT -t'AFFOTlD-Or. Vrttnesdiiv '.I Hue 4.
lsiKt, n KVHj this rouutv. Mit. Alfi'il-liiiiiit to
Mrs. L. M. PultV.fd, Uvv. A. C. AlcUae, of Chih
leu, oilieUiliiig.
May they enjoy a peaceful and iirosperous niar
riod life, Is Ihe wish of numerous friends.
Republican Convention.
The Republicans of Benton
County met at the court-house at
this place last Monday to select
delegates to the State Republican
D. J. Allen was elected chair
man, and W. F. Maiden secretary.
The following is a list of the del
egates selected, who go to the con
vention uninstructed for governor,
but are instructed for Hon. W. W.
Murray to fill vacancy on the su
preme bench:
First district, C, F. Clark : second. W.
F. Baber; third. John McGluhn: fourth.
John A 1 ien ; fifth , Jerry Thorn iwon ; si xth ,
W. S; Ritslunprt seventh, D. M. farther;
eighth, V. OritaWayVniiTt.'S. Oletnent;
tenth, Kobert HoTfand; eloveritli, Jrilm
Hatley ; twelfth, T, 11. H. Vresson ; four
teenth, J. F. Sniithers.
This is a Shame !
The Camden Cemetery is need
ing repairs. Stock roam at will
over the grass and beautiful flower
beds, and commit desecration to
the one and destruction to the other.
We deem it unnecessary to urge
early repairs, or a new fence if
needs be, as there is not a family
in or around Camden that docs not
have near relatives or dear friends
buried there. We should remem
ber kindly our departed ones, and
keep their last resting places as
sacred spots, to be made beautiful
as our own dear homes.
Mr. A. C. Mcllae has a balance
on hand that was raised some time
ago, and we solicit the calling of a
public meeting to decide what is
best to be done about putting the
cemetery in good condition, and in
what vay to raise the money, if the
amount now on hand is not suffi
cient ,
We are Not Directly Responsible !
It wits reported to us Wt week
that there was to have been " foot-
washing " services at Flat Woods
last Sunday. Flat Woods is one
of the strongest Methodist congre
gations in Benton County, and the
Methodists do not observe foot
washing service, instead, last Sun
day was observed by the Flat
Woods congregation as " children's
day." The church was handsomely
decorated, a large crowd in attend
ence, and everything passed off in
an enjoyable way. Dinner was
served on the grounds.
Upon authority of Judg6 Scruggs
and Assessor McAuley, we pub
lished that the board of equalize
tioii was to have met last Monday,
while, in fact, th tvdard does hot
meet until next Monday. The mis
take was made on the part of the
above named gentlemen from the
fact that in the larger counties of
the State the board meets on the
first Monday in June, while in the
smaller counties the meeting does
not take place until the second
C. N TUAVIS, Trtfunrer.
Leyal Motiees.
State of Tknnkhsek, Benton Cousty,
vs. J. W. Holland.
BY virtue of a decree of the Cluurcery
Court, I will on
Mondaylhe ?Mtt y 4lM'ly, b9b,
at the court-house in Cation ,:ejfr;e'tb
public sale the lands 'd,J. W. 'Holland,
bounded on the north by Holland ; sontu
by Berry; east by Spence; and west by
Holland, to satisfy a judgment secured
against him for taxes duo the State and
county, together with alt cost The hind
will be sold on a credit of six months, free
from the equity of redemption. The pur
chaser will be required to execute interest-hearing
note witli approved security,
and a lien will he retained for purchase
May 28 1800. Tom C. Ryu,
6:3 . Clerk and Master.
J. W,
Sacxdkks et al. vs.
llAURIS E'r AL3.
Willi a i
BY virtue of a decree of the Chancery
Court rendered at its Mamh term ISM
in the case of J. W. Saunders andwife, for
the use of G. C. Camp, vs. William Haf-
ris and Robert Newsoine, administratdr
of Joseph Newsoine, I will on
Monday, the 7th day of July, 1890,
at the 'court-house in Camden, Tenn.,
expose to 'public sale the tract of land in
the 'eleventh 'civil 'district of Benton
County, the tiiir.e beine the tract pur
chased by Harris and Kevsome from J.
W. Saunders and wife, lib w rh the t)os-
session of Mrs Joseph Newsoine, contain
ing 200 acres, more or less. Partictilift
boundaries will be given on day of sale.
bale made to satisfy a judgment obtained
against said Harris and Newsome by the
said Saunders and wife for $1,127.97 with
interest and cost of suit. T.nd wil) !e
sold on a credit of twelve months except
a sufficient sum to pay costs, and pur
chaser will be require) I to execute note
with approved eecurity ami a lien will be
retained for purchase money.
May 28, 181)0. Tom C. Rvk,
0:3. Clerk and Master.
The following ti mt rani shows the arrival o
mail and express trains, at Caniileii, of the Nash
ville, ('luiUanoo.ua, ami St. Louis Kailway. In
effect May 8, ltt'JO:
No. 51, mall, west 9.19 a.m
No. SU, mail, east 4.'i p.m
No. IU, express, west in.43 p. in
Mo. W, express, east 3.41 u.u
IV Hi') TAKK lim
(Louisville and Nashville Railroad.)
When buying tickets be sure to ask for and he
certain that they read vU. Louisville and Nash
ville Kail 10: w I.
C. P. Atmore,
General Passenger Acent
Louisville, Ky.

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