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NO. S.
ThJ5-. first cotton bloom of the
season,, the earliest received in
twenty years, was exhibited at
Y Greenville, Misar last we?t..
A Farmer's Taxes.
to hope for abetter order of things?
Nr mnn is tnn rrnrvl fnr
From Areadne.
found by Mr. Nance, and has at
tracted no little curiosity here.
!.,.. irn.i,l 1 I o ija.,,.1.... r,,.-. ..,!, ...-.o i
v i.fti. .11 ...i... j I . ... . lireunHVUIIimnniuimc.j I ttrt "1 .1
Adolph Oehme, an intelligent the public service, but tins is just gevernl from thig piftCe attended vlllle tliero ftre vanous rumors
farmer at Brainard, Nebr., has what the christian church does not childrens' day at Flat Woods Sun- oat over the county, no one has
- i i j i caam tA ha hava finI that Tfr nMnm I nil norm Oil Tor i.nA mmu (llnrn tA
ttu,i e., h?trret nn now mucn tarin taxes ww "v",v ""u uw """ uinv. v
UIUICU UKHIO kJUI-UCmu CI 'IT - . , "11 il J t
r.-..-. i. i.i ii.. ii.. 1- f have cost him ra a vear. He has " pmpus, semi-occasionaiiy, anu Tftnpr pi Rnv hfl m chfti mi,
VUUIl X1UIUS tlitili mo uin ui cblucim . ,1 -i t i .. . . .
is not unconstitutional when ap- done. more or loss trading at the especially on thanksgiving days, lenge md of the county for the candidates, if there tire any,
plied to Mormons. Marriage village stores, and, of course, has against me eviis OI w fine corn
honorable, but too much of it at Pil protection prices for every-
rrt will inAf lm rMrmiff.ft1 p.vptt yn thing he had to buy. The follow-
MI.V 1 111. 11 .'V 'J I. V ..
this free country.
ing is his account for the twelve
A westeiin train loaded with
five thousand merino mutton sheep
was wrecked in New Mexico, a few
days since, and about one thousand
aheep were killed. The Indians
soon, after the- wreck, gathered in .liSw:
to sav the mutton and have a grand
KinrtiiiK twine (eostHS).
HlXltSHIHl Hll'S..(C)st?'.,8.ril).
Mum biu'reta..
Ltimner ..!(..
They can, Kve ob muU ra::::x:::BS8::
ton for months to eom. S:::::ii2::
Kice do
Lately a Webster's unabridged sajiaieriesi euslZ'mi mi
dictionary has been placed on the kp- .r..I.aoxe."
market at a very low price so low woolen good. do..
a tn pnp.fl.tn RstorilShment amOHGT Total
those who knew the regular price
f the work. It appears that this
of 1847 forty-three
years behind tli time The etymol
ogies are misleading and the vo
cabulary imperfect, thus making it
it dear at any price.
of tariff
on sante.
The name of Col. W. P. Morris has
Government To have justice and jj-jgg jXattie Lowry, of Paris, is n 8llgSe6te(i by some of our best
equity in cur laws, we must have visitinR the family 0f h. Bushing, Democrats but as he has already
law-makers "who do justly and love this place. had the honor and has plenty of
Ultr- Mrs. Louisa Mat henv leaves m a v"a ""liVl fe1"' lw 11VJU
A Vain Hope. RWU.imfl for hPr hom at East whether he would P or not-
e have been fortunate m having
alwut finished a g00(1 rePref?entative in the Fiftieth
and I if ty-1 irst Congress, and can
t nr
Nasliville American. raixie, iuu.
The St Louis Globe-Democrat, Fanners have
which belies its name by being planting, and the crops are in a
8 J about as rabid a Republican paper prosperous condition. '
as there is on the globe, imagines Mrs. Mary McKenzie, of Big
afford to let well enough alone as
to the Congressman. Let us have
John M. Taylor for governor, elect
the straight county ticket, and Gro-.
ver Cleveland for president in 1892.
June 9, 1890.
oioo a good work by nominating candi-
TT7n2 dates for State officers and Congress
in various parts of the South in op-
4l,ia wo, M- nam. mnroa position to the bourbons. Proba-
" hhr hA A iflnpo will nnf lit atv
June 7, 1890.
From Matlock's Chapel.
i J that it sees a glimmer of light for Sandy, was the guest of II.
s"J the Republican party in the i arm- Tierce and tamily last ounday.
ers' Alliance movement in the A. L. Hassell, better known as
South. It says: "Dock," has developed a decided
"The Fanners' Alliance is doing fondness for small fruit, such as From Texas.
"liprn'ps" Rinl "rViprn'fiS."
njMTiai vol respondent. J
I noticed a letter in your paper
a few weeks ago written at Dallas,
m i i i
.n.,Tv;fn,A-TliPfrirmol. Pay each year $142'02 111016 for start the forces of disintegration in E. T. Woods went to Camden m menu, u ames d vyiy iwui
goods which he requires than they the Democratic party in that region Saturday, 1101 ulct a staiement in re-
would cost were the tariff removed which will eventually bring a few of Miss Mollie Bird, who was re- gwmgn Pes m cairns, out
This he calls his "indirect" tax the Statesover to the Republicans." sick iast week, is able to be I will say that nearly every branch
and bvcomoarimr it with the direct The Republican papers in the out ftrain of merchandise is cheaper here than
Memorial day was observed at te u h he his countv ejt North have done all they could to T?ftV. Abe. Gossett delivered an 111 Tennessee. I travel through
Helena, Ark., the 30th ultimo. The an(I gtftte he findg tMs tobetie encourage the Farmers' Allianee to excellent sennon at Mt Zion last the smaller towns, often remaining
ex-Federals and ex-Confederates .BOA. encaere in a separate political move- ffnlT,,w mm;n,r from four days to two weeks in a
fraternized; in beautiful hannony. Tari2 taximdirefit $142 02 ment in the Southern States, and Next Sunday is the day set to Place and 1 know tliat 1 can buy
That is tWwsyof it anyway. The citeomty, and State-Direct.. 76.82 have been much eneoura gal by the observe sacramental services, fol- Sphere cheaper than in Cam
reterans on both sides; axe like' twm ; nartial success they have obtained .aA t,u mr,; w,'tl, n W den- You can ny goods a great
brothers.. But the sfx-ealled soldiers . '""'1 '"' . ' . in Arkansas, and some other sec- Lwui deal cheaper m the smaller towns
who never smelled gun-powder, .T tions, where the Alliance has been Theo. Weatherly accompanied by tlian yu m in Dallas, Galveston,
and the sneak-thief camp-fo ow- JL astray by demagogues and ad- his sister, Miss Mollie Weatherly, and other larger place, I was in
ers, and red-mouthed Republican w almost twice as large as ms ai- to aid the republican visited at Bakersville Friday re- San Antonio during the exposition
politicians are the ones who are party by running independent tick- tumin-Sunday lastfa11' and 1 bouSht a C0UPle
L;r,,1rv4i,a.-r him little by little in the shape of 1 , JJ!' t r i tunun j3Unaay- nf
keeping up the war. t ets- Tlus however, is not likely Arrangements were made last of very mce snirtb' PaylnS S-
uvmgejpiuat me n uaiu , nmva , . a , n(roT , f, i , u , , , , for them. Three Weeks a cro T was
w t,xw, v.....;;, - ounaay ana music uooks nave ueen . , 71
Democracy, if we understand the ordere(1 for the clas3 in vocal mu. m Giddmgs, a town-of about 2,500
temper of southern farmers aright sic Sinin2 Sundav af fcernoon at inhabitants, and I could have pur-
The South has found its only friend 2 o'clock. chased the same piece of goods at
in the Democratic party and the a J Fry and sister Miss Ada 1 mention this as an in-
success of the Democratic party is F ' re'turned home Su'nday rom stance of the difference of prices
in me larger uiiu biuniier towns.
Hearne is situated in the center
of the finest farms in Texas. The
entire country is owned by not
more than a dozen men. They em
ploy contract labor. There is one
farm 4 miles from this place that
contains 5,000 acres of cotton and
corn. It is owned by a Mr. Wat
son, of St Louis, who has 250 con
victs and a great many negroes
employed, and it is a grand sight
to see them at work.
Texas is indeed a cosmopolitan
State. Germans, Poles, Mexicans,
Bohemians, Italians, Negroes, and
"poor white Americans" are here
struggling in bewildering confu
sion for the " almighty dollar, " and
v Ret. David Utter, of Chicago, , mak l)oth endg . w all
wants a big tabernacle built at the the t&rmen as Bmarfc as Mr. 0ehme
world's fair grounds. He wants
divine service held at the taberna- protective eystem.
eie uuring iuv w wiuiu , me li
ferent denominations of Christian
ity to preach turn about We
suppose he wants to save John J.
there would be a speedy end of the
Good Men in Politics.
The churches in this country are
its only nope, ine men wno com- jicKeilzie. A certain young man
pose the Alliance arc Democrats has heen umisuanv cheerful since
Wl 4.1 ill 11 t I
Ingalls and other Republican liars in danger of playing the role of an- anU tney Wlli see 10 11 tnal 11 18 not Miss Ada is at home again, and
and vilifiers of the southern people, tagonist to the general government PerTertetI into a. Political machine
her return will enliven and inspire
All right We would be glad they while they profess loyalty. Many to nitl gic office-seekers or our yoTmg people for a season of
were saved, but very much doubt ministers and not a few prominent w . xemuuaiH, j0yous gayety and pleasure,
the possibility. The whole thing laymen seem to have lost all re-
is too utterly Utter. Bpect for our present political meth-
They claim that it is a sacri-
Again the farmer is wearing a
Republican politicians and can- h accomit of the d
i .-n.jm... . o ' "
The aensus taker is abroad in the
didate8 in East Tennessee were so
anxious to get into the fray that
& - . i i
. m rrAt 1 I nrH IkW 111 M Win IK i III M I FT M III I1 IllPr 11 I.
IanL 1'rot out yoursecrets- 6mue , V 1 they held cut and dried conven
ana tAk.fi votir mefiiein. iverv- I : iu i ai 1
j -. vj. t t - liuii nie laiitr ihihh mcwmici
body's haltk will be asked about a legator, us. poHieal machm- Bovkte Congress. This
ironic trouoies anu secret tus- p-" r: r
Li ti! t . i i was the climax of absurdity, and
rru ineixaxionax congress, ana Dreatne . , , ,
A n . -itt. i... . . .i ii- lsdemonstratintrthefactthatalonc:
farmer will hayetatelloahemort-0.1 "P0"1".? " wi, oAi.
eases will have to be told.
gage on.his farm. The doctor will Wlt
t. m t. t I dates and voters, and cenerallv dis-
bfi eaM ..n to trfl the m)tof anuspoum ror any worK oi moral , ' T, "
yuuivub0. LiJ lnjii nm kv I
weather this time, but a good rain
now would make the boys put on
their four-mile whistle while en
gaged in keeping up in their crops.
There has not been enough rain
since my last report to lay the dust
in the fields.
June 9, 1890.
asked about his; clients.. And',, the
worst of all, the eld maids Trill have
to disclose their ge. Uncle Sam
will find out everything about you,,
and there is no way of escape.
Just shut your eyes, open your
Il reform or christian activity there- everybody. If the Democrats
ui is an aaDfussion tutt poi- wuv ivu,iv
itres i so intensely demoraliz- man n-i whi ue piaceu on the
ing that the average christian char- retired list next November,
acter new building in the church Years mro the Republican party
can not stand up against it The got hold of the protected industries,
teacnes us mat good men w i,rr.i1(yl fntfrv;nn. Mn.o
v I IL U. U VAAWUbU KJIV 1.UV- w -
mouth, and take your medicine, "B oltnat party, tne protected indus-
w w itwa aw if outurn. uuuu Mna hoxro crtttar. hrlrl nt tha lo
and don't mind the nauseous dose
if it does taste bad.
our legislation over to men of weak
consciences and damaged character.
The Republicans of New Jersey Besides it is an insinuation that
have caught on to Speaker Reed's men in ur publie service are of a
idea of turning Democrats out and doubtful reputation. It is a dan
putting in Republicans to secure gerous tendency when our best
party supremacy. The State senate people are at variance with our
of New Jersey y which has a small legislators; when christian men in
majority of Republicans over the all political organizations prefer a
Democrats, has unseated Senator prayer meeting always to a caucus
MeDonaldr Democrat, and seated when they do not assert themselves
Siuhr, Republican, although Mc- in politics, but leave party manage
Dtonald received a ma jority of 8,340 ment to men who adopt methods
rotes, over Stuhr. The Republi- which do. violence to a good con
cans do not claim that Stiihr re- science. How shall we secure
eeived a majority of the votes, but wholesome laTS if good men cry
say he ought to have received them, down the character of their law-
According, to the Republican idea makers and stand at the door-way
there is no. further use for the elec- of political parties to counsel men
tion franchise unls used wholly of character to keep out of politics?
l m the interest of" the Republican How shall the public service be im
party. . . proved? "Where is there any room
publican party. Then the protected
industries danced to the music of
the Republican party. Now the
Republican party dances to the
music of the protected industries.
That is all right, but the trouble is
everybody else is suffering at the
hands of the protected industries
The extent to which the McKin-
ley bill discriminates against the
South is not yet appreciated by the
public. Among the articles now
free of duty over whicn it throws
the mantle of "protection is sul
phuric acid. This acid is usetl
chiefly in manufacturingfertilizers,
and especially in treating southern
phosphates. I his one article o
taxation is calculated to injure the
farmers more than all the boasted
protection of grain can help them,
But its Rectional character is the
worst Florida Times-Union.
From Wheatley.
...1.... T
lifRUliir . IHTl'NHllltll'IU-e.j 1 i 1 i . ii
tt Tii n i ' ii I Dimie uj. Lutm uie iiuiuli well.
Aiieie tiro a gruHb mnny tilings
section of the county.
J. W. Brown was run over by a
an-bark wagon a few days since.
While the wound is very painful,
it is nothing serious.
We have had two weeks of very
dry weather. Crops look very well,
and farmers are moving promptly.
The oat crop is a failure.
hard to find hero, but you can find
anything in the entire country
easier than Prohibitionists or a
Republican, while Democrats are
thicker here than molasses in win
ter time.
In this little town of more than
1,800 people there are nine saloons,
The post-office at Wheatley has ed as foll7: a 6aloou
changed hands no less than 6 --"' -
times since January. J. H. Ma- law omc? saloon' urch, saloon,
thenywaspostmaster this morning, grocery house, saloon, and so on
An occasional hint of a contem- wlulT 11 1 '
lii i l.i cuo uuuuicu3 uj. luwiio in xexas
plated marriage is whispered into . . w"1D i"ACAtto
our listening ear, but from an un- laldoln a 6lar style but we
known cause they fail to material- ? an 110ensure the people for you
J l.nnn. iF. i! 1 i
.ujy xc.vua iitia a iituiunai repuia-
tion for its enormous nmount of
snakes, principally "black racers."
I am, respectfully,
Hearne, Tex., June 4, 1890.
Quite a curiosity in the nature
of a monstrosity has been on exhi
bition at this place this week. One
morning recently William Nance
went to his cow-lot expecting to
see a young calf, but to his sur-
The passage of the silver bill in
prise what should have been a calf the House had the effect of caus-
he found to be a well-formed dog, ing cotton to advance about three
with long tail, and ears laying down points Monday in the Liverpool
over its nos-e. It was dead when market

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