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rnilJKMKH wkk.ki.v itv
Til A I IS Illl ) Til KItS,
One tlolliu jut year In advance; liny cents for
mI months; twenty-live cents for three months.
Thk Ciikonici.k will lie Issued on Friday of
reich week. Subscript iouit, payable In advance,
may bo sent by post-irfllce onler nt our risk,
l'ostiine stamns me not desirable, lint wlieli It Is
found necessary to remit them osic-cait stamps
life preferred.
Agents wanted to solicit siihscrlptlons. Write
fur terms, etc.
We Kbitil spare no endeavor to furnish vahinhle
reading mailer to our natrons; and nope lo sc
cure a correspondent at every post-ofllce In Dell'
ton County to furnish us with eonnty news.
l""Ye assume no resiionslbility for the e.X'
jnesslons contained In communications npiioar
tug In the columns of this paper.
The followlnir are the Democratic nomlnws.se
lectcd by primary election March s, is'.ki, for the
county offices of lientmi County, ami they shouhl
n Ive the support of all true bcniocrats at the
nils on the 7th day of August, ls'.H):
For County Judge:
For County Clerk :
i For Circuit Clerk :
For Trustee :
For Sheriff:
For Registrar:
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1890.
Democratio Executive Committee.
Camden, Tenn., June 12, 1890.
A meeting of the Democratic
Executive Committee for Benton
County is hereby called to meet at
the court-house in Camden the
first Monday in July, for the pur
ine of organization, and to trans
act such other business as may come
tiefore it.
J. M. Lashlee,
J. A. Clement,
Why is this?
Circumstances often unjustly
alter cases. We will illustrate:
A negro brute commits a fiendish
deed in the South, and is caught
red-handed in the crime, "Judge
Lynch" disposes of the black ras
cal in short order, as he well de
serves. In hot haste the entire
northern Republican press teems
with one-sided accounts of the mat
ter. Little is said of the crime the
negro committedr but they abuse
the southern white people in un
measured terms as murderous, etc,
Republican orators flaunt the
Moody shirt and foam at the mouth
as they denounce the whites of the
South. Congress is implored to
investigate the matter,' and Con
gressional committees are sent
south, and a great deal of political
buncombe is necesarily manufact
ured to keep the Republican
party in power. But if a negro in
the North is hunted down for some
real or imaginary crime and is shot
to death by a bloodthirsty pursu
ing mob, this same Republican
press of the North, Republican or
ators, and the dirty bummers of the
party barely mention the facts.
Not long since, in the banner
Republican county of Indiana, a
negro was pursued a long distance
by a bloodthirsty and howling
mob of white men led by a Repub
can committeeman of the county.
and the negro was finally overtaken
and shot to death as though he was
some wild, man-killing beast in
stead of a human being. Did the
northern press howl over the mat
ter ? Did Republican orators de
nounee the mob as murderous, and
flaunt the bloody-shirt, and implore
Congress to investigate the matter
and protect the poor negro of the
North from mob violence? Not a
bit of it. The press was silent
the orators dumb, and the crimson
irarment hidden. The deed was
dmie in the North and was all right,
- The unfortunate negro was no mar
tvr nothing but a dead "nigger.'
The blood was on the wrong shirt
The other man's ox was gored!
The Future for Camden is Bright.
We do not propose to give a
highly colored picture of the out
look for Camden, but we can say
that never before has the indica
tions for general improvement ex
ceeded the present prospect, and
on a firmer basis.
Camden has taken on a new
growth that is both healthy nnd
active, and we see many evidences
of a forward movement that is des
tined to last, apparently, for years
to come. There will be no doubt
of this fact if a spirit of co-opera
tion can be awakened and sustain
ed, for that which benefits one aids
the other, and when all are fully
cognizant of this fact, the future
prosperity of our people will be
Camden is the home of our birth,
and we feel a native pride in the
improvement and upbuilding of the
town,and it has been our desire to
see Camden a prosperous ctiy, and
we now believe that our brightest
hopes will be realized, and at no
distant day.
We know of no small town in
the State that is advancing and
building up as substantially as our
own beautiful Camden. New bus
iness houses and residences are
constantly going up, and every
louse built is an improvement on
the preceding one; our merchants
bring on a better grade and larger
stocks of all kinds of merchandise
each succeeding year; our people
ive better and dress better, and a
general appearance of prosperty
pervades everything in and about
The Confederate Reunion.
We are in receipt of the souvenir
of the great Confederate reunion,
which is to be held in Chattanooga
on July 3, 4, and 5, 1890. It is an
exquisite bit of art The cover has
on the first page an immense United
States flag in colors, a splendid
portrait of General J. B. Gordon,
the general commanding the United
Confederate Veterans, printed on
he same. The fourth page has
he Confederate flag, in proper col
ors on its flight to the stars. Be
neath it is a colored illustration of
the famous scene at the " Battle of
the Wilderness." This explanation
is found under it: " The artist de
scribes the moment on May 12,
1864, when Johnston's division had
been surrounded and captured, and
General Lee had ridden to the front
to lead the charge that was to save
the city of Richmond. Lifting his
hat, Lee was about to give the com.
rnand, when General Gordon rushed
to his side exclaiming: To the rear,
General! the safety of the army
demands it! These are Virginians,
and they never fail! Forward!'
"As the command of the gallant
Georgian rang out, the line sprang
forward to the charge, and two stal
wart soldiers seizing the reins of old
' Traveler,' forced the commander
they adored to go to the rear."
There are thirty-six pages of de
Bcriptive matter enclosed by this
On July 3 the United Confeder
ate Veterans will hold their con
vention. At night there will be a
grand entertainment by the Ladies'
Forrest Monument Association.
is to raise funds for the erection o:
a statute of General Forrest, the
greatest cavalry officer of the age,
July 4 will be celebrated by
grand display of one division o
military and seven divisions o;
veterans, together with civic sod
eties and trade displays. Genera
E. Kirby Smith will command on
that day, assisted by seven division
July 5 will be spent on the fiel
of Chickamauga, with an historica
gathering on the summit of Snot!
grass hill in the afternoon. The
mountain tops and the Tennessee
will be ablaze with fire-works on
the nights of the 4th and 5th.
The railroads give one fare rates
good until July 15. Ample ar
rangements are made in Chatta
nooga for the accommodation of
all. Every Confederate soldier in
the United States is not only in
vited, but urged to participate in
this general reunion.
For particulars as to transporta
tion and arrangements, address at
Chattanooga, Maj. G. C. Connor,
chairman committee on transpor
tation. We have received a beautiful in
vitation to the commencement tx
ercises at the University of Ten
nessee, which promises to be more
interesting than ordinary this year,
The baccalaureate sermon will be
elivered by Rev. Dr. F. H. Kek-
foot, of the Southern Baptist The
ological Seminary, Louisville, Ky,
On Monday evening the literary
societies will be addressed by Prof,
Woodrow Wilson, of Princeton
University. Wednesday forenoon
at 10 o'clock the representatives of
he graduating class will deliver
leir addresses, and the diplomas
will De awaraou.
11 i i-i
The county Republican conven
ions being held in some of the
counties of Middle Tennessee to
select delegates to the State Re
publican convention, which con
venes at JNashville June 18. have
refused to recognize the colored
element in the party, which, by the
way, compose the rank and file of
he Republican party in Tennessee,
and the States of the South, and
"cuffey" is disposed to "raise the
roof," as it were, and demands rec
ognition at the hands of his white
In some of the county Republi
can conventions that have been held
in this State within the past few
weeks, vigorous objections were
raised over the introduction of res
olutions endorsing the Harrison
administration, and some of. the
ending Republicans have threat
ened to leave the party on account
of the adoption of these resolu
tions. It would seem that things
are not altogether lovely in the
Republican camp, even in staid
old Tennessee.
Mns. Flavia Canfield didn't have to
wait for a reserved seat m Heaven to set
a view of black heels on white necks
She lately run for school director against
a " colored lady," and when the fateful
contest was over the large, flat foot of the
eniale ' coon " was pressing upon her
own neck. The good Lord has his own
way of answering the prayers of some
people Nashville American.
From Holladay.
ItPKUlar Corresimndenee.
The rain fall Sunday night did not come
before it was needed. Crops were greatly
improved by it.
The fanners are getting a good stand of
peanuts. They expect them to command
a fair price this fall.
Mr. Joe Woods made a flying visit to
Clarksburgh Saturday, returning Sunday.
lie reports a nice time.
Mr. Harve Blair, who has been attend
ing the school at this place has returned
to his home near Huntingdi.
Mr. J. V. Morgan has recovered from
his illness and has re-entered school.
Tfie school at this place is in thriving
condition, and is second to none in West
Tennessee as to advantages.
June 10, 1890.
From Eva.
Kegiilar Correspondence.
Miss Leola Lowry, who has been at
tending school at Edgwood, returned to
her home at this place last Friday.
L'ast Tuesday, while fitting up some of
the wood-work about Lowry's mill, J. F,
McKelvey accidently cut his foot with an
adz. The wound is not serious.
Children's day at Wesley Chapel last
Sunday was a grand success, and was
witnessed by an appreciative audience
Hev. E. C. Blakely was the guest of L
L. Stem, of this place, last Sunday.
Joe McElhaney, a railroad employee
with F. O. Wilkie'B bridge crew, was
knocked off Cypress trestle last Friday
by the east-bound passenger train, injur
ing him so badly he died the next day
While plowing in a field belonging to
D. B. Thoinae, one day last week H. T
Browning found an old foreign coin bear
ing the date 1720. Its value as a coin is
about 37a cents, but as a relic it may
possesss a greater value.
June 10, 1K00.
The Supreme Co hi t adjourned at J ack-
80U Wednesday.
A hub and spoke factory is talked of
at Dyersburgh.
The coin crop in homo sections of the
State is not very promising.
A 100-ton Wast furnace will be elected
by Captain Gracy at Clarksville.
The oat crcp is a failure, but farmers
who have clover will make plenty of feed.
Pat MeGuire was badly cut in sa
loon quarrel at Obion Wednesday by
Will Gray.
Levi Butler, f Carroll County, has
been held without bail for killing Wil
liam Moody.
The delegates from Haywood County
to tlio State Democratic convention go
Near Lagardo last Friday tw negroes
were drowned while fishing in the Cum
berland River.
The Dayton News boasts that a house
was built and made ready for occupancy
in twenty-four hours.
The engagement of Miss Susanue Bate,
daughter of Senator Bate, to Mr. Wil
liam Childs, of San Francisco, w an
nounced. John Cook Tnrner, noted outlaw of
Eastern Kentucky, vs shot in the neck
and instantly killed at Middleboroiigh
The elevator at West Memphis, built
r Tor., on,! Tr.,luoa fStv PaHr.!
at a cost of $75,000, was destroyed by
,, '.' J J
fire Mondav morning.
For dealing in stolen property, A.
iohlbry, a wealthy junk dealer of Mem-
phis, was sentenced Tuesday to two
years in the penitentiary.
While engaged in hauling posts from
Gieenway Cemetery, near Clarksville,
the team of Will C. Neblett ran away
and killed him almost instantly,
While under the influence of liquor, a
serious difficulty occurred t Charlotte
Monday afternoon, in which G arris Estes
was badly cut by Alleu Thompson,
Tli Snnreme Oourt of Tf nnt8see. sit
ting at Jackson, has handed down the
following opinion: "Habitually work
ing a farm on Sunday is an indictable
The work on the Mussel Shoals can
not be completed ' in less than four
months, and it will be impossible for
boats to pass through the canal before
October 1.
Will Ilnunn wbilfi tiirninrr tlifl -wlippls
win i louse, wnne turning tue w neeis
of a cider-mill on the streets of Milan
Satnrdav afternoon, aeoidentallv placed
. , .
his thumb in the cogs, grinding about
an inch of it off.
r. ..... -
Ihe first steam-yacnt wnicu, 80 iar as
known, ever rode the waters of the Cum-
, ,
uenana luver wasiauncueu atixasuvuie
. -.a . i .
Fridav. It is the property of the Nash-
- r r j
Ville Yacht Club, ami cost $ l,VU0.
lloSiinfomo P.rtnrl lioa nflirmoil Vha
decree of the chancellor which dismissed
the bill filed by the citizens of Troy,
claiming the election void last fall by
which the county eito was removed to
Union City. The election stauds.
The crazy actions of a negro man hai 1
created considerable excitement and
alarm in the vicinity of Paris. He at
tacked a small white boy last trulay,
and it is supposed that he is the same
negro that tried to catch a youtg white
girl several days ago. He goes half
clothed, and was seen near Paris Satur
day in the top of a large poplar tree.
Offiiers have a warrant for his prrest.
Tennessee can claim the oldest post'
master in the country for continuous ser
vice. Elijah Watson, of Rushvillo, Mo.,
was appointed in 18-42; John Wilson, of
Plato, Ills., was appointed in 1810; but
East Tennessee beats them both, in the
person of Hamilton Gray, for whom the
office of Gray's Mill, near Kingston, is
n amed. His first commission bears date
of 1828, and he has held the office through
all ithe Presidents and administrations
since that time, sixty two years.
The Republicans held an independent
convention at ivnoxvine Daiuraav, ana
t' -.1 1--
nominated a county ticket independent
of the ticket nominated by the Republi
can convention last month. Before the
convention the leaders in the affair
marched through the streets carrying
, ... . 1 Jt 1
banncra on which were painted : Let
us break the ring." We will be ruled
by cliques no longer." "We have been
ruled by bosses long enough." The
best RepubUcana of the county were
foremost in the movement, and the vote
of the party will be split on election
r ,
day, as both tickets are about equally
Our prlw for nnmiiJiiclhg candidates arc: For
Congress, lirtccn dollars, in advance: fur State
unices, ten dollars; for comity olilccs, live dollars..
for coyaiiuss
WE tire atrthort.cd to aimomice ('ait. R. W.
A vkk.h a candidate to represent t lit Eighth
CollLTCMsllllllll Distil"'!, Ill tile rU'tv-secimd Con
gress of the I'llltecl MUtCHMthJcii to till' Will (f
nil' j emocrouc party.
Letter ft.
Loterta de 1a Beneficcncia Publica
Sttite of Zarateca, Mexico.
A syndicate of capitalists have secured the con-
cession for operating thin
and will extend lis business throiiglioiit the
I n it c.i Mimes ana imtisii mnmmm.
Itelow will he found list (it the prizes which
will he drawn on
27, 1890,
mid couthmed monthly thereafter.
0rSf 150,000.00
100,000 Tickets at $10.00; Halves,
$5.00; Tenths, $1.00; American Cru
1 PJVI7.R 0 ..... .. 1.7),IKK) U ...
1 PltlZK OK. .
1 TltlK OK..
50,0110 In.
s;m is 2.".,
3 l'KizKH uk ,. !H,ooo are ..
2 I 'in, km ok D,(ioo are.
5 1'HizKs ok y.ooo are 10,000
lo Pkizks Of. l.ooo are....... lo.ooo
M Pkizks ok 500 are io.oik)
aw J'RiKK.s ok, ...... 'jooare...... 4o,oo
oo Vuizks ok r. 150 are 45,ooo
500 FmzKs of loo are...... 5o,oo8
l"-0 l'HIZKS OK. 81.V) UIC
m vuizks OK. 1(K are. ls.ooo
io i mzkh ok so are 7,500
m Tt-rmhial PiuzK'f. 50 are. 4!i,'.i.
l z-trj O.-i, J.M
Club Rates: G Tickets foe $50.00.
Special Kates Arranged with Agents.
U Q-ps WANTED 1,1 cvery t,w" ,u,fl
city la the United
.States and British Atm-rU'ii.
Theiiavinentnf Prizes Is ciiaranteed nv a spe
cial deposit of Vivk HrMutKi Thousand
1oli.ai(s wiin Hie Mate government, aim hk
proved hy Jesus Arechiga, governor,
brawinirs under the norsonal sHiiervlsion of
Lie. Herniinlo Arteaira, who is aimoJifted hy the
government as interventor.
" 1 1-ertify that with the State 1 easurer all neo
essary guarantees are deposited, assuring full
payment)! m prizes m tnis drawing.
TfpinittMiH'i'alTiiist W cither hv Kpw Vurk ilritfl
express or registered letter, Americiiin moneys
Collections can he made hy express companies or
iianKs. ncKeis seni eireei to management win
Paul, chieao. san Francisco, or City of Mexico,
I Ui ,111
aid hy drafts on Jyew York, Montreal, St.
rui im iiier iiuoi million .lunicss
JUAN P1KDA1), Manager,
Zaeatecaa, Mexico.
3 ms-
TOE 1890.
Some neonle airree with Thk Hitn's opinions
a,)mrt men aml ''I'PS People don't
but evei.vbodv Ilk,,s to ..t hol(1 of tf, 1K.wsimier
which is never dull and never afraid to sieak its
Democrats know that for twenty vears Thic
Sun has fought in the front line for democratic
principles, never wavering or weakening in its
with fearless intelligence and disinterested vigor.
rovalit y to the true Interests oi tlie party it serves
I "I "-" ".V "
At tiiueK opinions nave oinerea as to the nest
menus or accomplishing the; common purpose;
itis not ihk un s mult it it nas
seen further
into the millstone.
i tiiLrnun'ii mimirwi nun nmi'tv is inc i vpjir tout
Wiii V.rohahiv determine the iVsuit of the PresK
mh election of ljw lM-rhays the fortunes
()f i Democracy for the rest of the century.
v Ictory in i Is a duty, and the hegnniing of
I l,-,! in uic iM:nt tunc lu ni.u l nut 111 luilili.llljr null
laHy, per year , - - "a.m
I M:iilv. iwr month An rji
liuVnn -'
j 4 tt
THK sr.
New York.
- DJ. E. M. M'AULEV,
' camdin, Term,
Will hereafter snend the first and third week
of each month in Camden; Hie second week at
lug sandy; ami the third at Holladay. 6.tim.
Dli. K. B. TRAVIS,
Camdt'n, Tenn.
Attorneys at Law,
Camden, Tenn.
1 Will nrwtlce in all the courts of Rinton Coiinlv
and the supreme court of Tennessee. Collection's
1 " "I"-1 ""J h;ij.
Attorney at Law,
,, '
Will Kive careful attention to nil business en-
trusted w my care. Collections a specialty
pttffi 8ent ior Kuoxvi'le a,uV:'r
-k v ixiiUlvCxii,
A HnrilAV flf TIYV
L UCJ tit XJclW,
., " "
V ill practice in all the courts of Benton and
adjoining counties and In the Supreme Court of
Tennessee. S)e-ial attention Riven collcctinn..

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