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AV. C. 11. Lewis paid Huntingdon
a visit last week.
John Buteman paid a hurried
visit at Box Tuesday.
' Quito a storm of wind and rain
visit! this place Sunday.
Tho little child of John Herriti
In reported to lo quite fcick.
Mrs. 'T. B. Tdtty and little child,
ivian, havo been indisposed this
) Mm. Ci Xi. !ftm visited her
i V t, V, rr "i ' i,
inuwiti, luio. X. j., -ixi, tnio
I r , i I -
iuux . .i iW -hnrr thoi ifttJiOflistmramiaffentthis
uig a tew uays with menus at noi-
v r -r r 11 i 1 1 I
Mrs. d . W . t UBtseii visited rem-
tives and friends in the country
l&St WCClc.
Dresden, Tenn., are visiting real-
tives at this place.
A little child of Mr. and Mrs. J
W. Arnold,'! this plaoe, died Mon
day, tvfter a slioTt illness.
Next Sunday is children's day
at Mount Zion (Methodist Episco-
rmU Clhnroh. in tho ixtR district,
i 1 1
Mrs. J. M. Boll has moved in
and now occupies tlie A. J. Farmer
...:.! 4-1, -v r.(
Mrs Claude Wagoner, of John-
sonville was the rniest of Dr. and
Mrs. F. C. Whitfield the first of the
Several -couolos of vounsr ueoole
i fi,UHJn,lc;n,nnco,
vices at Liberty Church ay
A Tittle sdnof ThomasMoranty,
residing in tl -twelfth iyil 'dis-
tnct, iK-ar EggviDe, died ednes-
day night
Mr. and Mrs. John C Rushing,
Miss Sis. Rushing, Bnd Holden
Rushing, of Bristow, visited at this
n Mrs. Sadie liond and mxiie
Mrs. Sallie Bond and M Eddie
x -r m i t wj :iji i-
Johnson, ot uarneio, visitea ineir
sister, Mrs. G. W. Shelton, Friday
and Saturday.
-. i i ,, . t i e.. ... I
Arkansas, are visiting relativesBnd
.... , . il
tlay, this county.
Only one license to marry has
1 t i . -t a.
our last report, that ot d. n. ai-
ford to Emma Pafford. . ..
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hatley and
W. C. Davis and little daughter
vent to Nashville Sunday after-
noon, returning Tuesday.
Alex. Adams, of Holladay, was in
the city Wednesday. Ho was en
n Hid-man. K v.. to visit his
brotlior, who is Veiy sick.
Prof, Ak Baber, principals the
Holladay High School, stopped a
, . .& ., r, T
short wmto in tins city oaturuay
while en route to Huntingdon.
Mrs! Jerry Thompson and Mrs.
Dr. R. B. Travis visited tlieir
mother, Mrs. Harriet Cowell, 3
miles south of Camden, last Fri
A recent decision of tlie Supreme
Court has reversed tho -decision of
the chancery court, and gives Mrs.
Eoena Combs nee Shelton a home
. m m - -"11 II "--V 1
Maj. W. T. Mcum, oi LicKson,
and Joseph McGill, of Clarksburgh,
Carroll County, father and brother
i Tir. V P Wo.
WUU1 x. ...
uui, visitea tne ramuy oi me
ter last week. .
TK1. . bis home in the fourth
t j i. i i. o i t,a t:i,
WB ' , -o--7 -----
ard irencn, alter a angering in-
ness. Mr. Irench was an indus-
trious, well-respected young man,
onrl loovoo a fnmilv.
. ..
Theglddy god, Cupid, seems to
be shooting at random over in
Ronton Countv. Alfred Briant, of
TTrnn.-nrrrl nnrl Afrs PjifTord. of
n... -n i r i
last wee, lur. linani is Buiy-
three years old and his brt suty-
five. Parsons Pioneer.
Alex. Bivens, compositor on the
McKciizie Enterprise, caino up yes-
i-.. i.. i l.: i . nr 1
f L , " 1 '
rs, " . i-i. 1VC11S. Ipninmonnod rmhlication. Imt owinor
S. II. Mooro, of Lavonia, Carroll
aunty, who has been attending
uounty, who lias been attending
school at the Vanderbilt University
HMivim, n m wju jtubwi-
it I
day en route home,
Lrnest h. try lias purchased a
W on the West side, and will com-
mence tho erection of a dwelling
on the same as soon as the
,, w;l 0lwl
y -v.
Travis CowelL of MeKenzie.
Tunn K.io fho fnnfi'rtpf. :fvr 'imilfl-
v vj. w -.w i
plftCe and inform8 us that the work
will bo commenced about Julv 10,
m, National Democrat and The
Camden ChrosiCLE have entered
nifn o liill-kiiTrr noTonmonl and flio
papers are offered at $1 less than
regular price. Read the adver
Died, in Soutli Camden, Fridfiy
June 18, at the testdence of J. E,
'Pi'Otjarm TTcinttr T'ol'lro AT "illlliXb I
young man, and leaves numerous
relatives and friends to mourn his
sudden demise,
Ernest McCullough and sister,
TVficsa T.iia ATfP.nllmiiyb nf TTdnrv
Cnnty visited tlieir mother, Mrs.
' J J
iucvuuuugu iBuumj,
saori, tiui. luibs xjiic w m re-
ii ir: t: : i
. . . .
iuuimti miuxuvcB ine iuuilb anu
- -
much as a liberal use of white-wash.
t n t? fb fi
, ! V . ' 'I -tlfj,miflPa ilifpi
6hed) Wt ;n0 .let will
, . .
The peach -crop in tlais 'county
will be short. Late frosts and an
jureu uie vrop. xo irun is moie
lucious arid palatable than the
n I 1-v An1IAnl 4- l- rt I
eacl and it is to be regretted that
the win inferior.
Prof. H. W. Mannon informs tis
that on or about the lst-of Julv heUi, v 'A
will ooen un a drus store in Cam-
den He haa not yet decicled iu
wuiuing do win conaucx tne
business, lie win go to jasnvine
60Gn to purchase his stock.
Nothing definite has been ar-
ri ved at between the members of the
n.iTY.lrlnTKl PrPsWprimi nimrrh
and the Masonic Lodge as to paint-
in2 their building but we are in-
I C w I
formed they will make arrange-
meats at an early day to let the con-
J. A. Clement, esq., received the
sad intelligence of the death of his
nieoe, Mrs. Mary Cooper, in the
mnth cival district, which occurred
Wednesday. Mr. Clement left
vavterAmr nrnl wna hvostfnr. wliAn
- -
the remains were laid at rest in the
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, yesterday
afternoon. .
Tb iunior TOerfil)er of The
Chrokicle firm extends thanks to
Mr. J. a Cowell for tho delicious
Mr. Cowell does not pretend to
give bee culture hi3 attention, but
.t .ill 1.1
a reauy maim lur an ue wiuu pru-
duce if enual m quality to that pre-
sented us.
Willie Rogers, primary teacher,
Mig8 Ada Bugg. music teacher,
, m. r
MlsSes uona, nnv luoore. Aaa
Tucker, and Mr. Frank Williams,
students of the High School at Hoi-
1 ml nv twmm-nn.meA riv Mpssrs. J.
nr tt ii i t i o i a
j, -e,,
Y. nubos, ot theaoove piace,came
m town Saturday. Messrs. Wil-
Hams and Rogers were returning
U flii. Umw nf TTiinTinmW
, . , .,'
and M1S3 Moore 10 her home t
Memphis. Miss liugg was joined
at this place by her aunt, Mrs.
Nollev. teacher of music -at
I '
I -r,H f rwVT loff SiTnlotr frvt-o
? .J , " " t
noon for their home near Louis-
uu u0
nllo, Ivy. 1 hose from Moiladay
returned Jiome Sunday afternoon.
Irregularity of the Mails.
TnE'CifRONiCLE has been mailed
from this office each week since it
to he'carlessness of some of the
postal employees -in ImndliMg tlie
nostal elnr,We6 -in handling
mails not ft wec has Vhs lfc
wo have received one or lhdrecom
olaints about nanere failing to
reach their destination.
TTtiIphh wa lnipw whr-re, to locate
the trouble wo are powerless to do
ncees-UnvthW. In fact it is almost as
i. : n.:i:ii J"
mucu ui an uupubwuuu, hi muie
an efecient and conservative postal
srvifo nrulprn. lipiiiih lean ftdnnru
- - " jr i
Stock Peas.
The acreage sown to stock-peas
this season in Benton County is
greater than for anumberof years,
and demonstrates tho tact that our
, , il ml i I
tarmers appreciate the vaiue m this
profitable crop. It -is the best fead
crop for hogs, cattle, and horses,
cultivated in this climate. It is a
n v. .n ., i
gooa tertinzer tor einatistect oii,
cuitivate(1 to coni wlieat) 0ats, and
Li. , I iJ.L... ,.:i. n .i. ..Jfssue.iaaliiselLdit sevenlnmn p;u:e.( i
lUUiiutu, Liio uuu liuua cau uo uiauc
productive Dy the StOCK-pea, ana
,1 ,1 l
thus instead of worn, exhausted
1 1 ..1 -4.1.
icss, they become both productive
anu pronuie. jlius snoum en-
courage tamers to sow to stocx
peas every loot ot nntnieu lana
i ,mi n i t
rvnoCKea niro JUl WHfl a OUCK.
Quite an exciting row occurred on
tho Kfrppfs nf nnrndpn Fridav Rftcr,
noon, the 14th instant, between
Olliver Lashlee and one Brannon,
& young .man empleyed by Cel. 3?.
, , , , T" ?.
., , , . , . 5
vi a mil Jihnciva laricnincra tnworn
j. wheu Laslllee knocked him
, . , . ,
Tt WM th ht for a few miDTlte3
A1 u a , Y 7?
iiiiui.it in iiiiiii-i hii rt-u i v t-'t i i hin i
; . T :
injury, as bozzc little time elapsed
before he matle an attempt to rise,
uuauv, UUWCVCl, UC KUl VU'OUU nciu
" ' i;a w, I
Alio vuv, vyii aiio iciuiu wj lAjyv xi
- Lashlee, by
Tnutal arreemeilt, decided that hos-
f nu-pq fftwflv,i i, nfi1Pr Rhmild
USfl tlipv ,volly u,,
M Voodoism."
Although there are but few ne-
groes m Uenton County, yet the
tricks of the"voodo is not alto-
gether unknown among them- W e
If that recently in the third
civu aismcn oi mis ouniy a
" voodo" hung a little bag supposed
w oe nueu witn roois ana neros
y wie rowwiue, anu now no negro
JiU m its near vicinity for
feat that some impending 'vd will
overtake him through the jnedia-
tion ogome occult power-dVellin
within The little bag.
&uch superstition aweiis only m
the breasts of ignorant, supersti
tious people. Such people are al
Kay8 oppressive and bloodthirsty
in their very nature, and yet there
are some people living in the bright
intelligence of the nineteenth cen-
fnrv win OYnrPsa n linnfl In hvo
j - - - -
e me uay w ueu vuk -jtos w in
l 1 1i
be pressed upon white nects.
Frcm Coxburah.
special torresiwnat'iit.
nnPm.mi.ntg ara m.t ,imn
brisk business. The farmers are too
busy to io any trading,
Rev- Mr- ArnokI delivered an inter
esting sermon at Matlock's Chapel Sun-
1 followed by sacrament and foot-
washin)? services,
Rev. Mr. Weaver held interesting serv-
ices at Mount -Zion Sunday afternoon
Pock oods is on the sick ust. He
will soon be nn acam.
g. T. Wood was at Coiburgk this Week.
Mr. Wood rs not in ood health at .pre
ent. He cays he needs about twelve
wonths rest, and then the young ladies
I . .
irvm mm.
Mrs. Annie Hartley Is reported being
... . . , , .. ,b
gick Ujis Wfek Her r,enda wish
hieI; a 6peedy recovery. .
I Juue if., i$0O.
Our nrlee for Aiinmitirlnir eundidntcsHre
Congress, fifteen dollars, in mlvmice; lor tftjito
""" "". v '''"
ivn iiv
WE are authored to m
Announce Ca i'T. It. W.
represent the. Eighth
the lfiftv-seeond t'on-
wss of tlio (lulled States tsuuject to the will of
mxTiwc party.
When you want fresh crweHes, con-
foctionerios, etc., go to J. H. Gill's, on
the ea8t si(,e of the 8,1"are' U
loddler: "Buy this pistol, sir?
W hat should I do with a pistol?'
GwJ , ma do you want to
hiv frr1v(r "vi.v.,if.. ninths.
n.,n ,,. n wu
vai i cii vi nvj mc t vi h;i 4L( m
ionriif Louies
Big Sandy, Tenn. They are the best man
ufactured. Olui
A one-side patented newspaper is a
sort of Key West wrapper and Connecti
cut filling trying to be a pure Havana.
New Orleans Picayune.
Drees-waking, in all its branches, at
Hudson, Hatley & Bros. tf
Overheard in Boston" Will you come
and have something to eat?" "No,
thanks; .Idon'tdrink,'-yonk.r8SJtate!)-
When you "want the west harvesting
miu,hine - buv Walter A Wiwl.
Never believe all the good a man says
nor all the bad he says
.l i !.! I 1.. T.
uoui m .leiKuuuro. vu,c "n
The unllmery department at Hudson,
Hicks and Hagler, of McJCenzie. If you
want a late style, artisncauy mrntnea uat
call on them. tf
" I hear that your picnic was a swell
affair." "It was. We all got stuny; by
hornets." Chicago Times.
"Avoid whiskey and water my son,"
said the fond father. Jts a dilution and
a snare." Racket.
So you married Miss Hicks? "
"Well, I congratulate you; though I
should hate to have Alice Hicks for a
"i haven
" How's that1?'"
" Alice is the Miss HicksCtr.ufried."
New York Sun.
The enJ 6 Mormonism-to get as many
wives as possible-Texas Sittings.
. . h i i . ... i n i
l:i j..u tin..
m ... n : :n i.i.,j
iiiejoiwv, nig jirugmui w m uc uooci tcu
Children's Day exercises at me
r, 1 1 I T).,U..t: fit,l, Uia
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, this
place, next Sunday tlie 22d instant
1. The Lord's Prayer. By the school
(in concert).
2. Opening address. Nellie Moses.
3. Responsive reading. Superintend
ent and school.
4. Prayer. Rev. H. W. Mannon.
5. "Why We Observe Children's
Day." T. C. Rye.
6. Recitation, "Tear Not." Arie Fin
ley, Neppie Rives, Henry McKl
yea, Bertha McEIyea, Mary Col
iins, Inoz Gibson, Lovey Finley,
Jimruie Moses, Zula McEIyea.
7. Recitation, "Nothing is lost."
Henry McEIyea, Mary Collins,
Arie Fiuley.
8. Recitation. " Two-Little Fellows."
Carlos Finley, Terrell Travis, John
'9. ttepondfte heading.
ent and TsOhoOl .
Ritetion.--Periri Araoia.
11( scripture verses wiUi song, "to be
lhere."-Ruby Bivens.Bertha mc
Klyea, Stella Collins, Mary Wyly
l2 Uecitationi . God ia Love."-Ruby
Bivens, Wyly Hooper, Mary Wyly,
Lena Davip, Nellie Moses, John
Hooper, Delia Gibson, Joe War
ren, Stella Collins, Henry McEI
yea, Bertha McEIyea, Terrell
Travis, Mary Collins, Carlos Fin
ley, Lovey Finley, Jimmie Moses.
Exercises commence at 9.30 a. m. Ev-
ervbodv invited.
F. E. McElyha, J
From Areadne.
llegulw Correspondence.
The wife of Mn. Joe Arnea died on the
J 12th instaot.
- j The 5atea5ns taxe fte rops look
more tirosperous thm eveT.
Messrs. Hall and Fletcher have organ-
ized a Sunday school near tins iilace.
Dr. E. M. McAuley paid this end
. ... ,f ., tT .
the county a visit last gunilav He wa8
of course, on professional business.
i June 14, 1S99.
uuui inuiseu, uui un nic imu 11c ouniieii
Heal Estate For Sale.
THIS U a town lot roKtuMnfc
about I Here, anil IhiiiiiiIi'iI oh tun
HldtiH by prominent streets. Heaiitifnl rexldem'n
UN'iiiiuu, aim (un veil i a nai'Kain. Mi iiiipiuvc
inentrt. XT""V f) IS hii unimproved town lot also.
j J, C. and rontahm about two-thlriN ot
aiincie. In conveniently HiluUiU'd forareslik'nee.
For 'term and other Information about llie
aliuve irepoi t- uall vu, or addressi,
Camden, Term.
National Democrat
Every Democrat Should Read It!
Every Seeker after Political Truth
Should Read It!
011,173 BATES.
We will send the NatiouaJ IVmocmt and The
Oam'ilMi Ctiionic-le 'to any 4(klivs9 witliin'lhc
tntt'uip'-'ir ml'?riie; cAwln ilironlrtc
L- W.n-toi.etaiiin.i
Denim-rat is 81 .BO per yenuid It l well worth Lt.
It is published In the city nf WashiUKton, sii'Vi
is eiL'in seven-iiuuinn p;u:e.s oj
Send to tills vflice (or Kamiilo
readinu matter
it contains all the Washington anil National
4... 1 I 1.
will be full and comnleto, and it Is in every way
a wormy exponent oi solum i lemocniMe mien me.
Subscribe now and secure these stiiuiieh oi'an
of the party of the people.
c an on, or auuress.
tIie chroniclk,
Camden, Tenn.
FOR 1890.
Some people agree with Tun Su.n'h pinlotis
about men and tilings, and Moine lwople don't,
but everybody likes to get hold itf tin iiewsptcfier
which is uevur dull jiu evw iitraid to speak it
I-inoerats know that foV twenty years Tn h
Run has fought in the front line for T)emoPVK.tii
principles, never VitvOrine'tor weakeniri); lti itc
lovalitv'-to'the tniCiiitereols of the nartv it serves
yvith fenrtess InUjllitcm'ce alid disinterested viuor.
At'tiriKS oirtnions have diiiered as to the best
nieails of aeconipliHhinc tlie. eommou purpose:
Krsiiftt Ttiv, Sun's tuult If it lws'seen further
hitb tlie lhllltitbne.
Kli'llteen hiiiiilred anil liilwtv U tlm vesir tlif.
!-wili p robahiy ddtennme the result of tlie I'rcsi-
(lenuai election 01 inyz,;aiiu pernaiis ineioiiuni-H
of the Democracy -Ivrthe rest ot the eentui v.
Victory in 1B U fc'tiuty, aiid the beeinniiif; id
lfDO is the best time to swill, but i e'nwimnv with
Daily, per month.... .?(.
Datlv, per year 6.
uimay, m-ryear .!.!
)aly an(1 Sunday, per year 8.o
WU" i&.r-":"- :'
..." ' "
Add rem
New York.
-4 tf.
Caiixien, Toniw
Will hereafter spend the first ami third week
of each month in (.'miuleii; tlie seemid week ;tt
Big Sandy; and the third at Hollmhiy. com.
Camden, Tenn.
Attorneys at Law,
Chtmlen, Tenn.
Will practice in Withe courts of ItentoiiCoiintir
and tbevnjuwneeonrtoITelinesNee. Coilections
a;petiia)ty, 6:I.
; ' 'i , '
Attorney at Law,
Will Rive careful attention to all business en
trusted to my care. Collections a niHHrialty
Also insurance agent for Kuoxville and' other
good companies. 1 :1y.
Attorney at Law,
Will practice, in all tlve Courts of Benton and
adjoining counties and iu the Supreme Court ot
TtaMiessce. Special attention giveu collections.
Barber Shop.
lavttift Tectiriy 'puh'hItSei 'new Vhaii
otlier new articles It'iiding to the comfoit of mv
patrons, 1 now have facilities to shuve, sliam
Pm and do hair Cutting that are second to none.
of llsltin? ""VfV.n the Sii,ne'
1 a'"' re!,i.
imiiKing me puono lor past patronge, ami ko-
Camden, Tenn.
t"My shop is one door east of the Sti;tH
tloiiM?. Crive me a call. 7:lv.

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